Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 26, 1957 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 34
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WeJntaday, June 26, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 17 The Creeley Daily Tribune IllLDftID S. HANSEN LEO G. IOEKIG . . . . J»fi zsnior JB .. t The Gtscloy Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF Pibluhn I fLOVII t. M K R R I L L tuoeo kin A U KBTEKSEN Hi Ore Hrr. IcLjlRB PAGE ritlulM Eiaq ttul ett Elullr bi Oilier 711 Eith"'' sl U Gn«ln "ValV Enurvd u a«eond clajn naltvt al U« PaH. ettut at tjrMjrr Cclondc aader ter Art Marc f ia» llMifrti AMWiiud Pr«M Colorado Proa AaaMlhdop Ifllaad Dailj Pi«aa AuMli- tiaa Audit bntitQ of Clrrulalio D Tba JUux-iaUd Pimt ,· nuUnj acJo- aiftl, to U)f ^i* of rrpobliralioii erf all IBf lor«) n»»i r«nl«l in thia BPwipapvr M wtll u all iP aeva dtipfttrhBB. CoUtrlDUOB inot--B r nan D OJoruo I rekr 110.60. I oaocUia IC.OO. OB« DODI^ II.M. PF mall mMtte ai Colondo. I rrai Ili.OO. ooc fflDBI^ 11.70. Forcita enjBtrlei ^UBl.JO roftUU Puojll I o r a a Milan mull b« BO loBEtr £BB IM vordj. Corrtei tiffnilun man bt prlnud vilh thna mum lo rut ITIbta* RepubllUB P o o l UUs« Co. br Grr*lei T · p ·. rrapbl-tl UBICB Ko. Ill Pause and Ponder: --"Hop* - Our Anchor Line" "Happy is he ... whose Jiope 15 in Die Lord Ms God."--Psa. Prairie Wild Flowers Blooming in Town If you wish to see prairie flowers you need not so oul of Greeley. Thia is true, even though residences now cover many square blocks of lhe prairie where wild flowers grew abundantly. 19 Years Ago Supreme Court Makes £T. year and TOUgllW fOY HlG FBI Jun* Secret marriage of a year a n a , · ha)/ ago jj being announced by; Mr. and Mrs. Dicfc Kunkler. well! tsstrr. can be iu«i ac witnesses :premr. Court which then would\ Priests Nuns Arrested ·'' '"' sls - . , ,]'«· lhe problem all over again.: ' ,o *" !a witness 1 testimony 5 by 'showing i emphasized lhat in gelling evi-!Communist government has ar- ihis memory is bad or that he's ]y! dence igainst Communisls -- to^ r f s l e 1 a " u m b e r of Roman Cath- ins. One way to do it wogM be to show they warned lo overthrow c ' :: f··£*'·* --- 2^^ 02 ri2r;:i Mrs Kunkler Is the diiuehier' c v l ( I c n c e ou vtlKh to "nvici Join- Caffiiaanii: p-'.y. " fon«e, lo make it public in court. ; VR1 whirh embers the c v i H , f n f o . ' h o w man * were roun ded up. of" Mr and Mrs Fred Weiss of :D ""·'·''··· I B "' '^ commission said in Ih* ·J h , ls f a v e lhe )udse ' bl " " ol lllc , A1)N 'luoled lhe Ctech ComLiu- Ninth st'reet' She was -rail- The FBI wi " h a v e sli11 ' n o l h e r I c a s e of lhc c a s u a l informers - a ?'.. .'._ lh , c T , lght . lo . . 5Ce lht ,,-, . - r,. " isl P a r l ' ° r « an R u d e r " v ° " ualed from Greclcy High school ' h c a d a c h e if Co "S re " approves a - Veteran Actress Dies i saying priests and nuns of the Order o( the Salesians in MoravU and make the decisions, neighbor or fellowworker -- an ac- But the Supreme Court ruli-d cused man should have the right and Greeley Commercial collcsc Sunday, (he green ball cactus, known as spiny slars, bloomed be-1''and. Two hundred and fitly' rcc ommcndalion s over the week-, ,,...., H ,,. . tide tie lane that connects Reservoir and Glcnniere park, west ·· Ba rnes students submitted papers. | cn( |. n s j 0 ij was i 0 find a w a y ! both verbal and written i n f o r m n - ' s FBI undercover agents provide ; Congress could pass such an acl r -- , - - ,*., u . .... j~« ., ud ... i-- - -- , joth verbal and written informa- * since it involves only courl proof the Lawrence McArlhur property. The uncultivated knoll there has ' Greeley folk listed as students a t ! to have Ihe government get rid i linn. The 1 - t t e v poes into Fill files, ^ccdurc. Bul if il passes, some fu- always been a fine place for wild flowers. ] t n e school arc Shirlc H a i c h , ' O f employes who mishl be a d a n - j Such agents, when keeping their lure defendant will probably ehal- Sunday, June 23, was the first lime this season this writer has seen I5orotn v Lorcnzen, Dorolhy Os-: per i 0 it, particularly people o f ' i d e n t i t y secret is no longer n c c - ' l e n g e il in an appeal to the Su- beautiful cerise blossom of spiny slars. H is a liead-Hoomcr Its" bo-ll 08 "" 1 Hclcn Scllwood and s ' lvia 'questionable loyally, bul at the lanical name means exactly that. Season, vary. A record on color s!ides M}mmf sh|dcnls fair to all concerned. i 1 n «^ i t T i t p .!_· " . " '"' niL '- i " it ""- 1 - " i jjtuiiw.-, iu:,L jiriji in a criminal trial a man has June 1, and as late as July 3. So this season is later than many others. | arc employed as follows: G l a d y s a right to face his accuser so he A wossom opens for three or four days, only when Ihe sun is shining Anderson, Union Central Life In- can cross-examine him. That's a of spiny stars shows il has been photographed in bloom as early as j in flUcnnnn c c m Bnrnes lasl year and nol much earlier than ]1 a.m. The green-flowered barrel cactus or the green flowered hedgc- constitutional right. But r government worker has no constitutional right lo his job. cation by literally hundreds of plants. This cactus is more sociable than surBnce sociely; Dorothy Baab, j Under both President Truman's some, The plants bunch up. Us drab greenish small flower has now i Yeoman Mutual Life Insurance | and President Eisenhower's loyal' hodge, its bolanical name meaning the laller, is represenled at that lo- I'V Anderson, Equitable Life As surance company; Mabel Anderson, Red Dot Oil company; Stan- base of the barrel. The barrels are j C0| np"ny; W a l t e r Bergendahl, on of wet weather, the planls are ,,"' ,, .. ' Greelc v ; begun to appear at the sides of the has normally ribbed, hut after this seasi filled oul, wilh ribs much less visible. The- green-flowered hedgehog has been well watered or well fed all spring. Around Greeley the green-flowered hedgehog is probably 50 lo 100 limes more numerous than spiny-stars, hut the prickly pear or oplunia, I Is far more common than spiny slars or the green-flowered hedgehogs combined. The prickly pears are in bloom now. The prickly pear is hardly a corsage flower, but there are none so used more beautiful Lhan this common western ranch pest. Mary Evans, the May company; Anila Mathews, Pike's Peak Grain ly and security programs an accused man was not given the right lo face his accuser. There was a lot of criticism of company; and Eobrt Peterson, the lnis . an(i a lo1 "' defense for it, Texas Oil company. Destructive Visitor GLASGOW, Ky. W) -- A wandering squirrel tried lo convert E. P. The white sand Illy lhat flourished on Pelrikin hill and at this place j Ebert's home into a king-size cage by organizations and individuals, o the commission recommended hat -- with one exception -- a man whose loyalty is questioned has a right to cross-examine his ccusers. The exception was the case of off Reservoir road as well as along the drive from Hcservoir road toward the lake on the Pelrikin properly has censed blooming at this elevation, even though it was late. Soapweed, not so readily recognized as a lily, blooms profusely this year as do all desert planls or heat registers after a wet spring. The flowered spikes of the soapweed or yuccft glauca, rising from the center of basal spines can be seen on any uncultivated dry hill, and also along Reservoir road. Some call this the showy yucca -- Adams needle. This true lily stores moisture in a cask-like enlargement just below the base of the floiver, a tremendous swelling in the root. Mothu's of many Grcclcy people made soap from the gooey substance in the enlarged root of the soapweed. Examine its j white flower and you'll notice the stamen and pistil arrangement of j this comparative giant practically duplicates that of lily of the valley, j Pelrikin hill, meaning the large expanse of unbroken land surrounding j the J. M. B. Petrikin home, has an excellent crop of soapweed and of other wild flowers. This is the time for spiderwort, the morning bloomer, wilh each bloom oozing a liquid, responsible for some calling it Job's tears. The bright blue flowers of the spidcrwort would make a ·beautiful bouquet had it not long anticipated the shorter work day trend, and had settled for closing at noon. It docs so every day, on sun time. Cowboys delight furnishes color to the wild flower places noted in Greeley. This is a low growing red mallow, a very near kin to the hollyhock. Sometimes it's called the prairie geranium, but it is not a ger- inium, but a mallow, another flower family. Over on the new college campus, just west of Petrikin reservoir, the prairie snowball is blooming now. The spiderwort and this prairie snowball, sometimes called sand verbena, could furnish a bouquet practically all day. For tie prairie snowball is not a snowball in the shrub sense, and it's not a verbana in any sense. It's a four-o'clock, so sweet Bmellino; that Its specific botanical name is fragrans. This four-o'clock is, of course, an afternoon bloomer. When the spiderwort closes at noon, prairie snowball isn't much of a Dower, but it soon begins to show white. The verbena is of the verbena family, of the phlox order, and the four o'clocks belong lo lhe goosefoot order. Popular flower names are often deceptive. The Flatte thistle and the prickly poppies are both in bloom. The prickly poppy Is a true poppy, a very beautiful flower. A single creamy white blossom of the Platte thistle can be quite allractive for a time, but it soon darkens repulsively and is nearly always on a plant wilh other blossoms that have apparently rusled. The while horse mint | blooms now - square-stemmed, opposite leaved, two-lipped, pagoda- like in arrangement, and odorous. The yellow mustards are plentiful, a comman weed. while he was away. Reluming from vacalion, Ebert found the squirrel had enlered lhe house and caused considerable damage trying to get out again. Fact is, he died trying. His body was found while Eberl totaled the damage -- a broken lamp, chcwcd-up Venetian blinds, and 14 window pane frames, bitten off right down lo lhe glass. EL HENO, Okla. wi -- A ?2,000 fund raising drive is being conducted here to erect a shllter over the log cabin lhat served Gen. Phillips Sheridan as a headquarters when he was commandant of Ft. Reno in 3874. After (he Civil War, the general was sent to Oklahoma to head the calvary's forces in Indian Territory. 'PAP, PIP YOU KNOW th* tofal of 6103 immunizations wai given to public schools shidenti in th« 1956-57 ichogl y«r? USE THt TRIBUNE WANT ADS MISTER BREGER BUCKLEY . . So much for a bit of flower hunting - all of it within six blocks so of Nineteenth street and Thirteenth avenue. If the college ever decides to put « science building on its new campus, and doesn 1 1 trouble to landscape it, the botanist* can do their field work right oit- r ti trouble Ihe window. Weld County Real Estate Transfers Revenue rtampa on real es- Ute trantferi are at the rate of 11.10 per thouiand. June. 21 Robert L. Martin and Ira 0. Martin to Ira 0. Martin and Hulda A. Martin. SEW of 34-2-63. No rev. Claudia Romans Robbins lo , Blk. 34 in West Addition to the Town of Erie. No rev. Julia Bonesteel, Richard -Lee Boncsteel, Jeannine Aline Bono- sleel, Maxine A. Hill, Melvin E. Boncslcel, Maynard .7. Bonesleel, lo J. H. Jones and Melba Jones. Lots 12 and 13, Blk. 3, West Side Addition to the Town of Eaton. Rev. S3.85. First Nalinnal Bank of Greeley, Executor of the Estate of Florence Fezer lo Leonard H. Barlcls and Eleanor F. Barlcls. Part of Lot S, Blk. 6 Second Adddition (o Cran- Henry Wilhclm and Katie Wilhclm. i ford in the City of Greeley. Rev. NEW Of 22-4-64. Rev. $37..40. S15.40. Thomas D. Schank and Esther M.: Jun« 22 Schank to Panorama Park, Inc. I Martha S. Meyer to Ailelaida M. Part of WW of NEVi of 13-5-66. Sub-1 Vigil. Part of Lot 1, of SWV.SW'/. jcct to Deed of Trust. No rev.! of 6-5-65. Rev. 54.95. Jun» 24 Julia Shimsik to 1!. N. Hergulh (Exchange Deed). Pansy E. Scheer lo 0. D. Willon and Ida B. Wilson. Lot 5, Blk. I and Ethel V. Hcrculh. Lots 15 and 1, Miller's Subdivision to the City 115, Blk. 48 in the Town of Hudson. of Greeley. Rev. $8.25. ' j Rev. $.1.30. Rachel Brack to Lyle L. Lucock | WinoRrad's lo Allen Hildrcd. «nd Lois A. Lucock. Lots 9 and 10, i NEMSWV. of 30-3-66. Rev. S2.65. "ITSMAMA, DEAKI" MODEST M A I 1 » F S U tfa lint t*--BUILD--REPAIR and MODERNIZE %^ S$«lfiMtt«t! With pnncturr-proof, rubbtr tired ball btarinc GLEASON Homecraft, Farm and Industrial WHEELS, sizes from 4}i" lo 12" diameter. Build golf b»c. outboard motor carriers, silage, feed carls and portable equipment during "indoor" weather. 'WE HAVE AU THE SEES GOLD'S New and Used Aulo Paris llth St. at 61 h Ave. Ph. 3fi7 "And with THIS one w6 guarantee you'll make at least two gals to the mile . . . " IM.C . , WKI6 SURVIVOR OF- 0 PRISONERS IN LI66Y W.VA,Rlthmond.Vl.. tit I.AT6K WftSlHE KJN£ SURVIVOR OFTwO E R C h U E HIS 5HIPIAW6S ON1H"MhTCHI.EM«THDUern l V WOULD BRINSTHeiA 6M tUCK,6UT l-MfeRTHt SHIP WENT DOWN MARTIN VAN BUREH" fff/i president tfthe U. $,, REVIEWED THE EVIPEMC6 htTO HELPED WIN HIS FIRW LBVJ CBS6 - . WHILE cuMwe ft WDDEB IN euoUCESTERIbft LOOKOUT To WSTCH TH 6Hl?S COME IN, H - HI4 \\l JUUUSCftEShR V /DISTRIBUTED PICKIS TO m MUJItRSTo PREVENT SCURVY, i M6KENIDMIF1ED IN CUCOMER HALF ACRE CASTLE Punning Along JOE PA LOOKA BY HAM FISHER SCORCHY SMITH "Have you a saw? I want (he plcturt that'i palnM on the tence'." VOJ PR06A6LV WON'T BE FIATTEREP WHEN Yo READ r THA-r DIDN'T HWE « ", WMlE OF SM' -RUNNING HOW'S TtVCI GUYCOMIN6 VJrrHYOL!(l.FAI-|IL,V TIP TOR PftJTECTING SWEATER? 0 FINE FABRIC WHEW HANSII THEM ON A CLOTHES I IN( PLACE A SHEET Of WA WELWEflBT MO LITTLE PIECE! Of WWC IWPEfl IT'S AN OLD CUSTOM SHUCKS: -TIVERENT i YOU HAVE CREATED A NEW INOUSTW Noraw; joe... i HAD J FanAxmiA...rrf/iueND UNEWIW T'THINH OF SOVETHIN:./) MENTANO WE WILL NEVER BE reiDES... WOO 9HOUIO / TROUSLED BY SURPLUSES WAIT. HU*PHREY..YDUjWBWr IN7ERKRE_.rrS AH OLD WR/WIAM CUSTOM -JEB /#'/ JUST CHALLENGED BENNY TO A DUEL.' YOUR IDEA TO MAKE PRESERVES OUT OF THE REST Of THE APRICOTS AND PfltfNES WAS 8RILLMNT, WWHREY/ ACCEPT DEFEAT EA5ILY,' Js He's Unconcerned HE HCXJB. EIRV KUiEMAW W 'J- K LCQ4 W FOZ lA /U. IWM W3Z EVZ2VSZA.-U OF ·SA'JO CJT (J£BE 50MCW /S SURE Li. : HE SAID SCOO NSHT A OH WELL, DESAMS JANE That's Friendship Aii Of fT... IF ONLY VOU'LL SPARE PAKE'S UFE/I SWEAR TO VOU/ THAT AFTER I HAVE COLLECTED THAT FORTUNE... ILL I TO 10\]...7H/S /SfJ'T A JR/CK- · ·PON'T 5££ HO'f/ SIHCEKE 5EE IT IH YOUR FACE... you REALLY LEJUtlE DARE RISKED HIS LIFE TO GET ME MY KOW J OFFER YOU MY MONEY... DICKIE WARE LI'L A J S . N K U W.AH O4AH IS A HILL-BILTV,SAME AS ·VO-V-AH HEERD'BOUT'TH'VCXUM FAMII.V SECRtr VJEAPOM: EVEN KFO' ' AHVJENTrvjESTPOlMT// AH BELIEVES IN rrVT'- ' GOOD LUCK.'/

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