Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1977 · Page 43
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 43

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1977
Page 43
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Wed,,Jiuie 8,1977 GREKLEY(Colo.) TRIBUNE 43 cif y scores WOMEN'S (OFTIALl STANDINGS Trim 01 J livestock Bro^rr AruJmonConMrvctlon Turn StUch Equlpmwt Sliver Star service Gray Mil'i AVjnlorlof Colorado Duller Buster TtdlChet's Charlie Brown All Stari Recreation Eut Ttim Mil-Hart Time Really Baker's Ooien Town i Country Central Bank Decor Ltd. Title Nlnerj Recreation Wttt turn Mll-Harl Time Realty Baker's Do ten Town 4 Country Central Bank Decor Lto. TllltNlners Recreation W«it" MontortFtedlots Orvllie's Hangar Nvnn Drylanders Rohrlo, Construction Boots 1 Castillo United Bank N 8, R concrete Recreation North Teim KP'S Earn Place Moot House Premier Protective Co. HPCC Crickets First of Greeley Eaton Bank Recreation Leljurt Team Continental Wholesale Hair Crafters G.N.B. The Techs Weld County Garage Whozits Kodak Holiday Inn V.I. Awful Wattles The Carousel Hillside Baptut Woodstock WOMEN'S SOFTBALL Miy37 Hair Crafters 17, VI Awful Waffles 7. Jane Schmidt had IMD hits with a home run and Sandy Rossman homered to lead Hair Crafters. Continental Wholesale 10, Holiday Inn 6. Debbie Mondragon hod two hits to lead Holiday Inn. Techs B, The Carousel 7, Linda Bloom and Debbie Adamson had two hits apiece and Jean Olrkh homered to lead Techs. Weld County Garage IB, Woodstock v. Pat Shatter had three hits to lead Weld County. Vad McMallon had three hits with a home run to lead Woodstock. May]) Hair Crafters 17, Holiday Inn 7. Sandy Rosinko, Arlene Mitchell, Gay Gustafson and Ann! Genva homered to lead Hair Cratters. Irene Manhon singled to lead Holiday inn. Hillside Baptist 9, Woodstock 5. Debbie Marks had two singles and Laura Nagel homered ID lead Hillside. Phyllis Steffen singled to lead Woodstock, Weld County Garage 4, The Carouith I. Pat Schattir had two singles to lead Weld County, while Lupe Martinez had tvra · singles to Had The Carousel. The Techs IS, VI Awful Wattles ll.'LInda Bloom had two hits with a triple and Jean Oelrfch hit a grand slam home run to lead Techs. Kathy Tanner homered to lead Awful Waffles. ' Junel Greeley National Bank 13, Whozits?. Jill Milts homered to lead GNB. Stacy Bauer had two singles to lead Whozits. Mll-Hart Time Realty 12, Decor Ltd. 7. Barbro Cresplt and Debbie Gallegos had two singles apiece to lead Mil-Hart. Rene Smith tripled to lead Decor. Town i Country 13, Baker's Dozen 11. Chris Alexander hit two home runs to lead ·Town fi. Country. Judy Hergert had three hits with a triple and Liz Hampton homered to lead Baker's Dozen. Central Bank K Title Nlners 13. Shauna Vickard had three singles to lead central Bank. Mary Jacobson homered to lead Title Miners. ' JunaJ Manweller's Miracles 21, Graybeal's 9. Brenda Hergert had two hits to lead Manweller's. Eal'n Place 21, First ot Greeley 3. Uila Harm had two hits with a home run, while Diana Larson and Jackie Payne-also homered to lead Eafn Place. June! Greeley National" Bank 13, Awful Wattles 7. Terry Thompson triples and Janet Ferguson homered to lead GNB. Kathy Miller doubled and Kathy Tanner homered to lead Awful Waffles. Continental Wholesale 21, Carousel 7. Sandy Kinoihlta had two singles and Lori Tackett homered to lead Continental. Berna Scott tripled to lead Carousel.' Holiday Inn 15,* Whozits I. Marietta Schatffer had three four hits with a home run and Irtni Manton also homered to. lead Holiday Inn. Karen Kemmer had two singles to lead wtwilti. . Hair Crafters 10, Woodstock 6. Alice Guslafson had two singles and Brenda- Brady homered to lead Hair Crafters. Karen Finno had two hits to lead Woodstock. June* Eat'n Place U, Moot House 13. Nancy Net) and Lou Preston had two hits apiece to lead Eat'n Place. Linda Pumphrey had two hits and Teresa Roose homered to lead Moot House. KP'a 15, Premier Protective Coating 5. Rachel Ferguson had three hits and Betty Prlvlado homered to lead KP's. Connie Orr had two hits and Pat Swarti homered to lead Premier. Montort FeeiJlots 13, N R Concrete?. and Colleen Diwalt homered to lead Monfort. Karen 'Prothe and Lori Sinton singled to lead N R. United Bank 7, Boots It Castillo fi. · JoAnnleCaiildyhad two hits with a triple to lead United, while Ritte Vlllega* had thret tingles to lead Boots. MEN'i SOFTBALL Jun*t Halley's Garage 12, Moose Lodge 4. Megun had four hlti with a triple and home run to lead Halley'j. Mayer tripled to lead Moose Lodgi. SafeNte Auto 13,9th Ave. Auto Wrecking 6. Sancnei had two doubles to .lead Safellte, while Faulkner had two hits with a double to lead 9th Ave. Auto. NHPQ ' defeated Hillside Baptist by forfeit. United Bsnk Marketing 17, Wards 13. Bellflore had three hits and Larson homered to lead United Bank.jTatum tisd Ihree hits with a triple to lead Wards. Reltf Construction 5, Agland Inc. 4. WInkelman had two hits with 0 double to lead Reiff, while Daniel had two doubles to lead Agland. Sam'i Produce 15, Farr Farms 5. Grubb hsd thr« hlti with a doublo and Young homered to lead Sam's. Spldell tripled to lead Forr Farms. Law Equipment 14, Ratncat 13. Stelner had'three hits with a triple and Hasting* homered to lead Law Equipment. Stepleton had three singles, while ihfe, Lory and Evans homered to lead Ratncat. Farm Fare 14. BFD 13. Mungla had three hits with a home run to lead Farm Fart. Ley had three hits with a double and Jacoby homered to lead BFO. Orvilli'J Hangar 11, Centennial Beverage 0. Firming had three hits with two triples tt lead Orvllle's, while Jeff Allen doubled to lead Centennial. Central Bank IS, Hydraulics Unlimited 7 Handerohad three hits with a triple and home run to lead Central Bank. Firmer had two hltj wltti a triple to lead Hydraulics. Lauo Liquor 17, K J Sales 6. DelaRoia r.M three hits with a triple to lead Lasw, while May homered to lead K J. Monfort Pack 17, KUAO a. J. Chacon had four Mtj win 4 double and U? home runt to lead Monfert. MUlef had 1*0 ilriBiw to lead KU*D. S.O.S. I?, RuUei 3. Parker iflpted, »niie J. Clark ana Ken! homered lo lead S.O.S. Anderson j log led lo lead Rookies. Tornuot 11. J. Hop had inree hiu, including two home runs, to lead Fellowship Lake had tnree hitt, a triple and tw doubles, to lead Weidor«do. MEN'S SOFTBALL STANOINOS (Oimet Thro ugh Junt) CompcHtlvi Turn w L BYCO Me Ooy Distributing K-Bar DJLIvestock Ray scale Olympla Brewers Pandll Realtors WeldCountyMerchantj Boxer Sons Greeley Grays Rtcrtillon Silver Ttam Greeley Electric Gibson Contracting Y R Bar Trucking Central Inc. Weld Colorado flank Cowan Concrete Ault Merchants Scoit Realty Greeley Plumbing Heating Mike's Little Rascals x Ernie's · FlatlronCo. Recreation Blut Lasso Liquor SafellleAuloGldts K J Sales KUAD 9th Ave. Auto Wrecking Hnlley's Garage McKay Land i Cairle Lone RariQers Monfort Packing Moose Lodge Gluey Glove Coolies Country Graphic* Reaction Gold Te*m Sam's Produce Wards Relff Construction Orvllle's Hangar Central Bank Centennial Beverage NHPQ Aglndlnc. United RankMarketing Hydraulics Unlimited Hillside Baptist Recreation Green Team Home Light Power Booth Teed Lots Greeley National Bank Big R Store Nads Big R Spread Monfort Shippers Malie Pipe Line S, Backhoe J H Electric Greeley Gas Paul's Place . WeldCounty Garage Recreation Orange Teim Farm Fare Cafeteria B.F.D. Gamecocks S.O.S. Fellowship ctiurch Hookies Law Equipment Ralncat United Bank weioorado rornaoos ' Millwrights centennial H-D Leliure Teim M-Q Irish Spirits Gabmucs Schneider Construction Greeley Trading . Hart's Restaurant First Assembly Ruckers Greeley Foursquare Moose 909 Gelst Homes Village Inn Farmer's National Bank Glad Tidings Bunch of Guys · ° 41 · · · · · · ui*utt uffiiuS uuCri ftl6flfGf"i@S «·· OT · · BVB "··^^ ·W»^r»m · ··^···^- « ^ ^ NEW YORK (AP) - Bob Kennedy ... Jim Landis ...TitoFrancona. The names carry with them memories of the 1950s when all three were major - league mainstays. If you remember them as players, the years are creeping up because all three had sons chosen Tuesday in baseball's amateur draft. Kennedy is now vice president for baseball operations of the Chicago Cubs and had the final say on his club's selection in the draft. The St. Louis Cardinals saved him from facing the decision whether to draft his son, Terry, by picking the young Florida State University catcher on the draft's first round. Kennedy, the sixth player chosen, batted .333 with eight home runs and 41 runs batted in this season. For his career, the slugging catcher has a Florida State record 32 homers and a .348 batting average. Despite those impressive numbers, Kennedy. doesn't think he's ready for the majors quhe yet. "I feel through natural development and playing, I'm a couple of years away," he said. Kennedy's coach al FSU is ex-major league infielder Woody Woodward. "I could coach another 10 years and not have another prospect like Terry," said Woodward. "He's that good. There're a lot of clubs in the big leagues he could play for right now." Landis, once the fleet center fielder of the Chicago White Sox, had hte son, Craig, chosen 10th in the first round by the San Francisco Giants. The youngster is a shortstop at Vintage High School in Napa, Calif. ' Then, on the draft's second round, it was Francona's turn. The Cubs went for his son, Terry, a first baseman from New Brighton, Pa. The No. 1 choice in the draft belonged to the Chicago White Sox, who selected and then quickly signed first baseman-outfielder Hal Raines from St. Michaels, Md. " Baines. an 18-year-old slugger, grew up just 10 miles from Sox owner Bill Veeck's former home in Easton, Md. Veeck, who knows the territory and watched the youngster play Little League ball, traveled back to the Maryland Eastern Shore community to sign him. Pitchers dominated the first round with 11 picked. Nine were right-handers. The top mound prospect is right-hander William ^ Gullickson, a G-foot-3,200-pounder from Juliet' Catholic High School, drafted second by Montreal. The draft continued today with Minnesota holding the first choice in the secondary phase which deals with players previously drafted but not signed. MONTREAL'(AP) -The National Hockey League was to consider the report of its fact- finding committee on possible accomodation of World Hockey Association franchises today, and also settle the troublesome matter of the Cleveland Barons. NHL President Clarence Campbell, who cautioned against speculating on the out- come of the committee report,' But he said he hoped the corded more powers than said with regard to possible ac-. matter of finding a successor to Campbell possesses and must comodation that "nothing has him as league president would been resotved-and I don't know be settled June 22 at Chicago at a special meeting of the governors to discuss the issue. convince some holdouts against the idea. if we're any further ahead." He would not rule out any possibility, including the admission of WHA clubs to the NHL for the 1977-78 season, saying an end to the matter "could be as late as this time next summer." John Ziegler, a 43-year-old lawyer and vice president of the Detroit Red Wings, is likely to be named at that time. But most governors want him ac- The 71-year-old Campbell, who has been at the league's helm since 1946, said that "all current plans are based on the assumption (that the league office would) continue here," There had been reports the of- Wedneiday's Reiulti First Race MUM's Ann 8.40, fi.2Q,3.M; Pecos Bullet i.6Q, 3.JO; JR's My Joe 3.30. Qulniela (4-5) 34.60. Time 31.IB. Second Race Super Max M.OO, 3.40. 7.60; Intercessor 3.00. 2.40; Benefit '.40. Quinlela U-3) 11.00. Twin Quln US 1-3) 131.40 to AS winners, lime 30.B2. Third Race- Bandera Parky 10.30,5.60, 3.6Q; Terrl Bauserman 9.40, x.00; SF's Black Moss 4.00. Quiniela (i-i) 57.20. Time 39.33. Fourth Race-- Sun Stroke n.00,,6.10, 4.00; Oshkosti Punkin 6.30,4.20; Super Rex 4.BO. Quinlela (2-5) 30.60. Time 31.06. Fifth Race- Oshkosh Larry 28.20,10.60, 5.60; Silver Spike 3.60, 3.00; My Chance 3.00. QVInlela (6-7) 51.20. Trlfecta (6.7-7) 435.90. Time 30.66. Sixth Race -- Oshkmh Caddo 4.SO, 3.20, I.BO; Petos Bomber S.OO, 3.00; Joe Parker I.JO. Qulnleld (1-8) mo. Time 31.00. Seventh Race -- Kim Gee 15.80, 5.00, 3.80; Jim Print 10.40, -J.OO; DA's Colleen 3.CC Ouinield (3-7) 51.80. Time 31.16. Eighth Rare- Bumper Cap 13.70, 6.40, 4.JO; Perfect Control J.Jfc 3.40; Visual Form 6.JO. Quiniela (2-5) 7J.EO. THfectn (52-1) J07.80. Time 3J.04. Ninth Race -- Regal Rrign 5.60, 4.40, 2.BO; Dutch Navaho 4.80, 7.60; Campus Hays,3.20. Quiniela (1-8) 10.00. Trifecta (1- Colorado Derby scheduled tonight LOVELAND -- Edgar Trow's George Wood's Brooklyn T h u n d e r b i r d K e n n e l ' s WP Five By Fire, who scored John, who beat Ail-American P. Oshkosh Cupid (6-1), winner of two easy five-length wins L. Greer in a $7,500 winner- the 1976 Mile High Derby in during qualifying for the race, lake-all match race here last Denver and the 1977 Interstate has been installed as the 7-2 month, is second choice at 4-1 Derby at Byers, and Kansas morning line favorite in the 16th on the opening odds. Kennel's Pecos Ruth (8-1) Tunning of the $10,000 Colorado Trow, Wood and Oregon round out the Colorado Derby Kennel each qualified two lineup. entries in the three-eighth mile Only Wood has won the A late-comer here this season contest. Cousin Thor (8-1) is Colorado Derby previously, from the Sanford-Orlando track another Trow finalist, Wood's winning with Henry DeWitt in Woodcrest (8-1) is also in the 1966. field and Oregon's chances are The Derby is the ninth event Casual Woman (5-1) and DD's on a 12-race card starling at 8 fice would move to Toronto. Meanwhile, Barons owner Mel Swig has agreed to sell the club to Sanford Greenberg, owner of the team's Richfield, Ohio, home arena. But the sale is contingent on Greenberg's meeting conditions laid down by the league by the end of the current meetings. Greenberg has said he cannot fulfill the full terms. The league is studying a counter-proposal' from Greenberg while acting General Manager Harry Howell of the Barons awaits the team's fate. Giants draff CSU's Goya NEW YORK (AP) - First baseman Glenn Goya of Colorado State University, the NCAA's leading hitter with a .485 average, was selected by the San Francisco Giants in the ninth round or Tuesday's major league baseball free-agent draft. Goya, a 5-11,180-pound senior from Honolulu, appeared in 47 games for the Rams this past season, collecting 80 hits in 165 at-bats. His hit total included 17 home runs. Derby Wednesday night at Cloverleaf Dog Track. in Florida where he posted an 11-6-2 record for 29 starts, WP Five By Fire is 4-1-0 in seven Cloverleaf outings. Sioux Again (6-1). p.m. OPPORTUNITY IN INSULATION Enter the fastest growing business in America today. Own your own manufacturing and insulation installing business. Earn $120 to $300 a day. Investment $5000. (Full or part time) For Details Write: Please include telephone number. Thermolator, Inc. P.O. Box 31884 Aurora, Colo. 80012 or PHONE (303) 371-2786 31.09 Tenth Race-- Campirt Mary 16.20, B.40, 3.40; Rockie Z 20.60, 5.40; Perfects Pete 4.80. Quiniela (5-6) 137.00. Time 3P.I4. Eleventh Race - Jolt 7.40, fi.SO, 3.40; Sandy Zwlck 8.20, 5.!0; Hold Up Man 4.00. Quinlela (2-5) 54.00. Iwin Quin ( 5 6 2-5) 4,391.60 to 3 Winners. Time 31.22. Twelfth Race -- WP Six To One 5.20, 3.0, 3.00; Oshkosh Popper 4.20, 3.40; CL.'s Pandora 5.60. Quiniela (2-i) 17.20. irlfecta 162-1) 212.20. Time 44.33. Attendance -- 2,962. Handle -- 2i3,OW. SflUE greeley mall "¥' tENNIS WEAR Head Interwoven Rally Rap Add-In Open Mon.-Fri. 10to 9, Saturday 10-6, Sunday Noon to 5 356-8864 greeley THIS WEEK ONLY! $36 48 TO *W° ON A SET OF FOUR All yJMERIGIN RADIAL TIRES 30 · Flexible Polyester Cord For Comfort · Double Fiberglass Belts For Strength t All New Efficient Tread Design SIZE AR78-13 BR/8-13 DR78-14 ER78-11 FR78-U GR78-I4 HR78-14 BR78-15 GR78-15 HR78-15 'JR78-I5 LR78-15 SALE PRICE S30.88 33.88 38.88 40.88 42.88 44.88 47.88 37.88 45.88 48.88 51.88 54.88 F.E.T. EACH OLD TIRE 51.84 2.00 ' 2.27 ' 2.41 2.54 2.69 2.88 2.10 2.79 2.96 3.13 3.28 )N1LL/4MERIC1NTIRE WHITEWALLS ONLY ENGINE TUNE-UP POWER 60 MAINTENANCE FREE BATTERY Limit 2 Helps (.ban dirty carburetors erful sound. 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