Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1970 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1970
Page 20
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Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., June 1, 1970 ( (C) 1967 bv Chicago Tribune-N.Y. Newt Synd.) j Will Address Group Wednesday Dr. Daniel T. Tietelbaum, as-| isistant professor of medicine iand preventive medicine, and | director of emergency services at the University of Colorado Center, will give an on accidental poison- By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I wrote you a letter nearly 3 years ago because my wife and I were having marital problems. 1 described my wife's actions, and you said she needed to see a psychiatrist. Well, there wasn't any in our town, so she siw a marriage counselor instead. Would you believe that after six visits to this marriage counselor, she quit her regular job and went to work for him at half her former pay? On the advice of this counselor (she claims) she started treating me like a stranger and would have nothing to do with me as a wife. I spoke to my lawyer about it, and he advised me to move out, which I did. Well, that must have been the wrong move because she charged me with desertion. The next thing I knew I was on my way to being a divorced man. (All this after 14 years of marriage and 3 children.) Now 1 hear that she is marrying her marriage counselor, whose wife of 16 years started divorce proceedings shortly after my wife went to work for him. Now, my problem: Do you know a nice woman between 35 and 40 who is willing to lake a chance with an idiot? "LONESOME" IN KANSAS DEAR LONESOME: Not off hand. But I'll inquire. DEAR ABBY: Recently my son, Jeffrey, was married. His mother and I have been divorced for 8 years. Three years ago I married again. My first wife is still single, and considering the alimony check she gets, I am sure she will die single. My question: Don't you think that since engraved invitations were sent out, my present wife and I should have received one? We did not. My son simply asked me if I would come, and I said I would. Had we received an invitation, my wife would have had the good sense to decline knowing my first wife would be there. However, my present wife wasn't even given the chance to gracefully decline. I think this was very poor taste, and want your opinion. JEFFREY'S FATHER DEAR FATHER: It may have been "peer taste" but it was good sense. It's risky business to send an invitation on the assumption that it will be refused. What if your wife decided to accept? DEAR ABBY: My husband smokes three packs of cig- arefs a day, and has a hacking cough which drives me up a wall. I stopped smoking in hopes that he would, but it didn't work. He coughs so bad at night that it interferes with my sleep I have threatened to sleep in the spare room. What would you do in my ease? DISGUSTED DEAR DISGUSTED: I'd quit "threatening," and appeal to his sense of logic. Tell him that the person who quits eigarets for five years has the same chance of escaping (ung cancer as the nonsmoker. Also, the person who is 25 arv! does not smoke can expect eight extra years of life expectancy. And if that doesn't do it, sleep in the spare room. CONFIDENTIAL TO ALL WHO WROTE TO PROTEST A RECENT ITEM: A writer asked, "In your opinion, is homosexuality a disease?" I replied, "No! It is the inability to love at all which I consider an emotional illness." Meaning that I do not regard the homosexual as "sick." Rather, the person who is incapable of loving at all is, in my opinion, the "sick" one. What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif., 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. Medical address ngs at the 4-H Building in 1s- and Grove Park at 1:30 p.m. Vednesday, June 3. His visit here is being sponsored by Weld County Homemakers, who encourage every- ine to attend. Tielelbaum is an expert on he subject of accidental poisonings, and will be passing on some well known, and not so well known facts about household poisons, and offering sug- O estions as to what can be done about the tragedy of poisonings. He is a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He did his internship at Metifore Hospital in New York and his esidency at the University of Colorado Medical Center. At the present time, Tietel- jaum is also a consultant in clinical toxicology at Denver General Hospital, Denver Area Poison Control Center, and Poi- sonlab Incorporated. He received the World Health Organ- zation Traveling Fellowship in clinical toxicology. Many of Tietelbaum's writ- ngs about poisonings have appeared in medical journals. Melodians Will Present Amico Program The Melodians, an ecumenical music group from Denver 1 present a program when Amico Club meets Friday, June at the First Congregationa" Church, 16th Street and 21si Avenue. Dinner will be served at 6:15 p.m., with the hour-long musi cal program to begin at 7:3( p.m. A variety of numbers wil be presented, including guitar saxophone and harmonica du ets, vocal solos and group sing ing. Miss Daisy Bloom of Englewood will provide accompaniment for the musical, designed to be interesting and fun for all. number of changes in personal or business relationships will ·equire more detailed attention han you might think to be necessary. Be very careful you understand whatever situation "·""-·""- ill KUc UVtJJ lAJllllf) Ui UUlClVlltG arises for there are apt to be; at , his lime concentrate on the Horoscope Forecast By Carroll /tighter TUESDAY, JUNE 2 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A Social Calendar demands. Do whatever you think is right and forget about the rest. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Make n»w agreements with partners at whatever location is b e s t for such purposes. Negotiate intelligently. Do not argue over points of .difference obscure factors that close watching. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. require basic matt ers. SAGITTARIUS 19) (Nov. 22 to You have practical dreams can become a reality if you'JIj nptoiP 61 Dec. 21) Delve into the im- you and uf tensions that have rid study the financial aspects jfj ee|1 botherin g you for some closely and wisely. Pay bills, ! tjme Y ou know what co- do some collecting, be morej workers want from you Try to careful with budget. Be clever. , case , nem and t much done CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. You have to change your Esther Faber Joins Eastern Star Chapter Esther Faber became a mem- 3er, by affiliation, of Garden City Chapter No. 3, Order of Sastern Star, last Tuesday the Masonic Temple. uumnn uua.v ,i iu ou.ic ^/ Anmmm: r i a n 91 (n Fob Mrs. Clara Cree, worthy ma- Try not to avoid any important, AQUARIUS Jan 21 to Feb. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Make sure that an associate ^, doesn't try some trick that tm d , f are ,,, gain the * could cost you heavily, and then i d wi ,, of friends and re , a . all is fine Be with loyal friends,* b in con tacts. You who like to do what you want,| have ' some fine talents Do help you with your plans. Be whatever is ncceS sary lo get happy. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) them before the right people. ron; Marvin Bohman, worthy patron; Mrs. Max Lubbers, \dah; Mrs. Maxine Simpson, Ruth; Mrs. Henry Heraldson, Esther; Mrs. Everett Fenster- expert in your fiehl responsibility that needs your - . ,. *i,«* plan Y° ur time well so that man, Martha; Mrs. Marvin Bohman, Electra, and Mrs. E. Parke, chaplain, presented a memorial program for the 17 members who have died in the past year. Mrs. Sam Solders, secretary, read the names of those who had died. The worthy matron and worthy patron presided for Ihe evening, and bluebird greelers were Mrs. C. W. McNeil and Mrs. Paul Martin. Bible bearers were Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell. Mrs. Norval Hinds and Mrs. George Mosier provided decorations, and refreshments were furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Poertner, Mrs. Carl Nicodemus, Mrs. Barbara Smith and Esther Griffin. Fathers will be honored at the 8 p.m. meeting June 10. careful attention now. Be stead- you gel bo h outside and home fast, dependable Do -hatever^n, we handed will bring you the favor of an! one conmciing wiui u ! Leave nothing undone. Discuss for a more successful Wtdnctday, June 3 7 a.m. Christian Business Men's Committee, breakfast, Garden Kitchen. 10 a.m. Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs, Northern District, Brunch and Pilgrimage, LaFonda Pavilion at Elitch's. Tour begins at noon 11 a.m. Progressive Art L e a g u e , Glenmere Park Shelter House. 12:15 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Greeley Country Club. 12:30 p.m. Greeley Excelsis Woman's Club, CFWC, dessert shopping that is necessary for completing wardrobe. Be active, be happy. IF YOUR TODAY CHILD IS BORN . he or she will be one of those practical young people who has to be taught the importance of the idealistic so there can be a well-rounded life. Give the right spiritual training early. Slant the education along such lines as property management, building, banking, etc. Making money MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) See what it is that| f u l u r e - instead of being so lackadaisical!Get busy on the telephone and about things. Improve your lotj get the data you need. Plan through some fine idea. The| some little trip that is important social is fine, but be more'to your welfare. Do some close friends have to si uggestj PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) without!will start early Give benefit of sports and travel early, too. Care where diet is concerned is important here. Music lessons are good. "The Stars impel, Ihey do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to you! ((c) 1970, McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) lunch and cards, American Legion. 12:30 p.m. B.B.P. Club, luncheon, Post 'n Pike, Mrs. Eva Winslow, hostess. 6:30 p.m. Mariners Club of t h e First Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall. Dr. Lyman B. Graybtal, professor emeritus of UNC, will speak en "Youth On Campus.", 6:30 p.m. 8 et 40, dinner, American Legion Club, Windsor. Officers will be installed. 7:30 p.m. Greeley Chapter of Order of DeMolay, Masonic Temple. 7:30 p.m. DeMolay Mothers Club will meet at the Masonic Temple to register and make plans for slate conclave at Boulder, June 13-15. 7:30 p.m. OES Evening Cancer Sewing for Weld County Nursing Home, Mrs. Clara Cree, 1221 13th St. 8 p.m. Women of the Moose, Moose Lodge. New Academy of Friendship members will receive gold ring awards. 8:30 p.m. Parents Without Partners, coffee and discussion, Pauline Siglinger, 2300 24th St. Rd. For more information about PWP telephone 353-3588 or 352-8670 evenings, or write P.O. Box 260. When you are making oyster stew, add a little celery, salt and Worcestershire sauce for i excellent flavor. objective. LEO (July 22 Avoid that clash kin or to Aug. 21) between an official and diplomacy -separated. Handle that by keep Winnie-the-Pooli Is Encouraging' Summer Reading o Winnic-fhe Pooh, reading program mascot at the Weld Coun- will be taken starting June 8 at the library. When a child registers, he will be expected to check out at least one book. He receive a book mark Sure goes to prove that "necessity really is the mother and a tally sheet on which to record the books he reads. The librarian will also keep a record of the number of books read by each child. Winnie has informed the Tri-iLnU cr of Thought ty Library, is encouraging youngsters lo participate in the summer reading program being offered for those children;., pot Qf Wg favori(e snacki : "hunny." At' the end of Aug. fr rom By HELOISE CRUSE All correspondence pertaining to the Heloit* column thould be mailed directly to Heloiw, King Features Syndicate, 235 E. 45th Street, New York, New York 10017. Dear Heloise: Recently I bought a vacuum that uses disposable bags. I thought that I had an ample supply of bags, but, all of a sudden, I ran out of them yet I didn't want to have to drive to town for more. What I did was to cut off using them civic matter that stamps you as an A-l citizen. Your public image needs improvement right now. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22} Cultivate those fine ideas that can improve your lot in life and make routine duties easier and j more profitable. A new contact ves fine ideas. Find out how r this person is willing to back ou. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) ou had better handle those alters concerning others first efore you worry about your vn personal affairs. A mate ay make rallier difficult Ihe bag and empty the dirt out through that end. Then when the bag was empty, I simply folded the lop part of the bag down about a half-inch and stapled the top shut. The used bag is slightly love the idea of ".beating the record player." Edythe Eymann smaller but gel the job done until more bags can be purchased. of invention." Heloise bune lhat for each five books imer reading program u e . hj , d d h m receive . ,, offered for those children]* ^, u A f hio ' f a , m p i l e OTJ , pk who have completed first grade and succeeding grades. Registrations for the program , 2 hildren read 15 Cards give guidance toi in their selection icafe stating the number of books they have read. A variety of books for tastes at all grade levels are included [he children's book collection, and a librarian will be available lo the children of books. Winnie says that children in In- reading program will not only make him happy by letting him have "hunny," but will also maintain their level of reading skill and continue to learn while establishing a pa tern lhat will help him becom an educated and well-informe adult. Dear Heloise: There's so much bad in the best of us. And so much good in the worst of us It hardly behooves any of us, To talk about the rest of us. Cyndi Lightsey Dear Heloise: Many of us have small juice glasses or water-glasses with straight sides that could be stacked two together if the would not become stuck. A small square of tissue paper placed between the glasses will prevent sticking The papers can be left on the shelf for rouse. Really saves cabinel space by doing this. Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Dear Heloise: Dear Heloise: Today 1 found another use foi that ever versatile nylon net. We live very close In sail water and have a great dea! of trouble with the salt sticking to our windows. To get the windows reallj clean we use nylon nel to scrub them. It takes'a lot less effort land they get sparkling clean. Helen When having guests dinner, I have found 1 prepare my food early putting my salads in refrigerator and my hoi serving plastic for can by , , ; ° ernity Shop 723 Tenth Street Cool Comfort for the waiting game! · Shorts · Slacks · Tops Layaway BankAmericard Master Charge Ph. 352-1618 (already in my handy chest. The chest really keeps food hot, even rolls and gravy. In this way, I can wash all the pots and pans before my company arrives. Such a breeze to entertain this way and you can relax and enjoy your company without the worry of a messy kitchen. Mr.s. Clyde Tarrer This column is written for yoi . . the housewife and (n g|homemaker. If you have a hin ~ problem write to Heloise ire of the above address foods ? r in Because of the tremendou. [volume of mail, Heloise U 'unable lo answer all individua letters. She will, however answer your questions in he: column whenever possible. Copyright, 1970, Best Loser! Dear Heloise: As a full-time professional woman wilh a large home to care for, I found myself dreading weekends because of the tasks awaiting me (Oven to clean, floors to scrub,: clothing to mend, etc.:. Thenj [ hit on Ihe idea of using my stereo to help me get through the tedious jobs . . . 1 estimate Ihe time it will take, Ihen pul on one, two or more records. If the record is still playing when the job is finished, I have "won" the game. Now the kitchen floor is a two- record job, the ironing is a three, and so on. This makes Ihe work more enjoyable, for the back-ground of sprightly music gets my system going in a positive way. Warning! This is nol Ihe time Elsie Isolacny lost 12U inclle nnil fl pounds lust nionlli liy hf ing a member of the. Slim .in Swim Club. Sim joined (be, ('111 on February 2!Hh of (his yea and since t h a i time. she bn losl a. total of l!)'/i inches am I I pounds. Klsie. exercises abon three times n week at the Cln' and feels thst this Increase' activity lias baen mainly re sponsihle for help her you right dress size. Quit weight reach loss yon lo listen to those blues records! |by yourself. Call 352-fi498 for in This ide* might be adaptedjfonnatimi v .MoKt people pay $1 by young mothers who wanl "" ........ u help from their children for certain tasks -- the kids will per month for an plan and SI2.SO per a family plan. individua month fo -- A d \ BE HAPPY! and make others happy BE SUCCESSFUL! and help others be successful BE FULFILLED! and help other* fulfill their llvei A WORLD OF NEW AND EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES A W A I T YOU WHEN YOU DEVELOP -A WARM, SPARKLING MAGNETIC PERSONALITY --make OTHERS feel good about themtelvit. FACE AND FIGURE BEAUTY--Be more pleiilng to yourself and OTHERS. CONFIDENCE IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS--mjkt OTHERS feel at ease In your presence. TEENAGERS--The«e should be the happleit ye«r§ ef your life. Register now for a fun-filled »ummtr course. Go back to school with complete knowledgi that you can succeed at whatever you choon. HOMEMAKERS -- BUSINESS WOMEN -- COLLEGE GIRLS -- Day and evening classes. For your free folder call 352-1639 or writs MORGANTI SCHOOL Route 2, Box 165A, Gretley, Colo. 80(31 Jabric Clearance SUMMER FABRICS COMBO BARK CLOTH PRINTS RIB PIQUE SOLIDS DOTTED SWISS PRINTS CLIPPER POPLIN PRINTS FLOCKED VOILES WAFFLE PIQUE PRINTS MANY, MANY OTHERS absolutely great selections REG. $1.29 TO $1.98 Cottons, Rayons, Polyesters, Blends 44"/45" Widths All Washables FINE SUMMER FABRICS SPORTS PRINTS , MATCHING SOLIDS .; colorful designs to match or mix with solids VALUES TO $1.19 yd. 100% cotton 45" wide guar. washable for sportswear pzazz BUTCHER WEAVES Sew your own thing in summer pants, great new midis or a long colorful vest. VALUES TO $1.59 yd. rayon cotton 45" wide guar. washable BETTER FABRICS SPORTY CANVAS PRINTS BUTCHER WEAVE PRINTS VOILE CREPE PRINTS POLY FLOCK VOILES PURE LINEN PRINTS PURE LINEN SOLIDS colors galore for summer sun wearing VALUES TO 2.49 yd. Cottons, Rayons, Polyesters, Blends Flax 44"/45" Widths All Washable Store Hours: 9:30 to 5:30 821 8fh Street Open Friday Nights till 8:30 Phone 353-6841

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