Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 23, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1945
Page 4
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Frld»r AfS.raoon'FtfmiuT 23. lit. Bark Hoss Five Out of Eunice Grabs Cage Spot [. By ASSOCIATED I'ltKSS 'Uniwmllled Eunice rrjfie up and 1 iplicXed down » hlgWy-rntcd a p - ' IUO quintet last niglit t" highlight jflay in opening rininds of nix Ji«- trlct high school liaiiki'U'all tfjiirna- rneflta over the HtoU-. Firing start* today in I h r oilier two districts. No. 4 at I^IIR ('rui'i-K and No. 8 at F a r n i i n g t u n . fralk Horn* I)»rl* In Undefeated Cupltan had her ofcllnpionKhrp RHpiratlons shattered If/lfn the darkhorw Kiinl'-f t e a m JUltlped Inlo Ihi- lend a t thi Ktarl knti emerged with R 21K.M t r i u m p h . The game f e a t u r w l o p e n i n g rounds in the dlnlrlt No. f I m i n i f y :i! / t o n - j Will. W i l h i n n . w i l l ] 12 points led I .'tie Bunlcr · H a c k . ·j itounUlnalr, d f f e n d i n R lltlist of aiftrlct .'1 at AIMirjUfrqiH'. wan bM«ped out f the "·liaml'loinOjIJi chaie uy No. l-weiliM Bi'len. ''II to 'a. The A l l i u q i M - M ( i i | . Jn.lllins (Jlllleil an upset In w h i p St. Mary's 25 Ul 2.1. KP*TVC ii|Ui"l hri-ik-d Ko- cOrro, '2K-24. All the f a v r , i l t e n In d i s t r i c t 1 Kaloii, Clayton. Hoy and ls Moii"-" n d v a n c c d In the second .found. Most of the panics In district 2 nl Santa Fc WOT one-sided ^ith -favorites m i v H m intf. ""' Rlllh "IIWHTVMi" III MHrnw Uelnwr, d e f e n d i n n r h n i n | i of dtetrlct 0. d e f e a t e d n I n p - n o l i h Qrady team. :il t" 27. CenrRe llees, a guard, was dc-ferred by the :ir my u n t i l the end of thv c u i i r n l iiihool t e r m ; and l O m m l H C l n i - l n n . »nler. was rushed to the I ' u l l i i l e s meet from K n i i t i i Ke, where he h n d qi)derf;otie an a r m y p l i y t i i a l , lo ufllHlrr the Melrose learn. ' T u r i n irl hiioi-lii'il "If f o u r t h - ·ecilcd I.OKUII, ,'i:i In I'll, m di.'drlel 7 at Tur'iimcall. l-'our li-iiim in dial meet nilvnnceil on l.yen The dl.ilrlft l i n i r u a n i e n l H continue t o d a y mid t o m o r r o w . W i n - ners Will i o n i | « l e for t h e M i l l " (Hie I n A l h i l i | l i e i i | U i ' M n r r h S - l l - l o READY TO RUN AS MILER _ REVEAL ATROCITIES OF GREEK CIVIL WAR Americans In Italy. Capture New Htighl ROME, Feb. ZSi^Pi--American troops, exploiting the capture of Mount Belvedere west of the Pls- tola-Bologna h l g l l ' w a y , today stomed through elaborate German trench systems and seized 3,500- foot Mount Torraccla in a two- mile-advance. The exhumed bodies of persons slain in Greece during civil strife last December lie on the ground at Peristeri, an Athens suburb, while relatives seek to identify their kin. Photo was made by a British officer, accompanying a BrrU_sh Jrade union conercss delegation which visited Peristeri late in January, investigating charges.p^LLA, do; conditions, In: J l l f l alji own aw a gi'i war upset and Hi" fin .rtrlfl! M u n . h u m woiili! ··onilni; I n t o l i l » mlli-r. Hill 111' pldllH Ii'iine-A-llftt l i n r t m o u t h ace Is a N a v y i n l i l Hlll|il i - i n e d l c a l Mllidi-nl at t h e Cornell M"dlral Sehnul III -N'TM 1 York ("II y. The [irrnsnn' ol ht;i stiiillrs m a k e s l i n y | i l n n i i H l . li(!ld t n i i n i n i ; i w l i i ' i l n l e l i n p n f s i l i l - / . W h a t I r a i n i i i B on t i l l ' H u r i i h a m I I I I H been abh- t n i l Iris been nil a | i l l M ' l y U K - r a n banili. I S i i r f i h a i t i eslabllsheil m a p o t e n t i a l l y un'iil mil' hi' won Ivy l.eiiKii' 1 . l " l ' p lull- nnd N a t i o n a l Colli'Kii' nself vlli-n .lleg- !i,II" i l y l e . Hi' ha" I to .|;lli for t h i mil- il the strongest · l i i e k n " 9«'n In years. Give Ktirtihnin a f a i r l y slow pace for I h e llrst Ihree-qnarlers a n d he will niatc'h strides with the best over the f i n a l quarter. A versallle runner, Burnham won half-mile championships nnd turned In n i n n y a sparkling q u a r ter IIH a member of the Pn.rl- inoiilh relay team. Over Ihe mile route. Don scored sonic notable vlctoiles over Jimmy RaTferly, Knink D l x u n field f a i r l y depleted by Ihe retirement or Oil Dodds niitl the war, nurnllHlii would be welcomed w i t h open arms by Ihe promoters of Hie big indoor meets In the Bust - t h a t in. If lie i an f i n d time to gut into prime rondlUon. mon'congress'delcgaUon which visited Peristeri late in January, investigating charges of ELAS afrodtleB Delegatton "ad "had been executed at close quarters" and that "there was no sign that fighting had taken place." (AP Wirephoto) Mass Nazi Surrenders Haven't Started Yet 250 Released from i Prison Camp Today and Saturday GENE AUTHY In "Red River Valley" DEAD END KIDS In "Spooks Run Wild" Sunday and Monday 2--SWELL HITS--2 -HIT NO. 2- CAGING SCORES Hy ASSOCIATKU 1'HKSS I l l g l i Keluiid 'I'liiirne.vs D l B l r l e l 1 nl H p r l n g i - r : [toy ::.'). Klmvn 111. lien Mdiiu'.H -n. t i r c n v i l l e 2ri. Union Ti'J. Moieno Valley T. H[irlng«T ·'!·'!. Mt. ralrlclt's IT. M a x w e l l IMi. M"Si|ilei" 11. Iliiw.wdii ^!l. Karley II. P i s l r i i t ^ al S a n t a Ke: S a n t a !·''· II 1 . SI- I ' a t h e r l n e ' s '25. \ K| H i t . . .'II. Tlerrn A m a r l t l a 111. l.i. II Vegas (W. I'd'. is 1. j I l i s t r l i l :i at Alhininernue: I Helen 111. M o i m l n l n n l r za. ! Allini|U.'r(|iie J n d l n n s Hfi, St M a i y ' s 2:1. ; Hellcrv,' I'll. Sor.ilTO 21. : l.mias 1". gn.-mmlo 1(1. i ( i r n n l . i a ) , M i i g d a l e n n 11. LiiJ.iya 111. I l - T i u i l l l l n :il. lii '22. d i s t r i c t do 'J5 nl fril''''! l.itu (.'tni-i's !ir, A l a m o n H u r l e y fill, ( M i f f 211, l l e m i l l K 41,! Mi . Dl.tlrii'l f. H I Rosu'ell: l i r v l e i :H, l,ake A r l l u i r I N H i i K i T i t l i m .'57. T n l l l n l I'll. Kunli'c I'l'. r n p i l a n 24. Coronn : i l , r l o u i l i T n M I N . lion,|,, 'J-J. fun Iziizu L'O. l i i . ' i l r i i ' l 'n "I I ' l i r l n l e i i : M r l i c ' S O M l l n t d y '27. I l i w u y 24. I ' l v a s i i n l H i l l l . i n R o 27. I'.OKITS 211. HoM-iini.- :;i. KM,In «. ill. K a m l i v a l e 10. Texifn 14. Ml. !''ivld 12. HI Tnriminirl: ;·,:,. i - o i l e r 2.''. f u n ;i;i. l.otian 21", e llntl MlTlvce: Island State 121, M a i n e 21. Aggies Dust Oif Deming Dusters Aggies cagers dusted off the Deming Duslers, second air force quintet, last night by a score of 4B to 11, Kcrmlt Uiabs, acting a t h l e t i c director at the college, re ·nlvil today following t h e i r re t u r n f r o m across the mesa. The Dusters had trimmed Ib Aggies in an earlier contest hen Purchasing Agent to Get $75 per Month I n n upccliil flCMilon cnlloil fn Hi,- piirpoHi-. LKJIW A n a f"Wiit (·imimiHHiniUTH Unlay wort- work I n p out l U ' l i i l l u f dnticB f » r t h iivw u f f l c i * "f c o u n t y jnirchasin. ii^i'tit, a f l o r f i x i n g I h u salary f» lh« poslllun n t $7fi n inonlh. They Hlrt-mly liiui mimed Man ui-1 .1. Clmvi-z, f u r m u r 'oiint; clcilt. who ni'\v is assist ant t' County Clerk Ailelti (lonziil^.s 1 the place. Tlit 1 $7'i salary fur pim:liu.sln| njfi'nl, phiM t l u - j l f t O n mcinlh Ml C'havi-K KI-IM us a a s l s t a n t count c'lci'k, t h u s niiiki'S )iU t o t a l .Hiilar Clcivli. Horn ' I'ortnli-.i t U M i l i l 7 N a m V i m Try (IrM lo gel II In Cm Today and Saturday ' 2--BIG HITS--2 Soloncw i'/sr /o House i O U A N T 1 mm I IAIKVMOM I tmGiiuuo BUOIKIO U. «.·*·»;; ·HtaW SUNDAY AND MONDAY D E A N N A . . . In hor first Technicolor t r i u m p h w i t h iho mlrrtclo melodies of J*rom* K o r n I Plui L»t»il News Flashes of World Events W A S H I N G T O N , Keh. 2,'l The t w o ciintcslant.s In yeslerday' niiiKri'iuiliinnl l i g h t closed tli Illl'luVnl l u i l i l y liy llpuliililillni; I the house, Ri'p. K n i n k K. Hook. Miehlgl llcmocral who set oil 1 t h e l i n n or tlstlcm'r.'i hy using t h e wor "lllir" in nil e x c h a n g e w i t h .lolin R t u i l u n i I i - M t . i s l arose M l i o r l l v i i l l r r t h e house enlivened A low minute.-! litter. R a n l f i n lollowed Mini in llu-s,, woriii: "It I Imve o f f e n d e d I h r im'in- berjdiip ol l l i l n hoiiHt 1 1 am .sorry." sill: CAIIIllKS I l K I t M'MIIKII TDUSA. Oldii.. 1'Vli.. 2:; -(/ft "Anil viiur norm! .si-n Tin' yi r skirt var pltllil joli Ir.- a Ml. anil Hii-ix- t u t t u u n l on IUT Two Cases Dropped As Kidnaped Baby Returns lo Parents FORT WORTH, Tex., Feb. 23 'I - - Only a dependency suit filed y the Blate In behalf of Milly Mc- III and fiet for March 1 remained oday of the tangled affairs that ave surrounded the blue-eyed two lonlhs old child since she was lirec wevkH old. The case, which developed swlfl- y after Milly was taken from her arents' hotel room Jan. 9 and eft in a San Antonio, Tex., bus tation the next day, iinravelcd'it- elf even more quickly yesterday. Mm. Melba Branson, 10-year-old ife of a Laredo, Tex., army air ield Instructor, was acquitted by jury in criminal district court icre on a charge of kidnaping Mllly. Shortly after the trial ended, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McGill, Milly'.' larents, announced a divorce po- .Itlon by Mrs. McGill would be dls- ininsed. "We're going to take Milly and try 11 again," said Mrs. McGill. In one of the strangest twists ol the case Mrs. McGill, In her di vorce petition filed last Saturday, had asked that custody of Mllly lie given Mrs. Branson. Airliner Missing; Locate Wreckage BRISTOL, Va., Feb. 23- (JP American airlines officials al Tn- clties airport said an airplane [ilhit had spotted wreckage belii-v- ed lo be that of an overdue AHUT- Ican Transcontinental airliner l o u r miles sonlhwcsl of Rural Kc-tmil. Va. Officials said the pilot repented the plan*-' was "total wnvk- IIRC" lull had not burned. He said he flew over the wrct:ka):i' ilt 100 feet hut saw no signs ol Hie HI passengers and crev/ of llilec believed aboard the ship. The pilot radioed back to the airport thai the plane was ilmvn in "rough i-ountry." R u r a l Retreat lies some :M mik-s north and east of here, and is just of! the main highway through the valley of V i r g i n i a . ItriKil.All TAKES TIKE ' An u n i d e n t i f i e d b u r g l a r broke Inlo Ray's Park Texlco station somelinie during thv night and stole a 010 front lire lo a t r m t u r , Sheriff Santos Riunlre/. \vas mlviH- ed today. A Three Days 7 Cough is Your Danger Signal Crcomulslon relieves promptly bi 1 - cnuse it poos right lo the, sent of the trouble to help loosen nmi oxpol neriii Indcu phlcRm, nnd nlri nature to soothe ami lu-al row, tender, inflamed bronchliil m u c o u s m e m - branes. Tell your drugstst to sull you n bottle of Creoimilslon with the un- tJersliindliiK ynu must like the \vuy it quickly allays the coiiwh or you urn to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis MOSCOW, Feb. 23-1*)-- The U. S. military mission today re- eived approximately 150 addition- il n n n i t s of American prisoners of var who were liberated from Oflag G l at Szubin, Poland, making the olal to dille 250. The names were reported by detachments sent to Maj. Gen. J. Russet Dearie to Praga. Brest Lit- vsk and Lwow to locate and assist former prisoners of war. ISI'V NKW UOAB EQUIPMENT Oiimty commissioners today fign-ed to pHy half the coal on the' of a new hydraulic blad? i'.ii HH- truck-and-plancr equip- n i c n t whirh is used for the main* tcmiiice of ranch roads in the r - o u n t v the other half is to be Appeal to FDR on Little Steel Lift WASHINGTON, Feb. 23--tfPI-- The AFL and CIO said today they I urge President Roosevelt to override the advice of war labor board public members against lifting present wage ceilings. CIO President Philip Murray and the four active members and alternate's representing the AFL on the board criticized the finding of the public members, emphasizing they would carry their fight to crack the "little steel" wage formula direct to Mr. Roosevelt. Try first to get it in Cruces! paid out of grazing fee-money returned to the county under arrangements for the improvement of ranges. WASHINGTON, Feb. 23-- UPt- War Secretary Stimson said today "no mass surrenders" are occurring on the western front although more than 900,000 Axis have been taken prisoner in that theater. Stimson told his news conference that "in view of rumors of mass surrenders" he had cabled Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Allied .supreme commander replied, the secretary said, that prisoners arc being taken but that there are "no indication of mass surrenders." Approximately 85 per cent ol the steel produced in the United States is made by the basic open- hearth method.- ItchiotSkin? Stop ScfaSmg! Here !· Quick Ea* 'and Comfort Now that ciewi, powerful, pen«- traLlng Moone'a - Emerald OH 1* available at drug- atq'res thousand* Iiava found helpful relief Irom th» distressing itching and torture at rashes, eczema, polnon Ivy and other externally caused skin troubles. Not only does the intense itching, burning- or Btinging 1 quickly Biib- Bldc, but healiny 1st inure' quickly promoted. -*"·· Get an orlglnil'tottls of Emerald Oil -- GreasAlcsn --* Stainless. Money e fun Jed, ir not, wtlsfled. Bakef'brug Store Wood AND Coal Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY I 111 South Church Phone 3 | HEYKIDDIES! Rag Matinee One pound of clean cotton I rags will admit one boy or I girl lo the Rio Grande Theatre on Friday between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. lo gee 2 brand new feature pictures: Laurel and Hardy in "The Big Noise" and Gary Grant in "None But the Lonely Heart." 3 ROSE DAWN PLANTS FOR YOUR FLOWER GARDEN THIS WEEK ONLY CLARK GARDNER Route 1, Dux H3 Osago. Iowa NOTE: Tliis is 11 special iiilvovtisinil offi-r, i;oml (or t h i s week only SWANS DOWN 23-41bs.26c BAKING POWDER 1 LB. SIZE; Slay crisp in Milk or Cream giant size 14c POST'S BRAN FLAKES Life's swell when you keeti well! , ; 14 oz. 14c GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES Some delicious flavor- in crisp flake form 7 oz. 9c G R A P E - N U T S Rich in food-energy... unique in flavor . . 12 oz. 14c five pounds 4Sc 10 oz. box 12c HILLS BROS. COFFEE Blue Box 29c LIBBY CATSUP 14oz.btl.18c TOMATOES No.2canl2c DIAMOND M FLOUR 241bs.$1.20 BUTTER, creamery 1C Lifebuoy SOAP 3 bars 29c Log Cabin SYRUP pint 25c Hunt's TONATO SAUCE 8oz.1in6c Rippled WHEAT pkg.8c Libby DILL PICKLES quart 27c Rosedale Sweet PICKLES 22oz.jar31c Gold Crest APPLEJELLY jar 19c Campbell's TOMATO SOUP 3 cans 25c Beef Roast . . . . . . . lb.25c T-Bone Steak Leg of Lamb lb.45c Ib. 33c Lamb Shoulder Roast . lb.30c Lamb Chops lb.40c FRESH GROUND Pork Sausage . . . . . lb.33c t»A FRUITS WVECETABI ·····^·········li LETTUCE . . . . . pound ORANGES . . . . pound U APPLES pound 12c LEMONS pound i; CABBAGE . . . . . pound Sweet POTATOES.. pound 235 N. 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