Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1970 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1970
Page 29
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Classified Advertising Situation! 10 F«r Kml--Art*. 17' Trtiltr 23 Mon.. J u n e 1. 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 2S iCARPEXTER -- Remodeling.! repairing, cabinet «orlt. Call «9«1 after C p.n FVRMSHED apartment. Ad'jhj oa^., HOUSE tracer lot* fo. u'.t it Hill 'N no p«u. Or'Jnt area. »!·"»»». I p «"- P B - J1S-4!1. MilCtllflHMUt 1« TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Rite: $1.60 p«r column Inch. Volume r«tes upon request. Minimum BPRC* 1 column inch. Screen borders cuts ru«y be used on ads of 2 column Inches or more. Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior. CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. BUSINESS b«rinrer. E.c«ptionali EXCELLENT opportunity for new a n d ! ?·""* B TM "P' b .'.« ?' " !( Ufed car salesman. \Ve!d Co. tjaraxe.! KETA1L sa'ej. Figure apptitu.le a n d ; pretty (mile- needed immediately'. Curtom Work 1 1 ! FURNISHED ai-anaient (or rent. Sun iiion to "learn" ail" phases of ion.} ---- I m«f « B «:i r ; * «' rU ' ! '"^ '-'*' any operation. .14.200. Call LoR«. TRENCHING. Central Trenchint and! wl.ege. 35J-.*.,. ' " Lcstr'e f'orVeaninjc ru* arid ti r h'"l- FOR SALE -- Ranch oak dialni roosn »te-y K e n t electric shanipooer Jl. if.: »et or" rrjple tens oedi witii A a'r.d il Gla«. ! fcpri^E» ar.d Kattr«4, Call t«for« Borinr Co. S32-4SS4. l"i r.ll inR,, i-,i «m H ,.j B -'STOCK control: Growth po'.entiallCUSTOM windro»inz. ballot and a:aci-. 1-9'). Call LoRee. 3o3-«0«. B and B. ^^ immediate openicl. Liwrali ins- M5-4011. Bill Nauihton. j too. 14.000. Call Tom Wood. 333-i ( W A N T E D -- t rirUto Sssuii Trail bike. !:·! CC. 130 -- --- nit'es. 3j^-»ijJ. LOPH' pile. fr»* from loll ts the car 9 lhare apartment i r et eleanad with Blue Lt^ue. Rea: FOR SALE -- Ccuch. S piece comer !T. Kitchen privi- TOW-3AR neavr !;·._* «i-.b (afe-.y ,' K . r j e ihaarooer II. Sherwin WU-. lectional. B*i£e ar.d browo. t»eed. chai=. VM.J or.ce. ITS. Si:-05!T. !,,., i Yerr Eocd cocditioa. {5--4S1J; Ht- . facilities. rjceUec: workia? cOBdi-'CUSTO3I balicr aad NEEDED immediately -- Experienced: tiors. coEpanr benefits. Apply ir 352-r2oO. !y -- Ft:rnL.=eH «*· PORTRAIT in oil color fn-= 70-;:- jr.i thot or other photo. SI. ELMER'S Pa»n Sbop acd Yro SelJ-S*rve Gi_«. Vied f-r=i-.vre. . ONS wsjcer. pood »"· *«· lor full or part time : .f.ft. Call for apr't. Kar:'i r,Lm Center. :i«j 9:b St.. !SJ-r.:3. ER a=..-ter - 5 t^r^ ^, . , : d . ,rtt- Lni. u. ... v e .. ;, ,,. ,,·.=.' =«,,:,,. _ -iad fe»d i:orw. ta=k. !i(-::41. FOR SALE - F.ctcir ti«h Sixth d«y free. Month rate, per line (2 line minimum) _ M.OO IOTc discount on reader ads it paid within 10 days. Every other tl«y ads to be charged »t one day rate. Blind Box Numbers - _ 50c CANCELLATION Ads niny be cancelled by calling before 9:00 a.m. insertion day. (One time service charge) ' position. Phone 352-6052. Bond] R e - : R E L I 4 B L E hirt ,,;.,,, ' f rater 1 . soJcrn har.'i carved ac-tory.'TC-* Central S:r*et in Evtns. . tirement Community P U B L I C contact! This fun c'.*r.L-al ro sition can b« your* if 1 b^xi^ ia:rn«r«: inloly! $300. Call J u n e , 5o3-6Co6 It und H. cr to bafcr si: 3 ctMreo rr.rr. 2 or 3 rfsv; * w««. HGi?ii«- *r».i. !·:«: r.x-r. ow- ;rar_;ror*.a::oz'. ar.-i b*' a iii-f-.wi C river. Call 3c3- i« furnished buffet «P»-- irw 5 P r«dinjr acd !««!- E X T R A ai« lu renew e::::«:_ aparv CHEVROLET « r ir.r K-2-7IT4 « DeroM nret. ^Acisi-J _oair. o pta. *»is · · a j bo-ji eoapleie. IV.1 «_' JMOWTS'G --~Fro;e«IoMl H*T«'NEEDED 2 _ R irIs w »«-* *rs^=ae-: 352^30? ""* r °"* S ' ! W.V=T«t for law. l**nu. G««T- ~i« * ««^ IIOtXw r*r **-« -·M: HBKIlHP'f HOUSE OF BARGAINS sro. uu ir.ui 4 _ - Ennkrupicy, stock, railroad u-wct. 35S-9i2r. each. J53-2794. ; HOOVER portable »ajt:r.c machine The Tribune assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect inser- tion'of any ad. Please read your ad the first day It appears. Call In correction before 9 a.m. nert d.y. PHONE SJ.5-0211 7H Eighth Street 0(fic« Hours S a.m. to 5 p.m. Classified Index AnnounomnU Auction! AntlqiiM ^ u i _ ^ . AuuT Service »nd Suppli** 62 Boird «nd Boom --, 26 Ilo»u «nd SuppHti Buildlnt Matcrl«U »* Huslnfn* Opportunities in«§ Servic*« Coil and Wond Construction Kquipraent BO-A Custom Work ... F,duc»Uon »nd Initruction t Firm Equlpmtnt Antique! 28 with ex P-TO. (his top - _ !' it us iun- minded cunipBny. ?3^. *-"*·· ! t*rri Donnn. 353-6066. R and R. . ^^ IFI'ICI-; «!iM?tant: Pita?.ini fmile pi t y p i n c skill* qualifirs. £300. C Charipcnc Whitmor*. 3S3-4T43. Sr ~ . ?MALL cc:*r ar.d carrr-ail ^a' · r.«H yon. De=ics?tr.\:ej B4?o*LarKD. 2:4^5552. D. Fr«mr or:«r? fcT "Shrr. Grm ., 35.1^.555. !5 c.- (i WEBER'S Ar.'.tqufs. -*0 ! ?:h AV*.- War.twi -- «r". glis*. *:c. .'S'-tjr*. ' \STIQU K.5 -- S« ir. Orchard. Co'.o- . . raco or call 3iC-i;*". MEN'S Sthirinn Varjr.y ipor: rac:r.p WHEEL Loc' ar.' : q-» r'ar^r ria=r BACKF.LORETIE f!«r f u r n i f h - : __ bjise._10_iF««L Csll »3-i:3. wi;t , C5 ,,;;,. |: L \\ St.V:l*r.: cocci- ji salvase. color TV's, f u r n i t u r e , applifinces. 2^S Hth Ave. Phone 352-5214 Pcor.f 3J3-04?!. AUCTION TONIGHT A C C O U N T A N T -- Challenptng supervisory position with Icadini; m*nu- f n r t t i r i n t ? comr«ny. $10.000. Call Uddic. 8ri3-B06C. H nnti B. ^l^If^^Uetn^^c^'Hnve o p e n f n s for 6 .ingle m« - Kso. rail LOW Youni.-. S53-1743. free to travel Pacific N ^ . N o Snrllinc nnd'.ink-. ll^^ted BMe- |exp. necp?sarv. Lenve imra. On, 5ioNKY~w«tchcr! H«m!ledci»!-it. par-'the job training-. SP° ^Irs. M u n - ' roll mill vnrie.i othfr rii:ti.« fur ku»v. son Travel Lodce Motel. Tues.. fXimndiiiE ornanizatinn. J340. Call DoJie n o w ! J53-6066. H « n j II. H K L l ' K l t : G r o w t h vote-mini here t o . the nmtiitiouv Challfnuinir career.. J:i25. Call Loij Yoanc. SS3-:43. . Wed.. Thurs. 10 to 5. Education and Instruction Free estimates Reasonable-dependable Xo job too small Al.-n janitorial service 353-57-S. 35:-,"279 ;EMPHYSEMA: i . . . . , Manaban po»iiivp pressure tr.achir. !?VMMrTB quarter - One n,ce 'irmjb-; , o . ,,.,_ J 5; . S1 9. : ed apartment, couple with 1 child.) -- ! S-"-- a- 3 rifl! JSOi': ur.e fumi.hed 65 CC H A R L E Y David.en. Ne»r. neve "artmcr.t for course with I chil-| tied. 1240. Between E ar.d IRKKKlC.rTRATOR. .:o»e, twin beds, couch, rue. "· si:-:iiE :ino ;9tb St. Snolling and Snellini;. Heated Bide. L I M I T E D oper-irci for becincir.t ri- For Bent-Ao«rtm.nU ._ . n i C J I K I . Luiurv operation need I t r i l l «no student.. !or Jcr.e cla--..a. 353- Ftr Rent--Bulldlnfi 20 and broiler mm Estra l a r p e consicnment a u c t i o n tonichl at 7 p.m. M a n y m a n y item?, iaclud- ins:: freezprs. wa.ihers and d r y e r ? , r a n e e ? , bedroom set?, c o u c b P 5. che?t«, table. M a n y i t e m s b r a n d new |! w i t h g u a r a n t e e ; , house- || n i t u r e . Excellent rui?cel- !|| l a n e o u s aiso. i!! Aibach Auction i L . Mile West of Evans (Faber Auction Building) Auctioneers: Gail Aibach and Fcr Kent--Farma and Tracta 19 For Kant--Gam* 18 For Rent^-Hounea 15 ftart . Sim. Fred Weilar.d. week: 11.200. Call Dodic. 353-6066. JL - DO , n , lrottton . Men . ,,,,,,,, .. d BUNTING Tra-h Eer-|«. II nnd n. children. For iatonrjtion call 55^- " 16.". IF IT'S train, "e haul it. YOUNG LADIES ;p R - | V A T E - Iui!jr , n , !nlclior .. No , John KH». r-o:-;.::-. 1Q TO ''S : i n i t i a t i n s le-sor.s for all ar's b - . W disroantle ar.d bs-jl attar ir.ciner " , .. ' resirf.r.t a.-tiit- Rid Echeideman. 1 «tors. Phone 3o2-f2:0. Will hire 6 rounK ladies to 353.TO;-! Fcr Rent--Mt. Honai, Cablni 11 For Rent--Offlct Spact . 22 Tor Rtnt--Booma 16 FrulU and VigeUblo S . . . H.r. Grain. Fe«l. Straw " l i r n v p l Ponfic NW with diaper "elp W.*UJ°°-°! : "\ancA proup. On the job training., Houi.hold Goedi '»1.4hove iivcrape earnings. Leave irrijation Sratema ^ i i n i n i Parent? welcome :it inter- jj.'nt.fv" P .' i i j view's. See Mrs. Miinson Jues.. Mlicel"a 1 U "-_l_-.""ZTIIII lJii','otiKP Motel.' " ' obs - K '- eh sorting pay. Short Mobil. Horaaa __ 4P-A, Money to Loan Montr WanUJ Motela _ Moving ^nd Storatt* Muiical Initrumrnta Nuralng Homaa aud air conditioned. Call 35S- 00i6 or Gilbsugh Asency. 352- 'BESTWAY Disooial Ccmpany. ;.s. CIVIL SERVICE iTM"^ ' i w'- rubbi!h re!r - ov * L S5: ' 6::i TESTS! ; _or ,,.-,«. l!^'"' Thnr?:: rS ,0TT Tra^i '~ » «* -e. Secure . Wonted to R«nf 14; ROYAL GARDENS APTS. 2100 "3rd Ave. ^ N E W S P R I N T for M!C. ?e !h. Rnlt rr.At- lo 30 Ibs. Th»i Personal* 2 Prt Stock . « ]ou1try -- - - - ProftaBional S«rv!e« fi R«l KaUtf . G Itoofini «nd Iniulatlon 35 St«ln, Pltntj, FlowcFB .... ,, ~ _ SS Ffwinf M»chfn«-Vacuun« 44 SUualioni Wanted J" Sportint Goodi 36-A Trailers «nrl Ccniprra 6!i Trailer Spar* -.- 23 Trmniportation Trtth Haullnv 12 TV*IUdlo Servicw, S«]« *« t!««! Csn tr.i Trucks .Wanted to Rent -- H ·Wa*hin« M«ihln«i 46 Lett on4 Found L A D I E S hour.«. Advancement. Prepara-. ^ory training as long as required.] Thousands of jobs open. Experi-' . tet . Adults. Xo pets. 352-015:. i-.reeiey Tribune. ~Vru»n. cr snj-.hir. . shop. JSS-JIST. 40.' nth A RED GRILL SPECIAL 12 cu. ft. GE Freezer ?158.8S Major Appliance Dept. WE SPECIALIZE In email Itwni 150, 11 JCO. Moat«ril *«*i«t»ble. C.K.C. Corp.. 6lb Av«. *nd llih Su .... i-.-ro'l Da'-v ' ' C.reeley Tribune. , Jiajol .-\jjpiiiiiuc J--«,ti. ,. ' ' ' ' "lone bedroom turn.. 2 bedroom;--- F?r --- Un W r h u v ,,,. , n d . -\VOOLCO DEPT. STORE u -, : furn. or unfiirn.. furnished ouf-| !r .,ie for anj-.hir.r «f ' ~ ' Kate or buiinesf. Abo buy !st and 2nd mortgaBci. Gold-Naiman Investment Co 6th Ave. and l l t h St. Phnr.e 3M.ni3^ Houiehold Goods 30 euce usually unnecessary. FREE'"'ANTED -- ·-' or .11 li\ !'»:.-. W r i t e - THREE ?3 PER HOl'R PART T I M E 9 A.M. TO 12 '.information on Jobs, salaries, re-j BarbarT William';; Bt! i ' Box ;1 ' no -' '" :riuirement?. Write TODAY giv: ° ! ' t -'l«j 5 Jay \veek . ins namei address and phone., M n k o apiiointmcnts for Lincoln Service, Boi A-ll C/o! salesmen ; Tribune. j Apply 726 9tli St. · 9 to 10 a.m. Mon. thru FrI. maidj rire«ses and hata - mint green. |. becrocm unfijrr.Uhed' hou-.e. J u n e 15 for 1 year. Prefer 1 outsVirt* or amnll town near Greeley. l..x-al reference* furnished. Write Bo\ J75. Phoenix. Oreson ^75:v'. LOST -- Small mal« red I'eklnce.le in 1-Jlim. »;5.00 rewmJ. JM-JCir,. FOUND -- Male Irish Setter. Call 3S1MM7 after 6. Buiinesi Opportunities 9' 'FOR SALE -- Chinchilla herd. Cheap. ! THE DRIFTWOOD iBEW^r^ !?,,,,·.. All equipment. now interviewing for sum- 1 ^;^;-^,"- c'cl.'toint. .nd mer employment. loc.-.ion. Bay, c.te. ^n-sa,. FOOD W A I T R E S S E S w i t h e*. Situation. Wanted 10 lierience. over 21. P A N T R Y MAX OR w i t h experience, over 21. WAREHOUSE 4i by 100 feet or larger 353-7667--353-0534 HOUSES AND APARTMENTS Available for Summer Quarter SCOTT REALTY CO. 1212 8th Ave. 352-1212 Siies ll-i:. So3-l«US. r.cine. corripletp. N r t v l v r been run. J5':-6yT9;. ,iS3 C H E V Y rehuilt. n. USED FURNITURE 9.-SI. -·it. 1M lb. da' tiso. :M Girl's br recUnKlllal ward. EOST" frame claties. V i c i n i t y 12th Ave. and Heath Jr. Hleh. 352-3S97. LOST--A aharp edce on your acinnors. We sharpen 'em. 1'inkinK ahpar.n. !»*'. SS-SSc on moit- Alkire's. sn Sth Ave. Ptrionnli LOST-Black Poodle »n,havTM roe, I|»'i n I S i 1 W A S H E R Sufci. 4th Av.. and 21at Si. J 5 . I - . W I . . LOST - "Cindy. 110 lb. ! year n l d | H 1 " '"'"· femalt ailver German Shepherd. "'"^1] sti , n nr Jerry for appoint ment, 352-1661. ~ HOSTESS CASHIER for 5 day week, split shift. Apply in person only at GARDEN KITCHEN RESTAURANT 119 18th Street For Rent--Houses · W A S T K n -- Rnbv my home. !__353-5504. :.= 3T 15th Ave. Ct. . M O B I L E home. totally i W A N T K D -- Bahy s i t t i n g , my home.'. o°--"-to'-'. _ . 333-9-_*4T. .SMALL 2 bedroom home in th. , _,.,, .LICENskD baby sittinc. my home, i n ' «y_«aK_ijf_Gree!». Call SS'-'-S; B O l b , Kvans area. 352-I. c J. OLDER y het'.mom house. : C L E A N rur like r.e". fo ea-r to do ] w i t h K'UK-.Mate. Kent eiectnc 5hani- i pooer f l . Komar Paint Store. i · Q U A L I T Y canvas work of all!*. ! : retfo\erir.c of truck seats, etc. Wood* J CanvAt Product*. 1939 Kesenoir F.d. · FOR SAlTff^ New Olympia a t a n d a r d ' | *i-e eWtyic. pica ITrewriter w i t h , : f a r r i c snd carbon ribbon. 531-5557.: | . P ASSF-NGElT flats -- fl.:S vulcanite.!' 1 repair. O. K. Rubber Welders. ?-0 ] 1 '2nd Street. i lanr.s » i t h ' '' co--. '.'{Of i healthie ' TALISMAN APTS. Pnx-al (P YAMAHAT"B.S.A. an,; cushm A thoriiev 1 . dealer. Franklin i. An- ! O'Js. I . . Phone 3.^-0991. AINTIKCn Residential » ,pe,-ialtv. L 5 Mc rj ar .i,.l. n. 352-0250. ' TWO heJnwm house r.,.»r _______ CONCRETE work. Free ! phone S.S2-06U;. storage, by iveek or I ^ I will buy salvaRe. 71? N. 1 cV 352-7660. Available June 5. New lux- A.FOR SAI.F. "-- r a K-eri;ed i - b r u s n -r"PTMT.! F TM^" F ^ 1 . 4F a^ik° ll °No' pe'ts'-^ l l r y - bedroom. Carpeting, ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. Ph. 352- 98S2 for help or meeting information. T H I N K I N G of hlcycle repairs! Think of Alkire's. 613 Sth Ave. 3S2-W01. FIGURETTE bras and «irdlea. J52-7IJ92. _ · IS YOUR ahaver llck7 Call the Razor Clinic. Altire. 618. 8th Ave. 352-9501. SLIM Gym. For fre. horn, demonstration with no obligation, phoni Tim Swtdlund, 852-2018 after 6 p.m. FIGHT fatirw -with Zlppies, the great Iron pill. Only 11.18. Gibson Thar- ttacy. _ 1CULPTBESS bra and faahlon flzuri controls bT appointment or troup ·howlni. Phont Lynda Bamaby. 8312166 or Donna Belltt. 353-5340. . Aufo Rinlol Traniportction 3 CAR rental! -- Dally, weekly, monhtly. Greeley Ltaslnr Co.. 1100 8lh Ave. M2-9174. aft. hra. 852-8127, 853-5629. Builnan Scrvict IAW sharpening. All kinds. One day s.rv. Alkire's, dia Sth Ave. 352-9501 WANTF.II -- Ironinc. Als tine. You f u r n i s h tTM]i. 353-)'.'i;. WANTF.D -- L a u n iuowin K . south ta. 352-0105. MOB1I.H home. 2 bedroom. Couple' [ pnfer.-ed. Lease an.l detx^it re-- iniirevl. 353-1646. ' LICKNriED cbild care, my home. Hot' bedroom I 1 - bath, furni»hfii hovne. lunohe?. ?53-7S:'p. ·. j u n e c. Sept. 11. Married Kiluh.v- drapes. range, refrig., dish- washer, p r i v a t e patio with int. view. 353-3793. 5165. t COLLECTOR'S Ben -- Antiaucs: use,! ! C 1 furniture, book*, lame assortment.,] I P26 Central. Kvans. Open Sunday. | i Sofas and sofa beds ?9.95 up Love seat 517.50 Chest of drawers, w h i t e _ --. $29.50 N i t e table, white $14.50 Koll-a-way bed ..._ _ S29.50 Desk chair, white - S49.50 Desk, d r a f t s m a n _ 539.50 Dressers S14.50 up Oak library table, matching arm chair and rocker, S pc. -- S75.00 Square oak table. 4 leaves, 6 chairs ?159.00 Oak dinette table. 4 chairs S29.50 Metal dinette table, 4 chairs S29.50 Ironrite ironer . S20.00 [TRAILERS for trash h a u l i n p a* W ! ,, . . , , . con n j a.. Sl.OO for 2 houra. O.K. Tr.«er' ! SeWlllg machine, eleC'tllC - _. b-U.tJ 1 Rental.-. SCO Ind St. | COLLECTORS ITEMS TIItF. balancing -- O n l y 11.25 p7 pa«-. rer tire. Weights free! O. K. 300 records. 1913, jrlass- beds. picture frames, C A R P E N T E R and concrete work. General contracting. Phone 353-2099. G AND B PaintliiK. Fn'e estimates. Reasonable. 353-5T1S. 352-3279. For Rent--Rooms A1.TF-UATION3 -- Dressmaking, 1740 ; 7th Ave.. or 352-7311. ROOMS for men. Kitchen and TV.! See at 1519 10th Ave. 353-i9iS. ; B U I L D I N G S f...- renl 16 "TVJ. For Rent--Building] 20: proven carpet cleaner Rue-Mate is easy on Ih* budce',. Rp^torc* for- cottcn colors. Rent electric f h t m - pooer tl. Komac Paint Elor*. QUALITY upholsterlnc. 36:'.-llSa. GREBI.EY Curtain Clesners. Cnrlaln. Jrapei, tablecloths. 1920 9th Si. MOWER iharpenlnit, repair, rower rakes to rent. AlKC WeldinK and Re- palr. 2oOi 8 At. 353-1712. Pickup-Del. MOWER sharpening and repair. Aulh- orl«d Toro dealer. Anderson Seed Co., 7U lOth St.. Phone 353-0188. DOUSBWIDF, cleanlnz service. Servioemaster. Free estimates. 132* 28th St. 852-2108. ACCOUNTANT-Ukpr.. experienced, tene ledrer, itmta, supervisory ; .part time onlr: prefer new J ° m « ° - Bo« 28«, Brllhton. No a«ncles. n«« Aide. ^^^ WonteJ TURKEY, eatehm n«tde«. »t Longmont Turk*? Proc«sor«. 77n*nfi- '· __ 1 -- - ~~ " IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR EXPERIENCED FRY COOK Full Time Position Apply in person only at G A R D E N K I T C H E N R E S T A U R A N T 119 18th St. C L E A N desirable lleei'mu room. M a n , i.erferrcd 3S2-66T5. »u 15:h Ase. C A B P K X T E R vrork, all kind!. Tiiinc ---;:--j , college n-en floor.-. Free estimates. Call .?.'3-61u3. 35' /o^' ri i t . 1t h j; t A"I.TKRATIONS ami tnssm O f f i c e Spoct ARAC.K. Sale -- Monday thru Thur5- ' day. Dresseri. Kxik cases, rocker.! | /.^n i f i t u oj. l a u n mower, tools, misc. 1T31 ioth ;. bUSI J o i n bt. Ave. RUSSELL FURNITURE REFINISHING Used F u r n i t u r e Bought Sold 353-4075 on 9th St. Aiiyr ft. Phone 352-UOO. Cow , F O R SAI.K -- RCA cor.tole T V : kit,-h- led officei en table and c h a i r s : 2 occasional lately SOO' c h a i r s ; table l a m p ; bird eaces. K a r l Miscellineeui 27 Miicelloneous ' SI.KEl'ING p-om for 5inr!e mnle. M i m - i O F F I C K ' mrr q n a r t f r . S100. Nenr Aims Col-| ALTflHATlONS -- Lndies ar.d me Grace's. M2'v r t h St.. 353-2073. PAINTING" -- AM kinds. Fie- « _TM«'i_Bal-. T. B ,m.n. JSM515. . ,^7,-,,,^-TM^,. room , ,,,,. I N T E R I O R and exterior Call n ien. \vi:h kitcln'n vrivilw evninc*. P t n n l e v Pcian. U* 4-fi:lpii. f,,- pace at 712 10th ?:. ?»0 f t . , .itrw-t frontner. Privat* of-. i. Con ill hnnic 5IRH. .152-160.-. days. m.« M. K K V N A ml h » l f iirice. 35LI-610. I - Interior, exterior. Frrc f. K. Myri.-k. 4 a 4 - ^ l . . _ 'AI'K Ptmionl5 -- k i t c h e n v r ,-,.1-r TV. f l O r t Mimmt-r .nini nth Ave. Phone 3,VJ-1'.«:, CKSS POOLS. Ph. n;. 3-1 7 '.:·'. .. Jim M..Mw»,i. ( p or R e n t A p t S i Mr*. l,p.\ I ' l i n n i n E h a m . C O I . l . K l i K «;-nrtnicti'. f.-r 17 · · «i;mnier. ciit'ito. 1'lcniy of j i f t r k i n n . J l T T i month. TH!! 3SS-?SS. r\V(l ri-oni o f f i r r . pn-und floor. W nml junitor f,irn.*hf'l. Very 1 *ima)t]t rent. Jon! Corner. C»!l *··(· Pr. Hni-ff!:. ·»«'! l ( t tti A ·n.M.V pitlinR. my home. Hirth years. ." dny.- a w eek. Mn School area. 353-01P2. f.irnihed Trailer Space 23 NEW trailer m»*r« »vaiUb. Thr-nf I t i n e I'y Gveley. 3 tenet' .1.^-1 StiT. fireplaces and Rpmoilpling am! ic- . Cull »fi«-r n i'.m... · P A I N T I N C . " -- I n t r r i o r . exterior. *n.I. rn ii.iintine. Kree rstimati'?;. CR?-' · H i r h n n . Churlif Ilrchon. S.^2-2iii7. [work Full tinift Of Spare hours., hory. r f s e , REGISTERED NURSES Side Hne O^ ^r^ull infonna- · _ . e,«, ,,,, » M ,« Staff positions, nnd "P'^tingJHo"^^^"TM room (circulating Top p a y j w o o n ] nKPT . B . 61 )ind «ood benefits. Call admin| S t _ N -o. Hollywood, ( a . fllr,0. Istrator at Memorial Hospital. No one "'ill rail on you. All - plnnt HELP YOUR H U S B A N D WANTED;--^ You can cnrn up to $12., an hour taking orders from.QUALITY brick and block work don*,.^ your friends, neighbors and rel- --'-'" ntlves for Studio Girl's beautiful Good approv- ' f-d WIGS, \VIGLETS. FALLS and cosmetics! Top profits. Xo territory re- _^ Mrict.onp. Also sell where V O W - H A N D Y M A N ' . Trim. I FOR R E N T . - hmne n p s r t n For Rent--Apti. 17 APARTMENTS 353-53,5, Hart r r a i n l i n e -- Farms, hnmp«. \\ grim ran i w nil w«rk. -.»*· c o n f i d e n t i a l . pnWF.K r a k i i i p . power -m l i / i n r . A l l «t K low ;iM-44S!i. nc. ( e r t i - , 1 w pric* , Xo\v taking reservations for 2 bedroom apart- m e n t s completely furnished. Cunningham Apts. 353-6026 or Gilbaugh Agency 352-7037 ATTENTION FARMERS NEED EARLY CASH-PLANT PICKLES DREHER PICKLE CO. For Further Information Now Taking 1970 Pickle Contracts Large or Small Acreage CALL 484-4168, 284-6274, 482-4803

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