Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 20, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, November 20, 1961
Page 7
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;, Soviets f6 Meet For Defense Talks Fri. .By ANNE MARIE SNELLMAN HELSINKI, Finland (AP)-So- a political level'and avoid a com- viet Premier Khrushchev agreed mitment to negotiate with.the So- Sunday to meet wilh Finland's viet Union about military mat- determined to keep the talks on International situation would have eased" and the "worst passed away by that lime. But this understandable speculation appears president Urho Kekkonen to talk lers under their 1948 friendship not to have had the intended re- 'aboul Moscow pressure for So- act. · . ; suit." viet-Finnish military . consulta- The political phase, could in- The president urged that the tionsl lude the fact the Finnish Com-Finnish people keep calm. He criticized West. German De tense Minister Franz Josef . The Cabinet announced the .Soviet leader, accepting a Finnish request for an informal meeting, said he would receive Kekkonen at (he Siberian city of Novosi- birsk next Friday. ; ; Briarhlng Spill : It means at least a five-day breathing spell for this litlle nation--struggling to maintain neutrality in East-West affairs--in the Kremlin's campaign for joint defense talks pegged to. an alleged threat of West German aggression in the Baltic. ; Khrushchev is on a lour of industrial centers, and farm lands in eastern.reaches.of the Soviet Union,''. which could explain why he, suggested Novosibirsk as . the site. The city of more than 750. Md, sometimes called Ihe Chicago of Siberia, is on the Ob River, 1,750 miles east of Moscow. ,, , Datiiis Littr ite Finnish.-'request'" for the meeting Vas turned over by Premier Marlli Mielluncn's government' to Soviet Ambassador A'. Zaha'rov Saturday. In announcing the quick response, the' Cabinel said:. -"Details about .the' president's trip arid his parly will be announced laler." A source close to-the Finnish government said the Finns »re The political phase, could in lude' the fact the · Finnish Communist party is unrepresented In be government, thmvjh it is Fin- o dissolve the Parliament and chases of military supplies be | lave the people choose a new one twcen the two North Atlantic next February in a speech Sun- lay at the southern Finnish town apparently was not of a note- ·· · ^ · · · i May Eichmann Trial Reconvene In Early Dec. JERUSALEM (AP)--A Jus I ice Minjstry source- said Sunday the Adolf Eichmann trial is tentative Jy-set to reconvene Dec. 11. The judges are pulling the fi nai .--touches to .the verdict thai will determine whether the ex Gestapo colonel ,was guilty o complicity in the wartime slaugh ter of million;of European Jews Trsnicr** Vtrdict It is expected'that translators typists and other, technical staf: wit begin working early in De eember to transcribe the verdic' in Nebrew, German, English am French. The reading of the verdict -introduced by the court's stale^ m.ent' on whether Eichmann .ha's been;found guilty or not--is ex pecteil to last three or four days . .-,. Court Proetdw* Immediately afterward, Ally Gen/ Gideon Hausher will make his statement on the kind of punishment he 'is demanding--pro vided the court finds Eichmann guilty. This will be followed by a plea from defense counsel am it is at this stage that Eichmann is likely to v be allowed to address his last word to the court,' Even if Eichmann is sentenced to death the court will not fix an execution dale. An appeal would be made to the Supreme Court, which is likely to sit through January and February. and's largest. The Conimunisls Slrauss's vlsil lo Norway last ad th« allegiance of 50 of the week, one of the points cited by 200 members of the Parliament Ihe Soviet Union in picluring a ekkonen dissolved lasl week. A candidate for re-elecllon, ekkonen defended the decision war threat. Kekkonen said Strauss' trip -involving consultations on pur- it Jyvaskyla. "There is no reason to conceal t--because everyone understands Treaty Organization partners -- worthy character, but was stupendous disservice to us." "Our burden is heavy enough t--thai we wished to gain time apart from that," ho said, "and hat way," he said. "Perhaps thefit is we who have to carry it." BEAUTY QUEEN ACCUSED --Terry Huntingdon, Miss U.S.A. in the 1959 Miss Universe beauty contest, gestures in Los Angeles court Nov. 13 where she was charged with being "a professional and well-paid call girl, earning as much as $6,000 for one of her social services." The accusalkm was made by Attorney Arthur J. Crowley, the defendant in a ' paternity suit brought by Miss Huntingdon. The beauty queen's atlorney, Paul Caruso, called Crowley's charges "Ihe vilest slatemenls I have heard in my entire life. (AP Wirephoto) House Floor Leadership Fight Looms By, WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON'(AP) -- A fight or floor leadership faced House Democrats 'wilh disclosure Sun day that Rep. Richard Boiling of Missouri ' would seek the 'post John W. McCormack of Massa chusetls will leave to take the speakership. While Boiling himself was nol available for .comment, it .was earned on the best authority that 16 will challenge Hep. Carl Al- *rt of Oklahoma for the major ty leadership. The Missourian at ready has started soliciting sup »rt among colleagues. Boiling's decision to run for the Subsidy for Live Theatre -Proposed ME* YORK '(AP) ^-" A Broad command made it almost certain Trujillos Ousted Mo -- Nor - 20 ' 1961 (Continued from page 1 off a return to dictatorship should lie ask for aid. Four U.S. warships led by llic cruiser USS Little Rock appeared of! Ire coast early Sunday and were joined later by eight other ships, including an aircraft carrier. A night of 12 U.S. jels flew close to the shoreline at a fairly *j low altitude and Dominicans rushed to rooftops for a glimpse of tlw sleek attack bombers, identified as from the 2nd U.S. Ma.' GREELEY TRIBUNE Page T Garcia Refuses to Concede Defeat in Philippine Election By HENRY HARTZENBUSCH MANILA (AP) - Refusing fo concede .defeat, President Carlos P. Garcia questioned Sunday the o t a Cabinel, isla parly, Garcia also criticized President-elect Diosdado Mncapa- gal for "premature appointment" accuracy of Tuesday's election re:urns that apparently propelled cla's attitude, Macapogal went ·inc Squadron. There was cheer- '* L ibcral party rival lo victory ing from crowds along the sea wall drive. In declaring for Balagucr, llic country's air force announced it would "tolerate no attempt to institute in Ihe country a tyrannical or reactionary regime." Bui its move, led by young officers, was not carried off without some resistance. Air Forct Bombtd Town From Santiago came reports M1NUTEMAN FROM SILO -- The nation's fastest moving Interconlenenlal Ballistic. Missile, the Air Force Minuteman, roars ; away from ; an underground silo and made a long step, forward · Friday when; R-flew far down the Allantic Missile Range from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Purpose of the flight was to further confirm previously gathered design and test dala on launching the solid propcllanl missile from a silo. (.US. Air Force Photo via AP Wirephoto) Neutral Big Three Meet Sun. in Cairo :own of Valverdc before Ihe commander of the local garrison agreed to back Balaguer. An .undetermined number of casual- ues was reporled. In a nationwide'radio address, Balaguer declared, "I order the chiefs of staff of the army, navy air force and Iho chiefs of Ihe national police to obey the presidential orders." By WEBB MCKINLEY CAIRO, Egypt (AP--The big hree of Ihe world's neutrals met Sunday in day-long exchanges hat were reporled primarily concerned wilh Ihe U.S. attitude toward their stand in these days of cold war. The meeting of Prime Minister Nehru of India, Presidenl Tilo of meditated conspiracies aimed al eutralist powers"--a veiled reference to the Uniled States. "Developments of the interna- ional situation since the Belgrade neutralists summit meeting" injfamily they had enjoyed enor- second spot in the House high Yugoslavia and President Gamal September. "Consolidation of cooperation Ktwcen neutralist countries lo Abdel Nasser cenlercd on three n the .service of peace. enable them play a proper role f or e ;gi,t years under his broth " ' Lists Topics The spokesman praised the lop ics this way: "The manner in which neulral- :hol McCormack would be elected topics, a spokesman for tlie Egyp speaker to succeed Sam Rayburn tian leader said. who died last week. McCormack Became acting speaker when Ray]urn was forced to give up the post last August because of ill ness. Boiling had been the only member mentioned as a likely op ponenl OE McCormack. Was Acting Le»«W Albert was designated actin; leader last August by McCormack and his formal election had been taken for granled until Boiling decided to enter the contest. 'A caucus of House Democrats will select the new. speaker -and new''floor leader. shortly before Ihe"; house recpnveh'es"hexl Jan. 10. Unless Boiling,or Albertwith- draws before 'then, .the caucus per the broadcasting industry lo subsidize live theatre. Shumlin proposed the tax in an appearance before a House sub- live program, already in deep trouble in the House. Boiling A'Libcril Boiling, 45, long has ben identified with the liberal group in committee investigating economic tne Hollsej although he calls him conditions among performing artists. He said the broadcasting industry exploited talents developed by the theatre, and in turn diminished the theatre by competing against'it. UK THI TRIBUNE WANT ADS NOTICE CHANGE OF MEETING OF VFW Post 2121 TO WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22 DUE TO THANKSGIVING DAY BEING ON REGULAR MEETING NIGHT. self a moderate. He has 'served continuously since 1D49 and is a member of the powerful Rules Commitlee. He was Hayburn's chief spokesman on lhat group. Albert, 55, came to the House two years before Boiling and has been party whip, or assistant leader, for the past seven years. \ Like Boiling, he calls himself a moderate. Albert has the backing of a powerful group of Southerners headed by Howard W. Smith; D Va., chairman of the Rules Com- imillee. He also has strong back- ling among Northern Democrats. iBolling's supporters claim the The head of Ihe ruling Nacional Adenauer Visits (Continued from page 1) hand, is slightly annoyed lhat for months it could not get a clear cut answer from Bonn to ils in quiry what the federal republic thinks is negotiable and what is halTir forco'p1pncs"bombed"tbe TM* wllc » l h o B 'E Four tinall ' · - meet at the conference lablc. Stand Firm on the Status Quo nK German position in the pasl has been clear and has been sup Apparently unperturbed hy'Gar- inlo seclusion, presumably to work on his new logislalive program. During the campaign he pledged to root out what he called government corruption. Still Waiting Garcia was at lite presidential palace awaiting further official rclurns before deciding about conceding. The latest total of Ihe Commission on Elections gave Macappgal 3,450,509 to Garcia's' 2,805,558, with 33,320 of the 40,511 prccincls reporling. I Tlie Liberal parly charged in a statement thai Garcia seems to have "ulterior motives" in with- ported by France's President holding his concession. The pres- Charlcs de Gaulle: In any nego tialions wilh Ihe Russians, the ident relorled, "Why arc the Liberals hurrying me inlo conced- West can only lose, therefore the ing? Are they trying to hide any. West should stand firm on the status quo in Berlin. The British, traditionally, are Wild demonstrations broke out for negotiations. The United thing?" In a statement issued by tha presidential press office late Saturday night, Garcia said he would 11 the streets of Ihis capital and 8 *, 3 '' 5 is awarc "f onc ^ 1 J C co "" dc on! y after ho is satisfied there were shouts of, "Freedom at lasll" The brolhers whose return louched off Ihe dramatic developments were staunch supporters of Jisintegraling the solidarity of the Hie late dictator, wlw was shot by political opponents last May 30. Enjoy»d EnormCHll Birnfits Like many in Ihe large Trujillo mous benefits during the 31. years of his dictalprial rule. Hector Trujillo was pYesiden iVest has lo sil down with Ihe Soviet Union to talk but only if and when I. the four Western xnver's establish a common posi- ,ion; and 2..' if there is no Soviet illimatum on what to talk about and when. The Soviet Union is aware of that. Premier Khrushchev, the and fully convinced of his defeat. Doubt Accuracy "Tiie president," the statement said, "pointed out that there are grounds for doubting the accuracy of the compilation of election returns." Garcia said he would be satisfied with a "careful and thorough Kremlin's u n d i s p u t e d bo5s,j count ;,,g j, y ^ canlm j ss jo n on dropped Ihe Ihrcat- lo conclude n the election results based on re- peace Irealy with llic East Germans by the end of the year. He hinted also lhat he realizes an East-West agreement on Berlin turns from the Board of Inspectors." A thorough check could mean lhat Garcia may not concede un- Disturbed by reports that the qu jt e d ownership of an important i K t l v }U«I1S U11UUI I I I * U l u l l l " ...^. U U L V I U itiuj ,,uk \.uln.cun ull- patronage. Arizmendi ac- can ^ reached only on a give- m about mid-December, The new Jnited Slales is considering withdrawing aid to his Communist country because of his recent at- iludes loword the Soviet Union,' Tito wanted lo lalk lo Nehru; In- radio station, and built up a pri. vate army of his own. It was this backing especially that had raised and-fake basis. This is Adenauer's second visil of December. ist countries are faced with pre^ dia's leader has just seen Presi- Bent Kennedy in Washington. '. He conveyed the idea lo Nasser iand.the result was the hastily ar- Andy Duggan Switching To Family Series By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writ*HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- It': enough lo make an actor strip his gears. Andy Duggah's shifting from sex-probing Dr. Chapman to father of a wholesome brood in a family TV series. Luckily, Duggan -is strong, strapping (6-feet-5) and versatile. He looks able lo.make the transition with no pain, no strain.. Right now the aclor is leading a survey of suburban sex habits in "The Chapman Report." As soon as he toies up the facts and figures, he races to resume "Room for One More," which has had one of the strangest histories of any TV series. It is based on the 1952 movie that starred Gary Grant and Betsy Drake (then- first film after marrying). A TV pilot was made three years ago with Richard Long in the Grant role. It never got off the ground. "We' did our pilot a year and a half ago," Duggan reported. with Kennedy since., the latter moved into the-While House. The ears of.-an armed coup against first; last-spring, was-a get-ac- hr. current regime. -.,-=_.·-.. ·-.=-=. ·--. ...- ....-· .-·-.. president will be sworn ir. Ihe last ranged conference. Alarm m Cairo There also is evidence in Cairo of neutralist alarm over Ihe lexl of Kennedy's speech in Seattle Thursday. ' Cairo's controlled press gave considerable play lo a phrase Kennedy deleted saying that Ihe United States was "determined to prevent c e r t a i n nations from adopting neutrality and to prevent certain others from abandoning Congressional Approval : ' The Philippine Congress 1 , under . . . . . . . . ,, lhe.cons.tilulkn, will proclaim the' quainled visit, 'and the two lead new president"elected j if it'is.sat-. Balaguer said he was abolishing ers were reported to have under isfied with the, official returns aft- the office of chairman of the jointlsldod and liked each olher; chiefs of staff, the job abandoned! But Ihe chancellor, an experi- Salurday by Gcn._Rafael L. Tru-| cnc ' e d polilician, musl undoubted er a canvass. The race for the vice presidency still was close' as the -returns jillo Jr! Young Trujillo's depar- i y sensed that the times are over'j neared complelion. llacapagal's lure created a vacuum potenlially wne n his frequent visits here in ' unnit g male, Emmanuel .Pelnez, as dangerous. as the one left when frequen the pre-Kenhcdy era served only his falhcr was as'sassinaled Iasl,t 0 cement and conserve harmony May 30. Young Trujillo, wlw has sup ported Balaguer T s avowed democratization program,"'tried up to the last moment to get his uncles] "It Is regrellaWe that President fa a yac |, t w h en t |, e dramatic se- (ennedy declares t h e United - - · . - . . . _ . Slates is determined to prevent certain countries from adopting a' neutralist policy at a time when (]-, Iul . says he-is supporting peoples! a b' r "u'p1iy "'announced its . support Ule stalurc of Adenauer himself. n their struggle for peace and f or 11,5, president, and freedom," Ihe newspaper Al Ah- nave been decisive. Temperatures By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, clear ..-. 37 24 Atlanta, cloudy' 55 22 Bismarck, cloudy 40 19 Boston, 1 clear . 4 3 30 Buffalo,.cloudy 36 24 rr ... _. _ ,, r _--. Chicago, .cloudy 35 30 .13of the olher branches of the| nudear weapons-something Ad- some Southerners. backing of most of the Northern ,, and Western liberals as well as We « ver « ot a , sa e - but there were always reports lhat we ' going on Ihe air. So we'd do four or five of the shows, then quit. Then we'd do another batch and quit. , "Now-we've got 20 of them in the can, and the 'show is finally going on the' network.';' It will start on ABC Jan.'27, Weld County Inmate Killed ]At Colo. Pen - CANON CITY (AP) -- A Colo- 1-rado penitenliary inmale was occupying :half of the "Saturday Duck Hunters Season Opens Noon November 22 Be. ready with your equipment from Sarjenl's. SHOT SHHLLS Sup«r X, Winchester, Remington. 9 OA Reg. 3.55 W.W DECOYS Carry Lit*. _.. Doz. DUCK CALLS Each.._ _.. HUNTING SOCKS 100% 1 Wool l« 14.95 1.95 SHOOTER GLOVES with 9 ftQ feel Pr. 4.03 INSULATED UNDERWEAR. 11 Dacron filled. l l i for FREE Information »n Daily thootlng H o u r * , fthon* «ur e4iy number EL 3-45(7 "We've been fortunate to have New Orieans, cloudy .' 63 54 no inlerferertce," he said. "No on doctor said any of four wounds|body can complain about the rat- in the right chest could have beenling because we don't have any. falal. Hernandez, from the Fort Lup- lon area, was received at the prison Nov. 3, 1953, to serve an 18-25 year concurrent sentence for on burglary, assault with a deadly weapon ami as an habitual criminal. "But it's also a problem because we've been working in the dark There are no reviews, no public BUENOS AIRES -- Argentina produced X million barrels of crude oil in Ihe first five months of Ihis year. :bctwcen (lie hvo capitals. Dulkt W« Fritnd John-Foster Dulles, the late secretary of state, was Adenauer's was leading by a substantial margin of about 175,000 votes over in- dcpciideni Sergio Osmcna Jr. The Nacionalista candidate, Gil J. Pu- yat, had conceded to Pelaez. .[patron arid later great friend. The two men were on the same wave D. Ei- gave to leave the country again, informed sources said. Some inter-' preted his 'resignation as a move:"*?' 11 ' and ° cn to precipitate just what happened.i^ n , lower - w . h !" . I Young Trujillo was reportedjP ull . es a,free hand to shape U.S. heading toward the Virgin Islands '°TM6n policy,·· ; D ' _ C Ttin V o i - i n n r f . T T J l i r t - fnnrvt'v nUtl ries of events developed Sunday The Kennedy-Rusk team's philosophy on", and'prob- morni . llcms are entirely different, .though While u n c e r t a i n t y spreadi" 3 B f'' lin P? 1 "* « n?Hess firm, hrough this capital, Ihe air force'^t '^re '·« another difference: this may The air force decision was an noimced in a communique. Copies of it were dropped on the capital by a British-made Vampire jet which was fired upon by antiaircraft guns at a nearby army camp. The plane was not hit and The September elections in Germany reduced tile-chancellor's political strength. He was L among other things, forced to sacrifice his loyal aide, Heinrich von Bren- lano, the former foreign minister, when he formed a coalition government. Berlin will be only one of Ihe Cincinnati, snow S3 30 .09 Cleveland, cloudy -- 36 33 Denver, cloudy 31 --2 DCS Moines, cloudy .. 33 25 lit, cloudy 35 25 Fairbanks, cloudy .. --4 --17 Fort. Worth, cloudy . . S I 35 a national palace spokesman said man y questions which the two the firing resulted from a "mis-! lea(! « s . V 'M discuss. The others understanding." ' | ran S e from "« controversial Js- It declared that the air force, 5 TM » f g' vi "g ( h« North Atlantic 'with the support of a great part| Treat y Orgamzalion control over f the olher branches of the nuclear weapons-something Ad- armed forces makes kr-own to,TM auer wants--to strengthening the Dominican people that con-i NATO 's conventional force-which scious of its patriotic responsibili-'| Kenll!ti y lhin k s *TMU precede ties in this decisive moment forl 11 "! nuclear question. the life of the republic itself it! , Star Studdtd RiKnu* backs the civil government of Presidenl Balaguer and will lol- Honolulu, cloudy 82 71 .18 crate no attempt to institute in Indianapolis, snow ... 33 32 .07 the country a tyrannical or re- Jacksonville, cloudy .. 76 59 Juneau, cloudy 35 32 .01 Kansas'City, cloudy ..37 32 .01 Los Angeles, cloudy . (3 46 .. Louisville, cloudy 36 33 .10 varria, who later went on radio] aciionary regime." Appeal for Support The communique was signed Adenauer traveled with a star studded retinue including Gerhard Schroeder, his new foreign minister; Franz Josef Slrauss Germany's dynamic and ambi- lious defense minister; State Sec retary Carl karstcns, the Gcr by Gen. Pedro Rodriguez Echa- man Foreign Ministry's' Sovie * * - , r .. , -,- ," ' ' I^UIOTIJIC, iiuuujr -..._ «*u oj .^oivallla, NVIIU luu^i ircjit un iau,u stabbed to death while he walked night lime vacated by Roarjng Memphis, cloudy 49 37 .Ollin Santiago, the nation's second back to his cell following break-Twenties The long lapse has Miami| clt , ar 81 67 L t and appa i cd to . ,h e other fast Sunday. No suspect was been both a blessing and a pos- Milwaukee, snow 37 28 ,07iarmcd forces to support Bala named. sible blight, Duggan reporled. - - - - - The viclim, Mike Hcrnander, 31, was stabbed seven limes. A pris- Hpls.-St. Paul, clear -. 35 14 guer. The stand of the army .and New York, cloudy .... .45 32 Omaha, cloudy ...... 31 20 Philadelphia, cloudy . 40 24 Phoenix, clear ........ 67 34 A COOPER FOUNDATION TMEATRf Pittsburgh,, cloudy ... 36 2J) Portland, Me., clear . 4 2 - 2 3 reaction to tell us whether we are Richmond, rain '. 42 on the right track or not. Wilh! st . Louis cloudy 36 ,,a comedy show, that can be a San Diego e]ear 54 45 31 .10 the small Dominican navy was Embassy j n Washington, not clear. However, any intra military struggle would be weighted heavily in favor of the air force, which liaa ils own infantry and ar-| mored units. i The president announced sever-1 problem..We have to keep look- San Francisco, cloudy 55 48 32 .36 al changes in the military apparently designed to rid it of Tni- jiilo family members, as demanding back on the shows we have Seallle, cloudy 40 35 .23 ed by the political opposition. done lo sce^ whether things are Tampa, cloudy 7 7 5 6 - . -. going right. Duggan, who lasted only a se son on "Bourbon Street Beat," naturally apprehensive. Whtre Hunt«r« »hop By Chaic«, Not By Chine* SARGENT SHOP 1015 8fh AT*. EL 3-45fi7 WE DELIVER FUEL OIL No. 1 and No. 2 RAY BUS Texaco Distributor ELfin 2-45100 GrMtey Balaguer said Gen. Virgilio (Washington, snow -- 42 32 T Garcia Trujillo, army chief of Winnipeg, clear 43 36 .16 (T--Tr»«) Christian Changed NEW YORK (AP)--"Christmas has become the festival, not of the Incarnalion--the holiness of God become flesh--but the festival of Conspicuous Consumption -- the time of admiration of man's cleverness," the Rev. Dr. Robert W. expert; State; Secretary Felix von Eckhardt, -' the German press spokesman; and his persona aide, Franz Krapf, until recently minister councillor of Ihe German NOW! HURRY! HURRY! ENDS TUBS.! Starring NATALIE WOOD WARREN BEATTY No one.under 1S admitted unless accompanied by an. . , a d u l t ! F e a t u r e s at 1:40--4:15 6:50--9:30 TROY AND CONNIE IN LOVE AGAIN! EL 2-3636 1516 Eighth Avenue NOW SHOWING staff and a ncwphew of the late dictator, would be sent lo Washington as Dominican representative on the inter-American defense board. !Je named Felix Hermida Jr. air force chief of staff, · replacing the ousted pro-! Trujillo Fernando A, Sanchez. (The United States, was pared to give armed support to: Balagucr's governmcnl should warl it. The aircraft corrter| Franklin D. Roosevelt, carrying! TROY DONAHUE CONNIE STEVENS DOROTHY MeCOffi^ LLOYD NOLM- Spike writes in a new book, "To five squadrons of aircraft, sailed Bft a Man," published by Asso- Sunday morning to join the olher dated Press. warships of the Dominican coast However, it was learned in Washington that up ta midday Bala gucr had not appealed for any DJAKARTA -- Indonesia hss started a regular 105-day round- lo Hamburg, with slops at nu mtroui foreign ports. trip service by sea from Djakarta U.S. intervention and officials were encouraged St would eot| MV* to.) j STARTS THURSDAY

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