Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 20, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1961
Page 4
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Pag* 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., Nov. 20, 1961 port. H* said, "Aircraft firms felt held »t tlmw by Egyptians, As- Futuristic Ships and Cars Will Glide on Air Cushions WASHINGTON - Future ships may sVlm across.the Atlantic in halt a day while trains race between cilies al 600 miles an Ixmr. Both types ot crctt would cm- ploy 8 cushion of air trapped bent a ih them to reduce resistance lo m o t i o n . Previously Impossible speeds may thus be obtained in surface vehicles, the National Geographic Society says. Britain, Finland, Switzerland, and the United Stales have now developed such -clitcles, gener ally called "hovercraft" 01 "ground effect machines." , How ld«a Cirrn British Inventor C. .S. Cockerell, an electronic! engineer, got the idea shortly after he went into boat-building. Ho recalls, "I dls covered that there are two main resistances which a boat encoun ten -- wave resistance and skin resistance. I thought that could make the skin of my crat of air -- that is, induce a film o air between the hull and the voter -- the skbi friction would xx'ome negligible and I would then be free to design entirely nround Iho problem of wa;o resistance." The hovercraft idea con bo grasped by pointing tho whirring jlades of an electric fan downward and moving it just above the surface of lire floor. The air buoys up the fan, freeing it from the friction it would encounter if turned off and simply pushed along, In a typical hovercraft, a curtain of air .hot from nozzles con tains tho cushion o! air between t looked Interesting -- but since it was not an aircraft It was not 'or them. Shipping experts thought it might .work -- but It did not look like * boat. 1 By late 1059 Cockerel! real lied that to convince people of the hov- crcrafl's practicability h« needed a working model. A friend built ono for him. Assured of its value the British Government made it a slate secret. Clearance, for the project came only after reports that a Swiss engineer was experimenting on a similar vehicle. By Ihis limo British manufacturers ivere interested. Craft Co Into O|»riti«n In 1959 hovercraft began mov ing across the English Channel. The United States military services were soon experimenting with many different models. Hovercraft offer an answer to Syrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks,. Romans," Mongols, and Christian Crusaders. Ruins of the Crusaders' fortresses still dot the countryside.. In 1516,- Salim .the -Grim conquered Syria for the Ottoman Turks, 'whd'rukxf until 19W when British'Arabs cccupJed the country, Syria was under French mandate between.'the' two .World Wars', and woo full independence in IMS Political, coups toppled Syrian governments often in the past JS years. Finally,-Syria joined with Egypt to form the United Arab Republic In February, 195». A great difference ta sbe nude Syria the junior partner. Syria has a population of about 4,900,000 spread over 74,001 square mllei; Egypt has about six times the people and more than five times toe land. Though 1 N Syrians have been forced · to accept customs · and edicts of Iheir many rulers, they have; managed to preserve the roots'of their own culture. "Bow down to every ration which passes over you, but remember me in your hearts," a Syrian religious leader told his followers. The adjustable Syrians, ho*' ever, could not adjust to Egyptian jltns to nationalize business and odustry. Commerce alway has been one ot the most profitable occupations ia Syria. Crowded hiaiaars still color the narrow streets of cities, and the' free spirit of the market place motivates businessmen. · Modem commercial banks have not completely displaced . the sarafs, or traditional, moneylenders in the baiaar,' In other aspects of daily life there is a similar balance between old and new. sales and inlaid-brass in tiny shops; most of the land ii cultivated by ancient methods; camels and donkeys move traditional goods over old caravan trails. · . Syria 'Is'- primarily "* pastoral and agricultural country. Lack of rainfall hampers farming Jn many parts of the land, but sections irrigated or naturally watered will produce a variety of'crops. . The rich plain of Hauran in the south bears'marty cereals: a narrow coastal strip yields tobacco, farming Is mechanized; and trucks roll over new nwis. But craftsmen fashion exquisite wood mo · Factories have risen; some cotton, and peanuts. Sugar beets, sugar cane; and grapes flourish around the city of Horns, north of Damascus, the capital. Japan Digs Tennessee NEW YORK (AP) - The. most abroad display sectional appeal, Rosamond Gilder told the American Educational Theater Asiocia- lion, . . . . Miss Gilder, who beads the' U.S. branch' of the Internal ional Theater Institute, said that ou.Jier world travels she has discovered · that Tennessee Williams is most popular In.Japan, Arthur Miller. in Iron Curtain countries.»nd Eugene O'Ncil in India. : USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS the bottom of the vehicle and the surface of the ground or water. The cushion may be one inch to 20 feet. I hick. A propeller or jet gives tlw hovercraft'its forward motion. Despite the soundness of his idea, Cockerell ran Into trouble when he sought commercial sup- difficult transportation problems, notably those of underdeveloped nations. · "These nations could use ground effect machines for traffic over he natural highways o( rivers, dry river beds, deserts, marshes, or any relatively flat surface," says Peter G. Fielding of Booz, Allen Applied Research, Inc., Bethosda, Maryland. He points out :hat a hovercraft road could be made by merely bulldozing a wide path through jungle and covering it with an airtight petroleum compound to kill vegetation. The Soviet Union Is reported interested in hovercraft as a means of operating on icebound harbors. Hovercraft can move as easily over ice as over water. Steamship Hoes may use hovercraft for rapid ocean crossings. An atomic-powered hovercraft might shoot across the Atlantic in 12 hours, according lo hovercraft developers. Meanwhile', the Ford -Motor Company hopes that its futuristic I^vacar, using a principle similar lo the Iwvercrat!, will transport visitors al high speeds from Man- haltan to the World's Fair on I^ng Island in 1964. Similar vehicles might provide rapid transit between cities. KODAK'S VERIFAX COPIER fhris you extra copies for less than 1= each! VERIFAX BANTAM COPIER MODEL A ' Stop paying first-copy price for each extra copy you need. Phone today for free office demonstration. 1303 Eighth Avenue "Everything for the Office' Ancient Syria . Land of Changes WASHINGTON -- Syria's seces sion from the United Arab Repub lie restores the independence o a land that has known little self rele in its long history. Since ith« dawn of civilizatior Syria fias beeiirbleased and cursed by'its location. Syria'lies oh the land bridge Jinking Asia, Africa, and Europe, the National Geographic Society says. The Mediterranean Sea, wihch forms part of its western boundary, provides a water route west. Syrian merchants traditionally have handled the trade passing across their land. Immigrants have followed caravan routes into Syria. Wealth and infusions of new cultures, ideas, and religions have enriched the region for centuries. Many Conqunh But Syria's strategic location, as well as its agricultural resources, repeatedly tempted other pow- eri. Conquerors have occupied the land almost continuously. One historian calls Syria "a kingdom that has rarely managed to exist." Part or all of Syria has been PARK THIS kUGKIFlCCirr OLOSM06H.E M YOW MOVE AM) TO TH PRE-THANKSGIVING GIRLS' WINTER Coat Special! A coat that's excellent for. dress as well as for school, sport and play! Handsome .sup- plon vinyl with lining of 100% Orion® acrylic pile. Big, roomy pockets, ra a t c h i n g buttons! Sizes 7 to 14! WOMEN'S ALL-WEATHER FULL LENGTH COAT Balmacaan with a itormj weather snap -In warmer o£ acetate. Gay Chromapun ttripe lining, too! A44 8 to 18. _ _ -- 9 Box of CHOCOLATE COVERED C H E R R I E S Here's a renl tasty treat at a Bavins Penney price! 1- pound of chocolates, cherrtei swlmmlnj )n rich cordial . . bathed In creamy «1 ft light chor.ojate! for 2-LB. F R U I T C A K E Flavored with real riim and brandy! Boasts oven-fresh goodness! Gift packed in an attractive Holiday »| lift tin! I WOMEN'S SCARFS Rectangular scarfs . . square scarfs . . . in a irondroui collection of florals, geometries and solid tones'. Get yours A ¥| today! , aC for I GREATLY REDUCED! WOMEN'S Eskimo Jackets Cuddly Orion® la cry lie pile {cotton back) with Canadian wolf fur hood t r i m s - cotton lining 1 quilted to acetate! You'll be toasty warm even, on ' the coldest days with one of 'these! And just look at the money-saving price! Sizes 8 to 18. MULTI-COLOR JACQUARD HAS NORDIC LOOK! ^'"^..U.^'-.-* ""*· i . J Slzei amall, medium, lirget 11 95 Check the smart zipper coat front, the colorful all worsted knit in a bold Nordic type design. 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