Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 17, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1967
Page 14
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Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwell Km-Tribune, Monday, W7 - A5 Heloise Provides Helpful Household Hints "Guess what, Grandma! We have a new addition to the family!" TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for the corretMcii of feleviiion programs rest entirely upon the television itoiions. This nawjpaper con emu me no responsibility (or errors in the listings, Channel r\ Channel KBOI-TV KTVB-TV MONDAY, JULY 17 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronkile (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today (C) 6:00 Mr. Terrific (C) 6:30 Vacation Playhouse 7:00 Andy Griffith Show (C) 7:30 Family Affair 8:00 Coronet Blue (C) 9:00 That Girl 9:30 Wild Wild West (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:45 Sports Final '10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Thunder Over Hawaii" Beverly Garlund, Lisa Montell MONDAY, J U L Y 17 2:00 Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 llumley-Brlnkley(C) 5:00 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:55 Business News 6:00 1 D.eam of Jeannle (C) 6:30 Iron Horse (C) 7:30 Rat Patrol (C) 8:00 Road West (C) 9:00 K.B.I. (C) 10:00 Nltebeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10;30 Tonight Show (C) o~i/ Call 459-1 SOS AMIn. Phtko fo.kord I*D KCA Ztnlfh Syhanlo Color T.V. Service Gl. WMtinghwiM Adminl Emtnen Curt!»-Matft« SllvirKnt MONDAY THRU FRIDAY .MONDAY THHU FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benll Morning News 8:25 KBOI Mornine News 8:30 Jack LaUnne (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9i30 Dick Vsn Dyke Show 10:00 Love of Life. 10:25 CBS Mid-D«y News 10i30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital 11:30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password 12:30 Houseparly (C) 1:00 To Tell the Truth 1:25 KBOI News 1:30 Edge o! Night 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm TUESDAY, JULY 18 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronfcite (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Gllllgan's Island (C) 6:30 Spotlight (C) 7:30 Petticoat Junction (C) 8:00 Away We Go (C) 9:00 Peyton Place '. 9:30 CBS News Special (C) ; 10:30 Ten Thirty Report -10:55 Movie Time "! Was a " Teenage Frankenstein" Whit Blssell, Phyllis Coates 7:00 Today Show (C) 8:00 Snap Judgment (C) 8:30 Concentration 9:00 Personality (C) 9:30 Hollywood Squares (C^ 10:00 Jeopardy C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC News 11:00 Dating Game 11:30 Let's Make A Deal (C) 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Newlywed Game (C) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say C) TUESDAY, JULY 18 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 Huntley-BrlnWey (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Wealher 5:50 Sports 5:55 Business News 6:00 Tarzan(C) 7:00 Tuesday Night Movie "How 1 Spent My Summer Vacation" Robert Wagner, Jill St. John 9:00 Fugitive (C) 10:00 Nitebeat 10:20 Wealher 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) THE: 4( FAMILY LAWYER 1 Accusing the Wrong Man I I K U H S K : I h im-inluT llw Jiswi tw hsivr niikiitK hcnis when i*»nvci lintf my i-liililn-n's JL'ims uml Irtmseis ml" tihtiflK iiftcr Iht- knees wi ir vi'urn mil. The Miims r»f iho je:ins were M-vei.'il lltichr«''.s, nnl my M-wini; in;iflune wunldn't even KU nvfr SII]IIL f»f thi-m whtn I lri«(J tn Jjt-rti them, ! wasn't siitisfiul in niiikt: ;i htm with ;i niw eiipi; jiliinf.' the entire inutile tf the k'Ks. Then M»mennu lutd me ! (.Lip up tihciiil|iLniItr lo »ni;-h;ilf i/ifh tin ench side of Hit tit-;ivy s t u m s untl hem thy i f g u l j i r w;iy. turning in the i;tw vtlgc rswf/t ut tJit- fieuniK The liny r;nv edges will si ill lt fxpriheil lit Ihe ^eanl.s only, hul Ihiit can be clipped vt-nly with Lhu nf Ihe ht-m. LETTER OF LAUGHTER U K A K I I K I X H K K : Hi if IK uni; fur tin 1 "Btfuil- tiled i.nil Adilli'j:iU-ii" Club: I i-iin livi- wilh niy ailhritis. And my dfnluix-.s they fit fine, I mn -sfT thru my hifucals, lint 1 MIH- il' mi.s.s my mind. (This is mi- :ill nvt-r!] Kv:i Hv:ms IlKAR HKLOI.SK: Ynu knnw nirc pitcf.s nf inrdbdiud thai fume in p.'ickiiges "f *tijtkin(;s? Wdl. nithci th:m Ihruw them sway I discnvercd thai when cut tfi si^e. they cn;itt*f thil .' cards for my wnnilvt filt. M;Tiy limts firK- nm.\ full ul H'fOilHi 1 rinds ;inil it's niru l f « h:ivi; cxlriis re;idy. Bt.siiifh they ;n* ftt-e. Mm. M. J. MrKarlani- DKAK HBLO1SE: Afler rending Hie li-llcr f i u m Iht "(Jentleman Frknd" abriut nii.sinj; Ihe hixx) of the car us u distress signal. I decided tn write this letter. Once when were ijn a trip, our rar nin nut «t ea«- My motht r c-ame up wilh Ihe brilliant idea of holding up a rign saying "No Gas." The sign can be made on any large sheet i1 pap«r. It worked! Within five minules a driver .saw our sign and stopped Nancy A. Simons lK'A!t UKI.OJSK: Uo ynu have a .snmll fi y who InttlslK »n sfcaii-hmK through ynur Kitchen cabinets? Buy some dog collars ilo match yuur cabintts. nal- urallyi and butkle them righl through Ihe handles on your Thfc Italhcr in Ihtse tnllar» is sxtia Miff, «· even if your little genius can f i g n i e cut hnw t" unhuckle them ht .f- lui lacks Ihe .strenglh. Mrs. W. E. UbtlKl HelniM welcomes all mail, e.specijilly household h i n I * which she can pass cm t» readers as space permil.s. However. -f the irtmtndwis vol- ule of mail she receive* daily. Htloise is unable tn answer all individual inters. She will answer renders' questions in her tolumn whenever pussib 1 ANN LANDERS Youth Describes LSD Trip' SAN FRANCISCO 'DPI' -H's yes and no whether dia- bftes can be prevented, reports a University of California professor. -The onset of diabetes can be delayed several years by early recognition of its iymptons and appropriate treatment." Dr. Peter H. Forsham said. "Occasionally it can be prevented in this manner.' 1 Forsham, president of the San Francisco Diabetes .Association, observed that only five per cent of all diabetes victims contact the disease during childhood. The vast majority get diabetes after age 45. "A history of diabeies in the family should make one watchful for signs of the disease." he said. Dear Ann Landers: People darlings "(pep pills) which gave dinged out for three days. I ter (old them, and in a way I .,..,.. a »,,..,·, read y TM r column who would rae a to 03 ' bl ' tey also give heard bells and saw crazylighls never could. I hope and pray · . / ' never go to church, or read a me headaches, so 1 quit, Hashing and couldn't concert- you get through to the thous- IIKAR i-ATRA: * cent booit or ilslen (o (he ' r °n« ky someone suggested trale on anything. Two of my ands of kids who-may be flirt- rn sun- thut many, many parents or to a doctor. 1 beg LSD--said it was the grooviest acid pals came to see me and fog with the idea o! trying a mothers (inriuding myselt) you to print this letter for just experience of all. I said,"O.K. said they were sorry my first new kick. timiiU you for thin nrat hem- such people--particularly teen- I'll try it for experimental pur- trip was a bad one. As I Us- agers and young adults who are poses." There is so much tened to them talk I suddenly [ S alcoholism a disease? How becoming curious about LSD-- ugliness in the world that J realized one of them had flip- c b Ihe alcoholic be treated? wondering if maybe there isn't felt if 1 could see some beauty, ped out completely. I knew he ] S there a cure? Read the BEST SELLERS [Ctnplltd faT Fmlilshels 1 We*klj) FltllOB THE EIGHTH DA?--Tornton Wilder THE ARRANGEMENT-- Ella KUID WASHIXOTO.V. D.C.--DOlt VWa! TAtjES OP KAyHATTAN-- Louis AucblneloM THE CHOSEN-Chatm Potoi . . . . . . -- _ - }}jg SECRET OF SANTA V1TTOR1A-- a great experience awailmglhem even with the help of LSD, why had quit school but he had said booklet "Alcoholism -- Hope nobwt cricmon out there. n° l ? it was his way of "protesting and Help," by Ann Landers. ^SnTmSS^^^- l swear to you that every So, I joined three others and against the system." I know Enclose 35 cents ^ co ifl w j(h ROSJ ^^^ nt ^ ay _ Ira UvlB word of ray letter is God's took my first and only trip, now that he quit because he your request and a long, stamp- VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - (ruth. I am writing it because I can't do justice to describ- couldn't concentrate long enough ed, self-addressed envelope. CAPABLE'op t HONOR"- AIUD ntutj I am so grateful to be one of ing the weird sensations be- to crack a course. Ann Landers will be eiad to TM'?' Bi ^gJgj K | li: J,j D ' ltus "CROSS--Rulh Frteman Solomon Mill. K\**n tin lht? rurr uoi-ii*lous u h f n yuli fun i-ouv \\if. sew- IIIR iniichltif In KO aver tlm si-:iin liiinip, llit^ sliU-hfs ^t*l uul or line mill don't louk iili-c. Hli'ss yon for shurliiK this Iden wllli n i t of u^. lt\ ut'o- )ili k like you t\ln kfpji this nlil uorlil KC'InfC iirniuul. lli-lnlsu UHAK liL'LOISK: I jmt my jiaMiijinger meLit nn ;i lu]-ge piL-ce itf \viixed |ju- L i r , ^pcciid it mil suniuwhul. wLTn'tai, Ihcn ,','ll ZS dsc °' Falter: physlcian - M °- anclher me whirl inl ° s P ace " P" vale I"*P«W (rich tolte-"- I'l-if u was "',,"ki" tiilghi l h r : ,,!!f 0 , L p ,TM f STM ^5: l;. 1110 ^ I was a butterfly with fl»y_ are calling it a nervous with u culling pin lo thickness I want. Then T take u ciukie culler limy .size) anil flit the p;ittics iul. . - -- .- Ann Landers will be giad to the lucky ones who took a trip cause I am not much of a wri- It has been almost three help you with your problems, and came back undamaged. I ter. All I can say is that I months since my trip and send them to her in care of felt as if the real me had left I'm just getting back to nor- this newspaper. will never try it again. My age: 19. Status: stu- my body and floated upward lo mal. I have since learned that dent, West Coast University, another world. I was lying a couple of my friends never Permanent residence: San Fran- there on the floor, watching made it back. One is in i CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS i he Etm ( uul I can't disclose her exquisitely colored wings. I breakdown from overwork.) An- profession as it might reveal flew around for what seemed other friend is In a slate men- ray identity). like hours. I heard music- tal institution and can't speak In high school I made top symphony music and rock and one coherent sentence, grades without cracking a book, roll all mixed together. And Please use your tremendous wimt is left over, just ure.-w The university is a little lough- then I heard a funeral dirge, influence, Ann Landers, to tell lugeihL'i-. rerun and finish cut- er, but 1 do O.K. without too It was the same music they kids everywhere that this psy- much sweat. I went to a coup, played when they buried my chedelic stuff can be horribly ling'. Ymi will gel even sized pm- le of ^ paries ^4 i mv ^ 0 John F Kennedy ; dangerous. It can wreck their t,*, ,,, much easier ,,,,J pret- say ^ ^ rae a g^ feel . Wfren , ,, woke ,,£, , w ^ p^J^ ^ TM * ing and it didn't seem to inter- laughing and crying. I felt their lives. - BEEN THERE fere with my ability to function, hot and cold, I tried to stand -AND BACK, THANK GOD I also look a few "little white but I couldn't make it. I was Dear Been There: Your let- lier than forming hand. Minei vu Advertisement Science Shrinks Painful Hemorrhoids Stops Itch--Relieves Pain Finds Way That Both Relieves Pain and Shrinks Piles In Most Cases NPW York, N.Y. (Special): Science has found a special formula with the ability,.in moat cases --to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching and relieve pain. In case a f t e r case doctors proved, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrink- age) took place. The secret is /Vrprtrwh'oii 7 f ^ . There is no other formula for hemorrhoids like it. Preparation H also soothes i r r i t a t e d tissues and helps prevent further infection. In ointment or suppository fovnt. THE^WILDEST, FASTEST SHOW ON EARTH! 52 ^ANNUAL Late one night a \udow, living alone, neuru foolsleps appronching her bedroom. While she Uiy in terrified silence, an intruder entered the room, scooped up her jewelry, anil Feeling sure she had recognized ihc own .is .1 neifihborhod garden- er, she filed burglary charges w i l h Ihe police. Bui n (he Ihe gardener produced Mich M uirlijhl alibi that the jury found him innocent. At this poinl he decided 10 swilch from a defendant into n pLainlifT.* He filed suil against the widow for dum.iges on proumU of "malicious prosecution." "Since her acciiMition :ic.iinsl me uas a mnkiLf." he ;irj:ii«l in court. 'She ouphl to pay for calling me a criminal :md m a k i n g me ;MI through the of .1" Hul the court refund In holil Ihc «Uiw li;ihle. The judyc said a per- sflfl cannot he hcM rc ipin^ille for n)aliciiH^ proHViilitm so lojij; :IH he had at least "prohable cause" for maVing the original riccusalion -even if Ihe charge did not sland up in court. If on accuser does hrinij charges without having probable cause to believe they are true, then he may indeed be held liable for damages. For example: One man was held liable for malicious pro-icculinn because he brought unfounded theft charges ;' a business rival--simply as a means of coi!ecliii£ ;i debl. And another man was held liable for malicious prosecution bc- Ciu»e he bronchi unfounded lre.- pussing charges against a neighbor --Dimply us a means of throwing a scare into other possible trespassers. BMI as a rule, courts are cautious about imposing liability on an accuser. ! ; or if sich liiihilily «a( imposed tin) freely, people might be iliMraiiriieci) from reporting crimes (o (he authorities. Rven the u-cll- mcaning citizen might decide to keep quiet, rnlhcr than run the risl of being sueil afterward for his pains. Law enforccmcm relies heavily on its lines of communication «iih Ihc general public, diving an accuser reasonable protection against claims of malicious prosecnd'on is one way of keeping those lines of communication open. MICHAEL LANDON i*a little jn P * LmlcJUc OVER $ 16,000 IN CASH PRIZES! ^B^H^^HHMMii^'V*" 1 1 '* **' 27 LOVELY QUEEN CONTESTANTS WITH THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS WORLD FAMOUS RODEO CLOWNS WIN rnrr nfMJV WEDNESDAY A lliCC rUH I EVENING! THE JOE ZOPPE FAMILY INTERNATIONALLY FAMED RQSINBACH RIDIRS j PROOUCEC BT NiTtes.M.J-FiVO'JS B f U T . E » BROTHERS K SCOUT NIGHT Ttmdiy, July ]», it S«u» niflhl . . . all Stout, _ bo yl and girii, Cubt and Brownies - wjarinfl uniform admitted $1.00 plut tix. Special Ccrtmeny in h*oot of 1*7 World J.mbor*! A urtlnnri is Ahcrc wiiif. .sliitirt.s iintitiallv al a drplh of nttf t« l^'fl n]c(t^ fnr (.it't of 1110, JULY18*19'20'21-22-NAMPA,l Buy l i c f e e f s at downtown booths f -cr« a* M:d TGATI Pharmacy, form-.rl^ C a l J A t l CALDWUl 4 5 9 - , 9 3 3 5 C 0 b^th at B d k - r , S«o- W.

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