Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 3, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1951
Page 5
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. Tueidrr Ertnlng. July 3, 1951 · f-r-;vi^\ii. ;.;,,« -,-) ?.T~TT,. , ,LAS CROCES. (N. M.J StTN-NEWl PAGE FIVI SUN HEWS WANT ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MtalBMim Charge . . . . . . . . . . . . W Writ Time .4c per word at Charge . . .3c per w«ri All clauirtea adi tnugt be !· fc; It A.M. Monday through Frld»; to iMure publication in that day* tisue. Clamifled advertising fo Sunday's paper must be In by 1 A.M. Saturday morning. Cash must accompany order OP all classified'ad» except to tbotw havlnr regular charge account!.. All clMBltied advartlrinf be scheduled for a deaAUne period ane day or more, and It ordered UK! n«t there will be no refund Adi must be scheduled a definite tinmfeor of days and no refund* will be made on cJaatttled advertising. . ' Any claims for credit or tlonal insertions of classified adi dup to errors occurring in advertisement mu§t bo mad* day fol- Ivwlng publishing of advertlH- ment. ' . PHONE SS or M I--LEGAL NOTICES IN THE DISTRICT COURT Ol' DONA ANA COUNTY, . NEW MfiXtCQ TURRENTINB C H E V R O L E T COMPANY INC., Plaintiff, vs. CLIFFORD COPPOCK Defendant. Cause No. 118S5 NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE is HEREBY' GIVEN: That by virtue of the final decree in the above court, rnade and entered in the above styled cause 'in the 8th day of. June. 1051, it was adjudged, and decreed tn;it the above:tiHmfid' plaintiff, Turrenrine Chevrolet Company, Inc., hav find recover'.of the defendant Clifford ' Coppock, judgement in the principal sum of, $361.51, with Interest thereon in the sum of $34.29. attorney's, fees in the sum of $30.50 and costs of suit to be taxed; and 1 it is further adjudged that the mechanic. 1 ! Hen of plaintiff mentioned and set forth in the complaint, be foreclosed that the 1040 OMsmobilc automobile described in "i said Complaint nnc. 1 decree be sold tu satisfy, said decree; and the undersigned B. W: Snody was ap- p-jir.led Special Master to .sell said ·property to satisfy the amount duo 1 plaintiff with costs and allowances in said Cause and the expense of said sale, in the manner prescribed , ny law. ·' NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the power and authority con- t vcrrcd upon me by said decree, I, the undersigned Special Master, will, on the I G t h ' d a y of .July, 1051, ·i at 10:00 o'clock, A. M. offer for .sale and sell- at' public veniluc at the TiUTenlVne "Clie'vfofcC "Company, Inc., Las Cruces, New Alcx- ico, to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title tmd interest of the defendant Clifford. CoppocU. in and to the 19'10 Oldsmobile automobile des^ cribed in said decree, to wit: Serial No. G 18634, Special Engine No. .S7310. /s/ B. W. Snody Special Master ." V Pub. June 20-27, July 3-11, 1951. NOTICK OF SUIT IN THK IHSTIUCT COURT OK DONA AW A COUNTY, * NKW M.KX1CO Samuel Appclzoller, Plaintiff vs Maria t C. de Appclzoller, Defendant No. 11984. J To the above named defendant: You arc hereby notified that there has been filed apainsl you in the i above court, the stilt a s . above entitled and numbered; that the object of said suit is divorce on ,· the grounds of abandonment; that W. A. Sutherland, Esq., Jas Cru- ccs, N. M., is attorney for plaintiff, and that unless you enter *i your appearance and plead horein r ; on or before August 15, 1951. judg- 1 mcnt will be taken against you liy default as prayed in the corn^ plaint. · : In. Witness Whereof I have here- tmt o set niy hand and sen! this July 2,- 1951. \ ( S E A J b ) GtillALDINJS f.5. MATHISEN, ; . Clerk 1 Pub. 'July 3-10-17-24, 1951. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DONA ANA f'OUNTV, NKW MEXICO C. T. SKALK ami Mrs. CLYDl'i M. MORRIS, Plaintiffs, vs. '" HOARD OF TRUSTEES OF DONA 'ANA BEND COLONY COMMUNITY. GRANT, CHARLES R. LOOMIS.' BEULAH B. SUMMERFO R D A L L E N , THOMAS EDGAR SUMMERFORD, HAROLD RHODES. BAS.COM FRENCH COMPANY, a : 'defunct corporation, FIRST MORTGAGE COMPANY OF EL PASO/ TEXAS, a defunct corporation, the following named persons, if living, if deceased, their unknown heirs: ROBERT B. HOLLTNGSWORTH, SR., and ELLA B. HOLLINGSWORTH. his wife, C. B. HAWKINS. JOHN WELCH and A N N A WELCH; his wife. ANNA E. EASTOX. W. K. KNOWLES. MRS. W. K. KNOWLES, his WIFE, JACOB DWECK, I. D. BEYNON, E. N. LITTLE, tin- unknown heirs of the following docrtflsed persons: JOHN OLIVER SUMMERFORD, MAR; OARET ' D. SUMMKRFORIX ! MARTIN HfHVAim 1'KTER- , SON and LAURA PETERSON, 1--LEGAL NOTICES his wife, and all unknown clain ants of interest in the premise? adverse to the plaintiffs, De fend ants. No. 11942 * NOTICE OF PENDENCY OF SUIT THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO, TO: Board of Trustees of Donfi Ana Bend Colony Community Grant, Charles ' R.' Loornis, Beulah B Summerford Allen, Thomas Edga Summerford, Harold Rhodes, Bas com French Company, a defunc corporation, First Mortgage Com pany of El Paso, Texas, a deftinc; corporation, the following; named persons, if living:, if deceased, theii unknown heirs: Robert B. Hoi IngsworLh, Sr., and Ella B. Hoi- ingsworth, his wife, C. B. Hawkins, John Welch and Anna Welch his wife, Anna E. Easton, W. K KnowJes, Mrs. W. K. Knowles, his wife, Jacob Dweck, I. D. Bcynon !. N. Little, the unknown heirs of .he following deceased persons- John Oliver Summerford, Margaret D. Summerford, Martin Howard Peterson and Laura Peterson, Us wife, and all unknown claimants of interest in the premises adverse to the plaintiffs: You, and each of you, are hereby notified that C. T. Seale and rlrs. Clyde M. Morris, have insti- .uted suit against you in the above entitled' court and cause, whereby hey seek to quiet title against ·ou to the properties described in he complaint, and being two ract of land located in the City f Las Cruces. New Mexico: and hat unless you enter your ap- 'earance in said cause, on or be- orc July 18, 1951, judgment will e entered against you in said ausc, as prayed in the complaint; hat Mechem Mechem, Box 69, Las Cruces, New Mexico, are the ttorneys for the plaintiffs. WITNKSS. the Hon. W. T. Scop- fin,' Judge of the Third Judicial Mstrict of the State of New Mex- co, and the seal of said Court for Dona Ana County, New Mexico, his 4th day of June, 1951. By GERALD1NE S. MATHISEN Se;i! Clerk, 'ub June 5-12-26, July 3. 1D51 IX TUB DISTRICT COURT DONA ANA COUNTV, NKW MEXICO d a r t tin Ann Bluckwood, P l a i n t i f f . vs. ' Cause No IISEJS lill Blackwood Defendant. NOTICE OP" PENDENCY OF SUIT Itatc of New Mexico bounty of Dona Ana TO: Bill Biac.ltwood, Greetings: You' are hereby notified Hint lartha Ann Blackwoud has filet! uit against you in the above tyled court, wherein she seeks a 'orce from you on the grounds f incompatibility. You are further notified that un- ess you enter your appearance id plead to said cause on or be- iro the Hth day of August. 1051, idgeiiimit by default will be enler- d a gainst you as prayed for i n aid complaint. The name and address of plain- ff's attorney is R. R. Posey, Las truces, New Mexico. IN \\1TNESS WHEREOF, I. ivc hereunto set my hand and eal of the District Court on this lie 2nd day of July, 1951. (Signed) Geraldine S. Mathisen District Clerk 'ub: July 3-10-17-24, 1951 ... .. (Seal) N TIIE PROBATE COIWT OK DONA ANA COUNTY. NEW MEXICO. n Uie Matter of the Last Will and 'estfiment of Walter C. Hammcl, deceased. Cause No. 3820 "0 WHOM, IT MAY CONCERN: NOTICE OF HEARING Notice is hereby given that an nstrument purporting to be the Et Will and Testament of Wall- r C. Hiumnul, deceased, lias been led for Probate in the Probate Sourt'of Dona Ana County. New lexico, and by order of, this Court, he 23rd day of July, 1951. at 10:00 Q'Clock A. M., at the Court Room I said Court in the City of Las truces. New Mexico, is the day, imc and place set for hearing noof of said Last Will and Testa- lent. All persons desiring to enter the probating of said Last Will and Testament are here- y notified to appear and protest ame at the time set for such caring as required by law. Dated this 25 day of June, 1951 B. G. Chavez (Signed) Probate Clerk By Constance Palmer (Signed) - Deputy. 'ub: June 2G. July 3-10-17, 1051. N THE I'KOHATK COTHT OF DONA ANA COUNTV XB\V MEXICO. n the Matter of the Last Will and 'cstamcnt of *crcy Wilhclm Barker, Deceased. No. 1830 VOTICB OF IMtOBATIMl \VIU- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given tlutt the Will and Testament of Percy Vilhelm Barker, deceased, was on he 25th day of June, 11*51, pro- luced liefoie the Clerk of the Pro- iftto Court of Dona Ann County, ·few Mexico, opened, read am) ilr«l bv said Clork, nml that J u l y 1, 1051, nt 10 o'clock nt the court- I-LEGAL NOTICES house in Las Cruces, New Mexico Is (he time and place fixed by th court for pioving said Last Wi! and Testament. All persons objecting to th proving thereof are notified to b present before said court at sai time and place and show canst if any they have, why said wi! should noi be admitted to probate WITNESS my hand and the sea of said court at my office at Li Cruces, New Mexico, this 25th da; of June, 1951; (SEAL) . E. G. Chavez Clerk, Probate Court Pub: June 26. July 3-10-17, 1951 IN THE i'KOBATK CO1JKT Ol 1ONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO In the Matter of the Last Will and Testament of Charles H. Horning Deceased. Cause No. 1831 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Notice is hereby given thst an instrument purporting- to be the Last Will and Testament of Charles H. Horning, deceased, has been 'lied for Probate in ihe Probate Court of Dona Ana County, New Mc)co; and ;by order of this court, the 25th day Df July, 1951 at 10:00 o''Clock A. M., at the Court room of said court in the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico. ' the day, time, and place foi icaring proof of said Last Will and Testament. All persons desiring to enter objections to the probating of said ast Will and Testament are hereby notified to appear and protest same at the time set for such hearing- as required by law. Dated the 27th day of June, 951. (Signed) B. G. Chavez Probate Clerk By Constance Palmer Deputy, lib: June 27. July 3-10-17. 1951 N THE PROJiATK. COURT l-'OR DONA A N A COUNTY, NEW MEXICO n the Matter of the Estate of ilary S. Kohara. Deceased Nos. 1587 and 1610 N O T I C TV TO: Tommy T. Kohara, J r a n n n Kohara and Jo Anne Kohara, and all unknown heirs of said decedent, and all u n k n o w n persons claiming any Men upon, or right, t i t l e or interest in or to the estate of said decedent: . You, and each of you, hereby re notified that at 10:00 o'clock . m. on August 10, 1051. at the 'robate Court Room in Las Crues. New Mexico, the Court will rocr.ed to hear and determine the inal report of Carl T. Nakaynmu. dministrntor, and any objections icrcto, nnd will proceed to hear nd determine the hcirship of said ccedent end the ownership of aid estate, the interest of each cspcctive claimant therein and hereto, and the persons entitled o distribution thereof. Tou arc further notified that lechom . Mechem, Box 69, Las Cruces. New Mexico, are attorneys or the administrator. Witness, the Honorable Mabel 5. Chavez, Judge of the Probate lourl. this 25 day of June, 1951. B. G. Chavez Probate Clerk By Constance Palmer Deputy SEAL) ·ub: June 27, July 3-11-18, 1951 N TUB PROBATE COURT OF .DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO n the Matter of the Last Will and estament of Frankie E. Talbott, icccasccl ) No. 1770 N O T I C E TO: Georgctta E.,Rcinccl(e. Carl eineckc. Dorothy Jane HoHglaml, Helen Louise Hoaglantl, Mary Jane Hoagland and Georgetta Hoaglaiul. nd all unknown heirs of said de- edent, and afi unknown persons [aiming any lien upon, or ripjht, tic or interest in or to the estate f said decedent: YOU, and each of you, hereby ·c notified that at 10:00 o'clock . M. on the 27th day of July, 951, "at the Probate Court Iloom n Las Cruces, New Mexico, tho Court will proceed to hear and de- ermine the final report of Cleorg- tta E. Reinecke, executrix, and ny objections thereto, and will roL-ccd to hear and determine the ch-ship of said decedent, and wncrship of said estate, the *in- erest of each respective claimant herein and thereto, and the per- is entitled to distribution therc- f. You are f u r t h e r notified tluit lecliem Met'hem. Box GH, Las Cruces, New Mexico, are attorneys or the executrix. Witness the Honorable Mabel B. Chavez, Judge of the Probate Court for Donii Ana County, New lexico, and the seal of said, court, his 12th day of June, 1951. B. G. Chavez Probate Clerk liy Constance Palmer Deputy (SEAL) 'ub: June 13-27, July 3-10, 1951. N THE nlSTUUnVCOlJKT OF DONA ANA COUNTY' ,XEW MEXICO Elena Chnvcz Ybnrra, Plaintiff, vs. Jen Ybarra, Defendant. NO. 11953 NOTICK OF SUIT TO: Hen Y burnt You are hereby notified Umt a uit linn been filed against you in he said rouil and county by the hove named plaintiff In which the :ii,l p l a i n t i f f praya for fin ale- tte divorce on grounds of Incum- 3--LOST AND FOUND LOST -- BILLFOLD, CONTAIN- ing- 54-1.00 In cash and important papers, keep money but pleacc return papers to Sun- Ncus office. No questions will be asked of finder. Anastacio Cabrera. 75-3p-77 LOST · - BOSTON BULL DOG. female. Call 940-W or 731-J. reward. 77 lp-77 SEWING MAC-KINKS. NEW AND used. We repair all makea. STEVENS FURNITURE CO. 316 N. Main. Phonfc 677. 1-tfn 1--LEGAL NOTICES jalibility K and you are further no Jficd that unless you enter o jausc to be entered your appear met! In this cause on or bcfor .he 20th day of July 1951, judge iiient will be rendered in said caus against you by default and'the re lief prayed for will ba granted, The name of plaintiff's attorne, ·s W. B. Darden, whose address i 137 -West Grlggs, Las Cruces, Nc\ Alex ico. Geraldine S. MnVhisen Clerk, District Court (SEAL) Pub: June G-13-27, July 3, 19i NOTICE OP FINAL I'ASSAtil A N D AJ'I'ICOVAL OK O R D I N A N C E NO M-l Pursuant to .-section 1-11122 o New MCMCO Statutes 19-tl an nptated, notice is hereby givci that the City Commission of thi City of Las Cruces, New Mexico has finally pa'ssed and approved at a regular meeting, held Mon day 2 July 1951, the following Ordinance; OKDINANCK NO 304 An ordinance declaring the necessity for issuing watrd nnd sewer revenue bonds of Las Cruces New Mexico, in the principal a m o u n t of 575,000, payable out of tiie net income to be derived ay said city from the operation ol ts Municipal owned water works and sewer systems for the purpose of improving i t s wti ter system; authorizing* the issuance and sale of surh bonds, providing for the laymrnt thereof, and the interest .horeon, and other details in connection with the issuance and payment of said bonds; repealing ill ordinances or parts ijicrcof in :onflict herewith, and dcclnring an emergency. SAMUEL KLEIN MAYOR Utcst; RAYMOND E. CITY CLERK 'Ub: July 3, 1051. i--SPECIAL NOTICE \i-COHOlMCS A N O N Y M O US Box 801. Phone 1H7-J between 7 and 10 p. in. 1-tfn WHY BU\-iN EL PASO WHISN you can do better at Stevens Furniture Co. . 1-tVn RUGS CLEANED Cutting - Sewing - Binding Phone 282-R Furnilure Exchange 130 \V. Las Cruces Avc. 63-Un USED FURNITURE Bought and Sold Phono 'J82-H Furniture Exchange 130 W. Las Cruces Avc. 68-tfn --SERVICES LOTH COVERED BUTTONS and buckles made from your material. Pearl snaps and Gtuds placed on shirts and hlousas. Quick Service Cleaners. ]31 North Water 1-M-W-Frl-lfn ANNOUNCING Private employment A g e n c y moving to -134 N. Church SI., ph. 1202W. Ramon BernHl, Notary. 17-W-F-Su-tfn Frigidaire Service By DAVE NUSBAUM PHONE 340 DRUM ELECTRIC 20-tfn Does Your Eool Leak? CALL 700 S W Construction Co. FREE ESTIMATES 18-TF.V Trenching dnne with mechanical 'ditcher. Ideal lur footings, sower lines, etc. 12 to 18 inch wide, up to 42 in. deep $1 75 per cu yd. Minimum charge $15.00. ATLAS LUMBER CO. Phone 900 --HELP WANTED I A I 1 ) KOI! tlKNKRAL HOtiSt:- work to live in homo. Out of town. Call 117 mornings. 7-1--IC-77 VAOTED -- COMPETKNfPTK'- nogiaphnr, law office. Holt ,v Molt, 1st National Bank RMf.. 77-1p-SO --HELP WANTED MALt ':.\I'KHIKN(.:KIJ SkllV'lUi HTA- tlon and a t t e n d a n t . Ht'fcrencru required. No .phono rails. Mnn-rll Conoco Service. 887 N. Main. 7li-tfn JXPKKlKNCiJh FILLING STA- linn iiprnilnr. \Vrili Kux in In care of 9im-Ncw.i, 70-.'lpM:i 9--SALESMEN WANTED SALESMAN FOR DKY CLEAN- ing route. Apply Eubanlts Clean- ei-8, 134 N. Church St. · 70-3U-78 Notice to Drug · Stores, Grocery Stores, and other stores. Wo are jobbers for Colorado .44 products Jn this area. Cull 333 tmd wo will deliver to you at wholesale prices. You save the freiRht, thereby increasing your profits. Full mark-up -- fine products. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 75-3C-77 10--HELP WANTED F«m»l« AVON COSMETIC CO. HAS ONE ajiglo territory now available. For personal interview call Mrs. Taylor, Dona Ana Court after Saturday or write Gen. Del. 76-3p-7S WA1THKSS WANTKD APPLY IN person, 1250 W. Picacho. 67-lfn WANTED -- SETTLED COLOR- cd woman to cook and keep house for two adults. Living quarters furnished. Give experience and reference. Mrs. Susie Tidmore, f ,'r Tidmore's Store, Dcminp;, N. M. 73-6C-7S 12--FOH HENT MODERN, NEW ATTRACTIVE, 4 room npt. Tile bath, conveniently located, bills paid, laundry facilities. Couples only Culloms Apts. 315 S. Main. 70-tfn SMALL, 2 BEDROOM HOUSE unfurnished. Inquire 641 N. 3rd. Ph. 1014-R or 85S. 70-tfn 'ATIO APARTMENTS, FUR- nishcd vacancy, phone 999-J2. 70-30p-9B VEW APAKTMENT, KLECTRIC Kitchen. 426 McClurc Rnao. 7S Op-71 All 1 ., 2 BEDKOUM, KITCHEN furnished, 125 West Las Cnices, ph. 732-R. 1-tfn UXJil. PRIVATE 1JATH. 2W N. Miranda. 7(i : 0p-81 BEDROOM HOUSE U N F U R - nislied. Ranch style-. $100 Mo. Inquire 018 Linda Vista. 7l)-;ic-7S "ROOM APT. KUKNISHKD. (JOR*- ner Idalio and Pecus. Hardy Johnsun. 7C-2p-77 BEDROOM APT. FURNISHED. Utilities. SGO-00. S1G E. Luccro 70-4 p-70 APARTMENT. A v a i l a b l e August 1st. State College. I'hono U280-J1. 7r,-6p-81 BE:PINC ROOMS and apts. 221 \V. Criggs. 7(i-3p-78 IlKUltOOM . H O M E , MODIiltN. Inquire 10IJO W. lirownh-p. 7S-:ip-77 ROOM,'311 K. MIRANDA. 70-,'lc-77 ROOM FURNISHED APT, $50 mo., utilities pd., Mesilla Park, ph. 028SJ1. 7.1-3C-77 ROOM APT. FURNISHED, AIR cooled, Slates CourL 51-tfn IJlllDROOM FOR GENTLEMAN, 329 S. Miranda. 7i-lip-81 ROOM F U K J S I K H K U APT. KBA- sonahle rent. Best of location. fi34 \V. Court. 7r.-trn ROOM APT. FUKN1SHBI). Modern. Air cooled. -103 S. Church. 76-2p-77 ilC15 F l i n N I S H E D , A J R CONIJI- tioned. 3 room a p a r t m e n t near college for couple. A. IJ. File. 76-lfn ·HIIKB liOOM APTr, U N K U R - nishcd, utilities paid, T)70 W. GriERS. 77-lp-SO MR CONDITIONED BKDKOOM. with bath. 306 E. GrlfRs. 77-4p-SO fWO APARTMENTS, ONE FUR- nished and nnc unfurnislied, lino and two bediooni.s, modern. I'll. 1,147-11, 1107 West Aniailnr. 77-lp-RO -IICE, FURNISHED APT. ON buslimr, fur cimple, SIO, ph. 1047-R. after -I p. m. 77-::p-7!l jPACH FOR OFFICE O R - S M A L L business. Choice location, see 12:; East Las Cruces Ave. Phonic 311 or 087-R. 77-:ic-7!l \VAILAP.M5 J U L Y 6 MODF.RN furnished a p a r t m e n t for couple only , one hlock cast and one block smith from junction Kl I'tisno and Foster Roads. KOlltll drivcin thealcr 1125 South Man- y.nnita 0295-R3. 77-lfn 3--WANTED TO HENT WISH TO RENT AN APART- nst. Kfit. Robert H. Claylon, ll.t II Illy.. Isl O.M Cirnup. WSPC1. lily.. 1st GM Group. WSPG. Las ' Las Crnccs. N. M. 76-2p-77 S--FOR SALE TT 6 R O fl G H U It K IJ. BLOXD. male, cocker pup. 510.00. Phone 83!U. 7(l-2p-77 3OOD USED TIRES. 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Plenty shade trees. lion- son for sell nip, owner is sick. 3 blocks west city limits on Hwys. SO and 70. 77-f.p-M Dan A. Kimlmll Francis I'. Matthews ADMINISTRATION CHANCES nnd Navy Undersecretary Dan A. Klmball. moving; »'p to the Navy secretary posL and Navy Secretary Francll P. Matthews being named ambassador to Ireland. Kimball, 55* was an aviator in World War I, bended a jet engine linn in 1x53 Angeles before coming to Washington in 1019. Earlier he was a rubber manufacturing;; "vpcutive in Akron. O. flntcrnationaU L A R G E 30lI.iDl.V."i LOT h\ I..AS Cniceri to bo;it ( r t r r in next o wtvks. ph (i:;oor; i. 7i ;,.7-i 17--REAL ESTATE 1'or Salei 17--REAL ESTATE For Sale Here's Something You've All been looking for -- that is, if you have a lawn or arc trying to establish our. A 25 foot rubber hose w i t h S spray nozzles built into tiie huso. No installation costs -- Fits all curves and ·corners. Sprays any contour fight times fa.stcr. The average sprinkler costs $2.1)5 each plus the cost of 25 foot of garden hose. Now you can h.ive 8 sprinklers and 25 foot of garden IIUHC for only $0.89. K A K M E R S MARKET - Ph.;;;;;! Your Chcckcrdale Store ;t Hcili-onm I louse, 2 baths, Limlii Vista. 6-1 acre farm, good houyc, near GarriiMtl. W. J- MTTLK I'll. U7U or i:(0fi 7 1 - l f n 5;i,OOU, ?.'j()0 down, bnl. rent , for -I room, bath, sewer runs by. 1 blk. bus. 52.SOO buys 1 IKTU ·I r;ii. nnd bath, S Wits. College. $850.00, 5600 down buys i! rm. house. Ask us, can nhou- you real homes, business sites, courts, etc. G l n t i Lo show you around, not high pressure talk. \ BUNCH'S REAL ESTATE 1401 E. Arizona Ph. IRiO-tt 76-.'ic-78. The Race is on. Folks. Our I'Ullut Derby .started off with n bang yesterday. Lots if folks registered to nee if they i-an pick Ji w i n n r r (.he pull*.'l t h a t lays llie first egg. Tho dark hurst's. Petunia it Vt'rbiina. a i e the favuriltis, ii seems - at least the roosters Ihink sn. PutunUi M.'oins to Ije p r i m p i n g n I l t t l o more t h a n Vrrbena but that won't help to 1 lay the first egg. The nmslrrs sunn to IHu 1 her. llic llinvovrr, I'm p u t t i n g my nionoy on Vcrbemi --- hlir, seems to l u i v o more srnso. Tin: other si.x girl!! are n:«lly tfying, Ihoiigti. becausi: Lhoy also want to win. so they can p l r k out n husband 1'rnin Iho four roosters. Quite n cimlcst - S pullets - -1 i-oosU'i'-s. Well, hi-re's hoping the licsl gal wins. Conn; in mid pick yourself :i winner -- you may IJL- one of Uie lucky winners. F A R M K R S .MARKET - Ph. W,' t Your t.'hrckrrdalr Store 7. r i-.V-77 2 new houses on 5 lots, ?lt,- DllO.OO, S bllts. College. Uhlg. siles. Terms to suit from owner, good title. 700 luts to choose, from. Come by and Innk what \vn have, we arc not high pressure salt'smen, ami imlcpendunt listings. BUNCH'S R E A L ESTATE- Ph. Ij.'JO-R ' : 76-lp-TO' Small Rcytuurant 51.000 2 bedroom home, Mesillu Park, $G,000, lerms. 7 room home, 2 acres, 51,500 down. ·1 bedroom hi line, 2 bathy and garage. ? 1,000 down, biilance' on easy terms. QUESI5NBEHHY REALTY CO. 102 N. Cliuirh I'hunc 52 Sou 11. V. Spungk'r 7-l-(ic-7fi 200 liltlg. :; hy owner. I''. A U\s, Irrms lo suit, B U N C H 19--USED C-'AHS For Salo Ill-Ill KOHI) "2 DOOlt SEDAN, . Icsa tluin ci'lllllK pilco, Jill. OliS. Immediate Delivery on THE NEW BUICK In Las Cruces at ... CULLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph. 1016 F O R D I N D U S T R I A L E N G I N E S EXCELLENT FDR IRRIGATION PUROSES 4 Types io Choose From Ford "337" V-Typc Eighl Cylinder Engine for Industrial Power 337 Cubic Inch Displacement CHECK THESE FEATURES! · I'litl tnriiintcil rcpluo-ablc cnrtilclKf oi! f i l l IT, · Ko-drculsitlntf prt-ssiiro coitliup s.vsli'tn ItiiT- inoslnlk'iilly r-onlrdllcd, ccntririi^iil piiinp, l u l l length water jiicltct.s. · 'Autollicrnilc pinions \vllli cliniiiu; top corn- prc.sfilon ring for long life ititil nil eroiiiuny. · I I I ^ H l i f t ramshaU. · Hlgli elironir nlrkel itllo.y I n l a U e vulvrs. · liiinl faced cobalt e.\luiilst valves--fret- l.v|ir valvi-N. · Mol.vchntnic alloy .sd-el valve sr;il inserts. · (.'(iiiiiti-rhiihiTicoU crankslutrt. · Ilravv i f u l y l y p c rrplarr-nbli- slrel b:irkt-(i pre- .·]iun t l i l n shi-!l iimln and conni-rting rod hriiriugs of copped lend alloy u i t l t lead overlay. · lialani-eil rnrlillrclliiii ( d i m m l r u l l nr U|drall). · I l i - a t v d n l v »ll lialh air cleaner. Ford "254" 6-CYLINDER ENGINE FOR INDUSTRIAL POWER 254 Cubic Inch Displacement CHECK THESE FEATURES! · Driip-lnrKril »lcel, fully rmnilrlhalanced cranltslinfl with hardened jiiuriiiils. · Heavy duly type replaceable .steel backed precision ildn shell main am! ennui-cling rud lienrlliRH of copper leatl alloy w i t h lead overlay. · HIf;Ii flironio nlckc! alloy Intake valves. · Hard faced cobalt r.\haiiM valvt-s--free type valves. · .'Molyclironio alloy steel txhuiiit valve seal Inserts, · A i i l o l h i - r m l c |islins wllli chrome hip eotu- pn-sslnti flag for long life and oil economy. · I)mil i v M l r U u K a l u l i t e r pumps. ( · I-'nil l e n g t h Vtalcr jiiclu-th eonl|'le(ely Mir- roiiitdliiK ('itch cylinder. · ItL'-cIr.-nlatirij: jiretMin- cooling ^trni, tker- iiitishKi-ally contndled. · ECeplaccalile carlrldKC typo nil filler, · Dual d e w n d r a f l r-arlnircthiil. ' · · llntvy d u t y oil bath u l r cleaner. Ask About ihe Ford Industrial Engine 226 and 239 M E S I L L A M O T O R C O 600 N. Main Phone 203

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