Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 26, 1962 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 26, 1962
Page 31
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After Slow 1962 Start, Steer Market Hit Peak in November CHICAGO ^APi-After five sue- urged iu members to withhold ivestock until meat packers cessive months of a steadily high- ..._ er trend, the market for slaugh- signed contracts guaranteeing ter steers in November hit its minimum prices highest peak in three years. At that time. the average price failure from the start because the organization's membership coo- Although the strike was under- ---,- r--- 'uod to have had a limited and oi choice choice grade was temporary effect on marketings $30.47 a hundredweight compared L · · - · - with only $26.02 a year earlier But the gain was more than K at its best to September. After a long decline from early April, the market turned firm late in June fi'om an average oi J25.02 and except for two relatively small setbacks posted broad gains each week. Except for about six weeks from late May until early in July, prices were above those at the start if the year and for all but six weeks were higher than a year World Oil Surplus Started Cost-Cutting trend earlier. Trends generally paralleled ,,^,"/ "***" *' $KELTON I'"My essential to efficient pro- HOl'STON, Tex. lAPI - OilmenIduction. began to take a different view in] This practice now is taking the 1962 of belt-tightening procedures I form of an industry-wide earn-; prompted by the 5-year-old worldlpaign that is expected to gain oil surplus. late summer and early fall as marketings declined Prices had been on a long climb when the National Farmer's Organization called its strike against all markets to September. The NFO Drive To Save 'Man's World' Underway in Ohio By CYMTHIIA LOWRY AP Ttl«vilion-R«ti Writtr NEW YOltK i A P Peter Tewksbury. creator of NBC's "It's 8 Man's World" cancelled in Fcb- . , . - - - - - - - , m . lt JKX iij.ic, ut nrui;re!s i ru«ry became of low rating*, ha, 19B loU1 and lhc ' lndk , atcd launchcd his the serle: campaign to trolled only a small percentage of the supplies The market for buU-lar bogs. averaged a little lower than lastj year but in the late months prices! generally were above those of the, comparable period in 1*1. The; average price cl $19.31. paid in! September, was the peak and ex-i cetded the 1961 top by about $1. - 2* ««2 GREELEY TRiBi-XEp»ge3i Girl, 11, Romps p5TM _ _ ? 'Hollywood Memories of 1962 ! Marred by Death, Depression t' r By BOB THOMAS AP Movii-TtltvisJon Writer HOLLYWOOD 'AP'-Death and depression haunted Hollywood in )j;r o! foreign citizen.-. Sophia jiren a:;d Maximiliai. Seheil. a. Janet Lei.Ji-Twiy Curtis di- 'OM-e. Tills was perhaps the most .. - i-year-l old Ko Aru;e Campbell doc-:!'i ! know she's a medical rarity--j she can run. jump aj«d play end- le»ly in the manner of 11-year- olds. But it wasn't always so. ili«2. making it one w the grim- notable split in L'veaV thai "was Surgeons at National Jewiihjmest years in memory h^-d on famous ma-runes Hospital here say the young Lake-! Iteal robbed the nm'vic capital 10 rj r .,. , - , , . .', °. wood. Colo., girl is one of five of some of its brightest stars. i-e didn'^ The ri ·'·" "f vi · i i-tfn" ^^ '" TM a " tune lw co announced she would make « ,, ,i, ' a Per Ce °' P movic fur her old x» A"'" , 1J61 ' ,, Hitchcock, then reneged It wasnt all tragedv. As the w t ve-ir persons reported in C.S. medical literature who have survived sur iaery for supravalvular aortic s!e nosis. Some of the cost-cutting prac- those of 1*1 but broadened in the tices now are being looked upon ;momentum in 1963. L. F. McCollum. board cnairman] of the American Petroleum Insti- o ·--- -- f" "i KTC mllctlvoll rclIUKUlI) Ul9ll*| as sound consen-ation measures U'te. says the AP! is trying to 1 which top industry spokesmen say provide "leadership in the drive ' will receive increasing emphasis IA special committee is overhaul ' First-Novel Readers Fared Well in '62 The disease is a narrowing oi year ended, there "were hopeful ;lhe body's largest artery just signs that the film industry might jabove its entrance into the heart, stage a comeback in IMS. Only about a dozen cases of the As is an annual custom. I have disease have been reported. picked the 111 Hollywood stories Surgeons say Ro Anne was born that seemed most newsworthy and with the rare heart defect. For significant in the past year.' the first four years of her life it 1. The di/ath of Marilyn Monroe, jescaped notice. The tale of the poor girl who 1 Then, during a routine examin- become one of the world's most at ion a heart murmur was heard, famous personages reached i The m u r m u r wouldn't have crashing climax when she died inarmed either doctors or parents from an overdose of sleeping pills , By MILES A. SMITH jfor a look at the remainder of'since surgeons say they are com- 5. Eddje Fisher-Elisabeth Tay. 1 i. -, r«,,u il rt.L , · I 1 ,"" ""° 1 ""' tJ 3UUI:1I " : " 1 »"' AP * Edlter i the 1962 out P ut - a 8«x) many of^mon at her age. But Ko Anno lor-Kichard Burton Much of this As a result the fifth slump in drilling ami production conserva-: NEW YORK (AP)-To say that them were in the field of politfcsitired quickly, was listless and she soapy saga was played out in drlhng operates in six year, ha, lion practices. !,962 was a great year for the or public affair, or world tension. I didn't gain weight K om » but it hadrep?' - - ° ~ no caused much alarm within the; McCollum said [ewer develop-!novel would be telling only part: Besides "Seven Days in May" Studies suggested narrowing of Hollywood _. ·: .-, · H h j ' wc " s ucre A " ]M '" 19aiof Ae story- '* also wa » a fine;»nd "Noon On The Third Day" : tnc aortic valve--gateway for S.'llCA. This giant corporation rfv^Bnod' ^ 3 ' and mure im P rovemenl *'"' **·· year for the first novel. : there was the second book "in blood flowing from the heart to decided on dissolution of its talent in 1962 hi I f '" Tr 0 TM apparent '" the ytars t0; Book publishers-and at least'Allen Drury's projected series/the rest of the body. agency and merger with Univer-i illed than in anv wariT*' -j i. j · j , """^ ^ llwir : ustomers-watch l "A Shade of Difference" 'Double-, In August 1959. Ro Anne was sal-Decca to form an immense' since i«2 \n h H I ' L i «»iated well scan-|f or promising authors who have dayi. a detailed narrative about admitted to National Jewish for entertainment combii-e MC-\ had Li-led in'i'qra |p r ^'STL"" ^ vasl ^mpleled iheir first manuscripts racial problem,, encompassing the first time. A probe of her to face a government anti-trust Mnsi rfriliinn ,wi,n« r ,ij L j 5 " 4r ' "**· of novel le "8 th - T"* medium is aiboth Washington and the United heart with a tiny catheter reveal- suit before doing so pa, have b e e b f e » eted L to \\^ ', ,'K "i ""T ."""i^"!!' '° creative talent. and'Nations. 'cd the left ventricle was enlarged. 4. Charles Laughton dies me Sit rf b ^ u r±?rJ^r, ^ d ^°!'TM a ." *«" · - "»vel herald, a major! And then came the mo* ^.The heart, surgeons said, was be- great, be.oved poLyer of'char 6 Ar nt t n p n*»\i' f*rnn m IwiLc· 1A9 OVPrwnrkPfi in niithinrt Kln/irli^ictnrc- mnt J^«tU t in the next few years. ing API's policy statement _ . r ___ ,.. juiuuiiuit MJ UN; ui IVC IU ClllllUlctlC i:eatmn of unhealthy conditions || 1P drilling of exiwnsive unnec- within the industry but many oilmen see signs of progress in the One phase of thc campaign, to save the show centered, logically enough, in Marietta. Ohm, the college town Tewkfthury scouted during a nation-wide bus tour last season and decided was thc ideal spo' to use for thc show's exterior hols. Two young performers in the show. Ted Besscll and Randy Boone. last Tuesday headed a group of Marietta College students in a demonstration before · nearby television station From all reports. "It's a Man's World." subtle, oil-beat and told from a young person's viewpoint, has been a smash hit with the younger crowd -- those In their! late teens mid early twenties. Nnne of this s|ecial acceptance if Tl)e ·* i---*'-"- »·»'«. ^unvati. .nave reiurneu inaicimems toiai- and eliminate any well not abso-ling 285 counts against 74 persons. 7.t,..__ .t. ."*·.-...i-i- L^ ! i fo surplus devel- sessary wells. Texas ; 230 . ities have p"J rather abruptly alte- the end! of the Suez crisis prompted many oil men to start examining their drilling programs more critically ing ells drain oil from leases. The state has MONTGOMERY WARD 10th Si. Grcetey. Cola ,5 a m o r - . , , - r e a , e o v fjg ure on ( ne ijt erar ,,. scene. Even.ular of the new crop of books i"g overworked in pushing bloodiacters met ' " - tigure on tne literary scene, tven.uiar oi me new crop ot BOOKS i«s uvcrwonseo in pusning Dlooajacters met death fron though an author's promise is not|0" nuclear crises, the tense, melo- through the narrowed opening, iwith the same dignity w found a i waj . s fulfill^ there is the ex-'dramatic "Fail-Safe" iMcGraw- Surgery was considered too he conducted his life. wellS' p j (-Tncnt n f anti^inniinn IHilll hv Piiopnw Burdick and 'risky at the time. " 7TM«n\, tni-- t . Hied 56 civil penalty mils seek "citement of anticipation. jHilH by Eugene A dozen or more first novels'Harvey Wheeler. One striking feature ing $25.565,000 from 96 persons a«jp ub , isl)e(i during "the "vear'^haVe! One" striking feature of the'**. Ro Anne began to corn- ek- notflb , ( , for t ^ in|crcs , jyear's novels was the number _. Zanuck takes over Fox. Afterj But the condition grew more a few years of producing films , , even though some of them madejWg ' a t books, quite a few o( which j neis "' b ' of chest pains and short- ahroad, Daryl Zanuck returned to! ID6 r-r-imt ' , - - c i - even tnougn some oi Itiem made ""S I"'ooo«s, quiie a tew oi wnicn ""··'"'" :J "'. migm h juries in live ccunie, !n() ajf . ^ bookstores ! hit the best seller lists. .Among. Her chances o! survival seemed ruptc nave returned inmctmpnts tntal-i. . . i. L ..^.. . _ ... .'-iTM ci._ i_.n._ , . . 1 j mightily to hall its drift into bank--1 Small Towns To Be Told Farm Program Helpfi WASHINGTON lAI'i - T h e small towns in agricultural regions of the Midwest and West "Even the regrettable instance of the East Texas deviated well scandal may prove to have good r , r ithem were "Ship of Fools" andi s u n v Sne was re-admitted to Na- Airllwri Alrtady Known : "A Shade of Difference." ! ' ional Jewish Hospital last Aug. 7 Technically, one of the most: Another was Irving Wallace's-" 5Ur 8 er ' , popular novels of 1962 was a 1 suspence-filled . «» Anne chatted cheerfully with from cancer j ·ith which: Quick Replacement Service on Water Heaters Orders received before 12 ajn. installed in the afternoon. Afternoon orders installed next mom- ins. fl6 3fld Phone EL 3-0204 6. Frank Sinatra-Juliet Prowse. This was a siory that didn't quite come off. but it wa;- livelv 30-Gal. circulation. may soon sec a Kenncdv adminis-, ration effon to convince them nun ' u * '"·"" 1^"'"^ UL-SJJUC' . -· -- i -- -- --« --~ .wv.*u,n../ liat their fate U tied to the sue iP roble ' 1 K resulting from the con-l was published it went on the bestiand Robert Ruark's African novel cess or failure of strong federal''""'''-* «TMl d SU T'« '^L^ ^ f '°n S *?' ^ UhUrU " ' McGra »- Hini - led bl " J ·-- ' - · Another best seller has been' And although it did not climb£,,", sto rf by young people, unfortunately. Secretary of Agriculture Orville '· Freeman has told President Kennedy that "The small (owns can do much lo save the show David Brinkley. NBC's special . . . . ...._ 1st in the wry remark, may find of the West and Midwest, where himself all tangled in whimsy on current (arm programs have been' Jan. 28. His weekly "Journal" nub-titled "Our Man in Monaco, Andorra. San Marino, l.ichlcnslcn and Smom." It dracrte lhc live smallest sovereign countries -Smon stands for "Sovereign Mil- most beneficial, seem to appro- late it the least." He informed thc President that lartment plans an itary order of Malta." which occupies nn office building in :tome with full territorial hiatus, although Ils night-time population U one -- a janitor ,, - , -. -[o.iw.wu oaim* oi cruuc dailv.. Washington also was the scene ·ffort u, get this story across.";., gain ,,, abou( , p( . r cpn , ' ;of James Hulbert . s firs , ^ j "A general misunderstanding oft Crude and products prices:about a liberal senator's fight for! agriculture, compounded by a sagged a bit Iwlow L%1 levels but!reelection. "Noon On ~" ~" " Jtrongly GOP-oriented press, makes this difficult, but we arc , concentrating our effort lo bring home the story of the gains these Train Derailed At Colo. Springs COLORADO SPRINGS .M'i A Colorado k Southern Hallway freight train was derailed in zero wealhcr at the south edge of Cokinido S|riii-,:s Wednesday. No Injuries were 1 rc|»rlcd. Ten to 12 cnrs left tho rails and 8 were overturned. Thc (rain nf 50 cars carried mostly iron consigned In the Colorado Fuel * Iron fii. steel plant nl Pueblo. Thc train was southbound. First reports indicated a faulty wheel may have caused the derailment Itailroad officials a s s i g n e d cram 1 * an.-l wrecking crews to lhc derailment anil hoiiod In have the line cleared by evening Meaimhilt-, nthcr trains won rescheduled nn tin- noithlxium tracks. HAN'tiKOK -- Invc-stors ie[Hir Ihal Thailand i.-: developing inti nil ideal site furniture or tlu dottors and attendants as she engagement to the South African although thc author --group of Nobel prizewinners.' effect of giving further impetus t . lu ° 1 ' . a ""° u B" TM a «'nor - group to morn pnliohiPiu-d u-pll.« n nrinfl! Kalherme Ann « I'orter-long has'Prize' the operating dancer, but both thtueht better uidiru lo.vw weiis mis vear, --* -- --...--., u ..-.*., compared lo 46.725 last year and; Horse - Palc Rider " was a com-^'Youngblook a record 58259 in 1956 ' filiation of three short novets. ; day; James «*" *"·'· C r- f\ Gas Water* ")W ... . «» * 88 record 58.259 in 1956. ;uuiaiiun oi mree snort novels. ; dayi: James Jones'intense study; Tlie industry, meanwhile, set aj o r "ovellas. When finally "Shipjof a rifle company in combat, umber of new records despite! 0 ' Fools ". 'Mantle, Little Brown)|"The Thin Red Une" iScribner) rnlilan.c lm~ IK. -nn. W'aS DUblisllCd U Went On thf hp.stl^nH Rnh^rt RltarL-'c ^trinnn .Vperature was lowered to about 2i ](J degrees Centigrade in an ice bath to temporarily restrict her blood larm programs. Demand for petroleum jumped - - -- o-. .. -- ..-. ^.u.^,- . ( , n . , , a surprising 4.2 per cent to i"*TM* Days in May" (Harperi.ivery high on the best seller lists. ,TM°J |J Ppe ,, Des heart ' record 10.2 mill ion barrels daily.]*" "citing story about an at-'one of the most massive works!' 0 ,^,,. ° A """^ artC ' 7 A mArn m^Jnrt nr,; n nf t, 1 eltCmDled militaTA' /'rtlm in W n c l . ; r , r thn ,.n^r r.n npn .;».-,l»!.. nsA !" · ""largeO. A more modest gain of Irom to 2 per cent is forecast for !..,,.. ^~ . Domestic crude production i Charles W. Bailey II imbed to a new high of 7,315,000 u '" 1 i "" 1 "- arrels daily compared lo IKI'1 i-.SJ'empted military' coup in Wash-jof the vear-approxrnialelv SMjf^'ii/TlMi; and '^ ^ «3. ington. by Fletcher Knebel andiOOO «-ords-was "The Hands of h ? ^ ha " ^ S ' W " iMA ionJCharles W. Bailey II. The two'Esau" 'Harper) bv H i r a m M I - · ·- ·. coo Washington newsmen had col-lHavdn who plans a'whole sews 1 , T 8 "", '"TT m ^ ii't laborated earlier on a u-nrl- «f nn 'ki.'..«,.i;..^i.« u ' : · the - v wldoncd 'he 0|Kning to T t earlier on . work rrcord "«1 ie.oro| executive-type hero. Moving Vferki There were some ] ieces of writing among "" ^ision in thev widened the ni ; no ' ma , ^ ^ n stitched a pit !I plastic material to the edges ful'of the incision. drove home from a film society ~arty. ' 8. Oscar's foreign aid program.. The Motion Picture Academy in a burst of international goodwill; gave its lop acting awards to a; In Armed Forces Sanchez at Home Airman Third Class Louis Sanchez, son of Mr. and Mrs.; Brigido Sanchez, Pierce, is spend the increased demand led to someJDay" iHolt. Rineharti. "The (Little. ! , , Blood of b v P Research and treatment center ow there is no reason why ing a 30-day convalescent leave at disease home. Airman Sanchez recently- not reported by JO major companies ._ for the first nine months of the their first novels in underwent eye surgery at the Air Force Hospital in San Antonio, Tex. Following the surgery he improvement in earnings. Profit,! Like Miss Porter, 'two other 1,7^^TM !^^nl n ^H ' """f H TM.. Wilh " """H confinrf '" the ^^ for reported by » major companies established writers bronchi out , I?TM!^ aS ., a .'^? 1 ,T'-. :pe i e . y . TM rm ? 1 span : . . «ven weeks, and sent home for people have mnde." Freeman re- year were more than 5 per cent J. F. Powers produced "Morte ^Tfo"^ P or !TM' I above Ihe same 1961 period. jD'Urban" iDoubledavi a storv ,,,,, u Ttie secretary told Kennedy that The crude production record-about a priest in a mvthical rd-l - · farm income in 1962 was $2.5 bil-| was achieved despite continuediligious order. It was an i-'.--i-"!TM" 5 ' gr '^ mg P"*^" and curtailment in Texas. Tlie Texa.istudv, but did not get linn higher thnn in 1S60. the last of the preceding Eisenhower administration. Thc economy of rural America was vastly improved. includinp|i23 in ireo. and 171 in 1SS7. small towns. f;,rm related indus- TI, C sharpest anmm i j wnf ou( !ing tragic story about and * Voices of Glory" iScrib- Davis Grubb contained 'jmany ''"Sja memorable i»ok about a spirit'."led woman's batlle fatheri Says Ro Anne, "it's the nicest proration schedule per-jthe public as M b . P o r t ^ ^ n o v - } \ TM * ° TM « * ,, ***Fl di ' milled production on only J7 days! Phiiip Roth's "i^:-» ,.,,,I!«ase. ignorance and selfishness in 19ffl, compared to 101 in 1961. |i Random House , ,, .- 'in a West Virginia river town, fell into the: Therc also waj brj|ljant ,,.,. To at least tries and equipment suppliers." County Jail Serves Ham on Christmas A baked ham dinner was served I" n nriFonera at thc cininty jnil Christinas. Sheriff Boh Welsh re- .. . '30 days more before .nrislmas present anybody ever bac!; to sheppard Air Force Base. Tex., for technical training as ." jwii-e maintenance specialist. Air I man Sanchez had been assianei! to Sheppard AFB for this training prior to his operation. Airman Sanchez enlisted in t'ie Air Force in August and is a n - n Rill D l » domestic demand since 1955 was;too self-ronscious. " paced by a pain of nearly 4 |cr Ntwtomtn in Field cent in gasoline requirements. : A nwriS i| !e newcomers to I The modest demand gam ex-;book field, there was a w peeled next year does not lake, range in tne cnolce ^ possible changes in military re{ matter -- quirements into I'onsideratmn. ipirl's desp.._. Idle capacity, however, gives.iiersclf lo the' Ihr industry considerable room' l , rn ' W a' r fa I . 0 fron , , ( « , | o - rctaln lh( lov Apv-Sen. Clif- itwin sisters. "Cassandra at P. Case, R-X.J., said today : Wedding" (Houghtcn MifflinV ' President Kennedy could assure a ' Richard Hughes began a trilogyichange in the Senate's filibuster jv.ith "Fox in the Atlic" 'Harper'jruie if he would support a biparti- '|a graphic story set in Germanyan move toward that goal, of 1923. If thc succeeding works ^'ase. a liberal Republican, said: School. graduate Pierce OLYMPIA - Export trade now brings S2« per person per year, in!o the State of Wat-hinaton. NO MONEY DOWN Provides a dependable supply of hot water for all y o u r household needs. Glass - l i n e d tank, automatic controls. ported Wednesday rmef In addition to the ham. the din- ij|,_ nrr ini-luded candied yams, prcenipx^p^j 3 Iwnns. cranberry salad, celery.i apple pi- and cnftcc. quick aclktn in a national :ncv. producing million hands adolescent daily, j2 million refining capacity exceeds overlooked. There - BKHUN ( ,ne of GeiTMany' S i Nina I I n! tribnlinl) line . . plans to handle thc l o f h i s . \mciicnn rival's, ,.. _ l l / Run down? Tired of being a pedestrian? Sec us for an auto loan! Thc Firsr 8Hi AT*. ·( 9th Si. ,-el of this one. they in a report to constituents that ef- , ,, .- - :' orls w '" °e made at the bt'sin- mc.«s o. mod-| j can Ariss ^ wjt | ) ^ the: nin S p f 'he nc\v Congress to pet . story of a woman who married a vo!p on changing tho present re-1 --lo.,,, m . n, ·· k ? TA WaS ,-!D- an alTOlloli c in "The Shattered-quirement for an nilirmnlivc vote Jeenev Ray hy Ins DornfieldlGi^-. , Kno ,, ( ,[ lTO . thirdi 0 , ih(lsc particip;11 .: k tin, sTM f y "I""" 1 And lhrrf «- as m ' lwok i" *e ^ 10 cul off l!oha!c - ' ! rl^M Sm ' ly VC i nonfiction c; "W - an auto- The Xew Jersey senator ,s onel ' - , (biography - that could have been' 0 ' a sma " PTMP pushing fdr a' ere two well-done took.^^;^,) as a firl( , novc] j{ j( ru i c un d or w |,; c |, a f , mf \c nvjjor-l 'Ba'^Tt", 1 movngTle S o^/Nm-i di! i 1 ' t **"** '" bc ( TM' « *"§"*** cul '" d f^' « ^ ;1 i 'skinnor'i ih n f (Robert Russell's "To Catch An '"" " r rnpll|1!1 lhn! h ^ been chs-| C... . ." j acitlc - ' llarra ' sl Angel" iVancuard' cussed 15 days. : '· n- ..v l''. anri ·''TM CS rla -i : - This proposal is Riven no cham-e 1 veil s King Rat (Little. Brown).| .,,[ Senate approval. But Senate! ;a graphic Mory set in a prison : E'P 111 colonies which plan to Democratic U-a«er Mike M;'n I l ' am P- .'crni the Federation of (lie West.Hold of Mc-mana and' Keiniiilican' A new Southern writer, using'Indies we Antigua. Barbados. 'U\;der Even-tl V.' liirksen of Christ 0 phcr"colun-,bus ! ships llhc I"-'" "-'"'e of Ellen Douglas.;! 1 TM''!''."', drcnada. MunLierTat..nms nuy get Ivhind a mniion tl ·-oduml "\ ^Family's Affairs" SI. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla. StJwimld permit ihrce-fifths ef th """'·eat. Voting 'lo limit dehat »«··**· After LIVESTOCK AUCTION Weld County Livestock Commission Company 201 East isih SI. (; rce |e v , Colo. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1962 Slarling at 10:00 NASSAl'. Bahamas (AP)-Xina II, ,1 close copy of Ihe if Christopher Columbus' ships.' reached San Salvador Island'" n Tom Kirue i n v i l i llecrmhcr ^S. 1S1H2. s you to he in tiredev this Kridaj for thc rccular weekly livestock r e a i e an a v a o r l s a n - s ars . - ruesday nigltt 1!? days alter sail- ' !Iou P !lton MiKlin'. which was a;Lucia and SI. Vii ing (rninSp.TM in an'effort In rc-"'""TM lh !v V r ^TMM chronicle nf'*^i»^ tW4 , trace the voyage of discovery i" ' am ". v "nl " l«»n as they it The Nina II sailed from l' cl ' a "S (Hi ovor "'f years. ' .! ·· ^ ... . (\n (In. lirtl.l ..;j_ _ .. : i ^^^^ ^^^^ t i l l . . - - . . . . -- . . v - . . . . ^ l v l , U l l l l ,,,,, auction at (he Weld County Livestock Commission To. ^ T:: 1 '^"'^ 1 . Kn ^. lh .^"'^ action niarket . liw ''P 1 ' 1 si(i(! w »s an amus- '"^ ' lor ' wilt ! a eampiu scltinp. 1 I "'""'TM« IxiKore's "learner's Sjiain. with a nine-man crew on Sept. 19. hoping Hi reach lain! at San Salvador ni the eastern fringe of the llnhamas on (K-i r:. the: 1 ' 0 TM"" . · place nnd dale that Cnlumhu Kol ' OTl Nowmnn depicted wilh- made his ! 8m , lls hindfall in l4!i2. l|plli!l S ski11 tlw "minous ^x-ll Cuiiimbus' three ships, the San- w '" c '' a strange man vast over ta Maria. I'inta Il!1( j Ni,,,, S ;ulr('' l ' vei '' on ' who came in wntnct; from Spain on Aug. 3. 14W. with "'"' ''' m . '" "Ti'e Knchanter" 120 nwn and maile Ihe voyage in"" 011 ? 1 ' 1 '" 1 Mifflin 1 . 70 days. Another first novel. William! Alw'ard Nina II w,-re Ihe -.ip-: Mclvi " Kelley's "A Different lain. Carlos Kluyo. 42. a ivtired "rumnipr" MXnihleday' treated 1 Spanish lieutenant who Ions;-' 1 rfloll 'l Mihjecl in a form that dreamed of Ilio \rnluro and f i : w n s very t-loso lo f.intasy. The nanred the buildini; nf Ihe ship:!''"'!' had Us flaws, bul U»wed. liolierl Marx. va. a r-,tts!nir:h.i'TM')i ill -' 1 IJon and desi.-riplive' Iwrn underwater rvplnrei 1 : Mieh-!P ow w. cl Viales. a l-'ienchiiiHii. anil six One of tlic first novel, that, other Spaniards '.'i|»iie.ilpd !o tin- htcraiy sei \\as The ship, a 40-fiHit caravel huih|"A Unit and Happy Life" 'Athcn of oak from plans o! the Nina inieunv. ,- story alwit a young- the CoSumhin Musi-urn in Spain.lwoinan's love for an insensitive i-arrieil no i-«dk. engine or other;younp man. hy Reynolds Price · modern equipment, its crew livediThe nuthor denwn?t,ated ctmMd-, ion food such ns Ihe 1*2 crew erahlf writing skill, bul it mnv 'hud--lentils, txvncy. rice. K-nns have seemed to some readers a : 'and biscuits -- and nVpcnden cm bit on Ihe precious side \ 15th century navigation instru- OFF · CHRISTMAS CARDS · GIFT WRAPS · CHRISTMAS NAPKINS · RIBBONS · STICKERS · NOTES · TAGS While They Lost! , , :;·· ······ ··"*· "":.-.un. R iunuon marKet hell, vou w i t h vtmr livest,» t -k needs whether buvins r sellins ,-onlai-t John Campbell. Klmer Morgensen r liimniv K i m e either at the office or nl home Cattlf ·ny.unerl too late to be included in the following list ill he advertised over K K k A at 7:110 a.m.: \\V Hfr. . . . Calves. ?ood. \ 1' ('ow.s u .| rhet-k- i |mints \ World CHili Booht Turnlnn awjy from llw "firsts"! Bachmaris "Kvcrylhin? for the Offier" 1303 Eight h Avenae h( '' ' HI hd. \ouin: hlaek and lilai-k ed, sife w i t h calf. lit hd. \\T l-"ri-din« H f r . L'O hd. horned Slr. I" hd. Hoi. Sprinuing H f r ^ "I" hd. Hot. lift- :!» hd. Mived Wi-ich To«. HI hd. Vocdvr I'ii;, '-·" hd. 1'al }\Hg-~ Several hunches of K\vo and I .-imh I .'ill In 2(M) hd. small lots of mived cattle. John ( :tmpliel! : l^m-ia! Manager ( !iri \ \ i r d c r k e h r ,l;u-K ( amphfll, Auctioneers Ollie Snanson. Office \lj-r. Auclion Ku;r r'ridav T r i v a l e Treaty ti davs K \ e r y Week I A federally approved livestock auction market · for the cattleman. WeU County Livistock Commission C«, ·Ciretlfj.l'olo. Turn Kimr. O n n r r ( i f f . 1'h. ilia-0274

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