Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 17
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Tribune en's Pages s -filmicl'io IXmijiscy, Editor; Hose Mury Koob, Assistant 'Bitty Jo' Jtppson Engagement ^niiounced .Sir; and Mrs. Nilo'.C. Jeppson, 1907; .14th St., announce the en- epifemSnt · of (heir daughter, Betty; Jo,- to JamQs N. Evans spigot/Mr.'and Mrs. Willis'F. Evajis'oflJaylbi], Utah. iMjSs'Jeppson is a 196fi graduate:- ; /of. .'Greeley Central High School.'..She allcnded Colorado StaleCCollege. in Greoley (now L'.NC)' and Ricks College in Rexburg, i Idaho. She is a 1971 graduate of L.D.S. Business College .in Salt I,ake City, Utal and · is presently employed by the ,Doiv. A. Christiansen Insur ance Agency in Salt Lake City. Her a graduate-o Davis High School and. attendee Weber : Stalo College in Ogden Utah. He is a ' United State Army veteran, having served a year in Vietnam. Presently hi is .-.'· employed by Associatec F^obds in Salt Lake City. · ; The- couple will be marnec May 19 in the Idaho Fall ongregational Women's Society J. Program A program of- excerpts Iron ight opera will be prcscntc y n group of students at Hi Jnlversily of Northern Colornd or the luncheon meeting of Hi 'irsl Congregational Women .dciety n't 12:30 p.m. Tiiursda n. the .fellowship hall of 111 ihurch. The musical portion of Hi i/ternoon was arranged by Mrs lichard Jamicson and Mrs ames Miller. .The devotiona vill be offered by Mrs. William Allmitl. Olficcrs for (lie ensuing yea vill be installed. Board members of tl: Vomcn's Society will be hos esses lor the luncheon. Tiie opera excerpts will 1 staged and directed by Dona Bailey. Charlcne Wilson will t he accompanist. The musical program follows I,e Nozze di Figaro, (Tl Marriage of Figaro), Mozart. Act I, Numbers 1,2,3; Figar tVilliam Cox; Susanna, Gay Hart. Act II, Number 11; Susarin Anne Sandahl; Chcrubino, Al son Coates. Act III, Number 18; Marcellina, Linnea Engelking; Figaro, William Cox; Bartolo, Christopher While; Don Curzio, Dwighl Oyer; Count Almaviva, Stephen Perkins; Susanna, Gayle Hart. Sunnrx D« Gr*«t To Be Wed In August Mr. and Mrs. Frank be Grool of Austin, Tex., announce 'the engagement of -their daughter 3n/anne, to I/well Eugene Grn :iam, son of Mr. and Mrs!-Ro bcrl E. Graham, 400 6th St. Miss De Groot is a March 1D7Z siimma cum laude gradu ate of the University of Nor tlicrn Colorado, where she wa.. a member of Alpha Delta P sorority. Her fiance graduated from Grecley Central High.School in 19GG and received his bachelor' and master's degrees frpm UNC in 1970 and 1971, respectively He is currently a professor a Colby College in Colby, Kansas An August 5 wedding planned. fr rom loi6c .By HELOISE CRUSE All corrtipondtnce pcrUlnlng to lh« Hilolu column theuld bt m»ll«d dlrtclly to Heloln, Klnfl Fi»tur« Syndics!*, 235 U. 45th StrtH Niw York, Niw York 10417. )car Heloisb: We had a new balliroom installed In our home and I wanted a fancy KOiip dish as a decorative piece for the vanity. liut whenever I found one I really liked, the price was a ittle high for our budget so I would pass It up. Many .of us have cigarette Xxes wllh matching ash trays in our coffee loble.s. I had a et that was exceptionally iretty, but it was somewhat of i dusl-catcher as we, and many of our friends, quit smoking. So I decided to put my set o good use by using it MS that oap dish I was wanting, 'flic matching ush tray completed he set on the vanity -- really gave that "finished touch." Mildred Jurgens 'Jfi'PJ'KU OF LAUGIITKR Dear Heloise: Have you ever noticed how '.he. hints are labeled "culc" or · h a n d y ? " They're cither 'scrumptious," " l o v e l y , " 'great;" "dolicioiis," "neat," or "dandy." "They're '"fun" or " f e s t i v e , " ' "wonderful, 1 "delightful" or even'"fine." But the "thrifty, money-sav ing" hint is my very favorite kind! Color me Scotch Dear Heloise: I just hate to leave m ironing board up for severa days while I'm on a scwin; Temple ol the Church, of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Following, the wedding they will make- their home In Far- mingtpnj-Utah,. By Fiances Dietrich By Abigail Van Buren ' - to tm K CMOM Trtbwt*. Y. Hm int., l«e.l . ,.'· DEAR ABBY: I have.this terrible complex about being : ,'«malibosomed. Where did I get this complex in the first : place? From my husband, that's where. -'.- ' He's all the lime looking at the pictures of those big rbosomy:girls in the magazines. And whenever a stacked girl '·· walks" by, he:'praclically twists -his'.neck off looking. I feel like'crawling-info a hole somewhere, or hitting him for | 'making me feel so inferior. ','_·'· ..Would s small girl like me feet belter if she had her ' boioms surgically enlarged? It's crossed my mind a few : times'. How long would it take? I might want to surprise ; ay-husband. CHEATED ' H . . D E A R CHEATED: I don't recommend "inrprltlng" '' yo*r Iraibind. If you're conildering Out type of surgery, ", Ulk It ever witfc Urn first. Some men like to look, but they ;. prefer their *lvei «s Nature made 'em. · DEAR ABBY: Someone asked why so many people walk Into a restaurant and sit at a table with dirty dishes When clean tables are available. You suggested that it · might be the c ozlness of clutter. · *;· You were too polite, Abby. You could have said because ·/they feel more at home in messy surroundings. Or perhaps, ,'th*y hope to snitch a tip left for (he waitress by the prevl- / :-'«u« .diner. ". ·' By so doing, you possibly 'would have shamed a few · people out of their habit. ' : , "JUST SUGGESTING" IN SAN DIEGO . DEAR JUST: You could be right. U never occurred to Me, And I'm tore It fcu never occurred to others who \wtutd never eomilder dolag inch a lowdowa thing. But I'll : :;.fei after tWi hid print, · lot of Ably readers will never .,·(*!· tit at a «ieity table la a reitaurant. ' .'"·!'. DEAR ABBY: Recently, during a symphony concert .there was a child in the audience who laughed, spoke loudly mid.behaved boisterously not once, but several times during '.the.perfdrmance, ,The parents did not have the sense, or consideration for : oiheri, to lead the child from the auditorium after the first '' offense, tho many In the audience were visibly irritated. Finally, the conductor himself turned on the podium and . looked Into the audience with disbelief! I have Jiad the same experience during church sermons with crying babies, despite the fact that the church provides nursery facllltle*. Conductors, ministers, and speakers spend hours In preparation, and such Interruptions spoil the mood of tho audiences completely. When will selfish parents realize that thoy should not bring children to affairs of a serious nature until thoy are okt enough to be an acceptable part of the audience? IRRITATED IN CAMP HILL, PA. DEAR IRRITATED: Never, uafodxaately. C O N F I D E N T I A L TO "FIFTEEN AND FRIGHTENED:" Telephone yo«r local depirtneat of public health ·I *»ee a*d make »a »pp«Ulment to tee a *cl»r. You will W treated free of charge If your implclani are correct. And ytt. It will IK Wrlclly cMfMcntUU V. D. li a dJieatt, not a eri*. THE CHARM OF.CHINTZ. There's a charm aboiil chintz n its gay-colored-prints of figures and florals under a glazed 'inish .that has made it*a. fash- on favorite over the -years: 'It las held a', place i n . a l l : ' t h e major custom fabric lines used ay inferior " deqoratprs because of its affinity to the Old English and .French.influence in furnishing;'classic stylfhg more lasting hat Mediterranean, Oriental or Swedish, which come and go after periods of two . or three years. Presently, chintz is winning an even larger'coterie. There are a number of reasons. One s -Ihe trend toward bringing the outdoors'. in 'as. pjirt of the ecology movement: 'Birds,' fcrts, »tany prints and. florals ari raditional chintz prints. Siriiul aneously, the new generation las rediscovered cotton. This natural fiber is the' basis : f6i most chintz fabric. Chir.ti In 'Fashion ' ' At the same time, chintz is lending its elegance and crisp- Inge -- just to press open cams. Today 1 found my solution -sleeve (ward! It can .sit un a fable or jahlnet and it's so easy to gel ul lo use. It is going lo slay ight next to my sowing Social Calendar tties., May 2, 1972 machine at all times from now n. 'lliis board can he so handy o get out to just press a few wrinkles In a shirt or dress. The boards are not too costly, )ut those who have handy lusbands might be able to talk hem into making one. I read your column every day and just wanted lo contribute one of my own hints. Happy ironing, Debbie Thai's what I call using the ol' noggin! My hubby made one of those boards for me years ago and it has been nne of the best "helping hands" that I've ever had! It also helps lo save some of the wear and tear on that big board. Heloise Thundny, May 4 12:30 p.m. First Congrega- 11 o n a 1 Women's Society, luncheon In · fellowship hall with members of the board as hostesses, Installation of officers and nnwiciil program. 1 p.m. Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid. Uilher Hall. 1 p.m. Senior Cilxcns Club, Recreation Center. 1:30 p.m. Merry Matrons Club at the home of Mrs. Rlcliard Wright, 1905 13th St. 2 p.m. La Grange Country Club, at the home of Mrs. Harland Ward, northwest of Grcelcy. fi p.m. Weight Watchers, third floor of The Denver. C:30 p.m. St John's Evang c 1 i c a 1 Lutheran United Church ot C h r i s t , ' Molhcr- Dauyhtor Banquet, in the church fellowship hall. 7 p.m. Platlc Valley Grange potluck supper followed by meeting, Grange Hall in Kersey. 7:30 p.m. Gloria Christ! Lutheran Ladies Guild at the church. 7:30 p;m. Grcelcy Teen Club, regular meeting, Moose I/xlgc. 7:30 p.m. Kersey FirebclleS, Kersey Community Building. 7:45 p.m. Phi.Sigma Alpha Sorority at the home of Mrs. Edna Garrison, 1B21- Elder ·Ave. 8 p.m. American Legion 17 Auxiliary, inslallnllon of oftU ccrs, American I-ogkm Horn*. Fellow's 6:30 Jlnncr. AUTO GLASS A «2413thSt. M Glass OB f » 'iRSCHffu SALIS...SERVICE*-* U T l t U t h S t . 352-7MI Bennett's ^/ Samtone · Wo'ra.expBrlt on getting out ipoti and · embedded soil, §nd 'miking illpcqvtrt tMfc iprlngllm* bright .(gain. W( Gin.rnliy h«10 .you with your ·prlng.cliinlna. Juit cill. ;. : 2800 W. 10th St. 12149th Ave. ness to women's fashions in blazers, skirts, floor-length shirt-style lounge-wear, a n c mandarin-inspired 1« i s u r gowns. A version of the latter elegantly Interpreted by a nami designer, is priced at $325. As in all fabrics, there ar degrees of quality i n chinl/ High grade chintz Is constnielei in a tight, plain weave with j lard-twist yarn in the warp, am i coarser, more loosely twistec yarn in the filling. A resin finis! s applied, which is given a liigi xlish by passing it between ho ·oilers one or more times. ) A lower quality would hi ighlerweigbt; not as tightl woven, and the glazed finish ould be' provided by a nondur- ble wax or starch. A second cousin to chintz is retonne. Sometimes called an nglazed chintz, it is usually a :oarser cotton cloth woven with arded instead of combed cotton 'arns. Check Hand Tags When buying chintz in home ashion. fabric, yard goods or ready-to-wear check the hang ag to determine whether i may be washed, or whether i must be drycleaned. The Everglaze trademark or 100' p e r - c e n t - c o t t o n chintz your assurance of a lasting lus .rous effect, crease .resistance and durability to laundering Because of chintz' smooth sur face, -it resists soil. When i does need washing and ironing iron on the right side. A new .entry in the field o glazed -fabric is the BanCar trademark. This means that th fabric has received a specia glaze which can only be applie to blends of polyester anc cotton and polyester and rayon This durable press product ha all the properties of customar chintz. Both Everglaze and BanCar trademarks indicate that th fabrics have passed rigi quality slandards for sfabilit of the fabric, retention of ap pearance and colorfaslness. Chintz Transforms In home fashions, chintz ca transform the fornialn'ess winler-orienled rooms lo thos of sunny openness from Ma through September, when USM for cafe curtains, draperies bedspreads and slipcover: Prints Include not only natur Dear Heloise: Here's a new one for you. When cooking, I always messed up my recipe cards. I'm sure it happens to others at some time or another a grease spot here, a chocolate spot there. I took a clear plastic holder t h a t ' is sealed on three sides nd attached it to the wall bove my mixing counter. Now, when I'm fixing to use recipe card, I just slip it in le plastic holder and no more messy card -- it is also at the ight height so it's easier for me to read the card! A. Hard in Copyright, 1972 King Features Syndicate, Inc. studies, but a few contemporaries, and a good representation of 18(h Century Indian designs. t ( C ) 1971 McNaught Snydicate, Inc.) To avoid a delay in handling Miss Dietrich's mail, please send all mail directly to P. 0. Box 5790, St. Ixniis, Mo. 63121, instead of lo the McNaught Snydicate. Can God make our world better? Come to this Christian Science Lecture MONDAY MAY 8th 8P.M. ·15tll St. and )0th Ave. Towne and Country Molded Door Wcciilerrariean.- stylsd .Afmoirc, with, rich handji rubbed Antique .Walriu.t finish on deeply carveq pecan grained ; doors ·:·)!) simulate actual · wocitj graining. .Steel 'body jjlj matching tone's enhance! iis strength and beauty; TU.O (2) locks^and mirrr, iw'o full Width's hat shelvfi vviih hanging space.for!?^ garments, ample space ftir shoes and boxes. Magnefic door calches. ·'·'.· 21"D x 72"H ..·/: Choose a Fine Watch For Your Graduate. Trust Abby. For a personal reply, wrl(« to ABBY, BOX HTM, I,. A., CAUK. ttm and enclose a tUmftt, addressed tnvelopt. Haki (o write lelkrs? fxnd tl to Abby, Box Witt, Ixts A»K«k«, Cut. *«», for Ahhy's booklet, "How U Writ* letter* for All Ocrisloni." DON'T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE f.o ^o i/our CARAVELLE shopping · * · « « · » · » » » » · $ 1 1 9 5 4 . « · . » . * · « * « « · · « « · · « $ · Right now our selection of these understandably popular watches la complete but we'll make no promises about next week. Chooa«Carave|l» and choose a From great watch value. We'll be happy to put it on Lay-Away for you- a small down payment will hold it. «*«» 11 n /f ewe Your Diamond Store k 819 Tenth St. 4 42" x 22V 2 " x 66". Nylon door glides, hat sheif. Sahara walnut finish. Deluxe Sliding Door Wardrobe $5495 Open Evenings Until 8:30 (Except Saturdays, Close at 5:39} · Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 8th Ave. Telephone 352-5441

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