Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 2, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1951
Page 5
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Monday Evening, July 2,1551 ,«= -MRS. J. E. SUTHERLAIN, HENRY J. SPANGLEU, a : SUN-NEWS WANT ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Minimum Charge 9* First Time 4e per wnn SulMcijimnt Charge . . .80 per won All classified ndl must be In b 10 A.M. Monday through Frldai to Insure publication In that day Issue. Clacslflcd advertising fo Sunday's paper must be in by 1( A.M. Saturday morning. Cash must accompany order OE all classified ads except to those having rcpilar display advertising charge accounts. All clMslhdl advertising must bo scheduled for a denlno perl'od 9no day or more, nnjl If ordered und wst there will be no refund. Ads must be srJicdulert it definite fliirnb'jr of days and no refunrtn will bo made on classified advertising. Any claims for credit or additional Insertions of classified uds due to errors occurring ui advertisement must bo madr day following publishing of advertisement PHONE ,1.1 or M 1-- LEGAL NOTICES State of New Mexico) County of Donn A n a ) In the Pro bate Court. . . . In the Matter of the Estate of Pedro L. Jacquez, De.ceiisod. Nn. 1794. XOTICK OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR. Noliee is hereby given t h a t the undersigned lias been appointed administrator of the estate of Pedro L. Jacquez, deceased, by tho Probate Court of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. All persona having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within the time prescribed by law, or the same will be barred. Tills the 31st Jay of May. 1951. Alfredo Jacquez Administrator of the estate Oolite 1, Anlhony, New Mexico Pub: June 4-11-25. July 2, 1D51 UONA ANA"c:6tiNTV, NKW JIKXICO No. 11903 5. C. KILGORE and KATHRYN 11. KILGORE 5-- SPECIAL NOTICE \L.COHLmuii A N O N Y M O U Box 801. I'honc 1147-J betwee 7 and 10 p. in. i-tf SEWING MACHINES, NEW AN" ·used. We repair all makta. STEVENS FURNITURE CO. 818 N. Main. Phone 677. 1-tf WHY BUY IN EL, PASO WHB you can do bolter at Steven Kurr.Uiire Co. 1-tf RUGS CLEANED Cutting - Sewing - Binding · Phone 282-R Furniture Exchange 130 W. Las Ciuces Avc. 68-tfn USED FURNITURE Bought anil Sold Phont 282-R Furniture Exchange 130 W. Las Cruces Avc. G8-tfn 6-- SERVICES CLOTH COVEKliU HU'L'KJKH and buckles made from your material. Pearl snaps ai*l studs placed on shirts and blouses. Quick Service Cleaners, 131 North Water 1-M-W-Frl-tfn Frigidaire Service By DAVE NUSBAUM PHONE 340 DRUM ELECTRIC 29-tfn Docs Ynur Roof Leak? CALL 700 · S W Construction Co. FREE ESTIMATES 18-TF.N 7-- HELP WANTED work to live in home. (Jut of town. Call 117 mornings. 74-4C-77 12-- FOR HENT NEW, 2 ROOM APT.. FURNISH ed, on busline, couple on!' 1 . S'10 Ph. 3047-R after 1 p. m " 7J-3p-7l 40B W. Gi-iggs. 7l-3p-76 F U R N I S H E D SLEWING RuO.MS and apts. 221 \\ ! . Griggs. 78-3p-7S NICELY FURNISHED. ,| ROOM apt., a i r cond., adults, no pets. 225 W. Lurcro. 75-tfll I n q u i r e .1030 W. Urownlee. 75-3p-77 ROOM, 311 S. M I R A N D A . 75-3C-77 2 ROOM FURNISHED APT. 550 mo., utilities pd., Mesilla Park, ph. 02S8J1. 75-:ic-77 2 ROOM A1 J T. FUKNJSHflJ, A I I I eoiilud, States Court. 51-tfu HUUROOM FOR GENTLEMAN, 32!) S. IviirjiHia. 7G-Gp-SL 2 ROOM FUHN1SH1SD APT. KEA- son'able rent. Best of location. 034 W. Court. 70-lfn ·1 KUU1U AI J T. FURNISHED. · Modern. Air cooled. -103 S. Church.. 7(i-2p-77 NICF. FURNISHED, AIR CO.N'Dl- tionetl, ,1 room apartment near college for couple. 7(i-tfn 13-- WANTED TO RENT 1 WISH TO RENT AN APART- ust. Sgt. nobcrl H. Clayton, lir H Ely., 1st GM Croup. WKI'O, Bty.. 1st GM Group. WSPO. Las Las Cruces, N. M. 7G-'p-77 S-- FOR SALE H 0 K O U G H a R E D. lil.OND. mail), cocker pup. ,?10.(IO. I'hone S39J. 70-2p-77 ODD USED TIRKB. SHOOK Tire Co. i-tfn EAT COVER B A R G A I N S Shook Tire Co. 1-tfn O.MMF.HCIAL REFRIGERATOR, Rculeii, register, piione 099-.12. 70-14p-8n 00 WH1ZKER MOTOR BIKE, good condition, phone (Jl ( .l3i;i. 72-7p-78 aflJ (JA.S RANGE, GOOD CON dition, pli. 0103-.I5. 7f-.1p-77 EL1CIOUS CAPON FRYERS, up dressed. Dr. Ilorton Poultry Farm 1520 \V. Hadiey, ph. 5H7- - 1 ROOM HOUSE, WATER, QASl and lights, 1744 N. Mesquite. 71-6p-76 liousc 133 Cambridge, call 1075. 73-4p-76 3 Bedroom House, 2 baths, Linda Vista. . G4 acie farm, good house, noar Garficld. W. J. LITTLE Ph. 270 or IIIOS 71-tfn A nice l i t t l e modern home. Has living room with Tire place. Large bedroom with large closet. Complete bath and roomv i kitchen. Well located - Price at 55,500.00. 1 Attractive 2 bedroom modern home on U acre - $6,758.00. .Good terms. New modern 2 bedroom home - rarpoH. On paved street - i $9,000.00 (Terms). 3 bedroom new and modern 510,000. Has attached garage. Prado. See or call George P. Tan'cr. J SEABORN P. COLLINS AGENCY 10S No. Church St. Ph. 01C 74-3C-70 2 new houses on 5 lots, $3,- fiOO.OO, 8 blks. College. Bhlg. sites. Terms to suit from owner, good title. 700 lots to choose from. Come by and look what we have, we are not high pressure salesmen, and independent listings. H U N C H ' S HEAL ESTATE Ph. 1530-R ·? 7li-4p-7H r Small Restaurant St.OOO LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS 19--USED CAHS For Sale 1949 FORD 2 DOOR SEDAN, less than ceiling price, ph. 90S, 63-tfn The Race is on, Folks, Our Pullet Derby sUrli'd off with 11 hung; yesterday. Lots of folks registcroU to see if they con pick ti winner -- the pullet that lays tlie first, egg. The dark Iiorspa, Petunia A Verbena, ; the favorites, ;t. seems - nt least thn roosters ihin!: P.O. I V l n n m scams to be primping a l i t t l e more than Verbrmi but t h a t won't help to l:iy the f i r s t PJJJ;-. The roosters seem to like her t-Iio best. However, I'm p u t t i n g my muney -,m Vcrbe.'Ki -- .she. yc-ems to have more si-nsc*. The other -six Klriji an; really trying, though, because; they also w a n t to win, so they ran pic'i out a husband from the four roosters. Quite a control - S piillclK - 4 njosti-rs. Well, her«'.s hoping the best Rai wins. O»me in ami ;)ir!t your:;eir a winner -- vou ni.iy be one of the lucky win- no r.s. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. ,'^,'i Your Chocltenlale Store Minor League Sesulis Uy The Aflgndntrd Press V/fiST TKXAS-MHV MFA'II O A m u r i l l n I I . (Movis 4 Burger 7, Albuquerque 3 Luhborl; -1. A b i l e n e ;i Pnmpn ". LaineHH 2 SOI;TIUVI;ST 1 X T K I 1 X A T I O X A 1 . U : A ( i r i : Tur.snn 5-10. Phoenix 11-0 Y u m n R. Tijuana 1 .1;mre?. (!. Hishee-DmigbiK ·! Mexican 7--J. 1C! Paso (J-G 101 Ci-ntrn !(, Los Vi'^as fi TFA'AS L K A f i U K Dfillas -1-1. O k l a h o m a City 0-:i Kovt W o r t h ;;-!. Tuhn 0-2 Houston -1, Shreveport t (culled ml nf 8 innings, l a i n ) 1-Ieaiimonl 17. K;m A n t o n i n 4 I ' A r i M f COAST I . K A I f W O 4-fi iserond game S innings) Seattle. '2-1, Oakland 1-0 Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF TTN THE DAYS when Soviet-American relations were not quite" .A as strained as they are now, a delegation of knifty Kremlin- itcs came here socking a loan. "As security," they pointed out, "you have only to remember all our coal, gold, and iron." | "But t h a t ' s s t i l l u n d e r ground," said the American negotiator. "What have you got on (ho surface?" The R u s s i a n s p o l c e s m n n ' s cyos flashed, and lie barked, "We have the Soviet "uvornmont." "Tell you \vhnt we'll do," proposed the American. "We will wait till your coal, gold, , and irun are on the surface, r.^M", D i P K "l ""'I your Soviet government is underground, and then we will grant you the loan." (··HE COULD Biff-^ F/IIS.-: Immediate Delivery on THE NEW BUICK In Las Cruces at ... CULLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph. 101G l-tln Boh Hope says be knows why the Navy was so eager lo commissioni A r t h u r Godfrey: "They know darn well that if they didn't t a k e - h i m , he'd buy a navy of his mvr.." Hope discloses f u r t h e r t h a t Godfrey's, become so i m p o r t a n t at CBS t h a t executives, when talking about him, drop the last syllable nf his name. .. *.._·. Coi'yrlEht. 1951, by licnucM Ccrl. DMNLutcd by Klnu Fcalurn Syndicate. MICKEY MOUSE by. Wai! Disney 4. CLTT P=£ "T.- -XT' ^f ( FiRSTSTSPl -T'5 "i" ·: v - - A D.'Ni--S! J r f. . - 8--HELP WANTED MALt Kl'AN'GLER, his wife, if living, if deceased, the unknown heirs of Henry J. Kpangler and Kpangler. his wife, and the u n - . . known heirs of the following de- E.XPKRIKNCKn K I L L I N G STA- K X I ' I O R I K N C E D S1CRVICE STA~ tion and a t t e n d a n t . Rel'ei eilces retlllired. No phone calls. Murrell Conoro Service. 887 N. Mala. 70-tfii _«· · 42 ttn WESTINdllOUSE E L E C T R I C range, l a t e model, table top, five speeds, $75.00 lakes it. Chas A. Moore, Mesilla Park. 7ti-lp-7fi ceased persons: . l a m e s L. Thompson, Lydia Thompson, his tion operator. Write Hux 10 in care of .Sun-News. 70-3p-7ft SALESMAN I-;OR DRY CLEAN_ ing- rput'e. Apply Ii:ubanlt.s Cleun- ciV. \?A 'N. Oluiirh Ht. " ·' 70-3C-7S* \Mfc CluiKle Thompson and Ida | 9--SALESMEN WANTED l l o n p s o n , hiss wife, anil a l l - u n - ' ^ known', claimants of interest to \ tht Jfruniisc.s, u"ilverse lo*~ 'the Jipliintiffs, Deremlents :^OTICi; OK rKNOKXCY OF t ' SI.'IT ··THE STATE Olf NB\V MEXICO ttf Mil. J. B. Kiithcrlin. Hnnry .f. |Spnnglcr and --~.-- Kpnngler, ^h! 1 , wife, if living, if dcccnscil the unknown heirs of Henry .f. Sp ingler uml Spanjjlcr, .-his wifo, anrl Die unknown heirs oE tnc following deceased persons .Tuinus L. TlioinpKuii and L^du Tlionip.son, liin wifu, Cliiiulc Thompson find Iihi .Thoinpson, his wife and :J1 un- ? kno\\n claimants of .interest to thp advfrse to tho p l a i n t i f f ^ : lYou and parh nf you, are here* Notice to Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, and other stores. We are jobbers for Colorado .44 products in this area. Call 333 and we will deliver to you at wholesale prices. You save the freight, then.-by increasing your profits. Full mark-up - - fine products. FARMERS M A R K E T - Ph. .'i.'l.'t Your Checkerdalc Store USKIJ CAS KTOVK AND F.LEC- trie refrigerator. Cheap for cash. 133 S. Alumedii. 7C-le-7« 10--HELP'WANTED Female AVON'cbSMEflC CO. HAS ONE anglo territory now available. We're got it. folks -- Colorado .44. You've been reading all the Dig f u l l page ads In Ihe El Paso Times n n d Herald-Post about how 'Colorado .44 " kills ants, roaches, flies and other pests. Use it for all your pests except your mother-in-law, that's illegal. Kilzit S9c pint for flies, moths, etc. Octa-Kill 79r pint for ants, squash bug, night crawlers, etc. Wo have tl?e complete l i n e of Colorado .4^ products. Home spiay or dust, Dairy Spray for cow.i, C.ittlc Spray anil Garden Spray or dust. F A R M E R S MARKET - Ph. 33,1 Your Chcckerdale Store " WAITRESS WANTED APPLY IN person. 1250 W. Picucho. C7-tfn btf notifio.l thai S. C. Kilgore arnli v ov peraoniil inlciTicw c u l l Mrs Ratlnn M. Kilgora. his wif«. hnvu Taylor. Dona Ana Court a f t e r Instituted .siifi ngnms; von m the Siituniuy or write Gen. Del. qbo\e *?ntitlctl court and CSIIISR, f 76-3p-7R whcicby Jhcy week to quiel t t U e against you to the property described in the complaint, .situated in Uib 1 Northwest Quarter INW.1) of *Secl»in .3, TinviiHhip 26 South, Ranqf. 3 East, W.M.P.M.. Don^ Am County. New Mexico, and that unless you enter your appearana in snid rause on oi 1 before Atigusi 1 M^l judgment will be cut ugiiinsl you in said cause : prayed in the complaint. MTlmt the name of plaintiffs' at- ,toliv\ s is Merhem Mot-hem, postofffce address is IJox 60 L i s Cnices. New Mexico \\\ ilncsK, the Hon. \V. -T. Srng- gjn Judge of Ihe Third Judicial Difetnct Qf the State of New Mexico and the seal of said Court foi Don i Ana County,. New Mexico tin', 19th day of Jiinc, 1951. Gcr?i!dinu S. Malhiscn , Clerk ^ By Valerie Adams (»eal) Deputy. ^ ; June 20-27, July 2-9-1951. 5 ^NOTICE III-' AI'l'OIXT.Mi;.\T J'^ °* A'DMIMSTRATIO.V j»!l :vo11 "' is hereby given t h a t the t ( r I ideisu,ned was appointed ad- j^lninlsti itoi- of the estate of G. W. Holhefield, decensed. by the Pro- V hate Court of Dona Ana County, ^ Iviu \Uxico, on .hine 28, Ifirii, ,and ti at all persons having claims ^ I, ngllnM. said estate'should prepare ' ^and present the same to the under|?signed, at 137 West _Grigga. Las gCnices. New .Mexico,' within six t-months from July 2, 1051, othcr- sriwisc the same will be Jiarred. ; : \ WITNESS iny haml this 29th B-'ilny of June, 1951. » O. T. Hollicfielil / Adminl.strator Publish' July 2. 9, Hi and 23. WANTED -- SETTLED COLOR- ed woman to cook and keep house for two adults. Living quarters furnished. Give cxpcri ence and reference. Mrs. Susie Tidmore, r .',. Tidmore's Stoi Drilling, N. M. 73-6C-7S GENERAL CONTRACTOR Rough lumber, planed lumber, modera' 1 ; price, Pee Gee Paints, all colou. Have Hrickrete building block, red b u f f . SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid Mesquite. Ph. 1IC6-J. 29-tfn 16--WANTED TO BUY 12--FOK HENT MODERN'. NEW ATTRACTIVE, 4 room apt. Tile bath, conveniently located, bills paid, laundry facilities. Couples only Cnlloms Apts. 315 S. Main. 70-tfn SMALL, 2 BEDROOM HOUSE unfurnished. Inquire 641 N. 3rd. Ph. 1014-R or 859. 70-tfn PATIO APARTMKNTK, FUR- nlshed vacancy, phone 099-J2. 70-30P-S9 HIGHEST PKlCfco PAJD FOR used pianos. Stevens Furniture Co. 310 N. Main. Phone 677. 1-tfn HOUSEHOLD F U R N I T U R E . Any condition. We buy anything of value: Phone 931-J.-Viaduct Salvage Yard, 924 W. Plcacho. 1-tfn 17--REAL ESTATE For Sale A R K A L HOME 'WITH LOT.-; OF l.'iilt ins. i a i g ? icni-eii y a i d . Owm.-r ler.viiii; '.awn, come set. mail! us an offer, ph. 02TM.R!. 7 I-!··"!. NEW APARTMENT. ELECTRIC Kitchen. 42C McClure Roan. 7(i-6p-7l 1 APT., 2 BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 125 West Las Cruces ph. 732-R. l-tfn · U R N I S H I C D APT. A M I COXD. laundry facilities, near busline, utilities pd. couple. 1459-J. 7S-2P-70 FURNISHED HOUSE T R A I L E R S air cond.. all bills paid, no pets. 1 mile W. Mesilla Park, ph. 0390-R3. ".VIp-76 TWO F U R N I S H E D , TWO IJKD- room houses, available July 1st and (ith, piione 01'0-J2. 74-.'tp-7r: L A R U E .'JOlLPI.Vi; LOT l.N l.AS Cruci';; to l),.'sL ( f f e r in next :; works, ph. C'JflJ)7;]. 71 ;,.:-7^ :t BKi.JlOOM. CC'/N'TRY MOM"E rnodrcn. w i t h garage and 1 room apt.. 2 acres 1 acre in f i i l K m , ai:ioss f i o m Dona 'mn Sin, by U C. Vollincr:. 200 Uldg. »iiiw, terms to suit, by owner. R A. RUNCH ROOM, I ' K I V A l r ; DA i II. Ml N Miranda. ^ 7fl-iip..S! 3--LOST AND FOUND I IJKUKOOM HlJUSK U N K U t ' l nished. K a n r h .style. $iu() Mn Phone M3G-R. 7fl-n«;-7l rfliOOM Al'T. K U K M S H K ' I ) . C e l l ! nor Ulalio and IVco.s. Hanl LOS1 : HlLLFOI J 'b77?Q'NTATN- _£"lnson. 70-2p-77 ing $-11.00 In cash'and i m p o i t - '- BKIRoa\l APT. Kl/KNi.sHKT* nnt pnp"ffl, hrep monny b n t ( UttlllliM. $ni)-0ft. fiifi K. Mn-rro ])Ii'ico ivlurn .pnpcrs-li) H u n - ' ^ 7ii"lp-"' NcvUr.offico, No questions w l l l j rNKUItNlSlTKT! A t ' A K T M f i N T \w. nfthcil of finder. Anntilarlo Avaitnl})*' A u j p i M l a t . S t n i c Cnl Ciibrt-ra. 75-3p-77 Icgc. I'hone 028U-.I1, 70-(!p-Sl $3,000. SJiOO hal. tent for -1 room. b^Lh, scwrr r u n * by. 1 blk. liiis. $2,SOO'lm.v.s 1 aero -I mi. a m i Iwih. R lilhs. CiillrRp. $S50.00, JfiOO down buy.s ^ rni. h'iiisn. A;'.k UM, c.-in show ynii real hunii'.s, lj 11.'lines:) .silivi. c n u i t s , cir, Cliitl In .sliow you a i mi ml, not liijjli j)r(?;;sun: t a l l t . BUNCH'S IlKAI, KSTATK nni K. Ad^ina Ph. '2 bedrnnm home, Mesilla Park, ?G,0(in, terms. 7 room home, 2 acres, $1,500 down, ·1 bedroom liomc, 2 baths ni:d yarage, ?J,J)00 clown, balance QUESENBERRY REALTY CO. · .102 N. Cliurcii Piione 52 Sco II. V. Spansjlcr T-l-Cc-70 Hero's Snmclhing- You've A l l been looking- for - - Unit is, if you have a lawn or arc trying to cjit;tb!ish onu, A 25 foul rubber with 8 spnty nozzles b u i l t i n t o the hose. No installation enst.s -- Kits all curves nnd corners. Spniy.s ,-iny contour eight times fasior. The ;tvcru#i! sjirinklcr costs S2.i)~i t-ndi plus llie COKL of li.'i fuot nf hnjic. Now you can have fi sprin- hh'rs anil 25 foot of garden hose for only JO.SD. FAHMKR.S M A T I K E T - Ph. 33S Your Clieckonlale Store 7')-;:c-77 19 -USED CARS For Sale USKD CARS 3fl37 Foixl '.! Door "CO" V-S ............... .? ]f,0.00 10-1S Plymouth Club Coupe w/ ratlin nnd heater, vcc ......... 80JI.50 3Ii;.S Pontian 2 Door, reconditioned mo to:-. in 394!) Ford V-fi Ciiiitoin 2 Dr. w/r.itiio and lie:iter. oveixlrivo . . 1,^75.00 JIMS Olds 2 Dr. Model. 7S w/radio and IieaL- ev. clean .......... 1,105.00 l!). r i() IMyniouth CIulj C'nupe w/rndio htr. 7.110 ni ............. l.GOH.On 19-11 Nash 4 Door ____ SOfj.OO 1950 D(X!ve Coronet 4 Door \\-/mdio Hlr., . CJyrn. WS\V ........ 1,87").00 191{ Dodge Pickup \v/ 8.20 x 1") tires and heater, clean ...... J.OSfi.OO N K W C A R S 7N STOCK FOIi SALE lit.'jl Plymoutli Cam- bridgt! 4 Door uv'KH n i l weather ........ $1,920.05 l!ir.I Dndgc Pkp., 0.50 x 1C fl-pty -tires, 4 Spd. KD ........ l.SlG.Ji.". Iftiil Dodge Meadu\v- brnok 4 Dr. No. 1 AFC, 101 Htr ..... 2,2r»2.ri~ I f i n i Dodge Pkp., blue, rear bumper .t £i-. guard;) ............ l,cn.r»5 lOal Dodge Club Coupe, KM Greon, Clyro, Nc. 2 ................. 2,411.20 1051 Dodfie C'oronet 4 Door. N. Hdjic. Cyro X-. :t .......... fc ... 2,120.70 IK.M Dodg.! H3JA MO 2'i to,,. fi.«', x 20 10- pl.V ................ 2,075.00 105J Plymoutli Savoy Suburban, AFC, .(05 I l t r . OK ........... 2, "52.00 H O M N K Y MOTOR CO. ·101 S. Al-unwU 1'h'»nc 211 "l-'Ir-TG LET'S «~UiT UP IF \\E CAN PlNPT-5 CELLAR STAIR THE LONE RANGER by Fran Slriket THC MAGSCJAN by Paul Riinsoi HERC S THE IAKF. NOW WHAT? --ABOAT--AND IS THAT- WILLTIIISTRAILNEVEREHO? WILL I NEVFB k'MOW WHAT'S INTBIS BOX? I1'5 L'Kt A MBOREAM-- HOT MUCH FARTHER--u/i-THIS BOX WCIGIIS ATON-1'MINrmt COVERED WITH COAL DUST, ROAD DUST- *fe]f i/ LITTLE ANNSfc ESJDAV WHEN f SAW MAT SHADCW i OF THE TIGER CREEPIN' ALONG fHfc" S CORRIDOR RIGUr Our- · SIDE MV cea, r WAS X ;TERRIBLE SCARED- AK r HOtLERED, "HELP! HELP! THE T/GEK /S COM/iV'.'" BUT IT WASNT/I TiGf-R SHADOW! -TUSr THE SHADOW/OF THE SHERIFF'S BIG DOG THriJ EVCRYOODV STARTED 7U tAFF A M ' L A F F A T MET-THEy THOUGHT II" WAS AWFUL FUNNV-Bur i DlDNT FEEL 'CAUSE r WAS SCARED BIG SSSTER iy tsranuou Walsb TO BE SCARED IS BAD ~- EMOUGI i-Bur raiR.1 YOU'RE · SCARED AM'ASHAMED Ar THE SAKC TIME, IT MAKES j YOUFEEI.JUSrAWfUL- / . by Lee Faik and Phil Davil I GUESS ;J S YOUR bxdblOS'T ^ TAKE ALL TME TIME YOU WANT NOW! ?/ YOU FORSOT/- 1 GiVE MS TIME TO YOU CAN JUST RUN ; TER HIM WITH IT ETTA KETT by Lcs Forgrave

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