Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 13, 1976 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1976
Page 21
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S«t.. M«rch 13,1976 CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Jl 31 · AwrlflSmi 11 /wrahbri Q1 Furnished no Unfurnislwl i± *pinmtni$ Jl Apirtmtntt $1 Apartmtnti O/ Aprtmtnts pus. Rt *dy lo movttoto 3M67iJ ' " m ' smokl " 9 wdrlnLln fl-Adulli.353.77n. Modern »Darlm»nt hniiHm* ,,.,,,. _,,, PPO n men , 35757 · rxf.mpl. parking. JM.39I7. HENT , mmediatel¥ ._ , nlinp ,,,,,,,,, , RetnodtlW home. Complttfly (ur- »! Pwlldly (urnlthfd. S140 month, nlshcd. AccofTimodilM 4 glrK. 154 3171, ]S3 Wfll. FURNISHED one bedroom hawment bedroom unlurnlthtd apartmtnt with aparlmcnl. No children, no pets. 356- tiov* vnO rclrlgerdtor. $135 a monlh, SWS' ulllilin Included In rent. Sorry, no pets. 2Q Commtrclal Ati Miscellaneous ^7 H °ftSSu W OO Rtntals ^ J "** Go * 5 storage now available, fenced and pound. Creeley Tribune. EST location In lown. Businessmen In- Slles, 2011 hi Ave. 3560044. tailffully dtcorattd office sultn are BUILDINGS lo be moved, bovghl and Ideal. All services and ample parking al sold. Jerry Bigbee, 3W 4977; 352 WOO, - GIRL wanls olrl to share 2 bedroom ca^c^SS^MiT^ oparlmpnt ' neflr ONE bedroom basement aparlment, 51. and 2sfh Ave. 3S4 3770; 3W-7HO. apartment. 190 ,-ind hflll ,;., J;[ ' ' Ulililles paid. Vi mile well (rt Evans. 352. 1 ARC.P 1 bedroom unfurnished aoart- . FOR SALE - Good, excellen! condilion - ·Ml SMALL lurnnhPrt momiB t, 1 1 1 i4M - ment ' Up*'*" 1 * Of hOUlt. Laundry. No PROF- E SSI ON AL Ottlce space now llalbcd trailer. JJ6 7W7. * · " inn mnnth t. n H i. P* 15 - Available March IS. SIM per ava lable In Greeley's only modern 1501 tlh AVENUE - One bedroom (ur utiiltiMna.d N i« jJi? dcpo5 "' ONE bedroom lurnltntO »piriroent. 1110, month. Utilities paid. Scott Realty Co., oil ce park. Open lo medical, legi , TRUCKERS Waileis - H.» at the Flea nllhed aDdrlmnnt Nn i-f,:Mrrn nr nm «·*»". "uucu. nmie utilities oald. Slnole or couole. Ho pr-lv nt.irawp hr(*i.r,mfv and other Market.7IB»lliS1.Othi?r narn^lni 35* 970S. HI/- «,,, n h .rf , K~. JiJ ««. cvenlnfli. nwF h-rfTM *iic P* 1 " montn - Utilities paid. Ho pels No ..rniiiB. «Iw' u J?I ' * W depwit children OH sireoi parking. Laundry « k«r,E Wl N ° ehildren N °P««- BH lac cs. Available no* Stall R« ty llth SI. 3» 4411. CO., IS! 12H. TWO bedroom basement. 11*0. near ment, carpet, drapes and appliances, college. 356-7142. carport parking, tlii plui lights *nd slm lar businesses. Ample parking. - priced Will finish lo suil. Call Scars 373-7371. Company, Realtors, 3S4-7700, or Larry Scars, 352 3011. 7i..J ,·,,,, ,°A r °.-j ·lA'JI'i! iu? *.fl FURNI SHED apartment lor tent utilities TWO And i Rr ai nh Close to down (own. 3M WO. ONK bWroom garden level -- All utilities FOR RENT -- 10.000 sq. II. warehouse and JS2 9S4 ). pad.SlSOmonth.call3S6S4;2 ' HO nihAw*- im nih^i liiT-LuT P* 1 * 1 * 14S plui i100 df P OT " No P* ts - "''« Rail siding, lease all or part. ' MinAve. J02uthsi.3i2.7tw. IN EVANS -jroomfurnlshedaparlment, Near State Farm. 2723 Glcndale Dr. !8 short or long term. Weickcr, 352 4634. FOR SALE -- Mastercrafl Trampolines. °EatM M »M5 I1 pe l , ljr mSm Urt VhT" '" AVA ": ABLE March '* lh ' L»r 0 e nicely FRANKLIN APARTMENTS 3208 W. 7th St. 353-5117 Two bedroom furnished and unfurnished apartments. Fully carpeted, drapes, dishwasher, disposal, indoor pool, game room and laundry. From S165 We're off the beaten path, but well worth the drivs, 10th SI. West to 35lh Ave., Turn Right. I RENTALS"*""*"": * 1, 2 3 Bedroom Apartments Furnished and j * Unfurnished. From $135 per month. H J Family, Student, Retail and j 1 rlfV Office Space. j j IV JhCCtid* For Details Oil- j | LSSsealty PROPERTT MANMEMErtT KPT. ! 4 0 ompony 13], ||h Avtnw j J 'We Mate r/iihgs Happen" ptwn, jsj.,331 J FRANKLIN APARTMENTS 3208 West 7th St. Phone 353-51 17 Large Two Bedroom 165°° Heat Included Enclosed Swimming Pool · Club House Furnished or Unfurnished ONE bedroom turniihM apartment, CLOSE io UNC. Modern 2 bedroom un Af\ JP ^ raCI MATERNITY jhortj, all H.SO at Llille second floor, 3 blocks west of Pml (umlshed apartment. Laundry. ·*» K*niaiS Folks Boutique. lOOSBlh Ave. paid. JUS a month. No pels pl»se. utilities paid. Available now. Scott WAHTED - Wheat land to farm, shares TMRFE- ^n7 tain operated pool tables Can Phone 3S3 1169. Realty Co, 352 121'. oreuilom JS3 8«l; 3S! 6J79. 3b2 905 be uSrO in bu^inpisor- home. SWOcacr-. 3M-M01. 9;i7or3MlDO{l,ext.26. private entrance, etc. Country living VERY Nice large furnished 1 bedroom d-posil. Utilitles(urnishcl.3J4-5Ml. aparlmttnl, near UNf Ni p«rs, 1175 . collMC. Coll 353 M!3. TWO bedroom modern unfurnished w aparlment. Available April 1. Utilities SMALL one bedroom furnished aparl- paid. J159. PhoneSS! 9486. La Salle or Kersey area. Numoer of j-0« SALE - Save S600, 197* 10 hp. acresoptional.353 BB73. International Cub Cad pi wilh «? in J Wanted rREE . , H TALIAN Provincial large Magnavox stern, Am/Frn radio, miscellaneous chairs, color TV.Call 3541714. upright. Regular K47.9S for JIM. Phone liJO/ll. pad, 5 chairs. SIM. 356 1664 OK T A B L E aulomalic dithwasner. Magic Chrf, pxtellml tondltlon, butcher block top, reasonable; sharp kerosene healer, hardly used, excellent condiMon, iea*onable. 353-1576. IFTEEN - Cubic H. ypi ght Irepier. 1 year old. 353 0904. MAYTAG washer, 1' i years old. Excellent condition. UN. 3S7 0549. OR SALE - 1975 Monigomery Ward re B49t,alt?i 5 LL kinds ol good, quality, guaranteed appliances and color TV's ih.* Solurday night at Colorado Audion Co., 103 lim Avrnur S t f l r ! s a t 7 - 3 G p m excellent condition, S50; Iwo traverse rods; olive green drapes, can alter 5, 35A 1940 ·" 1° Buy fcwelry parly. Call 1 647 3«H; 1 66/ 8701. spr nq. !431 Jlsl Ave. Ct. ANTED -- Dead or aiiv* -- relrlgs. or NIKKOR 135mm F3.5 lelepholo lens. MAUGAHYDE chair. E*cel enl condition. freezers. Reward depends on cond. 912 Eicelleni condition, B mon'hs old. Has j]o. jw 041,1. Pets. HJ.MH. BASEMENT Apartment - 1 bedroom, R|D NOIawnmower. cli:Tceu , ..... , r ., ,, A carpet's w.lh "blue Luilre. Kent el.ctr . some furnllure, new kilchen, I car Ml-"«. UPTEEN inchMGAeolor IV. I2BO; Auto snampooer.Cteeley Furn tuie campus location. Furnished. Flectrlc unlwi'ityunler 3U6H4 WANTED TO BUY - Pickup sheiltor n private parkiny, ulilllles paid. Share 7^0 bedroom aparlmcnt. Brick 4plex. lease. Inlcrested party(fes), KoeOMus, possession. 354 1131. i Corp., BIB Ulh Avo., 354-7700 or 1 421 UNFURNISKEOone bedroom aparlmcnt, n Reasonable price. 3S2 *BQ2. camera and projector. Call 354 im. -- PROPANE burning lollel. Best offer. - """»""· PONFB. t h,m,,. «,IK. ,r.n«n TM"»3 !1 1 B1 . ' ONE and '/i Ledrcoms, carpeted, main _ _ Rental Cycle Sales. 35? 4?92. today, ino plus clectriclly. No pels. 3S3 O*l to Share tf GARDEN Level -- 2 bedroom, fully fur- interested in finding an aparlment In paid. No pets. Available now. 352-1177 or jf..ji I.I-.LI.:, i'.ti 3;t ;i;-, till ;ii :;i: w 135 ;:j; sias 10.1 i oulsldc city, pasture (or one horse FEMALE roommate. 17C per monlh, '/, _ Ulllitlrs included. 353 A374. FEMALE roommate needed -- Own room In mobile home. 175 month. V, ulilities Furnished unfurnished apart- Sdj!*"' "' M ' 8 w 3i *'""' ^ '° r bedroom. Pool, club house pooi.cainsafwi.anerBpm. bauna. from $130. Ne( : D , , emjlle roommilei lmmKJ i atelv . ; Hcathcrway South Own bwlr « im »""' m A « '»»»'*. **" mi OK Rooms 9O Unfurnished JJ for Rent 0*1 Apartments nO(hlldrenorpeli.35630iO THREE bedrooms tor renl wllli kilchen r EATON, Colorado- Two bedroom apart r 'I!".'?'"'"" 1 " *"'"'* " and water turnisticd. No pen. 353 0775. Icebox, clow lodownlown. 352 7 950. IN EVANS- 1 bedroom unlurnlihMl ap«rt. fVALNUT d nlng room set, 6 cfa rs. ? leaves. Mint condition. 3il 6015. *lcreo, rcclincr, octagonal end table. en id's trundle bod. 351-4100 in Gardening INDSHIELDS - Plate glaw, window and roof lack still in boxes. 13W 5N APPER self-propelled fl*n mower. glass, new or used. Karl's Creeley Glass vj!u( :' Wl " «" lor «°°- 3S3 ««· JM-«n. - r dealer. 357 W92. C * * * " wi1 £ *]^f^ ^m'tUKtamm Si- oS'Tritanr " dV ^ * na ^ TMw a TMfX 'n7f llm°K and OTS, soil, we sharpen rotary mower blade*, hedge clippers. h«j, spades, garden tools. AlKire's, nil 9tn St. Shape. 356 345B. International Cub Cadfl wim 42 In. mower and front blade. 153 9270. cannot repair. 1 con guarantee your L] B · i.. ' e "'er space heater with 4O Antiques modclv Nowiilting. 353 9B34. Jj? m;) EED s fine ffnerj Inotallcci? Call Koe!-n T .. ucl - , , ,, . . ,,,.. . rt ,, c f Co. lorfrcecitimalcs. 352 tl\J. THHEE air guns, f*"^ 1 condition. For GCO. Barge?! "co!u«!TM« toTplmj'sH ZEDNLI ^ HBC ea : m SnSnn?'''''** 1 W *W*hDi5 ^s.'.isr" 14 """ 1 3 ""' 0 - sale Saturday night at Colorado Auction CO., 103 llth Avenue. The auction start! at 7:30 p.m. come out all day Saturday and inspcci these line older items. rotor. 3si mi. . , Sawing Machines TMmTMTMm*TM* * Purh " 1Cd GIRL ' S » '«" 3 »«" ""'· TM* *"" 3i * Vicuum loklll. W 9i. 35* 004*. volumes. I27S. 353 6782. ACUUM cleaners, new and used. tlOand up Free n home shopping. 357 8780 or 3S3 0(43. 351 mV* ~ " tcmelor l" otii TRADE cuilom lurnllurcreupholslcry for PERRY'S Vacuum Cenier. Rebuilt Kir- automobile or van. Anvlimc. 3S3 1701. by*, l»19tti. SI.3S3-OQW. w nes and liquors, beer specials, lerrlfic « -- GaraOC parls all make* Sallslatlon guaran- pruts. Worm nm Liquori. 516 N. llih ||Q SlleS '«eJ, free ettlmaie*. tree pickup arjd c ' dtllvriy 1« ITfldm-ISIMil ^Bfc^~~"1 apartments Chestnut Square 6th Chestnut, Windsor 686-9936 V J Rjj APARTMENTS j y Apts.from s 135 1 Furnished Unfurnished I Children Welcome. No Pets. | ( ONE TWO BEDROOMS SWIMMING POOL Taking reservations for summer now! i 353-6026 1204 29th St. R d . / r~ " STUDENT RENTALS for SPRING QUARTER Roommates Also Needed EB 356-7700 ONE bedroom unturnlihed, carpcled. UNFURNISHED * TM«»TM apartment H E W L Y d r c o r a t w j, lurnlshcd, 1 J i 352-207Jorl5207l3. TWO ^ Tnnm \ n n* ,-,v.M,N- snp petlng, drapes. tlW damage deposit. ONE and two bedrooms for rent. No pels. See manager. 720fJllh St., No. I. 0700 GARAGE SALE ~ Vanlly, wicker furniture, tapestries, rugs, tunky 40 1 * ^ffel^ tnd Twch Repair Sc^^om wi" oswvSSM 00 '' t^Sf AAovina 5^ IP 'ARTS for vacuums, hoiei, belts, brushes, etc. Perry'* Vacuum center, 3SJ OW«, 1501 9th SI. PARTS and service for ail makes of icwlng machines. Ntcchl Bernini, 822 lllhAve.,3S3S56V. C^ TV-- Stereo WPI BINT IIPPI Y ^"'Q 110 couch ' clllor portable CHANNEL MASTER .m/i m iw» »in, Moving Sale aasuV.F.'rmHd!^" 1 ^ ^f q A Kvans, Colorado monooeral 1102 nth SI. friT I^TflO STlO nNr _ h r t . ... ... SMALL lushed mobile home for i or 3 mrniTure, crib, dog house, WUIuyu JUIL L» r i? I ^ H w i n persons. SIM month. MO deposit, bike, aquarium, much more. Sat 9-5 msisSS utmnespald. N ope.s.35!44i ! . , n , «th A uo r. TWO bedroom. I1J5 a month, S50 deposit T "^f.f ?,5' M *? 11 ,!T! i «, l ?iS tl *' J ° r ' THREE bedroom unfurnished apartmenl. T1 TM 1t £ d . rOOm m0b " e "° me ln COunIry - I'-j haihj, flrrolace. Stove, refrloeralor. . _ ,, . ; ' ,, properly manager, 1 10213th SI. furnished. 354-JH3. TWO OR. near UNC/floneii. 1155 plus 1MO " AS " UA mob!l * "?"· (o ; 'f!' 3 deposll.HaydenandCo.,3S3-5Ji7. IHJOM? mofllh c'aM354M20 | ~~r"7~~~ . 1 1 e n 14»60, furnished Will help flnjinte. ^STiTM 1 h pT u ? rv uiuiiS U| oliiS LOVELY 3 bcdroom nib " e homc (or 7B59, evenings and weekends. Lucerne. J140 per monlh plus deposit LIKE NEW THRIFT SHOP Lols ,,, ,.,,,,,, m)sc . Consignments Feature: iipmc · A-lllt«-UltClothill| .Jntlrr · Knkk-Kucki .Mbtillinnjus Mon.-sat. to-5 Garage Sale TH ^OM fdtti'str 6 f HUT Thurs., Frl., Sat., Sun. (2 mi. W. of Gibson's) 1725 33rd Ave. Moving Salp 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. muiing jan, s|ove ^ (urn ant| and m , sc Friday 10-5 chool desk, tent, car top **i Household arrler, shop vac upright T/ Goods 40328th Ave. Ct. en. rangel. All guinnleM Koenlg's NEED PROTECTION! »«,«.,, ,, o.,,, » ,,,, Call K and M Security Service Ave Wal| P a f cr «** of( 3 " tm kVc do most any kind of MOBILE Home beds, MO. A a. A, »n ist and Iwo bedroom unfurnished aparl Hng avnjlnhlp with hnndlfr fnr DPNT » P .rtm* n( ,.i 7f Mnnv .r wfl ,h. f f ^ «Swi?M y rt fl awl!^TMrWs e E«rtlm* RENT - 12^60 unfurnished. J17S monlh. Outdoor SCCUrity. Call 353-G86S J'"' Mt ^nn-s Rentat Center. 3S3 convenience (or retired or physically Call354 OWalterS. for Consultation. '. TWO bedroom ba^emeni aoarlment, *" Spatft ulililiespald.t!50.3510?3S. apartment. Stove and rcirigerator lOtti Street. 352 69BO. ONE bedroom aparlment for renl. All Park. Call 3S7-4933. borhood, close to downtown. 1145 per NO renl Increase '74 '77 loowner occupied month Heal included Available March homes. Wl. Shade trees, close in. ISlh. Call 354 ?3il tosee. Smaller homes welcome. 353 1731. THREE bedroom apartment for rent. All CLUBHOUSE, pool, and more, with large appliances, carpeted, quiet neigh- lots in Friendly Village of Greeley 353- borhood. Close to downtown. I1B5 per 9985. isi.cali356235itosee. SPACES for adults. ) ear offslreet UNI-URNISHED 1 bedroom apartment. Mobile Manor, 1107 30th St. Rd , Fireplace, pay own utilities. 35J-4B37. Greclcy. nnp hertrnnm eiutuiant. r.crollon Bnsonalilv 00 Unfurnished OO Unfurnished Unfurnished apartment SsT,"',TM 1 ""' "'"""· "" '"" "" JL Apartments Jt Apartments^^^ available soon. X- Rated Our apartments arc X-ralcd . . . X-lra si/c two redranms . . . X-lra size kitchens. X-tni trees, grass and playground, ami most of all X-tra economical. ALAMO APARTMENTS 1819 Second St. t Grceley CALL NOW - 356-2629 WE LOVE KIDS For sure! Because we build our apartments with children in mind. We have Ihe finest sound control witlun the walls The best nparlmcnt playgroun'l areas . . . The nicest suimminR pools . . The imlnisicsl slreets in Orccley Super close lo shopping and schools . . AND most of all, THE FHIKNDI.IKST MAXAfiEHS ANYWIIEKE! BRENTWOOD PARK APARTMENTS 242C Reservoir Road m.HU CALL NOW COttOn WOOd AptS. mcnim- rent free. Willow Glens Mob'le 3300-34QOW. 13th St. 356-7736 FRE"E~ft"FNT First 3 months fr"*», n« rpllt 1S ° inkirucAnniA/ s P ace class A ^ rk - Paved LONGMEAUOW streetSi we )| lighted. Children , and pets okay. We have ren- 2 bedroom apartment. ^ s Available April 8th. VALLEY VILLAGE MOBILE DU or/ f^n HOME PARK, 785-2288. KH. 356-7129 $26 Q(J Near Downtown per mo. for one year Nearly new spacious 1 bedroom or FREE MOVE and den basement apartment. (SEE manager for details) hook-up, carpet, drapes. $170 VILLA WEST ; Includes all utilities. See to ap- 2700 'C' SI. Ph. 353-IM9 predate, 352-6920. oo Commercial JO Rentals SnUDC a nOufiFrS \.V1Q SQUARE Feet -- Will remodel for location. B04 J3rd Ave. Call 353 '017, for Rentals j^rr 1 '"" OF FICE Space for rent Two bdrm. apartments, om^-c.-swy, .... downtown, u, lloor. Phone 355 ?S35. $150 COMMERCIAL Space - J,000 sq ft. m _. ««^. eluding 1.300*0 It oll-ce Imiieieastot Ph. 356-0874 '" " H.ahway 34 1M7S3», week liquidators 7AM Blh Ave. 3i2.JB33, PADnrT Mon.9«:JO;Tuei. Fri.,9-6; Sat.,9-i. until LI SALF:: wovcnwoods. draperies, shades, Illlt nrilAIIOr valances, hardware 20°* off. Diane's WAKrHlHISr Draperies. Greelcy, 3M-WU. B e t t y s IinilL.IIVUOL. Draperies, Ft.ColHm,«3-51W. SALE SEWING machine repairs on all models. w"^"» fan service wilh reasonable rates. NOW yOU Can Dliy Carpet Netchl Bernlno Sewing Center, B?J llth loss than bankrupt prices. Avc - 3 " ""· tone short shag. $149. 30 i703 yds. aVOCadO sculptured 501 GOOD wringer washer. nylon, $98. 1519717. Hundreds Of yds. leSS than FOR SALE: Beautiful 9 p.ece lormal dealer cost. Call now for JJi'S/w" tjble ' """"" co TM lit ' on good selection. 352-5544, 6Xt. 2. E««nemeondiii«i.35*07«. ' ihECAlUiiy of HOMES open house 1616 34th Ave. 3905 21st St. Rd. Sunday, March 14 1:30 to 4:00 (Hf£S) Lott Agency Inc. 916 Eleventh Avenue, Greeley, Colorado \ ( 3 0 3 ) 351-6060 , OPEN SATURDAYS f moo int. J5I-95J3. 3 INCH (Dior TV, beaulltu picture. Call 20% L Of A f E . Mi reconditioned TV's stereos. 61425 t hS |. Sales Service-Rentals 352-7100 ?Q Musical 90 Instruments Has ampl f ier hookup. SlMrtl. Campbell pianos, used p'nnov all Kino* Tuned. 2 year guaranlee and delivered. Johnson's Piano Service. 735Lem B y. Fl Cellini. 1 J934453. DRUM id for -,e\ f 5 u.L-ce Ludmg *i ti cymbBls,i3M 353 9M7. FENDER |aii bass and Bassman amp, 1400. 3S3 21«, days; 354 1054, evenings. FCNOER gullar and amplifier, 1100 each. 35A7II1 -OR SALE -- Brand new Hammond Sounder organ Fxcellent condition. Cfll 353 3144, anytime. UPR GHT Grand piano, In good condition, 175 f-or more inform* lion, call 3SLBCM. 111111111111 CONN LOWREY ORGANS to GreeleyMall!! EC Building 93 Materials ************* J"Cash and Carry"* * Specials * * 4x8-- 1/2" Sheetrock * ^ M 5 *p« 4 J 2x4 Utility Studs J * 60' each * * 2x6 Ranch Stock 4 J 13 LFT J * Presto * * Fireplace Logs J | 6.or 5 l 0 0 J - ( Paneling S 3' 5 * J (5 colors) J J Weld County J J Lumber Co. J J La Salle, Colo. * * 284-5515 * ************* C C Building 93 Mittrbls SAW iharpfnlnfl, all kinds. On« dair ufvkF.Aikirfs.iniinsi.uinn. NEW 3'. inch Daw board. IJ centl a Iwt. 3S3 S«I CO Fruits JO S Vegetables APPLES - i vrtripliM Priced rFaj enable Dale'iMhl., 1903 Slh SI. 351 roll. PINTO Beam S10 per 100 Ibs. Call 587 i;oo. rn Seed], Plants JjJ S Flowers SEED Bcirley S'fplce and Highland. Seed Oats Russell, Rodney and Colorjdo 3'. All Jlfa Seed Rangfr and V i f N K GrccleyEltvalorCa.,357757$. QU Supplies TROPICAL tish, gold lish. aouariums, li ifrs, rtir tKiinpi, aerators. Frank's Seed 1 Hatchery, ;09lOm St. MEED your dog or cat groomed? Call PROFESSIONAL doq grooming. Town and Country Salon 157 «87. enable prices Satisfaction assured. Pet Emporium. 3S3 5/77. AKC Irish Seller puppies. B weeks old, all snots. Canadian blood. 312 1313. af If r 5 BIRDS and bird supplies now at "The Grcenrry" in thefireeley Mall. 356-5150. AKC Old Engliih Sheepdog, female, 8 months old. Call 356 4717. part Lab. 3535764. AKC Irish Sellers for sale. Call 353-751 7, DOBERMAH - - 6 monlh old olack female. No paper;. SSO. Evptiings, 156 4670. F-Ott SALE - Miniature Poodle 357 B555 356 OOJO. weeks o'fl Good with children. Call 354. 9106. FH EE lo good home - Unspayed female German Shepherd, 3 ' j years old. 3SS males. 1 female. 1100. 3S3 8301. UNUSUAL, intelligent English Seller mix female, 1 year old Kousebrofcen. 784 6778. Germon Shepherd 356 43?4 JJ0.35J6MS. 00 i. Rabbits cnges. 353-3400 BABY Chicks -- Tuesdays and Wed- nesdavs, W.R.. N.H , C.R., B.R., C.H., laying cross, also starter chicks. Frank's Seed Hatchery. 70-) I0m St., 54 Livestock LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 70 yean *xp WANTED TO BUY - All types of hortes, Inc udlngkllleri.|]4 2775. J H t, S pork Farms tveMing stock. Purebred Ourocs. Ywks. Hamps. crosspreeds. 714 W7. COMPLETE line ol tack, new and used Ave. Phone J5J 7730. ONE -- 3yearoifl. 7-3 year old reg s terrd Polled Hereford bulls Top blood lines. Phone 35? 1713, evenings. AT STUD - Royal Wraffles, registered QUALITY horseshoeing and trimming. Da eBoydslon.354t3JI Prompt serv. AT STUD - Pug 9 ,e Ire Barj, S-year-old, Sorrel American quarter horse. Leo and King bred. Stud fee, 1150. Live foal guaranlee. Vel certificate required on all mares 3545617. AT STUD -- Cok* Duster registered Appalotna. Sire of more than 30 halter MPAHA and RMAHC 1974 and lt;s. Stud fee, 1150. Live foal gu»r*ntM. Vet certificate reouired on a'l mart's 3». AT STUD - Super Diamond J year-old rcghlcrrt AmerUan Paint. Son of Dandy Diamond American. Paint Champion. Diamond nai a speed Index of GO. Me will rtturn to thr track Apr 1 15) . Siud lev, iSM. Live foal suarante«. Vel cerliflcale teouirrd on all mares 354 5617. Appdioosa No. 41.46' APHC. Sire · Joe CuChara Squaw T tB54. Color, fee for 1976, tlOO. Vel certificate required Owned by Mel and Judy Foots, 353 3544. APPALOOSA Mare - Well broke, J3SO. 3S4 147], alter ip m. 35J9S31. WANT lo rid* a winner? Registered Appaloosa gelding, lap performance horse. Also several other select horses for sale. 356 5637 paint, wiring, saddle rack, 1800. 353 mi. SPIRITED grey POA pony, WO. J53 4349, li 1 4:30, ask lor Patty. Or come set ai M)3 Main Ave . Pierce. fOK SALE · Four horse trailer. Good condition Call 157 644". Very senile. 1SJ 1364 FOR SALE -- Registered l-year old Angus bulls. Also, Yearling bulls with or without poptri. Phone 314 6416. FOR SALE Gentle sorrel mare. 1750 356 471? LAKE ARROWHEAD STABLES INC. Large beautiful lake area to ride, gymkhanas, group riding, rental horses, hayrack rides, mountain trips, board your horse wilh full service Stables, 352-2400, 356-7080. Professional training con dltioning, Linda Morgan, 454 2917. English Western Riding lessons. Sue Crawford, 353-5256. « W W TRAILERS 0 2 horse, 4 horse, stock and o goosenecks. We will beat J anyone's price and quality. · Sec anytime at ° LONGMONT S LIVESTOCK t TRAILER SALES ; 10 So. Main · Ungmont, Colo. ° 1-776-2116 -

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