Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 5, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOTO LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Thursday Ev«ning, July 5, 19 Las -News Founded in 1881; published daily, except Saturday--weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings--by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N. Water St.. Las Cruces, N. M. Entered at Las Cruces postofflce as cecond-clfiss matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orville E. Priestley, Editor and Publisher National Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Ueprescntu- tlvee, Int.'/Chicago, New York, 31. Louia, Kansas CUy, Omaha, Atlanta. /Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Preaa la en- 'J;Vi(v1 cxrlnsivfly to the use for rr-publication of all local newa printed In thlti newspaper, aa well ns all A P news dispatches. TEI-EPFIONE 33 This newspaper is a member of tho A u J i t Bureau of Circulations. Ask for a copy of our latest A. B. C, Report -'--'--- r.udiu-d facts ;in(J figures nno:it our circulation. ,,-_- A.B.C. -- Audit Bureau of Circ'ilaliona ^fijl FACTS as a measure of Advertising Value KTilisC'UnTJON KATES: liy mnlttr delivery In Dnnn Ana f'oiinty. $1(1 (id ;,i-r y.-iir. SlUlii MX month:!, J.'t.SO tliiTft months. $1.00 per month; by m a i l in NV-.v Mi-xirn. §HJ.(iO per y-,ir, SB.Od six months, $1.00 per ini.n'Ji: by City c:n i-i»-r. 2.V JUT v.-f(jk. i l . O f l per monlli. $10.00 JUT yuar In :nlv"inci-: diit.-iiilc K l a l c , SI.OII jn-r nj"ii'.h, 512.00 por year. AIM! :iiin- Osteopathy Given Granis Kc'di-V.'il i;r;ini.-» fmrn v:innu;; biin.'.'ius, .'i^oncies and do- j i : j r l m c n l s 1" :hc K i r k s v i l k : CuDu^c uf O.steojKithy and Stir- /ILTV f"»' n'-v;imi wnrk ndw t o t a l i i p p r o x i m u t e l y $'10,000, it h;is been .'innnuiu-f-d. The must n-n.-nl f;r;nit w;is madi; In- tho Unitc'd Sli'ilcs O f i ' i f c of N.'ivjil Rc.icai'ch n l n n / ; w i t h n fiO-inillianipi.Tf X-ruy n u i l i ! . . Tiic n r n n ! ;md f : q u i p M i i . ' n l I n a n \v;is niade in support di invc:.lii:Jiii"ii. 1 ; prupusi.'d in the- (3N1! by Dr. J. M. Korr, iH.-i'jil of thi- d c j i . ' i i - l i T i i ' i H nf Physiology at t h i ? collogt;. T l u r jjran! is to be .-ijjplic'd for t h e h i r i n g of .'mother phys- i d l u f j i s i lu ;i.s:ii. i U in t h e research prugi'am on chronic segmenta! F a c i l i l a t i o n a n d t h e exch;m;;e between t h e somatic- Jin.d ;iulo- i K i i r u c in.'rvfiiis .svstetn. This i;: t h e thi I'd f',rant from t h i s agency to assist in this work. T'he m i a l n u n i h e r of g r a n l s f n u n the fet'era! t M i v e r n m e n t p r e v i o u s g r a n t s wei'e made by Hie Na- LIGHT'THAT DIDN'T FAIL A liam is released this country." ( l o u r l Of .Appeal* To Hear El Paso tthcKJas P i p r l i n o ( ,.,,n! ·*· WA'STIINGTOX, ^e'U. s. c;ourt of July Appeals toOay f i . i ; i l s five ii"w. Tw l i " i . a ] I n t i t u l e s [ 1 ' i i b l i i - l ! i ; i l i h of Hit- U. S. I'liblit: i l e ; i i t l Serviee. These were in;n!e in l!M7 ;t .t! Ml-lil i n suuport, of io.e.-irch nn nemmu.sculur f u t i c t ! ' " - . u n d e r t i n * din.Tl.iuM of Dr. J. S. D e j i M ' t w . Tin 1 i n i t J a ! i i - n uf these Mseiirch proj'nnm w.'i:; m:ule pus- j . i b l e by jjranl:; uf t i n - A m e r i c a n O.-UeopalhJc A s s o c h i l i u n w h i c h h;is e n n l i n u e i l ils generous support of t h e investigations in these ;IIK! o i l i e r department.; of t h e cnlk'/je. A n d since Ihe it'jende:; u!' s h e f e d e r a l j j o v e r n m e n t h a v i n g f'.nmt:, i n hi; UM'tl in medical ie..eareh provide g r a n t s f u r t h e , . O . s t e i i p a t h i o f:oJk-/{e i! seems they ! iave perfect cmifidunLv in t h e i r \'.''irl-;, t h u i r jti'ojjj'am.s, t h e i r l r u i n i n g , ihinr a b i l i t y and I h e i r iliscovi-TiL's. Mnsi nf us, nf t'uiii'.se, Imve bi'dii i\ l i f t l u slow n.'cn^nix.i'i^ t i n - new si'lioo! of nicdit'im 1 and t l i c i r doctors. Hut we have been a l i u l e :Ju\v in t h e recogni/Jti^ a j j - ) f d m a n y nllicr t h i n g s . The i i ' i e d i f a i schun] delayed as Innj; a; nossible Ihe j e c o ^ n i l i o n dm. 1 tn Louis P a M e u r b u t sooner or i..'.i i r it eame. Tlie medical prolcssion sought for a lonR l i m e lo ignore. Sisler K i n i u ' y and her t r e a t m e n t .t'nr pulio bill sooner or la lor t h a t recognition came. And the? sumo t i l i n g can and will hai5i;i:n in sn far as ihe ( i s l e n p n t h k 1 p h y s i c i a n s and sni'^eons .'ire cojcerned - (he day and l i m e \ \ ' i l l come. \vln. i n t h e y are ^iven I h e r e c d j l n i l i o n w l i i c l i tliL-ir work and e f l o r l s have, won for t h e m . Consolidation Approved The enn.solidatiun nf ihe r e m a i n i n g school d i s t r i c t s in Dona Ann c o u n t y i n f o two new d i s t r i c t s has been recommended by Ihe c o m m i l l e e n a m e d to m a k e t h e .survey. Tiie propOhal. as wo r e c e n t l y pointed o u t , would c a l l for I h e c r e a t i o n nf a c o n s o l i d a t i o n of Hit 1 d i s t r i c t s in and a r n m i H a t c h i n t n one d i s t r i c t a n d t l i e !.as Cruces schools and the U n i o n I l i i j i i School d i s t r i c t s i n t o t h e L a s Cruces di.slricl. The s o u t h e r n part of i h e c o u n t y has been consolidated i n t o lite I iadsden d i s t r i c t . This w o u l d r e s u l t i n t h r e e schoul d i s t r i c t s i n ll,o c o u n l y i n : lead o f t h e m a n y d i s t r i c t : , w h i c h exist t n d a y . Tiie p l a n w o u l d d o a w a y w i t h t h e c o u n l y s u p e r i n t e n d e n t ' s o f f i c e a n d t h a i s t a l l . I t w m i l d place a l l o f (lie r u r a l schools u n d e r f h o schoul boards and t h e s u p e r i n t e n d e n t s of (he two new d i s t r i c t - ; . The s-irvey C"mmilteo has pointed m i l t h a t the proposal can result in a .saving nf a p p r o x i m a t e l y $IHUiH.'I per year Lie- cause of ihe reduced cosis of operation. Thi:; r e d u c t i o n comes a b o u t so :!ie committee's report p o i n t s o u i , bv the e l i m i n a t i o n uf s ; :; teachers in t h e H a t c h d i s t r i c t ; i h e e l i m i n a t i o n of 10 teach.-rs in the Las Cruces d i s t - r i c t , and a r e d u c t i o n nf $t!).l(KI in a d m i n i s t r a t i v e expenses in t l i e Las Ci ucc . d i s t r i c t . The survev c o m m i t t e e slates t h a i a s a v i n g of some $ri.'{,,'tl!i \vmild be pn.ssible in t h e Las C i u c e s d i s t r i c t and a savim; of sonu 1 $;)U,MM) m the H a t c h d i s l r k . The l e i . H i i t c a l l s for t h e possihle e s t a b l i s h m e n t of one new )us and i h e report al:;n sMj^je:;!.-, t h a t a new J u n i o r hij'.h school b u i l d i n g lie. erected. Tiie plan calls for the c h a n j - i n j i of certain slu,!;'nts f r o m t h e i r presenl schools lo the Las Cruces and t h e H a t c l i .-.. '"iols. The. c t J i n m i t l e c rei.umniends t h a t the various boards j, · ' t h e m a t t e r f u l l a n d complete s t u d y a n d t h a i they keep Ihi. p u b l i c i n f o r m e d . 'I'h'j c o m m i t t e e also recommend-; t h a t t h e importance of the Counly S u p e r i n l e n d r n l and c o u n t y o f f i c e .slitIf he recojj- ni/ed by placing t h e C o u n t y S u p e r i n t e n d e n t in the position of coordinator helwecn the r u r a l and tin- city. The commillee noints out as a d v a n t a g e s to be gained by consolidation t h e f o l l o w i n g imjn'ovenu'nl.s; Home economies, .·-hop, bund and c e r t a i n e x t r a c n r r i c u l a r not possihle in smaller schools; closer supervision of teachers; heller c o n t i n u i t y nl a school pi-ojjnim; w o r k i n g together in larger groups for the benefit of b o t h teachers and pupils; improved f a c i l i t i e s of plant and e q u i p m e n t through consolidation from all revenues and e f f i c i e n t u l a n m n g ; closer control and .supervision of all school fund.-; so t h a t ihe u l t i m a t e j;ond may be derived; c o n c e n t r a t i o n of Inrgor groups of pupils, thereby developing betler social anil c o m m u n i t y a t t i t u d e s ; i n t e n s i v e speciali/.alion; closer economy in oueralion; a more coordinated program nf e d u c a t i o n o p p o r t u n i t y ; eipiali/ation uf e d u o a t i o u o p p o r t u n i t y ; more e f f i c i e n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ; improvement nf s t a i n s ol llio a d m i n i s t r a t o r ; d i m i n u t i o n of cert a i n pressure groups; and c o n t i n u i t y . The report recommends ih;it the various boards involved .should he representative of tiie areas served. The m a t t e r goes befnre the state board on August I-'. Many here are already discussing it pro and con. Under Ihe e x p l a n a t i o n given it lias been indicated t h a t the boards of ihe d i s t r i c t s involved will make tin? decision ii.s to whether the d i s t r i c t s are or aren't consolidated are t h e advantages as enumerated by tho committee, Tho public, of course, is concerned and has a right jiinke its decision on the issue. There is no question but w h a t the program offers many advantages. Whether advantages outweigh Ihe disadvantages remains to be decided. We do want to emphasi/.p once a g a i n there will nrobabh be no snvinf in the f i n a l analysis. CJood .schools cost money Jncrofl.sed enrollment requires, more loachers and more clas: rooms. Even this program suggests n new J u n i o r high sehoc buiJdin/'. That may have to be b u i l t sooner or .later'any way f p n n l i m i f r ] from J'nire 1) !c];oi'il. unless l.'onfjit'K.H K iv(:! I n i i n i s t n i t l o n flic jcnvcr Lo t,;ick jiriiT.'i. Mr. Ti-iininn wild iniDiiiiB about | w . lfl rx , Wt .te.l Lu l i n n r n requuKt to ] "r.liifiitinn" cani]):tlKii «l h i s ; , H .. , lsi(le :i coull or , ]tn . ,ii,. BC Lliig Ilt: | Ki'cretur.v uf the Ijilmior Chapinun lo punniL ;i pipclinL- to crass fcU- i;ial laud. (."Jovt'ninicnt jiltfu'ni'ys filrtl ,n petition Tucsilay asking that Ihe IVU'i-;i] district court unlcr in Iho li'. Paso na In nil gns c.t\r,a he set ;i=-ide p j n d i t i f j appeal. They /;avc TK Her Mnmlay I hat Uicy would tlie 10 p f i i' rent rollbaelt ulroaity! ( n k c the case to the Appeals court. in.'iilc in ln-uf 1ml .vonlil lu-i'p jmUing · ..-Unit to ;-cl a K hill. HP said IK- any fin-Dn'r f o r n m l ;:ij;r-s tn CiHi^n-.iS nil the .sUb- jfcl. Crilici.-ini of pilcc vollbiickr inftrp.'i.-i lia.s f r i i L c r r t l cliicfly nl rollbaolt ulrofuty ' i n k · a l i l t s prices amJ 1 i n ; i l d i l i u i i a l (ollharlis tin 1 Oatis Trial jus Cruces Cadets Continue Officer ,TM | Training At Hood months uf waiting have been quite a strain." she said. "I'm looking forwaid now to the day when Wil- Forest Fire (Continued from paj;c one) strong wind. Meanwhile, Forest Service officials lowered loss estimates from 5,000 to 4,000 acres there and .said the fire did not sweep arroafl the line into the southern Ute reservation in Colorado, as reported earlier. The Black Range fire in Gila t _ i / j i - _ ? _. 'Forest, 7f miles southeast of the I rived"licrc 'recently to attend' Re-| U l t l e Creek blaze, burned into its 'serve Officers Training Corps sum-1 13th'dcy. But officials said the 39.5QO-iicrc blaze ns almost under control. (Continued from Pace 1 hates liberty and shows no tice." Rpp. Kerstfin, (R-Wis) cowleinn- 01! Oatis' triii) and punishment in resolution he introduced in the U. | FORT J1OOU, Texas (Special)-S. Htni.Hc of Representatives yes-1 Cadet James M. Rapcoek. son of tord-'iy. I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ra;irock, In St. Paul. Minn Oatis wife; G40 La.s Cruces. Ave., Las Cruces, expressed relief "that tho trial N. M. and Richard T. Floyd, Jr.. la over and tho result is hnuwn."t son of C. T. Floyd. Eslanula. ar- Wnltlng Is,Stniln "Tho past two and a half and can return to mer c.'imp. . Cadet Rapcoch, student at New; Mexico Military Institute anil Ca- j det Floyd, major in Agriculture j at New Mexico AM college; will Oatis' answers to questions at j receive sU.weeks of intensive field his trial and testimony of other training. Emphasis will be placed on the development nf leadership qualities and tactical employment of the latest weapons and equipment. The cadets will participate in actu- y witnesses indicated his "espionage" .irti i f ily consisted o f : 1. Hcwiving; messages from AP ijiKCciiis in fiondon and New York asking him to check. reports already published in Lho outside v/orld ahn'Jt nrrests,- dismissal and other events in Czechoslovakia. Made Unofficial Notes ',}. MfiUing 1 note.';, (presumably for future UHC as bnckijround in news stories, which hud not been officially released Czech government. .'i. Tiying to check by the routine a] operation of a military unit under simulated battle conditions. The camp is being conducted for neatly 1,000 advanced military students from ,20 colleges, universities and military academies in 10 different states and the Territory of Pueito Rico. Satis- uf summer military ' in- will qualify factory completion cunij) and required stmetion ai school arrivals and departures of polit-1 t l j c ca( j c t s fur a commission as it-iil personalities at the Prague j 3Ct:onil lieutenant in the United nil-poll. | states Army. -I. Sending employes to Karlovy j , Vary (Karlsbad), a Czuuh health jo.'jori, to rim down worldwide ru- rnoin that high Soviet officials ·were staying there. Ti. Visiting western diplomatic missions and exchanging information w i t h them on political, eco- He spent four years; of this period during World War II, in the U. S. Army. He-was arrcsled by serrct police on April H.'J. Kinc.e. then no representative nf the Associated lomic and m i l i t a r y developments j PrcKs or the United Sink's puvcrn- n Czechoslovakia. i mt'nt has hecn able to talk with · : ,i; l .ndai(l IVarUri- i him. All tiK'se iK-tiviticK are standard \ . iractirt' for newsmen in weKtern: Three centers, southeast Asia; Juunlrk'K. northwestern and central Europe; OatiK, :;7-year-i)Id Marion, lnd.. and northeastern United States Kjwsnmn lias been employed b y ! contain 75 to 8!! per cp.nt of the 19;',7. i world's population. . Washington offinijils arrived by air in the meantime to see foi themselves what tlie fires had done to New Mexico and Arizona timb'jrlaiul. Blue Jays'Neatly Lift Sox ; Scalp In Holiday Game U. S. Casualties Jump To 78,110 ' . WASHINGTON, July Announced U.S. battle In Korea, renchccl 7fi,110 (od8y,| increase of 1,361- si'nc-e last WJ The Defense Department's w«j ly .summary hased on noLificaU to families through last repoited: ''Lnst Week Killed in action 11.2154 Wouriilnl . . 5:1,227 Missing ; 12,268 Total 767-19 Battle deiLh.1 ( X j 12.680 Now missing 'ly) 10.680 CO Includes K i l l e d , in 1,327 rat-illy wounded a defid, originally repoi-tctl ( y ) After deducting fra Icital l'.'!27 i'et\r : ped,' 159 capUn'pil and IQp'ltno 1 Jays had ciimbod ove: 2:1-1. Although cxccii day's slmlout with clean precisifl the Jays still were held .'to a La Mesa's Blue- Jays cnme to town yesterday, neatly cut off La.s Cruces Blue Sox scalp by a C-0 shutout, and noisily went home ! ly-played hnllgamc that never to chalk up their second win over j came a clean romp,, the Sox this year. Close to 500 fans, one oC the largest crowds to attend a Sox y a n it; this year, turned out yesterday to see tlie holiday scalping in Lions park. Earlier this season vivid-hucd The saxophone. Invented man named Adolphc. Sax. modicn hybrid instrument, liav the clarinet mouthpiece with single reed applied to a cunicw brass tube. VALLEY LOAN FINANCE COMPANY | | 122 West Griggs Ave. -- Las Cruces, N. M. -- Phone 8181 LOANS - DISCOUNTS - REFINANCING . AUTOMOBILES - REAL ESTATE'- COLLATERAL We Buy All Types of Contracts - -"Il's Easy To Pay Our Finance Way" More refreshing ICED McCOfiM/a'J , "(her flavor makes k Iht best Ictd Tea ^-^ % McCORMKKTE (Continued from page one) assistance payments are not- as hilh as I t h i n k Uiry slio-j'ld be. ising costs." Simp- ent on. " Cut under the cumsLfincen, wilii th UK :ivai!al)lo fur tho p u i - | p a i o inuhing payments in nil pquitalih; inunner." law inakuu apcU peopk 1 to rcctlvc usiiisXJinct' if his pliins for :ui "ciln- npiii|;n" on pi-ice rrm- wn $-1,000 equity in a homo; nvc SlfiO In ua.sii or its ec|iiival- 111; havi 1 SUO!) in iiisitianco con- i i i t i h l i : tu ca.^n; own equity' in-dis- idlc- prupiM-ty over SJ50 o mvn t-tinily in surplus other pro pcity HVIM- $l.. r )0:i. \ n o l l ) ( i r Try 1 o Liul l a n o v o r i V l i n e S t r i k e Slalal F « * r E I Pa^o i:yins i and CttiiL'iliatioii Service · for i ·; of tiffifinl:; ol 1 the i-oiu puny nnd the u l t i k i n g loi.'iil nl" l)n l u i o m u t i o n t i l Mino, .Mill , sun .,,..[ | Kmeltcr Wnrlcers. n i v : Hotli sidc:i iL ! ;trc'ii lo nii'ct ttDvi'-iniin niL'diiUion nitiH'l. I:IH oalcn np .?7 l i i l i i in of Hi funds ap;trdpriitl(-(l f,u - ilcft'iKic 1 , . Ihcisi- Ii'^i'Lh;;i- iiiul yo jjn'uh'v Mini t h a n l):i;li I he -ivasfj! vutc.1 1.1.-.L fall mill I'. I'lUUOVW fortlTux.) 10. Koatril.1 2, (,'fttlSl'S lO curdle 3. Hoscnl H. Sea CUR If Ki. Mulberry 10. Souk flax 17. Hhclw of ncclts 20. 23. Neuter pronoun Iniplred by thc.beaufy ol the Roclrei, Sqnuonile'i tich new. Colorado'Brown lepdi Ihiiyior't Come in today and see ihli smart new finish in a complete ictection of nen'j ond ,, women'i piece). You'll like Samionite'i eaty to elean, ( bctter-than-leaiher ·: . covering, streamlined (iftinjt, iuxurioui lining*, dln-proif, dutl-prootconil^uclion. ' An J, Beit 01 all, two pletel of Somionile (oil no more than ytu'de*'pecllopcy for' one piece of equal quality. VANITY O-N 1RMN CASE O'NITE (R O'NITE (Ccnveriiblr) UtJlES* WARDRODE rut IMAM . IWO-SUITER JOU'RNWR HAND WARDKODF is. TOJII 1!. Tie n IiO. To ill n\v WfttlT M.UUu-iwIac

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