Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 21
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Frizzell, Galvin To Perform At Hillside Shopping Center A . frco. country and western Show will bu presented by the Jllllsldo .Centers Merchants Assn. Wednesday evening. Tlie show, Icnlmlng Frliizcll and !ho Johnny Clidvln Show, will run from 8:30 lo 10:30 .p.m. nl- the Hillside Center. Thn cnlcrlalmneiil Is parl-ot Ihe Moonlight Sale being held Wednesday night nl (ho hillside Center. Mall and Hillside Johnny Galvin I FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES ,". AUAjti Adnwlirj PARENTAL CUtDAKCE SUGGESTED SIXTH MMtfi* U«y Nol B. ·'.Sail** Fo« P ^ HO DM UKDCR 17 ADMITTED - MPAA 11 a v 1 d I'MnzcIl, youngcnfivo-slale nroa,. 116 has recorded rothcr of I.cfly Krlz/cll, Is]three albums nnd many singles. Mown for his recordings- of , Ills USO shows are rated L.A. Inlcrmillomil Ail-pmi," second In their field ami he Is Wrapped In Ihe Arms of rated first In the midwest In Country and'Western cnlurtnln s -. ..... ..^,,^.,, mcnt. G u l v l n has plans to make ecord Is n song written by a movie with Columbia Pictures ove," "Klck'n Sand," and Counlry Pride." Ills newest hris Chrlstofcrson, nmis wllh Ihe Devil. . _ _ _ _ as slurred on the Grand Old recently in Greeley for pry nnd In clubs nciusa the "' ' ~ " Johnny (l.tlvln has hcen In iiturlnimnciil since age four, 'c Iws a weekly radio show i Scoltshluff, Neb., mid u 'cekly television program In foux Fnlls, S.D., covering o "Shnke and has played nt most major rodeos in the U.S. He was Ihe Firemen's Ball. In 1971 he played In 32. slates, covering some 07,000 miles. Members of the Johnny Galvin Show include Lynn Smith on bass, Hick Dunn on lead slcel guitar and Dan Tryan on drums. : ormer Nazi olice Chief Stands Trial H A M B U R G , Gcrmuny ( A P ) -- The former Na/l police chief / Warsaw wcnl nn trial today. Dr. J.ndwlg llulm, 64, nn In- urance salesman nnd former 1$ (Ulllc Guard) colonel, Is 'barged with ordering the k i l l ngs "of numerous" inmnles of 'nwlnk Prison and with tlie do- wlallon of at least. 5,090 Polish prisoners lo Auschwitz and olh- ir death camps, On trial with him Is Thomas Wippenbeck, 65, n laborer and ormer SS corporal who is List of Pulitzer Winners NEW YORK ( A P ) - Here is listing of the 1D72 Pulitzer Vizes awarded Monday by Ihe ruslees of Columbia University n Ihe recommendation of the \dvlsory Board on the Pulitzer Hues: JOURNALISM Public Service--The New fork Times, for publication of he Pentagon papers disclosing lackground on American 'olvemcnt in Vietnam. National Reporting--Jack Ari- lerson, syndicated columnist, or disclosures of American for- ign policy decisions during the ndia-Pakislan war. l International. Reporting--Peer R . - K a n n , Wall Street Jour- ial, for; cove rage of the India "'akistan war. · General Ixcal Reporting-- ttchard Cooper and John itachacek, Rochester, (N.Y.) Times-Union, for coverage he Atlica prison riol. Special Local Pimottiy Leland, O'Neill, Stephen and Ann DeSantis, Boston !ilobe, for exposure of corrup- .ion in Somcrville, Mass. E d i t o r i a l Writing-John Strohmeyer, Bethlehem (Pa.] Slobe-Times, for editorials urg ,ng reduced tensions when Puerto Ricans · faced hostility amid police brutality charges. Editorial Cartooning--Jeffre' . MacNclly, Richmond (Va. \ews 1/oadcr, for a portfolio o cartoons during the year. Commentary--Mike Royko columnist for the Chicago Daily N'cws. Criticism--Frank Peters Jr. music critic of the SI. Loui 'osl-Dispatch. Spot News Photography-- lorst Faas and Michel Lau rent, 'Associated Press, fo ho(os showing Banglades vengeance.against Pakistanis. Feature Photography--Dav onnerly, United Press Inter lational, 'for photos showin, oneliness and desolation i Vietnam^ - LETTERS ' Fiction--Wallace El Stegne for "Angle of Repose." History--Carl N. Degler fo of "Neither Black nor White." Biography--Joseph P. Las Reporting-- for "Eleanor and Franklin." Gerard M. Poetry--James Wright fo A. Kurkjian "Collected Poems." General Non-Fiction--Bar bara W. Tuchman for "Stilwe and Ihe American Experienc in China, 1311-1945." Drama--No award. MUSIC Jacob Druckman for "Win dows," an orchestral piece. By WILLIAM CLOVER AP Dr«m* Critic NEW YOUK ( A P ) - "Different Times," Monday night's arrival nl the ANTA Theater, In in ovcrsugary musical by recent Broadway standards, and would probably have hcen happier In n different lime. Say he Crimea cused of. llahn stands ac- Wippenbeck was also chargcii with having hanged at least 10 risoncrs and with the torturing o death,of at least two others vho he 1 allegedly forced to perform "physical fitness ex ercisos" while they were standing in glowing ashes. The Critic's View T«es., .liny ~i, l«J7!i ( i K K H L K V (Colo.) T I U H U N E 21 ireparatlon of iho rations that echo jand styles from Salvation Army to Glenn Miller. 'Die songs surge will) such matters as "the beautiful feeing knowing you've got lo he rolhcrs," "everything In the world has a place," "I wish I charged with aiding In some of Do," "Carousal" and those Up- slalrs and the Downstairs revues lo which he formerly contributed. Brown has tried certainly to handle too many jobs, for.the ex-Air Force , cryptographer from Texas not only wrote the hook, the music and the lyrics hut directed. Just by way o contrast, Ihree gents shared in Galley Lawyers Sue Army Over Errors in Conviction orches- assortcd · , , / . , -- . . . J wuuu imji u m;jce, i wisn I when old-fashioned fudge was d l d n . t , ovc h , m ( b u l hc noods all the rage. It traces with Valentine sentimentality the nps and downs of one man's family f r o m 1005 .hrough 1970, with en route Interludes for suffragettes,' boot- Aggers, marathon dancers and, you helcha, the hippie generation. Michael Brown may have tried lo crowd loo much inlo tills cross between "I Do, f years, but (Jalley still had the option to appeal lo Hie military appeals court. President Nixon has said he will make a final review of the case. John Schulz of Ault Joins KCSU Radio Sports Staff :15.p.m. May 19;' and CSU vs. FORT COLLINS -- John Schulz, a graduate, of Highland High" School at Ault, has joined the sports announcing staff of KCSU-FM, the voice of Colorado State University. Schulz, a sophomore accounting major at CSU, has been an assistant athletic trainer with the alhletic department for (he past two years. The new announcer will be on the air daily at 4:40 p.m. with sports news and will join the rest of the staff to broadcast CSU baseball games. KCSU-FM (90.9, featuring Schulz) will broadcast the following games: CSU vs.'UNC, 2:30 p.m. Way 9; CSU vs. BYU, BYU, 10:30 a.m. May 20. HILL S IDE theatre Academy Award For Best Actress Jane Fonda in KLUTE PLUS SUMMER OF '42 NOWSHOWING Showlime7and?p.m. 356-2499. W o m e n C a n ' t Be F i r e d F o r P r e g n a n c y DENVER (AP) -- Women can't be fired from their jobs or being pregnant, the Colora- lo Civil Rights Commission las decided. : The commission adopted guidelines to h e l p ' d e f i n e what constitutes violations of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Employment Act. The guidelines say business firms can't discriminate in hir- ng, wages, promotions or finge jcnefits on the basis, of sex, ind that pregnancy must be treated as ground for temporary leave only. The new guidelines also say job tests must be linked to ability only and that employers must let workers take lime off WASHINGTON ( A P ) - Lawyers f o r ' Lt; William Calley nave filed suit with the Army of Military .- Review charging the Army made 32 errors in convicting Calley of the 1968 My Lai killings. Briefs were filed late Monday with Ihe court, according Galley's chief attorney, George Latimer of Salt Lake City. Latimer refused to discuss the briefs in detail.but said they raise "some questions about the methods us',^1" to get some of the evidence. He disagreed, however, with 1 a ·. copyrighted article, in the' Nashville Tennessean thai said "manufactured" appeared in' the briefs in reference to evidence. "It's rather an extensive mef with a number of ques- .ions of legal rulings and ques- :ions of constitutional rights," Lalimer said. The Nashville newspaper said command influence was cited by the lawyers as having come to bear on Calley's eventual conviction last year. The paper said the briefs charged Gen. William C. Westmoreland, Army chief of staff, influenced the outcome because it was in his personal interest as · commander in Vietnam when the My Lai incident occurred to let the guilt stop with Lai. A review cut thai lo 20 me)" and, for Inspiration ''sock life In the eye." Innocuous and schmaltzy arc he prevalent moods, with all the performers radiating llke-us geniality through every corny line and situation. Dclermina- ion frequently overshadows talent. A large number of first- nighters, it must be reported, jubilantly applauded the elabo rate exertions. All Ihe principal performers have been on and off Broadway for quite a spell, but each was getting first big opportunity lo shine. Among them are Joe Masiell, the best singer or stage; Palli Karr, whosi dream of love ends in a brassy night club stint; Mary Jo Cat lett, doing half a dozen parts Including the Kaiser; and Ron aid Young, who turns up in al most every scene in anolhc makeup. For his Main Stem cho- jrcographic debut, Tod Jack.son ' h a s kept routines simple and remembered ail the lap routines thai were lefl out of "No, No, Nanette." The settings by David Gulh rie, who trained with Oliver Smith and the Eckarts, are so Tlie Tennessean said the unobtrusive as to be almost nonexistent. His costuming is briefs not only indicated high- c o l o r f u l l y varied. Marlon level intervention in the case hut said Calley has been denied access to pertinent evidence and that witnesses were "illegally coached, led and importuned by government investigators to testify to facts not within their memory." Aronstein, a veteran at such matters, puts on quite a lighting show. Despite quite a few faults. "Different Times" is modestly rewarding family fare ant might even he endearing in [eventual hinterland display. Calley and go no higher. Calley was sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of 22 Vietnamese civilians at My ·md attend sabbath services regardless of their failh. playtime for you drive, schools or Transformer Failure Causes Denvers Bank Fire DENVER (AP) - An electrical transformer in an underground power room in front of the Uniled Bank erupted in fire Monday, causing heavy damage to nearby electrical equipment but no injuries, officials said. Smoke poured into the base- x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x at MINI FLICK Greeley ROOM 11--7 . 10:15 plus 100 RIFLES 8:15 ADULTS ONLY At Cinema 35 Fort Collins ELVIRA M A D I G A N 7 10:45 Plus "7," 8:45 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x All seats S2.50 each 356-2499 to observe religious holidays menl of the bank building but officials on the upper floors] said they didn't even know a fire had erupted. No injuries were reported and there was no immediate dollar estimate of Ihe damage. The exact cause of the blaze re- 1651 W. lOthSI. LOUNGE Coming attraction starting Wednesday JILLS AND A JACK 9 p.m. fo 1:30 a.m. LADIfS' DAY All Day Every Tuesday ChnmpcKjne/ Cold Duck, or Bar Blend Cockl.iils Another Grocioy First -Draft Chcimpagne Also Cold Duck on Tap Clininr.M;no included v/ith dinners Iliiswook from 5 to 9 Springtime is children. When especially near residential areas, be doublyjmained under investigation, alert for children who m a y i Only 10 to 15 minutes were suddcntly dart info the path ofjrequired to extinguish the your car. Where children are flames, fire officials said. concerned, warnes (he State Patrol, expect the unexpected. Business continued as usual, bank officials said. LAST TIME TONIGHT 'NORTH COUNTRY PLUS 'COUGAR COUNTRY TWO OF THE BEST HILLSIDE SHOPPING MALL MENU FOR WEDNESDAY, MAY 3rd Reel Enchiladas v.ith Mexican Green Chili and Cheese Sauce 75c Grilled Liver with Sauleed Onions 4?c Rruiscls Sprouts Amandine 30c Scalloped Fifjgplflrit 75c Fresh Spinacfi and Egg Salad 30c Troplcfil Fruil Salad with Sour Creampressing .30c i German Chccoliiie Pic . _ . . . . ' 35c Hof Spicy Apple Dumplings 25c Serving Hours: Mondjy thru Friday, ll;00 a.m. lo | 7:03 p.m. and 4:06 p.m. It) 1:00 p.m. Saturday and t Sunday continuously serving 11:00 a.m. to SiOOp.m. "NEVER GIVE A INCH" was the motto of the Stampers of Oregon.. and live It they did! Sometimes a Great Notion A story of the young... for theyonng and the young at heart! HALWAllJB Product** RED BUY AT MORNING IVVVtlSJL WtH.llUVCOlOi' [Og "35* Box OHico Opens At Como As You Are 7 p.m. Showlime 7;30 Try Our Snack Bar CHi:i-:i.KY S riM-.ST I HI \THI S TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCES AT 7:30 AND 9:30 TONIGHT'S P E R F O R M A N C E S AT 7:00 AND 9:00 W I N N E R OF 5 ACADEMY AWARDS THE FRENCH CONNECTION % «fc IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICAN THRILLERS. 53.[PG] 352-3636 1516 Eighth Ave. S T A R T S W E D N E S D A Y ! PERFORMANCES AT 7:00 10:00 OUT OF POLLUTION'S DEPTHS IT SLITHERS! Breathing Poison... Leaving a wake ol deadly slime... Destroying all :\ inilapath! ·JTfi A £*M4*-- v ; STARRING WARD RAMSEY AND KRISTIN A HANSON' What's wrong with... ... iHKUiwiurwif CHER-CCH.OR IE' 32 '* FINAL P E R F O R M A N C E S AT S T A R T S W E D N E S D A Y PERFORMANCES AT 7:00 AND 10:00 ^ PINK lisa ANGELS ...IF YOUCANI .- \ CHAINED LIKE A5SMAIS- tretrtedfike trash ieveti tfo HWiondswed woWn't sioptttoff piviViTvo c roving I WIPE WOULD 01 ENTERTAINMENT /

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