Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 20, 1961 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1961
Page 8
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HATS 12.91 3" .... 2°° SKIRTS SLIM JIMS Vdue* t« 12,91 ILOOSIS Vol««t to 5.98 5 99 199 099 I and *i BEHRMANS Eaton . . . ·y LETtTIA MCTOYER EATON - Mrs. Rupert PrecM entertained at a birthday party Thursday afternoon in honor of Iwr daughter, Barbara, who was three Wednesday and son Roook who was two Thursday. Auistaoi Iwstess wat the. hooorees' sister, Mary. Games and refreshments, Including two birthday cakes were =njoyed by the following: Denlce and Jeff Davis, Mrs. Darrell Davit Kevin and Mike Dorsey, Mrs,'Alvin Dorsey, Ricky and Randy Ve gel, Mrs. Ken Vogel, Doris anc Doug Slroberg, Mrs. Don Stro- NEW Iron rile CUSTOM IRONER Mew x*« cm r«t«x Iron! everything in your wash in ks« than « the timel Has every deluxe feature-- plus new Iron -Lite lamp! CMIM fa #c f »f · Budget Terms Greeley Ironrite 1126 26th St. EL'2-5243 berg, Kelly De« Rots, Mn. Bill Ross, all of Eaton; Valerie An- dersxi, Mrs. Gary Anderson, Dean and Randy'Peterson, Mrs. Bob Billings, all of · Greeley.: Also. present and heiplag with party details were the grandmothers, Mrs. Henry Precht'and Mrs. Otis Jones, Mr. and Mn. Elmer Riggs were honored for their »th wedding anniversary Nov. li, with -two par- lies last week. For one · party frkuds of the Rosses feted them at a'dinner-dance at the.Lakeshore Supper Club south of Greeley. A gift of silver hafloware was presented to the celebrants.' Enjoy; ing'-the evening together wttre: Mrs. Arnold Dalton, Messrs.-'and Mmes. Melvin Overman, Gorj don Wilson, Tom Nix, Clyde Sulli van,! : Hay - Poe, \ William Waits, yon'Penland.'A'lvin Dorsey, Archie Anderson,'Magnus (Mike) Anderson'^ and Dave McDonald. At the second party, Ross, Bob, and Kent Riggs honored their parents at a family dinner at the Farm Fare. Kent was unable to attend as he was aV home with chickenpox. . ^ ' Attending the party were Riggs' parents, Mr.: arid Mrs. Ross Riggs of Eaton; Mrs.' Riggs' mother, Mrs. Alvlna Gaer of Greeley; Mr. and '· Mrs'. Raymond ; Trego'hiiis;, Mr.' and : Mrs\ Merle Riggs, Leslie and Danny, Mrs. ; Lilh'an Riggs anc Sally and Mrs. Don'Kiel, all ol Greeley; Mr. and Mrs. Leonarc Gaer, Rick and Chuck, Mr. ant Mrs. Glert Gaer and family, al" of Denver; Mr. and Mrs. Rex Gaer, Great Bcnd.-Kan.; Mr'.' one Mrs. Bill Solcman, Coring, Neb. Arnold 'Dalton was attending a meeting in ^Ynshington, D. C., 'one was unable to attend the, first party. Dan Fict was unable to attend the family dinner. Elmer Riggs and Dorothy Gaer were Married Nov. 12, 1936 at Greeley and have lived most of their married life in Eaton. The Intermediate group ol Brownies, under the direction oi Mrs. James Dcffke, conducted In eslure Services for Troop El last week at a rnceting held in the r irst Congregational Church. Members of the pew troop ore: Sara Rice, Katherlne Sherwood. Jolene Andotsek, Diane Devine, Vynette Ottoson' Roxanne' Foster, Alalne' Peterson, Hilda Busch, Diane Herlihy, Jane 1 Groves,' Eliia- eth Keirness and Mary Ann Jaoetv The troop is sponsored by he : Eatori Woman's Club. The fa]. owing were elected officers: Sara iltcei president; Jolene Andolsek, vice president; Wynette Ottoson, secretary and press reporter; Jane Groves, treasurer.' Meetings are :o be held at the Congregational Church' every Wednesday after ' JWIKMT i tiim PWBdCHS - fiBtttAL W£HTS · MANAKRS Do r*M b*vc · Sat«* Fercfr--* ran potl bulW on«T Would you I l k * w t« ·MUM* rim tor · Fr«n«hiM Co«lr«rt far IfcU Hea, w xll li« mt mimi*. fcwat-prke*. t«ik« It xtl, A. 4 H «»d HotplUl FUu ·· U» ir YOU ABE THE HAH WB .WAWT. W* WILL CONSIDER OFFER- · ING TOP COKHISSIOMS AND A HNE FRANCHISE CONTRACT. WITH PROTECTED. VESTED - R E N E W A L 'COMKISSIONS PAYABLE DURING * AKTEB EMPLOYMENT AND AFTER DEATH TO YOUR ESTATE. . . .. IF YOU ABB PRODUCING IH-.YOLUHE AND NOT rRECEIVINO THE FOLLOWING COMMISSIONS OR ARE DISSATISFIED WITH THE CO-OPERATION AND SERVICE FROM YOUR PRESENT COM. PANY. T H E N YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF ANTJ YOUR MEN TO DISCUSS -THIS MATTER WITH US AND SEE HOW DIFFERENT L I F E CAN »_._.._ : _: - . · , WHAT VOLUME COULD YOU PRODUCE IF YOt) BAD ' . . THE FOLLOWING COMMISSION SCHEDULE! -- INITJAL COMMISSIONS MONTHLY PREMIUMS fen, IMfl o f - I « t 2 monlln. 6»ft nnt 4 i QUARTER PREMIUMS FeM. K% of Ut quart«r piemlam. SEMI-ANHUAti PREMIUMS f*H. 7f% of e«fflf-sniual premium. ANNUAL PREMIUMS n% rmxral oont liou txrowl i«iti. OMBMtUtOll, fit th UI0 of UM polkr. We are i% acffreoiTe.- our twrminenl orr«nlutto«. AU rentes »nd.tell yf.aM about roonekr. . Director of Agencltl, P.O. Box 661, Boulder, Colondo .The- Toast mistress - C l u b met Wednesday morning at the Star Lite; Cafe with Mrs. William Pop- lenheirri presiding in the absence of (he president, Mrs. Otho Wy- tai. /Fourteen members were present; Haltiq Aryldson ' was a guest. Mary Roy, lexicologist, explained the meahing'and spelling of Words that sound alike and how they', are often misused. - Topic mistress, Mary Ross,* presented program, that was planned by Helen .Vogel,' which was .an auction of articles brought by the members. Each purchaser.. of an article was required to tell why she .bought it. Luclla Anderson, as parliamentarian, gave the rules for getting a motion presented anc carried. at a meeting. Toastmistress, Bessie Carlson, gave a talk, "Sowing Our Seeds Toward Toast mistress," and the points brought out in her talk were sell improvement, how to speak well. arid be i a : good listener. Other speakers were Ruth Fuchs- whose topic'was' "Listening," and Narcissa Cross, who- gave talk 'enlilled, · "Thanks." short Ruth Fuchs was grammarian and Cleo Knight was general evalualor. Ifr..and Mrs. George Springslon and children, Sandy, Gregg, Mark and.Jeff, were given a.surprise housewarming Sunday evening by relatives and friends who arrivec with a prepared meal and gifts for .flic Springstons'. new home Altending were: ilr. and p Jlrs Ben Cade, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cade and family of La Salle; Mr and Mrs. Harley Springslon and Marsha of Denver; Mr^ and Mrs. Joe Springston, Tena and Jim, Mrs. Ethel Springslon and. Mrs, Georgia-Hansford of Greeley; Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Foster of Nunn: Mr. and Mrs. Dave Simpson ant Mr. and Mrs. Arden C. White of Aull; Mrs; Cordie Rich and Mr, and ^^r£. Merle Rodreick. Twenty-three members of PEO, Chapter AB met'recently at the home of Mrs. II. L. Brooks for a buffet supper. Sara Hill was'the assistant hostess. 'Mrs. Milton Rutherford and Mrs. Kenny Quayle Jr. gave the program on PEO'projects/ Next meeting wil be with.Mrs. J. R. Hasbrouk ol 'age 8 GREELEY TRIBUN'E MOB, Nov. 26, 1%1 Auit with Mrs. Charles Kcirnes as .the co-hoslesc. Mr^. Ken Vogel will give the program. Mrs. Ruppwrt Frecbt and children were at Denver last we«k visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sradbury. .Mrs. Bradbury is the ormer ^Bonnie Smillie, daughter of the Harold Smillies. The Prechts also visited Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clark and daughter, Jamie. Mr. amf Mrs. Al Sena of Aurora were guests last week of ner .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Johnson Jr., of Windsor entertained at a birthday dinner hon- ocing^heir little soo, Thorn who was three years old. Guests were: Thorn's great grandmother, Mrs. ius Johnson and grandmother, Vlrs. Clara Thomsen of Greeley, ais grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin-Johnson, and Mr. and Sena. Fred Bloom Is ;a patient at the Weld County General'Hospital .-He lad siirgery^pv. 10 and is making a satisfactory recover)'. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Boy;r spent a few days at Loveland as the guests of his brotherrin-law and sister, yMr.. and Mrs. Paul Barnes. Ofi. VBterans 1 , Day Boyer and Barnes attended ceremonies at the* Veterans Club. Henrietta Calder of Seattle 'is leaving Saturday after a week's visit, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gardiner. Miss CaWer flew into Denver Nov. 11 and was brought to Eaton by the Cliff Olin family.' Thanksgiving dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Tinn .will'be Mr. and Mrs.'Andy Tinn Jr., ami Betsy of Whealridge, Gilbert Moon and;Carol Sue of Denver, W. J. Murchyof Fort Morgan, Mrs. Nell Perkins of Fort Collins: and Mr. and Mrs.. Jack Trenholme. Mr. and/Mrs. James Hill of Greeley were Sunday evening sup- par guests'of his parents, Mr. arid Mrsl'Everelt Hill and grandmother, Mrs. Janet .Denham. Or. Thanksgiving Day the Everett Hills arid 'Mrs, Denham. will be guests at a family dinner at the Randall Yales home at Carr. The James Hills will .be .at Denver with her sister.' ' . ., '" ; Mrs. A; A! Tinn, delegate to the Supreme .Convention 1 of the'PEO Sisterhood,- g'aye reports" of Iwi meetings at Bou!Jer, last. week. Hearmg the reports were Chapter El arid Chapter EQ. ..Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tyson accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Tinn to Boulder-and all were dinner guests of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Kuykendall-and Mary. Mrs; Tyson anil Mrs. Kuykendall attended the meetings .with Mrs Tinn7 ' - · = " - . ! - .-'- ''·' ' - " . Mrs.. Arch' Maylotl will entertain -at 'Thanksgiving dinner at her Red Feather Lakes cabin, weather 'permitting. Her guests will include Mr. and Mrs; Kenneth Quayle, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Quajrle Jr., C*wy and Nancy el Ault; and Pat Maylott. · "I haven't a jealous bone in my body!" Blue Angel. Club Is Launching Pad .By PAUV BUIAR NEW YORK.(AP) -- Imagim Yul-Brynner with hair playing » guitarl And introducing perform ers · like Pearl · Bailey,' Adolpl .. Green, Betty Comden and Judy Holllday, all on the same bill I Press agents 'say this show would cost 1120,000 a week in a night club. When they performed together, as relative unknowns being discovered, the'weekly budget was $800 -- and that included a -, ; . trio of musicians. .- - '. ./ It happened at the. Blue Angel, a New York night club that has launched the careers of.' many , famous recording stars and sent .. others on to stardom on .Broadway' ' and in Hollywood. The .club accommodates 1 only about 150 persons, most, of them sitting virtually, in each other's lap a t - Doslage-stomp-sized . tables.. But'-' it has quality in its shows and- - . a steadfast, rule, of at least 10l- minutes between acts -- so the' customers can talk fo each other. The idea for the Blue Angel was born in the cnbinet of French Premier Leon Blum jn.the. 1930s. H was conceived by. the socialist leader's -secretary, Herbert Jacoby, who had managed night clubs- and who returned to his first love after his" ardor for a political career had cooled. Jacoby emigrated to the United States in 1938 and managed what later became [he Rubarf Blue, the first, real supper club in New. York. ' Five years later he opened the Blue; Angel,' in partnership with Max Gordon of the Village Can- guard. .' ' '.- . For many years afterward, the Village Vanguard was sort of a 'farm club 1 ' for the Blue" Angel, ' with many new acts being "broken . in" at tne-Vanguard before making He move uptown. · · - " ' · ' The first' singing 1 "discovery" at the : Blue Angel was Cladde " Alpha nd, then wife of Count Henri AJphand, 'French ambassador to the"Unlted States; She' was a hit and the Blue 'Angel was an immediate success. ' . .- i There followed a -long list of "discoveries." · Evelyn. Knight came to sing for a week for $75. Yul Brynner. took the. "me" job for $65 a week because .of the club's policy of giving performers 50 per cent off on food and.other' bills. · . Harry Belafonle "broke in 1 ' at the Village Vanguard before mav-'.^i: ing to.the Blue Angel as a iea-'^ijjl! soned performer.'Oh the bill with;,"!:''him for a time was Eartha Kitt.;^ ;; 'Blue'Angel alumni familiar to^---^|' record buyers include Johnny·'·Jj-j; Mathis, Mike Nichols and Elaine'^r.'v ifay,. Orson Bean,' Shelley ''Ber-T;** man and Tom Lehrer..' .Other:,'. '(· Jacoby discoveries include Hilde-., ;;.'-';.'i garde, 'Jean Sablon 'srti Mabel';":."/ Mercer.' . , . · . . . ;*t:t ; v About 10 new acts are audi-,'i.~ ;; "i fioned every week. Rarely is a " ; " : request' for an ; audjtion turned down,-In addition,,con-, stantly touring other, smaller, less known spots seeking new discoveries." Of the approximately 8,500 acts auditioned' at the Blue Angel,'··- some; 100 have gone on to make« it "big." in show business, thal»- : is a very high percentage,. The green-eyed monster'will never bother this fair rnai.d. Long ago she-started a savings ac : count' in the Weld County Bank . . . and is now assured, of rnpney for clothes^ Vacations and emergencies. Open your account here for as little as one dollar . ; . odd to it regularly . . . and watch it grow with Daily Interest! ·' · Mtmbir FDIC ' . Melancholy Tenneiset.- ; . NEW YORK (AP) - Tennessee 7 Williams inisses an American Theater Wing "Tony"- on his tro-' phy shelf. "I'll never gel one as long asC I live--you're all against-me up' there,'.' the dramatist declared at'.. a meeting with Helen Menken, the' ATW president. Miss Menken assured him that wasn't so. The T h e a t er Wing ' Silver medallions, are presented annually for distinguished Broadway ac-^ complishment. Although he lacks?"-, a "Tony," Williams is a winnerr. of the Pulitzer Prize and of citations from the New York Drama Critics Circle. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT.ADS RENT Otr Ihw Lntra Dtctric UJELD Counry SAVE MONEY Rnt« And CarpcU Yeanclf KOMAC PAINT STORE 811 8lh 'St. EL 3-f)411

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