Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 19, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Efts CrfflTSttn-News Monday Afternoon Fibruiry 19, 1945 (age Casualties Hit Favorites in Two Districts By AS8OCIATF.I1 1'KKSS Prep uchoo] IjUHkrlbnll tcnm« turned tn district tournament polishing lip tnilny nfti-r f i n a l n-- gular play which \c.n ranh.i o! th- favorltM Intncl v:ilh two txt'-p- tlons. The lonrncyii ojun Thurfidny In all but dlnlrlc'ts f o u r at Las CriK-cn and fight at FamilnKton where teams get in nation a day later. The finish of refrnlar KraHfin games last week took two a s u r i l tlca: Top-needed Helen In district 3 at Albuquerque and highly regarded St. Miflmcl'H .of Santa Ke In district a. Belen 1'iwi. li'-rvicc;; ut lefiHt temporarily "f ll.i star ecntcr. Johnny Hmlenhril/.er. nml v/llhout him wafi upai't. T.\-Mi. Ijy .SI. M a r y ' i f l Alliiii|UiTf|iie. Allniqucrquean: we a chnii'-e uf elenr milling foi Oieir Bullclnga. felled mi. 2, II i n e n n ' l mend. r K l . M i h e ' n p i c v K i i m l y rnnketl n: h i g h , look It on (In- chin llv.'re: from Tacw 21-2(1 and Santa Kc '·«- 20. Their B l i p left Simla !·» Ue- monn elenr favorites lo l a k e a Ke- oond Fiiccen.Hive d i f l l r i c l 2 t i t l e . The 1.IIH t'rm'cK Kiill'liig.i. M" coverlnk' l"m an e i i r l l e r minor sethack. |;o I n t o the d i a l i l u t four tourney Friday as favorites and needed number one. PORTS TWIN TRACK SPEEDSTERS Superfbrts Hit Twice at Tokyo WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 (^ -Japanese mainland was blaflted again today by America's B29s. Superfortresses of the 20th air- force daringly bombed industrial targets in a daylight raid on the homeland island of Honshu. There was no immediate indication as to whether Tokyo was among the objectives. The attack on Honshu was the second of the day on Japanese targets. Military and communications facilities "on the Malay peninsula were bombed by Superforts winging in from India base? of the 20th bomber command under Brig. Roger M. Ramey. Forts from bases at Saipan and Tinian in the Marianas under Maj. Gen. Curtis K. Lemay, 21et bomber command, carried out the raid on the mainland. (A Tokyo broadcast, reported by Reuters, said that 70 to 80 B-29 Superfortresses had attacked the' Japanese homeland in a followup lo sweeping raids by U. S. carrier-based planes.) 100 Signed for Community Drive One hundred "cowhands"., have signed up to help in the one-day drive for a Community Fund to finance Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Servicemen's Recreation Center, ''foremen" for the "roundup" reported at a luncheon meet- Ing today. Thirty "ranch bosses" and "foremen" attended the luncheon. Foremen, it was agreed, will telephone their cowhands early on the morning of the drive-- Thursday- to roust them out of bed and send them out to ride the line and roundup stray donors. A hickoff breakfast will precede the i«undup. Jack Bowen, · drive chairman, said today. Hv mum ITM.KKTON. .111- N K W Y n i f K , 1-V1). 1!' /!'' Probably n u t l i l i i K tn fl|nrt in more cudlly u m l i T K l m x i l i m n ii p u n c h in the noHc nml f*-w t h i n g s an- nuirli harder t o umk-rslnml lh»" t i n - viir- Inun wn.Vh iii \^hich b'lxlnf; i« governed . . . Thl« nlisi'millon In prompted by H U ' t t t - r f r o m n !·']».· (On Berlin- who in i n t , - n M e , | In then- " JuHt H u n i e l l i t D K M o l t i n g lip u cnmmiwiinn and tn weed "ut the bums." . . . I t Heemii t h a t Flor- iclti law p r n h i M t H "pil/.i- fii;hlH mid pttKllliillr I'XhtimimiH" Imt \ nmt'iidi'd lo permit "buxiiiK exhibit lent*" under ihf aun|»t''.H of t h e A m e r i c a n I,«');ion and r r r l n i n other o i ' ^ a i t i z i i t i o i i " , * liAiiu MTU in:rr. Nino nut of t f i i haMu'Uiall dOLil.lohea.i.T.1 at H u f l i i l o , N. Y., coincided w i t h n r i s f l i r i l u l c d .HIKIWHlonn.t: nml w i t h i n llmv wei-lis the Host mi iMinten'H e f f o r t N to popularize tile i ii(,'e upon w n e wet back by H i the Itmnldyn i-ollrgf belling C X I M I W . I!!MI Mizwmi Hint kept the H u l y ('mid r e ^ u l i i i s iiinl CtlrH'll from l l ' i u l l l l l ^ tile M-r-ni' of Ui«'lr K f t i t i f . ami : i i ii u m r e U i i l n ' i L by M H r n l m l l « i , ] l r t ; r . whirh lost five out of n i i i f player* liy Hie d r a f t tnifl H r l i o l u . M i r t n m t i U - M . Several yeni'H fi^o, when Fr:d Srhmcrtz, director of the M i l l - K:.;t' A. A. tnirk curnlval in MndlHon Squnro Oimk-n, n n - ii'jimced t h u t li« wan inviting a pnir of twin* tn r u n in his meet n [iromlm-nl coficli Hltg- B«-8tnJ. t h a t hv WIIM sorry t o see Hint t l i e gnmeH wej c ^nhif- In for freak n t t n i c t l u n H . ThcHldiMiiit twlnH, Wayne and Hluinc-, were thu nlhlctca in (jueHlinn. Thi-y eatabliwhcd them- nelvcH as outfltiinUinfi r u n n e r s and Hlatnt: even went on lo win Ihc national A. A. U. 1,500- i i i i ^ t f r i'liiiinpioiutlilp at Lincoln, .NVh, in lU.'HI. hatiT t h e itldf'oi:t.*i, IcamliiK up with iimM her .set of twins, KliniT u n d Oflmer J'Jniwn, made up a tfreat UlittAncc medley re* Tfiichnt-B College. New Yorl( UnfverHity is fashioning its re- Itiy teams around Maurice and Ktnnton Callender, huaky Negro twins who ran run any distance from the sprints right through 3,000 yards. The backbone of the University of Michigan track team is t)u Hume pair, Bob and Ross. On the strength of the records Bob shapes up as the better of the combination although they I'Lnlshcd even In several important distance races last Hpring. Ross has been retarded In his training this winter by a broken bone in hla foot suffered laat November. The Hume lade must be rated with the outstanding prospects for ,top mile honors. ID-Campaign Ve.t iVote CAGING SCORES By AMSOriATKII 1'IIKSS Hl|ih Kc'limil: '...,, t ' u i ' l y county tourm-y ChiinipliiiiHhlii: Mrln.iHc 37, ( I r m l y 33. Third |ilniv: I'lcnmuit Hill M. !t!im:tivnk 111. ' ' ( I l r l / i 1'hninplonnlilli; Rmu:hvnl« 27. l l r a i l y 211. ICiallnp) GrnnlH ( i n l l n p 111. Furl Wlngnlc 27. ( i n u i t H :j, r i, Furl Wlngnli! 1 21. i i : i l h i | . ::«, ('at)R'iiriii .14. lll^'liliuul.H (LliH VCKIIM) 27 1^1 t i l d 1H. U n i o n .'17, Uiiwwm 110. Tiii'iinirnrl 2.1, N M M I Colls 24 I'ii'hMI 48. AlhllqiRTqilo lllilillim :i7. 1/is l.iinn.4 :n, Mviuuil ·St. M n r y ' B Allm|iiiTi|iic-l 10, Siii'iirro IS. Siinlli !· S7, R n n l 2.1. WIIKOII Moiinil 42, Hoy :12. + Collc^.. anil Srrvirc: t'oniHi :i7, Ciiiiiiniitn :i;t, Cforci'i '! h 74. A t i l i u r n 4 Floriihi S2. Ci'iircln :l(l. l)ul»- 47, NC H l n l c 411. N a v y 4 2 , N i n t h C n i o l i t i a Maries y Miercoles Big Spanish Show "GOYESCAS" plus Fun and laughtor in You Can't Ration Love wllh BETTY J A N E RHODES ENDS TODAY - 2 Hits "DHAGON SEED" and ' "Tarian'a Dosorl Mystery" K i ' l l l l l r l t y 4(1. Tcnni'SBi- MiluirNntn 4:1, K.irtiuvt's l l a i i i l l i u ' Ml, Ilfiiikljl -.-hr.H 32, l i l i i u Ml. Mil»lil]i|:«m 44. M i m i u r t t r M, N o l i , - Ha Mlhsonri ri.'». N-l,r:mkti i l l . tt'in H7. i Mian i Illfi' IIS. Ilnylor 'I'oxaH 70, Tr.xiiH (.'oliuailo A M .'i.'i, ·i K.' M. (iu'Ht Liiltos 70. I'urdn 20 A A M ".". .IS, Cohmuli ciii'iicitii.i. .\HKi\r.s HOMI: I . D N I . U t N . Keb. 11* f/T' Prune Minitilcr I'luiii'hill rotunuMl to Kng- lainf ti'.l:iy fi-oiii the CriTiieii rim- (ri'rni'C U l l l ' t iUupa l»l A tilt'HO tllltl Cairo. 7.S. Newspaperman, Vfsoner of Japs, Fells of Torture EIHTOR'g NOTE: The following Htory of life as a Japii- nmo prlHoner WUN \vrllton by ICoy C. Itamwtt, nuinuger of (ho Man llu Hull, tin Hint*) 1020 and ontt of tint out if landing nevvH- im|Kirtm i n of the PhlllpplncH. H(!iinrH t fnntierly of Hartford, Ky., HIM! I'hllndeiphlu, I'n., is in Miutllu'H Nnnto Tonuut Intern n lent citmji with M» wife und their two dnughtt'Ki, Joan, 10, und Ihilon, H.) lly HOY C. BENNETT M A N I L A , P. L., Feb. 8 (De la'ywd) i-Ti -- Thrcn years ago I wa beginning lo tile by the slow deal mcthodK of n tcmpornrlly vie lorioun, brutal Jnpnncne army. Now Unit I iinv beginning to Hv gain a.s » civilized citizen and ivilixt'd human, I can not under stand how wo who went throng lliofiu fxpiM-k'iicfs miuuiircd to las 1 received 389 days of unadulc rntt'd "nilstronlment" In a Jnpn neap prison eel) for my pre-wa (Mlitoriiil 1'ffortn to warn the tnK pulillo of the Philippines of th dfuip'n* of Japiin'n platform ( rulf or ruin Asia. Tho .Inpaiuvsi* entered Man! .Inn. 2. llt-12, and the followln niorninj; swagRcrinK gendnrnn hj'olie into my house and arrest* mi 1 . 1 WHS tnkon to n btilldin in tlit former nnlvorslty of 11 Philippini's for three inontlia "pn'liniiimry inveatlKiitlon." Tlmt meant n serifs of Imlth l n t o r r o ) t i ( t o n ]H*riodn of K' 1 ' liiKok-nt Jnpaius« nsltiilK endli (MH'fitioiLs, ninny of them irrcle- v u n t , In nn a t t e m p t lo tr; nr wear me down into ivmklii^ linprojipr Htutemunts. Snicides by Jump, Gallon the Head )og, Callle ; Horse hows Banned by ODT WASHINGTON, Feb. _ 17--Wine office of defense tranaporla- on, in further curtailnient of ci- SAN DIEGO, Feb. 17--Wl--Al- ough he still ian't old enough to ite, Frank Lucero, aviation ma- Inlst's mate second class, of Las egaa, N. M., Is a veteran of 10 njor cftrnpaigna in both the At- ntlc and Pacific combat areas nd wears the Purple Heart meal and a Gold Star for wounds icelvcd in two battles. The young veteran, who enlist in August, 1941, just after his 'th birthday, ia a convalescent aticnt In the U. S. naval hospi- al here. See ILS. Debt Rise To 300 Billions By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON, Feb. 17--#-Congressional fiscal leaders bit their lips today as they conceded that the national debt limit will have to' be boosted to $300,000.000,000 very shortly. But they foresaw a chance to start whittling it down 'not later than two years after the war, provided, as one of them put it, "the people wake up." Confronted with legislation to add a n o t h e r $40,000,000,OOC stretch to the present debt limit of $200,000,000,000, the chairman and the ranking Republican mem- bei of the house appropriations committee joined in demanding sharp curtailment of all govern- icnt spending. The debt now stands at $234,00,000,000; a month before Pearl Harbor it was $55,000,000,000. Urges Probe of Jap Atrocities t By ERNEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON, Feb. 19--UP-Senator Wilson (R-Iowa) drafted legislation today calling for a congressional investigation into Japanese atrocities against American war prisoners. The proposal would set up a three-member senate military subcommittee empowered to hold hearings on the west coast to get first-hand testimony from liberated Americans. Wilson said he understood approximately 5,000 Americans have )een freed of Japanese imprisonment in the Philippines. The committee would take testimony from former prisoners on their arrival in this country to get accounts of their experiences in Japanese prison camps and civil- fan internment camps as well. He said similar inquiries might be made later into German treatment of j Tprisoners, but that in view of yie liberation of so many prisoners from the Japanese by victorious American forces, "it is important that their testimony be taken at once." "WJilson's resolution would be' broad enough to cover the recently-related incident of 1,800 American prisnoers dying in the torpedoing of a prison ship. IN B-29 CRASH attic, horse and similar shows ow come under the government an on meetings of more than 50 crsona. ( The decision was not made in line to affect shows now in prog- ess, the ODT said. The ban does not apply if such vents are purely local in nature ,-^thout involving intercity trans- lortalion and housing accommo- lutions. Duylight Romance Plan Is Voted Down COLUMBIA, S. C., Feb. 17--UP --"Daylight hours are the most inromantic," says State Rep. G. B. Baker. "Only after nightfall loos romance hold sway -- nml jring- about hasty marriages." He argued for an amemlmenl i a marrying regulatory bir which would permit Issuance ol licenses only between 9 a. m., ant !) p. m. The house, however, defeated the amendment but passed the bill which sets up a 24-i waiting period for ninrringv. leal Estate Deals lun inio a Slump Warranty and quit claim deeds asc-d up again in the county dur- ng the past few days as the itanting season nears, filings at he Bounty clerk's office indicate. The following deeds were filed: ose A. Enriquez to Jcsusita He- Ic, tract; Irene Lopez to Jesus Acosta, lots in Ceter Valley tract; Wanucl Salas to Ester Amesquita, ot in Las Cruces; Jose Romero o Flora E. Chavez, tract; Martha joodin to Ed Murphy, lots in Cox ract; Antono Guevera to Jose O Maese, tract in Old Mesilla; Chares T. Sliers to Tessa D. Stiers, ots n Hatch; S. T. McBee to H M. Rickman, 3 tracts; Mrs. Nettie McNew to H. C., Gilbert, two acre tract. President Names Minister to India WASHINGTON, Feb. 19--^-President Roosevelt today nominated George R, Merrell of Missouri, a career diplomat, to serve as U. S. representative in India with the rank of minister. Ambassador William Phillips remains as the president's personal representative to India. Phillips, however, has been in this country for some months and there have been unofficial reports hat because of his strong attitude favor of complete freedom for ndia the British did not desire his eturn there. Merrell already is on duty in Sew Delhr where he has been serving as secretary of the Amer- can political mission. JAPS SWARM INTO CHINA CHUNGKING, Feb. 19--UP) -The Central news agency quotec Gen. Ho Yin Chinan, China's chief of staff, as saying today thai the Japanese were deploying up to 50 divisions on the Chinese mainlnnd in a bid to stem a pos lible American landing on tfr coast. Dozen Rail Centers Blasted by Bombers LONDON. Feb. 19--Wl--A dozen rail centers and industrial tar- jets in western Germany, including the IJig freight yards at Muenster, Osnabrueck, Rheine and Siegen were bombed by 1,100 American heavy bombers today. Other targets were not named, but most of them were in the Ruhr valley. Prom Italy Liberators and Fortresses of the 15th air force bombed railways at Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt in Austria and naval installations at Fola and Fiume along the Adriatic coast. nd i TODAY and Tuesday -- Extra Added -Duck Soup lo Nuts Cartoon LATEST NEWS EVENTS Wednesday - Thursday 2-Acc Features--2 NEW COLOR CARTOON Feb. 19 t^ A I Walton, 64, was yeaterdny bi a count Jail fell, and a i-oronvr's jur fuimd be Imd taken ht.t own life Slu'iiff HaioUl Hubbcll snld \V«lt nn apparently had Jumped striking his bead on the concrete Two County Soldiers Wounded in Action WASHINGTON. Pfh. 19 (A 1 " - Tvx'o lionil Aim county *oldli-rs arc annul)! ii Hat o( 17 New Mi'vli'o ttoMlt'rn roportuil officially today us wmnuti'il in notion. They nrc Vfo. (luiulillilpo II. dliinci, Ln Menu, unit Pfc. J(we Ii. AriTlln. Hatch. K\||IIIIO vviui woumlcd In the Kuroppiin IhiMitei 1 . Anvlln In the l^ciflo. lUKNTlrV ( KASII VICTIM AL»U«UKHgVIK, K«b. Ill UPA \vnman. killed In n truck Redd- ent 8nturiay DASI or Ornnta. hmi I litrntlfM » l'lorl« O'Dcll. 1«. of Alltuqurrqtlo and Fort Worth Tex V. H. (IKAM) J U R Y MT.KTS Al.BUgOKllQUB, Pcb. Ill UPA l«t«rl m'»no jury oonvcnei In todny wlU\ * dnok«t YOUR RATIONS By ASSOCIATED PRESS MEATS, FATS, etc.--Book foil red stumps QS through S, r KOOI through March 31. Stamps T5 through X5 good through April 28. Stumps Y5 and Z5 and A2 t h m u g h 12 good through June 2. PROCESSED FOCfDS H.iolfr Ibur blue stamps Xfi through Z5 und A2 Riui B2 good through March 31,, Stamps C2 through G2 Koittl through April 28. Stamps H2 through M2 good through .luuc 2. SirOAR -- Book four stamp 34 good for five pounds through Feb. 28. Stamp 35 valid for five pounds through June 2. Another stamp ficheduUul to be validated May l. SHOKS - Book thife airplane stamps l. 2 nml 3 valid indofiiutc- ly; Ot*A nays no plans to caned any. GASOLINE 1-t-A coupons good for four gallons through March 21. U-Ii, C-ri, B-li anil CU cmipons pood for five gallons. Speed Demon Gets fiinn/y in Trouble HltOADUS, Mont.. Feb. 17 -UPt - Fido la in the do^houso while tiin owners, A!r. and Mrs. Carl NrwniHU'r lire rctxivcrinj; from broken rdts and liircrntiotis. Kido, rliHiiK in the fninl seat of the NVwmlllcr car, put tin ini- irnt jm\v on the mveleralor, Mrs. Ni-wtnlllrr lo»t rnnlivl of the - unit went off the roml. New VICTOR RECORDS Saturday Night Robin Hood Star Dust Sleigh Ride in July Rum and Coca-Cola Smoke ,Gets in Your Eyes Lili Marlene Ac-cent-tchuate the Positive And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine I Didn't Know About You I Couldn'tSleep a Wink Last Night Too-Ra-Loo-Ra- Loo-Rol Strange Music Holiday for Strings Boogie Woogie Night and Day First Class Private Mary Brown I Dream of You Beautiful Dreamer MANY RECORDS JUST ARRIVED -NEW AND NOT SO NEW LOOMIS GO. Everything in Music Maj. Billy Southworth, Jr., (above), son of Wlliam H. Southworth, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, was Identified as one p{ the five crew members missing; after the crash of a B-29 superfortress in Flushing Bay at New York. This picture of Southworth was made when he was a captain in the air force in England. He wears a baseball cap his father gave him. (AP Wirephoto). * Argentina Seeks Neighbors'Okey 'By 1 NO-MAN OAMGNAN MEXICO CIT.y, Feb. 19--Iff) -Reports that Argentina is planning to declare war on Germany is an attempt to repair relations with other western hemisphere nations stirred preliminary skirmishes today on a political issue that may develop into a full-scale, open debate when the Interamerican conference opens here Wednesday. The reports stemmed from a weekend announcement that the Buenos Aires government had sent a sharply worded note to Berlin protesting a German "threat to deny safe conduct to certain Argentine diplomats en route home from Germany. Until now a declaration of war has been a passport of admission into the United Nations family, but'whether it would prove so in the case of Argentina is open to question. Rescued New Mexican Likes Change of Diet Police Sink Teeth Into This Mystery OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 17--Wl --Army Air Force Mechanic John J. Wells presented police a mystery they couW sink their teeth into. Out of it, Pvt. Wells got hack his own own lower plate of G. I. store teeth which he lost in a railway station a month ago. He spotted his teeth in the dusty window of a vacant restuarant; he called police, got his post dentist to identify the plate. Officers are perplexed over why the plate adorned the restaurant'3 window display. CLOVIS, Feb.. IT-r^P) -- st Sgt. Orville Drummop, one of 512 prisoners of war rescued Jan. 30 from Japanese prison camp Number 1 on Luzon, said in aJetter to !iis wife, Adelina Drummon of Olovis, he is getting "wonderful treatment" and eating food "I hadn't even seen for three .years." $1 FOR SEWER SYSTflM SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 17-UP)--Only provision in the $1 pur- .chase of part of the Salt Lake sewer system from the federal government, following two years' negotiation, is that it be used (or its original purpose. Dr. John L. Kennedy DENTIST Masonic Temple Bldg. Telephone 54 Chicken Wire One and Two Inch Mesh Chick Feeders AND Water Fountains Bio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 South Church Phone 3 Going away, coming homo, nn» Ing a party? Please telephone the Sun-News. BOY FRIENb Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Franchised Boliler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Deming BIXLER ROBINSON ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS 1QMMUU Building ElPuo.Ttxat Audits -- Syiitns -- F«d«ral TIXM J. GLENN BIXLER J.J.ROBINSON OwtltM PubUc Accountant M.HMdTmt PLAN 70 TKAVELWHEN THSXC'S KOOM TO TRAVEL ' ictc's just a Suggestion for those who have to ttavcl .· : '.rsc days. Usually there arc certain departures which are : CT quite as popular as others. Experience, in normal liiiies, has proven to most transportation companies t! early morning schedules carry fewer passengers. (1'coplc don't like to get up before sunrise.) This may not apply to your community, but there's one way you can find out. CALL YOUR SANTA FE T R A U W A Y S A G E N T B E F O R E Y O U P L A N YOUR TRIP. HE KNOWS WHICH SCHEDULES ARE APT TO BE LESS CROWDED. S A N T A FI T R A I L W A Y S · US DEPOT Main and Bowman Phone 36 A M E R I C A ' S SECRET W E A P O N S HirYi rW rOV en wi Hum * IUY MORE WAR IONDSI * STAY'ON THE JOI AND FINISH THE JOII

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