Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 21, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1945
Page 2
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PAGfc TWO Wednesday Afternoon Febrijajrf 41,1?45 Las f'ut.lithrd, LT Ihc (.·· Ourr* Eiilnrd «i l.». C : OF 'mi 1 , A S n r i A ' r i : i j J-KI'.SS ·THIRD JUDICIAL COUflT, DOHA A-NA .COUNTY, NEW MEXICO i May M. Hawley, sometimes i known aw May MisDojiald Hawley j or an Mae McDonald Hewlcy or an ; .Mae M. Hawley or atj Mm. M. M. Hawley. Plaintiff, . 11.'", t l l . r t mtm y r a i . S.I7S t i n 111 ) t l r . M a l l ml,,,, I ' O I ' N M K U I N I W I IScois Wb Pokes at Bhine (Continued from page 11 stretch along the Pruem river. After Crossing the Enz fiver, the 80th division pushed a half The Board of Trillion of the mJlc m j r t n r.e a eh,ing ·£ point six - -' ' "" ^' * M " · miicB north of Bollendorf. Neater Prucm and north of ihe M^clje, armored units In a half mile advance Beached the vicinity Tow-n of Las Crucc*,- N. #., a | municipal corporation; Impleaded i with the /allowing .named -defcn- against whoni substituted . to be ob- service ta : hereby tained, to-wlt; the. following named defendants by name if living- If dt ceased, their unknown helra, lo-wlt: Ora M. Scott. Flora Solly Brotl, JSmeline Julia Scott. Jam.ea L. SamjiHOn. Wilbr-r .1. Sampspii, fl'irt U Kampaon, Jamcw L. Sam- jr.on aA ndiuiniJtratpr of the ca- tatr (»f Amelia it. Sampapn, dc- i tascd, ^ind Nancy iFroncis Kcott; Kings and Poienlales Listen io U. S. Counsel King Ibn Saud, of Saudia Arabia, traveled more than 800 miles from Jidda, on the- Hod yea, lo meet President Franklin D, RooseveJl of Un. 1 United Stales nnd counsel with the.presi- dent and Premier Winston Churchill of Great Britain following t h e meeting conference- of the Big Thrco at YaH.'«.,in the Crime;!, an Associalod Press dipak'h reveals. In the post-Yalta (·(inference. 1 ;, wliicii took placo Jil Cain*, also appeared K i n g Ilaik* Selassie of Klhiopiu aj:rl King Farouk of Egyjjl. the AP revealed. A w h i t n liousi. stalernent, which ihc Associated Press was quoting, said the KOIMniie trip was the fir,sl lime in his liJc!or inU'rual In the hereinafter Ibn S:iud had l e f t his country's soil- a fact interpreted by-illrttl premiaca adv(r»e to members of his n-jrlv as "im unniecedented honor" !(.,!' the ' .iatntiff. Dpfendynte. .,,,..;.!,.«'. ' ! IVo. 0821 _ 'NOTICE OF jTHidcnlfi' · SUIT ituil h t a d j i o" government (limit th" woilcJ "Hliouuld get icr win'iiftvrr nopslb!" '.fi !nll: I'ndi it ml cxrhitr.K',' -''CVH i ' A l I l ' S l l 'T WJl.H J l l l l r ! i » [ n m i i l for Hi" t r i p . I t wan r « | » o r l v i l t v,-iu*iliip in h W n i - y p u r l c»f .lid'in im we n t U K - K I H K unknown hclra of the following ]iunctl dpccaaed persona, to-wit: unelja L Sampson. Benjamin 'F. ,Si;utt, Ucc«.aaed h'uaband of fcokl .irfcndant Oro M. Scott, ajid Ben- iniin P". Scott deceased husfjaad "f .K3Jd defendant Nancy 'Francis and all unkn6wji claimants the TO: Each and all yf Ui« above i i u t i i u defendanLs against whom -.ubntituted ^rvice IB hereby sought :'\yc :iorthe4ai-.j Our Second front letter received by -^tre. ,J; -P. £ r oni her ^usband, 'Byt. Gsmboa, revealed ^ic fnct-thtit he ·hftd been hit (n the right army by ·9 Jap mortaj: ^hell, ^nd had to astc R fnend tn write his letter. -Pvt. Rambt-T, who is with the infantry in t the South Papific arfa, asks his wife not to worry about him. since he expects to be all right again rcon. ·Sgt. A r t u r o Sanchez, who was .typunded in France Oct. 20, wrjtea. his brother Max ; Sanchez of. th,^ Grocery, fehat he h,as ; been of Daeburg. The BOith division ; ; vunctd a mile to high-ground-eight miles northeast of Dashurjj.' On both the Canadian .'irtd third arniy (ronta, Clegrlng akles allowed planes to tfilte off cdrly to amash at the Nazis. Both the Rhine and the .Msuse (Maaa) irivcrfl/.ilke the Roer, ,we?e relurnUig to their banks-and .roads were hardening. j.""!transffrrcd to a 'hospital. J n r,Lt. .Bobby J. Mayflqjd, ,apn qf Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Mayfleld, is -i iContinueo rn,-m pwre -I) a, hnmlot eight miles east of Gu- ijen. . . Capture of Cro«aen, announced in last night's ;Mpficow .communi- que, firmly joined -Konev'.i northern flank to the Bo.uthern end -tf pilot on n B-2 crew nmv in its final stage of training at the army air field, Casper. Wyo. Following completion of his training, be and his crew will be sent overseas to .a combat area. Sgt. Tsidro J. Garcia of Las Grii- ,con. is a member of the 767th tank ·battiiUnn. fifth army outfit functioning as artillery from behind the ridges bprdcrin|f Itnly's Po .valley on the south. Hard packed snow and fee in treacherous mountain country prohibit orthodo:: tank tactics, Kept under cover ·in cinyli"ht. within .2.QOO yards of the enemy, the tanks are wheel ed up t° f^lng points only a *ev .yards nwav at night. ,ivhere their flrepnwer is .utilized in performancp of firltl artillery missions. Pfr. Edunrdo L. Costales, re- ;}! Hll .SHI er In iH' understantl i l i t ; ;j i i N of Hue iinotbri'." n t n n i i l i n o f i t H l n u i l L i i i H ' f t t i s ;'i i l t f r t i n i London f a l d M:;i' '' r C h u n - b i l l t«W of th" r.-in 1 · In- obtained, GHEE3T1NG: .You and of you .are hereby '. plaintiff hn filed .her complaint jiigalnflt you, and each of you,,in 'lit 1 ftltove numbered cauae, I n ^ t h e .Strict Court of Dona Arm Coun- annpunoed copture^of .two ,oU«r ... front held ind -steadily 1-turnin^ from IB months overseas strengthened for two weeks by in th" Asiatic-Pacific theater of Operations, is expected here on a White Russian army east of the furlo«Rh to visit his parents, -Mr. Oder . and Mrs. Coastalcs. Following his In addition lo CroBsen, Moscow visit he will report to Camp Grueber, Okla. M.JE, Clturch Circles Meet for Study Five Methodist church circles met for their study hour :'n variour homes this week, oach .followed by refreshments and .1 social hour. The subject 'or the ntudy counie this year is '"The Crusade for Christ,'" and is based on the study book, "The 4Vord of His Grace." The Volunteer circle met in th? home of Mrs. Dave Lowry, where Mrs. Frank Adams was study ?ader. The College-Park circle held their meeting in the home of MM. Kenneth Valdntine^ Mrs, J. T. Stovall conducted the study hour, assisted by other members of the class, the hostess giving the devotional. One n^w member, Mrs. Wilbur File, and a guest, Mrs. J. C. Chittiek, were reported. Mrs. G. N. Strnman was hostess- to the Marguerite Walker circle, when 'Mesdames Lukens, Coulee, C^ckcrill and Beene had charge of the study. Miss Lottie Sweet entertained the Viola Broaddus circle in her home " on South Alame^a, with Mrs. M. B. Stevens in charge of the study program. Mrs. C. A. Miller conducted the program when Mrs. John Gains was hostess to Circle No. 1. At this meeting Mrs. C. C. Qzment gave th-2 circle an altar cloth that she had made, which is to be presented to the church by the circle. Tliis circle reported having completed 100 gitbags and 100 housewives for the Red Cross to be given service men. K\ (!cd i l r n i r M K I I V a l d r | l u u f h . r u of n m i H i i i i l i i | i ! « ' r i l - . r i i w . :ih».. -lid t h * . m v l r f - iuli"»! i i r i ' l ;u i .'HM.ii.-i U i n l n .!)!(· Ihc A i a l u i . n r l f - m , an . s l r i l f i i i « l y | i | r t n r f . M | i n - " Tb.' k i i ' K | ' f - l « - r i . - . l I n Hv.' o u t - |,;u-.-il l ' i r h us A l i ' i i t \vjtj« n-\ \\} -,n Mi.- (orrr:i:.ll.- .l.'Hl, f i n d t i l . ' ·A-lnit- IniiiHi- H t i i . t "lie l i v e in il an i f lu \VfM- u m k i i i f ! p I l n r l i n i i K * 1 J O l l . - w l l l ' t . - I l l Hit- V I I H l l|«'MTl I.' ^ I f . i i K i»f A m l ' i i i . " l l n i H i i u i l ' N p - i i - l y i t l l l u l x M c d -IK, i i i c h u l l n M l i i ^ 1 ' i n l l n T . "f t i n - |{inj;. f i n d M i - v c n i l M hi). i - n l j | i ; c in n l H l M x Tin- A n u T i n i n i n i u l H l - r , ( - n L W i l t i i i n A . Kdily, m n r l i i i ' i-nrpt: t f l . T f i l , ill. 1 ". i t c r i . ' i n p i i u i n l 1 li.- id UK M r . Uoi..-"v.'lt n - . f i v c t t l l u - rnyu v i ^ l l o t t U t t i i u ; (in t h . ' f o r U'.it f ; i u i .!i-cU The i - n - w n i i i i i n c i l 1 II- I'll 11" H l l ^ l l - ( ' l l l l H h l l l l l K l v i Sum n«t.:s o! t i n - hoiUhwaln'h pip" "ki')il n i l htn.ilH H| m u l i n g r l ^ t d l y id a l t i ' i i t . o t i " Tin- i i i m - i i H M K i i i . s were (It'wrilicil New VICTOR RECORDS Suturdiiv Ni^Iil Kobiil Hi mil Slur Dust Sk'ijjli Hiiii 1 in J u l y Hum iiml Cufii-Colii Smoke (Ji'ts in Your Eyus Lili MiirltMiL 1 Ac-fcnt-H'liuiili' Ihi 1 1'osillvc And Her Tears Flu\vo(l l.ikc Win,. ! Didn'l l^now A l x m l Yun I Couldn't Slcc|i ;i W i n k Last NiKlit Tu(i-Hii-ljiu-Hii-ljiii-Kul Stranjic Music Holujas 1 fin S t i i n ^ s IJoo^ir Woo^ir Ni;;ht i i m l Day First ('las.-. 1'nvati' M . I I V Hiou'ii t Dream nf "S'mi I J r a U t i f l l ) Drranin M A N Y Hl-rOHDS .HIST A R H I V K 1 ) · NK\V A N ! ) N O T S D N M W LOOMIS GO. E v r r y l h i n n in Musii- cure ",'linitl pcrHJBU'iit n - " " ' t " l l r ' ] i l l n i t i w:i« tnltlnj.' ;i h v i i l l n i ; - 'r ! n 11 mm 1 " l - i H i - t t h - u r n l . ' c i i m "f I 1 ' " ! i l d l ! « H H l t h r o u g h r i . i m n l ' . · u' ' 11- A c n l i fitnt.o n i K J (In- i r o t i l l o i i ut" ·i n i ' i ) - u i i ! i - Jf.k-lHli H t : i t i ' cciinpriH- l\K l" ( "" »f I ' H l f s l h l P . " At any nitc, v.-lifMrtr i n e r t v · ' K u n | i i i i n h b o i " or c o i l l i - r l ·' ' ' u- .ri'l pn.lii'-nis. UH- y t i n t ' i f ' t l !·""- i.r HI II t e n HCCMW I r t H l V ' h i ' i l l l p O ' 1 it m h r d n l . - of ' H t ' l o m i i f ' V m-vcr 1" - f r i f M ' n v l K ! ( i l l ( ' i l I n l l H ' A l ' K M - i ' ' r i i l i i U i l . ''veil by t l i - - world-mil"!"- Wiiijilrov/ \ V l l n o n . A.nrl, Idr'!-' 1 -:! ·" nil i ' u n " n i i i - Hpuki'.snuui b being ft veil »n i i l t i - n t i v c i-ar by k : .n;"i ru [| p u t i ' i i l t i t r A n l t k i ? in'i-n lliosc of u i o l : i t f i | c:otm1rlv.s w h l c l i ncvi;r I'Xpt-d tn sec t i n - color of » f o t r l g n t i n l l O r t i i . More Clothing Due Along About July W A S H I N G T O N . 1-Vb. 21 Wt i\ l|irt;i'i j i i i ] i [ l v of iiu'Kin'iiHlvc t oUiln^ iiluiiK ubuiit J u l y WHS the .xmiim' today. II riinu- f r o t n t l i t ' \vnr prodnrtlon jijn ( -it, \vlid-li IIIIN i'b iinc-Mod iiionl i tin. 1 mipply of ntyoii and wool t o low ami im'dttiiivpriiH'd n,,r- n i c n t K , in n l rblii^ a Him liar itctlon tultoii prin-ldiiBiy w i t h roHjiool o collon. Tin 1 pn.iiiltii' WHN niiutc alwu ly { !«' O f f l l ' f Of J H ' I r O lUllllllllAtrHlloil i n o i i l l l n l n ^ ]il!in.t t u r c l n n i jirlrt'K ot* w i ' i u l n i ; H|.['rii! to 1(1.12-4^ ll'Vl'l.H. I ' l H ' . f i d i i n i K i i i i i l u ^ a n y tm'.i luld 1 n l n . n l L'IKI yciU'H to n-ncb UtiM' u l l H I K « - KHi il-i-i lull and 10 ' Could Henry VIII Have Hud Stomach Ulcor Pains? i..,',!iNp h ",.i ..\l'"i rS'I.!!!^i. i^n-.'iV ^ - M . . U K.r. ,,,uil(^ t M l ^ . u t l n i , . , lm, i ".I- -Mi- u l , ti h',.,11 ,Mul nll.r, , . - l u f i t i . ^ ! . , . i , - 1 1 . . v , , - v , ,,,.;.! Cri .t Jv !·..» .it . · · · i u: i i n n 111.1: V I M U MOM' v II M ' K M · ; . ! , l ' l I ' M I K S l o i . . , t i . l , ! L U ^ . ( , ,, , · - - ' · - · * *'-- --- - Lumber ; AND Building i Materials Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 South Church Phono 3 - ··· · · · ·- - · - 3 ROSE DAWN PLANTS FOR YOUR FLOWER GARDEN THIS WEEK ONLY CLARK GARDNER Route 1. Box 143 Usage, Iowa NOTE: This is A special Advertising offer, good /or this wi-ok only ty. Now M*xU^; that , t,be j£fti$ral .·bJet'L Dicrenr Ifi lo quint the; title ( · ' ihf p l a i n t i f f in find to those certain i-rycis urm porccli of Innd and real epUUc tUsflfrllicd In the coni- n n ' n t , whic.h property is located n the Town of LA Cruccs. County u; Dunu A n n and StnU' of Js'ow M(.'xl«o, tind within the. Dona Ana J3cnd .Colony Grant, .«iul on lh« flou'linldK of An,md.or Avenue ,an] on tht- wcitl.sUlf of Miranda Street. Y'lti arc further notified t.hatun- li'H.'i you enter your appotrincc 1 In ttiild citune on or'ljotorc the ?9th iiy of Morcli, lB4r, judgment will (! rendered aRl,n»t you, tuid ouch of you, in fluid aftUfip, by default, Holt 'Holt, whose poHtofftoc fidilrcHK ·!« baa Cruces, N. JA., arO t IP al-LoriifyB for pininUff. W1TNS8S uiy haiyl and the aeal nf aiild Dlbtrict Court of Dqna.-Ana Counly, N. M.. thin 12 dwv of Feb- ruiirv. I94D. iSoiil) L. 'A- CARDWELL. District Clerk ·b. Kl, HO, 27 Mar. C-1845. JN THE PltOBATR COURT OF DONA ANA COUNTY, NBVV WBXJCO. I n - the .rpntttir of the L.n(U -Will mid Tt'Jitnmcnt of C. P. Wilson, t oceaaud. No. 13DO NOTICR TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: .No.llcc Is hcruby .given thnt an nntrttmcnl purporting to ho the UiKt \V111 Tcntftnienl of C. T. Wll.ion, docensptl, him hoen filed f u r probate In the ProbnU- Cour . of Dona Ana Counly, Now Mexico,' iind Hint by ordor (tf Hnlrt Court Lhc 1 '^-Itli di\v of February A. D. 1015, at 10 o'clock A. M. nl ; the Court lloom of snld Court In Ihe Town of Lii8 Criu'oa, Ni:\v Mexico, Is thn liny, t l m p and place for irarlng jwoof on ftuld Ltutt Will and Ti'atonionl. THKHEFORE, nny pcreon or tcrjjonB wishing lo imlor ribjecllons to the probtitliig of sftld I^iust AV.UI nnd TestRnuMit rv hereby notified to file their objectlona In the of- flfi- of the County Clerk of Ilona Ann County, Now Mexico, on or Itcfmv the time set for .said hear- IllK. ! \ViliH-sB my luutd tvnU soul of suiil Court thlK (ho SOth .duv of Jniiuury, A. D. 1MB. I S o n l l AD10LA GONZAIdSS, Counly Ulcrk. .inn. :;o Kfii. n. 1:1,20-11145. ·NOTICE OK APPOINTMENT AS ; A N C I L L A R Y KXKCUTOR ' Notice is li(u-«by xlv(sn Unit tllp iDulvvsiKiii-tl. Clitwti'r ]'. Crn\v- h.iM, ul :!!! Kn»( Wllllnnu Streol, , W i r h l t i i . lituiMiH. linn lioi'n np- iiniili'il Iiy llu IVolialr Court ot iOtn;:! A n n County. ^'t-vvMpxico, 1 anvlllnry oxvoulor of tin- IH.-H will fiiul trrtliuiM-iit ot .Lentcr M. Craw- t tor\l. tU'vviisvd, lllltl Hint n i l per- · Mms lutviii^ I'-lnini!* HKIUIIKI *n\A i ivilHto hhcuUl proimfp «nU iirt-jtfiit thi .muni- to tlio liiulKrjiHl"'^'* n l t o r i i r y nt 1:17 Wnai ('.rlgga Slivrt In I.IW Cnicpa. .N,-\\ Mexico, ^·itliln thp Mine allowed by law; ! u l h r i w i s t ' tlio Jtntni- will lc h(ir- X-.1 WITXKpS My hatul Illla I S t l i j i l n y i'l Kuliruary 11HS. CHUSTKI! C H A W K O R n Anrtllflry ^xcviltol 1 Krlv 14.21.88, M»r. 7. jN'OTKTE OK AProINTMRNT"oF ADMINISTRATOR | Noliiv i hrwliy given that tho ! iiiu1,Mjiit:ni'il \\'ai on the :u*t day or January, 1114,1. nppolnlr'd l\v j tlw , Priib«ti- Court of IXum An'n 1 County, New MoxU-u, «» «ilinlnlj- lintor o( Ihp (atatt or AUifrlo BAVLtFSCADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Audlti · Tm Matltn · «y»l«m« iapjE.Grl«ei Ph.214. 477-J urge towns, Bolpersborg and Clirisilan-^tndt.. and more than 87 lopulntt'd places by Konev's roopu. 3reo.h Into .BrMlan The Gormanfl anoo.tuicod that Soviet troops had broken into the onp by-DaR9ecr and .encircled. Oder r ver , cltlCB of Breajau .ajid', GIo- Rau i.but .decltirfld .they re- pulBBd. 'Berlin .said .the ;Sr««ta.u dlrrlHo.n had spurned .a .surwinder ultimatum. ^ .In the mountains ,of CzechoBlo- vajtla 8ome r 60 rnilos -due north of Buda-pcet, tied army troops -opened up a new drive, capturing more than 00. communities on.d Advancing, northwestward .within 13 miles of Banska : Bystrica. »5 0 ALl/ONfi OF OAS STOLEN While JV. :W. Bowden snd-his family wore attending n theatre In Las Cruces, 35. gallons of gasoline and the barrel in which It \vas stored were stolon from hls'.home near KairHcres, Sheriff Santos Rani rez wRfl jold today. · .first lr,v In (tot II- In Piuoen. Wood, deceased, and that all persons having claims against the eatatu of the gald .decedent arc required .to .presojit the , same to the undersigned at Hill, New Mexico, within six .months of Uie date of the first niibllcRtlon of this notice; otherwise the.aame will be barred. WITNESS My hand and sen tills 13Ul day of February. 11)45. ASHLEY B. WOOD Feb. 14,21,28, Mar. 7. IN PnOBATB COURT OF DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW -MEXICO In the Milter .of the Estate of Ada Efltclla -Mruilcy. Deceased ·So. 18D7 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Ol ABMINISTOATRIX police is licreby islv.en tbnt -tho umlOTslRiictl wim itppoiiited by Un Probate Court of rjona. Ana County. Now Mexico, on February 1,2th 1D5, ndmlnlstratrlx of the estate of Ada Kstclln Manley. deceaEcd nnd thnt all parsons having claims aKnlnat said estate should prepare and present the same to the undi'r- siKned w i t h i n 6 months from the ( ate or her appointment otherwise the same will be barred. WITNESS my hand this 1 21 h ( ay of February, 1945. OEORCilA MANLEY COX Administratrix Koli. 14,21.28. Mar. 7. IN THE PUOBATJiTcoUirFKOl; DONA ANA COUNTY. NEW MEXICO. In tlir MaltiT of tho Kslate of Seymon Walker llnlicr, diTeawil. NO. innri NOTICE NolliT Is Imrcby given t h a t the luidfrniRiipd wna on the Sth dav of february, 11145, appointed mliilm- ,l»lmtrlx of the o«late or Seymon XVullu'r Biilter, dweiLsed, by the I'nibnle Court of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. All p«r«-)ii» bavins claims aRninitl Mid tiltrtto are bwi-by notified, to prwenl the same In the time «ni nuinniT requlnxl by Inw or the .HHine will bt- barred. . HATTIK BA.KEK. Aitminliitriitrix. KVb 6, til, 20, 27 Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Fiiumdnl Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. ftUbllahttl in 1936 IWfcS, Main St. Ph. 443 Calvin V. Sheriff, son Sheriff, 1300-W. Picacho )een promoted to the ran sergeant, according-to a rcleriRe to the Sun Ne .arriving overseas in Oc has teen S. .Sgt. SHeriff 'Iv ns o nose gunner o Ijberator. His, group -has eU .for outstanding perfo 4uly Ui its firpt 100 .cor Hions, M, of wjiich were tarni'Ls in Gerfliariy. Rutlv Marrufo, petty o s home on overseas le 10 months in the southv 'ic nron. In the service years, he was last sta Saipnn, and has partic four major battles. Pet Warnifo attended grade Lias Crucea, and was em 3rlnlpc*s helper at tJie cos Citizen. He is vlsttln mother, Mrs. Beatrice Li IHS another aon oversea Marrufo, S 2-c, stationo aii. PARTY L When Mrs. Sallie Brow ed a knock at her door day, Instead of finding lady she expected, she sister, \vhom she had no 3, 1 } years. The sister. T Cowan of Fullerton, Cal main for an indefinite \ Mrs, Earl Freeman, v went surgery fit Soi general hospital in El P ported doing nico'y. M Mrs. Frank .Davidson, 'i El Paso to be no'»r .'ier. Mrs. Ora Perry Roms morning for her home Ok(a., after a three w with he r brother and si Mr. and Mrs W,,llace I Wm. Alexander, a vie recently a .member of department nt AA-M col ·the R. R. Boylcs froi Careen. Ky.. L^at he h dozen appearances ther riving and now is dl r choir. He .likes everythi weather, he . says. Hunt for L.,C. Go Gets Him in Troi LOS ANGELES. Fob A riv-voj.,. hunt for R mou'i'nins near Las Cri t;ot Albpru M. Roberts i with the* federal bureai l i f i n t i o n . I-ln\^.,hcrp under ( $ 1.0 fi charge of draft dodgij oxjihUnctl tluit tht'iv \ war. on when h« sta r te porting for gold, that line else during Ivls five in the mountains and ( n newspaper ;so, ho tl aboyl the .var. Cttl'CKS .CdBL TO \\ Marriage llconst- ha. su'U to- .Virginia A*car Lit a Cruces, And D\lnif «·*]!, 3T, Monipelier. In Oolitff nwny. conunjf "iff A jv*rty? IMNUr tlic Sun-Ni^M*. L«monJuic«R Checks Rheu Pain Quid M IJNI Mtrr tn.m rhM»iU ftcurUu (*M, Ur ihti utopl* IM (·rip* tMI UwuMktiai *r» iwliNi it* V M»K t^WVMwL ft 1* »wuf, MU h «iiirV».rt ol luiw a 4 i«iwwt. in M«r. ill M jttMUA Yon KfM cnlr hat iwo HmM » o*y ortna « seen? ffSivw sMfuFjn t £ ffl" ^3i?rSWl?B Wedding Performed During Sandstorm .' A youiij* couple wanting their wedding announcement to come from the Land of Enchantment were married in Las Cruces yes- tenjay during the first real sandstorm of the year. Miss Lucille Polk Elam of Me- Allen, Texas, became the bride'-if W. A. Woolley of El Paso, Texas, at ,a ceremony performed by tin; Rev. Frank Jones, in the manse of the Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Jones acted as witness for the couple. WEDS MONDAY Miss Rosemary Gilbert, Home Demonstration agent, with the Extension service at State Col- le,ge whose engagement was announced at Albuquerque Sunday. Past Presidents Hold Social Meet Airs. Frieda Kittleaon was hostess to the Past Presidents of ihe American Legion auxiliary when they met at a social gathering Monday night. Games of .rummy in which high score awa r ds went to Bernice Jackson and' Naomi Logan, were followed by a light refreshment course. A guest at the meeting was Mrs. Zadie Campbell. Members present were Mary Trout, Jessie Oliver, Mary Fe,-guson, Nena fillers, Bernice Jackson, Annabel Isaacks, Ollie Eide and Naom Logan. The March meeting of the group will be held in the Logan home. Southwestern Mer mother, SEE 'SUSPECT' FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS 8 p.m. HADLEY HALL One of the CORONADO PLAYERS BEST Be Sure to See It! \*****Y* 7 ·· ^ - W* Wedding Daielei Mr. ami Mrs. Howard Al'Qi'bert if Albuquerque onnounoei the engagement of thi-lr daughter. Rosemary, to Ilollin Wayiie'Tlextor, U S N R. Sunday, Feb. 18. The wedding la 'to take place Feb. 26 at the' 'Flfst Methodist chu r "h in Albuquerque, the groom's father. Rev. Earl Defctp: Of Phoenix, officiating. Miss Gilbert, a fprmer student of State College, halrt-eiigned )rer position as Home .peraonstr a tion agent for the extension service, \ Oiich she haa held since last May. Her sorority 1s Chi- Omega, and she was elected to. Phi Mu Tail scholarship hono r iu;y. She w.aa selected as one of the beauty gueens ·it the Cullege last spring. -Mr. Dexter, whose parents live n Phoenix, served .'fur ,W months ill the Pacific before being assigned to a V-12.nnit at'Stockton, Gal. He JIBS been in pre:Chaplain school there and .is. no'.v, .awaiting reassignment. ·- »:· -. .'- Before the war, a!'Jiougli Greece was mainly an agricultural country and 60 per cent of her population derived its .income from the cultivation of the land, only one- ' f i f t h of her area was suitable for The Neu-lyweds plan to make their home in- El Paso, where Mr. Woolley is in business. Be Quick To Treat Bronchitis Chronic bronchitis may your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated anu you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Oreomulslpn which goes right to the seat,of. the trouble to help loosen and eXtoel germ laden phlesm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous .membranes. Oreomulsion blends .beechwood creosote by special process with other 1 time tested medicines for coughs, It contains no narcotics. No matter how many medlolneE you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you.a bottle of Oreomulsion with the understanding you must-like the way it quickly allays the cough, permitting rest and sleep, or you are to have your moneybacfc. (Adv.) ' USED C/1RS ·WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES · IF YOU HAVE A USED CAR TO SELL - BEING IT TO MESIUA MOTOR CO. 600 North Main Phone 203 Will buy all makes of cars and pay top prices. A Letter of Appreciation to the many friends of Wrigley's Spearmint, Doublemint and "Juicy Fruit" Chewing Gum Bowllnp! dl r ector of K Ivo-WNk ·uwty ' »«t.t. MM th* Ko irruhrt at IT 3 t*tlMPoi^5- · · ' i M horn \ \ T o n H I * ' N a a U M that, i° r *5 _ ake would go ou« sea ^iS-Safer T(VM wropp«r» will b« mpty until furth»r nolle*. |

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