Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 13, 1976 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1976
Page 20
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GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE S»l., March 13. H7 CLASSIFIED ADVI TRIBUNEWANTADS INDEX RATES ANNOUNCEMENTS (1-5) AND DEADLINES !!.V.'.'. '.'.'.'..'.'..'.'. V.'^.'flSI riAtc.cirn « EHPLOrMENTtHO) CLASSIFIED K E«iii]»HriiHiiim READER ADS Sy.y.V.y.y.V.'^'fcSiIiH* Minimum charge cruirrc/ii m\ (basedont.words) ....,,.50 ,, SEWIC ^ 8t lBt ,, ttlM -Number PerWord" *"£"*!*; of Dayj p«r Day !(.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. cSlSrt 1 Day 8c 15.'.'.'...'. ..'.'.. "Roglini I IrwilltiM 2or3days tc [« ImtHnlim ^ |1 TMTM diy '. " ^ FII " l " CI « i ^) 1 ^ (2 line minimum) ».M jj KSlf'hJ 10% discount on reader ads if RENTALS (25-42) paid within todays 2t NuM H Km) 27 HHHfrjlMt Evtry other day ads to bt 29 Dvplu RnUb charged at ont day rate 30 Tnwirwm iMttti 31 Finmhrt«»«tm(nB Blind Box Numbere H.oo 3! Utiliniilwl lextiKiit! DEADLINE 11 ! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'i^Zi taffi Tuesday through Friday j? ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; "SSSStSi '$£ 3 p.m. the preceding day 31 CoflliMrctal Rntib W FinolTtictllMbll Saturday, 11 a.m. for Monday MERCHANDISE (43-62) CANCELLATION 45.................MitLu«!S Ads may be cancelled by calling *S GxifiSila before 5:00 p.m. day prior 47 HowtriMCMfe or 12 noon Saturday for « 6irdtnii| ««* Mondayidi. «j -- ***« SI Snrini MichiMi t Vxium CLASSIFIED DISPLAY !!.\V.\\\\\V.'.'.TMSZtm'2S RATES SS Bildii|llitetiiti Rate $2.10 per column inch H.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ' ' ' 'friiij j Viptrife Volume rates upon request |J *"*· 'p'j[j 1l *Sc l "lS Minimum space: 1 column inch AGRICULTURAL (63-70) 63 PoUUjlRibbiri Borders cuts may be used M UmtKk (5 PulirtltrHtnl DISPLAY " Hq.Criin, Feed 1 Sim n c A m tuc u Firm Equiprwnt DEADLINE H Irrlpliw Splmi Tuesday through Friday REAL ESTATE (71-80) Noon the Preceding Day. 5h\\\\\\\\\\\vS E XRil 74 Fltmj, Rmtin 4 Tracts Friday Noon for Monday. 75 Comrmrdil 1 Inmtminl Propirti 76 Momliin Propertr ''""or £""::::::: ^SSKSS or ,2 Noon Saturday for ,, "ECREATIOII (8UI) Monday Ads IS.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.^ B 'S 15 SmrnEita The Tribune assumes respon- 17 Tnibjn 1 Cinpirt sibility for only 1 incorrect In- TRANSPORTATION (89-98) section of any ad. Please read 89 Tnmpotil'M your ad the first day it appears. 90 MO(H Bikes Call in correction before * a.m. 91 hlo Pirb litnn£2 PHONE 352-0211 M Pkkupi, Trucks 714 Eighth Street ss 4»i*elOih« Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. H AUCTION (99) ^ f f\ /I/M } Al Lostand j/ fj/j, t · rrn Ul Found ^* v -' Humane Society Shelter, 116 E. Bin SI. STEWARD OpenB toSMonday through Saturday. Steward who passed away 3 " h Ave - C0urt al Im st - l( foufKl ° IMie To have a mother such as you LOST Dog - Female, wnite, L«D Was a blessing from above. |«««»; »';,, J-'r^'SK And we know thai you are MHOT 354-4956. hnppy now, Blessed with God's eternal Q£ Personals The Mablc E. Steward family ALCOHOLICS Anonymous is 3Si-»esi (or h " POrm "' SHEPERD Aikirr-'i, 1211 9th st. 35i fsoi. In memory of William Uill S1NGLE parwll .. wldowMi di^ed. Sheperd, Who passed away separated. Contact Parents Wltiout March 13, 1968. P*i-tne«,JS60M7;M1.9671. Great Unknown," eaten Anonymooi. JS1-9J16; 353 9977. And God Hives each SPIRIT t , r ,, DC T, c h ,, ,,,,-·« .1. a form of its own 1*^^,1* 35* iwt And endows this form with a heart and a soul S "j"jl KM fSh"' * goal Uptight? Lonely? For all men are born to return ni i i - ·RTISING 1)7 H* 1 * VI WinM GALS -- Earn *xtra money. Call W3SI)or3S3I«2. Bsr,M423M. EXPERIENCED man tor farm worli. Preler married, references. Mile East, U South olAult. HELP Wanted ~ wiidtn, drill press operalwi, palnleti, jteel fabricators - «nd service men. Apply at Yuma Manufaclurlng Company, inc., P. O. Box IBS, Yuma, Colo IDTSt x call, 301141 Silt. OLDER woman needs companion Room and Doird plus salary. 352 tW. NEW and used vehicle salesman who wanls a career in the automobile business. Experience preferred. Rclerenccs will be checked. Please call B3J.jai? lor Interview appointment. Stevens Chevrolet in Aull. Colorado. JANITOR -- LJoht miiinteiiancc nark (2.W per hour. 353-6064, B and B. private SECRETARY -- 1S02 plus fring* benefits. Requires 2 years of experience plus minimum ifwthand d IOQ wpm and typing ol 70 wpm. Contact Affirmative Action OH leer, Alms Community College, Box tfl, Greeley, Colorado, 8M31. Phone 353-BOOB, Ext. 770. an equal opportunity employer. SALES Career - Female or male. We ore a large International organliatlon expanding our operations In Grceler. We require 2 sales personnel who are mature and have a car. This may be Iht career you are looking for, call me now for an Interview, 3M 479*. HELP Wanted -- Red Garter Lounge, 3621 w. lorn st. RN's -- LPN's Can we interest you in a new concept In health care? Call Mrs. Allgaier 353-1017 for appt. If you arc tired of working cut' or for someone else, man and wife, no investment. Run A ; W Drivin or Dairy Queen. Write Box L-33 c/o Tribune. (If you drink, you need not apply). Carriers Needed n Evans area. Must be at least 12 years of age. Excellent earn ngs for amount of time in- vo ved. Call the Greeley Tribune office, 352-0211. Ask for Tom Pax ton. * Automobile Service \ I Writer I y Excellent opportunity for J 4 the right person. Per- ? K manent employment with J f newcar dealership. Chance § J for future advancement. § / Apply in person-- 4 I McArthur Olds-Cadillac i § 506 eth Ave. Greeley, Colorado ? RN'S-LPN'S-AIDS An Invitation to our RECRUITING DAY on March 18, l?7i m Htlp m Htlp no S* 1 "/ H Strvkt 07 WinM VI Wintid Ufi MnHcttlnf Htlp 1J Gut* W |^.'lri E TMrd' I ln'!~ nW i l S!!^ t " i ''''l!! KITCH ' N ""' - '»» "* P"r.r!m.. WE r(rt . ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, wm , , M im5m« iS^I h 1 ^,""' f """' *"""· dl " lB9 "TM" """*" M'«W «"« » I"I"»IM 1" «r"lrn «nipio«o nimlnn. no CM arm or , M ,,,|,,, m i. «M nil|Wi m«W » opportunity of III.OM a ynr. Tnll II Sarfsss-^s 1 * --"'«. c ""' c '" b - Aptf ' " s^jSKffsttff. on wptntiKt. JM ·»«. WMk wh , |e | Mrnina _ For interview cell « E CH,N,C 5 «,,, .,, ,,,,« ,,. "^.^r.^KS..^,': 1 :. 1 " «·«"· perience. Automotive i;«ctrlcal t perlcnci preferred. Call Perionn Oft lee, JS* 2323. PART-TIME lobi, J3M month, 3 evening and Sal. Over II with car. 352 mi. CAN you learn lo aislit branch manager Barntng potential tTOO per week o more. Phone 3SJ.59W. BOOKKEEPER - Receptionist. Pir time to start. Musi have previous ex perlenct In medical or dental office Please send resume c/o flo« N-2 Creeley Tribune. ' BOOKKEEPERWanted-Mus.knowa. ^Je'^mS't ^i'^MI phatct In bookkeeping Including lruch for coontry dHlvery, Orelev payroll, and abliliy to take char B « of and surrounding area. Willing fo work 4 * entire oKlce. Person wllh experence « y ia wt»k. Exp»ntncepr«trred. s«» apply In person. Tht Red Steer Pau | at consumers Oil Company, Restaurant end Lounge, 3 miles north erf creclev 7 Creeley, Highw»ylS.3M «T4. K DS soon it will be summer and time earn some money, start early with Rocky Mt. News paper route. Ma routes available now so don't lose 01 Remember that early delivery me* · your alter noons are free to en[oy yo summer days and nights. Call 3i3 01W VETERINARY Assistant - PermanenI BABY-SITTER needed in my home, wee part or tull-lime. Wide varlely of caysonly. Uhllfl.JSJ U20aller6p.m. rciDonsltJIIIIf* Plrni.c trmil rnrnpltal* resume lo Box N 13, c/o Greele Tribune. POOL Manager -- Minimum 3 year experience as Assistant Pool Manager SwimmlnB Inslructor, or LHcauard WSI -- First Aid Card, minimum age 7 veors. Send resume to P. O. Box «7 Windsor, Colorado BOiiO. MANAGER Trainee with Christ a company. Good pay and opportunity i permanent secure work. Phone 351-9400 WARFHOUSE help needed, parl-tlm early mornings. S3 hourly. Mutt b dependable. 7IJ. 2104. NEEDED -- 2 ladies to baby-iit In larg church nursery. ABM -- newborn to years old. Sunday mornings anc evenings and on special occasions Please contact Nancy Tyler, 353-OMf DEPENDABLE man (or year 'round fan employment. Top waacs and bcnef tsfo right person. 177J7779, Haxlun. NEED exDerlenced surveyors as part Chief, wilting to travel. 1 647 62W DEALERS WANTED Part time or full lime lor a hot, nc-.v energy satiny item. Makes a torced air furnace out of your existing fireplace. Earn easily up to MOO/week. Write Metcalf 3Ist. Company, 1021 Sunset St., Longmont, Co. 80501. 1.772-1304. SHOP MECHANICS We have openings for several Shop Mechanics. Salary depending upon experience, ability and skills. Generous Company Benefits. Contact Gene Shafer -- Farr Farms Co., 707 7th Ave., Grceley. SRI Applications being ac- ceptpd for part ttmp tfr» and battery installer. Apply Pcnonnel Office Montgomery Ward Greeley Mall An equal opportunity empkryet ip.m. to 4 p.m. ················ Gteeln Recreation Center * ' Rm 206 I TEMPORARY INSTRUCTOR J 710 nth Ave. , NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. · Greoley, Colorado · EXPER | ENCED| ALl . AR o UND ; We need nurses for staffing of · upriiSNir FIUF YFiB; · hospitals, nursing homes , doc- ? AUTO MECHANIC. FIVE YEARS · or's offices; private duty In J T R A D E E X P E R I E N C E ! hospitals and homes. · NECESSARY. . · To learn more about our · 5 HOURS PER DAY, 5 DAYS* program, stop by lor a cup ot · p E R yy EE K FOR SIX WEEKS. J coffee on the 18th or call: T T " REAL ESTATE i* SALESPEOPLE · wanted in the Platteville, John- ur Jtown, MHIiktn and Ft. Lupton areas to represent an office k- associated with the nation's argest real estate organlza- YARD work, mowing, and trimming. 3HU13, A| Bwintil LAWM Service lor sale - Equipment an accounts. 3» l!7faliers. LIGHT niullng - Conil. iltes. yard work. LEASING proposed meal market area. T CI»nifllci,bm.,garage$.Mov«furn., financially sound; experienced me flPf»l.,elc. Loweilrotrt. 353-WSt. culler. If interested, contact Jerr McDonald, McDonald's Superette, IM Frccwtrmates. 357 1 155. VON SCHRADER brand carpel jn GARDEN Rolotllllng. Town or rura uph^litcry shampooers lor sale, a areas. 70 hp. tractor, 7 (I. tiller, 11 hp. cessorlPi included 3M 4975, mor t ngv and 30 In. ifiier. Call 353 «H. afier t. HANDY Man - Home repair, painl n anltor, cemenl-yard work. 35a 37U CUSTOM- BUILT ((replaces. Brickwork. 353 OW 1. STAN SEDAN -- Interior and exler o painting and paper hanging. Frc estimates. 28-1 6764 or 704 6367. POWER raking, garden tilling, lawn care For free estimates, call 353 6B49, after 5 HEATING, Oir conditioning and ven- Hon. Will flSStet Interested par- LIGHT hauling, odd lobs, lawn mowing K^M^Si.n^rniSn"! «« »»* "«nsing requiremen- gn m«n^ ^ c a mp,r mpar equipment. Commercial refrigeration fS. Call l-5M-4t2fl for interview '- ' ' desirable. Send resume with eomplfite _ nBO f ntmftnf POWER rake your lawn. Reasonabl work hlslorv and wage requirements lo appOinimenT. nrlrB ln , t ^'^^ EXPERIENCED milker wanted. 351-6201. WANTED - Livein houscKcepcr daytime. Three adults, nice horn excellent working condition!. For Inlervlew wrlle Box N 27 C/O TriDun giving name, address and phoi number. ·····*···*····· I Sales Help ! Sunset Memorial · Gardens · If you have lived In com- Jmonity 5 years, are 0 married, have good car, · neat appearance and free · to work evenings, will train · and furnish leads to start. * Exceptional earnings for J right person. · Call 352-5590 ·«'*·*«·»'»»»+*»»»*«»++ | Custodian 6 Qualifications should in- £ elude Initiative and desire, « general custodian skills, ^ and some mechanical 4 knowledge. f Salary plus living « facilities. 4 « Contact Greeley Elks ' J or call 356-3557 : *»«**»«»«»»+*««»»»# ', RAINCAT : IRRIGATION SYSTEMS i · Sales coordinator ', · Shipping/receiving clerk · · Electro-Mechanical , Technician APPLY IN PERSON AT - 3201 W. Service Rd. ! i South of Greeley off U.S. ; I 85. J SWIS CAREER OPPORTUNITY To $1200 per month plus an- or nual bonus on volume sales, , increases up to $25,000. an(n nually within 3 years. Sales e Management opportunity. T h o r o u g h t r a i n i n g 0 program. If you desire an 1 opportunity to Increaseyour » present Income, send com- · plete resume to Box M-34, · c/c Greeley Tribune, Attn. [ Rus Ferguson. All replies [ held strlclty confidential. I EOE/ANB/M-F * J V j Mature Sales Person : We are accepting apt pficaflons for futl-tlmp I sales help In the major ap- plfances dept. '. Apply 10a.m.-12p.m. · and 1 p.m.-Sp.m. k An equnl opportunity emplOfCi : WOOLCO '· Dept. Store i- S S POWER rakmg and yard clean up. Per tlli/lnu, spdional tare. Ken's Yard Care BRICK Work - Fireplaces, planters chimney repair, small jobs welcome 353-7841. QUALITY furniture rctinishing with quick service, treeeslimates 353-7405 GENERAL, reliable. houiec lean ing References. Call 352 6189. ROOF gutter cleaning. Cheap. (MM Jack 351 W 3i. ROTOTILLING - Organic, fcrt. aval Trov-buill liller. Phone 353 5312. 1 J Custom 14 Work TRENCHING lor walcr, gas, electric · toolings, final grading, backhoe. Koehn Co., 35? 6917. Oollig, 7BS-2B55. lines. 214 «1?1. Scnacller-s Digger Service. CUSTOM Hauling - Corn and manure Ronald Anderson, 454-3146. BACKHOE loader, trenching, scpl c tanks, leJchlnq HeldS. Koehn CO.. 35! 6917 353-7745. CUSTOM Mauling - Silage and manure Leonard, 356 V537; Dan Oilier, 357 3513. [ 1 1 Education* ^/^V 1 TM 1 " 0 ' a " d b °' inB - TM { 1 1 Instruction I GUITAR ICUDTIV bt-glnnd or advanctd. 353 J?JOor3i3 9D03. ?5 VOLUMES ol Inlrrnallona EncyclopWlJt including additional daia ' (or 4 years; IS volume* Claiili water lines. Bud eiam, 353 3417. SUB SOU IMG. l« to 1C inches deep Reasonable. Rclerenccs. Call Gcoroe Hoether. 357 6697. , wallpflpcrlrio. Ted Nlekf non, 353 0178. Rtglfirr now. 353-3«7. SERVICFS Unlimited - Custom niovlnc, { Muling, junk removal cleaning QAraget, , SPRING clicerleaoinQ elm. For more baspmcnii.clc. 3SJ.7136; 351 OW6 . c a 3 5 3 * 5 0 1 0 Child Care 1L Service LlCENSEDdaycorc,.Tivhomt. EATON - Licensed child care. RcMonablr 454 3IM. 3S3 013S. fc4444»»»AAA»4A*»»a4i4* L CENSEDdilldcarclnmyhomc. m CM?. M Sales/ CHILD Care - Dclng licensed. Madison Marketing Help arw.sMWM. GALS: wear and show amaiing Sandflk D ^ =·" in m V home. All ages. Phone Sandals for cucltlng prof 111. 353 « 16. JX-nei. / LOTT AGENCY, V GALLERY OF HOMES has opportunities for two ad- newly licensed or experienced. We offer training and assistance as well as premium coin miss ion splits, fall Bill rftllins-SSi-fiiwo. -^·^·^*- wrCTPRN * SALARY BASED UPON · fi7?ySiir^^!!% llrni/^ll * EXPERIENCE. · 1 EUwK%MBJ|r JJV MEDICAL ! APPLY TO: J ^^^r^^gt^ 5FRUinF!\ · LUIMER counrr voc-nra CEHIEU · ^r^^^^^^^^y as (hey came, Wdiilluidp? uw.n d WatTM TempoTM, ; 4Kb SUUIH SHlllUi ; -- -And birth and death are in Call SLYB Helpline S,TM», Inc. {PJ1A2397 J LOTT AGENCY INC essence ihe same. 354.3535 217 *,, m^ii, a MITM · w couins. co M522 . L "' ' TM tl «' 1 ' '" U And man is born but to die and 6 p.m..2 a.m. nightly An Equal Opportunity Employ. M/F · · k 916 Eleventh Avenue J For bevnnd this world in anonymous and confident beauty, there lies nc Employment The purpose in death which UD Wanted LIFE EVERLASTING IN E *" mE H ,£" c TM, ca TM"TM~,TM£S ' COD" CREW DOM MM .JiUysmMily .JM.MM. And no one need make this w ij| L oJs°;"'TM mc ""' * ""'" "" 5 ""' journey alone, For God has promised to take MAY 1 clean your home, pteparc your care of his own. ^HS"a^ """""""'"" Sadly missed by Mother, Father, brothers and sisters. °"^^,'XSX' "' '" ""' "" f ^ EXPERIENCED milker worm per. | f? i ff CTJf 1 | manenlposllion.need! house. 016 5115. L.ard at Jhanhi CENERAL , ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,«,,,,,,,,,,. PITTITnCiriK W A N T "fuck driving lob- Over the road. PbrfcKbUri Tm ,,,,, cxperimcc. 3Si;o?l, mor We wisli to extend our thanks " lnBI o the many relatives, friends, COMPLETE bookkeeping service neighbors for cards, gifts, i£TM'\imM."'\n,""'''TMw flowers remembrances that nnanclo! sl-jlements. quarterly ard made our 60th anniversary a U"a'^""i°'mt'" '""'"" """"""' memorable occasion. j Signal Technician !| | City of Fort Collins II || Starting salary $826 pur month. Immediate opening in II II maintenance, repair and testing of electronic traffic H || control devices. Duties also include emergency service || if calls during day and on an on-call basis. Requirements II || include High School graduation or equivalent and two || years training in electronics, electricity and transistor II principles and theory plus two years working ex- || perience, with at least one year in traffic signal main- 1 tenance and repair. Valid Colorado dirver's license | needed before appointment. Equivalent combination of t education and experience is acceptable. Apply to Per- I sonnel Office, 300 Laporte Avenue, Fort Collins by Mon- 1 day. March 22, 1070. Written test will be given March || 24. J An equal opportunity employer 1 Sincerely, AT Help -- rr -- 7 . Mr. i Mrs. Hcnrv A. Peterson "' W»" tetl Q8 Marketing Help ' · j Lostand vwjr convenience with no quotas and 01 Found -',' '""· «» '»' "»" 51 - *»'· '»· ^xr^'xst^s;. «««. «-j« ssrjK-r 1 "- - PE WARF" L" ! fc^-J'e l-^ h ^ ; '' P F R M A N E N T poiil-oo for Dentfl Win*orv,einit/.ri.iir«ar/;3 4Bi 5194 AMiHary - X wsv Teeflnktan. Ple«e stale age, marital Matuv reaion tor LOST LOiq risirptf blflth GTinfln working and previous employment. V.ciniiy Villa V, fit on C it J53 /Hi Scrd lo Bo« N 1*. t /oGrcrlfy TnDuic. nO Personals Q9 Personals P^PERSONAL WILL KIT- 1 includes 64 page attorneys booklet, "What Everyone Should Know About Wills" and 4 Will Forms, only H.OO 1 (FREE "Personal Assets Records" and "Executors 1 Duties") Send check or money order to: DOCUMENT RESEARCH p. 0. Box 385 Lonjmont, CO eosoi It \Q Sales/ 10 Marketing Help r ^ We are expanding our Lincoln, Mercury and Toyota Facilities. Additional Sales Persons are Needed to grow with us. If you have the desire to become a professional car salesman with a successful dealership that sells quality cars in volume . . . We would like to talk to you. Apply In person only to Jay Steinberger-- Sales Manager %^S TED NIETERS HBl MOTOR CO. ' T,QV,PITJA| 14128th Avenue. ^ Consider!! Good Sales People Are Trained-- Not Born! and neither are doctors, awyers, dentists or engineers. You can be an outstanding salesman or saleswoman and earn $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or more a year your very first year. You need to be: it age 21 01 ovei 6 ambitious ft eneigetic ft spoitsminded ft have a high school education or better You will: ft attend 2 weeks of ichool in Dallas, expenses paid. ft be guaranteed tSQO pei month to slait. If you qualify, we guarantee to: ft teach and tram you in 001 success ful isles methods ft assign PU to !he salts am ot your direcloi. ft provide ihe opportunity foi you lo advance into maruicmenl as fail as your ability will variant. Equal opporlunlly company M./F. Call now for personal interview. Don Jones Mon.,Tues.,Wed., March 15, U, 17 505-522-6660 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3S4 1764. LICENSED bnby sitting In my home, Scott uhool area. Call 3J3.7J2*. WILL do baby sitting in my home. 13 per day per child Anytime, any age Cal Mrs. Belly Edmondt, 356 dill. i o Service 13 Guide PIANO tuning. 11}, complete repair service. Carrot Conn, 3564195 or 351- U36. CHAIN saw tharpenlng. 1 M. service. "T MFX watch repair, sain." Greeley ' Plaque and Trophy. 353 »47. CUSTOM plowing, 7 plows. Elllclenl work. Call Davo Co/fld. 834-36B7; or Larry Thomas, collect 1 197 7751. CUSTOM plowing, discing, and swalh ng. P F. KoLobrl, 353 7976. painting. JB4 SICfl. evenings. ,·.'*"»'*' tt-) t-}ti^ LAND LEVELING All kinds of earth moving. ' 1 Loader backhoe service. , i Howard Boyer Const. 353-7287 1 c Roofing ID · Insulation FOR your Iniulnlioo needs. Tall Super or Reeling. 353 3363. "PREP E R R CD Roofing find Remodeling," sefvlnq the conirnucr and Itie Home owner. 353 9J45. 357-70B6 SAW sharpening. All kinds. One day scrv. MRuur j^Jf^v't^rm-""!! JSiVll'j' ce. Anderson's, 714 10ln SI. 3S3 0163. 7RE-E irlmmlng and ash pit removal hauling. 353 SIBf. 353 0911. RE-ROOFING 15 Years Experience Guaranteed Work. Free Estimate. Insured. 353-1389 Keith Montcy, Jr. PAINTING - All kinds. Free estimates. -1 *7 Moving Daic- 353.05H. i/ Storage CAHPENTER-Remodellng. STOR WOR _ Selt storage, SOS IBth St. 35J6WO. 351-4J41. HOUSE Doctor. Remodeling, improve- SELF Storage - HI? Blh AvC. AccCiliblc menls, repairs. Brooks C. Cole. 352-5J74. 74 hours. 3iJ Mil; 3S2 7324. ADDITION and Improvement 354 4733. 3 » 6 4 3 3 . a t ! e r 6 . PAINTING, Irec eilimates. IMS man you Ifllnk. 3S2 4111; 35s 4052. E-Z Self Storage, various sics. Open lighted. 23004th Ave.. 35 SUB. STORAGE - Availrthlr, duien. lelrigrr. ated and dry. Crcclcy ICC and Storage. GARAGES Her Rcnl - Auto or storage, 'i olcemenl Hi SS*$; 3S6-7418. niomuoni MO»IUIIH.P SEWING In my nome. 01 Business 353I3H. LL Opportunities KF.RNS Painting -- Interior and exterior. Wallpaper at discount priccv 353*144. WALL PAPERING -QuJlily work. 3S2S1J5, SEWINGlnmyhome. 0 D Painting. Interior, exterior. II you don't deal with us, we both lose money. FOR last, rellaole TV or antenna service, Television Mart. 414 JSih St. 357 7JOO. Same day service. reasonable prices. Also silos (or leed storage FslflblMiedflrm 3SI OS70. CUSTOM furniture upholstery. Reas prices 35J 1701, tor ireeest. and shrub lrlm.35S 1)79 alleM CUSTOM ! CARPENTRY General contracting for residential *nd commercial building and remodeling. 353-0097 Steam Cleaning Mr lti.-*R. mm 1 hall (19.95 to; It betffwm 112 Atlantis Carpet Cleaning 354 3WI Guaranteed Satisfaction ywws^«ww^vwwwWM%« : DEALERS WANTED for fireplace forced air furnaces. Make a forppd air furnace out of your existing fireplace. No installation required. It increases your fireplace heating efficiency by 500%. Burns ·»% less firewood while heating up to 1200 sq. ft. Financing available. Write 1021 Sunset St. \ Longmont, CO. 80501, 1772-130-1. Wholesale Retail. r $ B A R S $ " NORTHERN COLORADO $ 3.J TAVERN $ HIE ONLY ONE IN IO»N SncctMlrJ well established opcralion. Plus good machine income Seals 150. Terms $ COCKTAIL LOUNGE J Beautiful n^r new futu/es ,ind equip mrni Go--( cdenlelf. (ill slree paikmjt Ire-nrnrlou^ potpnlial lfrm; GLORIA HENDLER CO. 1910 W. Eisenhower Loveland, Colo. Metro 573-77M ^Loveland U7-I855 ^ x small accounting firm with accoun that may be purdMsed. Plcose contac Golden Weit Really, 1 lit -7f7» OO Money LL to Loan c LOWER ralcson lit and 2nd inorig.igei w Dltlcr homi'S. Grccley B.inK 3S3 3337 H GHER prices paid lor IruM deodi on IflnrJ conlrflcls. Grcclcv Induslrial Bank 3S3 3332 OC Wanted Q to Rent A T T E N T I O N Landlord* - List avaliabi rpntalnvi!hVVIRS.3524Hl. PROFESSIONAL couple need counlr home bclwecn Grceley and Denver Preler 1 or ; oeovooms. fircp ace mounldin vipw Call Bill. 353 SAM TWO or 3 OCdroom house wilh lencr yard. Have loddler and need Mav is 353 1310. SLEEPING room near Weld Count or without kitchen privileges. 354-2)97 JS36»7,Jitcr7p.m. Of Houses LI to Rent LOTS ol character. * bedroom brick un furnished nome. Family or coupe Available fVUr tli IS. 11 75 per month o u gas orwJ electricity. No pets. Sco RC,lllvCo..35! 13U. NtAK New -1 bedroom home in Ro lin H Ms. ? balhs, (Amily-room, all k Iche appliances, washer drvcr. F-enced yard 7 c,ir Family only. Avn labl March 1i. SJ75 per month. 3S6-7W o TWO Br. house. 3 Br. apt. AliomoD. home nSNo. llthAvt?. 357-7660. FOUR mobile homes lor rent 17S to 11? monlh. Clean, new carpets, o"rapes, elc S177333, Mllllken. IDEAL for family or couple. Tw good location. One car garage. Fence electricity Availablr March lith Scot Hcallyco., 3W UH. TWO bedroom house -- Furnished o unlurnltlM-d. Cdiport Small lorn ly S17S.3S3 1777. TWO bedroom eounlry home, cas Greeley. lor married couple or sma! frigerator, heat, \valer, trash removal garage. No pots iliOdcpoiit. reference required 356 16?; FOR RENT - Cflbln. furnished. JSJ.?m V E R Y Nice older 4 bedroom home. Larg iv Ing room with fireplace Gooc deposll.iU?5il. FARM house for rcnl - ; bedroom, un monlh. 737 2333. £3 Rentals TOR HCNT - Lflrgc 1 bedroom dup e*. and dryer, ailnciicd garage. No pels. LARGE 1 bedroom duplex. Central air 13lh Ave.. Apl. A Jli fl mon'h. 353 7517. ONE bedroom duplex. No children, no pelt, privacy, lurnithcd. 1130. Ml 21st Grcclcy Call 3i! t\n. OH Townhouse OU Rentals townhouse flpnrtmcnt In Weil Grcclcy, carpeted, arnpci. stove, relrlgerator, and dishwasher. 3 twin-,, no pets SIBS per monlh plus gas and lighiv 170C deposit. Sec property manager al 1101 13IHSI. TOWNHOUSE lor or IPHII- - Opllon C iltn'e.illy Inc. .356 3727. v q . f l ? uedioorn, ? bath. 1270 deposit. I phone 3SI 3178 TOWNHOUSE - 3 bedrooms, l'j Bains, jrp'limcr-5 furred, cnrpc'ct! *1*S PT month. 3S2 0757. 01 Furnished Ol Apartments ADULTS, itoo for clean lurniihed apar tmcnl. Deposit 35:-9S66t» 353 3435 apartmenl. Laundry, utililles (urnishett. » r conditioned, park a! your fronl door, weekly rates. La Salle Court, 105 S ?nd 1020 v T H S T R E E T - Conven.cnt localion, near downlown, 1 and J bedroom. Sorry, no children or pe'l 356 3330 mshed or unfurnished. 1 3 or 3 bcdrooii. Call Cedarfaije Ap.iriments. 3S4 JOi?, 216?W.30lhSI. N FVANS - 1 bedroom furnished apartment. S75 to 190 In oltlfr jpari mcnl building. 12S deposit. 3S1 0163 TWO bedroom, lully lurnlthed apartmr-ni injplcx La Salle. Rcnl reasonable Ca i days. 3S3 3271. Pools, Club House, and Sauna. One 2 bedroom. Furnished unfurnished, immediate occupancy. From $145. Heatherway North 356-2387 NEW8-PLEX 2025 4th Ave. -- One bdrm. fur- pets. $125 Including heal. 356-9333 after 5:30 ONE 1 BEDROOM BUFFET APARTMENTS AVAILABLE Swimming pool. Arlington) 2215 8th Ave. 354-3987 V ! J

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