Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 23, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1945
Page 3
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MtiDodn February 23, 1945 Las Crtj*r$Bn-N«ws PAGE THREE ·THE PEOPLE'S MABKET PLACE - ^H HELP a FOR SALE OB THADE a LOST AMD FOUlfo, ^H HOMES WANTED. OH FOR HEHT u VWUrrt CaiA«dSn ^·t SALE ' ^^H ', ',"· · HTARTED CHICKS |jv, NowHeadt Mr. Horlon's Hatchery ·[ 1520 We.t Hadl,y r ^·; Phone 537-M ., HI 1ULLEK THOMAS Co. rBWVER FARM IMPLEMENTS ' 1 JJON'CO'RROSIVE, PAINTS 1 |p4,S. Main St. Las Cruces, N.M. T Waterproof Tarps ! Sleeping Bags : ·WESTERN AUTO H^!9 S. Main Photic 121 · 1 " " ' H' U/ S; Army IssueTStirplus used Bi?erc)iahdise at bargain prices. 30,^300 pairs shoes, no ration stamp lleeded, good grade' : S2.1S, better kradrj, repaired, new' 'soles and heels' $2.95. 23,000 raincoats $2.15. fcooo soft feather pillows $1.00. each Messltits 40c, canteens 40c, cups E5c. 'Also. 7200 NEW .'"s! Army :xtra heavy 4 Ib. 6 6M. Olive drab lingie cotton blankets, 6x7 feet; ·ed hot- price $3;1G.' All postage irepald; No COD'S. 1 ' ''Send" money ' prdejr. Blank's Exchange, Wichita Palls, Texas. ft - ·- · BULK GARDEN. SEED . j ONION SETS -- HOT CAPS 1 FARMERS MARKET, SUPPLY .CO. Pjione 383 On RH TraeKs- [ '· ,·- ''- ! ' I We wiH have baby' Chicks' 'each |Thu L sdaj. Place yotir orders 'or ccome and 1 , gqt them.' 'Valley- Pro- 'ducts Co., phone 99. · ' -F" -' omoif SETS V/ite ahd Yellow; 5 ft by the qu.rl , 3UC .FARMERS MARKET ;SUPPLY CO. j Phone 833. O^R'Tfteki. . 1 . I 1 ' : ,J.' . . , . - . Tractor/fnegari. Phone 6S5-W. . COTTON, SEtfD -- iAJfB** ^ cm ^*i as jffevlously -advei^^^nvml 1 ^)^ . p-wT 'branded cotton bags, ref cleaned, pef t6nn.ii;..»iSl20.00 · Foi Santo 1JOMa«':Ran(ih'; -P. O. IJBo^ 550. Fhdhe 4»a.H».SJ;«imani 1 Farms, Las Crucea-^,.|«, : ( SppSia'i 1 delivered pric« to VipfpnvdelUlling · plant $122.50 per tori. -- -'" 1 ' 1 ,| BABY CHJeRSv »;, 1 We have on harilt^at thin time 1 most large breeds. 7s T ,ew_ship- I 1 ment each Thuradap^ I FARMERS MARKET ' | , SUPPLY fitt^ | Phone 338 On HH'Tracks H ^ -y I i We Specialize ·j in Motor -Tiine-ups, K| Radiator Cleaning, ^ Brake Service [Aztec Service Station |f I ,888 N. Main., jf ;fehdne 833 1 " .-.v:i- 1 . - , . . . | JENNINGS HATCHERY I Breeder of U. S.' Certified White f - - Leghorn Chicks ' ' 2 5 1 lo 328 tee U.S.R.O.P. Sired 1 Write for Prices and Delivery Dates 1 217 West-Grand | ' CLOVIS. NEW MEXICO Hi-- · PARTENP ^·Economical home insulation 1 Rfcy's Parfetfexaco · SERVICE smtioif - \ Alfalfa seed, valh»,grtwrt£.col- rge tested. F. J. RFffAefr-Ji La N PSA, New Mexico. .- ·*' '·? LEGHORN PUitEfti 1 '"· · the Southwcst's finest In WHITE LEGHORNS. 12 other breeds and ivbrlds. Over-niRht shipping dU- 1 'ance, '29 years In business. Order KOW (or MARCH delivery. W I C K S 1 ·The Southwest'* I^ad'nir Hatchery" , CLOVIS, N. ME.X, ·iFive room partly furnished modern house, one and one-sixteenth acre ground, all fenced. Big chicken house and other buildings. Will 'ifove in 30 days cr sooner Corner North Alameda and Front street. 1 \Rccleaned, college,; tested alfalfa seed. John Bogart, ^feone 487-R4. ^ ,22 automatic rifle, good 2 wheel rallor. 212 East Laa Crucca Ave- pjic- ;;;. ;,;·,-·; .-,; Another lot of cedar posts. Camp DoLuxe. -.,, x Nice three ro$pi-Wise. 'fe lots, iifw chicken houfp, barn and corrals. Phone 333. v , Livestock. See these nice look- in*, good young.rtttr : k hprtw at Highway 80 tnd Borderland Rorfd. Mrs H. C. Mandell, Box 874-A, Rbute 2, El Paso. Cnnutillo 12-J42. FOB. SALE TD-6 International Crawler Diesel tractor and following equipment: Onft 18" inch RolloVer International plow; 8 1/ 2 , foot Dyer Offset Disc; one, 28 inch killlrfer sub- soiler. Aljso one moclii LA John Deere tractor; 1- heavy duty, aide delivery rake; 1 John Deere dump rake .tractor operated; on* John 1 Deere tractor mower; 1 ten foot Superior grain drill with- alfalfa and ; fertilized attachment, C. V. Stewart, Mesqulte, N. M. ,Moodel A Ford and-2 wKeel trailer. Camp DeLuxe. No disagreeable paint odors. Nu- Tbne Flat Wall Finish, made oy the makers of NuOShamel,'. drfea in one hour. Use your rooms as soon as you have completed your painting 1 . Costs only $2.98 per gallon. Valley Appliance Co. Canarys for sale. Have a. few warblers, males $10.00 each, hens $3.00. Also have a few double anas- ta daisies. Mrs. W. C. Thompson, phone 693-R1. One span of mules, good harness. Also farm implements. J. A. Gus- tafseri, El Paseo Road. Cabbage plants. Barker's Vegetable Farm, phone 599-R1, A furniture polish that is equally as outstanding as other Nu- Enamel products. Valley Appliance Co. Some young fillies and mares. Camp DeLuxe. Fine modern home t Owner leaving town. Lee Reevea. FOR SALE Fealher pillows. Singer .sewing machine, bed room suites, drag scrajjer, slock saddle, Hohner accordion, step ladders, 2 to ,10 fool; dish cupboards, kitchen cab. inets. . ; Chest of drawers, gas iron, chicken wire, hog wire, roofing, gird*n tools; Irrigation shovels, garden plows. If you trade with us, we will save you irtoney. L O Z I E R ' S --321 NORTH; MAIN NOTICES WHERE CLEANING i and SERVICE 18 BETtER MODEL CLEANERS ! 133 We§t Grlggi Will gentleman driving: 1937 Dodge sedan look in back seat, for cigaret lighter. belonging to Alamogordo soldier. Returh to Cactus Grill Cafe. We buy, sell and trade. Hiett's Second Hand Store, 130 North Main, Phone 646. $7.50 and $8.00 permanents for $6.50 during January and February. De Luxe Beauty Shop. I'hnne 396. -- adv. Cloth covered buttons and buckles. Quick Service Cleaners- Slip covers, curtains. Telephone Miss Mutz. 459-W, evenings. Does your roof leak? Carpentry work, building repair, light mason work and painting. Call 498-R3 for estimates. 'FOR RENT -- ROOMS Bedroom for gentleman, phone 242, Front bedroom and garage privilege. For man only. 329 3. Miranda. Rooirl with private entrance. 715 North Miranda, phone 205-R. FOR RENT Acre of gfound, 4-room house with sleeping porch, iy 2 block from Main St. Phone 848. Three fores land for rent; 1462 West Amador. Ten acres land, fo:Cuh rent Apply Williams, 136 North Main. HEAVY DUTY W A X E R FOB RENT Valley Appliuce Co. WANTED TO RENT Wont to rant furnUhed or un? furnished house or apartment by army officer's wlfo, 3 year old son nnd 2 month old baby. Husband la ovoracaa. Phone 464-J. WORK WANTED Port tlmo stenographer. Phone 110-J. TRAVEL ALL AMfiRlfeAN 1 iSffi" frtf meili, Fret Plllowi, Lower Rtu. three schedules, 333 Soutti Main, Phone 774. HELP WANTED Persons how engaged la essential war work will not be con* sidered. Want two m«n to build rock wall; material on gruund. Dr. 3. B-.McQee. Phone 648. Maid. Kllby Kourts. Phone 773.. · Waitresses, iiust be experienced. Apply Ih perai)h. Del R)o Cafe. REAL ESTATE Lots and' acreage. Terms to suit. P. A. Bunoh, Box 189. or 714 East Lohman Ave., Laa Cruces. When in need of anything in the real estate line, always see Burton'i iHrst; 115 West Grlgga, phone 381. WANT TO BOY Red chill, all kinds. Barker's Ranch, phone 599-R1. A HaJax therapeutic generator. Will pay cash. Phone 774 or 7B8-J. Clear, cotton rags. Deliver to Mesilla Motor Company. LOST Billfold. .Finder keep money, return billfold to Vada Sohutz. C05 South Copper, Deming, New Mexico. 610. Blaok pony, 3 y^are old, weight 800 poilnds. If foiihd please notify Dug Osborn, 'Aiesqiiite, New ilex. TO THAfii 1936 POrd with 4 good tires, some cash Will be traded for house n good location, or caujoe used as. down payment. 225 Iferth San Pedro. ' . : FOR TRADE 1939FRIGIDAmE Electric Refrigerator - . ';-.'* ' - · : Butans or Kerosene Reiiigeraior Writ. , U ROY YOUN^ Box 368 Darning, N; M. YOVRkATKJNS By ASSOCIATED J-HEBS MEATS, FAtS, etc.--Book four red stamps Q6. througli. 35 food through ; March 31. SUnipa T5 through X5 good through April 28. Stamps Y5 and K5 and A2 through D2 good through June S. four blue stomps X5 through Z5 and A2 and B2 gnod through March .31, Stamps C2 through G2 good through April 28. Stamps H2 through .M2 good through June 2. SUGA'ft -- fioftk f6Ur stamp .34 good f6r five pounds through Feb. 28. Stafiip 35 valid for five pounds through June 2. Another stamp scheduled to be validated May i. SHOES -- Book three airpltihe stamps 1, 2 and 3 vkild Indefinitely; OPA saya no plans to cance any. GASOLINE -- 14-A coupons good for four gallons through March 21. B-5, C-5, B-6 and CO coupons good for five gallons. Veteran of 40 Yeats Al University Retires ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 22 UP)-Dr. Johlt Dustln Clark, 82, who joined the faculty of the University of New Mexico, as aisUtant professor in chemistry almost 40 years ago, today announced his retirement effective next July 1. A- native of Nashua, N. H., Dr. Clark joined the staff of New Mexico University shortly after receiving his master of science degree in 1907 f it the University of New Hamnfthire. When H" arrived at the then territorial university, there was a labortory which could accommodate about 12 students, and the entire equipment and furniture for the chemistry department were worth lesa than $1,000; There were only 20 atudctita enrolled In the university. ESCAFt AXAMO CTU8H ALAMOGORDO, Feb. 28-- /Pl~ All crewmen escaped today when a four-ongtned nrmy bomber crashed at Alamogordo army nlr field, Col. John W. Warren, commander, reported. The plane waa on i combat training mUilon. UlllCil rRENCIIMANT FORT LEXVTS, WASH., Feb 32 (jfn-- A local librarian WAS Unable to comply when ft *)' v young man Mkrd for a book written by "that eminent French Author, RUque." Pint 117 t« fM M to Cram. M OAKY DOAKS 87 B. B. Fllkr IT WAS MORGANA LE FEY/ 'THERE'S ONLY ONE YOU SAID IT/ D-D-DID YOU H-HEAR WOT I* H-HEARD/ 3 / i, WHEN MEJJLIN RETURNS) | ·HE'S COMMA TO BE JMF , , PRETTY MAD TO «U F HA, HA, HA/ WHY ^ FIM YOU IN HIS JfDO YOU THIW1C I'LL LABORATORY/ l^jj STILL BE HERE f lERLIH'lk, IV'ATt (3 i ^BECAUSE I'M LOCK YOU W// DICKIE DARE By Coulion Wupi HE V/UZH'T UHLE5S THllJGS ME/?? m POPPlH'ALL A^OIIHO Ig HIM ...MZ HAGS, IYE ALMOST REMEMBERED MHO £ AM.' THEQEIVA5 A KID I KHEI/ OtJCE IVHO tVOULDA'0£E/J Mrs ABOUT THIS 5ETJP! LOOK'. MOTHER OLD MA" 1 THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY 87 Ckulu laal \OSAN \3 _ iDlRECTlNQ AND FlLMlNS THE STOHT 7 HAT PATSY, ANPREW, LUCIUS AND TEDDY WROTE.' THE ACTIOM HAS REACHED THE POINT WHERE THE THREE BOYS ARE. STAY INS TGSETHER FOR MUTUAL PRCTiCTlON- Tff£y HOPE.' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN HOMER r CHEER UP. 1 IT'LL -HERE 15 WHAT THE BOVS SEE IN ·1HE ROOM DOWNSTAIRS.' OJ GO 'ROUND BACK AN I'LL AY PER HIM NEAR TH' HEAP O'TH' DRIVEWAY. 1 . GET MUCH "WORSE I DOM'T KNOW ^\ IN A UTTUE I'LL PAY YOU / I GOT TH NEW WELL FDR THIS I SCATTER-SHOT SUMP-OFP.' V CNTRIDSES.' WHY I LET MYTHELF ) TALK ME INTO ) THTAYINS HERE TONISMT.' THIS'LL ae wy NlNETY-THlRP 'MLLlN' .' 87 Lee * alk and Pkil ICED? BUT THIS IS BOILING. PERHAPS YOU PREFER YOUR COFFEE ICED? DELICIOUS/ YOU ARE A GREATER MAGICIAN THAW FALLING FOfl THE ICE LADY? BEFORE.YOU RETIRE, WILL YOU HAVE SOME LI . ,"' REFRESHMENT? lU DELIGHTED. AMD OF couKe YOU MeveE WILL! BUT J.V£ FRWA6D HecTOR B£TW££M TACTAJJD OF ALL TOE TACTLESS A CLIEXiT AT OFFICE/ HAVE FtATTEEED SECTOR A UTUE OAJ Al£ DEA.WIW6 \OU 5HOULP "TRY TD BE GOOD AMP SWEET SO THAT \WHEt4 VOl GROW'UP MX) MIGHT AAARRYA V\OWDERFlJL. AAAty LIKE GEORGE WASHIMGTONl/' · MOST EVEKlTWHtWt/ AKlD THAT LADY IS f=Q R CHOPPlMGUp SCORCHY SMITH Fraik Bibbte TOO SLOW, SUSTEE BROWN IE,' DON'T MAKE NOISES...THIS IS A SHUT-UP SLIMK6R/' NO ONE THAT...CANT FDsmoN TO Of- HIS PACK. OR...?? HEAR PLAN ...COMING THIS VSA SOUNDS LIKE IT'S FLYiNO- IN, LOW...TWO MOTORS KEEP JUT OP SlHT/ / THERE'5 THE \CNKEy \VHO L6PT HiS TABl TRACKS POWW ON THE. 86ACH"...SL)NNiN5 FOR THB LITTLE YANK. WHO ISN'T f-:U OH, DIANA

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