Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1975 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, February 19, 1975
Page 17
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Dr. Lamb Vitamin dose By Uwrenct E. Lamb, M.D DEARDR.LAMB-U-ouM like to ask you about vitamin C Just how much vitamin C is considered an overdose? I have ronecf . . . . . '5" a ^milligram tablet plus a regular multiple vilamin which contains 60 milligrams of vilamin C every j morning. * t Unless they are just slowly \ o u l g r o w i n g colds a n d ,-respiralory problems, ii seems / they gel fewer and less severe [Scolds and other ailments now ,. , A . ls ° my moiher. age 62, was (told by a doctor to take vitamin C because of frequent overdone in typical human ex- At this date some studies suggest lhat vitamin C does help prevent Ihe severity of colds and similar ailments, but there is serious doubt that laige doses actually prevent colds Most people would be happy with anything that shorlened the duration of such illnesses and made them less severe. Once the body becomes saturated with the water soluble vitamins the excess just runs out. II is like filling a cup with water. Once it is full the rest runs over. ' lo usc ° lds and similar i l l m s s 'ou need from 250 to 1000 - vitamin C could be and Jiow helpful it is have been grossly probably won'l help much and more than 1000 won't give any added b e n e f i t . Even 250 Hints from Heloise Coffee can serves to collect garbage iDear Heloise: My daughter and I are using a two-pound coffee can for a garbage container. We use a bread wrapper for a liner. {Both free, I notice! - H.) We put the wrapper inside the ican, fitting the bottom of the can and turn the top of the wrapper over lhe edge of the coffee can. 'f- When ready to dispose of the u -~- ' ' " U p t^ .where to find an article of unfroned clothing, but as my children got older, I found that somehow they had taken over doing their own ironing! Soothed many · an early morning nerve over the years Dear Heloise : Miles separate us from grown f . drcurastaiKes these days. V aS *V l tighl the tendency h not to mile with another bread for awhile after sharing news by ! wrapper and ,t's ready to use phone andso several weeks can go by without those precious letters that all can read and that can be savored over and over. One of our daughters now sits down and chals with us by letter ; again. Mrs. A.O. Bales ; _ Oh, you beautiful doll! You're '.great. Kisses to you. You could even pretty up the container with some adhesive-backed paper. Be sure lo put a plastic coffee can lid on the bottom of the can to protect Ihe sink from fust. before she makes the phone call. That's having your cake and eating it, too. Ella Baker Dear Heloise: [ iiKf i nw =11 f , ,t , Having lrouble shellin B to I just love all of you folks for hard-cooked eggs' IP Prwlmc vn, tu:«l, -e i . .. . . o^- the goodies you think of and share with us. There's no lack of communication here, is there? ; · · - Heloise * + * UTTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: .'I wonder how many other sleepy mothers have poured milk into a disposable bottle shell wilhoul pulling in Ihe plastic liner first? Myrna Archuletta Dear Heloise: It seems that ironing has always been my downfall. However, on the theory that everything has a place, I have a system that I have used for years. Every person in the household has their own pillow case stuffed with their own ironing. This has had an unanticipated side effect over the years. Not only did it stop lhe hassling over After cooking ihe eggs, chill them slightly and then put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes.. They peel easily and save frustration when trying for a perfect dozen. E.A.S. · » * 1 tried this and it sure works! Just be sure not fo leave them in the freezer too long--all you need is frozen hard-boiled eggs! Your husband will really think you are cracked! Heloise » · * Dear Heloise: When you don't know what to do with leftover hamburger buns and hot dog buns, try spreading them with garlic butler and then placing them under the broiler until golden brown. Yummy! An easy and lasty treat! Judy Young WIN AT BR.'DGE Unique new system: THINKING NORTH D) 13 A J 4 V A K 6 4 » A 103 * A Q 9 8 WEST EAST A 2 A K Q 10 9 36 Y Q 8 7 5 3 » J 9 » Q 9 6 6 + K 7 5 4 A J 10 4 4 5 SOUTH I" A , t ? 5 3 ¥ 1 D 2 » J 2 ;'· + K 7 6 3 2 Neither vulnerable ; West Norlh Eist Soulh 1* 2 A 3 * j Pass 3 V Pass 3 N.T. . Pass Pass Pass ] Opening lead - 2 A i If South had stopped to think at the start o( play, he might have seen the danger o( a club- suil block. In lhat case he could have let Easl hold the first s p a d e trick. East would probably have led a second spade and Soulh would let him hold that trick, also. After lhat Soulh would be able lo discard one of dummy's clubs on the ace of spades and score his five club tricks. Of course, there is no law lhat would have compelled Easl to lead a second spade, but Soulh should have been able to work oul a way to get his ninth trick by playing and ducking a second spade himself. ^2Hi I'-l'IFrSESSl The bidding has been: 19 Wpct Vnrlh £al Eolith By Oswald James Jacob)' .. jrth was both philosophical ajid sarcastic. . He remarked, "Good rubber bridge players should play fast and get lo play asrnany rubbers as possible. They win more that way. You should lake more time. You may even find the correct play if you do slop io think. i n s i e d u ui B u s s i n g yum South had paused for a full se- parlncr has hid one nolrump cond before winning the first OV er W'esl's one heart Whal do spade. He played the ace and y fl;j do now? queen of clubs from dummy Answer Tomorrow with equal speed, East showed out and, all of a sudden, North's Str!d j, /or MC 08f MOXRN nine-eight of clubs were going book lo . - m ,, flrid9e _.. lcK) IWs lo block South s fifth club. Mwsp aper). P.O. Bon 469. fiidio South struggled along for some C lly Station. New York. N.Y. 100)9. time, but could not work out a ------· way to get a ninth trick. [NK\JSPAHERKSTKR['RISBASSS( i » I v I'ass 2 » DM. 3» 3 4 Pass ? You, South, hold: A A Q 7 6 » 2 « K JS4 A A Q 8 2 Whal do you do now? A -- Bid lour spades. Your hand has b«omf vrry powerful. TODAV'S QUESTION Instead of passing your milligrams a day is far above t h e r e c o m m e n d e d d a i l y amounts needed for sound nutrition. Idon'l think anyone is going lo have any (rouble from doses of 1000 milligrams a day or less. The amounts you are using (or your boys are fine. 1 think it is better to give vitamin C in divided doses each day it that isn't too inconvenient; say 250 milligrams Iwice a day or, if an adult wants to take larger doses, perhaps 250 milligrams four times a day or even 500 milligrams twice a day. I am not convinced thai those huge doses of three or four grams (3000 Io4000 milligrams) al Ihe onset of an illness are either beneficial or wise. Most people have already had the infection for several days before they have symptoms of a cold, so you can'l really slarl Ihese targe doses at the onset of the illness. A daily dose of 250 milligrams is probably enough for most people in terms of decreasing the severily of colds and infectious illnesses. Remember, colds are infectious diseases, meaning they are caused by germs, and are contagious. II is Irue that as children get older their tendency to get such illnesses is decreased. They develop some natural immunity and thai helps a lot. Parents of young school children have far more colds than parents who no longer The Idaho Free Press it The News-Tribune, Wednesday, February 19,1975- A-4 , Servie* Dlrtctory 1 P«r»onils 2 Ballet couple reunited HOME (UPI) - Ballerina Knleriya Kedicheva, who Irietl for ;i year lo get oul ct Soviet Union, has arrived in Rome and hopes lo be reunited with lier American dancer-husband soon. She new in from Moscow via F r a n k f u r t , West Germany - - ·· Monday nighl. Her husband, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Marlm tnedman of Baltimore, ?B Yrs. experience. Bsmts., Paul's carpet Installation. Quality work al reasonable prices. Guaranteed. 4M-4755. BALDWIN TRUCKING ' Ronald Baldwin "HAUL SAND 1 G R A V E L " 454 0047. Caldwell, I d a h o VAN'S CEMENT WORK Palios, driveways, steps, curbs Iraclor work. Free estimates. Phone Star 286 7543 or JB6-74I8, REMODELING - CUSTOM QUILOING. Larc,e or small iobs, over 20 V rs. exp. Richard KOIDO, J67 4770 allcr 6 p.m. D.UID H\WEU., president of the Dry Uke 4-11 livestock rtubpresrnls a gifl lo Mr. and .Mrs. Alfred Roehlke, *h have been club leaders for IK years, during a recent dinner 4-H Corner Dry Lake Mrs. Cassidy, Leslie Fcrring, Mrs. Carol Ferring, Susan G r i f f i n , Mrs. Ellen G r i f f i n , Phoebe Lcpper, Mrs. Bonnie Leppcr, Debbie Shroll, and Mrs. Mary K. Shroll. Also allenrling were Shelly Shroll, Mrs. Vicki Shroll. Karaly Skogsberg, Kylenc Skogsberg, Pfeaster, Katrina currently is performing al (he DorlmuiHl Opera House nol far from.Frankfurl, but because she had no enlry visa for Germany, Ihe reunion had (o wait. He was nol told thai she was being allowed to leave until Ihe lasl ininwe, friends said. The 37-year-old performer, once prima ballerina of lhe Leningrad Kirov ballcl, lost her job when she applied for the visa a year ago, hnl finally was allowed lo leave liussia Sunday.- Dressed in a black fur coal and black boots, she carried her 8-monlh-old son, Ivan, two bags, and hclrt Ihe leash of a white poodle, Julie, on arrival at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, The two dancers met when she performed in a ballet at Philadelphia in 1971. They were married Jan. H, 197-1. in Leningrad. "We had a few days honeymoon al her country home near Leningrad, and 1 haven't seen her since," Friedman lold UPI. Miss Fotiicheva said she drives, patios, steps stoops. OuAlily workmanship guar. Grcmling. .167 ?057, Iree est. Custom Duilding remodeling. R e a s o n a b l e . Free e s t i m a t e s JackHall, 459-67.B1. Remodeling 8, repairs. Skilled craftsman for home or business. Prompt service. Ph. 4665548. TREE SERVICE IDAHO PEST CONTROL I Formerly Brassfields) Spraying ol all kinds, Complete Iree service. Licensed, bonded S. insured. Larry Rails, 466-9376. PETERSON NAMPA -- Mr. ancl Mrs. Alfred Doehlke wore honored at a pol-luck dinner given by members of Ihe Dry Lake 4-H Livestock 4-H club, recently at the Soulhside Grange Hal!.' The Boehlkes were honored ~..-, h ^ , .,,,,,,,., for Ihcir 16 years of leadership Shantel have school children living at for the Dry Lake Livestock club Pfeaster. ....== , ^,,,,-vu =, a , u snv nome. AH public contact is a A short business meeting was Amy Allen led the pledges and P lanncd l ° S P«'"1 five days in held with (he group planning a members were reminded lhat Rome ' mpt l her husband, and skating party at the Nampa record books were to be finished U«n travel lo tho United Stales, Rollerdromc with, the Junior by Feb. 13. where she hopes lo perform. Livestock Ciub as guests. "Besides being a performer, I Horse c/ub IIOMEDALE - A new 4-H horse club was "formed, new leaders were named and officers were elected d u r i n g an organizalional meeting held means of spreading colds I'd also like to say a few words that may seem old fashioned, but there is nothing wrong with fresh orange juice and olher fresh f r u i t s and vegetables as sources iff vitamin C if they are used in sufficient quantity. I kind of like food and think it is a good way to get your vitamins. It also tastes belter than pills. Send your questions to Dr. L a m b , i n c a r e of t h i s newspaper, P.O. Box 1551 Radio City Stalion, Mew York, N,Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents and a long s e l f - a d d r e s s e d s t a m p e d envelope to the same address and ask for the "Batonred Diet" booklet. The motorcycle meeting was Feb. 17 ai Gordon 'Clegs' home; the sheep meeling will be Feb. 24 at John [(elks', and beef meeling March 3 at Gordon Tiegs 1 home. The next general club meeling _ - ,, , ,, . " ° n l l h o A n r i i T O i-7.i,,,,~ .. ...5 recently at the home of Mrs. ,.'B«rr,lceBed«Ojol Fflf Thur»d»y, Ftb. 20, 1975 ARM-S (March 21-April 19) A situaiion where you think you have an ace-in-lhe-hole will be trumped when you play it. Don'l lull yourself inlo a false security. TAURUS (April 20-Mly M) Again today you won'l manage your resources as wisely as you could. Once you've sel a budget, hold lo it. GEMINI (May 21-Juni 20) You're going to be caught off- guard if you rely too heavily on others lo come through lor you in the pincji. They won't. CANCER (Juiw JI-Jul,. 22) Your generosity will be abused bul it's partially your fault. . You'll make a commllmenl you have no tight to make. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) There's an old adage, "A bird in the hand is worth two in Ihe bush." Keep it in mind today, particularly in business dealings. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) Keep goals within reason. Be silisficd with progress a slep al a lime. If you move loo hastily you'll lessen your chances. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You have a tendency loday lo Ihink your irteas are far superior lo Ihose ol co-workers. You'll turn a deal ear lo h e l p f u l suggestions. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Tfiis is not a day lo gamble on a n y t h i n g s i g h t - u n s e e n , although you're apl lo do just lhat on a whim or impulse. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-DM. 21) AI leasl pay Wiose interested in your welfare Ihe courlesy ol listening to Vie'u advice belore making major decisions CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-Jln. 19) Normally you're very diligent where your dulies are concerned, 6ut loday you'll palm Ihings oil on olhers. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fat. 19) Problems thai you get yourself inlo now are l.kely lo stem Irom the extravagant manner by which you handle your resources. PISCES (Ftb. 20-March 20) You're a shada too opinionlated loday lor your own good. You'll thinfc you're impressing others. You are -the wrong way. ril7,at7:30p.m.atthe Grange hall. Lone Star Riders NAMPA - As Ihe Lone Star Riders 4-H club members answered roll call they brought up cans of food which will be laken to the Atlention Home for a community service project. Teen leader training sessions were announced for Feb. IS at the College of Idaho and officers (raining Feb. 27 at 7:30 p m """·' ^"s'ey ana Ken A new member has joined the Pclerson wer e appointed to fix a Lone Star Riders. Her name is schc(lul! of meelings. and Susie Smit. demonslrations. Members are There will be a camp for 7th lo ^ thinkin R of a name for Ihe and 8th graders this summer club lo to ehosen al '"« next The following junior leaders meetin S- Tn( TMU ra't will be were announced: Dan Simer ansH ' cre d by giving Ihe name of Karen Dunn, Chris Smit, Lisa lhe ""^ber's horse. )x)rl Llklns wi " h ° st lne TMxl Marion Vance. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Deshazer will be Ihe new leaders of Ihe group. An election of officers was held wilh Kathy Tleshazer elected lo serve as president; Claudia Bcvan, vice president; Susan Cook, secretary and treasurer; Debbie Preuss, news reporter; Dianna King, historian; and Jona Ensley, sgt.- al-arms. Jona Ensley and Keri Oustafson, and Merilie Eason Karen Dunn, fund raisins °. *···" «*-'"v"Jiiaiiuiia chairman, brought up ideas for ,, ue S'ven by Elkins and Kim a bake sale and auction the last Saturday in Feb. Bonnie Carlson gave a demonslralion on Saddle Saving Savvy. Lone Slar Riders will join Saddle and Spurs for the nexl meeting to see a film. meelln 6 aid dempnslralions Hayes ' " was decided tohold Ihe meeting twice a month on lhe second and fourlh Tuesday. The meeling was allended by 12 members and a visitor, Mrs. Bryce Pelerson. --Ferris Deal Junior Spurs Merry Makers HOMEDALE - Project books were distributed lo 16 members NAMPA - Members of the of lhc Junior s P urs *-H Club Merry Makers 4-H Club held a during a mcelin i held recently tea to honor their mothers at (he a ' llle llome of club member home of leader Mary K. Shroll Doroln y Ryel. Two new members joined the club. They are Dec Taggarl and Brenl Leaders Mrs. Janice Cassidy and Mrs. Shroll welcomed lhe mothers and gave a short resume of activities completed by the members. Recipe boxes were displayed and food for lhe tea table was prepared by members. Those attending were: Amy Taggarl. Record books, advance books, , ° y Audrey Vane e n sid I Refreshments Ve e ^ served bv e e serve v « «. Mrs. Sara Allen, Dianne Dorothy Uycl. The nexl me ting B h c k s Blickcnslaff, Mrs. Nancy Scheuerer, Jenae Boyd, Mrs. Judy Boyd, Sherry Cassidy, will be held Feb. 24, al 7:30 at the home of Brenda Matthews. Lea Vance am a moiher and a wife, and. like all women, I desire a tranquil life by Ihe side of my husband and son," she said. Before leaving Frankfurt lhe ballerina said. "1 have had many problems --for jiiy life, my son. everything. "The American people gave me so much help. They are vcrv kind. One day, I hope lo dance in the Uniled Slates." Holdout to live in Brazil TOKYO i UP!) - Kormer Japanese World War I I slragylcT Hinio (Inrxia said today be will move lo Brazil nexl monlh because he is lired (if being a hero. "Being Ireated like a hero is like a goldfish in a fish bowl," Onoda said. "I'd like lo he free ami I think I'd lie better off in Brazil than in Japan." Onnda, a former lieulcnanl in the Imperial Japanese Army said his :lu years' hiding in lhe jungles on Lulwng island in lhc Philippics bad suited him lo hye in a Iropical country. The former inlclligence officer came out of lhc jungle lasl March ;iflcr holding oul since 11M-I before (he end of World War The SG-ycnr-nlcl bachelor said his cmigralion to Brazil, where he plans to become a callle rancher, does not mean lhat "I'm discarding Japan. I'M always be a Japanese." He said he will start wilh aboul 200 head of cattle in Brazil and hopes to increase his herd lo » in 10 years wilh aboul $150,000 in royalties from Ixioks writlcn in lhc past year, bul said. "1 am nol rich." ·Service Directory j Pnlios - sidewalks - sleps -curbs - chain link fence. For quality work call Gary, 459-3740. EXCAVATING Backhoework, any kind, Septic tanks, drain lietds. Dean Lit- tlcfield Excavating. 4663725. .* VACUUM REPAIR * Hoover, Compact, Eleclrolux, Filter' Queen, Royal, Eureka, Kirby, Airway. Bells, bags, motors, switches, all kinds of parts. Mel's Repair * Sales. 1116 12lh Ave. SO., 466-2541. p TOP SOIL Pill dirl, excavating, all kinds 466-4360or 466-4011 HOUSE MOVING Also buy and sell houses BOB RICHARDSON, Ph. 466-933?. Trenching or sprinkler systems f. waler lines. Can trench 4" to 6" wide. Also backhoe ex- cavaling. Bob Blessing, Homedale. Idahc. 337-3B7.3. Soon will be the time to install youc sprinkler system in your yard. Call now (or estimates _ 459.8349. Build your new home · or fix up Ihe old one. Call me at PHONE 66-789l or 451 «64 lo place your classified ad. Ken's Loan Jewelry loans money on anything ol value. We also do lewelry repair, diamond selling and mounting, lool 1226 Ut SI. So., Nampa. 464 9647. 5p»cl«l Notlc«* "4 Fighl Choleslcrol buiW up wilh Lecithin Kelp Combination. Get N o r w a l k Led Kelp c a p s at Penny Wise Drugs, Nampa. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Nampa charier group meeti Thurs. B:00 p.m. in Ihe Counly Bldg., 9th Ave. 2nd SI. So., P.O. Box 1024, Nampa, 466-3312. Alcoholics i Al Anon, Nampa meets Won. 8 p.m. M e r c y Hospital. Sun. 8:30 a.m. Community Center, Ca(( veil, Wed. 6:30 p.m. St. David's Episcopal Church. Kalc-y Med. Center, 10 Ugan. Wed. 8:30 p.m. 466-5476. 466-3325, 459 8460 or J59-2152. Lost Found "~"T LOST: Gold leather w a l l e t . Har. Kangaroo lur insert. Lost, in Nampa. R E W A R D , Jt6 3083. Income Tax ! ~g ~ MIDWAY ACCOUNTING Taxes Bookkeeping Mrs. Shirley Jordan 459 .IBJ2 INCOME T A X S E R V I C E We come lo your home. Reasonable rates. 376-7865. INCOWE TAX SERVICE VIRGINIA BLOCK 1923 Kkd, Caldwell -- 459-0448 . ' H R B L O C K America's" largest lax service Nampa: 1707-2nd SI. So.. 464 6331 and 224-lllh Ave. No., W 1301. Caldwell: 1020 Cleveland," ·1590539 and in Sears, Caldwell. INCOME TAX - Reasonable rales. M a r i l y n Harris, Grecnleal. Phone 459-6055. MELBA TAX SERVICE Ca:i Mrs. Robinson. 495-2755 INCOME TAX SERVICE [lmerflosdaM,215Rudson. 465-2164 MANY H A P P Y R E T U R N S ! Neva Chapman. 26 years experience. S5.00 8. up. 818 N. Illinois. Space 30. Phone 459 1774 Income Tax Service by Eleanor Hursh. Trained under Federated Tax Service. 467 1754 Schools Instruction a E N J O Y YOUR PIANO! ' Private lessons wilh exp. in- struclor. All ages, ' beginners Ihru a d v a n c e d . M A R J T S · PIANO STUDIO. 46S 5194. 50 Home study courses on cassettes, 55.95 ea. For F R E E Jist,_WrileJ^.g. eox 82, Nampa. - A R T C L A S S E S Day or evening classes. Muriel or 446 1316. QUALITY Concrete driveways, sidewalks , patios. Call Earl, 466-1594. Landscaping, shrub Irimming a. yard work. Now is trie lime to W this work' 'done. 'i67-511j MOLKO'S MOBILE MILLING SERVICE. Grinding, roiling, mixing A molassilying. 466-SS64. * ELECTROLUX * Vacuum cfeaners. Repairs Supplies. M. inaba. ·IS4 0777 Mt : tt}l · 459-8?06. Excavating Landscaping Leon Hell, 4596126 or 459-8368 Top soil, fill dirt 8, fertilizer. 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Loian Jordan, "Vital!-Statistics Hector's Auto Repair Service Grand Opening p r i c e s Overhauls. 6 cyl., S2?OS250 : V/ 8, S2SO S275. 5516 Cleveland' «9 9576 or -159-9050. Losewelghtwith New Shape Tablets and HydrexWaier Pills at . CARL'SORUG,Wilder atAU ,,,,,. i. k . n , wlo M , y |o '- wih t\Jt Iwire. Rt.n ,| ectr j c !)lon] pooortl. Hotel Fwnltare. Nompo. Over 30 years experience iii '"'I'" . , L HtoGaryand JolineFarrar, 110 remodeling 8. trim. Own IMKROlri-A girl, born Feb. mh Ave, N., Nampa at Mercy l " Ji P mer " fuck. By job or by I lo Boh and Rulh Darrnw Me[i j ca | rjonlcr the hour. Bill Bynum, 467-1379 FULLER--A boy, born Feb. E.O. G A I N E S P A ( N n ~ 14 lo Gregory and Ayako Fuller I n 1 e r i o r e x t e r i o r . F R E E HIS W. flamingo, Nampa, al ESTIMATES, w-tgit Mercy Medical Cenler. ^"".hF^ 5 ' lraclor mounted. 14 lo Boh and Ruth Darrow, Caldwell, al Caldwell Memorial Flos pit al. INECK-A boy, born Feb. 15 to John and Rcnila meek, Caldwell, al Caldwell Memorial Hospital. CLYNE-A girl, born Feb. 11 lo Donald and Teresa Clync, 3119 Amily, Nampa, al Mercy Medical Cenler. SHARRAI-A girl, born Feb. 12 (o Uwrence and Loretla Sharrai, of Payette, al Mercy Medical Cenler. COFFELT-A boy, born Feb. , roro'lrller, power rake, lawn spraying, plow 8, clean up PiaU5?75?5 WALLPAPERING PAINTING local. Reference. 466-36C9 M A K H I A G K LICENSES Chris K. Smith, Caldwell, and Becky K. Ballzor, Nampa. PaLlo Barbosa Jr. and Lorella Jo Rhodes, both of Wilder. DIVORCE ACTION FILED - » ~,,. ,,,*,, wenny. discing lona Fern White against P'anlins and r i p p i n g . J o h n Harold LeHoy While, · Irrecon- E 115 *"" 1 '* 1 . Ph. 834-3739. STOLEN SUN. P.M.' Sony tape- player t. tapes BTM e " Wusiang, at McDonalds. Keep player but return tapes 3rd q i °??i B ' N °TM^, 4J4 wm*- *"' Eama ^' Wa - OGSTAD'S F U R N I T U R E *23Main, Caldwelf OPEN F R I D A Y NIGHTS T I L L 9 P A I I ' M M A K I N G S I O O E X T R A you can too. Mrs. Daisy Kephan, 466 2139 Need someone lo talk to? Call Hotline anytime 466-3511 or 458-2311 The Salvalion Army now rtaily pick up in Nampa are; tax deductible NEED: Dental assistant. Exp" preferred but will train the ngh person. Apply in person, Dr. llm, ld?3 4ih SI. So. Namoa! iM»V°H 5 y e a r s old ' Mus ' to able to do heavy lifting be TM» ncda , b ! e ' Apply in person a » ?0?2 E. Linden, Caldwell S E C R E T A R Y - R E C E P T I O N I S T part lime, 9 a.m. to 1 p m Shorthand, typing sxiils knowledge of bookkeeping and pleasant telephone voice Position is in Caldwell but prefer Nampa person, must have transportation. Write Box 287, c/ o Idaho Free Press Nampa. _ Bal V s i t t e r w'a'nted, light housework. 6 a.m. to 4 p.m Five dollars Per day. 467-6603. Full or part time job avail lor wa,lress. Must be able to work noons Excellent lor High school or college student. No e x - perience necessary. Apply in person. Country inn, 803 12th Ave. So. Namoa. POSITIONS NOW OPEN FOR- · Car Hostesses* Cooks · Waitresses for F«b. 20,1175 Many line opportunities will come your way Ihit could open new horizons lo you this year. There is t danger you may nol explore their luilesi potentials. ., Nampa, al Mercy Medical Center. WALTERS-A boy, born Feb. 13 lo Raymond and l.ana Wallers, of Boise, at Mercy Medical Center. SPENCEIi-A boy, born Feb. 14 lo Jeffrey and Janica Spencer, of Mountain Komc, al Mercy Medical Cenler, MAXWELI.-A boy, born Feb, 14 lo Richard and Margene Maxwell, of Wilder, al Mercy Medical Center. FAIWAR-A boy, born Feb. Winnemucca, I960. Stable museum ST. JOSEPH, Ma (UPD--The point for Ihe famed SKUS £;£·«£=- Planlino and rinninn i.k. ""cgs,pric-a orac. 466 BKna "CANDOCADETTES" . 809 Nompo/Cold. Blvd., Nompa "4n Equal Qpporlunii v-i/i i Ktui--n wy, uuin rru. iiaruru L*enoy wnilc,' Irrecon- -·'·""""" · ··· oj^-^/jy. TAN Dfl PnCTTrc" 1 h-- t-unauci r»iM rh0 ««VM R M SeDm °f cilable diffel -TM^; Carried al I'M be B ladtotalkwllhyou about Can do anything. Can't dr- , «r*c« Ls ° 5 " y wp °' k : * U1 Coffelt, 360 Caldwell Blvd., Winnemucca, Nev., June 20 v°i"'problem or new idea. Any Cheerful ladv rh»,,« ve? eveninol AM',·.'. «\» m Nampa, al Mercy Medical I960. ' project such as bathroom take you any place LY"' 7 »-«o? or Vs« S'', fonior relinlsh, room remnrtoi «r MIKO n n , n :-I V' .. · b Pnng ,,,,[,,. · '" ·'»»-' f refinlsh, addition room remodel, R i c h a r d Cameron " ·"·"· '«" any place ^nrlnn 03U ' louse cleaning, wall was hi no P fn '"ien a ' C ·"5'-3BS3 for jp Quality Cabinets t Carpentry Painting, all phases of remodel- handling of tarn, or garage s,," ??«« Call us. Reason.hii r=.1; ..,· _ ? * s """""6 H""" iw "ie lamea : " ....... " "" p"«esgi remodel- f-iii n, D . , , . ' u . 9 a r a 9 e sa 'e. Pony Express for its mail rtHays ""»· No |ob "" 5mal1 - "·»!"- MM, w-ww i'«« a '"' 4U ~ lotlie western stales was a - . STOUT. CONSTRUCTION *"** -co ..' ,,.,,-- - . Keith to the western stales was at sta- Museum is housed in one of NEED MORE ROOM? them. ·*--"--'· · PHONE oiy^r^r.^^^i Phont 459QQ9I PARENTSANONYWOUT Bascrrients e x c a v a t e d ' S, · ,. P A "ENTS ANONYWOUS" "Uou i n « mcn ":"u"'«r existing homes,' ll e ' pr , f °I P»fentt who low H .miHhc co« ol building on. Also Cp0hnlr ?. 1 : . F »[ "lore Information, ad. concrete work Ph Ph «*-«7J d a s , «7- Please contact - . - a t 466-7891 botwc hours of 3 and 3:30 p n thru Friday · WANTED: R E G I S T E R E D . . N U R S E supervisory duties, day lime , days, «7-U3s O r

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