Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 5, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN Dona Ana county has had its firnt JflSl drowning. Increased vigilance will prevent a recurrence. Do not swim in unauthorized spots. Take advantage of local swimming pools. News OM IHOCHDENT DAILY UNO SUNDAY N£WSPfP£A SEWING SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO THE WEATHER I.AS CIUJCES AHI!A: CdnUniieil warm with rliRht afternoon over- rn:;t. nnd scnlteroil morning clouds: H i K h nffilit temperatures. LiiHl 1M hours: LnK Cruccs J02-7S; StHte rullccc 102-08. VOL. 71--No. 78 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS:CRUCES. NEW MEXICO, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 5, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS New law Hikes Truman Charges WASHINGTON, July 5--1^1-The Truman administration today hit at the economic controls law pending in Congress as likely to mean ?l-n-day increase in living- coats for every · American family. Eric Johnalon economic stabilization director''made that estimate of it and said President Truman has agreed that all elements of tlie administration should engage in a campaign of speeches, statements and appeals to inform the public on the hazards of inflation. Johnston added to a news conference: "We don't want nn economic Pearl Harbor or a Dunkerque. And we don't want a Munich of appeasement." Johnston had just come from a conference with President Truman. Holds News Conference While Johnston . wafc meeting' with reporters at the stabilization agency,' Mr. Truman was holding his usual Thursday news conference. The President also plugged for stronger economic controls, as he has been doing* for weeks, but he tided much milder.'language than Johnston did. MJ\ Truman said he hopes the House, beginning debate today on controls legislation, will come up with a workable bill. He has been sharply critical of the bill the Senate" has passed. It would restrict --and possibly prevent--price roll- hacks.* - * - . Xn I'nlllirni Issilr," Johnston, without directly asking housewives to write their Congressmen, said he was sure that "if the voters have convictions in this matter, Uiey will communicate with their representatives In Congress." : "Thin is not a political issue," he insisted, and .added: "I am. not blaming any member , of Congress. ' In general they vote their convictions. . "If there .is-any...blame · to be *fiVcd,'"it 'sH6uia'"b'c'ori"us. We -me and the ESA--haven't brought home to the people the dangers ahead." Johnston said an "education" drive is planned aimed at consumers, business, labor and Congress. HUB Tnimnn Support He said it would have full White House support. Jt will be "disastrous", Johnston (Continued on page four) Fireless-Fourlh Still Holds Fun For Las Crucens A sflfe and SHRC Fourth of July was observed In Las Cruces over the mid-week holiday, but everyone had lots of fun. All holiday celebrations were extremely, well attended through the day, with the highlight of the evening the fireworks displays of various spots in the city. Opening with the flag-raising ceremony at Old Mcsllla's colorful Frontier Fiesta, the day moved swiftly with warm weather untif swirling* Oust winds somewhat marred the afternoon and early evening. . Anita Chavez, politic Miss from Falra'cres was crowned Queen of the ninety-seventh. Frontier Fiesta ami reigned over the day's festivities, which were marked by a record-smashing crowd. At the Jubilee show at Rio Grande theater, more than 1.000 kids enjoyed the show and heard o stirring address by Rev. John PfUTOtt. Both Country club and Boy Scout fireworks displays were well intended, and successful despite high evening winds. Police reported, one,of the most quiet holidays in the city's history marred only by the death by drowning of an El Paso man in a lower valley stretch of the river. A tragedy was averted Into Wednesday n flernoon when a 0- year-old El Paso youngster whose name is not known was rescued from swift currents near- Leasburg diversion dam through quick thinking of Mike Martinez, Laa Crucca. Martinez, fully clothed, saw the lad struggling against the strong current. Martinez plunged into the racing river to reacue the lnd only seconds before he would have gone over the diversion dam. Several minor accident* were reported over the holiday but no serious injuries were reported. Two nrreata were mnde after complaints of Illegal sale of f I reworks were made to police. . No Injuries from uac of firc\vorkn were* reported to oily police. Truce Arrangements Have No Effect On War's Pace Narcotics GILA FOREST fire rages anew. Airmen from Holloman Air Force base, part of a t l,500-man force, battle a week-old fire in Gila national forest, which has swept across 39,000 acres of limber. Fighters had almost conqiicrcd the blaze when it broke out anew in another section. (International Soundphoto) - · ! Little Creek Fire In Gila Races Across 9,000 Acres ounty's First 1951 Drowning Is Recorded July 4 Dona Ana county's f i r j t 195.1 drowning was recorded July 4, It was the only violent-death in the ounty over the nlid-week holiday. Dead was Eddie A bey In, 40, 2;06 Erie Street, El Paso. · Afoeyla drowned in th« Rio Grande between- 4:30 p. in. and :'.iisk t-n Juiv 4, while swimming i: I r e extreme lower valley nuar :-in hi ate lino. llt'iub Outing. . . . : Ho had gono to the river spot Hi. nu outint; with mombe.vs uf .'.:: j fumily, ;:;.J was Mvlmniins* 1 ivith two. sons when ihe accident vui/ed. : His family missed the iiia-.t about 4:30 p. in., afler he was seen swimming. som« · distance from other members. At 6:45, a valley resident discovered the body floating nftar a saiulbar close to Ihe Flashlight Service station. Autopsy Ordered An aulppsy was ordered hold by Dr. M. S. Hart,. Kl Paso j.atiiolo- gist. Dist. Ally. Tom K. Campbell ordered the post mortem l i f t e r it was noticed by a conmc.r'r, ji:ry that A bey t a showed signs of '.ilred- inp about the ncclc. No foul play was suspected, Campbell i.aul. A coroner's jury returned n temporary verdict of accidental drowning pending verification by the autopsy report expected late today. « . Hy OKEX CLEMENTS TOKYO, July 5 (/Pi Arrangements were made today for Communist and Allied truce envoys to meet in peace Sunday. Rut t h a t didn't stop the shooting in Kore:i. Today the "Reds shot at two United Nn lions patrols as they approached Kaesong. war-scarred ancient capital of Korea where cc:ise-firc talks will be helii. Yesterday they permitted one patrol to enter the deserted city near thn USth parallel. XJ. N. Commander Gen. Matthew B. Ridff\vay still sought n guarantee from the Communists they would not fire in similar fashion on the emissaries he will send to KiiRson? Sunday. Wnii't End War That one hitch remains In he before representatives of Ajfrrrs W»h »ils Thursday m o r 11 i n » Hidgway ngrecd t.o the Red supRfslion t i i n t ! preliminary talks he Jield Smulny. Relirtlilc .sources said he would semi three colonels -- a Ma rine, n n A i r m a n and a South Korean. Two interpreters will accompany them. Ridsjwny nsked the Communist generals guarnntee them safe conduct to the meeting in no-mans- laiid. Earlier he had plelged his forces wouldn't shoot at the Red dt'lf- I g-ition, if t h e i r route.was nnnounc- ; ed. I H:ittli Ihviniilrs I Battle action dwindk-d as :MMI- | islico t a l k s drew nearer. But: Reds 1 upem-'l up Thiii-snay w i t h the hr-iv- j n r t i t l r r y and , mortar fire they've iiscil iin the western fruin i .·iULiiL.'ii ijuiiiiu iL'jjreHciiLiiLivi:.s 01 · mey vt; iiscil dn uie wosl j the opposing* to commands can j in n week. Their guns slopped meet. And when they do get t o ; .shnoling in the i-ast, wheiv thoy'vo gather Jt will be merely (o m a k e ! daily hamss.'ii Allied lines. i plan. 1 ; for the real cease-fire con- | Chinese stubbed »t U. N. line* ference. That will be Tuesday. j with tluvi minor- probing ;ittncks. Two County Men Cited For Sale Of Fireworks Two Dona Ana county men hnve been cited Ho court for alleged violation 'of the state's anti-fire- crftcker laws. Albert Gutierrez, proprietor of the Palms Liquor store posted $150 bond after entering a plea of not guilty to illegal possession and illegal sale of fireworks. Valentin Ralizan, proprietor of Val's grocery, paid 5125 fine and costs when he pleaded guilty to a charge of possession for illegal sale of fireworks. ·Gutierrez was bound over to action of the district court. Mi'6. Lionne Hunlcr · Dies At Stale College Following Illness Mrs. Lionne Margaret Hunter,! 85, died here Wednesday follow- j tig a long Illness. She had made 1 her home with a daughter, Mrs. Julia Ludwlck, Stale College. Mrs. Hunter, who lived in Dona Ana county for the past three years, In survived by two daughters. Mrs. Grace Cnrsten. Oakland, Ore., and Mrs. Rac Carlson, Lincoln, Ncbr., and two sons, James F. Hunter, and Colt W. Hunter, both of Ccrasco, Ncbr. Also surviving are H grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. The body will be sent to Ccras- co,' Nchr., where funeral services are scheduled. Burial wilt he In t h e family plot .where Mrs. Hunter's late. husband Is buried. Graham's funeral homo \n In charge uf local iirrnngemcnt«. Hy tin; Associated Press Fire in the Little Creek urea of Gila National Forest raged, unchecked today a f t e r racing HcroS'i an additional 9.000 acres. This threatening overnight development was reported after the blaze indirectly claimed a second life on firellnes in the Gila. . Forest Service officials .said the flames now have charred around 15,500 acres of timber. The area is 30 miles north of Silver City. Ed Tucker, Gila Supci-visor, re-, ported the fire was spreading* in all directions, principally north and east near the west fork of GUa j river. He expressed fear it might'! jump -the river. - . · I llurn Crews Wind i Flames were burning cross-wind into the CcKcnna Park area, which contains 10,000 acres of the best timber stand in the forest. Mitchell.A. Condon. 45, of Silver City,' died yesterday of a stomach ailment which developed while he Regenis At AM Establish Buying Program Set-Up New college purchasing methods were, drawn up by New Mexico AM's board of regents in A meeting held Jit State College Tuesday. Under legislation enacted by the 1950-51 legislature, the college will no-longer buy through state channels. The new law set up an independent purchasing program controlled solely by the college. President J. W. Branson this morning; said the board of regents considered mechanics of the purchasing program at length. , Complete machinery for the nc.\v program was sr,L up, he said, arid will be announced to the public later Lhis week. A" building; report lo the board Thursday passed without won! \ liu! almost everywhere They pull- that Chinese and Norlh Korean e.d hack from Allied patrols, i commanders had guaranteed safe The U. S. F i f t h Air Force -strut U-oiuIucL to Lhe U. N. delegation, i only 210 .sorties against the Reds Instead the Reds' Pelping r n d f O i i n daylight Tbuisdiy. Duly 20 nf said .success of cease-fire talks UiCHe hit near lint lie line "depend on whether the U. S. Mustang figlih:r was shot government and oilier govern- by Rod a n t i - f u r c r a f L . munts taking part in the Korean A South Korean pah-nl pushed war arc sincere." And it told the j up the cftst const u n d r r I lie pro, Chinese that even a f t e r Lhe shoot-1 leu ting cover of naval guns in a j ing ends in Korea they muni i - n n - J nolnl -10 a i r miles imi Ih ot I h e :iKth ! timie lo build defenses to guanj j parallel. Thnt is t h e de-epos! i;. X. i ajpinst American "ailempL.s at ay- , penetration of Red Korea llus I year. jState Welfare Director BJame.s i Relatives For 'Hungry Old Folks' 1 HOLDING a colloph'uiu pacUagc cunluiniii^ one ounce of heroin, George W. i C u n n i n g i i a n i , d e p u t y co:n- 1 mis.sioiuM* (if llic JJuruau of ;' Narcotics, t e l l s the Somite ' crimi: invesligatina coni- ! m i t t i ' e in Washington lliat ; the bureau could r u n nar- 1 colics t r a f f i c "into a hole" if the bureau's manpower cuuld be iluu'nlcd. He also urged courts to ^ivo sentence;-; Uiat would h.'cp dope peddlers ai:d d* .dcrs off t h e streets. ( i M l e r n u t i o n u l ) \NoSpeciril Prohe ilnCoofjlcrCase, '· Roach. | Two Con nly Soldiers | Due Home From j IT- "D i i I 17 ! ' aws for Lllt - si"»ll old nee fissis Korean B a i l i e r r O n t l i l i n c c checks B ,ven ..lit by MI. rr; Dunn Ana A ruptured ulcer. Indians, soldiers and Forest Service firefighlers on the "LilLIe Creek lines now .total -100. Four bulldozers have clawed their way over the rugged, wilderness terrain to a t t e m p t control. Supplies Dropped All supplies to firefighters are dropped by air and more than 22,000 pounds of equipment were parachuted in yesterday. Another cargo plane has been asked from Portland! Ore.."Forest Service officials said. . Most of Lhe -100 men had to walk seven miles from the' nearest truck road Lo Lhe fire front. Nine smoke junipers, now stationed at Demi'ng but slaled Lo move out loday, have been asked to slay on until New Mexico's dry timber lands gel rain. - · The first death was last Sunday. A Fort Bliss soldier driving a truck load of equipment Lo 'the huge Black Range fire, now nearly un- der'control, ran off the road and was killed. I,id; Jfcarilln Illim* On t h e Colorado-New Mexico border far to the north, n Jicarilla Apache reservfclion blaze was whipped barring ( I h e rise of more (Continued on' pflge four) acjmini.slralion build ing is near completion. · Construction of the two build- Sings is expected to be completed its, and other routine mailers were also considered by tlic board. Martinez Decides \ Stale's Tourist ^Bureau Is Legal ; SANTA F*E. July 5 UP* - Ally. [ Gen. -loe Martinez says tlic State Tourist bureau was established vai- idly, so pay ol about Sl.flOO for enght employes of the agency apparently has been cleared. The question arose recently when Chairman Robert McKinney of the State Economic Development commission declared the bureau ilever was set up hy enabling legislation. McKinney askrd the a t t n r n n y general's opinion after Governor Mechem ordered KDC records tinned over tn the tourist bureau. Thr bureau established by executive order of Former Gov. Clyde Tingley to advertise Ihe slate. Tivo nif.-rft Duna Ana (·oiiuty men an; hetulcil hmimviinl rnrm the Kinan battleground under tlu urniy'.*, rntiitlon plnn, according (o t h e A.KsnHnfiMl Pn-ss. Arrivhiftr anmng 2,-IS9 veter- iins cf the Korean conflict are HFC. Alvin 1). ItiiiMlrrer, 117(1 I'arUcr mail, and Pvt. Francisco Oir/.n:nn, Old Mi-MllUi. Thi-y iirrivr ui (hi- niivy trjms- imrt M a i i m - Lynv, at Seattle dc- liarllation [tort tuniorrnu'. I This u-ill lt. the l O t l i slilphmd or Korean veterans rcdirniii"- hero under (li« army's rotation Fire Destroys 1-Johbs Thealer, Warehouse [ l i m a t e d damfigc *U $100,000. (7. S. Newsman Begins Serving 10-Year Sentence In Czech Prison After Spy Trial By OONAJ.l) DOAMC , FRANKFURT, Germany July 5| i^Ti -- William N. OH Us today bc-| gan serving a 10-year prison sen-1 tcnce incited out by Communist! Czechoslovakia foi- "spying out state secrets" while doing his job as an Associated "Press- reporter. The court said "good behavior" might take five"years off the sentence. Oatis. chief of tbo Associated Press Bureau in Prague, nnd three Czech employes of the bureau were sentenced yesterday in grim Pimkrac prison a f t e r a two-day trial. Two U. M. Embassy ob.icrver.H who attended the trial Bald that after the five-nmn Red court handed down the sentence, they heard i Oatis say faintly: j Acorjils Sentence j "I accept the sentence of the court nnd nsk thnt I bo, went somewhere where I con do some useful work. The three Czech co-defendants, employed mainly as translators, drew heavier sentences. They were: Tomas Svobnda, 20 years; Pavel Wojdtnck, 18 years, and Peter MuntK, 10 years. All were strip- ped of t h e i r property and their civil right*; for 10 years. In New York the Associated Press branded the trinl "t. sham and a moeJiery of elemental justice." The A P. said legitimate newsRaiherinfi had been "twisted «nd distorted" into espionage, and "the Associated Press will continue, by all meiins available, to «eak Oatis' idcasc from this cruel and unjust detention." "Truvrsty Of .MMlcr" The U. S. State Department la- belled the trial a "lud'crous travesty, of justice." The Associated Press, which has 1 had an arrangement for exchange; HOBBS, July 5 - W - F i r e dc- s'.royed an unoccupied theater and two other business places in down- j [ance in Nuw Mexico t j w n Hobbs yeslcrday. . ·. .., The nvcnitu payment \K Meanwhile, fire broke out a n e w ; S'*8- r »0 n monlh. with $!iO a mniilti in a warehouse. The blaze .started i n i a x i m n m , i n c l u d i n g both O A A Tuesday nnd wild believed q u e n c h - j : i r i ( l Federal Kocin! K e c u i ' t y . C( j. '·. - The payments an- not a pension. Most of tlie damage was lo i Has Nu Pension merchandise stored in the theater I ,,.,.. ¥ . _ . . owned by Theater Enterprises. * M( . vico -* simnson 'ie^h'ied' 1 '''rtH- inc Oklahoma Cily. The company, , ; f l - s s n ; ( ^ { ^ , ; , ; ,, . . 1 \vc.ich was planning tn open me ; .,,,,_ . . t i · t i i Frontier Theater in two weeks, es- ; , !. ', . ' t l " " | full .subsistence; it is .strictly as' .Hi.stance." i 1 -- Tlic re has been no ducn'^e i in old nge n.'iilstani-e p n y i n c u t s j since I liny were raised slightly I "just belon: tlio last eloclion." :tnd | if I he. ta\ r n n t i n u i - s t" hold is » po;isilij|ily jmy- ment.s xvlll be inen'ii.siM sliglitly j next fall. I 5. - A bill pcndm;; in Cr.ngre-;s j now would, il' passed, jnci-cnsr- f e d - eral age paymenl.s ?ji a m o n t h . "If some old people wen* !i«sisl- j ed by t h e i r chilflren and in-iaws. j paymentH for ihn more d e s t i t u t e 1 would be sutTlriont to meel i h e i r cK.scntlal nccdw." Simp-inn declnr- ! ed. "Theiv is something wrong w i l l on r present day |»liilo;iophie.s; people will do -til they can lo avoid H U p p m L i n g t h e i r parents nnd make them eligible for old age assistance from the ntalc. D e s t i t u t e older people are being deprived ol decent help by those relatives to help them. 1 ' "In nnswt'i 1 to Reeves' com nii'iiLi, simp-inn said: "i hnve copies of It:tiers to Governor from Mr. Ileeven. I have replied to Ihitm, "Not only have I lol.l Mr. Ilecvijs 1 am willing to meet with him any pi acp to dUcusn nid to old folk.H, but I huvn Invilt'd him to intend mcctlngH of the Stale Welfare Hoard. Ho 1ms nevrr answered me." i AHslstnncn (hock* Low ' "I would like to mlti lhal old ago 1 (Continue.! on pa;e f o u r ) of news with tiie C/.fch news n- ency, terminated the pact yesterday. The Hta'te Depiirhnrnt said the spy charge* levelled against Oatis weie "pill t of a pnp j if;and» per- foi intuice against the United States." U iidded: "llntt-ft l.ibi-rly" "The nrrcst. the dcntintion for months without IICCTM In Jrlend, embassy representative or trusted legal counsel, the forced 'confi-s- sion' lo fabricntod charfics, the shabby 'conviction' of William N'. Oatis show that t h e present rep.1- mc in Czechoslovakia fears truth, (Continued on papc tour; WASHIN'fiTOX, iltily fi--1/11--Vivfililrnt Tninmn sitlil Iwlny he ugrorx tluit tin* ('(Mivlctlon of As*nrln(rd I'rrss Corrr-tptitidftit WilMiini N. Oath u'a.s n Communist iitlcnipt lo Inlimldale t h e free world pn**s. Mr, Truman I'tulomrd n MiitonA-nt UKiind ycHtcnlay by t h e Stntn Ucitartnicnl r.onrcrnlnn; Oatln' convintlon by it ('(unmtinlsl court In Crcchnslovaklii. Tliti PrcHldciit told hlh news rniifrrrncr. thnt (tin Stntn Depart- inrnt'.s com moil I was NiibmltlfMl to him for approval, and that lie I* In agreement with It. .Meantime officials wild thu Statn Dcjuirtinpnt IH studying all ·pnftftlhln nirnns which may bn rmptoyr-d to uhlaln Oatis' n-lra^r- from prlftnn. SANTA KK. J u l y Tr l/T - S h i t e \Volfnre Director A l v n .Simpson to- rlny partly blamed relatives w h o ; won'l help a g i n g j i t i r c n t s ;nid i n 1 stale A l tin! same time, he- told ;i r e - ' porler Ihu head nf an old a*jc p-'n- ! siun grouj) never IIHS an.swci-ed i n - 1 vita lions to :ur his views bnfore i the SLate W c l f n r n Bo;U'd. ! SimpHoii made his comments in reply to a leller mndi public in Albuquerque yestordny by \V. D.! Reeves, pre.sident of the NIHV Me.\- · ieo Old A R C Pension Cooperative Assn. in il, Reeves iiski-d Gov. Kfl- win Medium (o t a k e action to help · "hungry people." Reeves nskeil a special session of the legi.sljiture called, if nece;;-. sary. to "L-orrt-cl. Lhe u i i j t u t .situii-: Lion." He told Muclii.-in. "I he n e e d y ; I are suffering from the lack of j public appropriations lo meet, their , m i n i m u m needs." The governor- WHS not in town ' lodfiy for comment. ; Simpson said: j 1. -- Appro.viniiitelv U.OOfl i n - i dividm-ls receive old' nge n.ssi;i-. SAXT.X I'l". J u l y ", './" -.Shite 1'nliri- Clitrl ,lni Itr.arh in- cllrali'il luiliiy 111,- iv B nliir s l n l c |iiln!uifii s'aliiinnl nl l.:ii I ' r n ITS will luMidlv I hi- (Ivi- ihi t'i'i|;l(-l ili-illli Invi-sllKiilliill i n n , i nim- on. K l l l l f h I l l l l l l M l M i t l l i l l V . K(li\ in I,. Jli-i-lii-ni I hi- wH ulniill I hi- i-iihi-. The rllirl .niil us I n r ii.s II" I l l l l l l f s I I I - ' . V s | H . i ! ! l l l l V I ' . - l l K I I I 01- u i l l !:'· ii^slKili-il ' ' Ihi- - I M I ui^olvi-il inv-h-ry ol lln- l.:i- ('niri--. M i i i l r i - -- ' dciilli t \ \ o yr:ir- 111!". '\\'i-'r- );itinf^ lo i n n iloun i-M-rv li-:iil m- i-jn l;i-l mill iniiU°i. i - i i n l l n i i f i l I ' l l i w l s lo solvi- II, ...... .-,-." lloiirli -iilil. "llr -:iiil no S[lrri;ll n r n i t l K r l l l i - I l N Inr lllf |tlolir u-rlr riinlph-lcil dilriiif; hi- r'linlrrrlirr w i t h (hi- ^ox'crnor. Tin- I w r , xtnl:- |nilii-i'iii-ii u ho \v,-rr i:-- if.vnri! -[i-fill(-i!ll.\ In I h r tNint^li'r i n v r - l i K H l i o i l lor -fM'r- nl iiionlli- h:ivi hri-li |iroinol-ll In fi|t:iin. A. II. I l:il!ln\v:!y i- iM fll:Uf:i- of Hie . M h i i l n l i T H l l r i l K l r l r l . K. A. T:llu.v:i "I Ihr A l i l - i nll,f;iirilo i l t s t i n - l . Sl.-ili- 1'olliT SRI. .Irrry lirlinli Iin- h f f i i |iliii'r,l ill charge nl t i n I.:i- Cniri-s snh-ili-lri/ 1 t ' c r n l i - d inntcr t i n - ni-xv ilislrlcl M*lll| inn i n i M i n i l c i l h\ llnni-li -lul.v I. Tin- Mih-ili-li-ii-l 1- llmli-r ilin-i-- l l n n ol C:i|tl. .t. K. U.-iiill'inil. hi-:iilqiiiii-ti-rs in I.iinl-hiii-K. Death Toll Is " Near New Low Hy The- Assorhilrd Pross The n a t i o n celebrated J u l y -1 w i t h one of the lowest holiday t r a f f i c d e a t h tolls in recent years. A c c i d e n t a l deaths totaled 201 for the 30-hour · period from ( p. m. (local time) Tuos- d n y to m i d n i g h t Wednesday. The latest breakdown showed 103 t r a f f i c deaths, -l (Irownings. five deaths from J'i reworks and ".10 from miscellaneous accidents. '('lie t r a f f i c toll was well hrlow the I.'IO thi- National S a f e t y Cnnn- ' cil hail predicted would die on the highways. : A rue tor was conl, rainy nr clmiily wcnthur. which cut dnvvn t r a v e l i n m a n y parts o f t h e r u l i n try. The traffic: dralh loll rnmparo.l w i t h S-l for lust .Mi'moriiil hay, \ which also wan on W r d n r m l u v . 1 Last year the Independence Pay holiday covered \\ foiir-ttdy perio-l ; and the accidental death;; nil \\ | 'record high nf 78.".. Tin: traiTic j toll wan IS'J. I Tin- country's t r a f f i c dc-Un.- in | the f i v e months l h i s yc;-r I were t;;.2-10. The f i v r - m o n t l i KJ- i t a l , hmvevrr. covers d r - i t h s nn-u; 1 ! r i n g Hays nr m o n t h s a f t e r th-. 1 i i n l r uf injunr.-*. Proposed Order . , Bars New Users Of Gas Healing ; WASHINGTON. July ." r/p i Tin- Petroleum A i l m i m - t ' i i i l ' t M i fnr Uplriisr ·iiil'l (itilny il !u*i ·!' i f ( r - i I i " i p i i l n l i v r iifiliiimviili* H i - i t - ! ' to : h;n in.'itallali-m nf now r'luipmcnt iii:ing mil ural flii.i for I n c i t i n g ; home:- INK! o t h e r building:'. ', Deputy PclroltMim A i i m i n i i i L i n t or linire K. Brown, .-jtiiM Mir "i 1 - iliT inny he unod to l i m i t run.'iinup- tinn of until nil K«S in o n l c r lo protrd piTiicnl riiHloniPrs i i n i l ·««·- Hiirr tidequiilr supplies for ilt-foiiso lilM'(!:-. ; Brown .said I he li-nlalivt? onl'M' . would bin* supplier-; a f t « r ~\ j;lv.'n i l i i t c from providing j»s to: I I. Any nt'W .spactt-lK-iitin- cnw- l o i i i e i s . , '2. Any new large- volume r'H- ' h m i i - i K w i l h i i l l t approval hy P A P llrown ,::tid I he sjiiirL'-lH-ntinf,' ( riKiiii-lu-iitin-.;) l i m i t a linn wuiilil I in hid new ;;n.4 i n s t r i l l n h n n s nr i rniivfi-simis in hnitio.s. ! In Sann 1-V. JaiiH'fl K. Cdli*. ! Koullu-ni Union (Jan company vice pn-sii!i-nl, -siilii he feels t h e teiiui- tivc onh-r in intonileii to piiti;f £its .supplies in tiui OHSI and pioh- j a h l y will not nt'fcrl. NPW .Muxi'in i itnd ··tirroiinding stmcs t o any j KiVi'-L extent. "I hnvon't heard a n y t h i n g ofi'i- cinl cm it yet. hut 1 KIH-HH A t i w o n ' t b f i i f f n c l t f d much." Colo sni'1. "It's probnhly intr.inlel for ureas .si-j vii'i.i liy tlic long plpelini. 1 ; 1 :;iich us ilig Inch." D f t M l N t ; . J u l y r. I.-TI Tlni first, w h i l i - |-i'r.'niii I n u - i ;il Oc'ii-^i 1 - tow'n. in I: :int i - i - u n t y , is . l i - n d . Alc.xamler M. Thiuiipsnn. y»n of an i-aily .|:iy i - a t t l - n u n . A. II. Tlmmj^on. i l i f . I n\ tin- a,;i' o!" 71 j i f l i ' r n lonq ilinrss lit- 11 when In- - i i t i - r » i | St. Mich.-u-r.-. al S.inl.i Fr. Tlmmj-isim si-m-il w i l l i til- I l m i K h Itidi'i--; in til.' H;t,tiu'-]i-An-!'rr::-n w;ir. imd mi In.-' r i - n i i n hrciuru- a r i l y [· and a schn'il biKird nu-mhrr. lie once w.i.-* p.-c^iilfiit of the Dciiilni; Uld-Tinvi*.-; [·illlinll. (iatncra. l M [ i i i | .M*|Mri(*(l Slolni TlH-tl nf r.nnii'i-i, a l i K l M n u - t t ' i , mid a t j u . m l i l y of .slam;!;, wan i r p o i t r . i \\Vdncsdiy by OniiHliI J. OyH. S t a t e CfilU-m-. Thr p' U,.^ iiiinlc afl"i \nnn w»n (lisrovn-fd f-arly Wcdin'Mltty. Thr victim' i c j u n t f i l [|]0 l l n : f t «i- cuneil H ' l J i i c t l i i H - iilli'i J u l y '2, Of- COTTON' .MAItKKT ( C m n l r s y It. T. M v ) \ f i ' Co.) J u l y II.T.-V -ll.'I.") 44.15- W on. ;:6,'Ji :i.-i.fM ::5.04-;iD LVr. .'tfj.SS .15.1W :(n.0n*67 Mob. .'(.1.0(1 .'IS.70 M.70 May .'I-'i.S'l M.OO .'15.01 New July .'15..'tl' .'Ili.Zft 33.2S Now Orl, .' .'i,1.7f :-i3,7fl New Der, 33.72 : Driver Is Jailed For Hilling. Boy iJolort"?. Kalii/.ar, Anthony, wa:i 1 j:iili!l \V«dncsdjiy uijj;ht on I'hin iiC'. · o f ilrivitiK While inLoxlciitrd, i i f t c i ' an ardik'iit in which 11 M i m i l l l»iy · ivus injnrod. A call came l i t i n n I.»o)ii Ana ; .-.unity Sheriff'*, n f f i r c f i n m a Mr.*. ' W.illcr in A n t h o n y t h a t an u n t o iitrldi-nt hail d c c u n u i l In A n i h u n y , . She ittaloil it .-«mall boy h a r l hcpn itijui-cd in Die mishap. i ' H l i i t c t'lili-nlman Dwiirht|n · \vas notified hy rmlld. Hi- i-e.spnad- i vd to thr .-tccnc it IK. l u i i n - l 'he- lyonn^Hler had hocn i n j u r n l hy the · Snlai'-ar ear. Name of Mm vhikl 1 wriM not nvftlliihlu today. Court iiction Is ex per icil l:itt? i tofluy fur the n l l e K O f l drunken · driver. 'I'o Kinanrr Uonrrl Liw Crui'fi.s ftttornoy .Icjit, Weir, has hciMi niimed u nioniln-r nl the [Joaid of Education ilmiiu'' 1 . thn AssiTiuteil Pn-iiti rcpurloit in SanU !· loilny. The iippoinlmontH wore 111*111* todiiy by Clov. Kilwln U. Mcchnm. Th! btiard wits urviiU'cl hy the UM legiidaturn to work out btidy;- otn nf atato cduuntionttl institutions. lUnlguta will ho Kiibmlltuil to the sUto budgol director, Tn ttu: pHHl each InalHiition h»:i sub mltti'il HA own.

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