Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 27
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'70 V W Av.. J5I Hfl'i r'fciWr hu.r t20M. K,, M mi 8lh IMS I H 1 I K I K I.U.. H II. :,,». you flM.H - IDHI MC MS-i',02 I. '"oil VW · u n r K i i , ( i n / t i n lire.. 11400. (112 6|1, Hi cury. Chray, raillo, rxllal , noo ,., i»,i ,,r fL , r . FlTlKlfilTl). K l t r i l t i i l r u i n l l l l i m ll.r r,, |,!«.,« """»»'". iw.,.1 rnncllU,,,,. nllc.. rond[. 1071 VW Super' Heel),, 12,IKJI) ,»1«IKI. 363-2302 a f l t r 6 |..m. 1056 oi.ns. Vwy K «,,i Illril ,| ll|r t[on._(jooil IliM, uia-os^o. cylinder, HCO, Coll 3SS- .c. Take '61 C A M A I K ) 327 SS, f u l l ovar iiale, 353-lu72. , t (;OOD r u n n i n g 1057 Kurd, _ GOOD" ig«7 Ciier. li,,« 2 ilr. li.r.l- ' ^P. iQW^iilleaife. *KC5. 688-2011. ' '65 C I I K U K r i i l , 63.000 m l l ^ 1703. ·«s ronn nco pichm,, v-s, 4 in lw(). rtluO. 35a-UOU3 a f t e r 4, '61 VW. Needs wuifc on tnuEiie, (,'all li" i.lekur. Vl ^56-01SH. TralUn and Camera 5J teii KpiiM |,ict,m, win, ·!··»«,, ,, m ,,, r . (J,celey MJ.]«n,l. 6S1 J»l)i fit. 1» f t . ll.ilil Mar f«ru|;i _lr«Mcr. Cle«n. (:«l| J 6 M I S J I . lOOg" HKinftJn V, cnl, c.mixr, l|.r,l] ,_M4-fl:ill a f t e r I. il.',l llak f . i m r t r , Kmllin C n l l 353.4781 »IUr 6. roil HM.rV -- n n. rum, i, n ii (r . n r ;i l»ll,r,l, lA.'cll.'iil r u j i i l l l l n n . at Ttli'l'lltl f,,r (oriK, i, 1,1. «»*·« HTXJ, ly HIK-. wl.! IKK, I - KK, mu »((tr fl, i I'OTATOCI IlKriVI'.H AP) - M l l k r l Tnlal II.H. rill lil|iincnli 13V. T r u i k l ' i i i Uorailo 14, l i h h o 2. 100 III, ulllifd l.ti. I-A unk-li ( i i h t r M l M r kta'i'il. :»lira,l'i led MiClure* 3,00 3 241 2'/,-W lath 3.EX13.75I 90 IN. »ck H'.-l',', liu-l ,75-1.751 20 II,. film bill ullllly M M (I II,. film IIHKI 46-45, MIJM h l u h ni 4B| l u u c l f i l m 1u«« !0 Ih. u l l i l i y M«0 0 Jl. Ill,II Imug Go CO, ftr^imj H I ; l i J u l f u u c U ft-14 D^. 6.00 0.50, tew 175, li m i n i m u m V M t W i -- MnMlt. TMVcli-r l.lck- Cfil3-2'J13 blur A ;i rn. J M Mobile Homo Service Supply I'orln I'olll -- - l i l i c l i c n -- Ktitt elot:trli! rod'lnoi'iilor.'t. Hoo UK (or your eniiiiiar immillcH 030 2Gtli St. 353-9290 H-J-20H. Mil SAl.l7~^- Itaniljlcr, 'M. 4 do, _U«yinini[,_)!KI.OJ32. ·67 mid) G a l n x i e . 1500 or lint otti _M3.Cjl6b,_nil Clll A v r . GOOD nimiinu 1017 Clnnv ilclnlr. (I Ph. DaB.iOl-l. ·«S VW FnsLliRck, uood condition. $135.': N I C E r-lprm 1059 Imiiata. 2 iloor littnl _toi;._V-8._o,i|i). Sl.oOS. S8H-MH. 'li.3 CHEVY \', Ion, 3 Hired. Innv ^tvltle. »8(lll. 353-2010. 1863'1'ICKIII'. I.oni; Iwly. (V.oil condl lion. . 3t:M1!)B. offe '82 OI.DSMOItlLK RS. 1200 352-8070 nflcr 7 p.m. U6S P O N T I A C Firebird. $1300. 404 16th A v f . 3S3-SI3b. '67 WILLYS Jeep V-6. nulnmal!-;, hillTM 464-3B12 n f l c r 6. MUST sell in 10 rtnyi. I O J O Fonl Cort l n n w n g o n . Excellent K* m i l e a g e Hell o f f e r lakes. 363-1346 after ail. 1961 FO11D BtBtlon wsvon, (100., «1lli m«tic t r n n ^ m i s s l o n , power nteerir.K 363-2627. MUST sell (ion. $125. , 353-1173. IS S3 VW 1,'JS. (giiarnntecilK 003?. '57 Rfimbler. Good comIE lleal offer. 1011 lllll Av Just rebuilt ,] $150. !i2 '71 TOYOTA L'oionn 4 door. liit Bine, n i i t o m n l i c , 11.000 mil«. '2100 o? nsauiM. 353-2510. SAT.K nr trarfe for properly: 1 · Chrysler Town K,]I| C o u n t r y , f u l l y emiil»|iLil, rnilinl tiit-5. 352-4634 ,l WE STIlX~ipeeli1iu in n u i o m a l l t r a n n m i ^ s l o n revnirs. ElenHer , Sties. 125 8th Av*. 1963'-riUlCK LeSnhre eloor h«r.ltop Very «oo:l comlllion. S52-2723 '(5 V\V So.nnrebnelt xlnllon wneon. built engine (Ktmranleed) New paint $525. 3bC-2:il4. ,.'51 . C H E V Y . 30 patser.eer choo] ;. conilLtion h* Is. Submit liiil to l!n days School Districl, Drlegsdnlp, Colo . r«io S0ii|l KEEP on Iruckln' -- '01 VW Rebuilt e n g i n e , new paEnt and tires headers, d u a l point ilistribulor, barreKeath^ $150.00. 366-1471. 1 VELi.OW~Su,Sm«r!ne--'67 Olds Cullns Sup'rem* 2-dr,, itrt- epe. oriK. y«Mow' with blBcV Inter., new clutch new brakes- Call after C, 35G-3395. FOR S A L K -- 1062 Chev. 2 door h« i top, 3 ipeci], bucket scats. V e r y KO '.'- conilltlon. 362-1061 dny«. 36Z-018 nights. '65 C H K V Y 2 door hardtop. l stcorlny, power brakes, ]r conlition Ing, new paint. W i l l consider olde pickup on trade. 284-7767. 1S58 C1AI-AXIE 500 4 rtoor, reil wit black interior. Excellent condition, aeat licEUi, triHjd f a m i l y cnr. Onl ' JySO. _3.'i2.5376. * i O 'CIIEVELLE Vallbu, 2 dnor h n lav, -4 speed.' H u r s t , v i n y l lop, Cri · r mays, new radial tires, rr.nny ex tra*. 363-7183 a f t e r 6. ;''U7 : PIjYMOTITII Darucndn. Sell r 1 or i n d i v i d u a l parts, 4 speed ti mission. KauEo, 14 in. tires, etc. 454 : 3726. · TJIADK -- Mack tractor. 1057 D-6 with ENDT 673 turbo engine. 1 ipeecT triplex, wtr nxte, sleeper, e. cellent tltes and condition. Trmlc fi . 35 lo',- 40 ft. t a n d e m axle f l n t be triiier; I r r i n n t i o n anil I'ower Eiuip ir.enl, US Hlahvray So. S5, Gieelei EACBIFICK 1870 Or*l Itallye. OriEin: owner. V e r y Bood condition. 1.0 I, ei Klne. K ilise brakes. Tnch R n d i n s t r i menl*. Mew nveralie lires, exhaus Byitem. U shocks. E x t r a * -- a n i / f i Panasonic, rear defroster, t r a i l c h i t c h , witinu. 2 studded radial sno tires on wheeis. After.6:30, 353-0:13! DICK NOLAN MOTORS 1965 Ford '/j. Ton Pickuj) M2 V-8, 1111(0., rnilin, now pnlnL job. $1050 J-9G2 Scout 4 x l I v x l r n clenu, Blinrp [mini. ,15 795 A l r p o r l , 3 Ml. K. Stti SI. GREELEY MT. TRAVELAND I SHASTA, PROWLER I iincl STAHCKAFT'- | 'I'unl trailers, | travel trillion, | nnd motor homes. = = CGI 28Lh St. ! Open evenings 1 352-2580 I MARKETS and lfU|r« 4.00-1.25. Kma 4,10 BO-100, . . Nuliraskn rri,c«l red* Hi JvMHj I n c h I.7SI New I'ln.... « n c k « nnd ttiar.'l reds E/.S. No . - - A, 3.754.00J Teiax 50 ]]j, C l l l u n ifxind U'J» UJi. No. I-A.4.2S, ,ov.r Llvolock D K N V R I I (A!') - 'l\!Md» J u l a t l n n M ! J I u X A ROOt bflrroAl Und Kill «le»dy la 25 i-rnla lf,wpri U.S. 1-2, 210 Mil Hi".. IJ5.00I 1-3, 200240. 21.7S-Jt.7i. 24, 240-2U). 22 35-24.Wj uini Heady li !J curl« Kl«hcr, 1-3. 3M-COO, 13.73-20.50. Real Estate Transfers Documan, fact Ilitod are n) the rale of oni ctht p«r $100 ol Ihe tolling price. Properly telling for hit than JIM It «x«mpt. Lydla K. Anderson to William Stock Market in Review April 2t Kd(j,ir I*, and Dnrlcnc F. Troxol !o Kenneth T. ond Uclly Colwell, I.ol 0, Block C, Cascade Park Second Add., Cily of (iruclcy, DF $1.20. Cecil W. mid Krccllc K. King lo Ilic Hillside Ccmclery Association, part of NW corner of NK'A NEW, Sec. 8, T IN., U Cfl W., DF $.25. USDA n,,1tcr arvl Kg(f» CIIICAOO (AP) _ (IJSDA) - l l u l l t r : h o l u M l t t hL-llUiK iirii'n Tnc-wlay un- ESlJ, S'w'iS" AA "· w " "·* F^i*;.' '"""" on " c " w"""" 1 ' "" 1 of Kec. 22, T -IN., 1} 61 W, DF '$3.30. J . R . P . W . Construction Ilalph M. ant! Hazel K. Wnrncr to Warner Duck Club, Ltd., a tract of land In E'A of SE'/i and SW'/i of the SE'/i J M Mobile Home Service Supply RED DALE Ndtlflfl Cambers mid Travel Trnllor* 630 2Gth St. 358-9290 . . 3I.335.25] ucwl arx) low choice 31 50- atJO; tonrt hlKh criolcc and prime 1,025 I!) Kellers GO.EO; in me (trade 950-1, 1 OT Iba KONOM\ K A M P K R S dO MODELS ij Wlnnebngo ft Aljo ·Ct 'i'-;iilor Hitches ft Dune UusKies ·fo Tent Trailer Henlala Slur age ·, Hupp M i n i Cycles fa Camper nnd Trailer. ' ISconomy Dotly Shoj/ No. or flnmnfln Inn 362-6G28 I Stock Market Closing Prices "EANS ·nsral bldi lo gro I: U.S. Ms. 1, ||. 11.001 bill! No. OEKVEK. dp) -- Oinn ert 1V7I croplt PJnlol: No. 1, IOSS, FOB Dlnvir Graal Northernl, U.S. No. 1 f.tlr ·.3J/ fob neliraiki r«lo bull. DENVER (AP) -- Market itemy. *T^« AA 34-35: medium AA 32-3 (J !nnU AA 20-21; Iar«u A 33-34; medium \ 31-32; Itrije II 17-u. All LIVE O M A H A , Nth. --Mvcilock o.uot»IEnna lUMilny: Iluita 7.000; Uarrowl aixl Kill! ·le.idy lo 25 lower; 1-2 iaj-240 lln 54.15. 24.J5; 1-3 13S-3JO II, 2100-24 SO; 2-3 2405.'?Jl' .?'»;«:»' »·"« Ih 23.00-24,00; alves rone i leftdy lo S3 ifwms ar,\ \a prime MZ3-1.200 Co Ule 6,500 ; alcady; hefOra c-iws Me Ally; i u o choke and - . ttc-ors ^5.50-M.OO; fcanie K rad« ],1001,225 \\)$ 35.50-35.75i ctidke 9T5-1.2M Its Company to Patrick M. nmi John A. Scery, a parcel of land in Tract "A" Grceley Plaza, DF$3. Tri-City Development Co. to I/arry D. Moore, Lot 7, Block 4, Woodbriar, First Filing, City of Grceley, DF $1.90. Kenneth A. and Dorothy L. Rasmussen lo Frederick Gary and Susan Gene Mears, a tracl of land in NEtt of NWVi of Sec. 17, T 5N., R 66 W., $1.92. . flnd commercial 2C.50; c a n n u r nr.d t-utl^r 21.50-24.50. Shfpp 200; ihorn Iambs sleatly sprlnz lanihs 25 lower; choice Bml primt ttwra Jajnlis 31.CO-31.50: choke and |,rlma sprint Iambs 32.25. Tuesday's c«(lm»le«; cittEe 5.UG6; KANSAS CITY (AP)-(.'n(llo 800] calves »; nil classes aleady: siccri choice 34.50-35.50; mljed KCOd ar.d choice 33.7531.50: hellers til an good Ihreujh nv- traje choice 33.00-34.00; hltli dioEcc ah- Bom; cows h^h cutter, utillly and f e w commercial 24.50-26.00; hExh dressing l e a n nmly. lionlns u t i l i t y 2C.5(J-27.00; feeder Bleers and stcrr calves cholc» 125-400 III 4J.OO-52M; very thin 290-JiO April 24 Josephine Garcia to Tito am inlitos Garcia Sr., west 50 fee «.»- of south 100 Fl. of Lol 5, Block 14, Cily of Greeley, DF $.05. tb 53,00.56.00; 40.00; 450-500 cho;cc ''.00-450 Ib -12.00-l7.Wi: Ib «.DO- SO.7 b 33.0-44.00; choice lleshy 450-650 Ih 37.00- 42.M; 650-B50 Ib 3E.OO-M-OU: very fleshy ar.J partly faEteced 800-1070 11, 34 20- 30.25i Iccder hellers nnd heifer calves nioslEy choice 300-350 ]b 42.00-46.00; 350490 111 39.00-43.00; 4M-65N It, 36 00-1 · choice HesJiy 45-700 Ih 3500-3800: 70085 II, 33.50-35.50. Hogs 3,500; b j r r u u s ar-d g: unovfnly weak to £3 lower, inuslLy ,,, cfl; several lots unsold al 11 am: 1-3 200-240 III 24.25-75;; 2-4 240-2CO hi 23.511- Leo, Martinez Nicholas and Felix to Richard B. anc Margaret MacCloud, Lots 18, 19 20, Block 13, Town of Fireslonc DF $1.85. Robert Y. Sakata lo Gordon S. and Winona I 1 '. Hurley, par of NW'/i of Sec. 32, T IN., R 66 W, DK $1.75. Frederick Gary and Susa: Gene Mears to Kenneth A. am Dorothy L. Rasmussen, south 8 ft. of lx)fs 10 and 11, Bloc! 1, Hopkins Heights, City o Greeley, DF $2.73. James P. and Teresa M Flores Sr. fo William G. an higher: over 560 Eli mostly steady; l-a 1. 3 ;«-500 Ib 20.75-21.50; 2-3 500-000 Ih 21 00 50. · Sheep rrC/0; snrulK lamhs mostly Etcady, Instances 50 louer on weights- O\IT 100 II,; cues steady to 50 Jo\\er; spring lanihs choice aod prime 31.5032.00; mixed fcciod to mostly' choice 31.0050;' choice 28.00; cues- cull, uUlllr and Rood 3.506.30. ' Hslimates lor Wednesday: cattle 1800;' calves 300; hogs 3.500; sheop 300, ST. ,600: JOSEPH. Mo. (AP) -- Callle. calves 15; itcsrs and heifers YoiJs (AP) -- Jwl Co Monday's closiiiuJniil^n Nciv York Slock KalbAl selected Ancotl prices: Krftco Close ChgKres^e 22r.-- 4 Lln Ind fjirkhd Adm A l u Al Al!d Ch ·Mill Si Alls Ch Alcoa Am Ilj Al A lids llcsl An, Can K'A--1 .15'!.-- ','* l.VCO Cp 1314-- Yi MarkcC 53Vi-- « Mai'ir 47=1 ·. fldisF Am r:L 1 } A Mil Am fllot A SMLTVimi-l- % Am Std !·! -- as AT1T 42!4 Alllpx Aneda Arnico All lllch Alls crp' Avon bt f a t Ikh Ar Ijll IIw Bndx 45H-- Ti Mar.ith 681i-- 5t MarL-or 31M-1 MarlnM .11 + 1(4 ;vu-IKn 3CM-- ii .Mcrclc 27:*t (1, 11MM 23%- Ji Mohil Monsl 2H',- V, 4Mi - IV 110 11(1- « 121k 275t-- (4 V n -- (i 15;V, .14 ll 2.WI-- W «H-- IB 71 -- 1-y. steady lo S i r o n e ; i-ous Eully s t e a d y : feeders steady to strong; steers " ' ' choice ami jirime 36.00; choice Prime eml 35.73-83; choice 3450-3550; -ilxcd coot! and chuicc 31.75-31.50; eifers choice vilh prime ez-.d' 3500, choice S3.75-34.50; mixed ' good anc choice 33.00-75; choice and pilme eiid 5.25-50; culter and utility cows 23 00 0.50; feeder steer* choice 700-110 Ib 5.00-33.00; fle.shv 950-1100 H» 35 25-iO; :hoJce fleshy 70FIOO Ib feeder heifer 1 3.M-50. Ho£s 5 500: barrows acd gilts £5-50 w e r ; J-2 lfHJ-210 Ih 2-1.25-50; 1-3 220-250 23.75-24.25; 2-3 250-270 Ih 23.25-75; I 260-203 II, 22.75-23.:i; 2-4 7/0-35 111 2.25-75; sous steady to 25 higher; 1-3 130600 Ih 21.50; 3SO-330 10 22.00. .iiu,,i|. .MlFuel I!*-- If, iMliita SO 1 + IS NalCK 2251-- ·!· N a t l l i s 63 -- 1V4 NalGsp 2W-- li N n l l n d 116M- y, NalSlI ·![,y,- Ti I8li- 11 37 -- Vi Cl'l-- ? 15ii+ 5214+ · DICK NOLAN MOTOKS 1065 Ford Mustang " 2 Dr. M.T.. 3'npoPtl on floor,-' r,2,SOO m(. . . . . $ 7 9 5 1964 Cn.lillac Coupo ' DcVillo [Inro (luil, nil"! r n n i l l l l n n , iini/dii rnilln. iiiiildnil rnnf, 111] lixlrin'. lomlml, fntr. n l r , iinw j:niir' n n l t u i t l ovorltjinKiil CIlj'.lllO. Sp'Mflf) A l r r r i r l , a All. !·!. SMi HI. :ir,2-!i.'iill Co Bi Cas I,r5l My Jlrt Pet Uudd Co llrl Ind Drl Nor l i r r h s Csll Cko L n t 1r Clni Cp Cero cp Crl-ld Cann Air tilts Oh U n s Clt Svc Cm- Cul Corg ri int CotLI Uf 11 Uil Sol Cmsl I n n i:,l Con Kd^ Con! Olli j l i s -- : l-cillt Oil Soli- Cm! Dta Conies Crvv Col (Jrn ^el CrlJ IVr Deere lie! .Mir IHIIon 235ii+ li NuslAr 67V 0 -- =1() iSull!i:c 4«i-- Hi OccidP 2Hi-- 'Ji U l i n L P IKV-- ^ Omrkln 51V.I- 32M- '.4 28«i- |i 37!i 2HS+- II 3M1--1 17 mi-- « ni tt'.i 16 -- It 47U- V, l ! t -- '.i i2n- v, im -- v, 1218 60',1+iV. 5011-- 1 PacPI, I'ntTr I'anAM rannl-:p I'encCl Prmlix I'i'iwi I'fiier 22« . It . 5714-- li I'hllH :mi- ^i riiiiip 3H5+ li 1'JroM 13a -- ^fc I'tcio a -- n I'hscol 3tf'/i - 1/4 PUSH, 25-H+ (i, PUmn 62V-- 2 ~ nepStl H n M llcynMI 11 7IM-1U 23W - It «Vi- It 3i.t-- Ti 23H- W 75 _ l,i 20'i IK -r- V, - '-. sc».S' ShrtKJ SoCIICd l - r s I,:.I Mil I'niit 5)1= ?: ' « M I l H T Sperry I ' l 1'ng Kr I ii r'alr Cm I'rsln F M C I'n rl I-V Tord M fri'i Mn :.M: (. ,r HIM SV njrl-0 ··'«' s«Ht ' Tctcdne 'J.'illlul 2 1 ' , -- "^ ' I ' - s i n - n J U S - It Tlilkol ' ' i ' k T,«l,ISp ' A u t o Servlco nniJ SupplFot ~~ il lrn*nil*. I ''·( VV/, l i a n « n VW ft )in maim-, Tralleri ond Cnmpoii 5} f-nl Irall'r, fll'raln» Sr,3.0J!n, (Irrflrr Ml. r i B T I I A N V UP Wp. Kxf, r.;rnl. Sr,3.0J i(jiB"'wiiKKl'(:AMI'Kll. Travel*,,'!, '-"I l"' h 1; liiTw/ii'i'iAWK i' 1rk ",i lirn\,y Ml. Tuvrliii.l KrnfirlilK"! Dfnlnr T K I l l t Y , MONITOlt, O A H D I N M , H Minn inn! lli'iiln I) ft It Hiirviv' \'L'l. I I l l i Avu, S'l^li-- (', Tinsnir 7J'-, J i t ' I I m MV.- '.t TIIW I I , ' , . ' , 'I ,,! 't Z-.IVi I Ik U A I . H I ! . I ' ··' ' Id 7 n r - -111 I'l-'urli Jil. l ' i i , · 47 -11, OT'.i- '., 33V1+ U 47'. Mil · '·'-- "i I'M-- (!, «11- H 30H-lit J/-H-IM 2W,- H 3014- !i H ' s ' lali- isn- (4 21'i,-- 'h . H U I (k 12''.-- li Franklin Sub., City Greeley, DF $2.33. Webhan Corp. to Jerald E and Betly M. Baxter, Ixl Block 4, Westmoor First Filing ity of Greeley, DF $2.02. Bertha H. Dwigguis to Pau and Naomi Sue Premer, Lot 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, Block !· town of Evans DF $1.75. ASvin H. Hale to Keith E. an Constance J. Swain, lxt Block 3, First Add, lo Cres view, Cily o£ Greeley, DF $2.1 Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - A f t e r leclining earlier today, slock market prices improved some- vhat in moderate trading. Ttie Dow Jones average of 30 nduslriafs, which had been off nearly 4'A points earlier, was lown 1.13 at 911.15 by 2 p.m. Advances on the New York Jtock Exchange, which had railed declines by a wide margin, were narrowly behind. Many investors remained on he sidelines because of con cern about the Communist of- 'ensive in South Vietnam nnd tie Price Commission's roll- jack plans, analysis said. The gainers included steels, 'arm implements, electronics airlines, and glamour slocks Motors and nircrafts were low- All mixed. Prices most-active list included Fore Molor, off IVfe at BSli; Polaroid other groups were on the Big Board'* Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO (AP) -- Soybean ufurcs declined 214 cents Bushel early on Hie Chicag Rnard of Trade today on sellin influence by an evport s I o down but recovered near' th close under new buying ar short covering. When the final bell had run, soybeans were up 214 cents nishol. Wheat futures were down I : cents and corn eased nearly i :ent. Oat prices were irregular at the close. At the close, soybeans were up around 214 cents, May 3.4714; wheat was down 1V4 cents, May 1.0414; corn was 1 cent lower, May 1.22% and oals were mixed, May 68Vi cents. By JOHN H E N R Y AP Business Writer NEW YORK (A!) The Tncs., May 2, 1972 nUT-iET.EY (Colo.) TKIT1UNK 27 nl 59.48. Hie Amelcan Slock Kxclifinjjc index finished off .10 al 27,70. The Associated 1 Pcss CO-stock nveage wns off 2.8. nt 333.5. liulnstlals wee off 5.5, alls wee off 1.5, find utilities Sr. nnd William 0. Jr. Perry, ils 12 Ihrnugh 22,. Block D5, iwn of Hudson, OF $1. Frederick W. and P.'dilh C. llnm Jr. to Selmslian A. nnd clmn A, Lolacono, Ixit 5, Block Axsom Sub. City of Grcclcy, )·' $1.03. H e r b e r t Allen Marlow, ccutor lo John K, and Diana Kpplc Jr., l/)fs 10 and 20, nd N'Xt of Ul 21, Block 49, own of Hudson, DK $1. I'Ycd K. and Pogjjy Ann Jackin lo Terry D. and Dorothy ird, l/iis III and 20, Block C, own of Windsor, DF J.iH). Speer Jnvealmcnt Co. '("he irst National Bank of Denver, obert P. Marx to Northmoor eally Development Corp,, irl of Sec, 24, T 4 N., H 00 '., DF $11. John M. and Shirley J. arnscy to Jesus T. and Una uzman, the north 120 fl. of t 38 in SK'A of Sec. 20 T N., R 65 W., DF $.45. Roland A. and Editli A. Johnon to Marvin L. and Mildred . Bay, a tract of land in SW'/i f Sec. 31, T 7N., R G4 W. )F $.50. Roland A. and Edilh A ohnson fo Axel Elmer ami ertrude Irene Gustafson, SW'/i f Sec. 31, T 7N., R 64 W. DF $1.90. Paul and Fern Holsinger ti foseph Claude, Tonda C. am Jlaude M. Albrighlon, EV4 o iW/4 of SEV 4 of Sec. 17, T 8N R 65 W.; DF $1. Jean J. Jacobuccl lo John F and Betty Ann Rupert Jr., par if SE'A of Sec. 32, T IN., 7 W., DF $.25. Beverly Lane to John J. anc Vaunela G. Ortega, east 175 ft of west 255 It. of Lot 2, Bloc 5, Clayton Park, City o iroeley, DF ?.27. Flatiron Paving Co. c toulder lo Flatiron Maleria Co., part of SE'/ of SE'/j Sec. 3C, T GN., R 66 W, Dl i.10. John L. Fetzgerald to Joh 1. and Annie Mary Reimcr, Lo : and that part of Oullot "A Black Hollow Acres First Fi ng, DF $1.87. Tri-City Development Co. t Salvador and Caroline Antun Lot 5, Block 4, Woodbriar, Firs Filing, Cily of Greeley, D $2.15. Dow Jnncs average of 30 Industrials suffered Ils sharpest loss In six months Monday as stock market price lelrealcd on a broad front. Trading was slow. The blue-chip Indicator tumbled 11.8'J (o finish at 942,28, Its bltjgesl drop since last Nov. 1, when it plummeted 13,14 points. cclincs on Ihe New York y more lhan 2 lo I. Analysis blamed (he stinrp roj on mounting concern bout Ihe Comumnt offensive South Vietnam and uncer- ainty caused by the Price immlssion's order last week some companies to rescind ilir price incrtases. The losers included airlines, rugs, sicels, motors, mail or- ugs, sleels, molos, mail o fiiin Imlpcmenls, nnd (jlamnii n!ocks. All olhe goups wee mixed. Hig Bond volume decline:! lo 12.09 million lest liinovo the smal- In in DO lhan n monlh. On Klday, 14.17 million changed hands, ·· The mosl-aclivD Big Bnail issue was GAF Cop., off 1 at 22 on u volume of 153,700 sliaes. A 73nGOO-.shae bock of the issue laded at wee unchanged. The numbc of bocks of '10,000 sliaes o moE laded on Jho Big Boad dopix;d to 05 fom a . c i r l lift ti'li-lmr Thrt InrTrtdl frtck Exchange led advances] Of the. 1,745 issues laded on | Ihe nig l!oad, 1,060 declined, and 4D3 advanced. New yealy highs wee cached by 07 issues and lows by 24. Of [he 1,210 issues tadod on Ihe Amelcan Slock Exchange, 224 declined, and 716 advanced Volume on the Amex ose lo 3.84 millirn shaes fom 3.76 ni'lion Fiday. The New Yok Slock change index of some 1,300 evised 100 Flday. The was 110,100 shoes block of Nolhenst Utilities, w h I c li laded at 15, up V». $8 Million Paid LONDON -- Nearly $8 million was paid out to 7,010 victims of crimes of violence during 1971 by the Criminal Injuries, Compensation Board. " Among them was a woman passer-by who was knocked 'down and injured by a man running to give (he alarm during an armed robbery. common stocks closed off 0.54 mice. North America has 131 spades and subspecies of wild · « « · · · · · » * · · · · » » · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 K 4 » * « ·········· · · · · « WARNER BROS. THE RECORD CENTER present " 'AMERICA Including The Hit Single 'A HORSE WITH NO NAME" Now Only $189 2 REMEMBER: BS-257i ALL TOP 10 ALBUMS $2.89 THE RECORD CENTER 1514 8th Ave. CHICAGO (AP) High WHEAT Tuesday: Low Close up Ili at I39V4; Sony Corp., up % at -10%; and Coca-Cola, of at I28V4. Prices on Ihc American Stock Exchange's most-active list included Syntex, up 114 at 84%; Austral Oil, up Hi at 29; and Recrion Corp., off 4'/4 al 44%. May Jul Scp Dec Mar i May Jul Sep Dec Mar CORN OATS 1.64V4 1.62',i 1.64 Vi 1.47-8 1.45 1.45% 1.48% 1.46',i 1.47Va 1.52Va 1.50-i» 1.51M 1.53-U I.52 1 !! 1.53 1.23'i 1.22Va 1.22% 1.2714 1.27 1.27 1.201, 1.28^-i 1.28Ti 1.2914 1.281i 1.33?i 1.3,1 1.3G14 1,36 1.33^8 1.36 Local Interest Stocks (As of 1.1 a.m. Tuesday) (II Aid li (i.l)T PH, I (i I K ml 11 . . »* HSI'ly ! II'- 9 I U 1 - «k HSSI1 l o » - \i II u l l ' l · ' | « M I - n V I k . W Id'H U i l a n It -I- 'k JA'j I U I3H- Ji J.l«- 11 M'l -'it Ji I- » .1111- II V C I- C P f J I M I U Monfort Bayly (icrintrics Ilcl Skngfis Aff Hank Shares llciwlell-l'ackard GNU Hank Shares Vi|xint Chemical dome U. Power Did Asked 0=11 2S May Jul Sep Dec May Jul Aug Sep .6814 .69=1 .73 SOYBEANS .63 U '.7214 .68'/t .GSVi .69'/t 27 Wan 3.4714 3.4275, 3.47V4 3.5214 3.4714 3.52 3.521i 3.47V 3.51 7 /s 3.35 3.31Ti ,1.35 3.11H4 3-I^A 3.1614 3.20 3.1714 3.20 3.23% 3.2114 3.23','i 11 ti'.i von, Wnllar I U \ - I 'in ' i WKKI -· II I" " , I, \\lilMlr JH W " ' l i Nkl Ir.t l'|i '.P. - 'a SI',-.-- Hi lln --in · rn- (. . . . OH :.!', ,1",', i J V.lllx't J'', I H HIM I, · I , |IU - I, 1'. I- U I Ik - ', 7 .- H 17 - · urn- mi R',', 21 5% 2714 9 27 3014 5614 on Irnck 88; lolal U.S. ship-i 2p'|inicnts 139; old-- dcmnnd fair; 51,5,' market steady; earlot (rack CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Potatoes arrivals Tuesday 4 4 ; : 28^4 Local Market Tuesday, May 2 Beans _ 11.00 Wlical 2.15 Oals (M Ih, or belter) 2.40 Harcy 2.15 Com 2.30 sales: Minncsnln Norlli Dakota Red River Valley rnnncl reds 2.40; new--dcniantl slow; market du'l; carlol (rack sales: Texas round reds in 50 )b sacks 2.75-3.00. Tiro-Miles Cheaper AKUON, Ohio - Sixty ycnrs Cash Grain CIIICAOO (AP) - Wheat No 2 hard red 1.72n; No 2 soft ral l.Vfln. tlorn No 2 yellow l.Mn. Oals No 2 extra heavy while 70^11. Soybeans No I yellow 3,45n, Snyhcnn oil Il.l3n. 2 0 lire costs a were close lo vehicle-mile. 'iifni'iy JIH ii Kcplnceinciil I ires now cnsl less Ihnn oiio-foiirlh of n cenl per ji j-iniie over Ihc 10-year life of I Ui tiorniiil cni'. Tennis Clubs W E L I, I N C; T 0 N Xcalanders arc very minded. Alwit 100,000 of them tx:lonK In Ihe country's .000 tennis clubs. Wefd County Garage has a thing for value. The 1972 Cat alina. WIDE TRACKING AT ITS FINEST Come in now and see our complete lineup of 1972 Pontiacs. New tennis- 810 10th Street

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