Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1977 · Page 50
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 50

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1977
Page 50
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50 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed.. June S. 1977 Autos For Sale 92 Autos For Sale 92 92 Autos For Sale 92 Autos For Sale 92 Autos For Sate 92 Auto* For Sata 92 Autos For Sale EDWARD'S 1973 Chevy El Camino $ 3187 V-8, auto., radio, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power door locks, .tilt wheel, vinyl top. t* No. 75179A 1975 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door Hardtopj V - 8 , automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes, tilt wheel, cruise, vinyl top, $0007 air. No. 70108A jLol 1974 Jeep J10 Pickup 4x4, V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes. 51 No. 75173A 1973 Jeep CJ 4x4, V-8, Big Wheels. No. 75069B 1972 Plymouth Fury III 4 Door, V-8, automatic transmission, radio, power steering, power, brakes, cruise control, vinyl top, air · $1 QQ7 conditioning. No. 70029B lOO/ 1971 Ford Galaxie 2 Door Hardtop, V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes, $1 007 air. No. 75016B lOO/ 1975 Ford Gran Torino V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes, air, real low miles, j* '3295 1187 987, No. 70118A . 1970 Ambassador 4 Door Sedan, V-8, radio, power . · j steering, air. No. 70222A . 1974 Ford Gran Torino V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes, air. Don't 50CQ7 miss this one! No. 70047A £DO/ 1970 Chevrolet Belair V-8, automatic, radio, vinyl top, air conditioning, power steering, j power brakes. No. 60239B 1976 Chevrolet Malibu 2 Door, 6 cylinder, standard transmission. Less than 10,000miles. $OCQ7 N0.70146A dUO/ 1972 Ford Mustang Grande V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, vinyl top, air. No. 70050A 1973 Plymouth Fury 4 Door, V-8, automatic, -radio, power steering, power brakes, $1007 vinyl top, air. No. 7 0 2 0 8 A . . . - . ' . , . . . . 130/ 1973 Chevrolet Malibu 2 Door Hardtop, V-8, automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes, $O7Q7 vinyl top, air. No.701287A Llol 1969 Olds Cutlass 2 Door Hardtop, V-8, automatic, power '1187 1975 Chevy Nova Hatchback, V-8, automatic, radio, power steering. No. 70126 . 1971IHC1610 Cargo Star Chassis and cab. 108" cab to axle. 4 speed -- 2 speed. N0.75146A ' 1975 Ford Ranger 3/4 ton Camper Special. V-8, automatic, radio, power steering. No. 75183A steering, power brakes, radio. No. 70083A '4687 EDWARDS CHEVROLET 1310 8th Ave. 352-7715 CHEVROLET See One Of Our Salesmen: Dean Bachenberg Joe Ruibal Monty Monteitn Bruce Tarranl Stan Standifeid K "i Busicnio Marvin Henrichs Wickland Motors TOP QUALITY C 1 AR ORNERS Trading has been good, we have several older models that we have traded (or. Good transportation at reasonable prices. 1971 Chevrolet Vega 2 door, good economy * cylinder, 4 spsed, radio. Your gasoline dollar will go further here. Stock No. 836C $1,050 1971 Chevrolet Impala 4 door, motor has been over-hauled, 550, V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioner. It won't take first In a beauty conlest but runs excellent. Slock No. 687A...-. $1,250 1971 Chevrolet Impala 2 door hardtop. Really nice car. V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioner, vinyl roof, cruise control. It's nice. Stock No. MSB $1,650 1971 Buick Electra 4 door hardtop. This Is a 50,000 mile car. Has lots of extras, full power plus air conditioning. You just can't go wrong on this fine car. Stock No. 933B SI/850 1971 Olds Cutlass 4 door sedan. Another real sharp little car. Small economical- V-8 engine, automatfc transmission, power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioner. Near new radials. Stock No. 943A SI/850 1971 Fiat 2 door Sport Coupe. Economical 4 cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission, radio. Previous owner says 28toSOmiles per gallon. Stock No. 865B '..'.. $1,350 1970 Toyota Station Wagon Lots of economy here. 4 cylinder, 4 -speed transmission, radio. Just the thing for short hops. Stock N0.936D '. $1,150 1969 Chrysler Newport 4-door sedan. A real nice older model. Good economical transportation. Air conditioned, radial tires. Stock No. 586B $1,150 See Or Call One Of Us Uitrj Nicnlai, 356-7615 Warren Phelps, 353-3852 Dick Dickinson, 352-5570 401-404 8th Ave. Ph. 353-1050-1054 Greeley, Colorado , No. 3811 No. 31 CLOSE OUT SALE ON OVER STOCK CONDITION ALL USED CARS TRUCKS INVENTORY MUST BE SOLD 1977 Cadillac Coupe deVille 1977 Chevrolet ¥2 Tor^pickup 1977 Mercedes Benz4 5 osL C ou P e 1976 Cad. Eldorado convert.^ 1976 Chevy Blazer NO. 3722 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo NO.TM 1976 Chevrolet Chevelle coupe NO.TM? 1976 CheVy Scottsdale 4x4 Short Box No. 3564 1Q7R loon Waonnoor -U r u jwGp I f l u g w I I W I «' = ' 7 C A I I U nu.U//0 1976 Oldsmobilecutiass coupe 1975 Chevrolet Blazer 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1975 Ford Bronco 1975 Ford 4x41/2 ton pickup 1975 Ply. Trailduster4x4 1974 Volvo Sta.Wgn. 1972 Chev. % ton Pickup 1971 Chev. Impala Coupe 1973 Ford % ton pickup 1973 Int. Travelall 1971 Int. Scout 4x4 1973 Volvo 2 door sedan TRADES-TERMS EVERY CAR AND PICKUP MUST BE SOLD THIS MONTH. See One Of Our Salesmen Jac! Wheeler . Mary Stutz FINANCING AVAILABLE TRADESANDTERMS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. Open Monday thru Friday Till 9 p.m.. Sat. Till 6 p.m. GREELEY AUTO AND TRAILER SALES 16th St. and Highway 85 By-Pass No. 3720A No. 3660A No. 3611 No. 3835 No. 3627 NO. 3737 No. 3637 No. 3647 ' No. 3174A . N0.3764A No. 3777. No. 3495 No. 3598 -MUST SELL -- nn Atonic C«"0- (*e»« S'ftriflB, (XSlir OK*S, p?*W»'Jl»Al, a*, fer's't t«y a 1 ^ !n«»r^r »K«l!fni. 3.P«m;i«. 8«io»*f. JSJ-2K*. 1971 OATSUN 8113 -- PsittxK, fxeelitrtl coneiti 35 CM m!!«. 37 repa Il.WO. Call M4iX0, «H «*' i*'w«y v* tm LINCOLN MM k IV - *uw. lnlMlw.U7Wt.rm.5i4 \sn. 1?« SU3ARU -- * JOW, new tft«. miles, W». 353 4MS. alter 4 )W3 CHEVROLET BtU'-f -- » tft«Wt«. lull b«n lun«J vp/ ·* 9W9 '''«·*, J »*· 1!M FORD FtlH*"* -- Automatic, I3W. GOOD fcvj Car - 1WI !«) DODGE W*son -- Bs« c «.!»»* TO* conditioning, good ruMf. -..,-.rack, reCulH IfSRimliilon. Yo^'i at OATSUN J (Jew -- Automatic Iran- mlstloft. J1WO actyal mllM.SI.UO. 3SI- MUST SELL - 1»M CfWV ImpaU "Spirit ol America" 2 oc«r hjrdi^p. very "'£*· White "halo" vin»i i!p o»-ef filu*. Mlr.nei;n tires, air ewiQltiwing. power steering, w-ver brakes tilt v.r\et\, am- tm. new tranimi«lon, *J.WO mll« AsKina u. i». as wsi. «K tof BA. FOR SALE - l»l P!|i^wm 4 cccr. KX Go«j commuter car. Call Clay. UMOJO orMl WJl.atterS 1976 Datsun 710 Wagon AM/FAA, luggage rack. No. W23. 1976 Datsun 280Z 4 speed, air, mags, AM/FM. No. 25. 1976 Datsun · "Honeybee" 4 speed, radio, "Real Economy." No. 1345B. 1974 Datsun 610 Wagon 4 speed, air, AM/FM cassette. No. 27. 1974 Datsun 260Z Automatic transmission, AM/FM, very low miles. No. 1373A 1975 Ford "Maverick Cpe" 6 cylinder, 3 speed, power steering. No. 1589A. 1973 Ford "Pinto Coupe" 4 speed, radio, radinl tires. No. 1550A. 1972 Ford Pinto "Runabout" Automatic transmission, radio, low miles. No. 26. 1971 Buick "Skylark Coupe" Automatic, power steering, power brakes, air, rally wheels. No. 1393A. 1 1971 Dodge "Cargo Van" 318, automatic, AM/hM cassette, mags. No. 1572A. "WE PAY CASH FOR CLEAN USED CARS" 353-5333 THE "GOOD- TIME VANS" ARE HERE! · SALESMEN: Dave Matthias Stan Ehrlich Bob Atkinson Bob Prussman Bud Wooldridgc Butch Goddard BANK FINANCING AVAILABLEWITH APPROVED CREDIT OPEN EVENINGS TILL8:W EHRLICH MOTORS, INC. 2733 8th Ave. 353-5333 197t HONDA Civic Hatchback -- il.WO W-17J1. after 5p.m. 1949 COUGAR -- Excellent condition. S1.3».4U3ni. 19JS CAMARO -- V?ry elfin, tmlltnt Inlfrlor, gwd running conaltion. V 8, 8'jtcmatic. After Sp.m.,353-K04. l»74 OATSUN B^IO Halchtacli -- Vtn^t roof, Steel belted radial*. Western wheels, air, AM-FM radio. Call 353 0131. \nj CHEV. vega -- Station viagon, air, J700. Call 353 1419. ailtr JOT see at 1011 WE SPECIALIZE IN ECONOMY - SPECIAL- 1976 VW Scirrocco Jspeed, AM-FMstereo, low miles. No.6131 -it 1975 VW Rabbit Automatic, 4 door. No. 6007A. S 3,175 1971 Super Bug Aulomalic, orange No. 7716. '1,350 1974 Super Bug Low miles, yellow. No. 7719. $ 2,300 1973 Saab 99LE -tspeed.AM-FM. No. 7726. 5 2,500 1976 Saab EMS Sunroof, air. stereo cassette, 4 speed. No. 7731. J 5,700 1976 Ford Window Van, Low miles No. 7144A. 5 4,650 1959 Bug Fully serviced, ready to roil. No. 7727. ; 595 1972 VWSq. Back Rebuilt engine, orange. No. 7647. S 2,195 1976 MGB 6,i)00 miles, anniversary edition. No. 7819B. '4,700 1966 Mercedes 230S, auto., air, perfect cond. No. 7137A. S 2,900 MARKLEY IMPORTS 3805 W. 10th 8-8Mon.-Fri. 353-3311' 9-5 Sat. M1974 VOLVO 164E Sunroof No.3(MU 1 1974 BMW BAV Loaded, '4 speed No 3Q5U 1973 BMW BAV Automalic, air No. 154U 1974 DATSUN Station Wagon No 303U 1973 MGB Nice, low mileage car :..: No. 292U 1972 LOTUS EUROPA Only 15,000 miles No. 276U j 1974 SAAB 99 Low miles, nice , NO. 263U -SPECIAL- 1972 KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE N0.2WU S 495 1975 FIAT 131 Automatic, air, very clean No 250U 1975 FIAT 124 SPIDER Low Miles No. 249U 1973 DATSUN 240Z 4 speed, air. Must sell ; 216U CD'S EUROPEAN AUTO Bams l\\i I W (tarfc.l.\«jl«lltol. 15172nd AVENUE GREELEY, COLORADO PHONE 354-0034 mormni Greeley Tribune Classified Ads work for you all day 'round the clock because Tribune Classified Ads get there fast. Place yours today. CALL 352-0211 SURE!

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