Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1977 · Page 38
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 38

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1977
Page 38
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3 CRKKI.KYlColo.)THlBL-NE Wed..June 8.1977 Stock Market AtiaJCp 36 . - '» NiaMP Avon -rt'ii- *« NwVAIrl BealFni 33*sr '* NwlBcp 5 r i - ' » OtClPft 1 * '4 OlhCp it.Mar BenHO* Boeing BfiSTM «'*- 'l Pa=GE BritPei 14'*- '* PacPw Bufllnd IJ'tT *» PanAm BurINo 49 1 *- it PinEP Burrgrii 5S'*- '» Pay!s.?w '»- '» Pepi'Co -U Pfiier CatrpTr Celanw Crt teea Ce«Alr Cnryjifr CltletSv CocaCol Coital CClGai ConEd M't 54% . . Polaroid j*-, . . PopeTai 37 _ j, Polllcn 24'*- 'j ProctrG 19'ii- =» PSvCct as 1 *-'* PWSPL 3J'i* t RCA ContAlr 7»»i '.i Reynin CnilGrp 3JH- it ReyMet ContOll 37'i RocK^el CtlData 20'-!.. .. Roylu Cobles 14'i- 'i SCMCP CrwZel 35?i Safeway - i|- ',-: StJoMIn 341 uarnna Deere Del.Von Disney DowCh Dresser duPcnt EastAIr EasKd Eaton El Paso Evrwk tvantPd FMC FalrCam Flrestn FdFalr FordM For Ale K rreepM Fruehf GamSK Gannett GenDyn GenEI GnFood GenMills GnMot GPU GTelFI Gllre GaPac Gillette Goodrh Goodyr Grace GrGPant Greyfi GulfOil J4 J 4 33 37 -- 'i «HWi 43 - ll 17H 33i,i- '·« 50»i-f : ».i 34 553» V ' V ; J5!.vl."i; 33'-'. 34W- V, 33U+ V* 55 -l- *i 55\%-r W 34l»-- Vi Mr»-?7i 31H* »i 3 7 -- ^ 1 nvti \\ 29 '.I -i- '-i 17Vi 13'1-r U ScottPap Sears ShellOIl SoCalE SoymCo SouPac SouRy S perry R StBranu StdOMCI StOIIind StOIIOh staufcn SterlDfl StuWor TRWIn TeMronx Te!«ln Tennco Texaco T«lnst Texsglf Textron ThlQKol Tlmkn ToddSn TWA Transam '·TfiCon TwenCn UALInc UMCInd UOP UnCarb UnHlec UnOCal UPacCp Unlroyal Un Brand W'i- 35 1 .-:,.. SvT S3 -r 46'.-s.. 37H-i- 34'ii sm.. 90 -?-' 5V*.. 14'. i.. 30 W^J. 50Hf 55 -r 10^-i- i. ?; '. VA ll l^i »u 76'i-i- 'a USGypl 22!t- igij_ ft USlnd 6 3 i. 3£V'i--ij US Steel WA- SlH-rlH Unlvnr 9\r- 37..+ wvarian W^. JlVi-r '.* WarnrL · W*?S/3-*- \» WnAIrL P.*. 233Ta-r2H WnBnc 29'.i- 3fiOs-- 'i WUnion 17 1 *-; S2U+ Vi WestgEI 70 34'.i-- 'i Weyernr 3ii»H HewllPk HollyS Homsstk HonywII Idaho P IdealSa INCO IBM IntHarv intPaper IntTT Jantien KalsrAl Kcnnct STOCKS IN THE SPOTLIGHT NEW YORK (AP)- Sales. 4 p.m. price and nel change of the fifteen most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally at TwentCent Mattellnc Avislnc Inmontcp Tandy Corp LockhdAlrc NwsIAlrl Zenith R Ror'erGp Dowcn RlctimndCp MlnnMM ColomPkt CocdCola AllpgPw ore man 628,900 M'A --1*1 539,600 '8 -rl 325,100 21 + li 300,800 HIS ~1 386.^00 22Vi ~m 354,600 13^ -f m 248,600 35H -- Vt 134,400 12 -rl 200,600 34* -r l 't 198,400 76 -- *i 195,500 JJlh -- '.'i 1B6 JOO" 13*1 -- *i 17i,iOO 17 -- ** 175.800 2S»s 144,400 21Vi -h «i DOW JONES AVERAGES New YortfAP) Final Dow-Jones averages STOCKS ' Open Hlyl) Low Ctoif Chg 30 Ind 900.19 91D.79 894.79 9CB.47-!- 5.40 20 Trn 235.35 23635 333.H 73105-041 15 Utl 111.87 112.76 111.4.? 117.38-J- 0.45 65 Stk 304.63 309.W 305.70 308.44-s- 1.07 Indu^ 1,942,900 Tran 432,600 Utils 474,400 65Stk 2,899,900 . LOCALINTEREST STOCKS Mid morning Quotes Wednesday, JuneS Bid Ash Aff. Bank Shares 14M 15tt Am. Nuclear ' 13% MV'-i ARA 40 40V 4 AZL (Farmhand) 4Mi -H fi Bayly Mfg. 7H 8'A CNB I6 3 i 1712 Comb.Eng. 56% 56^ Coors 18 18'i First Natl. Bancorp 29 31 G\VU W* 18 GWU(pfd.) 20 2014 Hewlett-Packard 76fe 76^ Public Service I9^a 19'i MonfortofColo. 4 3 ,i 5'fe Skaggs 18H 18% United Bank 21'fe 22 · Vipont Mining 2% 2% Vipont Chemical 2 3 j 3^ Midday Stock Lists By I'nited Press International AmTT-UO 62*4-Us Beth Steel 2 32-r» 5 BlueBel 1.20 26 TS +* S Braniff .30 10- ls Celanse 2.80 ' 46 7 j.--'s, Chrysler 1 16^-f's. Cities Srv 3 54^ Coltlndu 2' 2 55 l i ContlOil 1.40 33 ls + l4 CrownZl.SO 36-f's DrftaAir .70 36'» + ^ DowCh 1.20 34*h-»- 1 4 EastK 1.60a 59 1 !3 ., E.xxonCpu 3 SO^-'s Firstne 1.10 19^--^ FordMotr 4 55 1 * Fruehuf 1.80 28^+^ GnElec 2.20 SS^-Hs GnFood 1.64 34^--»i GnMot 2.70b M\ G T E 2 31^ GulfOil 1.80 27^ + is HalUbrton 1 62 S 4 + S 4 IntlPaper2 52'i--f L 4 JohnMv 1.60 36+ ss JohnJn 1.40 68-f 34 Kencott.30b 28^-m KeMcG 1.25 . 61-- ig Motorola .84 37T B fi. 4 Penney 1.48 34 38 --»a PhillipPet 2 57a ProcGa 2.60 77 TS i 1 4 QuakOat .92 23+»j RCACp 1.20 31 a SafwStr2.20 47 l= J-Vj Sears l.80a 59L'i-3 H Sunoil 1 44',2 Teneco 1.88 31^ Texaco 2 2612-Hs TexGas 2.40 46^s--Vt Texlnst 1.32 90'4 + ^ UnCarb 2.80 501 s -f l 4 USSteel2.20 40?i+Vi Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market continued upward today in what analysts saw as the continuation of a technical rally. The 2 p.m. Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks was up 4.75 to 913.42. Gainers outnumber losers by almost 2-1 among issues listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Big Board volume came to 14.8 million shares two- thirds way through the trading session. The Dow dipped briefly to be low 900 on Tuesday before it began a rebound and finished more than fve points ahead for the day. sAnalysts noted a continuation of some bargain bunting by investors today. American Telephone Telegraph, up !s at G2%, was'the most active issue on the NYSE. The NYSE's composite index of all its listed common- stock added .25 to 53.62. On Ihe American Slock Exchange, the market value index gained .34 to 113.68. Metals NEW YORK (AP) - Spot nonferrous metal prices Wednesday: Copper 68»a-71% cents a pound, U.S. destinations; lead 31 cents a pound; zinc 34 cents a pound, delivered; tin closed, New York; gold S143.30pertroy ounce, New York; silver $4.535 per troy ounce, New York; quicksilver $135'.00 nominal per flask, New York. GLANCE NEW YORK (AP)- Harkels at a glance: Stocks-Higher. Cotton-Mixed 8 CHICAGO: Wheat-Mixed, Corn-Lower. Oats-Lower. Soybeans-Lower. markets Feedlot sales Colorado Fetilols Direct Sales Report \Vednesday.June8 Confirmed sales: slaughter cattle 5400; feeder cattle 180. Slaughter steers and heifers fairly active late Tuesday, steers Sl-1.50 lower than last week's close in the first valid test so far this week; heifers weak to 50 cents lower than Monday, figuring 50 cents-$l lower than last week's close; opening sales early Wednesday showing some recovery on heifers, no sales steers Wednesday to the time of this report. Demand fairly good throughout for both steers and heifers; supplies fairly current but sellers increasingly interested in moving cattle. Sales for the week to time of this report have been confirmed on a total of 2650 slaughter steers and 4900 heifers. Feeder cattle as quoted below the first confirmed in some time. Slaughter steers: confirmed 2400, large bulk choice 2-4,10751250 lbs.,'S40, extreme $39.7540.25, one set at each price; package good holsteins 1200 IDS., $35. Carcass basis some 200 choice, 600-800 pound carcasses, $1.50-2 over industry quotations the day of slaughter. Slaughter heifers: confirmed for Tuesday and -early Wednesday 3000, bulk of sales Tuesday choice 2-4, 900-1075 Ibs., $38.50-39, large share $39, around 100 head $38.75 fob feedlots; few at $38.75 delivered including few commercial, early Wednesday, near 900 choice, 900-925 Ibs., $39.50. Carcass basis on Tuesday around 200, to be priced from the dressed market the day of slaughter, exact terms not disclosed. Feeder cattle: confirmed 180. One set mostly choice to prime moderately fleshy steers 800 Ibs., $38.25 laid into Colorado feedlots from out of state. ' Note: slaughter cattle four per cent shrink, delivered, except as noted. Livestock DENVER [AP! - Wednesday's quota- Itons, hogs 100: barrows and gilts mostly steady; U.S. 13 200-230 Ib 41.00-42.00: 1-3 330-150 Ib 39.50 41.00; 2-3 250-260 Ib 37JO. 19.50; sows steady, 1 3 300-600 Ib 34 003?-00. .. 3RUSH, Colo! [API - Wednesday quotations: hogs £50; barrows and oilts steady to weak, U.5. 1-2 200-235 Ib 42.5043.75, with high yielding al 44.OOU4.2j; U.5. 2-3 200-250 Ib 41.50-12.25; U.S. 2-4 250- 2BO tb 38.00-41.00. Sows steady, U.S. 1-3 3DOiOOIb 33.00 34.00. KANSAS CITY [AP] - tarlv livestock quotations for Wednesday: Hogs 1.300; barrows and gilts 25 higher; 1-2 215-230 Ib 44.25; 1.3 200.250 Ib 43.7iJ4.25; sows steady to 35 lower: 1-3 330 00 Ib 330033.25; 475-500 Ib 3! JO: 500-650 Ib 39.00. Cattle and calves 1,600; slaughter cows steady; feeder steers not fully established; heifers steady to weak; cutter and utility cows 3600.21.00; high dressing 28.75; earner and cutter 22.00.26JO; feeder steers not established at 10 a.m. feeder heifers, good and choice 300600 Ib 32.00-37.00. Potatoes CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) -r Major' potato markets KOB shipping points U.S. 1A Tuesday in 100 Ib sacks: Idaho russets 8.50-9.00; California long whites 5.50-6.00; Arizona round reds 6.50-7.00; North Carolina round whites 7.50. DENVER [API - Market steady. U.S. total shipments 245; Colorado rails 0; truckins: Arizona 3, California 2, Idaho 3. 100 Ib sacks washed U.S. No. 1A unless otherwise slated. Idaho russets: 10 01 minimum 1UD-I2JO, some 11.00, 50 Ib cartons 8D-l(ns 6.;s 7.00, few 7JO. Arizona round reds: 10.00 11.00, few lower, 2ty3'/j in 10JO-12.00; five 10 Ib baled 7.00 7JO. Calilornia long whites 9.03-10.00, live 10-lb baled 6.25-ijo, ten 5 Ib baled 6JO 7.00. Beans DENVER (AP) -- General bids to growers 13.00 for U.S. No. 1 pintos and 19.00 for U.S. No. l great northerns; FOB Denver and Nebraska rate basis. DENVER (AP) -- Marlut steady; demand fair to good; offerings adequate; large AA U-ik, medium AA 34-37, small AA Ji-35, large A ti-iS. medium A 35-34, large B U-17. NQTICETOCREDITORS Estate of Melvin E. Gelb, Deceased. C*i» Ho. 14015 All persms having claims against ffit above-named estate are required to preswit them to me undersigned or to Hit District Court of Weld County. Colorado, on or twfore September 39, 1977, or said elilms shall to forever barred. Melvin tee Gelb Personal Representative ThtCrnliy Dally Tribune May 25, June 1,1,197? NOTICETOCREDITORS Estate of VIOLA M. W1LDY (Deceased). Eslat«Na.P-14m All persons having claims against the above named estate are required to present tnem to the undersigned or (to the District Courtof WELD County, Colorado) on or before tne um day of October, 1977, or said claims Shall be fortvir barred. A. B. .Malison 675 Petrol turn Club Bldg., Denver, Co. E02Q2 (303) BIS 0)11 The Greeley Dolly Tribune June 8,15,11,1977 Local grain Mid morning Prices Wednesday. JuneS Corn local, truck, 4.10-4.20 rail, 4.15-4.20 Barley 4.05-4.25 Oats(38lbs.) 5.30-5.50 Wheat (per bu.): ordinary, 1.72-1.76 I2per cent, 1.82-1.86 13per cent, 1.98-2.02 Pinto beans 12.00 Prices in dollars per hundredweight , except as indicated, Cash grain CHICAGO (AP) - \Vheat No 2 hard red winter 2.3ln Wednesday; No 2 soft red winter 2.28n., Corn No 2 yellow 2.42^n (hopper) 2.38»2n (box). Oats No 2 heavy l.56n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 9.HH4D. No 2 yellow corn Tuesday sold at 2.44^ (hopper) and was quoted at 2.4(Pin (box), KANSAS CITY IAP) - Wheat U cars: off *i to up .1; No. 3 hard 2.27-2.S4V4,- No. 3 J.06-2.14^in. Corn 12 cars: unch to 1U oU; No. 2 White 1.75 3.00*1,- NO. 3 2.60-2.«5n; No, 1 yellow2.MU-2.47'.in; No. 32.2JU-2.J6 1 in. Oats no cars; .5 lower;-No. 1 white 1.40-l.SSn. No. 3 1.30-l.Wn. NO. 3 MI10 3.37-3.57n. No. 1 Soybeans 9.13-!.44n. Sacked bran 93.93-75. Sacked shorts 91-92.75. Chicago BOT CHICAGO (AP) - Soybean, soybean meal and oil fulures fell to allowable limits on the Chicago Board of T ade today on selling fed by rumor and favorable weather for crop growth. Soybeans were down 30 cents 3 bushel in old crop months and just short of that level in the new crop. Soybean meal was down the limit of $10 a ton and oil lost 100 points, or 1 cent a pound. Grain futures also came un* der selling pressure throughout the day. Corn futures were down 6'.2 cents, and oats nearly 4. Wheat futures lost 2li cents early but recovered to close on . a mixed tone. At the close, soybeans were 22 to 30 cents a bushel lower, July 8,96; corn was 4*i to 6 lower, July 2.43^; oats were 3V4 to 3*! lower, July 1.38 and wheat was \\ lower to U higher, July 2.42. KANSAS CITY {AP) -- wheat futures Tuesday on the Kansas City Board ot Trade. WHEAT (i,MO bu) Open High L o w C l o s e Gig Jul 3.33 3.3311 3.33 3.33V) -KOOH S*p 3.41 J.UV4 1.43'.^ +.0m Dec 3.51 2.53''* 3.51 Mar May Sales: 1.434. 3.63 2.W 140 new vehicles registered 'Eye Pleaser' award A total of 140 new cars, trucks and motorcycles were registered in Weld County the week of May 24-31. The week saw registration of 76 new cars, 44 new trucks, vans and pickups and 20 motorcycles. Ford led in auto registrations with 14 and truck registration with 19. Honda led the motorcycle group with seven registrations. Greeley dealers sold 70 of the new vehicles, other Weld Comity dealers sold 10 and dealers outside the county sold 60. Here's . a make-by : make breakdown of the new registrations: Cars Ford 14, Chevrolet 10, Datsun 7, Buick 7, Oldsmobile 6, Volkswagen 6, Dodge 4, Toyota 4, Plymouth 3, Pontiac 3, Mercury 2, Chrysler 1, Cadillac 1, Mercedes 1, AMC 1, Lincoln 1, BMW 1, Alfa-Romeo 1, Honda 1, Porsche 1, Renault 1. Trucks, Vans, Pickups' Ford 19, Chevrolet 13, Dodge 5, Toyota 3, GMC 2, International 1, Datsun 1. Motorcycles Honda 7, Yamaha 5, Suzuki 4, Kawasaki 2, Harley-Davidson 1, BMW 1. The Community Improvement Committee of the Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce has presented Moby Dick's Fish and Chips, 1645 8th Ave., its second Eye Pleaser Award. ·The award is presented to a business, government agency or organization which aesthetically improves the exterior of its property. From left are Bev Stewart, designer with Intra Space Designs; Dorothy Davis of Columbia Savings, who has encouraged many businesses to improve property; and owners Genny and Ken Dick. The Dicks did most of the remodeling of the building, formerly a gas station. The award is presented monthly; nominations can be made by contacting the Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce. (Tribune photo by Randy Bangert). Sugar NEW YORK (AP) -- Domestic ! futures Tuesday on tne New York C and Sugar Exchange. open High Low Clote SUGAR NO. H (113,COO IDS.) Jut 10.68 10.B1 10.M blO.79 Sales: 440. Raw sugar spot I0.73n. SUGAR NO. 11 [113,000 IbU Jul 8.70 8.74 8.65 B.67 Sep 8.96 8.99 BJ9 8.90 Oct 9.10 9.17 9.08 9.09 · 930 9.30 9.30 h9.17 CHICAGO (AP) -- Futurei trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Tuesday: ' Open High Low Claie Chg LIVE BEEF CATTLE (40,000 Ibi) Jun 40.00 «.60 40.00 40.30 · ,03 Alrg 41.00 41.07 40.40 40.90 · .J? Oct 40.35 40.35 39.75 40.15 · .30 OK 41.75 41.60 41.10 41.45 · .15 Jan 41.40 41.45 41.JO W1.45 · .» Feb 42.10 47.M 41.B5 42.10 .00 Apr 47.W 43.87 45.55 4J.« - .13 Jun 43.75 43.85 43.55 43.70 - .20 Aug 844.25 - .» FEEDER CATTLE (4J.OOO Ibl) Aug '41.10 41.10 JQ.Q5 40.35 · .90 Sep 41.30 41.30 40.40 b40.7Q - .85 Oct 41.70 41.10 40.75 40.90 · .43 Nov 41.90 47.05 41.50 41.72 '- .28 Mar 43.97 .44.15 43.75 44.05 · .05 Apr 44.15 44.30 44.00 44.X ·* .15 May 44.50 44.65 44.40 44.65 : . .15 Sales: Aug 376; Sep IB; Oct 313; Nov 116; March 27; April IB; May 3i. Open Interest: Aug 1135; Sep 395; Oct 3303; Nov 1060; March 139; April 39; May 5. Mai 9.32 · May 9.40 9.45 9.35 9.35 First of Greeley increases capital During its May meeting, the board of directors of the First National Bank of Greeley authorized a transfer of ¥1,300,000 from undivided profits to surplus. This raises the total surplus amount to §3,500,000 and when added to the capital account of $1,500,000 brings the total to 55,000,000. "There remains in the undivided profit account an excess of $3,200,000, or a total of capital surplus and undivided profits of approximately NOTICE Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schults: Bi hereby notified that all effects and Items abandoned on my property at Block 51, Lot 5 In Aristocrat Ranchettes, corner of Henry Street and Colman Avenue, Ft. Lupton, Colorado, will be disposed of to pdy the storage bill on said effects and Hems at S2.00 per day since September 10, 1974, and to June 10,1977, the date of which disposal of said effects and Items will begin. Including vehicles as follows: 1977 Blue Plymouth Station Wagon, RP44M?C1818a4 LTc.-JC-3B5i; Blue Chev. Pickup 1956--1974 license--TH- 1371 Colo. V3B57K1M5!!; Red Bon- nevlllt Ponllac ID No. I«394ClliM4i; 196! Blue Corvalr ID No.709£9W15l4ai; Tan Rambler Body No. 2583M; Massey Harris Tractor -- Ho. 44GR5664; Trailer House Chassis; Rabbit Hutches; 5 Sets Wagon Wheels; Water lank; Stock Tank. Signed: John P. Reynolds The Greeley Dally Tribune Junes, 1977 SUMMONS INTHEDISTRICT COURT DIV.l CIVIL ACTION No.3»1tf E OF COLORADO, $8,200,000, making the First of Greeley 'the " strongest capitalized hank in Northern Colorado," said Royce B. Clark president and chairman of the board.. "The affect of transfering the undivided profits to surplus" adds to the permanent capital of the bank," Clark continued. "This becomes capital which cannot be paid out of the dividendsor in any other matter without the prior approval of the controller of currency. Since the First National Bank of Greeley has been growing at' a rapid pace, it was felt : by the board that this transfer to capital was justified and appropriate," Clark said. The board also declared its usual quarterly dividend of 85 cents per share,' payable June 20, 1977, to stockholders, of record June 3, 1977. The First of Greeley is a member of the First National Bancorporation, FDIC, and the Federal Reserve. ALL KINDS OF LOANS New. Used Cars Pickups Household Goods Appliances Home Improvement Loans WELD COUNTY INDUSTRIAL BANK 11117th Ave. 352-4634 Plaintiffs vs. To represent UfA Walt and Sue Ehmsen of 1737 26th Ave. Ct. have been named Greeley representatives of United Farm Agency, a national real estate firm. Their office will be a mile south of Greeley on U.S. 85. A former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, Ehmsen and his wife have three children. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Eltall Of MARY E. RIX, AKA MARY ELLEN RIX, Deceased. CinNo.HOU Alt perioni Hiving claims against the above-named eitati art required to present them to ni« underifgned or to the District Court ol Weld County, Colorado, on or before September 29, 1977, or said claims snail b« forever barred. Florence M.Nain, Personal Representative johnW. O'Hagan Attorney at Law 1007 9th Avani*, Ste. 3CU Greeley, CO Kill 1S2-W44, Reg. S3S The Greeley Dally Trlbuni MavIS, June 1.8,1977 THE DENVER LARAMIE REALTY ) COMPANY; CHRISTIAN WAT- ) TENBERG alio known as CHRIST ) WATTEN8ERG and at CHRIST ) WATTENBURG; CAROLINE WAT- ) TENBERG also known as } CAROLINE WATTENBURG; 8ER- ) TKA RAND; EMELINE E. CALPH; ) THOMAS C. WEAVER; IDA M. ) WEAVER; A R T H U R W E A V E R ; ) RAY WEAVER; and all unknown) persons who claim any Interest In the ) subiectmatterol this action. ) Defendants ) COLORADO, TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED -GREETING: Youarehereby summoned and required to tile with the Clerk an answer to the complaint within 10 days after service of this summons upon you. II you fait so to do, judgment by default will be taken against you for me relief demanded in the complaint. If service upon you is made outilde the State of Colorado, or by publication, or if a copy of the complaint be not lerved upon . you with this summons, you are required to file your answer to the complaint within 30 days alter service of this upon you. This Is an action to quiet title to Lot* * and 7 In Block 10 In tne Town cf Wat tmberg. Weld County, Colorado and tor such other relief as to the Court may seem proper, all ss will more fully appear from the Complaint on file herein. Dated May 19,1977 HOUTCHENS, HOUTCHENSAND DANIEL Attorneys for Plaintiff By Rodger l. Houtchins, Reg. No. 1SS4 10079th Avenue, Greeliy,Coto. Miry M, Cornell Clerk of said Court. By Donna J.Powell Deputy Clerk. ( S E A L * Note.--This summons Is Issued pursuant to Rule t, Colorado Rules Civil Procedure. The Greeley Dally Tribune MByiS.Junel, 1,15,21,1977 EXTRA MONTHLY BOYS-GIRLS (Over 12) ADULTS To Deliver The Greeley Tribune Be the envy of your friends with a Tribune route! You can make new friends, learn responsibility and earn your own money. Give it a try! Applications being accepted for all areas of Greeley. I Am Interested In A Tribune Route NAME ADDRESS PHONE '' PARENTS' NAME PARENTS'SIGNATURE I am......years old and in the grade at school. Return to the Greeley Tribune or mail to P.O. Box 1138. GREELEY DAILY TRIBUNE Plione 352-0211 714 8th St. Box 1138, Greeley, Colo * Average Monthly Earning:

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