Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 27, 1962 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1962
Page 14
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Thurs, 2U962_GREELEY TRIBUTE ra ( t l» PENNEY'S 60" ANNIVERSARY Swcden-DenmarkBridgeWill Link 'City of Two Nations' By BRACK CURRY STOCKHOLM APi - Sweden and Denmark are considering a at the narrowest point of the Ore- siiad. It would be oi double-deck con- countries by bridge. Its completion would bring a new "city ot two nations" with t population of four to five million people. As one of the world's largest cities it would have immense commercial and industrial Importance. The project has wide olficial and public support. A committee appointed by the two governments has recommended construction ol a 3 1-3 mile bridge across the Orcsund-the body of water that teparotcs Sweden and the Danish Island of Zeeland. The bridge would COM 75(1 million Swedish crowns-SH4.E million-aud would take 10 years to build, including preparatory work. The committee recommends that ii run between the Swedish cily of Helsingborg and the Danish citv of Elsinorc. Weld County Real Estate Transfers Revinut lUmpl on real ·lUti triniflri in II tht rat. ol 11.10 per thousand Dtctmbtr 21 Hulda K. Brolien to Humble Oil It Refining Co , \a( '2 ;md the east 15 feet of Ixit H. Block 8. Town ol Windsor, llcv. none. above for vehicles and rail lines: undernearth. Ships could pass beneath it. TV committee says this permanent link between Sweden and Denmark would so increase commercial and industrial activity that a population increase would naturally follow. It predicts that by the end of this century one fourth of the population of Sweden and Denmark will live along the Orciund. Swedish and Danish proponents of the project visualize Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city with a population of one million, and the south Swedish port city of Valmoe, with 200,000 people', as] b-bic componriits of this cily .spanning the Oresund. ! Aside from these cities, there is plenty of space for development of a huge new community with industry, residential zones and recralion areas that would merge with the present cities. The join; Swedish-Danish committee submitted its report after an eight-year survey. It made no recommendation as to how the structure should be financed. Swedish and Danish governments may share the cost. Swedish and Danish private interests might finance it with the aid of foreign Town of ,, , , . ' , , I international sea channel. Danish l a u l t . Johnson to Martin G. experts s av international law does numoni and Uona It. Dumonl:, ,,,,, , ay ^ anv delinito h Uls 9 to 16. both inclusive. fllucki on t | lt . queslion 66, Town of Hudson, He-. $1.10. | The decision to build or Max M. Baldwin and Clara build may come in 1963. Belle Baldwin to Michael M. - Roe.hnVh and Ida Iloehrich, \ja\\ !. Block 3. Anderson's GlenmerciWf)r|H R r j p f c Addition. City of Greelcy. llcv "MCI 3 $2.75 Gerald I). Wolff nnd Miriam K. Wollf to Dora K. Trembath and I SEOUL. Korea 'AP '-South Ko-l lea's military government dedicated Wed. a giant W-million fun Krnosl William Trembal|i,_Lnl loonier named Walker Hill in hon(ii o( the late L'.S. LI. Gen. Walton II. Walker. The government hopes the entertainment center will attract I'.S. dollars that American troops spend on furlough in Japan. But I'.S. commanders have warned the 157-acrc area will be put off limits il prostitution and crooked gambling become features. SAIGON, Viet Nam APi-The South Viet Nam government reported Wed. thai seven passengers were killed and 15 injured when Communist guerrillas blew ip a train loaded with holiday Block 1. Franklin Subdivision. City of Grcelcy. Hov. $.55. Ixster Clark, also k n o w n as Uslcr W. Clark, nnd Katie I. Clark to Kcnnclb E While and Maurine E. White, the S' 7 o! Section 14; the E's and SW 1 , of Section 23. all in 7-62. and the S4 of .Section 17-7-61. Hcv. $« 20. School District No. Six. County of Weld and Stale of Colorado to Herman A. Klicwer and Dorothea 0. Kiiowcr. 2 parcels of Innd located in NE^4 of Section 19-5T3. Rev. S5.50. Katie Meier (o Albert H Slrnh «nd Estlier I. Stroll. Lot 11. Dcu- bnch's Sub. of Block H7. City of I travelers. Grrclcy, Rev. H.40. ] The incident occurred Sunday. Creslvicw Development Corp. 39CI miles north of Saigon and lo School District No Six. 2 par- south ol the central Vietnamese eels of land located in Hie N K ' of Section 19-565, Rev. $33.00. Herman A. Klicwer and Dnr-jcar and overturned two others, olhca G. Klicwer to School Dis-i trie! No. Six, a Iract of land lo-l '-' ilwn - ! ' W|U P»1 'AP'-A strong rated in the N K » of Set-lion 19-5-! cart " tromor hl1 Lislw " an(i c TM- 65. Itev. KB 05. ! l .' al Iurl "R''l W«l., causing some cily of Hue. The guerrillas exploded a mine lhat derailed one Ernest M. Anderson and Esther I Anderson to H. Paul Brown. !/)! 6. Block 8. Anderson Plat, Portusuwe capital. Town ol Fort l.uplun. HPV. $2.75. l.ydia A. Miller In Robert A. Ruylf and Lydia M Rtiyle, a Irnct of land located in Lot 48. Allcs Acres, llcv. M.40. Dtctmbtr 24 William Burkhart and Margaret damage lu buildings and near panic among residents ol the! Rurkli.irt !o .lames M. Lcchman Brooklyn, N.Y. have bwn sen- mid Belly S. lichmiin. the SK'.j 1 ''" 00 " to P l l w n - Uw newspaper ot Section 32-:!-W. Hcv. H(52!i. I 1 "TM 1 reported Wednesday. Gcorpi K. Sloul iiiul Mmi I. Sloul lo Donald o. Ininan ;uid Tlie hlFi'iiturr w a s denounced I as |xi|i( and nol religious. \Vilil,i M. Inni.-m. the soulh 1(1 li-ell' 1 """ 1 - "'' .'ehov.ih's Witnesses of t/il II and the north fio font '*'"» tb fipht against war prop- nf Uit 22. Ulock 5. Kirst Addition lo Fniracrcs. Cily of (;reeley.! S(lvi 't »rmy. liev. $CH3.",. N'orbcil F. N'tn'idinj; and Mary F;il)oi,n Vi-crdini: lo Hobcrl S. Uganda, and refuse lo serve in the Ailen and liene I. Allt-ii. ;ill t h a i I of Section 3tv2 IM. lyinp north n .J K K Y WKST. Fla. (AI'i-Hava- nn Radio claimed Wed. 400 Cuban and 20(1 members ;ind west of Hie of w;ty of Chicago. Hiirlnn:l«n ;wd Qtiincy Railroail. Hcv. Wi ail Hnbcrl S. Allen Htid hone 1. of the Cuban Red Cross unloaded ;inil checked merchandise alward the U.S. freighter African Pilol in 19 hours and 5 minutes. The broadcast, hoard here. Siiid Ihe Inncshnrcmcn, working in Alln, lo Main .Win ,,,,1 U l l i r l r I .1,-ilin. .111 uiidiviildi ': ir' -- " In and to nil part of Sivlinnj RAWALPINDI. Pakistan i.M'i M-2-fi.-.. lyini, 1 north nncl «cl ol An Indian delcgnli Ihi' rii;hl of w-ny ol I ho Chiojign. nn ived Wod. to negotiate lor a Riiilins'.on and (Juincy H.iihc.Kl. sotllomenl of Ihe IS-year-old liev. Hl.91 |K:ishnnr dispulo. The contoronco Charles'llidue ami .l.inol 11 opons Carllidi:e lo R u i n F. Holmes.j In NCAI I'cliii. an Indian Fnr-i Cail Anderson and Klo.umi Robin- .ton. tlif north nf 12. nnd Ihc S'r i[ l.ol 13. nlork 12. Twnm- cign Ulficc s|iokosinnn cnipho- 'mod thai Iheie arc no procondi- lions for Ihf talks, which aro an bly\ Aildiliiin. Tiii'.n nf FiM'l joul(;ro«t!i n[ Ihe liuiia-Chinn hot l.iiplnn. iirv. H !B. 'dor ciinllirl. V H i;rnm-:r- Xo C,7 of Ihe Cily of Hudson lo Amu-. I,. O'Kclly. Ihe wosl 2fi feel of Ix.t 17 and lhej' S I ' l l r ? '." wvst 2r.:is loci '.( i/.ts in lo 241 iiuhi'-ivo. Block 52. Town of lluil- '"l"''l '.M" - Thr I'n ..... 1 ''* NATU nlln h ' lve ln 5| "P cx|«rliiig slccl pi|tcs In (he Soviet Union for nse in Russia's oil industry. Kyo- Service loporled Wodnos son, :tml nn nndiviilcd ': interest in ;nid lo the smilb If, fret of lyili' 1 " B. RliK-k 52. HndMin Rev. tl.K. \faf- Diirolliy iiiniik Barlow lo i..iw-j Quoting covornmont sourros, ronir S Aiillmnn nnd NotiieldalKymin snid the .Isp.inoso govern- A Atillniiin. a liacl oi land in'nicnl was asked to cooperate \\ilh SW 1 ,if Soilion 15-2-M. Rev. Klrlriirr K Brown !n II. :\ Flailrr. the SF.'i of Scrllon 16; nnd Ihr R'I of Section 15. all in MS. Rf v *S7 JO. a decision by Ihf North Atlantic Trc.-ily Organization lo stop ex- porling oil pipes to Iht Sovirl Union Responsible government official* declined comment. WE'RE WINDING UP OUR 60th ANNIVERSARY YEAR WITH A PRICE-SLASHING OLD FASHIONED BARGAIN SPREE: FABULOUS SAVINGS ON PENNEY-S FAMOUS FIRST QUALITY VALUES: HURBYI YEAR-END First report; said there were no! cnstiallies, but in Lisbon windows were broken and chimneys toppled. ' j MOSCOW 'API-Soviet citizens who distributed literature from the ,lehov;ih's Witnesses center in Dresses reduced from stock! LATE DAY 'N CASUAL FASHIONS! WOOLS! COTTONS! BLENDS! EVEN EARLY SPRING STYLES! 3 You'll find fashion-new cottons for around- the-home and about-town . . . top fabrics, full-sweeping and pencil-slim skirts! You'll see smartest collar treatments, big 'n little buttons, plenty of pockets! You'll marvel at the wonderfully low price! You'll want to scoop up .several! Junior, regular and half 5 These, from our handsome collection of better dresses! Dresses that have been practically monitored slitch by stitch to give you t h e very most f m - your money! Stripes, checks, plaids, prints, joliils! Regular, junior and half sixes! 8 Thesi. are t h e bosl of our belter line of ilrcssi's . . . reduced to save you dollars! Full sweeps, slim sheaths, pleats in a gamut (f colors, styles, fabrics! Take your pick first thing tiimmToxv morning . . . ii's your great opportunity to save! Regular, junior, half Jr. and Big Boys Deep Pile Lined Jacket Specials! SUPPLON PARKAS 'n LONG JACKETS of Supported, Expanded Vinyl COTTON GABARDINE PARKAS . . . Water-repellent, Machine-washable Rugged, built to take all your boy can give and still look great! Handsome jackets have warm AcrilanS acrylic pile body liner, quilt lined sleeves and kicker. All three styles with cotton knit cuffs and collar--all washable! Both S u p p 1 o n junior boys' parkas and neoprene-coated cotton twill g a b a r d i n e jackets have quilt lined, zip-off hood. Supplon jackets in bamboo, coal blue, black and loden. Twill in charcoal, coal b l u e a n d brown. JACKETS CLEARANCE PRICED FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! NYLON DOES A REVERSE FROM PRINT INTO QUILT womtn't lljn tm«!l, mediuni. l^rg- Two liic Iwks in (;ne . . . easy care nylon two \v«ys: f(lorful prints reversing to ski-look quiltii-,ir. Hooded anil lippcrcd for all-weather wear. Kxcite- nu-nt-hoiind in colors from orient tn dark. Top value! Similar to illustration. CHECKER-PILE LINING . . . SMART MOVE! , 81 O t'tei · ^WB Cut 'n ainnit, snugly warm in our coats of reprocessed wool 'n other fibers. Acrylic pile. Medium, charcoal grey. Similar to illustration.. SPECIAL! PILE LINED MELTON SUBURBANS! men'i Iui 35 to 12 A winner for warmth and good I n - k g . , Penney's meltons of new and reprocessed wools, other fibers. Thick acrylic pile lined Imdy. (|»ilt lined sleeves. Muted plaids in oxford, light grev, pinewood. CHANGE IT! OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS 'TIL 8:30!

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