Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 25, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TVfe feat Cn|pHcfl0fn*ll0Mr Sunday Morning F.bru^y, IS, IMI Citizens Protest 'Slaughter' Room In Locker Plant l Continued from jag« l j ! dr" It. IP brought. m." 8*y* Il'ft Antiquated Ijiw j h« objectionable idor fron packing plants. Mr. Kri'iiflcntlm added. conifH from disposal of the nffnl from slaughtering pens chiefly the m a n u f a c t u r e of fertilizer. There iv ill tit; none 'jf Unit at the locker p l a n l . he added. "The law to which Mrs. Sf.-ybn:,'' refers," the cumin : I tcemii n . a i d "was piissi'tl in 1H81 before UK era of r u f H R O i n U o n and other :m*l. ern methods wrr^ known- .when sU-nrh ficcutn ulntttl and fHe« swarmed. "Slaughtering under UIO.T 'on dltions now would tr- cnnsldci'j: an urusanitory inctlioi] "f preparim meata for h u m a n ronKumpllon." "Nn \Vrlltcii Ci T h e ( w i n i h n i e n penult f c i n n the h u l K l l n K i sst' Iram'kfi H pluiiH "ini'lli'lrd u n i t . " M n v u r ^Kdv-'in Merhiini "They'll jiifU Imvp to tak n n t r i ; iiisitfai :i« .1 mil c , tlicy-'Il gel n» well ton nt" · m i i n i i t l e c ·*, r l t y to e r n f - r!ly M n n » g M Hnl u r d f i y 1 h o slfiiij;JiLrr-ini; FOR HI BAND Hie clly there." to . s l u u g h l t - r iinl- Los Banos Housed Prison Overflow ( C o n t i n u e d fr-ji 1 ) Tin.- w i m p It* on Hi" H n i i i h r end of I,a^nnn lc liny, a lfn't:t' i Irind liotjy nf wah-r **iniih il ,M;i il». tkivi'n thi« wt-Mcrn slinn-K .vliirh Airieili'iin I j i f j i n l i - y i i i c n iin teen d H v l i t K f n r -lityH. I I Is llu- mtiiti Itlj'h'.vny r i m i i i n t f .sim from M f t n l l n t h r n i j ' h I,a;iin;i j u vlnc-e. 3t n.-Hll''« ,n | in* loot Tin- fiJinip lrium ? CONCERT TUESAV TO BE MVSIC LOVERS' TREAT TARAWA VET ·re H(li(i iiii n t n « t ' » limit t r t l ni-nr Tft 1-ati'i' ntli t l i l t J r e n \vr 1!(IHUH I J I I M I Tile to 2,148; men ( n i i i » , wom l i - ( r i ' l I'USII DRAFT OF 'OU) MK.V WASHINGTON, Pel., 'J-t-M»i Solt'ctivt- service l u n i j t h t onl«'t-l rreiiKUil tf m i l inf.; ni mm ;in Ihrmijth ;*.') vcin.s uM, Iw p c i i n i l l i i l H Iht'ir f l r f r r i n i ' i i t only i l f h , - y M "I1UIV.', Sill.V l u " n i l ( · · . . - ( · I l l i l l l (XMIING liV'KNTS r i t v v N'I. I 'if Hie P r c p b y t c r i i i i ·hiirrll w i l l Iralil -i [ i - i - ' . - - i i . i in""' 11^ in tin- home i: 1 'r 17 ^turn Mi.niliiy ' i l ' t i ' i i i o n i'''lll-ll. A Jilli'.il H n i n k i " . limi'Ci' II. M. U l l r l i r l s l .if · · ; · .' ·.' ..·Ill H|n-nli i.f i n l ' i M l u n .'.,r: ' chll" SI. A n i l l w v ' H Cu 1 ! .:' i l I l i r p n r l s l i I n i i l n - M i . m l - i v tuiin f i t .'I o ' l ' l i n - k . M - " . !·' ' i l l ' l i n A ' l l l Ijr )!USlT5 Til.' l i l i M i i r R B inTM(lli(! . . I I I I ' M H n i l r l y n f rhr.' . · · i i - nf SI. I'lill 1 '.'" · l i i i n - l l w i l l Iw li"M .M'i n i f l f d j . - w e l i y . Mm. P. V. .;.-»' \-l!l Npcflli nn t h e I)iiiiib:ii-|t n : - ; i ' . . The Hum- Coll.-);.' Sliu-y ^niRH' A-ill i n i ' f t In t h e H. W. Uidwii'l'. :\\ 7::ui. Tlur |irugrmii nr UK- civcn- i.-ig in iilurles »r I he U t - v f t l i i t l o n n r y wiir. \vilh M I H . ( ' M. H l l l h its pro- '',111111 J c H t l r r . A l m n n i t f .f /..-tii Tun Alphii Will ini'rl lit 7:;iU |. in. TiiP.HdtiV. l (% f'l). 17. (il ^ I t e hoiiH! t)( Mra. Krimoin I l u r k c "M Wi'st A n u u l n r yd. Hnst- t i . m - s {in- Mr. 1 -, f u r l .liicohH. M I H . ('niii; N i e k l i i H u m l Mrn. Hurkr. The Las CrutTH high school be (I the Hand Parents ,iflfloc£aU oririder thcniselvtie Indeed; fo. mat-3 5n being al)le lo negotia! r ii local apnearance of the no' 1 v i o l i n i s t , Uf.-nno Rablnof, '.-i 'nccrt prmantation nt the iiif ·iiool J j u d i t n r i u m Ttiesdcy lig- "b, 27, at S-15. There v;i!l be no reserved neat -·hd dlrecitor. ICenneth Bender '.· incunci'd. T i r k e t h nay 'be . red «t t h e door or from a: f-rnber ' the band; They 'i '··» on Tie at the MU*tc Boy. IV.nno I t n b l n o f ' n .itory ia . Mirrican :wrcsn fit'ory -one tit M b r r u g l i L him fnme not only iT".-rica, but 1 n - A u ! a i Africa an '!irr»pc "'( '.veil. Horn in New Yiirkj . h e - s t u d i ' t l j 111? ^rc'it I^nopolfl A U e i , '-I -eber of K l m a n . Jlelfcta :u: ·'n;tjri!f'(t., who accepted Him '· p u p i l (it the age. of eleven. M i s C n r n c R f e hull debut will ner conducting the New Yorl' ·Mlhfinn.'uilc waa the most JJs- "/nti'-hcd honor ever accorded 'j :n A l i r r Btllllfllt, a b i n o f . on .1 t o u r of Servfc' lubs., Victory and educa- |IFF Dines ia * I Vlnrrojl Home j Tin. 1 IFF club mot in the !iom- f Mrs. Hudson Murtcll Friday :;lil fnr dinner and cart! garnet; I'terwnrd, i-iigh scor* uwardfi went to'Mtn. /iwrnnce Walker find Mm. Konc t i t Vnlentine. 'i'lila meeting wits the postpon I V u l i ' t i t l t i e party, \vhich Was tc .ve bi'ni held in the home o! *!-;,'Hoin .T Fnrttf.y, who ifi con- iilescitig from an operation. Two i;)i i eini gueslH at Ihe meet- u; u-fT'o Mi'fl. Rudolph Wlllig of ]|jii()ueri|Ut' and Mrs. Cect-lia ToU .'. -iler lackey. J C. Miller, ,Tohr 'lilllipii, Hc'rmnn J»ltta t Charles liinim and the above mentioned. Presidenl iq r Address DA Teachers Ana Twaeliora Assn. Or. Floyd GblUett, preal- The D -·ill haw U-nt of ICustern Nmv Mexico Col- 'i'B', an it« principal speaker at 'he nexl meeting. March 3. Tho the.nic of the meeting will be HepresontotlvcB Callo V. Boyd and n Invited to at, Miws H u t h Neenc, president, u n i f n i n i ' c s . The ini'fting will be Hold *nl campaign,; v/ill h« accom- nled hy Sylvia Smith, pianlat, " ·ernatile musician, and' artist 'P o vn r.pjit In private life nhn ; r--, ;'~bfnof. T " his New York- apartment Ha^ blnof recently told the story bo li.s v.olln. vVa-- OTrlt in 1742 -frneriufl. the master vio!!'- ·t:cr, pr*!P-?rted' three "sister' -tins to the"vorM. The first lifis in it museiam - ·ion; h'rih^'nf- 1 * rt'f Pa^farfini "i. vhri Rah!nof toured the ·ig invited to play It. Vi " teenn'J, - i i" p h' 'f] bv .las-ihr 'cifetz, is the instrument ihe --f'd vlolinliit n.'ifs '.»· nis con- The'third was once Fritz Kreii r's. ami uued fn making his i'o- 'T(*!nPB. now iKlnmrs to Habin'. and w;ll be hcar^l bv T^as'Ou- rs rrmslr- lovers on Tuesday ::ight IB tone fi "ich; clear .ind : r ull- "Although this Is my prized "ts«esR;on," said Rabinof; "T. »\sf t ' n i l the time. I .-omehow don't '(«! right with another violin un. cler my chin." Our Second Front LI. John Oqopcr has graduated ram the medlcnl field service chool at Caril8lc-BarrackH,;Pa,. rid Is now stationed at Tlltor general hospital. Fort DfK, 'N: J., tl^ 1 mother, 'Mrs: C. W. Cooper :*e- iqrted ' to the' Sun 'News yestcr- ifiy. Lt. Cooper" is a griidaalo nf Vew'Mcxicti AM and of South- vestern University. A telegram ?rom Duncan Stuart A'ilUams, So, M2/c; to his par- snts, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams. ray» he has landed in Seattle and rill be homo shortly. Sound male in the Destroyer MncDorioiigh, .VHIianiH'lias awn fiction In many ··f the major battles in the Paci- Lt. Daniel Rosa, Jr., son of Mrs. larg'aret Rosa of 9l2 north Cam- no street, is home on 21 day leave ifler completing his 1 combat niis- ·iohJir ; M · membBr of £be oldest Liberator grbiip in Ihc Burdp^an ·hcntor of operations, Thife grdiip -eceived 'the presidential citation, n addltfpn to which the yoiing ^ier holds the air medal with five oak leaf elufters, Mike · Armeriaarlz Sl/c writes his rtlother, Mr«/Clara-AT- mendftri!!, abroadahip ft-onr nt ·.vhcre in the South Pacific that he has Just croBucd the Equator and the International Dftte Line 13yl(ir Wdlfe. .1. Hrewnter have t;i' E FDR 1 We i n v i l c you In iiis|c('l our south window disjilay if yon arc* hilcrcstcd in I ' n n i i l i i r c for the l i l l l c folks. We have one of Lhe Ix-sl stocks to he found in this part of iheeoiintry. dome in.and look around . . . no ohli^alion t o Iniy. LAS CRUCES FURNITURE CO. 207 Soulh Mtin Petty officer ^/c, i'tuddy JAar- rutc. v.-Jio is home f o r ' a two weeks visit with hi. 1 } mother, Mrs. Eea'.rlc2 LUcero, has been overseas in the Pacific area for HO months. Participating in ·"our major naval battles, he was in thn Tarawa landings, ills last island station being on ^alpan. He was formerly ns- .·Igrtffl to the- aircraft carrier Yorktown, later siink due to r.nrmy action. Mnr'rufo unlisted in the navy when h(s was 17. CHAPARRAL ( C o n t i n u e d ' t r o m page 1) iloyc could be pensioned if he nafi 'jeen employed in New Mexico public schools 30 years or more, 3BT2 would do for institutional femploycs what SB218. purports to do for the "schools. * + + * " HB84 would · permit', institution; with contributory retirement' plan: to contract with nn insurance'anV annuity association, · sven though it is not authorised to do businesp i the -itatu. if the company is en- nwrd with funds to be used .in«- ?lf!enllv r or providing insurance incl nrtmiitles for college employes " Pensions for public school'teach- Uir- thn men and'women whci iiave 'devoted trreir lives to preparation ffir and service to' Now Mexico 'children--it seems to me, are Justly entitled to an fidequate pension plan .upon vetircment; They render a distinct''service 'usually nre underpaid during the ncriod in which they Serve. But pensions for payroll-hanger- son at- the state houBe and in the m u l t i p l y i n g bureaus and agencies PARTY LJNf Dottha' : May Clark of the La' rucci ration board is very HfMr -r« (. Jii"»)T' j ] 'T IT] ~»-»f/- friends reported 1 to the Sun Ne\vs Mrs. Walter Widdefield and Mrs. 'njtiaL./Bcr.rand. mother and. rjjr T* of Mrs, L, C. Dcltnn, who hnv been visiting here from Oakley Kansau, will return to 'their horn! -hortly. Mr* A. -Ti Cnat? is visiting with riends i;i Mesilla Patfc, State College and lias Cruces after return' from- Albuquerque where ;:hr "·tiered *icr daughter; liols, xs r student in" the University. Mrr Coats is making her home at Den , Texas, while J:sr Musb-rv:! t. Coats Is Camr Howez. Tefcas. Pvt. Ruth 'Brown is a 'truest, in P home of the Misses Lottie and Aim* Sweet today. Pvt, Browp of the WAC, training .is .-..laboratory technician at William Beaumont hospital, is the daughter o' T: Maligns Brown, former Ouren. nnd graduate of AM College. Mt. Brown ia now in Chicago with the tndian bureau ns the engineer in- charge of construction of roads on Tbdian reservations. ; Mrs.' Juanita , WilHngham and Mrs. Ernest Brookreson were El JIKO visitors last week; Mrs. Cla'yborri Wayne, who was Called* to^tbrenci, Ariz;. Jast week because of the death of her father, ill see one of her brothers while *here. 'Stationed in Australia ;"or '"Its' past- two years) he was given emergency leave to attend his 'ather'3 ftineral. Another brother vho was on Bataah at the time of f ts fall, and who was thought by 'he' family to have been in'Bllibid irison camp ' on Luzon,- has not 'icon h'eard from .itnce the libera- ':!6n of the prisoners from that -amp. ' Mr: and Mrs. John T. Yarbrougb ind/son .lohh Dddson, have come l o Las Cruces from Barstow, Texis, to niake this their permanent 'Vbme. Mrs, Yarbrough, Mrs'. J. ~). blowers and Mrs. Wesley Martin ire sisters. The' Yarbroughs ^re Mving iii the Clifford Hare house ?n West Amador Road. Betty Baker, home " for the .veelr end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Covey Baker, has as her nhtrwan initiated Into tho Grand I of government arc another mat- tinier of the Shell Back* Accord- Her. Ing to the Navy, he adds, if you) fire a Shell Back you :iro pretty SBlly. Mike has been in tho navy one year. Philip L. B, Scott, 17, son of Mrs. Kuthyrn B. Scott, of Lus Cruces, has enlisted In the U. S. navy nt the mnln recruiting station in Santa Young Scott ia a graduate a* Alien Academy. Bryan Texas, having graduato'd in tho spring of 1044. Since Ills completion of high school he has been attending college. He enlisted in j Hospital apprentice, second class. Upon completion of his basic train- Junior high school, beginning at f ):30. On the program are the Mosilla Park chorus, tuid the Junior high tumbling team. flfting ntvay. coming Homo, iinv- Ihe Sun-Now*. * + * Many of tho«e never were in rird for their 'obs. They plunged Into politics-- iiiilly by the ward-heeler route ·--- in the hope of landing soft jobs, with little work and big pay. The^ knew, when they did no, that they were gambling with the fortunes of politics -- that they might'be out in the cold any time i change of administration came along. * * + Furthermore, provision, by law for a frenernus pensirm plan would merely encourage the breeding of more bureaus. + * ·*· I'm not In favor of any of them :ng he- will he assignee tn duty A'itb the hospital corps. He war released to inactive duty and "r- turncd home tn nwait ordrrs transfer to the naval training center. Basil of every Elizobsih Arden Homo Treatment. The pair that work logoihor to cleans* ond refresh, helping you fivory day' to rtMoln a lovely natural complexion ond Improve sUn texture. if l«na«r f Standard Walgreen Agency PhcmtDM Band Blathers Honor Visiting Artists The Band Mothers will honor Hie iitir.g trlista. Mr. and Mrs. jcnr.o Rabinof, at a tea in the ""me EC cottage on the High Bchool grounds, Tuesday afternoon. a he hours are r rom -f to ."i. and ill ( music, lovers are cordially in- 1/ited to attend: ; A profusion 1 o f - pink Japanese quince'and lavender stock, arrang- 'itrtlyMrs. G. A. Feather, will add spring time fragrance and color. - · 'Mra. Frank WImberly -will pre- Side at' the beautiful antiquo ;»!- :/er service, loaned by Mrs. W. .A_ Wunsch for the occasion. Assisting; hostesses will be Mrs. Kenneth Bender, Mrs. John Eyer, Mra. M: A. Thomas and Mrs. Wunsch. Impurtcd Fiber Before World War II, 95 per cent of abiica fiber'fur mamla riifie wai; Imported f r « n n ihe Phllipuinea aim lava st her roommate at Radford ool for Girls. Jeanne -janipoiii . Jeanne, a native of Hawaii, "ias .' lso attendin the El ;?aso Jeanne, a native of Hawaii, "ias .' ulster also attending the El ;?as jchool. Their parents live in th ORDER YOUR , Easier Flowers ' N O W ! . Lilies and other Easter flowers will be hard to get Order as early as you can, so you will not be disappointed. CITY FLOWER SHOP . Phone 311 SAVE ON ALL YOUR BABY'S NEEDS! The store mothers look for -- Jo buy all the clothes their little ones need Everything irom complete layettes to togs for toddlers -- specially priced for this Batal Buy everything baby needs to keep him warm and cozy* this season -- at these low prices! Flannelette Slips 49c Layettes up to 38.90 Baby Gowns 85c Blankets up to S1.7S Infants' Dresses up to S1.29 Three-piece Sweater Sets priced up to $1.95 Infants' Stockings 25c Novoiex Waterproof Baby Pantys. in three sixes 49c 0 The up-on-a-pedcslal technique is sure-fire! Ute it to advantage by sending a Lucieii Lelong perfume valeni ine! Come in today and choose tiie precious fragrance that whispers--oh! 5o effectively--just iiow adored Opening A'igbt Pcr/umc-- *oniclfiirifi 8[ircial for tomt- onc special. f 6.50 $10 Castcl romantically contains four Iiisriiuis Liicicn L*long Iicrfniiirs--n deluxe Valentino Indisrrrle ing fra-irsiice that pubc youth and laughter. Tailipin for A 'Valentine U diu)in x a, falling in love. A Lucicn l^lonR favorite. $5 $7.50 $12 prices plus t Las Drug Company 103 S. Main Phone 21

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