Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 2, 1972 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1972
Page 11
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Word Of The Wizards · WINDSOK I l K i l i NfiWS By THERESA P E R R Y Wednesday nlghl I'-HA s[xm- Wheel," nml "Gellinu lo Know nrcd 11 HUIIIR liuiiiomlos Style "" " oviow. ClnlhiiiK w«s modeled by iinmbers of lionto economic. 1 ) gclasses from junior awl high fchools. The Iheine for Ihe show "Fiishlon-go-Houml." X'corallons Included a carouse'l ;nnd other circus ly|)e slruc- ures. Honclda Render was ..imcd Hrlly Crocker. Home- of the year at the You." Sludcnt Council Student C'niincil clcetions will [he held soon. Candidates for President nru Ina Kay Swnnson and Rick Meis. Vice president candidates nre Vivian Best and Theresa Perry. HVH o-..... . Grants for research, totaling :i,300, have been announced by lie Faculty Research nnd Parkfield Volcanic Rocks 'uhlications Committee at the their Bearing on Ihe San mid (Heroin Andcr- wn. Cindy F.hrlich is running for reporter without com- liclilion. Quill nnd Scroll (Julll and Scroll initiation was last week wilh all members ^'participating. Each new mem- 5v §y Kr wore overalls or some other g^alltrc' provided by old members. ~'"calhcr.s and scrolls were also a i l of Iheir dress. A scavenger mil was also held. Concert _y 'Ihc band iind chorus per- ',·- formed Wednesday for ratings Vyat UNC. The band received a "V j2 plus while the clionis received £ B 2 Vaudeville Friday night Ihe IRC had its i "annual Vaudeville production. ''-. ;/There were various acts involv- ?_ ;lng classes organizations and ·v*lthe faculty. The winners were ~\ : ;the senior class for their vari- j ons skils ami Denise Gage ami Dcbra Hording. Honorable men- given lo the junior tion class and Maritn Dnmrau. Triads Sing Tlie Triads sang for the '*__· ·'American Legion this past week f" and presented a half hour pro- giam. Some of the selections sung were "Exodus," "Spinning Heaven .· is a state of thought. Come to this Christian Science Lecture MONDAY, MAY 8th 8 P.M. 15th St. and 10th Ave. University of Northern Colorado. The grants, given a n n u a l l y , vill go to 17 persons on the UNC faculty. 'Jlio RCA Suggests Rodeos for Economic Boost DENVKR (AI) - Your town iieed an economic boost? Try losting a rodeo. At least [hat's the advice of Ihe Rodeo Cowboys Association The RCA claims, for instance, that the little town of St. Paul, Ore., population 350 drew nearly 40,001) ont-of-iown spectators for its three-day rodeo last year, and bank deposits increased $125,000 (he day after the affair. Same Ihing for Sidney, Iowa says Ihc RCA. There, bank receipts were up $125,000 over a normal week and retail sales were up 50 per cent. Out-of-town visitors spent more than $16 million in Denver during the National Western Stock Show, Horse Show and Rodeo, the RCA says. Most of Ihe RCA-sanclioncd rodeos in 500 communities in 'U stales and four Canadian provinces are produced by local civic or fraternal groups, the asso elation says. Isyour piclureln our Window? K i t (E youv;in a SH.WgHUcflill.Mlc. Tribune Education Page .Jim CriiiK, Jidllor UNC Awards 17 Faculty Grants chalrrnan of the committee. The grant to the committee comes from the University. Awardees ami the titles of heir research arc; Dr. Schmidt, Studies on Australian Tapeworms; Dr. 'leorgc Sage, An Assessment of "ctsonalily Profiles Within and ietween College Athletes from iiglit Different Sports; Dr. tfichael Hamcrly, The in the United Slates; Dr. Vincent Matthews, Geology of the anil Andreas Fault Problem; Also Dr. Marcus K. Mellahn, Conformational Equilibria in Vicinal Amino Alcohols; Mrs. M a r i l y n M . Hums, In- nenl was made by Dr. Gerald dividiialixed Learning Tliroiigli chmidt, faculty member and lllc Uso o! Individualized In- slriicfional Packets in Clothing Construction as Related lo Current Trends; Dr. Harry Rolhaus, The Comte de Monl- morin and Mis Role in French Revolution; David M. Haas, Ever Present Movement of the Universe; Also Dr. Charles R. Me- Nerney, The Teaching artan Scroll WKST HK;II NKWS . By JAN KRICKSON As lomlnnlinji convention lield last I'hursday, a total of 3 camli- TIICS., May 2,.1972 U K K K M i Y (Colo.) TUII5UNE 11 Wildcat Tales ' CENTRAL IlKill NBWS By HALINA DZIEWIT Kcniprs Jirc reminded llicrc arc .Jerry Anfjlln, Peggy Hoycl- arc only If! more school days stun, · Tnn-y C;IHO, Margo lefl and Ihat all necessary Kerns Dctnpscy, Dave Freeman,' Calhi concerning gr:iclu;ilion ' iirc to l l o l f f o r l , Dan .lohnsnn, ' l.con .h« tfikeri care o l ' a s SDOII us Sum), Dee' Ajin, Sctilollhaucr, jpossihlc. [Tony Slinson, Dnug Wayman Modern Choir | iln 'i Grant Wyler. . Last S a t u r d a y , the I The half-hour show will he on ,, , , . JGrcclcy Central Modern Choir,[every night for the next live result of the annual goals of 'FllA 'ami also held ;m indcr the direction n[ Harold jWeuks from I); 30 to 0 p.m. emblem service. iaraler, participated in Hie Welcome Back lOrlhern l.ciigne Vocal Musici,.^ 1 '- l .'°' in A. ^ crr y.i "Circeley laics are campaigning for Die )ffices of Secretary, Vice President, and President. Slicrri Dayfon, Tricia Nolllng- liim.nml Kris Klchardwin arc he candidates for secretary. Dave Delgado, Tom Herring, ind Mark Ishiguro are the vice presidential candidates. Vying for the office of student (hnely president arc Abe Lopez, ; - 'i'om Kutledge a n d Randy Evaluation of an Algehra 11 -Trig Course as Taught by Computer -- Extended Instruc- lislorical Demography of Uilin lion; Dr. Robert L. I l e i n y , America: An Annotated Guide; - ·· ·· - - 1r. Benjamin T. Byerly, Queen Eleanor of England and Castile (1254-90); Also Dr. Kevin C. Kearns, 1'he Effects of Recent 1'olilico- Cconomic Policies on the Diminuation of Irish Emmigra- iop; Dr. Bert D. Thorpe, Radioactive Isotope Air Pollu- ion in the Grceley area; Dr. George Fay, A Grand Com- icndium of U.S. Congressional Documentation of Relationships Between the Bands of the Sioux Estimation of Parameters o f | Normal Distribution Under! Restrictions; Schluter. Elections be held Mon- Dce Mitchell was elected as Urn temporary president and a set of by-laws were formulated. The girls, with sponsor Mrs. Lillian D'Amalo, arc planning a nursing home visit on Mother's Day. FTA A picnic was held Tuesday at Luther Park to elect the new leaders of F u t u r e Teachers of America at Grceley West. Kim Klepis was chosen as historian, Cindy Woods treasurer, and Elaine Holbrook will I t other cimirs in ihe Northern caU illness. Mr. Berry 'is a xiaguc and received t li i r d place. · The evening Festival Concert included Ihc Colorado State Jnivcrsily Men's Choir, choirs Yom I/ovcland and Lwigmoiil and the mass choirs, in which . ' - "- * n i i _ i j mill J - i J l i l l l ^ 1 1 U J I S I uvi\ TV 1 1 1 uay, lollowmg a s[ecj:-i! us- serve as secretary. The new xembly at which the candidates will explain their views and ideas. Girl's State vice president is Kim Conrad. Karen McCluskey will officiale as president. FFA Queen Candidate: Also Hyun Shin, An Expcri-l9 ir ?'. l {' ))m . J » ill " lc ]- clir . ; 'nl }An X r , ri i " lcrle ^ d . ''" hein .2 onlal Annm.nrh i,, t'.r: ni,i, K n s Richardson were recently be Greeley West ]·!· A Queen js menial Approach to Graphic Techniques Using Mixed Media Pholo-Kensilive /.inc Plate and Color Prinlmaking Techniques; Mrs. Winnifred Richardson and Dr. Bryan Cooke, A Subject Bibliography of Hooks, Articles, Documents and. Pamphlets on Drug Education and James A. Fossil were recently .selected as delegates to the lo pick up an application nual Columbine Girl's .Stale at ' roln " lc office or talk with Dc- Templc Buoll College in Den;inn Swclzig, lasl year's Queen ver. AHcrnales arc .lody Ellioll The deadline for applicalion i? May 5. Entry blanks for the annua students '''''"A Roundup are also avpd recently participated in (be 50lh n ' J ' c ' n l ' lc n l a i n office. Girl? Anniversary Disc Jockey con- as wc " a s boys, arc eligible and Vonda Harriman. KFKA D. J's Two Gi-eeley West MaT 1TO72 Se) tcst at KFkA radi °- Cclctraline for ^Petition. Man. UW-// (upddle). ,, ., Wnn( |,,. f ,,| Wn . . ,. , ,, , , , ' » D P Northern Colorado Plans Foreign Language Day Over 1,080 high school students from the northeastern Colorado area are expected at the annual Foreign Language Day May 10 at the University of Northern Colorado. The students will be hosted CAMPUS SHOES 911 16th Sf. h y members language cluhs of foreign at the Uni- versily in an effort to help them explore the courses and activities available as a foreign language major at UNC. Planned are skits, plays, songs and dances in four l a n g u a g e areas: I'Vcnch, German, Russian and .Spanish. Acfivilies will he held from 9 a.m. lo 3 p.m. in the University Center Ballroom and at Hishop-!,ehr Hall. DECA ''estiva! al Korl Collins. The Choir competed against Central's Oldest Wildcat',", has returned lo school a f l c r . h i s re- chemistry teacher at Central. Sludent Council Student Council will now be under the leadership of Greg Voelz, president; Rob Alexander, vice president and Mike Tucker, secretary. Sophomores bfjlh Modern and Conceit Choir and juniors will be required lo attend all Council meetings until the end of this school year. However, seniors are no longer required to allcnd meetings, hut may come if they wish. larticipated, under Ihe direction of Dr. Lynn Whilton: Honor StixJenf · Honor Student for the next Iwo weeks is Kathy Bartels. She placed f i f t h in the VKW sponsored . United Nations Essay Contest and Ihird in Geometry in the Math Contest at Sterling. Kathy's activities include Orman Club Vice President, Relations Club, Girl's Athletic Following registration the Four language cluhs will put on skits and folk dances. An in- [crnalional luncheon featuring foods of Russian, French, German and Spanish style will be served al noon. i A play in French lilledl "Antigone," will he performed in Bishop-I.ehr auditorium at 2 p.m. for the visiting students, It will be repealed at 8 p.m. and will be open to the public. There will be a nominal charge for the luncheon, but all other activilics will he free. International Ski Club, Association, participating in a number of shool plays and playing Ihe piano. Jr.-Sr. Prom On May 13 from 9 p.m. to midnight al the Univcrsily of Northern Colorado Ballroom the annual Junior-Senior prom will ' - will be Anniversary school slu County ti ATLANTA fly al least - Boll weevils will| 25 miles to f i n d : dinner or a male, recent expcri-| mcnts show. The standard of the ivorld OUT OF A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE-GREATNESS! COUPE deVILLE FEATURES: Power Slcennrj, Power Front Disc Drakes, Cornering Lnmr£/ E l e c t r i c S c o t s , WinclowS) nnd Turbo- l-lydromatic. ELDORADO COUPE AMERICA'S ONLY PERSONAL LUXURY CAR WITH FRONT W H E E L DRIVE. 500 all) Avenue Di.ll 352-3760 INC, ·ere Rich Mooi'e and John 'oodsirle. Thespians TJic new members arc Chis parrow, Jerry Olsen, Gerry arrow, Kim Wilson, Ann -cichty, Tricia Nottingham, ruce Tuilt, Carrie Koch, Tom Icrring, Tom Atkinson, Chuck Robertson, Debbie Arnold, and ion Cook. The next presentation of West ligli theatre will be Ihe mclo Mrs. Lynn Roberts has been named as winner of the DECA Sunflower Seed Contest. · This contest was held by Ihe Distributive Education group as a money-making project. Mrs. Roberts had the closest estimate, only 75 short, and won Ihe 8,284 seeds wilh the container. Cheerleader and Pom Pons Girls arc reminded they can pick up an application in the rama, "Adrift in New York." office for e i t h e r - cheer- ^erformanccs are set for May 2 and 13 al Ooelcy West. FHA A new chapter of Ihe Future lomemakcrs of America has 3ecn formed al Grecley West. The Platlc Valley chapter ccetitly acquainted Ihe West members with the purposes and leader or pompon try-outs. 'Hie clinics will be held May 8-11. cheerleader elimination try-outs will be May 12 and the assembly and election for cheerleaders and pompon selection will bo on May 15. The I'ep Club nominating convention wil be held on May IB. Viking » « \ff SF\f^:'ft I ^^N T3 ^^ S i i \ -J B ^? ^"^ %« ^^ VALLEY HIGH NEWS ) eh eld. The the 'Time Ts..." Musi vidcd by "Ryde.' event is sponsored class. KFKA Disc KKKA Radio S braling its 51sl KFKA is enlillin tion as the Wondc Weld. During this has selected hig dents from Wo: participate as DJ ule radio progra stress "'only the pc ance, aspects an Weld teen-agers tc Twelve of the involved are from DC v%i The 197? Grce obtained nt Ilic end Highway mailers avnrla Remember yo for rabies ace current rabies cannot be issu rabies within i . and the cost is All sophomores on council been placed on a com- Tiittee which will organize the nnual Student Council Picnic- o be held some time next week. Language Villages Iliis past weekend was Ihe asl of the Language Village : Veekends. Participants in tha. village spoke only one of. three-l anguagcs; French, German and Spanish, depending on vhich village they attended. They were treated to European oorl from Ihe selected country and learned crafts and customs. The main purpose of the two- day weekend was to' as closely possible simulate situations that would occur in a foreign country. . . . complete service . . . boxed or on bangers . ... bonded . . . Insured. Many people talk about helping fight pollution, but during Wendell Williams d e n f s lo Valley on April 24.j (lie week of .May 8-Ni, Valley High School students will be do- jing something alxnil it. A news^ paper and magazine drive will be held d u r i n g Iliis week, wilh the classes at Valley in compe- t i t i o n wilh one another. The drive is organized and sponsored by Mrs. Marion Reeves, a leachcr at Valley. Save your old newspapers and magazines nnd help V a l l e y ) High School clean up our world. Thr Pride of Ihe Valley Band, l i i n Valley Choir, and ihe Girl's (llec participated in llio Stale Conies! at Univcrsily High on Wednesday. All the grttips did a superior job as (he Girls' Glee received nil ings of one 3, nne |2, and one 1, the Choir received 'irec 1's and Ihe Rand received Ihree 1's and a t phis. The time is Melting closer and closer to May 17, graduation night for Valley High's '72 seniors. This is Ihc f i i s l lime seniors have handled their own ·'gradualion and il is proving lo 'be a most successful and inler- eslinj; experience for Ihc seniors, as well as Ihc school ad- hniiiislraliiin. | .Jeff Manion and Hick Meis of Windsor lli(!i School were Student Council exchange slu- llergert visited Windsor. Carol O T T A W A -- Canadian | builders are cxpcr.icd to s l n r t j 235,000 housing unils in 1972, the same total as in 1971: DOG OWNERS The 197? Grceley Dog tax lags are now due. Tags can be obtained nt Hie Humane Society animal bhclter at 8th SJroet and Highway 85 bypass or by convenient nreacidressed mailers available at your veterinarian's qtlicc. Remembor your clog must be licensed and vaccinated yearly for rabies according to city ordinance. Be sure to bring a current rabies vaccination certificate wilh you. A license cannot be issued unless your dog has boon vaccinated for rabies within the lasl 6 months. Licenses are clue May 1, 1972 and the cost is S3.50. After July 1,1972 licenses are delinquent and subject to a one dollar late fee. Shcllcr hours: 8-5 Monday through Saturday. Emergency for hit or injured animal anytime. 356-1299 . . . for a new car, furniture/ appliances, home improvements, consolidation of payments . . . or any worthwhile purpose ... we have the money for you . . . use the equity in your home as collateral . . . also, we make second mortgage loans. Greeiey Industrial Savings Accounts ... Loans With Convenient Monihly Payments! Corner 8th Avc. at 14th St. Phone 353-3332 Open Monday thru Frfday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. -- Soturdayi 8:30-12:30 Brake Retiring We nro also n Broke Unlit I n s p e c l i o n Sl.ition. Complete Brake Relining ·95 Now Only Here Is What We Do: · Put New Brake Lining on All 4 Wheels. · Check Hoses · Check Master Cylinder Wheel Cylinders. · Check Turning of Drums Paris Extra. 23 310 8lh St. .352-0544 ."You Know You're Right A t R a n c li Wholesale" ' //n// R" STORES .· Grceley · Ln Junta · G a r d e n . C i t y · l.nmiir

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