Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 13
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Rome Trying Free Buses To Cut Down on Congestion - : By VICTOR!. SIMPSON ROME ,..., _ buses nnil Blreolcnrs wcro free today as Homo, slfKiiglw'l by traffic congestion, ntlemirfed to induce prlviile motorists ( 0 keep their cnrs ul home. Tim plan, postponed and modified several times boeuuse of pressure from (he flminelally strapped city-owned bus cum- pnny, went Into effect on (in experimental biisls through June J5, Bill city officials snid Hint if It helps lo untangle the Eternal City's perpetual u-iiffie jam then rush hour fares would be abolished for cood. 'Hie plnn calls for free bus and trolley rides from 5 to 8:30 .in the morning and from 5 to 8 in the .evening. Traffic Commissioner Uiigl Pallolllni said 80 per cent of the city's workers and sludenls should be able to benefit from (he free rides in the morning and an even greater numljcr of persons, particularly shoppers, in Ihc evenings. A bus ticket presently costs i Do you know that God loves you? Come to this Christian Science Lecture MONDAY MAY 8th 8 P.M. 15th St. and 10th Ave. - l E from 5 to I) I n (he morning mid I) eenls nflerwanl. Orlgimilly (ho · city hud planned free rides Ixilwcon 6 imil 0:M In (he moitilng Diluting April 15. But the bus company, which showed a deficit of ?05 million In 1071 protested hilt II would have to acid extra buses lo accommodate Ihe cx- pcclecl crush of riders at lliose hours. Pallollini said the bus company stands to lose 2.5 million during the 45-day experiment. To lure motorists lo public Iransporlallon, the city has ordered 400 new buses added to the 1,700 now in service and lias set aside additional lanes for buses and taxis. The city also has talked of evenlually banning cars from central Home. This woidd follow Caesar's drastic solution. He banned chariols during day- lime. The free-bus system had a test run from Dec. 30 to Jan. 7. The cily released statistics Monday showing that the plan attracted an additional 400,000 riders a day, although It failed to make an appreciable dent in Rome's traffic. New UMW Election Ordered', e Win Called Violation Foster by Bike 'CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) - A :en-speed bicycle whipped a 1359 model car Monday in a 4'A-mile race at rush h6ur Monday to publicize Bikecology Week. Les Gesell, a graduate student in physics at Ihe University of Cincinnati, finished two minutes ahead of Jerry Boneculler, an industrial supervisor. Gesell said he won the trek from 'the university lo the Norlliside area because he was able to move through stalled traffic and made all the green lights. your success is measured by the office you keep. And Myrtle EesVs M6SOO Series instantly identifie* you' as nn executive of discriminating taste. Sleek styling communicates elegance as Well as efficiency in executive and secretarial desks. Modular units adapt harmoniously for flexible arrangements. Hand-rubbed oil walnut finish is standard. Also available--textured ·walnut plastic tops with the effect and fed of natural hand-rubbed oil walnut.. For even more versatility, the M6300 offers three leg styles in your choiee'of standard matte black or optional mirror chrome. Let u» create an appropriate background for your business. Our planning department ia at your service. " E v e r y t h i n g for the Office" 1303 E i g h t h A v e n u e They Came To Protest Housing · B E E F BOARD AWARD - The Colorado 'Beef Board presented the University of Northern Colorado an award for the use of Colorado grown Ixxjf. On hand Iiere to accept in . behalf of UNC are l,en Hodgson, director of fnod services, left, and Mrs. Genevievc Law- rcnson, UNC food service manager at Tobey Kcndel Hall. Presenting the award is Hon Craven, executive director of the Hcef Board, second from right, and Konald It. Himstrcet, right, vice president of Monforl Food Distributing Co. (UNC photo by Bob Waters) Boyh WASHINGTON ( A P ) - A There was dissatisfaction ederal district judge has over- urned United Mine Workers 'resident W.A. "Tony" Boyle's 9G9 election for "flagrant vio- alion" of the law and ordered a new vote. The date and the machinery if flic new election will be set- led later, after ;ill parties sub- nit proposals. Judge William iryant, who tossed out the election, will fix the details. Bryant issued a 33-page opin on Monday which held that the activities of Boyle and other incumbents violated the law and nay have influenced the dec- ion, the test required by federal law before a union election may be set aside. Boyle had argued that he had done nothing wrong. In order to find in favor ol .he union incumbents, Bryani wrote, "The court would be iorced. t o - " s w i m upstrearr against the tide of evidence too ;trong to resist." John Owens, union secretary treasurer, and George J. Titler vice president, the two other in ternational officers of the un ion, also will face a new elec tiou. Boyle's present term wa to expire in 1975. At the end of the bitter 106' campaign, Boyle emerged wir ner over an insurgent factioi led by presidential candidat Joscph.A. "Jock" Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife an daughter were shot to deal Dec. 31, three weeks after tti election. The election case began afte complaints from Yablonsk forces brought an investigate by the Department of Labor The secretary of Labor the filed the suit, challenging th election on grounds that the ii cumbents used union facilitie and money to win re-election. mong Yablonski forces over 10 government's presentation f the case. But a Supreme ourt ruling allowed attorney oseph Rauh, representing ablonski campaign manager like Trbovich, to intervene nd bolster the government ase. A spokesman for the union ad no comment on Bryant's ccision. In Beckley, W.Va., James eeber, President of UMW Dis- rict 29, said: "I don't think the lection should have been lirown out." Leeher also said there is no question" the Jus- ice Department is harassing 3nyle. Another district president, .conard J. Pnakovich, head of Jislrict 31 in Leonard, W.Va., aid there were some irregularities in the election, "but there are irregularities in all elec- ions--stale, city, and nation al." "This is good news for al rank-and-file miners," pro claimed Trbovicb in a state ment. "We, the Miners for De mocracy, are planning a steer ng-committee convention ii Charleston, W.Va., within th next two weeks, ft is- possibli we will come out with a slate o Accidental Overdose HOLLYWOOD (AP) _ Ac tress Gia'Scala's death at ag 38 was caused by an accidenta overdose of narcotics and alco hoi, the J/s Angeles Count coroner says. Miss Scala had been lakin medication for a drinking prob lem, officials said Monday. Sh also suffered from a coronar condition. The actress' bod was found Sunday by one c three men staying at her home The funeral will be Tliursda at Wesfview Memorial Chape She will be buried in llol Cross Cemetery. COMPLETE TREE SERVICE Among Bryant's specific find ngs were: -"The (incumbents) timci nd manipulated the salary in reases (of union employes) fo ic purpose of throwing them nto the election . . . in an effor o attract the support of its cm loyes for Ihe incumbent offi ors in terms of services an' inancial aid." --Tlie union failed and re ised "to assure any rosponsi jilily for providing sufficien nformation to Yablonski t avail himself of the opporlunil o cover the polls with observ rs (which) constitutes a fla rant violation" of the law. --The "evidence shows tha n a great number of ... loca unions little regard was show cr the requirement that th election be by secret balli candidates lion.' for the new elec . Tucs., May 2, 1972 (1HKKLEY .(Colo.) T R I B U N E ; 13 By G. C. T H E L E N Jr. Aitoclatcd Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - They nmo by Ihe busful, these urig- hoincownei's from the na- on'.s major Inner cities. Their complaint was about ie Federal Housing Admlnis- raliun find the decrepit, FIIA crllfied and -Insured. houses old through the government's oandal-rlddcn inner-city liomc- wnership program, Their official voice was the iilionul People's Caucus, an rtfant amalgam of 368 grass- onls organizations represent ig while elbnics, blacks and pani.sli-speaking Americans, The whiles' concern was the lockbusting, deterioration and bandonmcnl that struck Iheir iCighbnrhoods because of the lomcnwnership programs. The ninorilies were angry about he shoddy housing foisted on hem. It all spilled forth in a hcar- ng room of Ihc Senate antitrust ind monopoly subcommittee, 'he pane! was opening a probe if the financial machinations ·csponsible for scandals in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, "Jhicugo and St. Louis--scandals the government estimates will bring 210,000 hnuslng ahan- owners In our nelghborlwods. Too Realistic LITTLE ORLEANS, Md. AP) -- A 13-year-old Fred- crick, Md., youth was wounded when his turkey calls were loo realistic. Stale police reported that 3ary William Clark was sitting n a Ires using a turkey call device to lure game Monday ,vhcn he was shot accidentally }y another hunter, N'elson H Bussard, 33, of Hagerstown. Clark was admitted lo Cum Norland Memorial Hospital in fair condition with 12-gauge sholgun pellet wounds of the bead, neck chest, police said. donmcnls nationwide In the next few years al n cost to Ihc FJ1A of $2.4 billion. C'armel McCruddcn of Philadelphia lold the subcommittee about the $0,000 FHA-ccrlificd house she Iwughl from a real- estate agent: "He took my husband fo see Ihe house on one occasion. There were people living in il al Ihe time. Since the furniture was In place and carpeting on the floor, we did not notice any defects .... "The only thing we noticed was we had sand walls and a dirt floor in the basement. The real-estate agent (old us not to worry because the owners would be made to make repairs in the basemenl in order lo re eive K I I A approval. "I believed him. lie called u; p and told us the basemen ad been laken care of and tha erfificalions had been issue; n Ihe plumbing, roofing, elec ricily and woodwork. "We made settlement anc ·ame directly to (he bouse . . . 'he basement had not been cc mentcd and plastered. Th cal-estale man was notifies ·)ut he said there was nothtn] ie could do. "I approached FHA and th mortgage company. Each said t was now my responsibility, even though FHA had 'ap- iroveu" the house. No sooner lad we moved in than the de- larlmenl of licenses and in- --The UMW Journal, a union publication mailed lo members, 'was used as a strument particularly ·toyle On March .31, Boyle, C8, was convicted on all counts of a 13- counl federal indiclrnenl which charged (hat he illegally used tributions. STANFOUD, Calif (AP) -Dr. William Shocklcy has been refused authority lo teach ; course at Stanford Universil; on research melhods involve n his theory lhal blacks ar 1icy say the risk Is too high. "What that 'red-line' Is really aying Is 'sell, move out; your cighborLood is going down iho rain; blacks ami Latinos are noving in ami its going lo cost ton more to stay.' "So Ihe people began to move. And the neighborhood cal-eslale agents left with hem, leaving their once-pros- icrous neighborhood to Ihe lockbustcr and panic-peddler vho delight in raping commu- lilies for a fust buck and who ply the streets' of the ghetto, recruiting blacks and browns for he new slum-falcd area. "Although FHA opened up the market for low-money-down government-backed loans, it also opened up the market for the wheeler-dealer, fast-buck artists using FHA as Its tool of trade," Mrs. Cincotla said. "The end result is that the buyers are left wilh a federally insured home containing thousands of dollars in needed .-repairs with which they are unable lo contend. The home becomes abandoned, the mortgage is bought up by the mortgage house and paid off by. the government," colla. said Mrs. Cin- jpcclions came to our house and listed the existing building- code violations. "To comply with the building code, lo dale I have paid $1,000 for a basement floor and $270 'or electrical work. I still have a $1,500 plumbing job yet to be done." Gale Cincotla talked about a housing conspiracy she said is destroying her neighborhood on Chicago's West Side. 'The firsl stage could be called the 'red-lining' process,' said Mrs. Cincotta. "For some reason banks and savings-and- loan associations refused to give mortgages or even home improvement loans to home For Rent Typewriters All Makes--Portable and Standard and Free Estimates and Reasonable Rates PRUNING- REMOVING- STUMPING TRIMMING 353-186O 509 37th St., Evoiu ess intelligent than whites. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY special faculty commilte for the incumbents, Snnckley be allowed fo teach 3 Months Rent M.-vy Apply on Purchase graduate course in the subjec or one quarter without credit. · Forms · Ranches · Commercial Many Greeley Views On Hand graduate sludies, said Monday tie vetoed the course because of $49,250 in union dues money for doubts about Shockley's objec- federal political campaign con- twity and expertise in genetics. Lew Dakan Shockley shared the 1956 Nobel He remains free on bond in Prize in physics as a coinventor that case pending appeal. seroice Greeley builders profit by utilizing the total services concept at the Lotl Agency. Real estate manager Chuck Neal explains the .benefits of dealing with the same firm -- from the pouring of the foundation through the final sale. "Total service" at the Lott ·Agency means financing, insurance AND real estate. Call for full information! 918 lllh Ave. Ph. 353-1443

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