Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 13, 1976 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1976
Page 24
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» CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE S«t., Mart. 1J. 1»7» 94 PfdtwM, Truck* i ton. 4 CYllnder. 4 l«l FORD Pickup - 3/4 ten, air con- dillcmlng, radio, euilom c*D, am 13,500. Very good condition. Evenings, 1. 157 4140. 4Whtti ~ ____ Prtvts If5l JEEP pickup. Power take-oft, lock, ^oulhubv good tlr«. Best oiler. 4*4 )t». FOR SALE - 1*70 Ford 4 wheel drive *i ton pickup. Good condition. CHI 3S4- 1«5 FORD F-IOO - 4 wheel drive, automatic tranimijslon, radio, exlra r*B*y duty springs, large wheel*, only BOO actual mlln on new engine. Sale price - HIM or take over payment* of 1113.50 (or 41 rnoniM with acceptable credit and MM cash down. Aruniil pprtentage rate, 13.SIS. Call Alvln Miller, J53MS7, home; 351 ««34, work. 1?72 K-5 BLAZER Cuttom - JM V-l, 4 ipted, power steering, power front disc brakes, 1000x15 tires on chrome wheels. Fully carpeted, hitch and trailer light,,, AM and CB radios. Excellent condition. 3540799. FOR SALE - 1*74 CJ 5 Renegade. V-l, full metal lop, 10 inch chrome wheels with studded traction fires, rear bench seat and only 4,000 mllei. Phone 351OW or3S*l?94. Tornados, storms rip across midwest; 6 dead, 90 injured 1974"JEEP CJ-3-Lowmlleage, will trade lor older pickup. 3S4-7m. 1974 SCOUT - 4 cylinder. 4 speed, 16,000 mites, excellent condition. 353 7147. MUST SELL - I94T Bronco. New tire), chrome spoke wheels, good condition. Beit offer over t),400. Before I or alter if/A CHEVROL61 4x4 long wide box, off. road tires, loaded, company supervisors Held truck. Excellent shape. 7,000milti. Will atcepl trade. Sa7-?72f. By The Associated Prcu Tornadoes and storms cut across Northern Illinois and northwest Indiana Friday, leaving six persons dead, at least 90 Injured and causing property damage estimated in the millions of dollars. Five persons died in Indiana and one in Chicago as a result of the tornadoes. One tornado narrowly missed President Ford's motorcade in Chicago. The motorcade carrying the President, who is in Chicago campaigning for the Illinois primary next Tuesday, was delayed to permit fire and emergency vehicles to move to a damaged bulding. The twister touched down on the roof of a motel near O'Hare International Airport eight minutes before the motorcade passed by en route to where Ford was spending the night, three blocks away. In Indiana, where five died, state police and rescue workers were clearing debris as the injured were taken to nearby hospitals. There was no official count of the injured but at least 20 injuries were reported shortly after the twisters struck. The tornadoes were first reported at about 3 p.m. EST in Deraotte, a community of 2,200 in northwest Indiana. Three persons were killed in the Indiana tornadoes, and two others suffered fatal heart at- tacks when their homes were hit by twisters, authorities said. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile on Interstate 65 near the Indiana town of Lowell when twisters snatched up two tractor trailer trucks and dropped them across the highway. Authorities said damages In Illinois would probably mount into the millions, and Hie governor put the state's emergency plan into effect, providing state police, transportation, disaster agency and Illinois National Guard assistance. The National Weather Service said the havoc wreaked in the Chicago area came from one twister. I'M OKAY; YOU'RE OKAY -- Man embraces his mother upon finding her safe in tornado-ravaged west Chicago suburban Franklin Park on Friday. Woman was in home severely damaged by the twister which destroyed scores of homes and businesses in the Northwest area of Chicago. (AP Wirephoto) Troubled times put new focus on credit bureaus By LOUISE COOK Associated Pr«s Writer Inflation, recession and the Federal Reserve Board report- demand for credit growing have focused new interest on The granting of credit is a something on time or open a Q. What sort of information is and dispositions oflawsuits. receipt of the complaint and 60 taining the item in question. multibillion-doUar business-Tlie charge account. \ n the record? · Q. How long does information more days to correct or explain Q. Do credit bureaus have to will find remain in my file? , , . . . . , , , . Q. How can find out what's A - Generally ed that at the end of January, . . ., your narn e, address, marital there was almost 9161 billion u^ 1 * 00 TM- the charge. During this period, maintain accounts of married A. Bankruptcies generally re- the company cannot report you people in both husbands' and . . . 13.110 plus sales tan and I37.M D and H. Line Motory Highway IS and Bromley, Brighton, CO. I 6S« 3434. LIKE New, folly equipped -- 1t7JOodgf 4 wheel drive, li ion pickup. Low mileage. Must sell. 3i7-0t07. 99 Auctions LEGERE AUCTION I REALTY, INC. Auctioneers 1 Realtors For Information call Long mont, 1-772-9411 Offices In Kansas 1 Colo. A The Fair Credit Reportine slat" 3 , although this may m !,V n .,1 n "mV"f/.V'ii'7lB«. to credit agencies. If the dts- wives' names? the thousands of agencies that outstanding on things like au- ^^'^*Sto change in some cases due to TMt ' H J^L^L " 3 C» P*e reaches the point where S^ISSSSS ^-SK reau also must tell you where it of employment and length of gol the information and must time y» u ' ve held your job. out- of those s t al di n £ debts and the record of your repayment. - '- - -"· "·-· in my credit file? years and those who'have re- reaus get the Information? A. Legislation that took effect A. Associated Credit Bureaus or used jointly with a spouse ceived credit reports within the A Most of ' comes from you last October spells out proce- says a credit bureau will rein- reported to credit bureaus and past six months. vla llie application form you Till dures for settling credit dis- vestigate any item that your creditors in the names of both out when appplying for credit. Contrary to popular belief, charges, credit bureaus do not rate your Recently enacted laws give credit-worthiness. They don't consumers new rights regard- decide whether you are a good Ing credit records. Here are or bad risk. Triey don't inter- some questions and answers view your neighbors to find out about the subject: about you. pires. Q. Suppose I have a complaint about a bill and don't pay it. Does that Information go in my credit file? the creditor insists the charge. A. Credit bureaus are still was valid and you say it working out the details of com- wasn't, the creditor can report pliance with the Federal Equal the individual, but must note Credit Opportunity Act which that the bill is disputed. was passed last year. The law gives every married person the Q. Suppose there's an error right (o nave informatlon con . corning all credit accounts held The bureaus simply provide information about your past bill-paying record. The bank, u , A. Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc., a trade association, de- dures for settling credit disputes and sets requirements on scribes a credit bureau as "a ''. How ^ ' ' Ulow wllic ' 1 Banks , merchants, etc. report information about an argument question. If the information is the husband and the wife. This wrong, it will be deleted. If the must be done automatically on Antique Auction Sat., March 20-- lla.m. department store or other agen- clear]ngnou5e of consumer credit bureau has my records? information about things like that can be included. If you reinvestigation does not solve accounts opened after Nov. 1, cy granting the credit makes credlt informatlon .. desi g n(!(i to A. If you are denied credit monthly payments and whether have a complaint about your the problem, you may file a 1976. Creditors must also send the decision about whether to g i ve merchants banks and oth- due lo a re r»rt from a credit you pay on time. The credit bu- bill, you must file a written brief, statement with your side notices to holders of existing approve your application. ere^n^eroTho^ou'^ave bureau .'he credit granter must reaus also check public records claim'within do days of receiv- of the case. This statement, or accounts giving them the option Credit bureaus should not be handled your past financial re- ^11 you the name amUddreu for information on divorces, ing the contested bill. The cred- a summary of it, will be inciud- of having Information furnished Rd. 7, IV, mi. S. to Rd.'MW, CWKiuct investigations for In- I"" 1 ""*"""- From M C,m,no Truck Cntr. ,,££ "^T^^ ^ handled your past fii . at 1-25 J. Co. 119-1 ml. west to Rlnn, Colo. Blacksmith tools, machinery, furniture and lots of misc. surance companies and others, Swedish king now to commoner STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf became formally engaged Friday to a raven-haired West German commoner, Silvia Sommerlath, after a four-year romance that began at the Munich Olympic Games. The royal court announced the engagement and said the young couple will disclose the place find time of their marriage at a news conference Saturday. It will be the first wedding of a reigning Swedish monarch In nearly 200 years. Blond, curly haired Carlos Gustaf will be 30 on April 30 and may celebrate his birthday on a four-week tour of the United States that he Is to begin next month. Miss Sommer- lath, 32 according to reports here but listed as 26 in German news stories, may accompany the king on his American tour. The king first met Miss Som- merlath when she was chief hostess at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich and escorted her on a swinging tour of nightclubs. matkn. agencies and call and ask whether your name is on their card, tike out a loan, pay for records. Shapp quits of the bureau involved. If you bankruptcies, court Judgments itor has 30 days to acknowledge ed in any future reports con- in both names, haven't been denied credit, but Q. How do I know If there is are still curious, try the Yellow including potential employers, a credit report on me? Pages. Look under credit bu- These agencies may Indeed A. Chances are, there is one. reaus or credit reporting check your credit, but their Records are started the first basic aim is to provide detai- time you apply (or a credit whether your name is on their By The Associated Presi the field may grow again later, interest, not his interest but the elgn policy, switched his target The field of major Democrat- Sen. Henry Jackson of Wash- national interest, to get that on Friday, concentrating on the ic presidential candidates ington and Hep. Morris 1C. tragedy, that traumatic period, theme that he is not running dwindled to six Friday with the Udall of Arizona said they behind us." against Gerald Ford the man withdrawal of Pennsylvania would step up campaigning in "... and I would do it again," but against the office and pow- Gov. Milton J. Shapp, whose Pennsylvania as a result of he added. er of the presidency. "It's not early primary campaigns had Shapp's action. On foreign policy, he said: an individual at all. It's a thing failed to generate votes or mo'n- Ford and Reagan, seeking "Our foreign policy Is moving called the incumbency," said «*· «*" i" next Tuesday's prl- forward very constructively," the former California governor Meanwhile, the campaign mary, were In Illinois, as were said Ford. Answering a ques- who lost to Ford In last Tues- comlnued with President Ford Democrats George Wallace, tlon from a student at Wheaton day's Florida primary, defending his foreign policy, 'Sargent Shriver and Fred Har- College just outside Chicago, under attack by Republican ris. Jimmy Carter, who had the President said: "I would ' Reagan said that in Florida, SHAPP WITHDRAWS - Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp lowers his eyes listening to a newsman's question after announcing at a news conference his withdrawal as an active candidate for the Democratic -MARKETS- New York (AP) -- Damn Friday 1 * doling New oeirt York Slock DCIMon Exchange telecttd Dillon prices: Dlirwy Ctflll Ch| DowCh mi- H Drmr MM cy Fd AlcanAI 3714-- 14 StdBnd 54 -- 'A IT/4- '* StdOCal X'A- U StdOInd 41H- * tdOOh tt*t-- W twfC 1M -1 terDB SM. ElJtAIr EaiKd Eaton ElPaio EiTr.flrk Aflrndi AmBdc ACin AC ran AmElP ': AmMol AmSlnd AmTlT Ampex Antcon xiPd JUt Fireiln PMC FOFilr FordM FOTMCK FretpM Frueht GamSk Ganel OtnOyn GenEI GnFood GenMl SfV.,-1 MariMa IfA-- H 1IIU--1H McDnld 40'/i--I'/i JM-- v, McDnD J7'/l+ 'A ISIf.--lit Mtrck U -1 tuwor 7'/i-- 1/4 MMM 5IVi-- H ektrm HO'/i-3 MO1I 54V.,-- «i 37H+ v» Mon»n MVi-I'* UH_ i^ MonPw 1SW-- *» lfi,i_ i^ MtFuel 371.1-- Vt tn- H MtStTel JW4- * 40V3- H NalGvp U'/.- /. hiokl' 241,1 + U NltlrvT K4- vi HatStl i^- i 4 NCR 3i'/t-- 't WA M -m NUMp li'/l-r '/» KivlAir n*k~~\V» HwlBne HH_ 14 Occlpt 274+ H OllnCp 4)Vi- Vt siy.- H 41*1,- H I*W-- Vt BeatFdt i:"i- \i B«ChA ItVi-- '/i GnMi BlIIH 1)'.',- 'i GPubU iB'-i-lh GTtlEI J»«~ 1» GTir Bend!* HIM BurlN BuriN Burgh! CllUC CatTr Crtld GaPac Gild* Wi+ Vt Omirk PanEP Patco PenCnl JS-4- ' Jj\t- \ !»·»- i GullO HtCII HtwIlP Holly's Komeilk Honywll Id* hop idtiia ConO-i ConOal Cowin PhetoD PhllMoc RCA Htpitl (teylnd RlyMll ROylD Siltwy Jh»llO 5oC*IE Souinc SouPac SOuRy rICon U r ,*+ H IS 1 -.)- H «%- '/i UAL UV, UMC 3114+ *. UnCarD UV+ '-'j UnEllC 1\v» UnOCal Jl -- '/» UPac IS'A- '/i Unlryl tU-f- Vt UnltBd, W'/j UnllCp IVft USGyp I 1 /! Uiahin 6H+ "t Varlnn i* + Vt warnr 7iVi-- H WnAIr i*i*-- '/» WnBnc 4tVt~ v t WUnlon Sl'/i- 4 WntEl 51H-- H Wehyr Wk-- '/i White !?(,,- 'ft Salet I! 1 *- 'A i llU-1/i 21 - Vt HIM ft WA- * 1) - Vt ;sh+ H MVt-- Vt 41*- Vt 77'..,-t- '4 71^-- if, mi Chicago Merc-inllle Exchangt Friday: Open High Law Clou Prav LIVI IIIF CATTLE (40,«0 Ibt) eld Apr 37.60 31.00 37.50 31.00 37,45 Jun 41.75 41.H JI.U 41.70 41.70 AuB 43.50 44.0! 43.40 44.05 H43.70 OCl 43.75 44.40 4J.7J B44.31 44.00 Die 44.9S 4J.OO 44.75 44.75 a44.IO Sales: April W; June 41; Aug 13; Oct IS; Dec IS. Open intireit; April SIf4i June 4!»; Aug It4t; Oct 177; Dec SK LtVf/§iIF''CATTLi/(40,«IO Ibt} Apr 3Mi 3T.7S 37.0S 37.75 37.M 41.1S 41.91 41.01 41.JO 41.45 Aug 43.H 43.H 41!S 43.70 43.45 OCt 4J.U 44.11 43.51 44.10 143.70 CKC 44.30 44.TO 44.30 44.H 144.40 Feb 44.tS 45-00 44.95 45.00 a44.Il S*l«: April 1195; June 1000; Aug IMi Ocl 130; Dec 17; Feb S. Open Intern): April 47S3; Jun« 5344, Aug »f9; OCl 1044; Dec 577; Fib 104. FEEOiR CATTLi (4J,»W Ibt) Mar 40.2} 41.00 40.25 4Q.75 40.00 Apr 40.10 41.00 40.40 41.00 40.10 J]H+ 4.) May 41.40 41.75 41.10 41.47 41.JS 10 - Vt Aug 41.10 41.10 41.70 41.90 42.0Q im^- ^ sep 4i.oo 4i.os 41.00 4i.oo 4i.oi 17H- H Qft 4i.M 41.90 41.50 41.50 41.50 441*7 Mi NOV "' M 4J 10 ' 3 ' W WI ' 10 "·°° JH-, ij Salet: March 12; April 14; May 57; Aug j^_ rt 31; Sep J; Oct 41; Nov 4. 41^-V/. Op*n Inleretl: March 104; AprlllSt; 3fW- H May *44; Aug 1J5; Sep M; Ocl 431; Nov 14,010,000 |f. 49 - I* --. . ....... ~j .«.|,M.....UII ..u. -.,,.,. v utuibi. niiv u«u U1C riCaiLTCIll MI1U. 1 WUU1U p-_J n -,. m l.,,LA D t t. challenger Ronald Reagan, and been in Illinois, flew to Califor- not under any circumstances ^° ,u P ^^ w.,,1 1,, ! his pardon of former President nla, but planned to return be- want (Secretary of State) Hen- Z" S,L f g y '£' ·;i Richard M. Nixon, fore the primary. ry Kissinger to quit " wasn t scheduled for a number X*3j Shapp, citing lack of time, Ford maintained he was right TT,e major speech of the d.^^rt T" .-SA-9 money, organization and media when he pardoned Nixon for Ford's day was to the Chicago ?f IV *T TM '"''TM tlonal ch TM- --·· coverage, said he would not Watergate offense, and said he Council of Foreign Relations. J*f H "' °TMTM"TM" venUo "' particlitate In Ihe Pennsylvania would do U again. In defending "Under no circumstances wiii f!" 1 " another """ J 1 " mu]a . primary next month and turned his foreign policy, he said con- we-play second fiddle to any- Dmla » ne « veterans hospital loose the 96 delegates who had frontation with the Soviet Union body militarily," Ford said In "^announced in another a »34 flled for him on the ballot. He could destroy the world. apparent response to Reagan .°. n ex P anslon Program for declined to back any other can- The Nixon-Watergate ques- claims that administration pol- a m '" lar J' base - didate. lion was raised during a ques- Ides have weakened the United "Now I could promise all "I will be looking for the man tion-and-answer session with States. those things, but first of all I who has a solid program to the Nf them Illinois News- Ford emphasized his national ""i" 11 lnot ' s what ' s woiig to- match his promises," said paper Association when Ford security motto of "peace with ^f" Rea 8a» saW. "And I'm Shapp, the fourth Democrat to was asked whether the pardon strength," while saying he campaigning on the basis that drop out of the race since the was hurting his campaign. wanted to negotiate a new U.S.- we ' ve na( ' enough of politics as campaign started. His with- "I really didn't do it for polit- Soviet arms limitation agree- u»ual-" drawal leaves six major Demo- ical purposes," Ford said. "I ment. The specifics of the promises cratic candidates for the presi- made the decision just because Reagan, who had been cen- referred to could not be imme- dentlal nomination, although I thought it was In the national tering his attacks on Ford's for- diately determined. Lebanese armed forces ask ==== parliament to oust president ctELLiEiiia.uiimi BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- armies took over the streets, a downtown residential area, the evening. Most of the pas"'" "M "'"""' "'" The Lebane5e armed forees "Wtlng up hundreds of road- Two more were killed In a sengers were In transit. For- 10.10 ?]'.» 7o'.« n'a !r" command, unable to muscle a blocks in areas they control. Shootout near the coup head- eign airlines cancelled all defiant Christian president out Fighting broke out in the down- quarters, witnesses said. flights. of power by ultimatum, de- town hotel district and two per- Beirut International Airport Police said leftist gunmen manded Friday that parliament sons were killed, police said. was sealed off by Palestinian trying to take over the central unseat him legally. Police also reported army guerrillas who took over road- post office were driven off by President Suleiman Franjieh, troops killed three Christian blocks normally manned by troops guarding the building, barricaded in his hilltop man-' militiamen at a roadblock near units of the Lebanese army. leaving several wounded at- slon behind loyal troops, re- the presidential palace and that Middle East Airlines, Leba- lackers, fused a resignation order and four employes of the American non's state-operated carrier, As Alidab's deadline passed fought a "radio war" with the University of Beirut were suspended morning flights but he made no move against Fran- coup leader, Brigadier Aziz Ah- wounded by Moslem gunmen in it had several arrivals during jleh dab, a Moslem. Ahdab, commander of the . :; Concorde supporters head for court manded Franjieh's resignation UTACUTMO^V», ,.n ~" 6 x ' within 24 hours as a solution to , WA f«' NGT °N «" - The Kennedy even though the air- ister Marcel Cavaille an- *»· the Christian-Moslem civil war wo " r "^ opera " ng "" con - !»«"" banned landings of the nounced that Air France and ,« that ravaged Lebanon for near- 'TM vers "' C "J? r * T^ P "" e ' British Airways will open regu- » ly a year with 12,000 dead. *,,' TTM"*, Fr '^ y ^ had " We wi " abid « ^ "« Po«'« '« Concorde flights to Wash- nomination for the Presidency. Shapp made the announcement at a news conference in the State Capitol at Harrisburg Friday. (AP Wirephoto) M»y Jul Aug 69M 71.40 U IS 71.10 **9.7t SJlei: March 157; May !S14; July 1410; Aug 137. Open Interni: March 61i; May 3757; July 1714; Aug 154. b--Bid; a-AiKed; n-Nomirul KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Wheat 61 earl: OH J cents to up t cents; No. 1 hard 4,13- 4.71U; No 3 3.B3; No. 1 red wheat J.S3 3.4?n; No. 3 3.51.3.i1n. Corn A3 cars: 5 cent! up lo 1 cents ofl; No. J whlti 1.700.05n; No. 3 l.U-l.VSn; No. 1 yellow :.75'-i; No. 3 1.47V, 1.74:1. Oatt tin: Norn, unch.; No. 1 white l«.1.73n; No. 3 1.53 1.73n. No. 1 Mllo 4.45.4 tin No. 3Sy«1.4M.i4n. No. ! Barley 2.57-3.37n. No. t Soybeani 4.49-4.a4n^n. SacKed bran ff.00-99 7i. SickM ihorti 97.00 V7.75. NEW YORK (AP) -- Potalo Fulurei Frldny on Irx New York Mtrcanlll.? Ex. cMnge. Open.. Hlih .. LOW. Clou, MAINE POTATOES (M,C« tin) Apr 9.Si ««0 9 4 $ 9.SV May 11.45 ll.M Nov 5 54 5.57 Mar 6 55 4 51 Apr 7.00 7.01 May 8.03 Slid: 1,443. NEW Y O R K 1AP) - Dow Jones itock aviragci: H ft/VOHn Hl|h Lew C(ei* Chi. 11.42 11.45 . 5.51 5.51 5.54 »rw VO'V (AP) r day's leiecled American 1 1006.4) f!4.4f 917.44 --15.67 - ,.4, Aiimtr* t %_ i.. FronAir ,7, HulkO tt_ , A Kaitn '.)+ ^ Svnttx LIVE HOOI (».*«* 1*1) Apr 4] tO 4450 43.50 4450 43.45 Indu! Jun 44.W 44. JO 4445 4J.30 44.75 1003 Jul 45.40 4t.ll 45,30 «.IO 45.70 T r a n Aug 4310 4J97 43.15 4397 4340 11141 113.41 101.»i 109.11 -- 1. IP Ocl 3* H 4055 39.10 4045 40.05 Utrlt 17.34 17.77 144] WII - 0.31 Dec 40.10 4050 40.00 «4t) 4} b40.10 iSSIkt 3M 37 307.50 301 07 101.11 - no Feb Jt.M 404! )* M biO 4S b40 OS Transaclioni In ilocki uitJ In aver. Sales. April Uti, June 1101, July 117, 3t- AUB IW; Ocl 111; Dee4j, FebU. induttnait 1.1U.OOO Opin inlirtil: April 49*0; June 3IHi Tranipcrtation 577.0H July 151t; Aug 107(, Oct 5*7, Dtc Wi Utllltiti 311,100 F*o». *5SlotH 3,1M,«0 ibandoned plans to fly the (Port Authority of New York- ington's Dulles International porters"took over a small radio {*"'j. nto AN . ew *"* s John F ' New ·"«*· the airport oper- Airport in late May. station in the Christian heart- IS w fh m » at ° r) dwisi ° n for the moment In stin another development, land and called on Lebanese TM? y " d *^^ 8 ? l ° COUrt in "t ^"KN a training air- a federal court judge in Wash- citizens to preserve democracy ^ '°/ lght ^ Kairpot ? ? craft ncxt week ° r Binning ington ruled that he had no au- by rejecting the coup. , " six - month **" of the commercial service on April thority to temporarily bar the Security in Beirut cteterio- P T , , "· Air France an(i British Concorde from landing at Dul- rated as the presidential stand- J^^^S^^ Airways said in a Joint state- les although he expressed doubt ^±±rs; ^=H^ "-- w -s ±± a-.w ·s---.P** SSHr F-- * -- ^-^'t= the Concorde when it arrived at France, French Transport Min- planes had been set.

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