Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 26, 1957 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 28
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Page 14 GKEELEY TRIBUNE Wednesday, June 26, 1957 ( Bold Billy Paul .Muloney, h'ditor Kadlecek, Evans Score Victories in City League Softball Tues. K a d l e e r k sltidir* anr'i c'v.tns V. F. W. Gutlusted their opponents in a pair ot City league sottliall j " ri u( |' f^i games Tuesday nifihl al I''orbc.s Mitchell struck oul three Dials to end the game. ' ed Kvans' lour- three-run home run sixth wilh a field Kadlecrk r;in up righl runs in the first two i n n i n g s then went on to whip .MitcKenzic Sliirc Equip- m e n t , HTi, in f i v e i n n i n g s . Ev.ins srurcd four runs in t h e , ], l , t) " n ..| r ,| .\iilrhcll fnllnwnl v/ilh bottom of Ihe sixlli itininc In g a i n d,,,,!,!,. ,-, nl | Crispin homered, a 10-6 victory ovt-r sliibborn Dials Houder's serontl-inninB homer In Ihe scvcn-inninc nightcap. i W a 5 f 0 ||,, wt ,,| by n w n l k , an infield Catcher J e r r y Meyers simrked | nut and ;IM error lo account for nn. Bnuer had a double earlier in t h e f r a m e . Exlrn base swats accounted for t h r e e E v a n s runs in the first in Mint!. Tice soeked .1 leadoff triple, I Yanks Doing Better In Wimbledon Tennis After Bad Beginning I laurPAC !·«][*» By S T E R L I N G S L A P P E Y ] I WIMBLEDON, Eoslind Ji -- j ! Tup settitJ Al'.hfj fiibson of N e w j York played spotlUy Tuesday but paced a list of eight American! nen and seven women through Meet July 12 - AlklM The second annual Greeley City crtiin. , ictoriouc opening matches in the Swimming chimplonships will be; wiciJ« !».' ram-splattered \Vimfaledon tennis | held at 7 p.m. July 1Z in Guntcr championships. The tall Harlem girl, seeking (o become Ihe first Negro ever lo win at Wimbledon, struggled to a C 4, M second round triumph over Suzi Kocrmocczy ol Hungary, one of the best Iron Curtain players. It was a banner d a y , generally, Three age divisions for boys and for the Yanks, who saw their top for BJr ij w m De 5 e j U3 . Trophies men's hope, Ham Richardson, 1 wi || be awar d e d to the champions Karilccek In a four-run firsl n i n g against MncKen/ie. Meyrr.s f l a m m e d a three-nut home run with Sandy Luppcns nnd Selh Stevens aboard. Erv Dennis scored earlier on Stevens' single. A walk, an error, a single by Dick McDonald and two errors accounted for four more Kadlccek runs hi the second. K a r l l r c e k insured the victory in Ihe f o u r t h with a sis-run bursts Ed Meyer sparked the rally with a grand slam homer. MacKenzie got all of Its runs in two r u n s . Ticc hit his second triple in the f o u r t h i n n i n g with Houdcr on base to provide Evans' fourth run. Thursday's schedule: 7 p.m., Weld County Garage vs. Ilibbs Clnlhinfi; fl:M p.m., Cowan Con- crele vs. Aull V.T.W. (Pint game) R H E MacKeil/.ic .......... . 001) IW-" R 2 6 Cincinnati Again Major Threat As It Tightens National Race; Yankees Bumped Out of First By ED WILKS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS tat ASSOCIATED rutss AMERICAN ASSOCIATION . ___ Hiukuu ud Paikij Pi*»i3 led rotcu. t5«cftdt l^BtvklHj _ 1*0 ^M 10O 1 -- I . i . t Ckirleilu "'",,_. «1» W «M - .1 . 1 - I (1 lAaloli) id H'PP: Wwdnchlrk Rubendall with Is Medalist mann, meet manager, announced hall swimming pool, Boh Guth- Tuesday. The meet will be sponsored by the Greeley Junior Chamber of Commerce. The Jaycees will lerve as meet officials. ousted Mondy. Seventh-seeded Herbie Flam, retrieving, with fanaticism and keeping his "nothing" hall in constant Pit IFIC COAST lEAGliE 5U Ditto . a. Slcrunento 0. UJI Auilti I. S«n Frincuco J. Vtncmivtr 7, portliDd ]. Hollywood 3, SeilUe 1. rNTEBMTIONAL U E A C l f Bu!!alo «-l, Mllnl 3-t Rocbtller t-4. Hivioi » I2ni in each group. The top five individuals in each event will be awarded ribbons. The nge divisions are prep (1! play, trounced Paul Blondel of | j. ears and under), junior (13-15 r : ---'--·' " = ' " ; " - y c a r 5 ) and senior (16 years and Switzerland 63, 6-4, 7-5, in a match three times interrupted by rain. The Beverly Hills, Calif., Davis Cup performer was joined in the second round by the veteran Gardnar Mully of Denver, Hike Green of M i a m i , Pablo Eisenberg of Maplcwood, N. J., Sidney Schwartz of Long Beach, N.Y., John Lesch and John Cranston, both of Los Angeles and Harry Butlimer of San Francisco. American women 'who have dominated Wimbledon lennis for 20 years showed no signs of slackening their grip as six others besides Miss Gibson, wop first and second round matches. Louise Brough of Beverly Hills, I frames, then tagged the Yankees j Calif., a four-time Wimbledon v,in- /ilh their worst defeat of the year Cincinnati's HctHcKs am .still i n : n s rtorky Colavilo hit his first Kadlccek . 110 dx-M 8 1 business in t h a t National League . homer in the ninth off doc f i g h t , climbini! w i t h i n fivcl A i rjicolle Rookies Russ Nixon, , , Hale, Mjilono (4) and Coslillo; ; pC Tccnlaf!c points of the lend aft- hansinR his first home r u n , and " ...... 'er three question-mark guys -- noser Marls each drove in two " I l n r l and Meyers. (Socond g a m e ) R H E Dials --- 3!0 010 J-- 6 6 1 Ihc second inning. Six walks and a i Evans 320 10-1 x-10 8 3 single provided Ihc r u n s off of Kadlecck pitcher Bill Mart. I l a r l allowed only two hits during the game. Dials surprised tile power-laden E v a n s team wilh a three-run spluree in the first iniiinK- Singles by Guesinpcr and Seibcrt fid the stage for Wiehert's home. r u n . Dials added another run in the second on GticsinRcr's triple and an error and Q sacrifice play accounted ror and a sacrifice ply accounted for Dials' f i f t h run in the tilth. Dials made a vain effort to catch up in the lop of the seventh on a walk and a costly passed ball, but Evans pitcher Leonard "Lucky" Brooks Lawrence, sorer u n 5 as y,,, jri hacked Ted Kluszewski and s q u a t - , j , , support of swatter Smoky Burgess -- helped Tribe collected 12 hiU oncc-bealen Don Sleinmlller, Hcrsh (S) and S e l - l j u n k ,, 4.13 slump. | Andy Cnrey's sixth home run hcrl; Crispin, L. Mitchell (6) a n d 1 All three had n h a n d in Tuesday I was fioo[ ) / or t w o 2nd-inning runs L. Mitchell, Crispin (6). Boxing Bigwigs To Try To Block Rademacher Fight with Patterson Cardinals. Lawrence 4-Hils G i a n l s Lawrence, target of jests belittling his 10 victories ot last year, 4-hit Ihc Giants lo win his NEW YORK Ifll-Thc shock o[,eighth. Burgess' two home runs the proposed Floyd Patterson-re- kepi Ihc Iledlcgs in the. game and night's 3-2 decision over Ihc N e w ; n s t nc Yankees losl their second York Giants t h a t hoisted the R e d - 1 straight, legs, who now have won six o f . Tigers Score 3 in 10th seven, onln almost even t e r m s , 'r nc Tigers boomed three runs with the idle isl-plncc St. Louis |, omc j n the 10th, opened by J. W. tcr Rademacher heavyweight lille fight in Scnlllc, Wash., was beginning to wear olf Wednesday anil from here on it appears that boxing bic.wigs will do all Ihey Merchants, fvans Play Longmont's Harsh Co. Tonight at Forbes Field The G r e e I 0 y Merchants and Evans V.F.W. will have i llger lo- nlghl whfn they meet Harsh Lumber Co. of Longmont at Forbes Held. The Merchants will bn out to · venge a 2-0 defeat ejrller in Ihe week to Harsh, This game will begin it 8 p.m. Evans will moot Ihe pride of Longmont at 9 p.m. The above three teams were Ihe lop finishers in the state International Softball league tournament last year. Friday night Evans will meel Talley Construction of Denver in the first of two gernc! at Forbes field. The Grcolay Merchants will meet Talley In the second contest. Game tlm«« are 8 and 9 p.m. can to block il. H n d e m a c h c r , the O l y m p i c heavyweight champion, never has fought professionally, and even Cus D'Amalo, Patterson's unprc- Klu's 2-oul pinch single in Ihc ninth bugged it. v The. race got even chummier as Brooklyn's soulhpaw rookie Danny McDcvill 4-hil Milwaukee. 2-0 Thai lipped idle Philadelphia lo Ihird, 1'A gauges back, spilled Ihc Braves In fourth, also 1V4 shy, and raised Ihc 5th-placc Brooks within two games of the leaders. Porter's pinch single and put away wilh Bill Tullle's tie-break- ng single and doubles by Al Ka- inc and lied Wilson. Charlie Maxell's Iwo home runs broughl De- Iroit from a 4-0 deficit and the Tigers lied il in Ihe ninlh on Wilson's RBI single. Harry Byrd, re- porling earlier in the day for an- olher Iry al the majors, won it in relict. Truman Clcvcnger losl his first. Locs walked none and struck oul six while winning his eighlh Boh Boytl was 3-tor-4. Jack Liltrell, Dale. Long and Walt Moryn homered for Ihe Cubs ncr, advanced lo. Ihe Ihird round on a bye and an easy 6-2, 6-0 vic- lory over Mrs. Mary Hawton of Australia. Other winners were Miriam (Mimi) .Arnold, the five- foot-lwo junior girls champion rom Redwood Cily, Calif.; prctly arol Fageros - o f Miami, Belly rait of Jamaica and South range, N.J.; Mrs. Dorothy Head node ot Alameda, Calif, and arlene Hard, Monlebcllo, Calif, he counlry's ninlh-ranked player oni Los Angeles, was healen by oy Emerson of Auslralia, one of ic Queensland "twins," 8-6, 6-3, 1. Bob Sherman of Temple City, alif., little known in U. S. tour- amcnt circles, won Ihe first two els from John Barrell, Brilish lavis Cupper, but bowed to fa- gue, 4-6, 10-12, 7-5, 6-3. dic'lahlc manager, admits the i d e a l White Sox R e g a i n H a l f Came Lead | w i U l L iu Te !l lagging loser Bob ,_ . u - j ^'"""""'Friend with a 3-run shot. Dave Hillman won il in relief. Deaths and Funerals HAWOIITH Wayne l l a w o r t h or Denver. Husband ol Mrn. Marg;irel C. Haivorlh. Father of Miss M n r y Mnrgarel H.-iworlh of New York Cily. Brother ot Curl Haworth nnd Mrs. Theodoro Olsen, lioth of fireeley, U n d e r I t H w o r l l i of Cliarleslon. \Vesl Virpinin nnrt Paul l l o w n r t l i o! Vnltcjo, Callt. Arrangements later. KLADY Carl Wayne. Kl:iny. I n f n n l . Fon of Mr. anil MrB. S. L. KUrly or 2.113 CrcBlwood Drive. Com- miltal pnrvtcps i n a.m. ThurR- rtny Ht Mnn Grove. REIS Mrs. Nolllo Rein ot U n i o n nnrl Ventura, Cnllf. RecllaUon ot Ihe flosnry 7:3" p.m. Thurs day from Mneys Drawing Tlnnm. Renuieni Maps tt n.m Friday from St. Peter's ratho'lic Churrh. I n t e r m e n t Linn Grove. "fantastic." But he is determined Lo go through with it, assuming Patterson licks IIurri-nn? Jocltsnn In USE firsl defense of his title July 29. He has heen guaranteed (250,000 for the m a t c h . The first positive action came om Julius Hclfand, c h a i r m a n of ic New York Stale Athletic Com- ission and -- more importanl -- ewly cleclcd president of the 'orld Championship Boxing Com- lillce. "I'm u t t e r l y astounded lhal ' A m a l o would be oven thinking ' making nuch a match," said :eifnnd. He said he had wrillen n loiter i Floyd Stevens, president ot Ihe National Be-xing Assn. II is obvious lhal Helfand linccd no words condemning Ihc oul in his letter lo Slevens. Wash- nglon is a member of the NBA nd Slevens is in a posilion lo tell he Washington commission lhal he natloral organizalion opposes he bout. The NBA, incidentally, recently rejoined the. World Cham lionship Boxing Commillce, so iclfand's ideas will gel a careful icaring. I n t h e A m e r i c a n , Chicago's While Sox shook off t h a t losl 'cekcnd in New York to regain a alt-game lead with a 2-1 viclory i n t cut Boston's winning slreak I six games Third-place Clcve- nd plunked Lhe Yankees back lo econd wilh an 11-2 pasting. Detroit, blasted by .Manager ack Tighc, came from behind lo cal Washington 7-1 in 10 innings full share of f o u r l h place gain. And Baltimore handed K a n 05 Cily a sixth consecutive de:al 5-0 on Billy Locs' 3-liil pilch- Pacific Coast Race Tightens By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Pacific Coast League pen nant chase is so tight Wedncsda U squeaks. ng. Pittsburgh Now in Cellar IT THE ASSOCIATED PnF.SS AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. (IB C, 39 23 .621 New ~Yorlt....! _.... -..- 33 24 -619 Cleveland _ 33 2H 55K (H Detroit . _.... -..- - 34 11 .521 fiV nosltm ..... 31 12 .508 71 riaillmoic _ 30 31 .563 10 25 39 .391 15 PltlSDUrgn NOW in V.eil»r Kanias Cily _ 2539 .3911! Chicago's Cubs quit the cellar wmhimioii ...22 is .321 21 i h n nit,TM- MI. n:imn H r n n n i n B Wednesday's Schedule (he other NL game, dropping iltshurgh into eighth place, with 5-3 decision over the Pirates. Lawrence, a 32-year-old righl- andcr, gave up a 2-0 Giant lead cfore Burgess- went lo work on oscr Ray Crone and lied il. The ledlegs calmed down unlil Ihe inlh, when reliever Al Worthing- on walked Iwo lo load Ihc ba^es. 'hen came Klu. The Dodgers collected only tour hils Ihemsclvcs, Iwo by Duke Snider, who walloped his 15th home run in the first inning before Lew Burdetle dosed the door nnd rc- .ired 17 in a row. Snider also i 3, cicoii scored an unearned run in the no1o Cleveland al New York -- L«mon (5-4 vt. Kucks ( I - G ) . Chlcncn nL Boston -- Wilson (7-4) Nixon (5-31. Detroit at Wafihlnfllon (night) -- Bun nine (7-2) vs. Stobhs ( l - l l ) . Kan»i City »l Balllmorc (night) -- 'ortocarrero (3-2) vs. Johnson (5-6). Tuesday's Results [mill CUT .- .......... IHHI WO MO-- 0 lilllimiTM . .. l«l =n ni-,11 5 Urban. Gorman (6) and Smith; Loci mH Trlandos. nrlrnll 04)0 ?(H in! A-- 7 10 0 Wi.hlnilon " ____ ........ :(K 000 000 0--4 II 1 (10 lnnlnn.O L«ry. firomck ( 3 ) , Byrd («), Slealcr (1). Foylnck (10) a n d Wilson: Homos, ourtney. 0.1.1 100 Oft4-- J l IS 0 over). Here is a list of events: Prep Boys--25-yd. free-style, 25-yd. backstroke, 25-yd. breaslstroke and diving; Prep Girls-25-yd. freestyle. 25-yd. backstroke, 25-yd. breaststroke and diving; Junior Boys--50 yd. freestyle, 50- yd. backstroke, 50-yd. breaststroke; Junior Girls--same as junior boys; Senior Jlcn--50-yd. freestyle, 100- yd. freestyle, 200-yd. freestyle, 100- yd. backstroke, 100-yd. breaststroke; and Senior Women--50-yd. freestyle, 100-yd. freestyle, 100-yd. backstroke, and 30-yd. breasl- stroke. Defending men's, and women's champions Jon Oslerland and Judy lliott, respectively, will risk their ties this year. Seventy entries competed last jar. Guthmann expects a double rnout this year. The Iriphies will be on display Jones Sporting Goods next eek. Entry blanks will be avail- ble at Jones and at the city pools: SYU Basketballers Will Tour South PROVO, Utah UB -- The Brig, ham Young University basketbal Learn, winner of last season's Sky line Conference championship, wil lake a swing through the .South as part of next season's schedule The schedule, announced Tues day, includes games against Uni versity of Tennessee at Knoxvllle .Dec. 28; University of Alabama a Tuscaioosa Dec. 30; Vanderbil University at Nashville Jan. 2, anc Loyola University at New Orleans Jan. 3. BYU will open the season Dec 6 in Seattle against University o Washington. The conference season will be Kin for BYU in Missoula agains Montana University Jan. 10. Wichita Can't ie Counted Out By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS It took three pitchers and a ral- to prove it again Wednesday: ou can't count Wichita out of Hie Low Bids Announced on Animal Disease Lab at Foil Collins . Clevcnger (O and Courtney. . . (KO 000 000-- 3 a I Mossl and N i x o n : Slurdlviinl, Dilmar ( 4 ) and E e r r a . Johnson (B). . .. 000 000 200--2 fl 0 000 000 100--1 fl 1 , and While. und Mir. Slsler. Dclock IS) ninth. McDevill g a i n e r ! h i s second : complele game while giving up NATIONAL L E A G U E Jusl [our singles. He. walked six,! w. i.. roi. tie Slnick Olll. Six. ! Cmr'lnnah ~~-~- """ ""'« » -TM Dropo Slims 9lh H o m e r n I'hlladclphia .^ _ . V.. ~--.. 35 2fl .556 114 .554 IH .547 a ..... _ _ : k 10 35 .462 71 C h l r a c o _ _ _ -. 21 37 .362 13 n t u b u r j h .. .23 4J .351 141 Wednesday'! Schedule PilUbunih at Chlrapn (2) -- Law t.T-3 r»t Kline (2-11) vs. Drnbowsky M-6) and The Los Angeles Angels toppled handcr wenl all the wny with a j " N J^ VorK at Cincinnati ni B bi -- Co. ic league leading San Frnnciscn !6-hiltcr, giving up Boslon's run i n ' m j' ^.j, «' M *"*auilc'"shii - N«* -alt C-5 Tuesday nighl in a g a m e t e seventh as S a m m y While dou-| c o m h r ,,. B , v , T^bddso (2.11. Wall Dropo, who hil ri.qhl homri| p^J"! 1 "-- -- _ -- " J a m runs all last season, walloped his ninth ol '57 with a man on in the seventh inning lo break up Dave Sislcr's 3-hil shutout duel Boh Kccgan. The Chicago wilh I FORT COLLINS, Colo. UB -- Th State Board of Agriculture Tues day announced apparent low bid tolaling 5230,190 for conslruclion o an animal disease isolation labora .ory al Colorado State University All bids are subject to nc'golia lion lo bring cost of the projec within Ihe $200,000 of state an ederal funds budgeted. The arch .eel, James M. Hunler of Boulde told the board he thought Ihe co could be brought close lo aval able fnnds through elimination revision of some features. The apparent low bids include; R. T. Bickhard Construction C Denver, $174,732 for general co struction; Johnson Dvis Plum ing and Heating Co., Denver, S65 308 for mechanical work; Fn Collins Electric Co., $10,150 f electrical work. ANT.KI.r, N c l l l R L. AnRi'll nt norttienst of GlT-flfy. .Mnllier of llrlre V i t k l n j o n o[ I . r w l s t TM . M a i n r . Wayne W. W i l k i n s o n of Civc- tpy, and .lohn T. Wilkinstiii ol nails?. Trv.: s i f l o r ol It. 1- S t l l l w H I ot Los Anceles, C a l i f . , E v e l y n Camr IlTrlhnloinr'iv o! Wnrisntl. Wyo.. Mac U i r k l i n c of Keeneslmrc. Kl*i» Utirrnwn ol Lost l l i l l f , Cnllf.. nnrt Arrhle, B i f k l i n p ot Crcrlry. Ten KTantli liildren and live. Crent-Rrflndcliildren -also survive. Serviri-s 2 p.m. ThiirB- rtay, Scrord t'lineral Home. Int e r n ) e n L I.inn (Irovf. bled wilh Iwo out and Norb Z a u - ' Ih Se, played under protest. R u n n e r u p j Vancouver heal Portland 7-2 nnd chin Hooped a pinch f ingle to ccn-' Tintday't Results pulled within one g a m e of l h e ! l e r . Iriii.iuirih ?oo ooo ouv--i it Seals. Th, sixth place. Seattle, The Indians h a m m e r e d T o m rh,^, Kln ,- (7 , ; - A TM vo ';j, TM' d -^, ; Dainicrs run only 4'.s games off 'Sturdivanl lor a 6-2 lead in three. K ai!cr, Hiiiman in. Loan en ana Not. the. pace. Seattle lost lo 3rd-piaco Holly wood as Bennic Daniels led the Stars lo a 3-2 t r i u m p h became (he winningcsl hurler in the league, 10 victories lo 2 losses. The Twinks are 2Vi sanies out. Jim ( M u d c a U Grsnl of San Diepo threw a 2-hit 6-0 shulotil at Slate Employes To Gel Wage Increases Friday and Monday . Toronto 3, Columbui ». nlcbinood it Montreal, poitpoun- T E X A S L E A G U E Oklahoma City 1, Fort Worth I U In- tnril- SID Antonio 9. Houston 1. Dallll 3-7. Tulia M. AuiUn 4. Stueveport 1 (Id UuilECs). SOUTHERN A6SK. Chatlanooia I, Ultle Rork. 1. BljmlAKhim I. Moblli 0. New Orleaiu i. AUanlt 3. Only CI.BHI apheduled. P10NKC* I.fAGVK Salt Lake IB. Great Falls I. Bol.. II. Bllllnia 3. Idaho Falls 4, Pocatello 1. Mule Valley E, Mlisoula 3. WESTERN LEAGUE Lincoln 5, Sloui City 1. Albuquerque M. Pueblo 1-g. Dei Molnei 3, Topeka 2. Colorado .Sprtofl S-10, Amlrillo 3-3. Topeka Beaten, Others Gain By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Western League's winning- est pitcher, Topeka's John Slad. nicki, had his siring of victories snapped at 11 Tuesday night as he took a relief role loss to the Des Moines Demons. Sladnicki came lo Ihe mound in the ninth inning and gave up Ihe run which lied the game 2-2 and still was pitching when the Demons pushed across a run in Iho llth lo win 3-2. Nearly al the olher learns in the league .took advantage of the Topeka loss to edge up on the loop leaders! Lincoln downed Sioux City S-3 to better ils 3rd-place posilion. Pueblo and Albuquerque split a doubleheader with ATpuquerque taking the first game 2-1 and Pueblo By JIM HARPSTER COLORADO SPRINGS * - A pair of slender, par-busling eolJ»- gians led a field of W Into the I first round of matched play I Wednesday in Lhe 60th annual NCAA -aii championship!, «!- r t a d j O'ic scene of sparkling performances. The list of contestants was completed Wednesday morning wiea 11 golfers, all tied wilh 156s, Jaged a sudden-death playoff for six spots needed to Jill out the 64 finalists. Lanky Roger Hubendall of Wisconsin, the former Big Ten cham-' lion and son of a Freeport, HI, :lub professional, and Warren Simmons, 19-year-old Syracuse University junior, betlered par by wo strokes over the 6,697-yard Broadmoor course Tuesday for iredalisl honors «nd the. co-favor- Ics' role in the meet which endl Saturday. Rubendall was lied for 10th and virtually ignored as Simmons flashed around the course In i record C9 Monday. But he came out of nowhere and sliced four slrokes off par Tuesday with i , remarkable 68. Wilh a 74-68--142 he lied Simmons' t9-73--142 and was i heavy favorile Wednesday to belt San. Jose State's Jim Clark In his open- ' ing-round test. Simmons was matched against Ernie George, also of San Jose. The dramatic finisB'-came in the learn championship race, won by defending litlisl Houslon, which placed three players among Ihe 18 qualifiers. Stanford led by one stroke wilh Houston's Jim Hiskey approaching the 15th tee. Then teammale Frank Wharton caught Hiskey and told him the situation -- that Hiskey needed pars aJl the way to give his team ths title. The crew-cut kid did it, narrowly missing a birdie-3 on the final hole, and Houston finished with 602 strokes to Stanford's 603. One of the early qualifiers and a darkhorse' contender, Jim Bernard of Arizona Stale, left Wednesday for his Westboro, Mass., home where he must start a summer irst game z-i aim rueTM, Thursdav . An ex . GI and quar . ?. e .J!" n L,l- 2 ' l h !./ P ^ erfinahst iff the British Op« four rrid American atQe. Assn. baseball While St. Paul was improving its ercenlage lead Tuesday night ver the pack, Wichita's Braves lamped its second straight vie- ory on Indianapolis by winning, 0-8. And it-happened after Wich, la ace Carlton Willey, who had llowed a 2-run home run, left in lie second inning. The Braves showered the In- ians' Duke Markell with a home- jn attack in the fourth and then )Ut the clincher on with four sin- les in the seventh. A loth-inning run in Omaha al- owed St. Paul to stay in front the AAA league race, 3-2. Louisville and 'Charleston split heir (ioubleheader. The visiting Colonels got fine pitching from \rnit Atkins; who went 10 innings, o grab a 3-1 nighlcap viclory. The senators won the opener, 5-2. The Denver-at-Mmneapolis con- est was rained out. 'ueblo Ordnance Work Bids Opened Tuesday DENVER Iff! -- L. R. Foy Construction Co., of Hulchinson, Kan., was the apparent low bidder Tuesday for building a maintenance shop, warehouse and boiler house addition at the Pueblo Ordnance Dept. Nine bids were submitted with two schedules for each bidder. The Foy company bid ?1,713,197 on schedule 1 and 51,695,622 on Schedule 2. There were minor differences in specifications in (he two schedules. Ncwstrom Davis't Co., Denver, bid 51,722,318 and 51,720,318, and C. H. Lcadcll Co., El Pa'so Tex., bid $1,737,867 and $1,742,017 The Army Corps of Engineers estimale was 51,699,752 lor Schedule 1 and $1,703,142 for Schedule 2. Besides Ihe buildings the work calls for utilities, railroad sidings and othei work. A contract will be awarded by lite regional office of the Corp: of "Engineers in Omaha, Neb., ant the work will take about one year victory enabled bolh leams to move up half a game in the stand- tgs, Amarillo and Colorado Springs also played a doubleheader wilh the 2-nd place Amarillo Gold Sox dropping bolh games, 6-3 and 103. The double loss made Amarillo the only learn lo drop back in the standings.. Young Joe' Schaffernolh pitched a 10 2-3-ining relief game to gain the victory for Des Moines. Schaf- fernoth, 19, came on with one out ir the fh-st inning afler starter Chuck Cottier was stricken wilh a muscle spasm hi his neck. The youngsler scattered eight hits and struck out 11. Pitcher Ron Sheetz, also hurl ig in relief, scored the winning un for Lincoln as he got on with double in the, seventh and then ame home on Willie Melendez' ingle. The loss was Sioux City's ixlh straight. Albuquerque's Dukes rallied for wo runs in the seventh inning of he first game at Pueblo. Both earns collected a total of only even hits in the 7-inning opener, the nightcap, Puebb broke a -2 tie in the sixth with a double y Dick Tracewski and a single y Bob Yoder. The Dodgers added and Open i .'ears ago, Bernard had a 74-73-.47, good for a fourth-place tl« with Hpuston's Wharton. § Bassey Fighter !of the Month last-place Sacramento. The. Pa- lires, in fourth, trail the Seals by only .14 games and the Angels arc just four fames back. . . M c l l r v i l l a n d C a m p a n c l l a ; B«rdctl« nrl C r n n d H l l . ,-w Y n r h . 11 000 two-- 1 1 0 r t r t r l n n i U . MO I«l W l -- .1 in 1 Crone. \VrmMriRUin i 9 t «nd Kail. W P S - ' 11 m ( R l ; L a w r e n c e an:. D u r g f i s . DENVER M -- Colorado stale j \ employes are going lo get pay|U/ p || Watar Rnard checks Friday snd Monday c o n - l " e l 1 " f l l e l B U a l U laining their new pay raises--in time for Fourlh of July oulings. State Controller James A. Noonan said Ihe checks are being 1,900 Marines To NEW YORK M - llogan ( K i r t l , D p j n PmyimilV Basses, ' h e newly croxyned. D e '" r [ U A l M M i y fca.herwciKhl ehampion aiid the I Q j Nuc | e g r gjgj, Ike Gets in 9 Holes of Golf : ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. Uv- \Vhen the ncxl alor.iic shoi ol Ihe A Bcrrcr MEMORIAL or LOWER PRICES firsl Niscrian to bold a world box ing t i t l e , Wednesday was n a m e d Ring m a g a z i n e ' s "Fighter of the Month." Bassey's knockout o[ the [avored | summer test series is fired at 4:45 Chcrit Hamia in their t i t l e f i g h t H - m . Thu-sday there will be 1,900 Monday also dropped the French- j U. S. Marines stationed in Ircnch- WASHINGTON (m - President! man lo'lhe role of No. 1 contend-! es 4.000 yards from Ground Zero. Eisenhower got in nine, holes oCcr as Nrw York' Ike Chestnut' Immediately aflcr the shol is ^ s b . . , ..... ,... - ic . | [i rc( j i rom a soo.fool lower al Yitc- I'lal some, of Ihe Marines will Among Ihe heavyweights Roy I move t o w a r d Ground Zero while Harris' defeat ol Willie I'aslrano j others will be carried in 32 trans- processed as rapidly as verifications are received from Ihe Civil Service Commission. He said it apparently will be imposs'hlc for all employes lo get them Friday. T h e checks w i l l contain t h e To Meet July 12 DENVER OR -- Colorado's Un derground Water Commission wiH meet at the Stale Office Building July 12 for its first meeting fo the Iranraclion of business. Th only previous session was an or ganizalion meeting. John Cuykcn employe's pay increase for M a y j d a l l of Roggen is commissioi as well as for June. i chairman. polt between showers Tuesday n t | climbed lo second wilh his vie- firedI i the B u r n i n g Tree Country Club in tory over Kid A n a h u a c of^Mexico, l e a H nearby Maryland. Alnhonsc H a l i m i Ihe French-Al- j mo'v'e'd Iho" Cut and Shool, Tex., j port helicopters from trenches to uerian who holds the world's ban- lad into s i x t h place hehind Cham- landing zones, from where (hey lumweighl boxine title, hai w o n i p i o n Floyd Patterson. Pastranoiwill maneuver toward eimulaltd cvef|- pro bout he fought. 'diped (rom Nn. 3 lo No. 5. I Directives. \ I CLOSED For Vacation July 1st to Aug. 1st Bremen's Little Italy 1502 9th Ave. Telephone 4113 irce runs in 'the seventh iree more in the eighth. Colorado Springs' victories were he second and third straight over ie Amarillo Gold Sox and the ouble b l o w , dropped Amarillo V4. game behinS Topeka. Al Blringer and Gene Sheels each ;ot tour for five for Colorado prings in the second game. tontanan Rules School Can Control' Joyriders at Lunch and Recess HELENA U) - Can a school regulale ils ear-driving students who joy ride at lunch and recess? Yes, in Montana, says iU attorney general. The question was raised . by Supt. Herbert J. Goetz at Ennis, on his hands. Additionally, insurance firms who handle school policies covering youngslers from home doorstep lo doorstep are known Ic be concerned over Ihe problem. Authorities concede this joyridin? is a national teen-age problem. Rice Trackman Wins Despite One Forearm « HOUSTON, Tex. lyR - Running 440 yards in 48.3 seconds and broad jumping 24 feet 3% Inches would bo considered good for anybody. But in the case of Leonard Fawcett it borders on the unusual. This 18-year-old Rice Institute freshman has only one forearm. He made those marks in th« freshman division of the Southwest Conference track and field meet and is considered one of the finest cinder path prospects in Texas. At the age of three Leonard caught his left arm in a clothes wringer, It was badly mangled. The arm was amputated just below the elbow. But it never bothered Fawcett much. He excelled in athletics, playing high school football, basketball and baseball and running on the track. He could catch passes as well as anybody, handle a basketball expertly .and throw strikes from the outfield to th« plate. He also was a good tennis player. Fawcett was state schoolboy champion In the broad jump will 23 feet 11 inches, and Rice naturally wanted him. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Actress Pier Angeli Settles Suit Against Western Airlines LOS ANGELES W -- Aetresi Pier Angeli, wife of singer Vie Damone, said Tuesday she has settled her personal injury suit against Western Air Lines for 545,000. Miss Angeli had sued for S208,- 4V) as the result of an accident on Feb. 25, 1955. CENTENNIAL Opens Juno 29! Opining F«o(i,r«-UntE70N HANDICAP July 4-CENTBNNIAl Tuetdoys thru Saturdays n Parade to Poit 1:30 PARI-MUJUELS -- QUINIELAS for ADVANCE RESERVATIONS Phone PYromid 9 Mlln Seuln of Dinver · Hlghtroy 15 it llllleun

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