Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 21, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Wedn«iday Afternoon February 21, 1845 Major Leagues to Gut Travel; May- Drop Big Series By BI.'S HAM WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 UPi- The ODT today iinki-il bDH.-bnll to cut IU HMO truv(-l 25 per cent an action Unit would a f t w t exhibition Kamr-s, »l»- "f W|iiad» nnd possibly Iho world w-rii-B. A staU-m'.-nt ISHIII*! nfl.-r n ^reference betu-ffii Miijnr I..I;(IRIJO Dmldenix Kord Ft I l k nnd Will HurTldK" nnd OI)T D l r f l o r J. Monroe .loluiKfm Mr.'l: ' 1. Oaini-H will I"' lilnycd "lily 111 Ihr hoiiii- rlly "f «""' or tin- jtnrauiH Ihi-rn will In- no fxlillil- ilon RIIMI'-I* rvcrpt nl iinny mid navy i-MnhllBliimiil", wVi-rn Ihr mlHtitry will iirovldn lrnn»|Mir(B- tlim. l'ri-»i-a»iui IriUislni; will i-imjlniw In In! held "t |I!IM--« In or nrar each ti-:iin'H hotni- rlty. 2. Ti-uin riiBl.-r», wlirti tran-l- lr K will IKI nxlni-i-il to a ntfnl- miun. X, World w-rli-« B'"" |J « will hi' hrtd only It trniwiiorliillon nnd »-or conilllliins lit tin- llmr l»-r- 4. All rloli'* w i l l n'-i-vniiihii 1 ihiilr M-Jii-hil'-' nod iinilti- Hiirh fiu-llirr trniiK|Mir1iiUnn Mivloii" nn urn i«iwlil"'. Frlrk, BprnldiiB for tin- npiirt and rfpoltcr.-* r i - t i i l l l H of Ibc foiif'-r- 0111:1- wi-n- .inllHfni-lory nnd Hint hr and Mnrrld)!'- w i l l him- "vi'ry ihtiTi'illliK nnd i-tn i n i n i K l n c In- f n r n i n l l o i i " lo n-|iort t« Ih'dr n:«- pcctivi- II-UJJUI-B IIH n ri'snlt of Hn-lr two-day viHi] In-!.-. Clear Colleges 01 Dishonesty NEW Y O I I K . Kvb 21 (/!'' irvlili-nrl' of dlHlitm'-tily "n .-"i PORTS ILANTS lly I I I K i l l rUI.I.KRTO.V. Jit. N K W VOHK, I-'.-b. 21 WP -- Ki-llx (Dot-1 Ulnnrhnrd, nrmy'ri all- Aini.-rlni fullback. O nd halfback M a x M i n o r have entered .Saturdny':i n a t i o n a l A. A. U. track "nd field (bamplonnhip.H, I)l.-inchn,-d In the ..'iliot ]nil and M i n o r In the broad ' j u m p . . . Thnt probably explains On- ;ibncmr of Notre Dani! en: tries . . . I f Cimdi-r II U «-BB a n d i l l u r d l . T I l n a k o n Mdman don't (,-ct here for the ni.-d, why not mib- i.itiliite K h a r k e y , I he liiKh-hiirdllnK Ucal from th' niillonal uportsmen':; Hhow, for Hie l n l t e r ? He's rlitht down In th" (lardi-n hanernent . . . | lilll Tilllen. »K'- W, calls lli.l "Id j jdoubh'B p a r t n e r , Vinitte Klehsirdn, Ml, "nonny." ! . . Joseph Bordi-n. who lilldied I h n I'irnt no-hit linine , In nr|!uii7.-d bns.5l.all ( f o r I ' l l l l a - i ili-lphla v.'i, lionlon, N,,tional ns- I w i c l i i t l o i i , 1»7. r n lined t h e n n n i i - "f ; "Jonelih" ra t h e field ln-eaiise hi- i i l l d n ' l t h i n k It Wl'» V Ml ' correel ! f.jr bin own name to appear in i b..x scores . . . We can BTM where in athlcle theKC .lays niilihl ! %fl t l i - .HIIIIH- H0|t of Idea. j * l O N B - M I N I I T K HI'OKTH l'A«iK ' I'vt. Hiine CnrlMon of Fort liraKK, N. f. t h e Hwcde who arrived lined to be n barber on the K. K. (IrlpHliohn . . · A n d Dapper W,|ii Ferrlu ("f "II I pie l »nw"l» l | i n t Miiaybe Kline hecnine n w a l k i n g j c b l i n i p i o n bccnnse he knew all the Uhort euLs . . . Vln and Joe I l e n l y . v ' i i l n c k f'onn hijih -ii'tiiinr.s ! twin banketbnllers, could I p n r n t e d even In the m-nri 11 FLY ING PARSON . , world'.i record i n - duor miler who quit track to preach, addresses a youth rally at flallas In whith scores answered his call. Dodd, touring the south and west, said Christ was the Krenlest cofl ch and the Apostle Paul the Kicatest assist a n t . ( A l ' Wircphoto) Find Nude Body On Vegas Street LAS VEGAS, Feb. 21--tffl--E. li. Cooper, assistant district attorney, reported at noon today that the battered and frozen nude body of a middle-aged woman found on a west Las Vegas street by school children at 8 o'clock this morning had been tentatively identified ax A urealia Facheco ho was last seen alive afll:30 clock last night. Cooper said he had requested ate police headquarters in Sani Fe for assistance in investigat- g the death. (In Santa Fe, State Police Chief rank Young said Assistant Chief . B. Martinez and Patrolman rank Luccro had been assigned i the case). 100 'RANCH HANDS' START FUNDS DRIVE i Henry Fopntain. Foreman, Mrs. Arthur Ahic's Irish Rose ·Due in El Paso l be (It-jilliiKH him Iff l)ll«l«'lljllll K""" 1 " 1'1'l.V'l "I Mn'l' Hum Ki|iiurii liunlm-, I incut "t InvCHllB"!" 1 " ' CominiHHlnlH'i Kl);:ir jc-r, w h o l)ii(ji» '' I"" 1 " K r o u k l y n i-iilli-|ii- r,nmli\l broke mi .inn. ;!ii. us.- I h i n l R l l Ilirrv ll;|V,- l n - i - l i ni'ira n n d I n l l m n t l o m i l o r . · o r r n i i l l i m l illirllic TM'l m-n.smi l l m l i r i I c r i ' O l l O K l n t p l i i i i i k i - l b n l l hn» lin-it Mlnhll«l|i-d "t MiullHi.n K(|iinri- CardlMi . v x x Tlii-r.- I" mi i-vldi-m-r of »ny dlMiiim-M.v. c-nl|inlili- I r - l-cKulurily IM i-umipl ilcnllniui I" (.111- iwKo'tlnlloiiH Imlwi-i-M (hi- ! « r - flnn r n f ] » ) i | | l l i ) i i nnd Clly ('"H.-gi- br Nvw Y i ) f k nnd l l r n n k l y n i-cillrp-. or In tin- I'cmiim-t "I tin- i-.i"i""' llii-nwnlvi-ii nr in t i n - f l n n i i r i u l t r i i n - »nclirm» j.-Mililiifc llii-r.-rr.iin." In wlimlini. I In- 4i-|ii(p- m u - i l i n to Mayor K i " i ' - l l In C n n r i l i l l U- i-lared Hint tin- ' o i r u ' l a l a in .·h»r({"' ' u n n n l m i n i H ,,|ilii!.in. of IMK!I i-h,,rai- ICM- linil I n n . n u i ' t i l i l t ' .·.iiidiMl." CAGING SCORES lly ASSOCIATKIl I'KKSS .luli'nii ll.,|.khi« -tr. Wn»ldn(!lon (MI'l -I*. ( i u l l | i i u l nnl'ill N t n l l o n M, I-""'- ni.,1111 Kta!- ft. Vandi-rlilH Ml. Tluiyi linBpllnl .'IN rii-iimoii ;M. l - ' u n n n n :il. Klorldn (12, A n b i i i n 4H, lown l ' i i - f l i i ; l i l Mi. Ni-lii-nnliu -II Hmvlhiu lirtTti 04. Cn-itl l.nlU'H fill. Sum lloiislnn Blilli- ti-nrbor R u n t Tt-xilii « l n t i - li-ili-ll.'lH 3(1, - DII-CUII lid. l.lidui -l,'i. M n r i l i rii-ld n.'i. r u m p Klllolt -IV Knch shut .'II fit-Id ! ii'i'i.'.ls "fill 17 foilln for 711 [lollltB ' N n t - n o - f n t Prvddli- Filralni- m.Mi« I In- .ill-l 10 pound" d u r l t i B ilr 2 minillin ovi'rHBi* I douU» Hint ' l u - ' i-llil pltt'll n f u l l nllli- I n n l n u s I fur lilfl I'lilllli-s t h i n .icnsim bill i l l i l l l l i a hi- limy »'nrk n Iw unm'-s |. . . rrl7.i- i - x p l n n n l l i n i of 'hi- j liuBlu-lball .si-n.sim i - n t n i - wln-n a U - n n l B l u s |)lnyi-r was ll,,IU-ndod i n f l i - r n bi.-iilinway K"nl «K"'» Ryrm-iisi-. "II.- wnmi't fmil.'d." n n u f r l c - l n l nil.-d. "Hi- i-ultniint'il from .·xliniiHllmi." Aggies to Play Deming Dusters ny AUir.HT The Now Mi-.xlro j n - i n t i i K I t i n i o r r m v n n n ( j n n i i - w l l h Hi UNI- nii.itL-ni. In an r u r l l i ' r K- 1 1-llhOll I I I . ' I.MIHll'1'.S K h l f"i p " »'*' 1-X'inlnff ri1 Cool WHH Iht- word for the 1022 l l r r m d w u y rr;copUon of At)ie'a Irish Ho!;o, which will nppcar in three p e r f f i r n i f i n r e s in El PafiO on Feh. 21 and 22, with matinee the. '^2nd in Liberty Hull, yet It s u r v i v e d for five and a half yours, during which t i m e the. Cohens find the Murphys frat'as WHS reproduced in .sixteen road ponipmilfs and played nil r ver the U. 9. and throughout most of the civilized world. It -?ven liuiU'd f'i[?ht months In pre-Hltlcr Uerlin. A f t e r 1C ycarH, Anne Nichnls (shown above)' has i i t n u k rich lode in a radio soap opera, for which she is reported m-eivintf a fabulous snlnry. Valley Appliance Adds New Service The service given at the Valley ,ppliance by "Miss New Enamel' hia past week, will be continued r ith an attractive new feautr* ddfd Clyde Baker, manager o hu store, has announced. Instead of having to go to th tore for advice and suggestions he sc|-vice will be brought righ nto the homes of people desirin; a re-finish' or rc-dccoratc their ionics. Miss Catherine Dicks of the Jnion high fichool Home EC de- lartmcnt, will study problems of color combinations and give her ;xpert advise to anyone desiring t. A telephone call will make an appointment, according · to Mr. BakCr. Hi;. English Siring Mixed in Spanish In Lionkr Slalo First Bataan Heroes Arrive on West Coast SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21--M?) --San Francisco today welcomed the first three heroes of Bataan to reach the United States since liberation of prisoners qf war held I by the Japanese in the Philippines.' The three, all naval officers who j arrived by plane after nearly three i years in Japanese prison camps, i Lt. Emmet Manson, Worth- j ington, Minn., who was wounded : during the siege of Corregidor; Lt., Karl E. Baumgardner, Yonkcrs, i N. Y,, and Lt. Geo. W. Green who ] IH going to Alabama on leave but whose home town was not i m - ; mediately available. : (Continued Irom page l) iguring 'it will carry his brand nd not only that but he's figu r ing is foreman will cop the foreman's irize saddle. 'They're all Good Saddles" Cowhands for the "Tripple Hook" bunch are keen on one of heir string winning the prize cow- mnd saddle and Sigurd Johansen, -anch boss for the outfit, indicates ... wouldn't ,be surprised if the T r iple-Hook grabbed enough dol- r.s to carry off all three prizes But you take Keith-Romney. __-'.H boss of the Circcl Dollar Vand and he just won't s a y a thing about his plans, methods he intends to use at the round-up or making any personal selection of prize saddle. This mprning he just made the comment that he had looked over the three saddles. "They' r e all good saddles," he opined," and I've left orders for them to be delivered over to the Circle Dollar headquarters a nytime Thursday. My hoys are going to top the list so far before noon the r e won't be a n y ' question about the winners." isls ''Rant;h Outfits" Bowen today made public this miplete list of workers, compris .£ the "outfits" of the various mipeting groups: Kirk In Kanch Boss: Mrs. G. A. Feather, Foreman, Mrs. John Hoskins. cowhands. Mrs. Buford Harris, L V. Sparks, Mrs. Ruth Bamert. Foreman, Mrs. Allen Sayles cowhands Betty Tank, Sue Ram sey, Mrs. B. M. Smith, Laura Lisle, Jo Betty Bush. Foreman Mrs. Deane Stahmann cowhands, Mrs. Harry Shifferly Mrs. W. E. Shcndan, Mrs. A. W Chilton, Mrs. Bill Erwin, Mr Barker; owhands, Mrs. Ivan Watson, Lula arcia, J. A. Bell, Mra. Fred ichhoitz. Foreman, Mrs. Karl Howard; owhand, Mrs. Joe Smith, Mrs. eland Evans, Mrs. Harry Wheat- ey, Mrs. Covey Baker, Ethel Mc- iride. Foreman .-Hardy LeRoy Davis; owhand, Mrs. Juanita Alexander. Bar Nothing Ranch Boss: J. L. Gill. Foreman! L. C. Dalton; cowhands Hudson Murrell, Sammy Bean, ! oe Lee Wofford, Charles Alexander, Clyde Wofford. Foreman, J. T. Clegg; cowhands, Mrs. A. L. Sweet, Mrs. Elon Bom- rger, Frank Papen, Rev. C, A. Ridge, F. W. Gatton. Foreman, Mrs. Grace Ginther, Cowhands, Mr. Stich Jane Riley, Mrs. Dave Lowry, Louise Topley, W. C. Fountain. Foreman, Mrs. H. L. Hildwein; cowhands, Mrs. Emmett Nations, Mrs. J. E. Reese, Mr. H. L. Hild- r ein. Foreman, Albino Apodaca. Triple Hook Ranch Boss: S. Johansen. Circle Dollar Ranch Boss: Keith Romney. Foreman, Ted Nelson; cowhands, Ernie Mclntosh, Harry Kchmidt, Henry Gains, Wesley Martin, Lawrence Walker. Foreman R. B. Boyle; cowhands, H. E. Pumphrey, Bernard Gluck, Jake Ridgeway. Foreman, Lester Lackey; cow hands, J. M. Beene, Mary -Van Beene, J. P. Kaltenbach, Mrs. B. F. Turbeville, Margaret S. Cafd- well. Foreman, Claude Thorpe; cowhands, D. G. Bullard. W. T. Hall, Burton Wallace, W. A. Ab'ernathy, C. C. Stidham. Foreman, Ramon Apodaca; cowhands Marcello Morales, Alfred Camunez, Mike Carillo. Double Cross Ranch Boss: Billy Smith. Foreman, Mrs. Clyde Baker; cowhands, Mrs. R. E. Stovall, Mrs. G. N. Stroman, Mrs. R. B. Boyle, Mrs. Wesley Martin, Mrs. J. T. Warren. Foreman, Orville Parten; cowhands. W. C. Cothern, W. H. Button, A. T. Cox, Mrs. John Boles, Bill Morrow. Foreman, Manuel Chavez; cowhands, Santos Ramirez, Albert Benavidez, A. J. Robertson, Tracy Fox 1 , W. T. Scoggin Jr. Foreman, Fred Chambers; cowhands, Jen Williams, Mrs. A. L. Williams. Mrs. J. C. Chittick, Mrs. J. C. Williams, Mrs. Chas. Neff. Foreman, Mrs. Lindsey; cowhands, Mrs. R. E. Lee, Blllie Scott, TRfcCK UPSET 18 FATAL LAS VEGAS,; Tell,, 21--l/P -Alejandro C. Martinez, 35, of Taos, died at a lias Vegas hospital early today as the result of injuries incurred last night when the truck he was driving left the Mora highway near La Cueva and overturned. RESTORE CLOV1S GAS LINl! CLOVIS. Feb. 21--UP--Gas ser- ice was restored to normal on this area at mldnihgt following speedy repair of 'a gas line break one mile south of Hereford, Texas, about noon yesterday. Miss Bobby- Foreman, Homer Farney; cowhands, Dr. C. S, Carver, Dr. John Kennedy, J. T._.Lyle, 'Amos Leach. SPECIAL RATES ON SERVICE WORK DURING FEBRUARY Charlie's Radio Shop 120 Norii Church St. ·_ SPECIAL AGENT FOR THE BENWN VAN STORAGE H . K . T R U C K L I N E 242 South Church Street Phone 260 Dr. John L. Kennedy DENTIST Masonic Temple Bldg. Telephone 54 ·MEXICO CITY. Feb. 21 (!f - t h l x J A canipiilf,*!! ngalnst Intt-rliirdinK t h e j Spanish w i t h EllKiisll words and hliiiic phrnHi-H la -.being pressed in iHliTH in'" still i-nted ""''] tin- northcni border slate of Nuevo -i.1 m i l i t a r y tuams In ll» ¥ I Li-(in. i I h i - l r lim-iip In n t i u l - ! Tin- (Irlvr hns Just been organlz- Two Killed, 42 Hurt In Bus-Truck Crash OLATHE.'lCans., Feb. 21--UP'-Two persons were Injured f a t a l l y and -12 others hurt, eight seriously, In the collision of a Missouri Pacific Triillivays bus and a tnit-k a mile southwest of Olathe lust night. The dead were identified by the M M i i t l u v r s l , iitid lliclr lineup in H t m l - I Thr drlvr bus Just been organiz- Th( , dcnd wcn , W c n t j f j c ( j j )y tl ,|i»cl w i t h x-«-',m^ unit | i l - r c H - j r . i h y (lov. A r l u r o d M i i Oarwi ano 0)athe I)aval f t i ( . n l n U o n u ., ]tl Innitl p l i i y t H . Th.-y lm\v ilcf«ntc«l is l)cinK luk.'i) very seriously ) the injured were treated, as Han .,,,,,1 t w i i i n i l i i i i ' 1 ifiuiis IIH I'M. ilu- tM'onli'. Si'inilor Hnmini Fumoz I,-. itriin^,. P t^,,. n ^,\' a TM a i n ^,,-,,, itH Kl. v r n i l t f i i r i i H in rnlii't.nilii, Tin- A|;j;n'.'t. Intwi'Vi-r. ari- :iUi() l » i p r ' \ ' l t i j ; . Mli-i i m i ' l i u i K off tin- |ilK"lv Itivnri'd W t l l l i i m J U - a u n i u i i t H n M i ' i t a l . u n i t llif l-'l. nilfts AAA - liinl n i u i - h fi'll II"' A K K H - . lii-lli-r ti'iim t h a n nt down ln-ft'1-i- I!"- -17. I h u t w I'lirlU-r. P i o l m l ' l r H t i i r t i i i K line np for t.i- H i n r H W n l U l H s Hium- will lir; M»l- ly lli'ii-lt 11 ml Tuny Cunxuli'a u.s 1'lirwimtH, Hub A t t « ; r l m r y and -loo Hudi-hlinlwi- ill t h e j;inini pusl- Uuns. iuu| Huil A M o r b u r y nl Iho pivot H , u M , NKW YOHK. i-vi. '.M tin t ,.i M a r i n n W p r flffirp*; In \viiiiam j. HI..KH..I.I HUH n.11,-,1 .-i" manpower^uiiices 10 n u - ' t i i ! ^ nl 1 Hit- n n l i o u i U i-olli'^ui' Jintlball nili'j* i ( i i n n n t t i ' r fur Nn Vorh v t l y »n March ;u. tin- A: v u r i H t f i t I*'»·»« IrifmM t » t t n y , ilor H H i n i r sold tutlny. plan (-"lumi'ivial signs \- nncl other Nni-vo tin- peopl (if l l m l slut thiili-r Hi In Monl"in-\- nnc 1.1'un i-ltli-ii miisl ! lie pmvilv.l w i t h H latlon. Tn b" aliollshod .ire cnnvi-rsa- llonal N d r l b AiiH-rlcanlsms ; 'Po- chlNmm" Ihi-y nr" nillt-d in Mexico . , class, and R. R. Mathis, 1G, bo of Kansas City. c in Hp.inisii or -_ . . T. i spani-si, trans-1 Yanks in Italy Mountain Stronghold nr saying goodbye in F.npllHh. the frequent use ol "O. tclltnc. m . . " nnd hmulri-ds of other :Aid War Veterans l,i Thur., Fri. Sat. THRILLS and CHILLS · with Fun and Laughtor GENE AUTRY In ono of hU bout hits "Rod River Valley" plus Iho screen's roughneck* · THE DEAD END KIDS In a ihrlll chill show "Spooks Run Wild" with BELA LUGOSI ENDS TODAY - 2 Hits "GOYESCAS" and "You Can't Ration Lovo" njU'Di i f \vsir n i n n I t n u u ^ l u m t I l i o itL'.UUtil l l 1 llji| ' ;l.S |K.3HtMf 0| I l l i l l l t K W i l l s muU'r Die C. 1 Bill of K i K h t i on Jli'rniil, iniuiamT ol Hi Cnii-fs oflict', Hnul lodiiy. ivnuli'il,iiction WHS jiiv« i In* s;i!il. at a iiu't'liii^ ol' nmniij;'i w h U h was ht-Kl in All'U.|urr.)u l l l H l W t ' l ' l t . TnilniiiK pi't'^nuu. 1 *. In- -'iiiil. 11 Ix-iiif; jiUompti'il l»'lh a.s Ji nn-im iif placing viMci'fuia and ui a lit v ml inn UK* in tin power ahorla^i Al.UKS IU.AST N r K K X H K l t d l.ONPON. l-Vli. HI U'' M"i t h a n I,'.'00 Anu'iii'au iK'iul'i'iw ··: i - t . i t c t l by tWO f i R h t r m h.lny » ! mil ami i m t u » t r l i t l t!ti;-t at N u t M n l n ' i ' K '''"' t h r *'. ond ,-oi m - r u l l v c \ a v . - f u * t !ivvt-ivt"i-i Wi-l" t l l l l l - JIll-hl-lH. Wllll'tt l.y p m t k l|ilintn III n l h Jit.s l.i'ti.i,. anil ut'li-l yil tmpnMoit from the United States. List Mesilla Soldier Among N. M. Wounded WASHINGTON. Feb. 21 l-Ti · Thi 1 war department today nnulo I puhllr iHiiiu's of 2.U2 nilditlonal U, S, soldi.TH womuh'd in action. Tlu- liM liu'ludcil 10 soldiers from NYu- Mt-xico woniult'd In European f i ^ h t l i i K nnd two in the MeUUo r - ·t* ! raiii'iin nri'.i. Th.- New Moxk'o Mat iiu'ludcs: T-r» Jot- C. DUKK*'!'- hushaiul nf MTU. Anna S. DURKIT. Mfsllhi. | March U.S. Prisoners I Into German Interior NKVV YORK. Kob. 'Jl Itii-hiuil I-'. Alli-n. vli- (,-n - - r h f t i r i i u i n tin- Aiii«'iU-nii Natioiml Hod n.ts, ,sny.n Unit Aim-rk-un priaini- n of war in (Ii'i'niany arc bi'inji' inutvhi'il deopcr into t h e reloh :iii'ou);)i tfinporaturos us low us '10 tU'grooH tit'luvv storn without prtipor I'lothUiK- ROMK, Fob. 21--t/Pt--Americnn Iroojis striking «v«r Italian mountain tt'iTiiln so forbidding t h a t at times they used ropes to acrmnble up tlie steep, slopes, hnve enpturod Monte Belvedere and several villages on the peaks west of the Piatoln-Bologna highway. The Oerinajis fought hack vi- rioiisly, hut all eountor-nUiu-ks wrre repulsed nnd the fighting fur the dominant heights continues, an Allied communique said today, Asks Army's Help in Ending Ohio Strike EAST LIVERPOOL. O., Feb. 21 -- i/Vi - Mayor Arnold W. Devon today culled on the army to aid in ending * strike of IHO Ohio Valley Motor Transit drivi-rs which cut war production to half pace n a GO-mile area along the Ohio iver In eastern Ohio and western IVnnsylvania. The mayor said ho had tole- ,.raphO(l a plcn for interveiilinn to the third service command nt Pittsburgh. SKCOXI) VK'-HM DIES ! A triu-k mi-Uli-nt nenr (inints l a sl S u t u n l a y rlttlnu'il Its neeniul Vtf- j t i n t y r f t e r d a y when A lion IV Hriuvne nt Hell. Calif., diisl In ;» Exchange Ship Docks Wllh U. S. Repatriates JERSEY CITY, N. a., IVh. '^1 ~-i,j»--T!T PM'Imngp Hnrr lirlp- Mholin m»HciI inlo hor pier »1 tH;8A \\ nu (BWT) tmliiy, Itrlnj;- \ng home 1,'JOH rcpiitrtnti's. In- rluUliiR ftOO .Vmerloun Hnhllir?i mid imM-rhiiiit ftruim-n \\tto \\vrc prlHiinrrN of \\iir In (t riiuiuy. fe Today and Thursdty T«k« · Fling at Fun! L H«f |r«at«lt folt flnct "Oon« t i * WWi Ih. Wlnd."^ HU t""«" .' (*!··! «lll OUrttully l*«llh*tl M-O-M'i Romantic Triumph! !'» CONFKK WITH OEOAri.1.1*. 1'AlllS. Koli. 21 ».lt II. S. AinbuMwitlor Jofrraan r u f f f r y pro* j M U t i i tmliiy to coiifrr with Ct'ii. CtittH. I'V Ciiuillf, Who rofujHM to mi'i't with Prt-aldi-ut Koosovoll, on Dm tl«',-liloii8 maar by tho WR Thici' in tho Crimea. The HU|)4Tflililtui thiit n VrokVn nil i mi Itiimtthl liatl hu-k oamo from the fiiot Itinl n Htmilow nr reflection \vn» otu'ti iHn*td«rtHl part of a soul. . Chickens · Turkeys ,Ulcr Moulttnif Rivr STAR SI I'lllIK COMPOUND In ililiiklnR \vnt»i in ft-v!. U will .lostioy. In the K* ri " ] ( 'fl ( ^. !ntcstinnl Worms ami t.crniN, that tunat all itlirnur nml !«»· In «'gif |:ro,luotl.m Alatt rlil.i tlu-in of BKo ( | Sucklnx'o, MIli'H. Kirns. lllui- Ht I'M-vcnlii moat »H tliflojist-, insnr- InR timiti-r hcnlth nmi CKR | ilKt'Uon throiifth (lit 1 lull Hint win- ti-r. Co«l« very llttlr to im-. Mim- oy bnt-k If not thorauxMy « (In). U«kor Drug Store, lju CrucM. BE READY TO MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE LAS CRUCES AREA COMMUNITY FUND FEE; 22 MARSHALL CORN, whole kernel . . . . No. 2 tins 16c SCOTT CO. LIMA BEANS 16 or. glass 15c SILVER CREST CUT GREEN BEANS No.ZiinslSc C.H.B. CHILI SAUCE . . . . . . . 12oz.boiile25c FOLGER'S -- 3 Perfect Grinds COFFEE K. C. BAKING POWDER 25 oz. glass 23c WILSON'S HAM SALAD 8oz.glass35c ARMOUR'S COOKED BRAINS in Milk Gravy . . . . 12 oz. tins 19c BABY BEEF LIVER LAMB SHOULDER ROAST "-33c LEAN STEW Ib. 18c BULK PORK SAUSAGE "i.35c CHUCK ROAST LAMB STEW lb.25c Ib. 18c C.R.C. TomaToTomerve... 2 Ib. jarjSc^ Pinto Beans . . . . . 5 lhs.Jlc^ FULL BUNCHES CARROTS each 9c FRESH LOCAL SPINACH pound 7c FANCY SUNKIST LEMONS LOCAL SWEET POTATOES FINE FOR JUICE ORANGES . . . . DELICIOUS APPLES pound 12c pound 8c pound lOc pound 12c JOHNSTON'S PASTE WAX Ilb.hn59c LIQUID BLEACH HY-PRO quart 15c QUAKER . .,, YELLOW MEAL 24oz.boxl2c DIAMOND M 25 Ib. bag FLOIR RAISIN BRAN 10oz.boxl2c LIPTON'S TEA 4oz.box27c SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS . . . · · · · 21b.box34c A N D F01MERLY VALLEY GBOCE1Y M A R K E T WE DELIVER PHONE 140 JAKE'S GROCERY

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