Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 27, 1962 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1962
Page 23
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24 G R E E L E V T R I B L X E Thurs, MERRY CHRISTMAS BUNDLE-Mrs. Wayne Kusseil of Birmingham leaves hospital with her son mapped in a red Christmas stocking. The Birmingham hospital is taking note of the season and sending new babies home in bright red stockings. Mrs.-William Williams, nurse, assists with the youngster. (AP Wirephoto) Dollar Down, Dollar Week Fare Offered DALLAS '(API -- Braniff Airways announced Thurs. a dollar down and a dollar a week lime payment plan for persons who never have flown in a commercial airliner. Robert H. Burck, a Braniff vice president, said the plan aims to get into the air an estimated 150 million persons who never have flown. The dollar-down plan is limited to fares up to-$52, although Ihe passenger can pay cash for any additional fare necessary. It also is limited to those who never have flown. The project will begin Feb. 1 unless the Civil Aeronautics Board vetoes it. "We have made this plan as simple .as. possible in order to give a huge segment of the popu lation an opportunity to fly," said Burck. "There will be no delays or red tape." Burck said 80 to 85 per cent of the people in the United Stales have never flown. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Industralist Aldo Crespi leads he list of money makers in Ita y's initial list of income tax layers. The first municipal tax rolls is ued in Rome show Crespi had a axable income of 210 million lir $336.COC). His lax was assessed il 30,240,000 lire IH8.384I. Valerian A. Zorin, Soviet deputy oreign minister and the head of he Soviet United Nations delega- ion for the past two years, was [iven a farewell luncheon by U.N. lecretary-General U Thant and lis cabinet. Zorin is being suc- eeded by Nikolai Fedorenko, tm- il recently Soviet ambassador to Tokyo. Miners Die in S.D. Gold Mine LEAD, S.D. IAP)'- Three em ployes "of the Homestake 'Gold Mine were found dead Wednes day night at the 3,350 level and company. officials said all hac been asphyxiated. Dead were Clarence Farnsworth, 36, ·Piedmont, S.D.; a motorman, and Darrell Mutchler. 22, and Gerald Zwetzig 19 laborers both ..of Lead. Zwetzig, a Rapid City School of Mines student and temporary worker, had climbed inlo .a mined out area with Mutchler, apparently lo explore.' A ventilating fan for the area had not been turned o n . . . . . . . Officials believe Farnsworth who operated a small engine foi pulling ore cars, became a lim when he went to investigate when the men were not at theii stations. People In the News Upholds Mining Zlaim Titles ! DENVER AP - The U.S.' Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals; affirmed Thurs. a decision of thei ederal district court in Utahj quieting title to a group of 88 un-j atented mining claims. j The Appellate Court, as had the District Court, upheld Chester L. Whitelock and the Vitro Minerals p.. in an action against L. E. Broadhurst. Broadhurst sought to establish a right to the claims on the basis of agreements made with him b v j Whitelock in 1957 and 1958 The 1 Appellate Court based its finding strictly on its interpretation of Unmeaning and intent of the two agreements. Colo. Union Head Arrested for EmbezzlingFunds DENVER (AP) - U. S. Dist.'- FUNERAL SERVICES Mrs. Margaret Milzel, 82, of 1215 15lh Ave., will be at 1:30 p.m.. Friday from Marys Draw- mi Room with interment at Linn Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Mitze! died Wednesday morning at the Weld County General Hospital, where she had been a patient since Dec. 16. Ally. Lawrence M. Henry said Thursday Jerry W. Brown, 28, has been arrested at Midwest City. Okla., on a charge of embezzlin funds from a union at Grand June- , lion. Brown was indicted by a U S . i Court Throws Out ^Corrupt Charges "·"; Against Editor grand jury here Dec. 17 on a charge he took $1,710 from the BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (AP)-A judge h;is against thrown out charges newspaper editor ac' elation (AFL-C10 Local 306) Grand Junction between March 1 and Nov. 1, 1960. He was secretary-treasurer. The indictment was suppressed until Brown could be arrested. The grand jury recommended bond of $2,500. Henry said Brown could be sentenced in Oklahoma unless he elects to fight the charge. The maximum penally is a five-year prison term and a $10,000 fine. The district attorney s a i d Brown is the first person charged in Colorado under a 1955 law making il a federal offense for a union official to take union funds. ,,( violating the Alabama [corrupt practices law in publishing a political editorial on election day. Stale Judge Francis Thompson il Wednesday ruled unconstitutional the section of the law under brought Mills of Travel Anywhere : or 30 Days on Frontier Ticket DENVER (AP) _ Frontier Air- ines. with headquarters here, has put into effect a 30-day ticket plan designed lo promote travel in the mountain-high plains area. The offer applies only to resi- ients of the United States east of he Mississippi River and travelers from abroad. For $100 an adult may obtain a icket that allows him to travel anywhere in Ihe airline's 10-stale ystem as frequently as he wishes any 30-day period. The Gov.-Elect Love Perturbed by Invitation Lack COLORADO SPRINGS AP Gov.-elect John f/ive and his wife were described today as a bit peeved at Gov. Steve McNichoIs and his wife. Harrie Hart, an aide of the tin'n" day" which charges against editor .lames K the Birmingham Post-Herald.- Basically, the is«ue is whether a section of the stale law violates constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press. Thompson ruled, in effect, that the 1915 law prohibiting election- eeriny on election day does not apply to newspapers. The judge said both sides wanted the constitutionality of the law determined by the higher courts. By upholding defense demurrers to lhe complaints, he opened Ihe way for an appeal direct lo Ihe Alabama Supreme Court. Tiic prosecutor, Emmett Perry, said he would appeal Immediately to give the Supreme Court chance to pass on lhe question ol whether Ihere is a limit of freedom of speech or press on elec Reapportionment Order Signed by McNichoIs Thurs. DENVER. (API - (.iov. Steve McNichoIs signed an order Thurs. placing the reapportionriient question before the legislalure on the session's o p e n i n g day nexti Wednesday. Amendment No. 7 approved by' voters in November requires that the General Assembly reapportion itself within 45 days after getting the assignment. McNichoIs issued an executive order making the amendmenl a part of the state constitution immediately. Unless this was done, the amendment would not be fective until Jan. I I . 30 days after the official canvass. within 'rice is S50 for persons 21 or ·ounger. The Frontier system extends rom Arizona to North Dakota. An official said the plan will con- 'inue indefinitely. He said it is .led in with the U.S. Department of Commerce's "Visit the U.S.A.' program and is aimed chiefly at visitors from other countries. "So many of these visitors havi- an idea the United States consists chiefly of New York, Washington and Hollywood," he said. "We'd :ikc to prove to them .there are national parks and other attrac -ions in this area well worth see ing." Cities Service (Affiliates Get Rates Cut Nod WASHINGTON A P . - Settl City Traffic Accidents Cafe in La Salle ! Reports Burglary A table mode! radio and a five! xiund roll of sausage were among j items taken in a burglary at the Roadway Cafe in I-a Salle Wednesday night, the Sheriff's office reported Thursday. The burglary was reported to :he Sheriff's office at 5:45 a.m. Thursday by 0. Pat Spradling of Greeley. owner of the cafe. Deputy Sheriff; Al Enderud and Richard Martinez, who investigated, said entry to the cafe had been gained by breaking i pane of glass in a back door, then reaching inside and unlocking the door. The burglar or burglars took meat and shortening, and also ice cream and pies, out of a refrigerator and left them on the floor. Most of the drawers in the cafe's kitchen were found pulled out and left open. The intruders broke into i storeroom by kicking the door loose. An unsuccessful attempt was made to break into a juke box and the glass in a cigarette machine was broken. Items stolen in addition to the radio and sausage included two boxes of cigars, two boxes ol candy bars, and about 15 or 30 chap sticks. Spradling was check ing further Thursday to see what oilier items were missing. Apparently a trash can was used to carry some of the stolen articles from the cafe. Enderud and Martinei reported the trash which had been in the trash can ·as dumped on the floor and the rash can was missing Thursday Horning. R«d» Stoltn Frtm F»rm Hemt Mrs. M. M. Yegg)', who live* our miles west and 2 l i miles outh of Fort Upton, reported tc he Sheriff's office at 9:40 p.m Vednesday that someone had en ercd her home and stolen a Iran istor radio. Mrs. Yeggy said tracks had e?n found that showed the Ihie ntered the house through a bed oom window. She also reported two tractor adialors and the radiator of ·ombine had been stolen outside he house. The theft occurre omelime between 3:30 and S:30 p.m. Wednesday while Mrs. Yeg gy was away from home. menls were approved Wednesday for three natural gas producer affiliates ul Cities Service Co.. to reduce SI effective rates hy about $1.4 million a year. The power commission approved Ihc seUlcinenls, worked oul after it suspended lhe rates after they had been collected subject to refund. The i-atc-s cover sales to 21 pipeline companies and to two other producers from areas in Colorado. Kansas. Oklahoma. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Three accidents were reported I T"' producers also agreed not on Greeicy streels Wednesday. '° 'i'e any contractually aulhor- Ihe tune and place ol each acti-l'^d rale increases until April 1, fient and the vehicles, drivers and' 1965 - " r later, except for two damages involved were: [schedules wilh a one-ycnf mini- Al 6:10 p.m.. lllh Avc. and 16lh!"iurn moratorium. The companies St.. a K'M sedc-n. Barbara Faris.jalfo agreed to eliminate all fa- HMO Slh Ave.. none, and a l.MSjvored · nation, price - rcdetermin- sedan. Vesler Shulcr. Eaton. 5IW. alien, ami periodic-increase pro- Al 4:45 p.m.. 10th St. Gordon sjvisions f i n m many of ihcir rale parking lot. a 1959« Vcrnon [schedule*. Miller. Ht. 1. none, and a parked' 1957 sedan. Jean Bauer. 804 3Hlh!T|,rcshcrs Us« Hors«f Ave.. $35. ; Al 3:33 p.m . 9th St. and Hlh, BISMARCK. N. I). - Scorning Ave.. a 1949 truck. Richard Ganv modem methods, seven ble. HI. 3. S3. and z 1,955 sedan.jlarmer neighbors in Oliver Coun-l Barry Peterson. 2333 lllh SI Rd..;ly. Nonh Dakota, still form an] $75 old-fashioned threshing crew and] new Republican governor who takes'office Jan. 8, said McNichols "hasn't even asked the Loves to come up to Denver and look at the place." He referred to the overnor's official mansion on E. "ighth Avenue. Hart said Mrs. Ixjve would like little time-to look over the man- ion before the date the new first amily is to move in. McNichoIs has not said when e will vacate. He and his family ave been packing belongings, reparatory to moving back to 'ieir home in the Creslmoor see- on. Love will be in Denver for the pening of the 44th General As- embly next Wednesday. He will ve in a hotel or an apartment ntil the mansion is ready. ndian Who Hid Sold Arrested ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. AP)A Santa Clara Pueblo Indian ac cuscd of hiding gold bars alleged y buried by the famed Jesse James has been arrested. Joe Suazo, also known as Ka een and Lindy, is supposed t mow the location of Wti goli bars now claimed by Jesse I James of Manilcu Springs, Colo The Colorado man, who claim to he a grandson of Jesse James filed suit to force Suozo to giv up the gold which he said h grandfather left to him. In th suit, James said he and Siia? Mills was arrested after the si n Nov. 6 general election on a war sworn out by Grady Wil liams, a Birmingham mechanic The warrant charged the editor violated the corrupt practices law by publishing an election day edi torial soliciting votes (or a propo sal lo change Birmingham's form city government. Voters ap of proved the change from a ciiy commission to a mayor-coiinci government. ound the gold buried on the Sanl Clara reservation. He charged Sua/o later hid th (old and refused to give it up u il the "spirits" told him lo dn After Suazo failed lo appear court in answer lo the suit an again to answer a court orde oiling him In turn Ihe gold o\ ii James, his arrest was ordere )y U.S. Dist. Court Judge Wai Rogers. Sua/o was arrested WeHnesd y a U.S. marshal ;md is bcin leld in Bernalillo Counlv nglond Renews Plea LONDON - The Minister of ousing and Ixwal Government · Keith Joseph, emphasizes-an appeal lo local authorities in nglanil and Wales-to prepare 'ans to evacuate people from ma T population centres in the event ' an emergency. 3 Plji Howard Brawner of 401 10th Ave. complained to the Sheriff's THE WINNER - Mrs. Eileen Fritzler of Rt. 2, U Salle was named winner recently ol a new General Electric portable dishwasher which was given away by Greeley Maytag Appliance Company. Over 650 persons registered for the drawing give-away to celebrate the handling of a new line of merchandise--major G.E. appliances-by Greeley Maytag. Presenting Mrs. Frililer with (he dishwasher is Howard Kahler, owner of the firm. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. In the Courts DMrict Cwrt Ami* WMi DM*? Jim Ben ArchulcU, 23, of Fr«dV enck. was charged witk maltinf an assault with a deadly weapon in an information filed by K«rt R. Ahlborn, assistant district attorney. Archuleta was accused i* the information of making an assault with a gun which the defendant lad and held on a Richard Mar- :inci Nov. 25, with the intent to commit bodily injury. Bond for the defendant'i release from jail was set at B.OOO, returnable Jan. 7. D*m*9* Svtt DnmiuW Judge Donald A. Carpenter signed an order in District Court Wednesday dismissing a *7.«7t damage suH filed by Lucy, Dora and Juan Zavala of Lucerne against Louis Dinner of 1814 14th Ave. The action was taken as a result of a stipulation for dismissal filed by both parties, which Mated all matters in controversy had been compromised and settled. The plaintiffs had sought tfc« damages in connection with an accident on a county road in the Lucerne area last March 9, when Lucy, 9. and Dora, 7, were struck by a car driven by Dinner as they ran across the road to board a school bus. Joining Too Fast LONDON -- An unprecedented boom in recruiting for the Army and Iloyal Air Force Li running the Service chiefs into trouble wilh the Treasury. They have been warned that if they continue attracting men at the present rate they will exceed the man-power ceilings laid down by the (Jovernmenl. Sleepy Hollow Church Made National Shrine WASHlNGTON-The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, favorite office Thursday ~morning""ih'at la " nl of lhei f leadl ^« Horseman, hrce pigs had been stolen Wed- " ...... '""""' L ..... '"' nesday night from n place on E. Beck Funeral To Be Friday Funeral services for Oscar Beck. 70, former Greeley mayor will be at 10:30 a.m., Saturday from Adamson Memorial Chapel was Masonic grai fsidc services at Sunset Memorial Gardens. Beck, who served as Greeley mayor and councilman from 1953 to 1959, died Uonday at Kaiser Foundation Hospital at Fontana, Calif. He had moved to Foninna in 196a. Marriage License Johnny Montoya and Cecelia ·i, both Greeley. Six More Escape From E. Germany BERLIN 'API - Six East Germans slipped across the border into West Berlin during th« night, bringing tn 16 Ihe number il successful escapes reported during the Christmas holidays. One of eight who made i ipec- lacular escape in an armored bun said "10.000 others" in his E»»t German lown would like lo flee. Dealer, Packer Service Charges tanned by Dept. WASHINGTON AP) - The 8g iculture department has issued egulalions making it illegal for ."° n5 w "'toer, «. » »'»r erip- ny meat packer or livestock !j" wll1 |)lan ° t ' d lhe bu » e8ca P« iealer to charge or collect com-l r s ' x monll ». '«) 'our »dulu pensalion from livestock sellers!''""' (o " r -' nildr "i ir t« West nnny in the bus Wednesday. A Zfi-year-old man Wednesday climbed unobserved over SMILE FOR DAD--Isidro 1/jpez Hernandez, among prisoners returned from Cuba to the United Stales Dec. 23, hugs his daughter and wife during a reunion al Miami's Dinner Key .Sladiiim. Over 400 prisoners were returned in the first part of gigantic airlift which will biiiiR more than I.HW Cuban invasion prisoners to Ihe U.S. ' A P Wii-cpholin Police had a delayed report of an accident Monday at 12:M p.m. ai ir.lh SI. iind l l l h A n . involving ;i lltW Nun,. M. .Mil. Vm I'rosf.rc; I'l.. $175.. ami '«i sedan. Ygnacio Gtirnez. Ault. use horses instead of tractors to! haul in lhe bundles of grnin They I.inn atres a \enr SAN JOSF.-A California firm' A PRISONER IS WELCOMED HOME-Cu \af purchased an Italian food! ban invasion pri.4ncr. Kdgardo Hularri. Jr.. 18, (distributor. ! j, welcomed with an embrace hy his molhcr, while his sisters. Ingrid, left, and Astrid. shed tears of joy upon his arrival in Miami, Fla., Dec. K. is now a national historical sile. The 267-year-old slone sanctuary stands in the wooded valley of Pocanlico Creek just north of Tarrytown. New York, says the National Geographic Society. It las been placed under the protection of Ihe National Park Service Virtually unchanged since the days when Ichabod Crane sang in its choir, the church was described by Washington Irving in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." "It stands on a knoll surrounded by locust trees and lolly elms, from among which its decent while-washed walls shine modest ly forth, like Christian purity beaming through the shade* of retirement. To look upon its grass- grown yard, where the sunbeams seem to sleep so quietly, one would think that Ihere at least the dead might r«t in peace." Ghoitt in CrlviyiN But Ichabod Crane, the gawky schoolteacher who sought, the hand of lovely Katrina, did no 1 find the churchyard conducive peace and quiet. According to local legend, the Headless Horseman nightly teth ered hie horse in the graveyard One dismal evening, Ichabod en countered the fearful apparition- or possibly Brom Bones, his riva suitor, dressed very much lik he famed ghosi. Ichabod's fear- ul flight across the bridge inlo oblivion look place just a stone's throw south of lhe church. The Sleepy Hollow C h u r c h, which was completed in lf95, Is one of the oldest and most din Inctively Dulch Colonial churches in the United States. The main structure was pul up by Fred crick Philipse. master carpenter and lord of the Philipse Manor across from the church. Windows were built seven feet above the ground and filled wilh iron bars lo guard against Indian Hacks. The original bell, casl in lolland in irAI, and a narrow ight-step pulpit are slill in use. A sealed vault beneath the lain floor holds the remains of xird Philipse and members of is family W«ihlngton'« Troopl Rtitxf Hert The church has seen the steady TOrch of history. George Washington's troops relaxed on the grounds during the Reviihitionnry Var. Washington Irving, who wor- -hipcd al the church end lived al nearby Sunnysidr. is buried the cemetery along w i l h Andrew !nrncg:e, Samuel (iomprrs. and Waller Chryslw. There are also [raves of colonial .wtllcrs. Indians, Revohil lunar; Negro slaves, and Sdirlicru of lhe Civil War. Weatherworn hoadslones bear quaint inscriptions One is marked: "John Buckhnul-Dicd April 10. 1705. Age 193. I left 240 chil dren and grandchildren " Today, with tnolor irnffic whit ling hy unceasingly, lhe unipoi ed cemetery and rlnirrh help ke^ · l i v e (W legends ol Lolonia A rook-*. I. or services rendered in connec- on with such purchases. This means that no packer or! ealer may charge, demnml or ollect from Ihe seller of livestock any compensation in the form of ·ommission, yardage or other service charge. This new regulation is scheduled to go inlo effect about March The department ruled, after a prolonged hearing and considcra- ion of the regulation, thai any urh charge was on unfair trade iracticc under provisions of the "ackers and Stockyards Act This !d directs the department to po- ice livestock markets to prolecl buyers and sellers from unfair competition or practices. The department held that a lacker or livestock dealer who mauiLiins his own yardage facili- ies to conduct buying operations does so for his own profit, not for he benefit of producers Charg ng » fee was held to be delri mcnlnl lo the financial interest? of livestock producers. light he 8-fool wall un Ihc border of American sector borough tf ikoelln. Three men. 19 to 22, orced their way through i barbed wire barricade in the British sec- or border with East Germany, Two Kast Berlin guards escaped in the Bad Neustadt ire*. One crossed over bringing hii submachine gun. Navy Seaplane Missing on Patrol Flight SAN' DIEGO, Calif. (API - A Navy seaplane w i l h 13 men iboard was missing Thursday on a routing patrol flight. Tlic I'5M Martin from Patrol Squadron 42, based at North I»- uml Naval Air Station, was ckw back night. Cecil Kirtley Dies at Home Cecil Kirllcy. 67. of 1123 33rd Avc., died Wednesday nt his Iwmc. He was born May 24, 1895, al Tiplcm County, Ind. A veteran ol World War I. he served in Ku rope with the army. Kirlley married Mary I^nuisc Gibson Dec, 10. !943. He farmed and ranched in Kansas and in 1948. he bought n rnnch east ol Castle Hock. He sold the ranch md bought lhe Paramount Mo- .el in Greeley in 1955. Kirtley sold| ,b? motel last summer. Besides his wife, he is survived! :y three children. Donald. James and I,eAnn. all al home. Adnmson Mortuary is in charge of arrangements which aie incomplete. al 9:15 p m. Wednesday lls last radio report wan from 169 miles of Guadalupe Island, or 350 miles southwest of San Diego. It had enough fuel to remain in the air until 4:30 a.m.. Th.irs , a squadron officer estimated. Other Navy planen were making a search. The Navy identified the pilot and copilot. They are U. David Kochlor Lukofahr. 58, p i l o t ; whose wife Palricia. and four children live in Imperial Beach, Calif. U. J G Hichard Alan Lnrwm, 25. copioh, whose wife. Jori Lmi, !Vfs in Coronado. Calif. The Navy said other names would be released after fomiliM are notified. ELCAR FENCE CLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE J52-S006 - ..^.-^. .....'fc, read Tribune Classifieds testification 7)

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