Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 11, 1976 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 12
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r "KiouorTtcPrent The News-Tribune Thursday Marchll 197« 10 | TONIGHT'S TELEVISION \ 4:30 5:30 ' ~6 -1 6:30 7:30 B 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 11:30 12 12:30 '*·* -- ^ -I* ' Ch.2 KBCI (CBS) Family AHair CBS Evening New* Newuenler 1 News Mary Tyler Moore The Waiions CBS Life Movie I-- . Ch.4 KAID (PBS) Mr. Rogers Sesame Slreet Eleclrtc Company Legislature '7» Soundstagc Idaho Wildlile The War if Was Lowell T h o m a s Hollywood Television Ihealre Birth Wilhoul Violence Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Star Trek Mickey Mouse ABC Evening News Big Valley Welcome Back, Keller Barney Miller Streets ol san Francisco Harry 0 " Perry Maion N e w s icene i Ch.7 KTVB (NBC) Gunsmok* NBC Nightly News Newsbeal Hee Haw Papa and Me Thursday Night Movie " " New*beat 1 The Tonight Show T o m o r r o w ' : SLACKER'S «»*·«-*"· TV-STMIO *rn AOA/I 1 *·' ·'···^·"·I 9 GE-APrtlANCES-ALl REFRIGERATION tOa B U5U4 1 I Program Highlights \ ^ 6 : f l j . . J . LEGISLATURE - 7 6 - 7 : i M 6 WELCOME BACK. FRANCISCO - "Alien stars as a former ladv of the «; Jeff Seward and .Mindy KOTTEIi - "Classroom Country" - Sgl. Stone and evening who enlists the aid of C; Cameron give a summary of Marriage" - The Koller Inspector Keller take to the. Harrv Orwell in clearing her v , Ihe legislative issues of the apartment is invaded by all vineyards of Die California nephew of murder charges £ day from Ihe Capitol. of Ihe sweathogs when wine country lo track down ·' r- 'in i, cniivncTwr- Washington and V'ernajean an alien accused of slaving ^ 'Dion,nlPhTS''~ dr ° P "' for advic ° in «" immigration a g e n . y 8 *»« HAWAII. FIVE"? - IJion and 1 nil bterh - marriage After a man with gambling % Two first generation rock 'if connections is found mur- w roll heroes - Phil Evcrly of 7::i» 4l IDAHO WILDLIFE - »:«« [ 2 BAR.VABY JONES - dered in his Honolulu * the Evcrly Brothers and This weeklv series is UuC.ulager stars as a desert auarlmenl, Steve McGarrrll " Dioti of Dion and (he produced in cooperation wild town sheriff whose hostility and his Five-0 learn hunt for 3J Uelmonls - team up for an the Idaho fish and Game to an outsider erupts when a girl courier for a Las Vegas «· hour of music, old and new. Department. Barnaby arrives lo allempl casino.inddiscoverthalahit :....,,. ,,. ....... ......,,, to , c TM. r an apparently man is racing to beat Ihem to ? m IF rJ H TM» "' THE WAY IT WAS - rcliir . dc(l TM" ° f "«**- Kcr. *: y°°TM-TM rand . "I960 Olvmolc dimes" - TM*r Barges. Georgelle Baxter are afraid they will never have children when a doctor proclaims Ihe egncentrii' anchorman is physically unable. SI Astro- Sprinter Wilma lludolph and decathlon winner Rafer Johnson lalk it over with 193(1 Olynipiccbami) Jesse Owens whose matchless feats at Berlin are also shown on film. «:nu nil .STREETS OK SAN Br.W '41 LOWELL THOMAS KKMKMBEHS I'JSG Lowell Thomas shares his memories of this important year. 3:00 IB) HAHRY 0 - "lUiby" -- Margaret Avery gui'sl 10::tO (4) BIRTH WITHOUT VIOLENCE - The stirring f i l m d o c u m e n t a r y , illuslrales a radical yel supremely simple method fur easing hirlh trauma by helping new-born infants begin life wilhoul pain, confusion or fear. Fcr Friday. March 12, 1976 ABIES (March 21 -April 19) Vou have a My ol m.lkmy I'grrt £ ol serious prob'.en.5 today llial ·", is disarming Go lo it -- nicse £ under s t r a i n will be a p - ·^ preciativc *4 . ^TAURUS (April 20-May 20] Someone in vou r '.irr ly COL rt ia»e a problem today vour ftelp and that of olryrs sho^, d erase il ai the source if you st.iy close lo the home fiont GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You're a veiy creative persoi Something yo'j ie '-Meresied m t o d a y c o u l d p r o v i d e .1 breaMhrougn a-d n c ie me ,Tdm, ration ot others CANCER (June 21-July 22) lr voived m any ki.ncl or con^mer- cial dealings today 9 Don't ho bashful aboul seeding your pr.ce Chances a - e o,.-n f;e: .t belter deal LEO ( J u l y 2 3 - A u g . 2 2 ) Whether or noi voii'ie ^',\a. r e c' il you have ^ m.ifl-osm tofJ.T, nisi perm-is you :o (;nm r-.e ad vantage ir yo,,i doa -iq-i e^ pecially vv n ;hA opnositp 'id VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) Ob' gadC'is cued "o yon co.jic: !:o repaid it t iOrrpin:'\': n'cj rocor-sder Ihe ,.ili(l,^ v r,' vO.jr cl.urr LIBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl. 23) ?" s you sno-.,rd ^i^vp i a po.nt lo mix vuth people especially lose f r i e n r i s V o u ' nos: v.Ui;.tt;le eDerer-ces Ci^rr,- hon- assoc'.rn'rj .Mth '..rd-ed r ,0in:s SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) ChaMercjir'q s I^ali0" .no your o' ir.i :odav fr;u · ·-· i^. Red blood cells destroyed OKA It UK LAMB - What can ynu H'll me a b o u t hcinojylir anrniia? \Vh:il IMIIM'.S it and what arc the curi's 1 Wliai li.irin dues hciiuiluir .incmia dn to the hiil' Lind wliat dn you know .ilwiil the !ifc c.vpo-l.'incy nl mil 1 wliij has anemia if niiliiin| is d o n e " T h e due I or irrommrnils removal nf the s p l e e n a l t h o u g h a n e x - ploratory uperalinn showed Hit' spleen, lymph nodes anil all organs I" lie normal Nn cancer \v;is ftnittd. Itight nnw 1 am taking medit ittcs daily I am sure the doctor is con- vineed Ilial the spleen iiinsl be ii'iiinved D K A H M K A D i - ' . H Hrrnolvlic ,inonn;i covets an eniirniiitis mimhcf of ills nnifi;, The term moans an I'nii'ima rcsullinf; from di'ilrui-tiiin of reil blnuil cells Ihc cells can In 1 deslrnved Irom ,i [vaclinn lo a iirii t ; or because of abnormalities in tftc ml hlrnid cells ura variety nl complex tnucliemical mechanisms thai result in chi' actions Unit di'stmv llicm. It is not enough just lo say thai a person has a hc'inolytic anemia. In all hemolylic anemias the life span uf Hit 1 red Moral cells is decreased. Normally rctl hliKiil cells live 120 days As 1 they are destroyed new out's arc produced maintaining a cunsianl balance of an adequate number. II red cell destruction is increased (lit 1 bone iiurrmv increases ils proiliictiun nl cells to prevent ;,n anpinia \Villi the increased tleslruc- liun of red hlooil i ells lliere is a release of excess pigmcm Irnni heiiinglubin in Ihe retl cells used to carry oxygen ami (·.irhim (lioxitle. The excess pigment is eliminated by Ihe liver When this mechanism lails. Hit' pigment produces ;i inilil yelJriw jaiifidicv This is sometimes called hemnlylic jaumiice The excess formation nl pip incut uhich must be pnicess- eil hy llif liver may lead to mill! or even severe hvt-i ills- ea.M' (ijll.slones fruui bile pigments may also loini The symptoms til Itt'tnolylic anemia are usually (hose retaletl in (he anemia itself: weakness, pallor or miUI jaun- ilice The important infnrma- ttnn necessary for diagnosis comes from laboratory work, spculically exaininatirm of t ti c r e d t) loot! c e l l s t h e m s e l v e s , \vhal Iht'ir tenilency is lo fragment anil luiw many imiiKiliire young forms uf red cells are present in the Wood. Liver funclions ;iJsii tell ftiiiv tltc liver is cop- nig with (he problem. TJtnsi 1 wliii want more information on the mechanisms of .iiu'ima can swiil SO cents for Tin 1 Health Letter, number 4- :t. I' n ii e r s I a n tl i n g t h e A n e m i a s . Send a long, s t a m p e d , sell-addressed cm-clone for mailing Address \iiur letter lo me in care of tins newspaper. P.O. Box Ifi'il. HiuiiiiCuy Station. Mew York. .NY 10019 Kcmnval of Hie spleen is siiiiiclimo.s dune as a form of trc.'itinenl Prior to making this ilecisinn. slinlies of how Hints from Heloise Egg replaces noodles S A G I T T A R I U S (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) An -jne*pecl r ;0 crv^np. "ie.-l yoc, :e-rr, it -;i TKHJ :.ouid |0lt yO'.i' op:.rr -,-- V e ^ ·n nqs prvosoph.r i ', '-on' l"0or;ss ^o-. : be " ;)r-:l.:-,t C A P R I C O R N (Dec 22-Jsn tQ) roctay yC'.. ro n fjo.1.1 "nt,f. trade.- ,f yo-. h-ivt- a r-.mi:'. · o 1 1 o ,v . r 0 o n i s e t t l e ' n '^SI rtO'f, AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb 19) D.clom.icy and M..T ,i-e secf.- i n-itii'e :o ,ou toil iy Yo.i -f ib'e 10 meddle so s«iin,jiiv lhai iitr)ir involved f/oe ! 'c.T ?e wnat ,$ happen nq PiSCES (Feb. 20-Mjrch 20) Do on you' Ices rerj.lrdi'Q you' work Or catOOr Good tr- nqs can happen une-pecfed'y You II want 10 be able :o 1.1*0 .idvantaqe ol nipm March 12, 1976 Dc^q c o n s t r u c t i v e and p r o d u c t i v e in y o u r rolahonships can be exlremely advantageous lo you Ifiis com- iff) year Your good works will no! 50 unappreci.ved or ur- Dear Heloise. Here is a quick tip for people like me wlio can't eat noodles or don't have the lime lo cook them for soup I heat, to a boil, a fe'.v bouillon cubes in water, or H can of broth. Then pour in a well- beaten ogfj. I boil this for aixnil three minutes then pour into a bowl for my meal. The egg absorbs Ihe soup flavor and 1 enjoy il wilhoul the calories of noodles. Mary Kuhn Well, Uiere ivas some ralher vanetl opinions about your idea in our office. II sounds delicious lo me but two ollicrs went "yckl!" So, I tried il and f liked it. II will depend on your taste but do give it a try.. Nol many calories, it is filling anrl it was o,uick to fix. I tti.inl; you [or Ibis idea. Heloisell Dear When I bake a pic shell, to keep it from sliding down in the pie plate. I pour about half cup of dry beans on the top of the pastry. I keep Ihe same beans and use them over and over again. Addle Dear Heloise: Oftentimes you have an old minutes several times a day lo play with your liltle darling. Uremia and Li'lKath » * · Dear Heloise: Many of us like to make the sheet or old cloth tablecloth. Did wool crochet slippers and find you know these make good Uismcnly half useful because of ironing board covers? Uie sole wearing out so fast. Sara Bloom f keep all my discarded · · · purses. Cut soles from Diem and And did you know that if you sew them on to the bottom of my would put a couple cf layers of crocheted slippers. Ann Landers Handshake tells character? Dear Miss Landers: Many years ago, I used to marvel at people's handshakes, particularly men's. I met a great many top executives and every once in a while I'd get a dishrag hand- please: shake or a "dead fish" -- no firmness or Ihe feeling of "I'm glad to meet you." Recently, it happened again. to friends and relatives in Ihe frozen North. (1) Help out with the grocery bill. ( 2 Remember [ am not Does handshaking reveal running a laundromat. When anything of one's character? -- ' ou wash your clothes, buy your Wondering own detergent, bleach, soap, Dear Wondering: Character? etc. No. Bul a handshake says a lot (3) I don't expect you lo do my smoothing downAiny hair, Going lo a wedding? Giving holding my hand a me too long one? Or standing up in on*' Dear Ones: We know it's cold when she gives me aW for my Even if you're already married where you are and it's lovely signature. It's emlarrassing, Ann Landers' completely new down here. If you corne to visit She is 28 years olil very al- "The Bride's Guide" will anus again Ihis year will you tractive, knows Ihis olice from swer questions about today's A to Z, anil is exIrenVly com- weddings. For a copy, send a pclent. I'd hale lo \hink of dollar bill, plus a long, self- breaking in anolher sir.elary. addressed, stamped envelopj How can I gel her to tep her (24 cents postage) to Ann hands o[f me? P.S. TiA has Landers. P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, been going on for five ysrs. -- III. 60120. In Urgent Need Of Advir\ Dear Ho: If it's been goiig on for fivL ' ' ears lne PTMb\cm an'l about a mnn's knowledge of how housework, bul please keep your bf so ' JI 'S enl KwitcherkidHn. 1 to present himself. Those own room in order. And il would dishrags and dead fish register be "ice if you laundered your minustenonthemeel-o-meeters own sheets, pillowcases and of "talent scouts" who are towels, looking for a live wire to hire. Don't expect us lo cn- + + + terlain you. YOU are on Dear Ann Landers: You are vacation. WEaren'l. If you want our lasl hope. Please print this loeal at some nice restaurants, letter. Thousands of families in invite us. We'd love to go. Klorida will bless you. 1 ( 5 Please -- one family at a promise, if il shows up in the time. Don't bring your sister and paper I will mail copies lo her husband or your besl friends several people and I'll bet -- or anybody else, for thai hundreds of other FJoridians matter, will also clip copies and send Yo « always ask us whv wo them (anonymously, of course) don't ever v 'isil you. Well, lo be perfectly honest, we can't afford it. - Tired Of Being Broke DearTired: Here's your Idler and I hope il will make life easier for a lot of Flnridians. I know from my mail thai many HEAVY LOAD" Slairlnfl Big John Riga Plus "DELUXE SHORTS" Coming Soon "DEVIL IN MISS JOKES" TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under 18 Hot Admitted Doors open*I5:30 454-1731 Dear Po!forv li yau wculd be oHen- ded by o li'm cf a sexual nature, \ci,i po'fonage :s/ioi solicited. 1 The Management CLOSED MONDAYS! TV film fare 8:00 (71 N'BC THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES " A Farewell to Manzanar" -- The bitterness and sorrow experienced by more lhan 110,000 Japanese-Americans interned in detention camps early in World War II is dramatized in a fad-based .story. 9:011 14) HOLLYWOOD TELEVISION THEATER "The Hemingway Play" - .Samanlha Kggar and Alexander Scourby star in Ihis new play about Ernest Hemingway. Ill:ail (21 CBS LATE MOVIE "Gumshoe" -- Starring Albert Kinney and Billie Whilclaw. Edrtie Ginley is bored with his work as a tringo caller and nightspot emcee in Liverpool. He gives in lo his desire to be a gumshoe in Ihe tradition of Humphrey Uogarl films, anc places an ad in the paper. long Hie red cells lasl and how many of them arc being destroyed within the spleen is snmcliincs done using radio isulopc techniques. In many cases removal of Ihe spleen will Itelri In relieve symptoms even when the tests did not shtnv thai lite spk'cn was a major factor. I can't give ynu any solid answers tin wlial to expect if ymi don't have a splcnectomy. I can say thai MIL' mt'nl nf most forms cl liemnlytic anemia today is rather good. You may have some inconveniences, bul i! v«" follow 1 your doclor's advice and arc kept under gomi medical supervision, the probiihililies are you can !o;id a fairly normal and productive life. of you can use some assistanc Dear Ann Landers: I am writing Ihis in my own miserable penmanship because 1 don't wanl lo dictate il lo my secretary. She is the problem. I have read so many, letters in your column from secretaries who have trouble with the boss because he can't keep his hands In himself, ll's Ihe other way around here. My secretary is always patting my cheek. THOROUGHBRED Thursday is STEAK NIGHT J95 aluminum foil under your ironing board cover, it would reflect Uie heat and your ironing would go faster? fleloise Dear Heloise: I'm a new mother and I'd like to share Ihis little hint with others. Instead of wailing to heal the baby's bottle when it's time to eat (while she screams with hunger the whole limej, I just pop the bolllo in the holiest tap water ! get in a minute or so. I found lhat my large glass measuring cup is jusl the right size lo set the bottle in. Do this about 15 to 20 minutes before feeding and the Icm- pcralure will be just right. This leaves a few extra Mrs. Catherine Terrier 11 III I ! 1 ! ! I f T T ? ! I T ! I f T T -WEEKEND SPECIAL- ROAST PRIME RIB of BEEF Th'ckcut.served with It* V A C choice of soup or salad. C*J*J baked poialo. whipped ho'seradisn. Roll Coffee Good thru March 13th Meet Your Friends at . . . NOW SHOWING TECEATOJES MTE$OrElli:5,S1U}IUT7:l! FIEEEtECIUCM-CMmTEIS BIG BUST OUT CINEMA No. 2 THE WINDS OF AUTUMN MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People i tt iTfl »u!t, r I*P .'-s;ui«» 'i« IH i 'icruai *»O(.i«i.ottOi _ _ - . . . BOISE ROADSTER SHOW MARCH 12, 13 AND 14 OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT · 3 BIG DAYS SEE OVER 2 MILLION DOLLMS WORTH OF THE EINEST CREHTIONS ON WHEELS Western Idaho Fairgrounds Show How* "''^v'Si^K JUT vV f''* 1 /5 M* lo 11 fM - SAT. II PM lo 11 PM ^ \MrMfc0- ««*ri».M.i,ior.«. / V ' // IflwCPv GtNADM.-3.00-CHIUJ'1.00 ( 6 » o 12) F»hon« 344-04 H ISCA'NHA P«ili Oi,. dwrn^Mhi, CD, Show fit ML 12 13 1813CaldwellBlvd. -Nampa 730 Americana Blvd. - Boise ,, om ,,,,' 1" ' " ' °""

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