Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 2, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN ; When planning your Fourth of July holiday," don't overlook the Boy Scout fireworks exhibit ut 8:30 Wednesday night. It'll be the city's largest Display. Las Cr VOL. 71--No. 76 AH 1ND£PCNDtNT DAILY fiND SUNDAY NEWSPAPER S£W(NG SOUTHERN NEW J?£X/CO THE WEATHER LAS CHUCKS A R R A : Little change in temperature with enn- tinuL-d 105 high, 60 minimum. Last 21 hours: Las Cnicps, 105-G5; Stuto CullCKi-, 101-66. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, MONDAY EVENING, JULY 2, 1951 CENTRAL 1'RESS PICTURES July Fourth To Be Marked With Celebrations Ranging From Fiesta To Fireworks Celebrations ranging; traditional fireworks to Old Mesllla's "Frontier Fiesta" will marlt this area's Fourth of July holiday. A.large fireworks display open tu. the public will be sponsored by Boy Scouts on the airstrip at Now Mexico AM at 8:30 p. m. Wednesday. It is sponsored by Cub Pack 5, Scout Troop BGi and Exprorer Post 6G. . - Fireworks will last more than, an hour. A complete variety of displays has been planned. ' \ Old Mosilla will hold its ninety-seventh "Frontier" Fiesta" In commemoration of the Gadsden purchuse. Included In its traditional rivalry between the two means' has been sharpened by a'n early La Mesa win over the Blue Sox, who are now seeking a come-back appearance for the Fourth. All Las Cruces and vicinity stores will be closed July 4. Most bu«- incsfi will display American flags Chamber of Commerce manager Clint Smith has! business and residences to have a ring- displayed on the Holiday. No Ntsws|Kiper No Las Cruces Sun-News wil! he published on the holiday. It is one of four observed by the newspaper's staff. The Organ Drive fn theater has scheduled a free fireworks display for its patrons Wednesday night. Las Cruees country club has also planed a holiday picnic supper at 6 p.m. and fireworks for children of members' The Rio Grande theater, with cooperation of the Las Cruces Sun- News and Las Cruces Coca Cola Bottling Company, will hold a free holiday show for children. Admission will be two Coca-Cola bottle caps. Two Movies 1'lmined Included in the theater program, set for 9 a.m. Wednesday are two 'movies "Wing and a Prayer" and "Teddy the-Rough Rider." Two color cartoons arc also planned. Award of certificates of appreciation to families, of 13 Dona Ana Korean veterans will be a highlight of many activities at the "Front, ter Fle;sU" in "old Mesilla. The certificates will be present, ed to 13 families after the "flag, raising in La Mesilla plaza on the morning of the Fourth. , Officials To Pnrticipate_; ; t Participating IrrthV ceremonies '-will--be Seaborn Collins,'chairman of;. tile Fourth -Army, Advisory Committee; Mayor - Sam Klein, JoHn Davis, president of the local Chamber of Commerce; lepresen- tatlv'es.of the various veteran organizations in the riity, and personnel from the Organized Reserve Corp in Las Cruces. The flag raising will take place at 10 followed by .the certificate presentation. This will be followed by an address given by CapL. Hary Craig, commander of the personnel from White Sands Proving Ground, who will explain the meaning and the origin of the fiesta. Queen To lie. Crowned The quceri'of the Frontier Fiesta will be chosen at 8 p. m. She will he crowned by Mayor Sam Klein of Las Cruces. There are three (Continued on page four) Liitle Leaguers To Open Season tonight At Park Today Is Little League Day i Las. Cruces. A proclamation issued by Mayo Samuel Klein Saturday officially No Snn-Neios Will Be Published Here Wednesday, July 4 Then: will IH^ no repiilnr iK.s\ic »f \tii'. Las Crucps Suii-Xoivs uti WcUnc-siUiy, tTuly 4. Thin is (mil of tli(^ four days duriiiK: the. year on which Tlu Sim-Xrws does not publish and Ihc entire stuff of Ihr pnpor lakes a fuq day off. thur days nrc.Tlianks^iviiiK'i Chrisl- HW.M mid New Year's. TliGiu ilcslrinff (« have urtiulcs or lU^in. 1 ; and advertising rcganUn^ Wednesday should hiivt' tliis Inse-rti'd in Tuosilay's pa pur. -The. next rogitlar i;jtiu« of tho Sun-N;\vs lifter Tuesday's «pa- per, of course, will he Thurwdiiy, July 3. Tin'. Sun-News ofnce,' will be closed nil day Wednesday, July i. No-Picket Order At-Empire Zinc To Be Permanent SILVER CITY, July 2 (lf\ -- An injunction forbidding- strikers to picket, roa'ds leading to the Empire Zinc Co. mine at Hanovci is going to be made permanent In a letter to company and union lawyers, Dist. Judge A. W Marshall said yesterday-he · would PRICE FIVE CENTS Lightning Starts Complete School Merger B Pale, Strained AP Newsman t. r c · o · ,-v i- i Lontcsses bpvmtf On Kens ~ By Ihv Associated Press The lull from the- e, O forest fires mounted today. Tlie fi:-:,t loss o: h u m a n life was] recorded. Lightning tutiched off finu blazes. ...Angry . i H m r f i Immcd o.i in t h e i Prngue, went nn t r i a l bofu. :-:aln Ihv t h a t aheady \\yu loafiud j ruimniinLs! ('zerlio.slovak rnv u lo- nrroHH ICi.uUO i-cios. day and testified t h a t he h.-id boon fi:o. lines. MCti men ! nn "espionage agent", il!/ to eon'.iol t h e f i r o j R u ^ A m e r i c a n offi- into its 12th i':ty. Tliev m i l l s of iir-_' lino In truut. 75 m i ' w of t h e noithwesi. t!io Apacho fi.-T-st t i r e Hint stni'.idlo:! the A I i:-vna-Nou- Mexico. KtfU'j line blazed spasmod- j,,ji r i i ·:aJly. ,H '.3 surrounded l\v a h u l l - , \ v i t h o ih«' 'On the fought jjri nd\v-ragin have two complete FIGURES IN ARMISTICE--Gun. Matthew B. Ridgway, (right), U. N. commander in Korea, will contact enemy commanders July 9 to obtain an armistice in Korea. Meanwhile, the "mystery trip"' of State Department representative William Sebold (lower left), whr, left Tokyo and returned in 10 hours to- make, a confidential r'eport to Kidg- way, is the main topic among Washington truce sncculatnrs. Syngman Rhee (top left); South Korean president, is an obstacle in the path of peace-negotiations t h a t include a border between North and South Korea. Ho- desires a u n i t e d Korea, with himself as head o f - s t a t e . (International Southpholos) While U. N. Awaits Armistice Reds Order Army To Fight By OLEK CLEMENTS TOKYO, July 2 I.TI - Uod Kn -j TJ - J · T P ·ea tonight ui-scd its soldiers t n ; illLiy W d j lo Ul ighL on while ilie world \vaitml ! ^ 11 Z ,1 - , avmistire. | [- 1] A 11 111 Of M V aled C h i - . * U " i ^ ^ I H U I A I J for news of an expected ;i - Pyongyang radio rcpaa sign a - p e r m a n e n t order as soon i iiyse and S T orth "Korean :icfopt- as the attorneys submit their find-|ance of a United Nations piopnsnl Ing.s of fact. Until then a temporary injunction has been extended. Marshall also snid that women on the linos are considered agents of the union and come under the no-picketing order. He added thut in his opinion the road was public. The judge's decision climaxes wuuks of strife in which GO persons including 40 women and children, were jailed and one picket in overt by a car. Those arrested were charged with blocking- a public road. The union held that company signs on the road declared it to be private. A f t e r 'union members wore ordered off the road, their wives and mothers took over the picket duties. National Labor Relation Board learings on n union complaint that the company refused to bargain ended lust week with noth- j ing settled. The next stop in the ninc-month- old strike is up to union attorneys. They have been asked to file. fresh brief.s with the NLRB. | for coaso-firc talks. But the Reds made t h i s they are claiming victory year-old conflict. ! Of Kirtland Plane i rlrar: in tin' The North Koronn Communinl. Hy -JOHN .M. HKillTOWEK \VAH1IINCTON. J u l y .'i i/Pi -- j : Gen. Mat! hew B. KMgwny 1ms f u l l : station started each hrnsdtvisl wilh this statement: "Itoiih/.t- iMdlure" "Tlie Angln-Ame.rican aggressors linvn Ht last realized f n i i u r c of their sinister n t t o m p t and tiiat is; «i why Ilioy :irt: seeki.-ig peace." j fc Hetweon nev.'.s items the Communist announcers inserted these authority and instruction;; for dealing w i t h tin: Communist proposal t h a i Koican armijitin: D;])lo:natk-. offinalt; ex that the United XuiiotiR c o m m a n d - ! «r would cnnsitit \Viisliingltm bc- making his noxt move, how- dozed fire line, but tho yot to hum up to the Hi)p«Ti Cinilru] TI;o' ,1'ire, now covt acres, is expected to bo inMer cun- t:ol with another -IS fours break ( Vogp , (1Ii l l i ( ? l , ,, y c ,, ;ii:il , misl , l u n . uiu wmulier. 'g-n-y. V«iiolor. iHeased a f t e r 17 Bui lightning w i t l u i u l rain | mrmths. r o p u d i a t O x l his "eunfes- whitli -sot the new Gila ij'u/e:; - ; n\ im - O f spying wlu-n ho ivlurncd jjwas forc'caui for today. Thu dry \ to tho United Stales. I forest is tinder. ;.«.; wailinj: in j K ,...niu · r ( , r f i i r o · -no touched o f f . . Ho t()](1 of tortl)| . 0 , |m , ( , 0j?n| Thu death was yesterday ir. t h o ! - . .. . . Uila fire H ron. A n army t nick ' dilvur. Cpl. Leun Covell," '2'2, of i £t. Anno, 111., was crushed u n d t f i - 1 fiiK tnick on t h e roiid bi.t-.vecn i T/""]] J T n-ulh or Consequences . nnd l l i o j J\m0Q III (Jila fire. .·\ companion. Pvt. Lt-un ijhtnvs of Collins. Miss., was injured. Fight \Vlth Army Tltoy were, w i l h nn army u n i t from Fort Bliss, TON., which has 1'o.en fighting in tho Gila since the fire .started Juno L'2. Today 2;"i{l uf Lliu I-'ort Bliss u n i t uro hoiny relieved. Tho four now Gila fire;; moke nut IMe Sunday as U K h l i i i i i s frum , foil| . ., er i ously . ii:y thunderstorms luiched d i y I j.\, ri .,, pt-rsoiine tveea arnund tho l i t t l e town of Black C;myon, 2." mik's imi-thfast of Sdvoi City. Ten Rmnkejumpcrs \vlu .'irrivod fti fight, another Gila forest hl-.ize wore dropped i n t u tho area in 1111 nlk-mpt in ciiock tiie fianiys. Xi-\V Fin- ISroaks A firo wJiii-h bn 2r! mil OH n o i t h w c s t in the Little Creek reyion has burned ^,000 ncivw, fin f a r only cd. 32 firefighters have ponotratoil t h e t The. i i i - f a t o u 1'ii^tii ui-; s ;i;ate. j-ugfiod country to a t t e m p t r n n i v u l . i Kii-tl-n RoiJifori-'Cinonts arr 1 boitu; ru.siiod b.i.'.i- j {Continued on page l o u r ) Sou I t F I I A N K K U H T , Gormany, J u l y J | lion piveediiiK hi.; i r i a l hy -- i/! 1 i--\\'iP,iam fJ. Oat::;. Asdcviat- 1 Hnn/;:innns: f;iich dideais as hein.u : L-d Tress Chief uf Kurean in j denied slt'fjt. Ijoinj; tpi.-sli -n.'d 7S a : hmirs ut a stivl.-h. liein- jilimj;.'.! inked i n t u k'i' \viiter, ani! nf bom); ' i i f a n E s . '. In Communist itinnh'Uv; t h o . i charge IH' spying covr'v-1 a vast lunnun; of tornt.iry, m . i ' t i n R ;i ' criniL 1 uE \vhieh in \V»st- : or;i n a t i o n s \vuii111 bo oon;;tili're,i '. r t n i t i i m a n . · Cxi- ' fonv,- .VliVtM aved By Plan n: u t t u n d i n g the' t r i a l said O;iti ; : inrikod pain aiui s t r a i n ed. They .said In phrases i n d i c a t i n g hi: had- i7.ed his lestimnny. lit- hi ee his .irrost L-inc p . - r m i l t i - r l ·xcopt jailers. His trial hn f the ci)m:n|j!,ilirn siiivri at first I n l i m n l e i l pru- ! called for ciniy n^i-^.nu/iitiiui -ii-.iiity J i i l n i i n i f i l i - a t i t i l t i t i u the ( ni'seni s j - t i a l K H i s to I I n n - nts ;:aiil. ;i saving nl' more T.'i.OOO yi-arty coiiKI ] l t n-aii; FORT ni.K, N. J.. J u l y 2 i/T" -Five K f i v i n m i t M i wi'M- U i l l f i l yes- terdny in tlie ri'ash uf tin Air Force C-lfi plane, diistioil to tlie gi-u by fOfj-i-hroiidird pine trees as i' groped for ;i h i r n l i n g . Tin- ir.sL nf tht; 'J1 h n m r w n i , ] - botmd passenger.-; wore injureil. four seriously. Mo.-;; wore Air 1 on te:i\v i"i uni KirtliLTid A i r Force b;i^e at 'Albu- Tiie early innrmng rnu-kiiji ni;- I / , . ciirred \vhiie t h e big transport wny ! ( . 1 C i t y wnter .'av fer in ig-'Ltiim by I,as xoiiH. c i t y n i n n u s r r l':il jiaiil toilny. The b:in nn w i l i e r fur ii'i'^alir.ii h:i;t eil u n t i l f i M l h e r tmlice. in king a groimi a qiiiirter mllo fr Mug'iiire bano Jiere. I All of t h e ilciiu wet 1 .-* mil il out 1 Kridny ! ptM-Konnol from K i r t l a n d . Twi C i l y j t . d in Ne\v .letyoy. A \VAI-' ral, lout: woman ;;lmard, sti .i r.i^tn oi-; s ;i! a lid toiu-hed at Luc Han A n l i i n i i i . Tex. id in TV-n.-viHe, III. fng-boiini! l o U Boiul ^ H H H M ' S \ \ a l ( - r ( i . . . 1. lliiilding ol' :i plant tn *'i 12 and 2S. Trnn::pt;rl:iliun nf :U've:ith nnd grade utiidem.s I'm m Kus« to Las Crni'os. "le:tvin;, ' I a s t i i i n g e l e m e n t a l l y sdmui t n th'. 1 - i i:i\tll ejade." I t M i i u n ; .;. Seventh and e i g h t h g i a d o J-.IH- £ l '''. v ; tk'iilt: m Salem sdHH)! d i s t t i c ! ·!. n l i l t - . W ill ht- j-iWti-il to the propus,-,! i Hati'h eniiHoliiUtU'd school. No :id- \vitcr l i i t i o i m ! t r a n s p o r t a t i o n cusi \vuidd t U , . | . | l H ' involved, t h e ropurt tjtiiti-s. I l-'urst-es SSH,SS:t Siiving ; The survey I'lmimilttT pioposf-s tn invi- $8S.S:::i in ; : d m i n i s t i a l i v e | roptiJ at t h i n lime. Tins is how: I I. Six ti;.'ieht:i-K w o u l d In; elini- j piupo.'HHl H:\tch :ii'LO. Thi- K : i v i n n i in the ;;i.-; :,nlarirs wnuld :uno'.:nl | l u S'20.. r il!i). Savings tu a d i i i i n i s t i n - j l i v e i-oi-u w o u l d ' h e $15,000. Tins ejvi'.'! an eiUimatod total w a v i n g uf statements. "Soldiers bravely find continue tiatteries, aim sharp ani increase the h:ig of enemy intruders." Tin 1 initial n.Tctiuii lu;n shuwe.l no objection to ucccjjting Communist piijpu.salo nn time n n d place. Kpoejfk- dates .sug£o.-;ted of nggressnrs." and "anti-aircraft j were July 10 to I f J ; tin- plucu. neai j n town Uvo niiU-s :;outh · of t h e :JSth parallel. Peiping radio the Com- | Hnpi- Is Mounting ninnist acceptance statement las!' Hop^ for nn c a i l y end to tho nighl. [.war in Korea wore., steadily numnt- '1'he Reds first announced ove.r | in«v, althouli Stalu Depnrtim'iit uf- t h o two stations .Sunday night t h a t j ficiuls kent a t iti hi li-in 'Colorado'Plane Crash Kills 50, Pretty 'In Awful Wan' (: «"' FORT COLLIE.;. CuUi.. J u l y 1? ( / i i ' l Kc I i o n i c In I r o n tfothor th.! stury of Colorado's i worst air tiagody believe t h e 0 0 ' PLT.SOII.S abr;\:d a United Air Lines i DC6 had no \varning denlh J o u m - ' J :!. In Ihe Lnj; Cilice:; nnifiulid.i- ! l i n n uf Union and M i i n n p a l sdnn)].; , i n t u one :\vntom, in leitchiTH \ \ i l l 1 hi- t'liniiniiU-d l'ir a .- i v i u g uf ?"".; IK)!) :i y.'iir. ; S l i u n l i l an itr;i iiuii 1"; n-.-ei-::- I ; :niy ill this di.-5tli«:l, the rnM unlil.l , hi s;;,(jOu, which M i l . i i - u - i e d I'mui I the :;;ivmi; in t o m l u - t i.alaiie:;. I f . u 1 i-j! n in-) of $:M.(Hin. »n uf all litids-.M.': save an uddiliuiial ^ t f l . i d t u i n i : i t i " L i tve en.-a.s. I n l a l ::iivinj!j- in I-'.- Cni- w n u i i i he *ri:i.:n:i. .uplfil w i i h s:i-J..vjn i n r tin* ; ihe. .fhK.s:j;i FOUNDATION' MEETS ALBUQUERQUE, July 2 i/I'i -' Roprcsontativos of 32 New Mexico establishes the city's solute to Lit"- I communities meet here today from tie League baseball which makes KM °" a Foundation for I n f a n t i l e its debut at 6:30 tonight in Lions 1nrol y si!i chapters over the state, park. they are willing: to meet U.N. rep- j .strong u|itimi::i rese.ntatives and disci I.HS a cease- ! od that tho j fire. They want the meeting' held j mice talkt. tho in the Kaesonj; area between J u l y ;1 dcfiniti; poss . Tlit-y c rotiment tn' huUi gh making- peace b i l i i y , leaves un- i!{| ill tilt- i-lolld-siironik'il Rockit'S. ' '»"- : None livoil to u-11 or the finn! | :l[1 V moments .SiitimUty on I'li^ht G I O . | ' Pre-Hisloric Life By Radioactiviiy Snn l-'Y;inr n 10-«l;iy 10 and If). ( .solved the whole jnoblem of woik Differs W i t h IMtl^wiiy j in-; n u t cease-fire t e r m s actvptalil Gen. M a t t h e w li Kidp\v;*y. Ru- j in both si;K'S. preme Allied Commander, prnpns- ; Chairman Conna!!y I D-Tex ) n ed K a l i i n l u y v l h a t a meeting ho held l the Senate I'nmgn H.-blinn aboard the Onnisli hospital .ship \ Conimitl J t i t h i n d i a in U r on.s;in h;iriior Rif!g\vay li^s not indiciilrd hi;; (Continued on page four) eptiiiu-n uf I. SenaLoi i' fom ) ,£:rt,^^|£ Seven Top Reds Enter Prison, Warrants 'Issued For Four Who Fail To Surrender with -a three-inning time limitation so lhal all-teams may play. ,^ Little Leaguers will march down ^ain street at 5:30 this afternoon. All' teams- will be in full uniform. They'll march to Lions park and Bln play. .Tonight's fire game will be be- thc Cubs nnd While Sands, on Ihe Braves, Yankees tangle with ihe Athletics. ' W i n n e r of the Cuba-While Sands' match tangle with ihe ^Phillies in Uie evening's finalp. '· .Little 'League learns use all equipment of major league *hall- 1 plftyers, but in cut-down way. BftW. ffloves, and other parnphen- alltt Is all tailored to tho size of th/) boys who will use it. ,, Toh age limit for Little Leaf ffuc plftyers Is 12 Zyeara. .No bot- | tohi limit Is set. The league has been OAtabllshcd v ,IMR Cruces by the Optimist,, which Is nnw working on n ..Llttlo Lenpuc diamond. U n t i l it f Ay* completed, Lloiu park will he j V.tised · for lenpuc games at 7:30 ^ MohdHys and Wednesdays. '- . LJUle Leaguers have heen ^coaehttl by members of tho Las tn Blue Sox this spring and "" ' during organisation work. N T EW YORK. July 2 ,Ti -- Fed-1 eral .ludge Sylvester J. Uynn lo- dny ordered seven top Communists to begin serving prison terms and issued bench warrants for four who failed to surrender. Tim of .the 31 had been sentenced to five yeaia in prison for teaching the violent overthrow of One had received n ihreo-year tcnn. Those ordered arrested wore the United States government. Henry Wins!on, ;tf. organizational secretary of the p a r t y ; Ou.s Hall, .19, Ohio - s t a t e chairman; Robert Thompson, Now York state chairman, and Gilbert Green, -n. Illinois chairman. I'*urnlshi-s Komls All had been at liberty under ball of $20,000 each, furnishod by Ihc Civil Riglits Congress which the U.S. Attorney General's office has branded subversive. Thompson vecoivo.d the icsaor sentence of three years because of his war record. Judge Ryan ruled that ball of the four will bo foifeiled if they f l o nr)l apprn ,. in co .,,. t hy n . 40 n ni , tf)moi .j. ow court issno(i t h e commit- n i l mn- ivdnrc. ment ordnr After denying the dcfenso tions modify or postpone the sentences. I j lnv( . Harry Kacher nf defenso rniinsfl asked t h a t the sontenc-.-s hr n- ducod or suspondod. Hf also asked a Slay of execution for ilO d;ty.?. Ordered To .lull , The seven m (tared In jail aro Kugono Dennis, 4-J, Renoral .src- Tlio u n i n t ordered the warden uf t h e i n s t i t u t i o n t o \ \ h i C M S;itchi-l is sent to filt; w i t h i n :;() d(iy:i "a deliiiled riedirnl ffjiort" and "Uu- : P.J| thoro u*as t i n · postcard sumo pafisonger Ind t ! w i i t l n j ; : "I :nu fi'fhnj: h . - i t « - r rcndy. . ." ; · And Ihe. hands nf om- l h £ h t n i - ! f;i | ficor, still clenched nn t l n m ^ h l t;ripping cuiitrol. 1 ^. And i h e w t i i u n n w i t h hi'r arms hn^cd nvrr her face as tho mainlmor jilowrd l u l l force into Orysl.'il m u u i i t a i n . The Indies, torn n p t u i l i k o t i n broken plane and g h t l i n e d ^en'iy j yostculay. v.-eiv i d e n t i f i e d in Uu j National Guard armory lion*. i Officials ut thi' nir l i n e and the i Civil Aeronautics n d m i n i . s i i a l i n n ; k n o w thi;: much: Tin: plane aloppod h i i r f l y nt Knit Liiki- Cily and headed fni i t s next .stop nt. Di;nvcr. At !:·]« a. m. ( M S T i vot probnbif e f f e c t inca ire ration m i ^ h t pilot Janu-ri H. Appleby u-poiU-d ! U N M retory of the party; John M. Wiliamson. -!(, l^hor sociftary; .!n- coh Satchel, 49, educational director; and Irving Potash. -ir», n,-i- tionnl rommittoomnn. nil nf whom j had hoon out in $30,000 hail oaeh; John Gatos,, editor (if tht' Daily Ahhs Suspension Dennis, \vho Jic-tcd us his own a tin i noy during tho n i n e - m o n t h trial, askr-d n u t r i g h t siiKpensiun "f sonloni-o on :ill 11. .^tatinj; " ih:it j "when tiit'tfe dofondants aro i m p i i - ; Worker; Car! Winter, -in. Michigan state chairman, and Hcnju- min J, Davis, Jr.. 46, former New York Cily, who had been free in $20,000 ball each. ·ludK* Rynn refused In suspend or modify UIR r.enleni'o of Salohel. His atlomoy, Abraham .1. Issor- innn. pleaded that Satchel was s u f - fering 'from a )it-art uilmciit. sonod tin* first iiniondmtml w i l l tn mcnrcoiatod as wrll. L*. ?!. Ally. l i v i n g S. Ritypol told ! the r u i t i l ihe ildondnnls ".spi-ak uf demucniry and civil rights nnd freedoms uf piolecllnu n f f u j d c d hy t h e cunslitiiliun of the U n i t e d States, hut their eonrt-plion uf all S IhesT t h i n g * is n mnrvjiUrm fur their own adviiiilafjo." Knypnl also told t h e c n n i t t h a t hnspilal rornrds iiuiicnli-d t h a i Siitchol wns much improVfd wlu-n lit 1 wns discharged lioin a h o s p i t n l ho entered for n hoart r n n d i i l n n last year. IK- wan nt 15.DDO feet (.vt:r (Jhey- i mine, Wyo.. t u r n i n g H u i i t h f i n d [ dropping down to get in ihe hmd- ing pattom for Donvoj-. 'iVn m i n - uti's later ho said he wn.'i | foot. Low eluuds cnveied Ihe imnmtiilnt; wesl of liin Wyoming ai!r(iii'jiitic» direotoi Ilalph JiihnKon w p n t i o i l the wrei'k- ajje 11 IIOIIIH Iftier. H WHS 18 miles west *f Foil Collins and l y milo.H n o i i h of K.stos p n i k . 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Tin- H u t c h Unlun M i f j h Srliu'ii d i M i i c t oomprlscd of dist- i k t : . : ; - t - 1 0 - l l nnd 1!J Is now employing t- r ' leai'hois for '_MIO 'pupils .n average d.illy iitlendniUT. Tho .School building r«n- if J J1 diiMiioom.s itu'ludlir^ .irfii:i-f. mill .sturng*' sparo. Tho .t ui uporatian in the can-. UemplnU'd bii.l^ia for IIIM-ft'.! l:i l e s t i m i u o d at 5SS.HOO.' Dislrlrt K'uinhcr I t , the Munlclpnl School nf Muti'h inw luiH two buildings Kd M i l l r r , fin-work:, dealer. | \vith 2:t rliissrooins ami etnployini;' e,died while Minw- . in, toaclUMH for .'160 In nvor.igii 11 well he f i t r i T c i l lo d e - ; daily aUendaneo, The total otti- nuiled cowl fur Iho opoltitlon of t h i s Hchnol in nuilntonanco ts 57ft,- f.'o.s/.s (icnwans l)(«l(r()nr$LOOO S A N L K A N U K O . (\ilif.. .Inly y 1 Illd-d flake? Il w u i k f i t spoi-lacularly *tt't- Drivor of tho car. a jiiventlo, a p - i t l n c off M i l l o r ' n Itoman candles. 2lr. pnuvil lii'fon- prub.iinui uffU-.M-; ruokets. .sparklem and o t h e r stork, i Thu Rulem School In Schnnl Pi: fiei»i.!^« i \Vuod fiir nnt havliij; a "(lee, was It ovor :uvoll!" Tlie t i i c l N n m b o r -1 1^ iippvoxiimti'l i l f i l t h a i , li"y a liri'lia,' f u r i Tin- s| Im'l. j l l l i l t i ' d 51,000. i .-iiv nillort noith of H n t r h and li^;i o.-il him an osti- four rliisariKimn with an nvoiasii i ·.CunLliiuuil on iHKC '"in")

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