Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 26, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Las truces Sun-News WORK AND FIGHT 1'nblii.hriJ dail,, m, M ,i ;,,i m .la --»,-, k . i ^ s .,(;»·.i,,« r.» -,,,0 Mi,,,h, y II.'.MIIII I / Las Crufes Siun-News Monday Afternoon February 26, 194$, WAU.ACI-: I ' K K H Y «, Ji. uovu;... .. li'.dl Hiller Turns io Philosophy of Despair The modcralo rcMsUnn.- Ihu:, far r n c c i u n t r : r c v l hy t h o western Allies in t h e i r (ij-eal K l u n e l a n r l o l f e i i ' i i v e is a welcome bu! surprising circum.'^niiee v.'lm-h is far from self explanatory. Ur.lfM the C e r n i a n r l e f c n e n, w h o l l y u n e i j i i / i l lo the Las] o f m a k i n g a M.-in.l a j - a i n . i l I I , ( · t e r r i f i c - s t r i k i n g nuwr t h r Gonr-ra! I C i : : t - n l i ' ) U ' i r is r t i i i d n y i i i ^ , we- n i i l M cxjuV' I- : -. * Mai-sluil von I'dinrlsii lt |o e ( , i j i : l e r - a t t a c ! ' . s l i o r l l y . This for n.'n-rvr-s. a n d l l i r | ) i . - , i ! i ' j | i i - n . i ' i - s on v.vr-luT i ; weakened l l i l J i - n U - s h ; i v - t h r i u . I f K u M ' l . s U ' i l t lacks n-M'rvt.'s t h e n lie i s i n d e e r l i n m o r l ' , danger. The N'a/-i m a r s h a l ' s a l t r n t a l i v - i n inakinj.; :i ; ; t a r r ' on t h i Cologne p l a i n w o u l d hi- to w i t h d r a w across the H h ; / ' It i s Ki.'-:enht'Wrr's h o j - i l h a t t h e n - n n a n w i l l s i r . , i d an f u r h l v.-i",l ' f t i n - D h i n e . . o t h a t h e ' m a y a n n i h i l a t e ' ! : " i n . ,!,,,',',',7,-Miners Warn of 'i,r -: New Coal Sir'J^ CHEEP.FUL LITTLE ARMFUL OF QUADRUPLETS VOW !(,iTJO\S " . » n l II I \ I S SI I I l i n i H K l M I tin |,h I i c 1 S I I , ; A K I'm* rmir utmnp n-i :""i! T i l l I II IH II i nil I I 111- A H M i r i v r m I'HKSS js. S l u m p :ir. v n l u l fur ftvi- piiilnild SfKATS, FATS. , 1 , - l!,,,ili f,, m . ||irml|;li J u n e 2. A i m l l i r r a l n l n p i l-ril .ilnmpii Q, r . t h n i i i i ' l i H.'' k'"i«l M li-ilill.-cl I" IK- v n l u l n l i H l May 1 tlll»tl|ll M n i - i - l i : i l . S l u m p s T.'i SHOIOH Ilimk Illn'c' iilr|lnii t t l l u l i u l l X. r Mi""l H i m i i n h A p i l l ^M. - i l n n i p H I, 'I a n i l II viilkl HKlcrililtf- Sliiuipi Y.'i n m l X.. r i mill A'J l l i m i i i i l i . l v : OTA «:iyn mi jilaus In i-iim-d 112 k-TM«l t l i r o i i K l i .Inn- 'i. ; i H i y . I'ROOICKSF.II FO. IIS l l . n i l i . ( ' s A S O U N K M-A wiupmin (tond Ililir Mm- «tiirup.i Xft t l i i - i i i i u l i '/,.', f u r f n i i r K n l l n t i H l l i r m i K h March 21. anil Al! lllKl H2 rr.od llirr.iii;li H-Ti, f-r., M-(i n u l l l^ll pnns M.-iiTli :ll Slumps (".' I l i i - i n i j - l i ;·· i,,r l i v , - f:ill.,n.i i\ATI i v.s" i\(;/',7,s;n-ic.K i\ /..s.. K/-;.sT / \ H7-;.S7' CO f.sT UOSI'ITU, Cub Leaders Course Of Training Opeirs E. F. Adams, chairman of the Dona Ana district committee 'in leadership training, announced 1 that the first meeting of a Cub i leaders' training course will be ! lirld at the Junior high school in i Las Cruces at 7:30 Monday evening Feb. 26, J945. The instructor staff is composed of Mr.-.. E. Austin, Mrs. G. L. Boy- ·!in, L. D. Haight, Captain Cragin, W. Hcinzman, Mrs. H. M. Milton ·md W. E. Watkins. Every one interested in the Cubb- ing program is urged to take advantage of this opportunity to 'ram more about the activities in this field. The course is divided into six weekly meetings which are to be held on consecutive Monday nights. A. certificate of accomplishment -ill be awarded to those who com- -il'jto the i-oursc. The meeting to-night will pre- "iew the course and orientate the -roup with regard to Scouting and Oubbing. A Boy Scout sound film ··'litled "Cubbing in the Home" vill he shown at this evening's fleeting. Spring Meetings Tfc-2 teaching projects committee of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish has been enlarged by the addition or three "iew members because of the two f Jiscussion forums scheduled with the Chihuahua teachers, according to Dr. Carl Tyre, chairman. The commute as it now stands is composed of Mrs. Edith Sloan of Anthony, Miss Delfina Rose Favor of Las Cruces. Mr. Huffman of San Miguel Miss Pauline Baker I of Demin£ and Mr. Emll Wohlge- j muth of Tularosa. · Two or three hours at each international meeting hav? laways been devoted to an exchange of conceptions of methods, courses and textbooks. ! The textbook committee's work ( and that of the projects committee I aj-oused the keenest comment from : the visitors last spring. One new ; topic added this year will be the ways and means of opening- the child mind to the all-Important is- i sue of inter-American understand\ inp and cooperation. i i Prof. Jose C. Fuentes will be the , leader of the Mexican educators I ! in the.*? two forntna set for March 31 and April 7. l n M - p l i C l r i n i n c l l u ivmvos w h a t initthl hs railed tho "«l:id eye" from her son Michael ( l i g h t ) IIT.S her ( | i i m l r u p l r l s dit a i-uudi a f t e r liu-ir Iwtli in her homo at Philadelphia. The babies, - iiml n h i i i r mnnth.s oh!, mv t l c l l In r i t ; l ) l ) : Maureen, K.ilhlt-cn,. Eileen and Michael (AP , t ' d p y r i K h t l!'-l. r » ly llu 1 J'biladelphiii Evening l i u t l e t i i i ) . ' . GERMAN FILM SHOWS GOERING J0ur Second Front Lt. Porter B. Maxwell, recently I.', W l i l m m x ll I I I . - A m . ' l l r n n j- 1 luit'W i| \vn«, t r i i i - " n* "fr"id I'liu-lt" .'I t l i : i t Ail I ' I \\!l« till. W o t . I -Th,- iiu.,1 -,v»i Hi,. U'M-V n ' l .''in,I II I ' - , :nr,- 11 ,»·., on Hit- plum- i,-, li HI TMrri.s. --\V,- «.,.!,, nltt-iiys ill,!,, lo K ,-l n .. . x n l l l I.I. M l l n n , - llri','a.. , i l Sim!,, 'I 1 UN-mil,,n xvus "I u 1.1 Ann Will IIIIIM un will, li 1 i ,1, us IliM-intin lliwnii;, X.i.-i iii Ic ( r i l c i M H i i i i . V i ! i l M i i i K SS nl n i ' l i M l y i-iiiinniii-s l i c h i i u l Ihc 1', S !Mh l n l ; u i l -. iiln-.i! J t i :n.i! Cil- B cciiUT in ( i r n n n i i v as l l in Uic ( i c r m i i n f i l m . Nine Year Old Gives Line Party Louise Brogniez entertained a group of her young friends on her ninth birthday Saturday with a line party at the Rio Grande Theater. Following the show the party returned to the Pat Campbell home where Mrs. Campbell, Louise's grandmother, cut the birthday cake and served it with ice cream and punch. Favors of fancy hats Lt. Porter B. Maxwell, recently j wc TM. f v e " t h e ^ Uests " luiuJcd in Franco, hus hecn promot- . " I 3 m n £ Louiae a h n PPV birth* erf from tin- r r n k of second to ( ot- i n dny were Patsy Burn, Patty Smith, . first lieuU':i:mt ?ic -tatcd in n ?«t- : t e r to his w i f e lust wet'k. Mrs. : MiixwHl and .h'-- ; r oaby are -nak- : i n g their h n m - \vith 'HT parents, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Stall. Lt. William LnomiH 1ms landed ^nfrl.V in Franco, nccortlin- to 1 ' ' " ~~ letter rei't'ivcil by his w i f e \\-ho , now mak,, her hie J n AU^uor- I Potatoes quo. HP w r i l c n that tlio 1V.-1 nor- a n d rehcated , , I Jacqueline Wilbur, Anita Woodburn, Helen Gardner, Mary Jo Farney, Shirley RIdgeway, Sandra Schlothuiier. Shirlsy Livermore, Mary Louise Whitney and Janice C.irol P hill ins. ;r from one meal son he saw as he left his .shit, .,'a.s j vitamin^ When they wScMd in Lt. W. IX ( B i l l ) McCnrklo. [ the refri B erator for 24 hours, only Joe E. G.'tmboa, son of Mr. and one-half of the ascorbic acirt was retained. After storage for 70 hours of Ihe original titiiouni Mrs. Krncsl. V. Gamboii of Mesilln, mph'UM his training at th-; Children, Texas, a r m y air j'ield, «"is lost. Those losses of ascorbic d now holds tin- r a n k -if ,-uvond ! ;'-id due to holding are (trciitcr in 'ban in sonic oilier VI-BC- l i e i i l p n a n t . I.t. r,aml,n;i u -me of j - 'lalnes 'ban Ihe p-uiip tn he- trair.cil in t h o ' Ull "' a I w e n t y - s e m v n l h --lass to graduate :!'i-oin t l m l l»oiiibardM?r-navigutor j ,, rftr. A u d ' i v i o M. Hermi], son of " .r.m'io Mertml of Mes H* Park, i'i it r.t MiiniM 1 cf tho 701 at t a n k 'le-s- troycr P i l t a i l o n f i f t h a r m y unit \vhh-!) h: 1 1 been in ronihat 'ilinost John B. Gill, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gill, is enrolled in the navy's V - J 2 training- program at the University of Texas, tho olevenlh i naval district announced today. A lliiln school, -f th- 1st amori'ii division. I h e l , 701st. hi t!ic ion lnv period f r o m 1 May K, l - , .),,,,,. .1 H.44 a,»trn,Td , TMTM^ "^'"^ Z^r,?vTMlly"ho 1111 t s " M I V J l O - m m | j,, n | licm i, p ,. (J f Alpha Phi Onieya. ' ' uink · II -- ,;;;:r;;;:T,,r,;;;;;r!PARTY LINE'?!·* i»^caif . /V llttn* A n c On MO«TON'S SAIT MAKtS ORAPIFKUIT TASTI SWemg-AODI EXTRA FtAVOII TO JUICil I nnd Rome, ar- ·nrdlMtj tn a relense hy the field iress to the Sun Nx-'ws. llaiold A, Pi'ilerson has recently 1't'i'n pronmtrd to technician f i f t h · wlule performing the dutk'H -slatisticul eleik a New the ; of directors of the student union. Thomas E. McCoIlouph, apprentice seaman. USNR, is ft student 'n the navy's V-12 training pro- Rram at Tflxaa university, it was announced by the public relations office there. Blue jacket McCol- ;h, son of Mrs, Elizabeth Ad- th,- 1,1 M I - . i t u i Mri M-U. , '-" } ;- '·"" A '·"·;··'"·· ···"" -'«n,-,i ,,!,··, ,, ,:;;,·';:;;;"";,;: M |. ··'·'·· ^·^ i is Mr V . i l l i ' i n n i i - . MS-.-I-,l M i . K u . l . h :ilul n.nijil! i i V i i ! , i,Vu-"| ! |n'|; l '!I|.' |0 ' i ,',|"|i',' u '|" 1Mi " | " ,'l l!l,;|:.i 11,-KI. II l - . i s i !|,,.|... ,,. : ;i M ,,, n ,. nV| , ., ,,,,,,' 1 ^^,' | ',' Cfli.l mill Mr. V i h l l v n ,,|i :;,,nlli in,,,.,! l,i,,,|,ls;iss,H-uu'n'''si,on.,,'] ^ l " l " i ' v..,l,M.I« v !,,,, ,,,,,,,,, M. .111,1 Mi-h P K, r,i'i,|il,,-ll ,111,1 Tlu- 1111,1111,1, ir.Mii M . ' i ' m i y ' , ,-,.. \ , i i i ul,i Mm .lu,-hi,. ,,,:,,,. ,,v,.|- ,,|,i,.,,.,| M.i, was i - x l n l i i l M .,,, i l i ' i n lli-l.l'i ;l:n,l l l v In v l . l t In I I I . ' , M.-,h, ,li,-ol ln-r,- » |,lllo n , - . -i 1.1 C i l n , j , S - l | i,'lui-|n-,l (,i 111,. r n m m i l f j M llul.lis -in n,-1,1 uh.-ri- h,, m in , I m l r i i n n r . \ \ i i i v I-.M M H - nn,l r,»l,\ ' i^ln 6 ,,,»,., ,.,,,,,,,,,. !,,, nW| , m , s i r i i i u m l,.i- 11 w,.ok-.i . » i l w i l l i hi, n,« » |, llt (y. |.|,. al , I,,!,.,,,,,,,,, : pnlillo relnlions otfiee there 1ms ' ' » n R l n n . was r,-.vorn I n t o the navy. '" 111 '" 0 ' 1 ""' Slln N '"'»- S R ' - Pe.lcr.i- 1 " 1 ' -1. lfll ". "I El Paso. He at- sen \VB» prlnlHpn, of I,n Mesu "nilpil the Unlvonlty of Now Vex- i j ien prior to his pre-wnt ennillniont. j 170 WORKERS JOIN REP CROSS DRIVE (Continued from page 1} these for the · main body of I city: Wilford Cothern Mrs. A. C. Keathlcy Mrs. E. G. Plank Mrs. Kerrait Laabs Mrs. L. C. Dalton Mr. E. F. Adams Miss Sue Holt Mrs. Glen Hamill Miss Peggy Whatley Mrs. Jack Kaltenbach Mrs. Sam Klein Mrs. Clyde Baker Mrs. Ruth Johns Mr. A. V. MrComb Mrs. Martha Heath Mrs. Carter Womack Mrs. J. L. Warren Mrs. M. G. Livcrmorc Mrs. R.. B. Boyle Mrs. Wesley Martin Mrs. Hugh Gardner Mr. Homer Farney Mrs. Keith Romney Mrs. Claude Tharu Miss Bonnie Phillips Mrs. Burton Kline « Mrs. Allan Saylcs Mrs. Jack Baird Mrs. C. S. Conlpe Mrs. H. T. Bnwrten Mrs. -Tohn Gregg- Mr. Hudson MurrelJ * Miss. Gladys Lawler Mr. W. G. Smith Mrs. Florccne Hcizcr Mrs. Theima Flowers Dr. James E. Neleigh Mrs. Pat Campbell Mrs. R. E. Stovall Mrs. H. T. Sowell Mrs. Dave Durio Mrs. Bill Morrow- Mrs. William Scdgwick Mrs. Paul Jones Mrs. Stewart Simms Mr. L. H. Platt Mr. Clyde Baker Mr. E. L. Rowlings Mr. Ted Nelson Mrs. R. E. Boncy Mrs. Ruth Boyd Mrs. Geraldine Turnoy Mrs. Alva Sheldon Mrs. Elinora Wiley Mr. J. L. Gill Mrs. Wallace Perry Mrs. Harlow Hyland , Mrs. Guy Morris Mrs. Sam Lenox Rev. Frank Jones Mrs. J. W. Stewart Mrs. Dave Bronsnn Mrs. Geonre Clark Mr. Earl Hornbrooh Mr. Glen Bright Mrs. Paul Cltitc Mrs. John High tower Mrs. W.*A. Sutherland Mrs. G. W. Hiett Mr. Claude Everett Mr. Jack Lane Mr. L. E. Freudenthal Mrs. Betty Frnnkenburger Miss Norma Miller Mrs. Sue Lowe Mrs. L. E. Freudenthal Mrs. Esther Shrinor Mr. J. T., Clegg Rev. C. A.' Ridge Mrs. John Kennedy Mrs. Frances Lair Mrs. R. F. Crawford Mrs. R. H. France Miss Margaret Favrot Mrs. Fred Lemon Miss Pauline Garrett Mrs. Jake Aragon Miss Bonnie Alexander Mrs. Katheryn Bomberger Mr. M. P. Whitney Mrs. John Eyre Mrs. Betty Tank Mrs. Willis Buckley Mr. Frank Papen Mrs. Jack Skaggs Let Us Do Your CLEANING and do it RIGHT M O D E L CLEANERS 133 West Griggs Mrs. Clarence Dean Mrs. M. B. Stevens Mrs. Uii Lan» Mr. J. O. Parten Mr. L. ,.J. Vercher Miss Ethel MqBrjde Mrt. Phillip Eycr Miss Ln Smith . Miss Marguerite Pharies Miss Ruth Nees Miss Genevteve:-Riley Aliss Marion Cqlhert Miss Lottie Sweet Miss Blanche Baker Mrs. H. L. Hildweui Mrs. Emmett^ations Mrs. J. A. Davenport Mrs. Fred Chambers Mrs. Cordon White Mrs Bill Erwin Mrs. Burton Wallace Mrs. Jo Betty Bush Mi-«s Barbara Carver Mrs. R. C. Rankin Mrs. D. A. Williams West Side Wnrliern These arc workers assigned to Wrst Las Crucea: Mrs. A. E. Seybold Mrs. Leslie Drum Mrs. Homer Blue Mrs. A. T. Cox Miss Tin Aston Mrs. Theima Lindsay En-' r 'ide \Vorhers Tno5e have r^ri- assigned to ·ens in east Lis Cruces: Mr.s. Ramon Vijril .105 so. Church Mrs. Ramon Apodaea 308 E bowman Pola Truiillo 343 E. Bowman Mrs. Tillie Duran 544 E. Griggs Mrs. Santos Ramirez Mrs. Kate Vargas S88 So. San Pedro Mrs. AJfredo Gamboa Mr. Trinidad Trujillo Mr. Fred Nevarez 447 So. San Pedro Mrs. Alfred Trivlz 438 E. Lohman Mrs. Harry Jiron S29 E. Lohman Miss Beatrice r}ariioa219 E. Loh- Miss Grace Baoza 710 E. GrigES Miss Beatrice Rodriguez 411 E. Soledad Mrs. P. Holguin Kansas St. Mrs. Josefa Hernandez Box 1067 Colored District And this is tho list Red Cross eaders announced for the colored iistrict: ' H. L. Davis Cleo McCarrell ". B. Crooks Mrs. .luanita Alexander Mrs. Lewis Jackson Mrs. F. L. Gooden J. J. Carriway Rev. M. J. Jones Mrs. Henry A. Fielder Mrs. Willie Per.nington Mrs. H. L. Davis Mrs. E. D. Williams Mack McCoy Rev. I. S. Swisher Rev. W. P. Hughes T. M. Sampson BABY'S / Relieve misery direct -without "dosIHsiT IflfC* RUBON+VffWWl Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129'/2 S. Main St.' Ph. 445 Chicken Wire One and Two Inch Mash Chick Feeders AND Water Fountains Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 1 1 1 South Church Phone 3 BIXLER ROBINSON ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS 1006 Mills Building El Paso, TEXM Audit* -- Systems -- Federal Taxtt J. GLENN BIXLER J. J. 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