Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 3, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE-TWO . . ' LAS CHUCES (H. M.) SOTMfEWS VALLEY FARMING ·-::-- RANCHING "-MARKETING By JACK COTBHALL Ana Coumu Fair Scheduled 19-23 tariffs Posse Will Cooperate "'" Fair Group In Annual Event T)ie .-innual Dona Ana County Fair w i l l b e - h e l d Sept. 1!K.'I. ini-lu.-.ivc. the Fair association announces. ' ' D e f i n i t e plans for the county a g r i c u l t u r a l event were madr at a ri-ciMil mooting of the hoard. ''·The f a i r will -be held under auspices of the Association, with the coupi-ration of the S h e r i f f ' s Posse, which has a lease ( H r ' B i m i i y a n Park, where the f a i r w i l l he held and which, under prfeent 'plans, will become the county's f a i r center. CirraiMj-it" -nl -Hie 1M1 went i H ' J n.,«':bofnn prc| d und soon w i l l a t t m c l i v , ' . li" :iV;i!!;l!.i- In f X h l b i t u j s and H m n l i r d s nf county r l l r n l wo- c i l l i c l s mbT'-M.'f! in cniipcnitinp. men ;n c cnnilled in various home t m:fck«'-fc"'-"vi.!ib mi- of Ihr- most j nomir.s groups nndt-r sponsor- I m'·;! ·tf.itfifH" in Ilii' hi.itiiry if t l i c | s l i l | ] nl t h f K l a t e Bxlrnsiim Krr- l ( l l j n ; y i v i ( 'f ("id w i l l l a k e a ai-live f i n i t in It I:, M-.ti'-.ij'Jile-l l l i n l ft f i n ! tisl i i m i k i n f ; I h r f a i r a success. j n! j.ii.Mii'Mli'l n w i u ' W w i l l tic a n - i j i J H j m l i i r i p a t i ' d t b u l AM rot- i I'.uimri"! f n ;imi l i n t l i u i i - l i,,,.,, i i e p n r l m c - n t s will l n l u part I l l l ,,I,.MI., will '-ntui· i - \ l i i b i l f . . l i u l l i l l n g s ii,,. , , n m i i i l r v n n t . w l l h e x h i b i t s MM l l n ' - V ' i l f - : i ' " VV1M '"' """ lc: Horn t l i c K.x|iiM'liiiinlnl Station' . h i b i r i n : i I h r n i i K l i Hie ;,,,,] K x l i - i i M c m KcrvlTM revcalini! j , - , . i : r | . . ' y i i f '.In! M u l l l n M o t i i r fo. d r v M i i p i m - n l nl ICCIMI! years in r:,li ' I . i - l l . v . - Wiilr. Snipi: i m a n y lines of n g r i c n l t u r n l actlvl- · I h , . ( n i l w i l l 1 , ' i i t i i i i - a l l . t y i m s ; fy. , I :.l,n.-|dtuj..:l i i m l i l i r a l . I n l i n e / i ! X - | 'I'l,,, |),, m , A n a O i i m t y Kami ijlh.u. l . i t i - i . l i d ( w i l l p l u y nil n i l - 1 , im | uvrstock l i u n - n i i . with an cn- i i . - ' i ' n : [ i n t . i n Ihi- I ' X l i l b l t i o n 1"-"-, rollmiMIt of Minn- t h a n 1,000 farm f a m i l i e s . In tin; lin-ui'st »'»l niosl m-livi- In DM; slate. It. indiidi's In I « 1 . m I he ovi-iil. I ,,.; n H . m b c i s h l p p r n r t l r i i l l y every An.! Ciiiinty Kulr AH- i f.,,-,,,,.,- ,, n ,| rni|( j|,,. r ,,r Un- n . u n t y i K ' J i ' I f l W K. .! Stern. | ;,,,,[ \ K ex jni[:ti.ii \,, develop many · i l h ,Miss Doris MimliH, | ( ( , , j x l i l l i l t w I h r o i i f - h its f i i i n i l y , | M I - M . h i i i i t u niu: uUfilnrnsiiH'ii uf t i n - i - n i t n l y an; M'|ir»rtf'(l i-nUiLi-iinJi- t i t - in U u ' i f siippoft «f I lie f n i r , l i , t . , - l : ; ,,i I l l l ' A H U i i i . - l i l l i i i l l i n - l - i , i i - Mr;-. Ji H l'ign- 1 · l ^^^^r7; l {v·f I vTM;n!": lll "!· ! »·· l ·«TM»«««* "· .!.,,. i ; i . M , ^ . 1 P | ' l U . A . \ H I H M I , . . ; i ( ) i v ) _ 1 . ( ,. f(|ICI . a|j{)n ,,, tlu . p ,. Hj . | i r '"''-'" ; " ! ' l "" lt ; " lr| X l ' K * ' """'j ,,!,,,,,,y wni-lt n[ f i f v f h i p l i t ) ; Lli. "u^ An, ,,.,,,Hv.s ...... of ,!,,. M"-"""'" 11 ].-l - : - | V ! : H I I I l l l 1 ) l V ( v t u , ) r k i' Growers foil Cut Down Ajtidiint Of Spoiled jjoilpn The 33,328 Halca of spotted cotton which Now Mexico farmers produced in 1950 coat them almost three-quarters of n million dollars, Marshall Thompson, cotton m a r k e t i n g specialist with the New Mexico : Extension Service, repnrta, Uflirtjf Middling one suit! 3/32-inch cotton no the average, Thompson c.illinfltfiH that tho lowering of grade from white to spotted meant a IONS of $22 a bale last year, or a total of $73.1,216. Improvement Over JtMO "This 1PI50 lowtf iva'a a grout niic." Thompson explains, "hut it wan an improvement over ilMfl, when iwo million dollars were lowt bet-HUHR »f npolUd ifi'aden. Kvon though 1IM9 production was al- nuiKt double tlmt of J950, spotter! cotton coHt the fat-nw nn Jiver- nife of $6.20 per bale in 31)49 for the .'110,000 bftlCH produced, compared 10 ?:t Q'2 per bale for 187,000 Imli'H produced In JilQD. KxpfcH.intl percentage of total crop, ;il pnr cent wan Hpotted In IB 19, compared lu 18 per cent In 1050. CIIIISCM or Spotting ' Ai.vnnlln£ to the cotton m a r k e t Ing specialist, the chief catmcfi of Hpotted i c t i l l c m . In Kcw Mexico havn been hactcrlal blight ( a n - g u l a r Imif H p o l ) , Irmecl flurmtgc, early freezes, and hnlifllnniiK. Other caiiHt'H which contribute to tipottlnes.t of cotton arc deterioration in the field. carclcBa picking it ml hit mil tup. und other dlJica Kurt, her Improvement of t h e .spoUmnHH in cotton ran be achieved. Thompson iiaya. If farmci'B will roiHTiilratc on UIOHC thingB. 1. Keep the fields picliud clean hi'fot'i! the find frost. 'i. Nfjvor mix col ton [liclml be fore thft fii'Ht front with that picked (iftr.rwnril. 3. Follow recommended insect and dttwn.w control meamirc.s. X. Trnln pickers to pick the both; clciin, s An- Itmv.v State Farm Bureau Directors To Hold Meeting] Cruces Plans for intensifying the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau's state-\yide campaign for national inflation control will be made at the regular quarterly meeting of the state board of directors at Las Cruces July 9 and 10. Farm Bureaus throughout the nation are urging inflation control through a program of peak production,, economy in government, pay as-you go governmental spending, sale of bonds to individuals and-corporations instead of to banks, and a return to the American plan of personal enterprise. The American Farm Bureau Federation believes that the present attempt to control inflation through price controls and curbs on individual effort can result in nothing but scarcity of food, fiber, arid other materials, the establishment of rationing and the b u i l d i n g - u p of a black market, John Augustine, state .executive secretary, declares. · "The Farm Bureau believes t h a t production In al! lines is the Itcy Lo avoiding inflation and to mccl- hp.thc naUonHl'cnicrgcnry," Aug- UHtine s»ld. "We licticvc t h a t government curbs on production will jnd in scarcity, rationing and additional disaster," he added. View Expanded Ilrmlqiiiirtrrs The meeting in LRH CrliccK will nffui-d the stats officci-H. rllrcc- IOIK and officers 'of other county Far. Bureaus their first official opportunity to inspect the new Slate Farm Burenu headquarters ... 114 Enst UHffgH which in the past few months have been expanded to more than 8,000 square feet of office space. The Htnte on me of the Mow Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau, and its direct a f f i l i a t e s , now nmploycfl more t h a n 35 persona on Us staff regularly.'"belmar Rob erts, licrino, president, .stated yes terdny in discussing the expansion on which has taken place in Ktute Thompson points out that losses caused by »pottincHS ranRc from *a2 a hfilc for one und 3/i!2- Inch Middling cotton to 5101.75 a bale for one and '/,-inch Middling cotton. Therefore, lie explains the ffirmer who produces extra headquarters. This makes th _rm Bureau one of the largest employers in Las Cruces and d Finitely puts It among the organ- nations with the largest payrolls, ic added. RouerUi will preside at the session of the directors' meeting ant' will be assisted by W. E. .MiiAlis tor, Portak'K, vice-president. County Biirttiii T« IVc. Host' The group will be guests of the Dona Ana County Farm and Livestock Bureau at a luncheon Monday noon at Vonnic Lee's.. Following lundi. Ihe county organ!za : Lion will take the state officialH on an inspection tour of County Farm Bureau headquarters and a number of outstanding: farms in this area. C. W. Stringer, Berinu, is president of the county organization. Cattle Experts Receive Degrees Two staff members of the New Mexico. Agricultural Experiment Station have obtained, the dcgre? of doctor of philosophy, after study during the p«st year, Director R. A. Nichols announced this week. Dr. J. J. Norris, associate animal husbandman,.was granted his degree from Texas A4M College in June. His field of specialty is range management, and his dissertation is entitled, "The Distribution and Chemical control of Spcuies of Hcnecio, · Astragalus, and Balllya in tiie Highlands Range Area of West Texas." At New Mexico AiM.'nr. Norris will conduct research on the control of noxious weeds and the management of New Mexico ranges. . Dr. S. II. Skaggs, dairy husbandman, obtained his degree from Pennsylvania State College this month. His dissertation: was on pastures and silages for dairy cattle, and he will take up his duties this week, as head of the dairy department at the College. In addition to doing research at the experiment station, both men will teach in the School of "Agriculture. Onion Harvest At Peak; Growers Make Heavy Shipments In June Shipment of Mesilla Valley's famed Grano onions neared a peak last week w i t h ' a l l five sheds actiye.|j£y.y ;.,-·;_ , \ Quality continues good, with most-growers haying.ho trouble making U.S. No. 1 gradej when desired:.. :".'. · Market demand continues fair with prices of-..whites holding up at between $2 and $2.10 at weekend. Yellows have slumped a bit, weekend sales being in the vicinity of $1.50 a 50 pound bag, f.o.b. shipping point. _.;..;.'·.; .. ' A total equivalent of 13!) car- ·' : -- ~ ^ " ~ · . . lots were shipped during June, W. T 1 Q a v s 'Rnnel A. Wunscli, supc.-vi.iOr of Fruit JOnllSOIl OdJS JJOOfcl Iii Taxes Needed In Fighl QJI Inflation and Vegetable Service, reports. Truck and rail shipments were about even during June, with 68 carlots going to the eastern market by rail and the remainder being absorbed by nearer market centers by truck. Heaviest shippers of tho month vcrc Tnshiro and Tashiro, who shipped an equivalent of 51 CJU-- lols, 15 going by rail. Other major shippers included W. C. Rnnrtle, W. B. Esslinger, Jodo Yabumoto, Carl Nakayama, U. S. experts show the value of .snow in high country for li-rigii- liim by pointing out t h a t - a b o u t 2(1 per cent of Utah Is abovo 7.HO feet high, but this 20 per cent of the state contributes 30 per con*, of t h e ' r u n o f f used for irrigation. The free territory of Trieste is garrisoned by 5,000 troops apiece Eighteen national forests in California cover one fifth of the state. · FOR Self Service AND . General Laundry TRY HIGHWAY 85 LAUNDRY Mr. and Mrs. Nnc, Owncri Phone 357-J WASHINGTON. July 3.-'-Wi-Eric Johnson, Economic Stabilization director, told Senators today a projected tax Increase will have "tremendous," if no overriding, influence in determining the . success of failure" of efforts to halt inflation. Johnson urged the Senate Finance committee to approve a tax C. A. Hes-cu and Bob Mitomura. ,,"^ ' ' 1 Hon doilan,'a year Randle and Esslingcr both have " ° o s . 0 apD ,. oxima tely 7 shipped an equivalent of more ^^^^.^e.pttMPtl'.W'l- than '20 carlots. Save extra shopping trips with this new Oe Luxe \ fS , """' '»,, f,.,.| hlBl ' ""' , ^"·" " : " 1 " 1 "'· r " 11111 '" ly| Ti,, i,i P :i,,.si postnir,,-,, in th ! K ,[..,, , ,it Climax, Colo Insure and Be Sure ol LOSS PROTECTION Auio - Fire - Polio LIABILITY Be sure and insure w H i l l Chillon General Insurance Agent CHILTON LOAN I N S U R A N C E CO. 12:1 No. Church St. W. J. 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