Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 5, 1951 · Page 10
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 10

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEH LAB CHDCZS (If. M.) BTTN-NEWI Thuridiy Eronlng, July 5, 1951 Country Life Is Valuable Lesson For City Children Ily D A V I D TAYLOIt M A K K K AT .SYiVHfailtin*s Children , should know what country life, is like. They should know Inn joy of ploying in health- f u l mud, of paddJing in clean v.'atcr, of hearing roosters call up I h e sun and birds singing praises to fJod for t h e new day. Of 0*111 IMC, a l l children can't f : |]rjin nine in the country, but If · a t ' a i l possible, parent* should jr:e ( h a t Junior gets tn know nonie- thiiu; about I h n land he lives in. A:i Henry Turner Hailey writes for t h e National Kindergarten Association, children "should have the viBion of pure skies enriched n l dawn and .sunset with nnspcak- nblo "lory; of de.w-drenched mnrn- ingti Ilashlnc with priceless grins; of grain fields and woodlands yielding to tin* feel of the wind; of the vafit night sky 'all throbbing nnd p a n t i n g with sitnrs.' " Children should experience Die. t h r i l l of going barefoot, of lielnt; out In the ruin \vilholll umhrel- IUH anil rubber (;oiits and over- ulim-t., of slidlllK- (lidvii pine IMIII^IIS, of ellmblii); ictlgcs and l u l l Ini'n'.W diving liend Ilrsl I n t o u triinspitrcnt jxwil. he snys. Tilings t h a t childn.'M i-aii do in i 1 i Lies m e not lo be compared w i t h such r o u n l i y activities. Out of Ihe country and iU expnrienceH haw cnmc, nnd n l w n y H will come, says Halley. the most . s t l i n u l n t I n j ; and h i - i i l t h f t i l n i t of t h e wot Id. One c niiitnt appicelate nnd enjoy to t l i e f u l l n u t i J i c book.'i, novels, histoiles. |iripinn. pii'lures. or i-veti iiiu:;lcal rnmp(i.ti|ioiiH, who has not had i hln y i t u l h the bl.-fuii-.l t'onUct u i l t i n - wm Id of naliirc. lt':i 11 child's b l | - t ! u l e , h t . sity U a i l p y . to luifiw tin- s i n r l l nf uv eai 111, of new-mown buy; of t i i liloiiHiimlnj; o! wild grupc ami en l a n l i i i e ; of nil a p p l e urehnnl I may iind of a piiir l u t c s t In .Inly (if the iTii.slu'd leitve.s of w a x myi lie, hwi-i'i foi-n. m i n t and f i r ; u t h - 1'H'iilh (.1 e n t i l e and (u,; blowi i n l a n d f n n t i t h e M-a. Thi-y idiould have a eiianrn l r l m w b i i t l e i J I i e s , lo ciilcli flfOi, t i l i i l e "ii 11 load of hay, to camp out to riiuk over an open fire., to t i a i n j i h i f M t ^ h m-w i - o i i n i l y . nnd If i.|'-e|j inn lei t h e open sky. They i-hniilil have tin- f u n of i h l v l n g a h i ' i h c . p H ' I d l i i i K it canne, and null- ing IL l i m i t , imd nf discoveiing Dial X i i l u i e w i l l honor the lumiblet.t nired lh-y p l a n l . Sayti Halley; "I do nnl ItirKi't u b a t elllc* litivii ilonn lrr IK. and uhvayM iniih' ( l i t ; hot one r u n ^i-l al! I h e ln"-l ll (illy IniM td yield by v i s M l t i K 11. iMierent mx- ciiiuiol M'a|i all Ihe hurvesN n.f I h r (·'.unify c\eepl by living Ili'-n- In ehlldlliHxl. And 1 (eel sulllrlin\\- H i n t such n l i f e In I h r i-uuotry ]·. (lie I t l c l b r l K h l nl every child. If a c h l l i l liven in I h e ' a m n t t y . New High-Speed Film Developing Method Does Away With Water, Hypo Mayor Accused GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E «' 1450 On Your Diiil TONIGHT -- THURS. r. M. 4:.'JO Kvctdng HiU'nrs Guide fi:00. Mori'* IM-ord .Show fi:.'JO Hohbv Mention 0:00 HI 1 News ' (i;1G Kiiltmi Lewis, Jr. (i:.'KJ Ix'l'H W a l t z (JMft War Nnws 6:flfl Hill Henry Newa 7:00 Forward AniciiCii 7:2.1 KtMy Arnold 7:110 The Uni'Xprrtcil 7M!i Kniuid of Mercy K:IIU A Lull for U-inuro S: Ifl 1 Lovt 1 A My.itrry S::»i J n r l t p c t t J a m b u r o o 11:011 UP Nrwa U:I5 N n v y Slur TImo [i;;jn Hopoi'U-i-a lloundup 3(1:00 N f «wa JO,US Sign Off TOMORRpW -- FRI, A . M . UP News Kl Cmriilo Mexlcano HnlMMl l l u r l f l l j l l K H I I H «nd Itunch Nuu' UP News Trailing -1' llniil Jlruwn l i a t h r r Hound Kids 0:0(1 (1:0.1 7:00 7:15 7:.'IO "MS S:00 R::iO 8;S5 I;00 |l:15 |i:BJ 11:30 10:00 J(l:l5 10:'.Ti K):;iO 10MS 11:00 1 1:1,1 JliilO MornUiff Huycrs Ouldfl Tnlli Jlnck wllh llnppy I'll Ikon MornlnK DnvotlonaJ Three Sons ,S'e\v« Queen Kor n Uny Fuels nnd Fun lor Kvoryone I-jinny RUM News ceilrlc Foalfr Curt Mmuey Tony Fontaine A Co. Sinn Luinitx Spurn Views Nnwa ClncinmiU v*. CIilcuKu K O B E Voiir KrlfMI)' Hint Urn A MUTUAL NtmVOKK j A Ml U ATM I N D I C T M E N T of m-vt :i t o p IMlt.i K f i cil.v o/lliMdlF. i n c l u d i n g V'.r Unviil L. l.:iv/u'Mi:i; jury l i u v H U « a t i n » r-iirirgcs »f u r a f i :ind c o n u j d i u n in A l l f g h c n y .·(jiiiity. l/ivvreiip,--, v a c a t i o n i n g A l t h f.'iiHl.v i n lOuropf. wnsacciijictl of ritiMii-mc:iriir. fluti'mullnnnU he ruiichiil.'s. "the Vdli-c of thr Lonl ;ml. w i i l k l n K In UK; giuUm in UK: t-'nil 'if t l m ilsiy," IH more l i k e l y i' hi- h r . u i l ; ;MI], hfing iH'llnl. Illlll V f j i l ' C W i l l l j J I l L S W i M eel m i n e fj-cipii-iilly i i M i l v.-iLii w i u t n - cr Itivr. Ity IRVING IIKSrOlt A I ' .Vuwsfiyilun-*! ' "Throw away tiic hypo! Ellininat iho water The dark room of LHe f u t u r e won't need them 1 imd when a new Jilgh-Hpccd pro L-tHKing, method developed by Ui KIgnal CorpH Engineering Lahor utorlcH at Foil MomnotiUi, N. .1 geln i n t o civilian eirculaiion. The nuigic process, Unown n. "Ktaliilixatiun," u l i m i n n t c j i the nut of hyfxj and the need for wti.sliini ncg:iUv!s and prints, thereby re (hieing darkroom procesifilng timi lo a m i n i m u m . In actual lesi. ant working imnnaJly, a couple of neg u liven w«nt developed, .stahili^ec find dried in ncven minutes. En- I u^cmenlK from those ncgat: H I M pioctKKed in ten minuter. Ordinal ily, wfiJi rccoinmendcd wasli ing time, i-ai:h uf thene iJfOccjiseg \.'onId have lakt'ii about an hour. U'silrr iiiul \vJiKldiiK is :t rnaj»r j u i i - h w l t y :ii)d prulih'in ivllli war ph'.ldgnipht'rs, iiridi'r hattlclicld «i)iulIli(Hi.s. Jn :i. lypkvil field lnl, for InstaiMrc, ahout :!.00(l gal In its of wider Is rojisimu'd dally. H t g i u i l coipn i eacareh experts, fjji-ed this piobltiin of gelling an Deep lnliL'H formed between Lub- j bo:l( ii nd Plutuvicw and' on north t,; OlLon a.s a rc.sult of rains. They ! worn ruported iinoffiiMally as | l i u a v y »H seven nidius in 20 mill- |ulcs. I W h o f t t fields c(jv«r about one fniirlli (if K a n s a s find t h a t sliilu gniWK i i h n u t oni! firtiilh of the an-, imal wheat harvest in Ilit; United Slules Save extra shoppin with this new Oe Luxe Frigiddire SAFE Cold from Frigidhiie's Motci-Miscr protect; foods from one shopping trip to the next I Evciydoy foods slay SAFE Cold on these big shelves Slurdy, close-grilled shelves hold loadi of everyday foods. Sliding Baskcl-Drawor for eggs, small itemi --makes cxlra room. Supor-Freoinr Chesl kaepi Keep J , bu. of fruits, up to 49 Ibs. froicin food ' vegetables, molil-frejh h'l f u l l - w i d t h ! Oukk f r e e z e ! Bio, dtiop, twin Hydro'lors keep a ipa.klliifl Ice cubes, delimit and wock'uupplyof fruil), verjolabloi, ice cieii.n. Kcopi food ftelh. moiil-lreih for dayil All-pored- Iroien for monilii. Icilii-on-Heel for lailing bnauly. BUY ON G. M. A. C. P A Y M E N T P L A N Trade in Your Old Appliances Now FOR A NEW · Frlgldalrc Hloclric Jt.ingo · Frlgldnlro Homo Frooior · Frlgldnlro W«ior Hoalor · Frlgldnlro Rolrlgiritor · Frlgldilro Aulomallc W«»h«r AT THE D R U M E L E C T R I C 123 W. L»« Cruce. Avo, Phon* 340 adequate oup'ply havo come up with u new process,' It c-liminatus tlic need for running Water, H e a r t of thin'" process is the usu of a Kolutiun^ thiouroa, which converts Ihq unexpose'd silver compounds *. to ' a llghUtninsparcnt, light-insensitive firm. In oidinary plioto processing-, methods/ films and prints are fixed in a hypo bath to lemove imcxposed silver salts'and then washed wiln water to remove'the excess, hypo. Let's watch, two Signal Corps engineers whd developed the stabilization process,*'Steven Ujvinos antl Willhrd C.'J3urner. We're in a nonnnl dirk room and the e q u i p - , men I i.n all f a m i l i a r ' -- stifeltghls. i Ian Its and trays, enltirger. '1'he | one smail difference Is there's no water pi pea or faucets. Tint lali hoys i'xpi;;;ri! Ihrir sui'vr XX f(»r.iHirni:iJ density and contrast. Then tlu iic(, r ativi-H ivcn* diniltcd I n t o an uniidol dc- vclnpfT anil aifltatiid stradlly fur three niinulcs. Tlic Icinju-ni- liin* was fin licgrciifi but It can hi! adjusted for oilier temperatures In llir/normal way. A f t e r the developer the negatives went into a stop hardener for one minute. Then into the third .solution -- the stahilizur -for two minutes, again witli fittfady agitation. At this point it was thotoughly fixed -- or "stabilized" --- as the boj's say. The wet negatives were then up lo dry. .A pair of hair driers on cither side were turned on. One minute later the negatives were dry. Extreme high temperatures, up to 220 degrees have been used safely in previous test:;. Films arc not entirely transparent when taken from the stabilizing bath but clear completely during drying. Then the negatives were placed in the cnlarger and exposed normally. Th prints went, into the Amidol developer( same formula but different batch) and were develop- in 1-1 y, minutcA. Next 'stop was thu stop bath for 1/3 minutes Final step was the stabilizer so- j lution, which is half the s t r e n g t h ' required for film processing. Here J It stayed .for 2-3 minutes. , The prints (mailr (in water rr,- hlhhtnl paper) are the smUT- Kee.d both sides and dried norm. ally. Temperature, here, shouldn't "exceed 150 degrees for best rft- sultw. The water rr»l*limf type, papi'r. made by all the manufacturers, is about tho siunr. us semi-gloss. Water resistant pa- pur Is nmled because the thiou- reii will effect emulsion on nor- 'irisil glossy iKiptir in several days. On t h e ri'cumntended paper, however, uxieiiKivis tests dlscluse no fading of prints. Drying time for prints and negatives is quicker becauua with this process they don't have time to get" saturated with liquids. They swish In and out of the stabilizing t * HohiLIons In rapid aiiccession. j Commcr'-ial possibilities? The J pj'OL'ess, developed by Signal Curpa ^1 rc-Kcarchers (»n gov«rnmcnt time ' with government equipment ia patented, but it has been the custom *1 to make developments available to the public. m Su , don't be surprised to see / waterless darkrooms soon. * W. J. LinLE REALTOR · HEAL ESTATE * LOANS First National Bank Bldg. · PH. - 270 or 1305 PENNEY'S A L W A Y S F I R S T Q U A L I T Y ! JULY BL VARIETY! QUALITY! VALUE ! NT! 4-LB. ALL WOOL BLANKETS 15.90 Bold cclorsl . He - man warmth 1 Brush-napped 4- lb. wool in whito with mul- licolor stripes or in scarlet with black--ll's guaranteed against molh'dama'je'ibr 5 yearsl 72" x 84" size . . . . buy nowl · · · \ WARM 3, 3 LB. BLANKETS 3.90 Rich · new colors! Thick,, double-woven ie'xturel Shop during Penney's big July Blanket Event for these warm 90% rayon, 10% wool ·blankets . . . they're thrifty- priced, now! 72" x 90". 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