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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, December 27, 1962
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JFK, Military Aides Polish $51 B. Budget GROUND BREAKING - Members of Eaton Masonic Temple Lodge 109 AF 4 AM broke ground recently to start construction of their new $35.00(1 hall at 2nd St. and Park Ave Hie lodge, which has been in existence lor 63 years hasbeen meeting u, ih e Eulon 1.00F Hall' WrHha by H*r«c» Cl'lili) In W71 AND THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1WI ·y FRANK CORMIER PALM BEACH, fla. (API- other members of the joint chiefs. For Gen. Curtis E. LeMav, Air n ., · · ·" "" ' * vi u«J. v/uais ij. L*.Yiav, Air I resident Kennedy and his top Force chief of staff the meeting military advisers doffed their perhaps represented a last chance coats on a sunny patio today for to get a top level hearing for » far-rangmg discussion of de- arguments against scrapping the 1CJ» ctrataxt, ~-J :l:t l c t . ,. . . rr . " Skybolt air-to-ground missile that dominated last week's two power talks between Kennedy and British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. tense strategy and military spend- ! ig. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, undersecretary Roswell L. GUpatric and the Joint Chiefs of Staff met at the holiday White House. Otfmds Skybolt Gen. Curtis E. LeMay. Air Force chief of staff, made an eleventh hour stand against cut :ing off development funds for the controversial Skybolt missile. McNamara said in advance o he conference that it "certain^ . will be our recommendation" to ""der a cloud of suspicion. Prisoners' Kin Get Emotional Greeting By LOUIS UCHITELLE . Ahnnr em ,.r ti,. ,,..;, ...u. ,.. . ,, . . ^^ By LOUIS UCHITELLE ,. About 600 u f the prisoners, who MIAMI. Fla. 'API--The freight-;*"* released Sunday and Moner African Pilot brought 921 rela-i day ' werp waiting at'the auditor- ives of the Bay of Pigs captives;'TM wnen " leir relatives ar- to Florida Thursday and to ani rived trom Port Everglades., emotional reunion in" the vast Din-: where lh «r_ship docked 25 miles ner Key Auditorium use. Uft to right are: E. W. Harden, past mas- ler of the lodge: Everett Wilson, past master: Ed hovach. senior warden; Leslie Clary, master and Paul McClure. senio, dcocon. i Photo courtesy Eaton Herald'. (scrap Skybolt. which Kenned- has pictured as obsolete, and pei In Blizzard in an age o nuclear-tippe( 'Soviets Bounce Premier in Asia MOSCOW AI, _ i. r avda disclosed Thurs. that the premier o By ANTHONY WHITE LONDON . A l ' i - Two British lrains smashed together in a bliz- wrd WedncMlav uiiiht killim? at haps unreliable, more powerful rockets. The stated purpose of the mili Itary meeting was to provide Ken nedy with a year-end review o the defense situation and lo pu finishing touches on the Si fail 1km defense budget. ------ ...u t ...V picmiLT 01 *· ~v-»»vu «oa ueidvea [ml one of the Soviet Union's most an hour while Kennedy met with republics, the virgin The lucal was -Icrs on the traditional deaths wc-rc reported from Eu ro|w as Arctic winds pushed bit ter winter weather southward across the continent ! Thirty-three more persons were In Soviet jargon, this could mean showing loo much indcpend the Ix.iidon-bound crashed into the topped at miles Injured when Scot Express rear of a local train Coppenhsili Junction 25 touthwest of Manchester. Ont Aimrktn D»d One of the dead was believed to Mail Volume Dec. 1-25 Shows Gain Greeley Postm;ister Rente Wilkinson reported Thursday thill Christmas mail for Ihe |xriod Dec. 1 Ihriiuph a. both incoming and outgoing, bhoucd an increase over Incoming Christmas mail was 1.8Ml.n|» pieces this year, up 50.000 over last year's 1.810.000. In- cumin,; parcels were 4K.787, an increase of a little over 71X1 above List year, when «.HM were re- conled. Total outgoing niail handled at the Greeley Post Office was 2.- 347.57-t. Tliis included both letter mail and parcels; l,ast year out- poing mail was recorded at 2.287.113-1. Uiitgoinj; mail this year was up 5S.590 over last year. 1400th Birthday 1NSTANBH. -- The Saint So- pltta which hns set veil as a IJ\;.aii- Isne t'linstian church, a Moslem mosque, anil is now a mil- i" marking its l,4i)0tli an- ered among the wreckage A blizzard was blowing. "It was utter carnage." salt Harold Shift, a survivor, who lolc ol trying to help a dying young woman whose mother' had'been tossed half way through a broken window Hescue squads,, summoned from the surrounding areas of Cheshire over icy roads, worked by head lamps carrying Ihe injured to a f'cld lo await ambulances Europe'^ piercing weather ex tended from the Far North lo the Mcditerranein, when it w« an unwelcome surprise, and easrf ward to Siberia. Hit DMthi Two people were frozen to death ui northern Portugal. It snowed in northern and central Spain, and Barcelona was almost isolat- rd by the unusual whiteness. Valencia oranges froze on the trees. Heavy rains collapsed at least 100 hous-s in Algeciras, across bay from Gibraltar, and caused other destruction in the rea. llaly was wrapped in snow from he Alps to Sicily. In the Italian Alps, temperatures plunged to 31 legrees below zero at Trapclle, lighcst inhabited area in Europe. Italian newspapers reported the coldest Christmas of (he century. Half a dozen deaths in Italy we attributed directly to the leather. Included were two men mried on an Alpine path by an ivalanchc. Sitou-pluws Dfl " Oaulenov, who also was accused of "violation of party ethics crudeneis and conceit." Pravda. the Communist party's official newspaper, said he was also expelled from the centra committee of the party's Kazakh Stan branch. Kazakhstan, a vast territory in west central Asia, is lagging'far behind Premier Khrushchev's ex pectations in agricultural produ of the reconvening of whose term ends next month am Congress Jan. 9. State Planning Director W M The subject Wednesday was the Williams has flared UD aeain K? *3v fttt «___- i_ " - r b · Second Heart Massage on Baby Fails PAW ALTO. Calif .APi - A second heart-massage effort failed Wednesday and 3-momh-olu Orian Merler died, apparently of virus pneumonia. The first heart massage had re- Mored breathing after a doctor ised a .steak knife lo open the Gild's rlicst in an operation on hurned in Coponi. Denmark, where tempera- iii'es hovcrnl around freezing. he family's kitchen (able. The parents, Mr and Mrs. Egio lerler, said they had attended Christmas church services Tlies- day, tlien put the infant to bed for a nap. Mrs. Merler saw two minutes later that the child had stopped breathing. Dr. Jack Remington performed the sleak knife surgery and the boy was taken In Palo' Alto-Stanford Hospital. When his breathing became la-l Imrod. doctors ag.iin opened I . I H.H Hour The session was delaved hal British Trains Hit, 18 Killed, 33 Hurt ' ^ "^ ' * «*· I uiipuiiaui iL'puoiics, me virgin '"'"en roreign Minister Golda be an American serviceman Sixi'i!!" 15 lcrrilor v "' Kazakliitan. has Meir. en route home after service children were among the dead r for dis P la yiiiR "nation- a *e United Nations. The local «·« nn~i u.i,u ,'.. . ' 1 . Kennedy, wlra arrived Friday a lsra «li Foreign Minister Golda Kennedy, occanfront ·ed Friday home borrowei from financier C. Michael Paul is holding a continuing series o ~.. -TM . - llle , eu u .« decision-making conferences in tween Gov. Steve McNichols 1963 tax cut proposals. For more than two hours the President met with Secretary o the Treasury Douglu Dillon am. other key financial advisers on the specifics of the tax package The broad outlines of the plan envisioning lower tax rates earl; next year for both individuals an! corporations, wer*. approved sev era! weeks ago. At Wednesday' session Kennedy got into many of the details and gave genera approval to the Treasury's plans · - - - - TM TM ^ j jj.wuj, ncujia mil However, several of the conferees necessarv rMfnrifJI f k a l .u...«l. ___L _ . . . . - * . * · ' J - * reportefl thtt rauch wwk .0 be done. M«rt Work N«*M H T.x Cut Undersecretarj- of the Treasury lenry Fmvl er said it "was a good meeting but the program is far rom buttoned up." Assistant Sec- ·clary Stanley S. Surrey, another participant, agreed. Just as Dillon interrupted a va- ation at nearby Kobe Sound, ·'la., to take part in Oie tax cut alks. Secretary of Defense iobcrt S. McNamara had to leave he ski slopes of Aspen. Colo, o participate in the military discussions. Flying in from Washington were Undersecretary of DefeW Rosvell L. Gilpatric, Gen. Maxwell Taylor, chairman of the Joint ~ «v.,i i uvjn t umih ue Staff, and the three 11 these witnesses.' India, Pakistan Talk Kashmir Compromise i northeast of here. Barricades had been thrown up inside so Red doss authorities could slop and take the names of the arrivals. U«p Bwricidt But i! didn't work. Some prison spent 20 months in Castro's crowded jails after the gallant but futile effort to free their country from his rule. Chief topic of conversation aboard the ship was the plight of a man who was turned away as the African Pilot prepared to move out. Ntjre Taken Off Ship A shabbily dressed Negro raced up the rising gangplank shrieking 'help meil" Wednes- RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (API- Indian and Pakistani ministers talks on Kashmir Thurs . An lndiar ! government spokes man in New ... -- J said an an nouncement, by Pakistan and Red China that they had reached an agreement in principle on their section o! the northern Kashmir border showed they were ii 'close collaboration." Official Pakistani sources in Ka rachi insisted, however, that the accord reached with Peking woulc have no adverse effect on the Rawalpindi conference. nes. principle had been reached on thei Mr - and Mrs. Jose Delgado 200 miles of border between Red tearfully embraced their son, Ro- China's Sinkiang Province and man. 28. when they saw him for Steve, Planning Director Feud Flares Up Again DENVER lAPi - The feud be- i · j i j- j i .--, '"»" ulal r 'uei i^istro would tan. and Indian delegation leaders'allow at least another 1000 re l a . soon after they sat down at the.tiv* to escape from Communist- ^A^anttd toTlSrt; fftt-SS: wssr^ s^ " fr * LX ^tnTtr^^'S:!,^,^^ «* P-ident It was learned Thurs. McNichok went to Williams' office Wednes day to give the director a dressing down and lake over supervision o member of the planning staff In recent weeks, the Democrat can . . o wv ' c ,, P f ' making efforts to tie down available funds to programs he has developed. McNichoU made it dear Thurs he will continue to bypass Williams whenever he regards ft Williams had (old his contracts supervisor, C. W. Dinsmore, to work on contracts for architects who will make a survey of Colorado junior colleges. Then the governor notified Dinsmore he wanted a contract drawn Jp for architects to work on jobs or the Colorado State Hospital. Dinsmore said Ihe request rould have to be cleared with the ilanning director. uui r- uiuii i worK. some prison- J ---··-·· ··«*ti' .in.. .-cw«o lers leaped over them to embrace ^ n ' ght , ** "" Africa n Pilot strictly . .... - j aboard crowded craft, regretfully I-..* .vap*.u u*ta mem \o emorace -- ---o--- -- --- -".. A vaguely worded Pakistani- mothers, wives and children. A ma ^ e ready lo ca5t °' f R*d Chinese announcement said lew soldiers collapsed when they Guards on d e c k, Wednesday night an agreement in saw their loved ones. charged to let no more DfinciDle had hppn rFa/hpfl n« t k « : \lr ^«j it » . *, · . hp rrnn,*HoH ^r-aft rai that part of Kashmir on Pakis- Darred ^ entr y- the first time in eight months. , · - --· - ---- -- 'u^i iuuc ui eigni monms. an s side of the U.N. cease-fire! "It is a miracle that we are line dividing the Himalayan state, ihere," cried Mrs Deleado ss Palcictan Prflcl^nnt ll«l 1 , r ., i - ' " ci fi at ' u i *"· As the relatives arrived, hopes were high that Fidel Castro would Pakistan President Mohammed Ayub Khan called in the Pakis- which India and Pakistan ..,,., feurled since 1947. "in the inter- Kenne *' TMg*t come to Miami to diers on the pier scrambled up and yanked their trembling coun- jryman back to the dock. PS Reports 2 Below Zero At 8 Thurs. Tbe mercury plunged below the zero mark again Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, ac- H was because of Red China': thrust deep into India's Himalay an borderlands two months age that India and Pakistan agreed at the urging of Britain and the United States, to renew attempts to negotiate over Kashmir. Britain and the United States wanted a settlement of the few to ease themselves off a spot-a desire to meet nonaligned India's requests for arms and at the comnwm on Manue] same time to satisfy Pakistan's lurned the West. Ajub Khan and Indian Prime Minister N'ehru have agreed to meet if their lower-level negotia tors can make enough progress t jromlse 'a settlement. · -· Red China claims about 15.000 square miles of Kashmir and has akcn practically all that she claims in the Ladakh part of the «tate on India's side of the U.N. Cold Relaxes Grip on East ce and told Dinsmore. "I waut ou to po to work on a contract or architects at the hospital. This as priority over anythinc ' "' j It was cold over most of the country Thursday but the rigors of recent days abated. Subzero air with earlv morns p r o r v over anrt n« e l ^ e ' - , · Then the governor turned i o ' n g , a y ° Ver ?* C " ltra! Plateau ' X ' kieS ' Uppcr p ^i«s the invasion forces captured after the 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco; Jose Perez San Roman, military commander of the assault, and three other Cubans were given a 5 p.m. appointment with K e n n e d y at Palm Beach. Liwy«r Rtturntd The freighter brought in 921 mothers, fathers, wives aud other relatives of the prisoners. Also aboard was Guillermo Ara Alonso former Havana attorney who was freed without explanation from Cuban prison. One of those at docfcside to meet the African Pilot was Mrs. Berta Mrs. Barreto had' returned to Miami on the but piane in the irisoners airlift Monday. She said Castro told her at the airport he would allow another 1,000 rela- ives of the prisoners to feavi Cuba and that the committee ould select them. "We hope to send another ship i two or three weeks," she said. Only about 200 observers i Cuban sol- said the low for Vednesday night and early Tburj- lay was a minus two degrees it a.m. Thursday. The low for the 24-hour period nding 8 a.m. Thursday at Public Service was a minus- 10 degrees, 'hat temperature was recorded Wednesday morning. the low in the 24-hour minus 13 degrees, also Wednesday morning. GW reports only the high and low in a 24- wur period. Thus the low during the night was not available. The high Wednesday was 21 degrees at PS and 22 at GW. Tern- were expected to __ wanner Thursday aft- was rs erta Barreio de los Heros of fe Oto ST *? ""S, ^ ^ U ' S - f*milK* r^--fH-- Weather Bureau still calls for new Mrs. Barreto h ' ·*«"*"«***« J^ta, *** As of noon Thursday, the tern- «rature in Greeley had been be- ow the freezing level (32 de- Tees) for 96 consecutive hours. The sub-zero weather followed a snowstorm Christmas eve. Both the Platte and Poudre Rivers were nearly frozen over Thursday morning. he freighter come in. The port i r . -, . _ vas closed lo all but newsmen! TO I T SRlGS Due and authorized officials. A bigJTL L sign said "Welcome" in EnglUh i I n r O U O n Thp Ro^ rv~,- . . . . ** The Red Cross reported nine' -ases of contaio disease! Villiams and asked if he needed written order. Williams replied. 1 don't think we need it with . dusted willi snuw. awnkejl chest, but heart massage [ailed nivcrwirj' this year. It was Inulii 1 " (reiving weather, (iermnny \va: by Kmpcror Ciinsi K:\lh Ceiiturv. ill ute in tlie The Weather Hie lenipenituie .it 2 p. m ThursH.ny 2,'t \iv.i\ dr 'M ln.ius elldint S a in. Tlimsd.-iy: I'uhlic Servue Hiuli. Westcin Ilaromrlcr .-it » a m . 'HnirMlay: 30.11 and slp:i(ly. . free ol fresh snow, but was cnld-14 to 17 degiecs. The Dutch skated on their frozen canals, and in O.slo. Norway, llle day was clear and freezing. But Hammei lest, which is. far-! (her north than N'uir.c. Alaska, having "mild" weather. It was :i2 devices above zero and must nf the snmv hud been waslu-il away by mild rain. Some residents tluiighl it might I* due he Soviet nuclear lests some ixi miles lo the east. Sun uses and ,-imi sets Fiiday: 7 21 2 p in COLORADO- . Gi-m-rnlly l.m to ii!::h! ami Friday. liH.illy j;:i: winds in ni'illicat; d little warnl- iii-t sections timi^lit Ixnv lo revive him. lr. Ciiirdon Pulford. a pediatri- clan, snid it appeared the child was stricken by virus pneumonia which developed quickly. Mariner 2 Reports IVenus Has Long Day n« inuu D * B B / M i n sylvania's mountain valleys and in northern New England. Caribou. Maine, reported 16 de- aboard. Three ambulances were 1 '' 0 the w ' ave of sam ^ klow- lains. on the dock to pick up 11 stretcher 2 " 0 cold earlier TM tne weet: . Col- states, in Penn- i-'ascs. ' orado was promised fair skies and .warmer weather tonight and Fri- An American flag flew from ihe^' a TM stern of the freighter One tui- ay ' --. --r v went out to he!p°heV inTo thei The mcrcur ' ma v Set as high erees below zero: Craig, Colo., dock. ' jas 4j to 55 degrees in the eastern a.'iri Delta. I'lah. -13: Bismarck!! Too Nervous To Sleep 'section Friday, the U.S. Weather X. D.. and Philmsburg. P a . -io : i Joe McGowan Associated Pre«- Burcau re t lortcd - But !t TM a y slide !Indianapolis. Inc., -i" and Jlil-jwriter reprcseniins ' ...-!: 10 10 Io ^ bcltnv zc TM in the Bv JOHN BARBOUR AitKuled Pr.t« Scitoct Writw PHILADELPH1.* (AP - First reports back from Manner II's !?: Jeff co Clerk Charged For Illegal Fees Is Kennedy Dog Expecting Pups? DEACIi. Kla (A!''-tt (·'iisinnka is alKiut to have puppies t;oU)KX i.\!'i _ A charge of levying il|e R .i| fees has been dfied asninst Mrs. Naomi Swill -14. former chief clerk of Ihe mo- !nr vehicle department in the Jefferson r.umly clerk's oflu-e. (lie ll-.ird woman ex-cm- pl-iyc lo Ix? charged ns p.iit n | in invcsi.ic.ilion of nfhce funds .'inrl prncliecs. Charges m pmlxv/lcmcnt and historic fly-by-Venus indicate that ti the cloud-shrouded plane! may have longer days and nights than her sister planet. Earth. Scientists reported Wednesday ill the only data analyzed so far from the tape recorded reports msde Dec 14 when Manner rushed by within 21.600 miles ol Venus. That data indicates that Venus lias little or no magnetic field. This could be because of slow otation. Earth turns on its axis every 24 hours, giving us our 24- the Jet md Dr . v Aeronautics and Space Administration. U was given at the American Association to; the Ad- Christmos Road Toll Hits 646 ii.our day. But iamr sire as Kp.rth--may ·iwstdcrahly longer. take . "The oliservatii-ns thus far sug- that pl,incl and satellites rotate much less rapidly nii:hl Hi in ai In-low inn nmiin- " i t s ll '!' sii-rel. Charges n, emlxv/lcmcnt and " l;l1 rnlalr n " ic1 ' -i 1 " rapidly large pnrl for the Chriitnvn ho!i i!'TM|wt for rr-.u-h oi l.iins. /i-in t.i to ,-ilwc v.eMt. in. TM« w «*s aco it was cor.- l;rfiml Inireny were filed earlieri" ! a " K ' 1rl11 hnvc s " la] l nwgnelic day traffic toll bv v,( 0 iv eMx.n'Ji.Miiclii 2n ;ihme at limi-r i-lrialiim-- in f "' mrl '1 " 1 Piwlimka-iw of the agains! Mrs. IVrolhy Hieh 4-, j'^Ws." thf report said. In addition to l l i e ' t i a i t i - ' f - i n ;·;.·* r.i.M; hu:li l-'iiiby .am- w.-l. W Ki'imedy children's Ihw |«l dii;s and M's. Kobeila H n l|, · ,,, Tbe weaker magnetic held also 107 ivrwis ( vrW- t sl , n (ire, ",-H!- P n r r l k l I ' 55 ca^l. 3i.:m moiinl.iin-. ' ll -" 1 (A ''" * prr ); nnncv lest, arfrlitlnn. t w n olliei· vimien clerks m;l "«l'i'alc thai Venus has nn IB others died in niMcil-inv'-v "'^ Li Nmv the U i i i l r ||i,i : s,. i s l u r n i n c l l w v r been dischai,- ( -H r a d i a l i n n In-lls. nor nnv wiilhern m-mlmrv (.,,. ,,,, ,, ,,, ','. '", C _ _ . - i A i in Measles 5.'i r.r.l. ^'0:ni mu'.ini.iiii-. WYOMING south, p.iith , partly cli.iuly MHI: mi; rli;i:ilmev. nni prrgna llui:sc is lurninsi' l l l v r bri'-n iliscliari-rd "isl. Allv Diinalil .! . "isl. Ally Diiniilil .1 H:mlc-!v ''' '"'"he ic in.:i rurl.iin lias ((eNTwl- -"-'''I Mrs Swift was: accused nf! '' r " TM Ki " : ------l: "" " ' cil." I'icrn' Silinper. \ \ h i t e House I-'itrisy with piess sn-relary,' i|i,i|-.|xx) when radialinn bells, nor nny southern ni-rtheni lights such as those : -3. Vnoflicial readings included -allot. at Si. Mar\-'s. Pa.' ! maj agencies on the Africa, p said nianv na«enrpr« ro ''· ncd awake thwh the ni^^"' " lh n 10 to 20 bcknv zero :muuiu:iiiis tonight. Tnc extremes in a period of less lan 24 hours offered a high oi 1 at Puebio Wednesday and a w of 25 was a little cl-.illv in the' A like this?" tingle of ( onslaught of frigid aii- from Can- ^"r^i:::r^ir,,t:^iHl^' f T^ «^ i ^- ·i- and in the Xf ,,, n ^,^ n jnation^ anlhem ' ^ ^"'^JT^^ ""^ TM CHICAGO I A P ) - Tin traffic deaths dnrinc tlu nation's! (our-dav^S ;' I hi- 1'aciiic Coast.- Sou!h\esi. suiithern- Christmas Iwliriay tol.iled MS anili"" 1 o v l ! --- -.·..,.,,,,.·.,. the National Safety Council esti-i 1 "" 1 -''- II1 ' 1 Stuthmi tu-r o males thai 420 to 4iXi persons mav! !rom |-'"-MJ:M l. _ 1 ..,, , ' .!,._..., Venus-alwui the bo killed in motor vehicle . K ci.; L '"" lr " ! " 1; s .mil iracli nf \'iri;ini.i. donls diirins Ihe exu-nricd . ' A fresh m.i.-s Year's weckciui ' ' heari«i iim ti-,, n,,i-t!,,.- n ni-'y, tct Severe weather - cold, snow.!' 1 "' 1 ''Pi*:' MiK-iwip-,,, v.ilU-y aiij 111 sleet and rain - «,,s Wa n ,ed . n l l '''" B 'ero temix'iiitui.-s «,'·;·,- m; i!a large pan for the Christmas ho!i-i'' r ' ls l x ' 1 ' or rp-.u-h oi the M:.iiuv. ; '' "f Miami sji(i there' Monarch and Muse fo; concern ,md snow at summi '"" a qi:ai anting of thc| 1-3 Vela -- Si 'summit -'i.o iiilenidtkiaai ua- The dcnaitmt ken no - icy spot? near three · for an ou-r-all to illeRnlly cliarsini; 50 rents l,i r i T«'rl»e days after its flirtation :i:H rnjd.s over «iri'.er-maintainod p.i^es niowpai-ked and .-amlcd. ,7 !4i Robert Frost 1£ Better Despite Heart Attack lii;lil iiurtln-in nwuuloin-.;.iskcri ;I|HHI| Ihe lc.-.'t remits. Tliej i5lri ' l 'on form. Krlil.iv :i(lcrn«,in i.r rin:bi: wiruly in .|.iy.s it took le.i coniplotion arc p " an ·nch duplicate nii.lnr- vehicle vn;.i v '" h Vcn " s - Mariner is still mak- ins mcaHiroments en the climate e.'i.M of tin- (' Divide; warmer ni'V.1 si^'tions tnni^lit: t i n nuii: a little ciH'ler north»-rn and (he results stxntld be in. Salinqer »r lrny the rumors In run- BONN--A new collective wage i agreement in West (Jemwiiv pro. horde, late KiMay Urn- loni K hl| Pi^huika.'a flufty white dog. islvito."'}^ "'J (list time near ,-eio mountain.. lfl-2n west, the rinughter of Ihe Soviet Union's errnlinl treatment for inTon , 1.V2S ca4 al lower elevalinns:!fiiinous siwe dm; "Strclkn" ' jti .'iilav 1''.. pi iithcnsl, 2U-J) ith .mil we-t, mountfliiv. s tivcn lo the Kennedys by Soviet Premier Khnuhchev. H«ice and reporting that dsil.i back lo Earth as Ihe bug-shaped '.·pace probe continues on into «n irhil around the sun. | Ibp report on Mai'iner's 190- · [million mile journey to Venus was unionists wil , from employe-is double rontribu- tionj toward Iheir pensions. I I'niversity of Gitifornip at Ixis Angeles, Prof. Uverrtl navis ,1r of the California Institute of Tech-

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