Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 20
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.20 (JREBbEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tucs., May 2, 1072 Horoscope Forecast Bit Carroll Rightcr Wednesday, May 3 _ lo July 21) Try and pcrsuadcjfulurc. Forget worrying about _ 11^ motives of others. Carry through willi your own. SAC-lTTAItlUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Convince your associates Iliiit you \vnnt lo conlimic Hie relationships far inlo Hie future. Don't take any risks and avoid trouble. Follow Ilio advice 'I of business experts. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jnn. 20) Follow your own intuition before you go lo 11 bigwig for a favor you have in mind. Your judgment is good now so follow it. Make sure you behave in an orthodox fashion. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) You need to be belter prepared before you engage in a activity thai appeals lo Study all available dnta. You have fine ideas, but first u get the advice of a specialist. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Rather than fuss and fume over some responsibility, go out and visit with a good friend or an older person of wisdom. You can gain personal aims earlier than you had thought possible. I F ' Y O U R CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . he or she will be one of those wise persons who understands (lie importance of using accepted procedures but will from time lo time go off on a tangent. This can be avoided by more strict application, listening to the words of higher-ups and following their guidance. Ethics and religion should be taught early in life. Sports should not be loo strenuous, since your progeny "Oh, sure. At least several]is somewhat delicate. Music and candidates already have asked art are fine here. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to you! (C) 1972 McNaught Syndicate, Inc. UniM'jKnij iiM\uiM\oi;: Do nothing today or tonight that is unconventional or make sudden changes or take any risks. By going along with those in high:'office and showing your abijify to follow proven methods yw| will be ;ible (o accomplish a great deal today. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Contact jicrsons in high places and gain the backing you desire al (his time. Avoid associalcs who' like to argue. Put your jcsl, courteous manner to use ind accomplish a great deal. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Study new Ideas that may mean ·\ change is in the offing, but don't put in operation now. Use vour-" ingenuity to oblain lite d a t a ' t h a t you need. Show that you' are a capable person. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Take care of your responsibili- :ies instead of going off on a tangent, Find (he right garments lliat will enhance your appearance. Show devotion to male tonight. Take health Irealmenls. MOON CHILDREN {June 22 iisiivciiiies 10 approve a line plan you have. Taking unnecessary risks can put yon in n biu situation, so doublecheck before taking action. Relax at home tonight. LEO (July 22 lo Aug. 21) Provided you exercise care in nio- lioii of all kinds, you c;in gel much accomplished today am lonight. A health treatment may be expensive but well worth il and will bring out the real von. VIKGO (Aug. 22 to Sept, 22) You can engage in amuscmcnl you enjoy provided you are nol extravagant. You have been in a rut for so long you need a change right now. Use utmost care in travel in Hie evening. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You have fine talents you car commercialize on, but be tactful in dealing with others. Listen with care to what higher-ups have lo say. Await a better lime before making any changes. SCORPIO (Oci. 23 to Nov. 21) A good day lo prove lo associates that you want lo continue the relationships far into the § As Boyle Sees It * By HAL BOYLE By F. RICHARD CICCONE Associated Press Writer For HAL BOYLE CHICAGO (AP) - Another polltaker rang the doorbell again last weekend. Some people are on (lie lists for pornographic mail or in- vilations to all-expense-paid trips to Mexico to look at parking lots. I get all the polilakers. "Hi, are you watching television?" "Yeah." "Who are you watching?" "Kareem Abdul Jabbar." 'What primaries is he entered in?" "He's not in a primary. He plays professional basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks." "I.'see. Well, I'm conducting a private poll on the presidential -.candidates and the primaries." "But the Illinois primary was over a month ago." "Yes, I know. Bui our client is very interested in learning who''· you would have voted for if you hadn't voted for the man you did vote for." "Why?" "Well, sir, you see since there are so many clients, excuse me, so many candidates, and so many primaries, it's very likely that some candidates will drop out of the race and (hat would strengthen our client's position, especially if he could secretly reveal t h e results of a private poll showing that he would have won various primaries that he lost. "Oh." 'So, would you mind tellinj me who you would have volec for if you didn't vote for the man you voted for." "Don't you want to know who I voted for?" "It's inmaterial. It only mailers who your seconc choice would be. Sometimes it's better to lose in New England (lie Soulh, the Midwest and th Far West as long as you can say you were the next choice That shows broad appeal." "What's the difference why you lost so long as you lost." \ "1 think it's like sports. It'si for samplings showing thai most people don't believe in primary results anyway." Hal Boyle is ill Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Televl«l6n Radio Wrllnr · NEW YORK (AP) - A successful nvl director who moved ip to producer wllliont losing lis interest In new techniques, Robert Markell, is still ex- »rimentlng--in n pilot pro- _rnm coming up luniglit on NBC. Tlie uudience probably v lot bo aware lie is fiddling around willi unusual forms, bnl Mnrkcll hopes the hour will be .inolher slep toward more ef- 'icicnt ways of producing belter performances and more effec- ive photography. The program is "The Dark Side," u thriller shot entirely on location in New York. The program is unusual because H was shot entirely on tape. Then Markcll transferred the product 0 film for editing and returned 1 to tape for broadcast. Markell made the entire show in seven days in locations ranging from the Bowery to the Bronx's Woodlawn Cemetery. "Tape is great for ball games ind news," the producer said, 'so why not a dramatic show? By using tape, we can play it jack immediately and know if we need a retake of a scene. All this gives the actor more rehearsal time. It generally works out so that the entire show goes more smoothly. With film, which must be developed, things must be set up more rigidly in advance and there is so much less leeway." Markell, who has four Emmys, three of them for pro grams in "The Defenders' series, sees no reason that this tape-film combination shoulc not work as well in Hollywood as it does in New York. It has he insists, the combined advantages of greater economy ant flexibility. The game show packaging firm of Goodson-Todman, an in TV Programs KBTV, Channel 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Channel 4; KRMA, Channel ( slllutlon through the 1950s am 1960s with lirough nil went after shows spreai (luce nelwavks through some Icnii the denlh of slich diiy, long playing programs as "Whal My Line?" and "I've got u So cret." It is luippy tititl healthy agaii with most of their old show jack in business being bouglil for Ilio most pail, by indepeiuJ cut stations. "What's My Line?" willi onV Arlene Francis from Hie orig nal panel of regulars remnii ing, resumed us n syndlcater series four years ago. "To Tel the Trulh" returned thro years ago with Garry Moore a :iost making u TV comeback Gradually many of (he olhe old favorites began secon Actress Collapses LAS VEGAS, Nov. (Al 1 ) Actress Dcbblo Reynolds wns rushed to Southern Nevada Memorial llospltnl'iifler collapsing nt n Norlh Lns Vegns residence. . / Miss Reynolds, -10, wns trerilcd anil-' released Monday for n pinched, ijcrvo In her back and was reported resting nt the Desert Inn Hotel, where she is appearing through May 8. Norlh Lns Vegas firemen said Ilioy were enlled and found lives. "Password," with Allen Ludden, wns acquired by ABC. "Beat the Clock," returnee with Jack Narz succeeding the late Bud Collyer ns host. , Steve Allen will soon slep into Garry Moore's old sjxit whei "I've Got a Secret" comes back, and Dennis James has been hired for a revival ol "The Price is Right." ryANW. GimkER W SOUTH ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH , AT BURKES PASS,SaCAN1ERBOR/M.7, I WAS 8UILT JOINTLY AND SHARED FOR I YEARS BY PKCSSVJERIftNS. ,qr~- -....-... /, .liv.'^.vA 8RU.UAHTINE WAS BOUGHT IH ENGLAND Bf MRS. EARL HOOVE1J AN AMERICAN, TOR* 9,800 ,Ilss Reynolds lylhg on the loor, Slio Is expected lo re- o her show tonlglil. There fire 30 notional coverliiK 28 million acros, nlost of Iliem west of Ilio Mississippi. ACKOS9' ]. Receipts. X. Vrlco cut 10. Umiatu- rnHrect : 11. Much (mus.) 12. Sacred medieval drama (2 wds.) 14. Nigerian cily 15. -- slick 1C. Experienced 17. Edward Inn iilcknamo 18. -- dp mcr 19. Itival £0. Knightly title 21. Famous Quaker 22. On Ilio briny 24. Ice mnss 25.-- o f l h c dough (archer outlaw) 38. "Tho Sleeping Prophet," -- Cayco 39. Spooky 40. Holds as an opinion 41. Deft' elency DOWN 1, Kind of pal h for aircraft 2. Drought Inlo mo open 3. Afternoon social 4, Panegyrics 6, Scout 0. Cut ort 7, Everywhere (2 wds.) g.llocoinliiH Insipid ft.Tomlioy 10, Final word 13.1ntho school (nbbr.) 21. Cosset 22. Menu term (3 wds.) 23. Hypodermic 24.Expand, 25. Clutched 26. European river M. Initiator* 39, Ttablluate 30. Inflexible ai.Olhar- wls* 30. Weaver's handiwork 37. Caddoan Indian scrap 27. Mnlay gibbon 28. Hurly- burly 29. Fury 32. French friend 33. Edible seed 34. Nothing 35. Antibiotics, for ox- ample (2 wds.) DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: A X Y I I. 1» A A X II Is I- O N G F E L L O W . ; One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three'l/s, X for the two O's, elc. Single letters,' apostrophes, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Each day the code letters arc different. CnYPTOQUOTES T J P G K T X T P M K X M P J Z P K A Z W W F Y X K J P M K W N JZP A W Y Y W U T P W T F P . - Z P U U V G X M Q K P P A Z P M Yesterday's Cryptonuote: REFORM MUST COME FROM WITHIN NOT FROM WITHOUT. YOU CANNOT LEGISDATB VIRTUE--JAMES CARDINAL GIBBONS Tuesday, May 2 4:00--2: Green Acres 6: Media Theory 7: Guide To Love 4:39--2: Gilligan's Island 6: Misterogers 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 5:00-2: McHales Navy 4: NBC News 6: Sesame Street 7: News, Wthr, Spts 9: News 5:30--2: Hogan'd Heroes 4: Eyewitness News 9: News Force One 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral 6: Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Better World 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 6: Folk Guitar 7: Glen Campbell 9: Mod Squad 7:00--2: Truth or Consequences 4: Four Kings 6: Vanishing Wilderness 7:30--2: Dragnet · 6: Course of Time 7: All in the Family 9: Movie 8:00--2: Perry Mason 4: African Dairy 6: French Che! 7: Cannon 8:30--6: Advocates 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spts 4: Nichols 7: Hawaii Flvc-0 9: Marcus Welby 9:30--6: Open Topic 10:00-2: Movie 4: News, Wthr, Spts 7: News, Wthr, Spls. 6: Open Topic 9: News, Wthr, Spls. J10:30--4: Primary Coverage 6: Inform 2:00--2: To Tell the Trulh 4: Somerset 6: Electric Company 7: Dialing for Dollars 9: Love, American Style 2:30-2: Beat the Clock 4: Days of Our Lives 5: Furniture Repair 9: Newlywed Game 3:00-2: Big Valley 4: Concentration 9: Bewitched 3:30--4: Money Movie 9: Merv Griff in 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Comer Pyle 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island b': Misleroger's 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 5:00--2: McEIale's Navy 4: News 6: Sesame Street 7: News ·: News 5:30--2: Hogan's Heroes 4: Eyewitness New* 9: News 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral 6: Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 6: Green Survival 7: Arnie 7:00--2: Trulh or Consequences 4: Laredo 6: Profile 7: Medical Center . . 9: Sixth Sense 7:30--2: Dragnet 4: Movie ' G: On the Rockies 8:00--2: Perry Mason 4: The Dark Side 0: Public Affair 7: Movie 9: Smith Family 8:30-6: Tnis Week 9: Comedy Machine 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spts. 4: Nichojs ·· 6: Vibrations 9: Persuaders 10:00--2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr., Spts. 6: 'Soul' l\ News, Wlr. Spts 9: News, Wlr. Spts 10:30--4: Tonight Show 7: Movie 11:00--6: Inform 9: Dick Cavett 12:00-2: News 4: News 12:30--9: David Frost Radio Programs KUKCFM 91.5; KYOU HS3 KFKA 1310) KGRE 92.3; KUAD nice for managers anil coaches to say they lost because of the lay-off or because of the tight schedule, you know." "Yeah, but the fans don't believe that." "What do they believe?" "They believe if you lost it's because you weren't good enough." "I'm sorry, sir. My client could never accept that as a poll result. Thanks anyway. See you after the California primary." "You'll still be taking primary polls after the last primary?" Part of Curriculum NEW YORK ( A P ) -- Judo, frisking, target practice and daily jogging are ail in the curriculum for 17 city policewomen being trained to join patrolman partners in radio cars. . A police spokesman said Monday the eight-week training course at the Police Academy would prepare the policewomen to participate with their male counterparts as "equals in every sense of Ihe word on radio motor patrol." 7: Movie 11:00-9: Dick Cavelt 4: Tonight Show G: Inform 12:00-2: News 12:30--9: David Frost 4: Eyewitness News Wednesday, May 3 11:00--2: Famous Jury Trials 4: Sale of Century 7: News 9: All My Children U:30--2: Honeymooners 4: Three on a Match G: Math 7: As the World Turns 9: Let's Make a Deal 12:00-2: Blinky Fun Club 4: hyewilncss News 7: Love is Splendor Thing 9: Today at Noon 12:30--2: Phil Donahue 4: The Doctors 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game 12:45-6: Science Gr. 3, 4 1:00--4: Another World 6: Science Gr. 1, 2 7: Secret Slorm 9: General Hospital 1:30--2: What's My Line !: f'eylon Place 6: Social Studies 7: Edge of N'ight 9: One Li(e to I/ive SCRAM-IETS ANSWERS Invent - Mikf.r - Mold)/ - Injure - RUW OVER ".'a when you're run down that you're most likely to UNOVKR. S-l Tuesday, May 2 :00-KPKA: News, Music KYOU: Info News KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music KYOU: Regional News 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-- KFKA: News, wthr, spts. K Y O U : News 75 KUNC: Evening Report 5:30-KUAD: Sign Off 6:00-KFKA: Circle J R Ranch KUNC: Things C'sidercd 6:15-KYOU: South of Border 7:30-- KUNC: Poor Consumer 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Ted Loveland KGRE: News KUNC: Martin L. King 8:30-- KGRE: Music KYOU: Regional News KUNC: Jazz 0:00-KUNC: News, Prog. Mus KYOU: Info News IO:00-KFKA: News KYOU: News KUNC: Rock 10:I5-KFKA: Var. Carousel KUAD: Boh McBride 12:30-KUAD: Bob McBride KYOU: KFKA: KYOU: 11:00-- KYOU: 12:00-KFKA: KUNC: News Sign Off Sign Off Nightcap Wednesday, May 3 JI:00-KUAI: Bob McBride K F K A : News, Music KYOU: KGRE: 11:I5-KFKA: KYOU: I1:30-KYOU: 11:15-KYOLI: 12:00-KFKA: News Slerco Music Music Spis, Wcalhcr News Macy Allnutt Monfort Hpt. KUNC: Expanded News KYOU: News, Wcalhcr KUAD: News 12:in-Kt!An: Voice nf Vallny I2:15-KFKA: Weather, Spls. i j 12:4i Paul Harvey Salelime, Mkls 1:00-KFKA: What's Hap'ning KYOU: Chuck Wolfe 1:15-KFKA: Music 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Don Bell 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music 3:00-KFKA: News, Music KUNC: News, Music KYOU: Jim Cox 3:30-KFKA: Spts, Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30~KKKA: Edilorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KFKA: News, Wfr, Sp KYOU: News n 5:30-KUAD: Sign Off 5:45--KKKA: This is Greeley 6:00-KUNC: Expanded New KFKA: Circle JR Ranc 6:15-KYOU: South of Horde KUKC: Periscope, Ja 1 7:30-KUNC: Drum 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Jim Cox KGRE: News 8:30--KGRE: Music KUNC: Music 9:00-KU,\C: News, Prog. Mm 9:45-KUNC: UNC Profile 10:00--KUNC: Jazz 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carouse 11:00--KYOU: Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off 11:50-KFKA: News, Wlr, Spl KFKA: Sign Off KUNC: News, Music KYOU: Market Musi DENVER RADIO K1.Z: MO-Music, news KirOW: C30-Music, news KBTR: 710-News 24 hours KOA: 850--Music, news on \k hr. HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana WILL VOU IVELL...SCIENCE, DK3.THE ·S.IT BAIN CAUSE HOLES roR\iors OF OUR PLANT · r TROUBLES? SCIENCE? WE HAVE TO SET ALL THESE OUT NOW FOR STUDY IN OUR PLANT SCIENCE REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis I'M HOT F££UH6 H'EU/LAUK'A/MV IT WOULD BE A LITTLE DIFFICULT/ WE'RE SHORT OF HELP JOPAYI IN WHAT WAYAKEUIT VOU FEEUWS WELL ? CO you HM'E PAW AHY- WHEZC.-- OKARE "I POHT THINK I'M FfViK ! I JUST OOH'T FEtl KIOHT- CAN YOV KVII OVER HERE TO THE HOSPITAL! MARK- AND I'LL IMVE O N E OF WVICII DOCTOR LAURA? MAKK7 YOU DOIKS AT HOME ? IS THIHG WRONG f JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins WHILE INANUPTCWM GAKASE- Li'l AI3NER BEAUTI F-'UI, DOWMTOWM DOGPATO1 IS AN'S-SOIS OUR SWEET SCRAVM7 LI'L MAMMY Tl KffJJERMtfj rr V/ll 1 PAVAI.I.TIIEDAMAGF.S//'

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