Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 26, 1957 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 18
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Junior Police Band Features Parade July 4 The Denver Junior Police asso- tialiOD. wh?j? hjin Ihc July 4lh parade here, was or- gauizcd in June, 1937, for the bet- tcrmenl of boys in the city and keeping them occupied anil off Ih streets. Regardless of race. boys between lie age ol 7-15 years. When i boy reaches Ihe ige of It, be "Is graduated from Ihc association and given a certificate of honor. Since Ihe start of the association, over 2,6uo boyi hive graduated and most of them hav continued with Iheir, musical edu cation and others have used it i a hobby. . Byron-D. Jolivetle, who laugh lice asso-, brass at Colorado State Colleje in apc " r i2 1!a) - uil! dir « cl "* Junior Police band when it appesrs in Greele; Have You Sized Up Your Spouse? financial standing in (he community, any boy from Ihc age of 7-10 is eligible for enrollment in the association. The top Inaugural Band of the organization played at both inaugurations of President Eisenhower in Washinglon, D. C. This band also played at the last two gubernatorial inaugurations, on the Fourth of July. JMivelte has appeared wilh thi. ie Denver symphony, (he Denver mu I niclpal band and the Central Cit rcliKmn or opera company, lie studied music al Denver university, and belongi to Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia fratcrn iiy and Kappa Kappa Hsi, honor ary band fralcrnily. At more than 250 medial cen tcrs in the Gold Coast, over 19,000 lepers arc receiving weekly treat mcnt, Accra reports. Good prog ,, . , ,, . . . . ! rcss is bci "S m a d c in eradicating Members of the. band consist of I the disease. You Must Be Registered By JULY 9 FOR RECREATION STICKER TIME! Official Brake and Light Station McARTHUR-WHEELER Your CADILLAC-OLDSMOBILE Dealer 811 7th Street Phone 399 Does Your Lawn Have Burned Spots or Hard To Sprinkle Areas? Install a GOODYEAR underground sprinkler system" and. get uniform coverage . . . GUARANTEED against damage from freezing and corrosion. ^ WE HAVE EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL TO INSTALL THESE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE UNDER P.H.A. LOANS Up to 36 Months To Pay CALL CONSUMERS OIL COMPANY For Free Estimates Phone 456 AUCTION Saturday, June 29th -1:30 p.m. We will selt for The Men's Council of The F.irsl Presbyterian Church of Greeley. Located at the corner of 14lh Street and 9th Ave,, Greele}', Colo. This is an annual sale for the Men's council and we will selt many useful items; there will be all kinds of furniture, lawn furniture, garden tools, shop tools, and many other items. Be sure to plan to attend (his sale, it will be a big sale of many useful items. CLAUDE REDMAN. AUCTIONEERS RALPH GREENWOOD ^ RALPH WHITE, CLERK TOM KIME, MGR. Mr Salesman, when you hand out your business card are you proud of the impression it makes? You can be proud of the business cards we print Greeley Tribune Job Printing. Ph. 3. HAT 7 hand diameter SHIRT 15.34 n«tk rneaturement, sleeve length T SHIRT 38 then rn»atur«m*nl SUIT 39 long cheit measuiemtnl, ihort, r e g u l a r long depending height GLOVES 1 measurement around open palm TOP COAT 40 long chail rneasuremeni over suit coat TROUSERS 3 2 x 3 4 Waist measurement ond injeom length BELT 32 waist measurement SHORTS 32 waiit measurement SOCKS 11 inches, heel to toe SHOES 9D special gaugo from width and length of foot HAT 12 head circumference BLOUSE 34 buit meojurement SWEATER 31 Iwo liiei larger than blouse lile BRA 34-BCup ""^ ond cup ilie '' SLIP 34 long busr measurement, height DRESS 12 according to ilie, height, weight SUIT 12 same ai dresi ilil GLOVES 7 m e a s u r e m e n t around open palm COAT 10 o n e s i z e s m a l l e r than dresi tixe SKIRT 12 same as dreii ilie BELT 24 waist measurement GIRDLE 24 waisl measurement PANTY i arbitrary lii HOSE 1] Inches, heel to toe' SHOES 9AA special gauge from width and length of foot Most husbinds shopping for clothing for their wives mike vague gestures wilh their hands which the tileiperson must translate into a size. Wives are usually better informed about their husbands wear, but even they aren't always sure how the slzei ar* determined. This business of sizes is sometimes arbitrary and sometimes based on actual body measurements. Young married couples who master this mysterious tystem of statistics save time, money and exchanges later on. In the above chart, the sizes are those of the couple pictured. He is i foot 2, 145 pounds; she is 5-7, 12] pounds. British Commonwealth Chief French Beauty Ministers Meet in London By J. M. ROBERTS AP Newt Analyst There's going lo be a meeting London this week of one of the world's strangest politico-econom- institutions. It brings together the Commonwealth prime ministers to talk bout whatever they want to talk ibout. There will be no formal agenda. Sometimes, when one vishes to discuss a matter of par- icular importance or complexity, will advise the others in advance so they may be prepared. A preponderance of agreement may be reached as lo how the nations will act in concert on-in- ernaticnal affairs, but no binding ecbions will be made. There is o machinery for binding deci- Ask for it by name.. sions. No members can be forced in any way. Some of the nations are continuously at odds over serious issues, as Britain and India arc at odds over their attitudes toward Soviet Kussia, and as Britain and South Africa over the latter's racial policy. There was a time, for most of 'these countries, when B r-11 a i n could and did tell them what policies they would pursue. Those were the old imperial conferences, when Britain first began lo substitute consultation for direct rule They began in 1911. Then came the British Common- weallh. More free association, but still vviJhin the cunirupt uf empire. Now, lo avoid the last suggestion of rule, it is just the Commonwealth. 11 is based on community of in- lercst. Britain, because the coun- ries all belong ID the silver bloc established under the empire, is still the leader. She is the banker for the silver bloc. But she is not the boss. The prime ministers meetings are merely one manifestation of tl»e mutual efforl lo .obtain membership-wide coopcralion both in trade and international policies. · · fnAIIFTTr J.J e international policies. ...A U K A P f c l l t , fllttC I There is a clearing house in ' London through which the mem- Austin Sale Dates ESTATE FURNITURE AUCTION Saturday, June 29, 1:00 p.m. FRANCES LAGE ESTATE, Hubert Wafdu, Attorney. 1302 4th St., Greeley, Colo. Frlgfdilre refrigerator; upright piano; steel filing cabinet; adding yet fully control its own external affairs. The Queen of England is accepted by the members as the head of the Commonwealth, but only seven of the ten countries which will be represented this week are monarchies. Three, are republics, formally accepting no monarch. Only the British political genius could have "developed such a con- machine; z double beds, complete; single bed, complete; dining table ! ccpt and kept it alive through all «nd chain; secretary; office desk; 4 ' - · - - · - - - ... i chairs; several rugi; Ice box; tables; 2 dllhec, p o t s and pane; Singer fiewlng macnuic, some garucn ana lawn I . - - . . . , , tooli. NOTE: Mrs. Lage coilecled dishes and buttons and w e will s e l l ] As a PHoL project, as a promoter quite a lot of collectors dishes and buttons, also several pieces of I ^ mutual Interests among widely very nice collector! furniture. We are sorry that you cannot see this 'scallcrcd and widely divergent na furniture untlj Bale day. Everything will be available for Inspection at'lions, 32 r, cc^sspt, as an entity Etchlka C h o u r e a u , French actress with freckled face, thinks American men are "so beautiful." Compared with French men, she says, U. 5. males are "very big, strong, and muscular. I like that." (AP Wlrephoto) ber government! cooperate constantly, each placing its problems and needs before the others for help from whatever quarter it may be derived. Ghana, newly independent Gold Coast nation, is a member this 2u " year. The federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland sits In, but is not a fuJl member because it does not antique chairs; several other; tne dcvisive pressures of the post ! typewriters; 3 electric clocks; L,.. .,,,,,,,, lachine; some garden and lawn W .. ? 1 ?.,' ,,,.,. ,,.,.. 300 Enter Horse Show Opening Saturday Night (Continued from Pigt I) I performances of the noted Lste- ]wood Wtstfrnaircs, i precision group of 28 riders. Among the new classes this year is an Appaloosa-*o!orful mount and rider class. There are eight entries in this class, all dressed 2S Wild TnrtiTng 2--d yTTmtiprsTT'n Their horjes, also decoraled, will be ridden bareback. Judging will be partly based on the appearance of horse ind rider. Another new elats Ihis yetr will be a western pairs class. ID this Iwo riders and two horses riding in pairs will be judged partly on their similarity. Sunday for Junlori Sunday afternoon, which will be primarily for juniors under 18 years, will include i three-barrel race, Another new class will be western pleasure category for juniors. The grand entry for all three performances will include prelty girls, horse show officials and i representative group o[ thfl Wesl- crnaires, Red» QUMH in Entry Julie \YiUver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wilwer of east of reelcy, the queen of the Greeley rodeo and her attendant, Judy iVilton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 3ec Wilson of Grover will be in the entry. Wilh them wili be Ilie 16 ribbon girls and their escorts'. Robert E. Hill is chairman and uanager of the show. The judge will be Temple Stephens of Mobcr- y. Mo., an owner and fancier of horses who has judged horse shows Nroughout the nation, including the American Royal. Ringmaster will be H a r r y iehloppmann of Denver, a parlici- iant for years in the Denver Na- ional Western Show. James D. Hassad of Greeley will be the stew- rd. His job will be to interpret the ules. Hassad is a Greeley attorney. David D. Hill will be in charge f stalling the horses assisted by :huck Gardner. The announcer will e Larry Kirk ol Greeley station KFKA. Mrs. Lysle Perry of Grceley will be the organist and Mrs. Loene Mendenhall. will again be the secretary. The classes in order of appear ance are: Saturday Night 1. Open Jumpers; 2. Boys' West ern Pleasure (riders under 1 years); 3. Junior Fine Harnes Horse (four years and under); .4 Western Pleasure Horses (rider over 15); 5. Three-Gaited' Sadd Horses Hidden by Amateurs; Appaloosa-Colorful Mount and Ri ler, | Lakewood Westernaires exhib tion; 6. Walking Horses; 7. Fiv Gaited Saddle Horses Ridden Amateurs; 8. Palomino Pleasu Horse, Open; 9. Single Roadster Open; 10. Girls' Western Pleasur (riders under IS); 11. Bedouin (na live costume); Finale, Western alres. ,, Sunday AfterrMdrl Riders in all classes except No 2 and No. 14 will be limited to hose under 18 years' old 12. Western Pleasure Horses (rid- · under 13); 13. Youths Three- Gaitcd Saddle Horse, Marcs and sidings; Lakewood Weslernaires xhibition; 14. Weld County FFA nd 4-H Western Pleasure Horses; . Horsemanship, English Equip- ent; Ifj. Barrel Race. 17. Youths Five-Gaited Saddle Horse, Mares and Geldinge; 18. Horsemanship, Stock Saddle Seal; Finale, Lakewood Westernaircs. Sunday Night 19. Handy Working Hunter, Open; Three-Gaited Saddle Horses Suited for and Ridden by a Lady, Wednesday, June 26, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 9 Japanese Pitching Form Japanese Prlmo Minister Nobusuks Kijhi, wtiring batebill cap, tones out the first ball before New York Yankees Chicago Whit* ·OK game June 23 In New York. Manager Casey Stengel o( the Yan- kiei and Al Lopez of Ihe While Sox, right, watch the Japanese diplomat make the toss. Mrs. Stengel stands behind her husband at left. Th premier Is In New York tor four-day visit following talkt with President Eisenhower in Washington. (AP Wirepholo) Roadsters, Drive and wood Wcstcrnaires exhibition; 28. Western Pleasure Horses, Pairs, Open; 29. Open Fivc-Gaitcd Saddle Horses. Lake- 1 received Fever's thanks and Handyman's Debut HUNTINGTON, W. Va. Ifl-- George Fcyer, concert pianist, was playing before a Marshall College audience when a pedal on his piano broke in (ho midst of "Echoes In Paris." Flustered, Foyer turned to the audience and inquired. "Docs anyone here know how to fix a piano pedal?" A lanky freshman made his way to the stage and saved Ihe day, He tremendous ovation. A museum at King William's Town, Soulh Africa, has acquired a 340-year-old document dating hark to 1616 in the reign of King James f. R. Gary Zick Optometrist CONTACT LENSES Ph. 674 1008 9th Ave. Mares ind Geldings; I.akcwood Weslcrnaires exhibition; 21. Pleasure Horses, Open, English Equipment. 22. Fine Harness, Stallion, Marc or Csidbig; 23. Youths Western Pleasure (riders under 18); 24. Fivc-Gaitcd Saddle Horses to be Ridden by. Ladies, Marcs or Geldings; 25. Western Trailer Race; 25-A. Walking Horse; 26. Open Three-Gaitcd Saddle Horse; 27. MAGNAVOX Hi-fi and TV SALES and SERVICE Weld County Garage Phone 32 NIGHT CALLS -- PHONE 47S4J t'i good business to drive a good ooklng car . . . And It's much iafer to drive a mechanically per- ect car. See Carl at General Credit oday for the money you need -- laymente can be tailored to fit your udget. LOANS UP TO $1500 OR MORE -- 24 MONTHS TO P^ffl ( C I I M I Ml I · '25 10th Street Greelcy Carl Hafkey Loans Made To Farmen and Rftildentr of Nearby Town! Phone 966 12:00 noon diy of lale. AUSTIN and AUSTIN, Auctioneers Natle E. Austin -- E. R. 'Kid' Austin Ray Larson Greeley Office 4804 PHONES Ft. Collins office HU2-5305 Radio programs--Dial 1410 at 7:20 a.m.--1310 al 7:30 a.m. almost without a body, the Commonwealth may one day come lo teach the whole world a Jesson in international relations. Cuban Oil PICTURE gpcyHA|| wmnnw ^r UL.IHUJ WINDOW HAVANA, Cuba OR -- Cuba's infant uil Industry is going ahead rapidly, but it still looks like a long time before the country can j produce enough lo satisfy domes- · tic demandr.. j The ]9.iG production was 40 p e r 1 cent above that of 19SS. But the : output of 5X0,000 barrels last year was just enough to meet nine days of Cuba's domestic consumption. ; Ten million dollar. 1 ; were spent j on oil exploration in 1956, corn-1 pared wilh $7,500,000 in the pre- j ceding year. Cuban and American '· j companies are leading the search, for oil. v--^ ,-M ALUMINUM AWNINGS Months To Pay Lew Dakan Co. 1S17 9lh SI. ·^ Refresher Course : Jl MADISON, Wis. UP,-The ladies i ' lot the Wisconsin Farm Bureau have i!i discovered lhat loo many children I " I ' t h i n k milk comes from bottles. i | They've announced a campaign! |lo do something about it. · i The organization is distributing poslrs of a "Good Health Giant," ! v.-ho explains it really comes from ' cows. And beside the children' who do the best coloring job on the posters will he eligible for prizes at county fairs next summer. Russian Roulette It is a fool's game of chance. Yet there are men who play Russian Roulette when they buy or lend money on real estate. The man who 'buys property without a thorough title examination is playing a game of Russian Roulette -- a most foolhardy way of '"'shooting your bank-roll" in a game of chance, like pointing a gun- barrel at your temple and pulling the trigger on the gamble that the chamber is without a bullet. Be safe; be sure. Always insist on a complete title examination. You are entitled to the utmost in such protection and you will get it if you insist that the Weld County Abstract and Investment Company handle your title matters. Located at 822 Ninth Street in Greeley, this bonded company is the oldest abstract office in Weld County and will handle your title affairs in an efficient and responsible manner. THE WELD COUNTY ABSTRACT AND INVESTMENT COMPANY 822 Ninth Street Phone 136

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