Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 14, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1967
Page 14
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\ Wiho Free Press 1 CaWwelt News-Tribane, Friday, July M, 1961-A6 ANN LANDERS Manhood Frightens Widow HINTS FROM HELOISE Tanks Need Cleaning Jim Brown Jm«m. Becoming Loan Truth Dill Movie Star n»« ' thipk J found the cau* This «« » V « nt "' ?"" *"* '!«" I IMVB been nuking tents I « "Please, Daddy? Can't I sit in the back with the turtle?" TELEVISION LOG. Rtsponiibility (or lh« wrredrHtti o( television programs rest enlir«ly upon the television slalioni. Thii newspaper can ossunw no responsibility (or errors in the listings. rxiar Ann landers: Host my DJ.'^ K J-OLKS' husband three years ago. He ^ tUHj re ' fougt . ,,,,, wsa fine man and our marriage nlan y ,,,,, ^t imt I don't was a good one. My friends kept -think I ever heard of many after me to go out so I started women permanently winning to date eight months ago. the Iwttle of the toilet iwwi I am 38 and no beauty queen, tin* . ( . I am college educated, have a lovely home, two teen-age children and a good Income. . *.i 1 1«. . _,. i_i«. is what I have run Into: Hrea|( , anil djout 50 per wnt of the men muBt of (hh fc|(l( , of * WHter I have dated have tried to per- I( . ave( r|n( , s of djy.^o^tioim suade roe that It is emotionally anil Bttt | n8 . jhew, ore dennite- unliealthy for a widow to live ]y caused by mineral* In the without sex, Naturally, they have water-- which none of us can offered to restore metoa normal do ton much about. life and save my mental health, Kut . . . we can take the About 25 per cent of the lop ut the tank off and nee eligible bachelors I have met are what's down Inside. I nearly ambulatory cases of advanced dropped dead when I »aw alcoholism, lam afraid to drive *·"" w TM '" ( »° " ttltm with them. The other 25 per cent 11 ji u j i. i are equally divided between Channel O KBOI-TV L FRIDAY, JULY U 4:00 Bowery Soys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Croak ite (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Lucy-Desl Comedy Hour 7:00 Friday Night Mo»le (C) "About Mrs. Leslie" Shirley Booth, Robert . Ryan 9:00 Hogan's Heroes (C) 9:30 Avengers (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:55 Movie Time "Guerillas In Pink Lace" George Montgomery, - Valerie Verda 12:30 Morning Headlines l*ir~ EE: Channel "f KTVf-TV / FRIDAY, JULY 14 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 Huntley-Brinltley (C) 5:30 Bis News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports Picture 5:55 Business News 6:00 Occasional Wife 6:30 Man f r o m U.N.C.L.E. [C) 7:30 T.H.E, Cat (C) 8:00 Laredo (C) 9:00 The Invaders 10:00 Nitebeat News 10:25 Sporls 10:30 TonlgM Show (C) SyWonla G.I. \^y, · Packard fed _ y ' Mogmv*x ^·14* M vJhff Ztnith A . Cvrth-MaTrMt 4594 SOS S emce *«*. One tank l i o t t o m was covered with hard mud and tiny hits of Imllt-up minerals. mama's boys and worn out swing- ^ he uther wns i^^ wlth ers who would like to quit work- oran) , e rust ,,, lhe ^tom and ing and travel -- on someone (nf , ^^ we re completely else's money. oaied with it. Is this a new trend, Ann, or Ttl |, i, w t, a t caused that has It always been this way? I discolored Imwl each week. If am shocked at the condition of tin- bottom of the tank u American manhood. Enlighten covered with minerals uml me. -- DISENCHANTED runt, It stands M reason lhat Dear Ms: From.the descrip- "ome or U is imunl to end (ion of the herd of bums you're "I 1 ln the ltowl dating, it's plain (hat you're get- So iff* K» clean out those ting the dregs. You need new w»t« tanks, friends. There are some decent men in this world but you are not meeting them. up us much of the hard residual UN itosslhle wllh your hand. Then use an old N|Kngti ant! try to |fck up what's Iflt. I Oil) and NO can , ji^iorution Mllles . ,.,,,,,. that wa . SATURDAY, JULY IS 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Frankenstein Jr. the Impossible (C) 8:30 Space Ghosts (C) 9iOO New Adventures ofSuper- man 9i30 Lone Raneer (C) 10:00 Road Runner (C) 10:30 Bcajles (C) 11:00 Tom and Jerry (C) 11:30 Mighty Mouse-Mighty Heroes 12:00 Underdog 12:30 Manilla Gorilla 1:00 Matinee "Savage Challeneer" Ramar -"My Blue Heaven" Dan Dalley, Betty Grable 4:00 Monroes (C) 5:00 CBS Saturday News (C) 5:30 Lost In Space (C) 6:30 Pistols and Petticoats (C) 7:00 Something Special (C) 8:00 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant(C) 9:30 Showcase of lhe World (C) 10:00 Marshal Dillon 10:30 Weekend News 10:50 Movie Time "Big Steal" -Robert Mllchuin, William Bendlx SUNDAY, JULY 16 9:00 Insighl (C) 9:30 Armchair Adventure 9:35 Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir 10:00 The Beatles nO',30 Casper Cartoons 11:00 Rlverboat 12:00 Face Die Nation (C) 12:30 Nat'l Pro Soccer (C) SI. Louis at Pills 2:30 Silent Service 3:00 I Lovt Lucy 3:30 Amateur Hour (C) 4:00 2Ist Century (C) 4:30 Danger IsrayBuslness(C) 5:00 Lassie (C) 5:30 It's About Time (C) 6:00 The Ed Sullivan Show (C) 7:00 Our Place (C) B:00 Candid Camera (C) 8:30 What's My Line (C) 9:00 Peyton Place 9:30 Mission: Impossible 10:30 Weekend News 10:40 Weather 11:00 Movie Time "Drums of the Deep" James Craig, Barbara Paylon 12:30 Morning Headliias SATURDAY, JULY 15 7:00 Super 6 (C) 7:30 Atom Ant (C) 8:00 Flintslones (C) 8:30 Space Kldetles (C) 9:00 Seor*t Squirrel (C) 9:30 Jelsons (C) 10:00 Cool McCool (C) 10:30 American Bandstand 11:30 King Kong 12:00 NBC Major League Base, ball (C) Dear Ann Landers: 1 just turned 18 and my grandparents gave me a car for my birthday. 1 have always dreamed of having ter |4 KOlnK Io ,,,, so mu(lllv my own convertible but it is inking that you will wnmler causing problems I didn't ex- where the bottom went! Pe«f. Now start flushing. Nut I go with a guy I will call i Jake. He has no car but he I gets his Dad's car for special I occasions. Since I got my car I Jake expects me to use it all | the time. I think it looks peculiar for I a girl to drive while her I boy friend sits beside her. Fur-1 the i h'ore, I think a fellow should j come and get his date --notvice I versa. When I go to Jake's I house to pick him up I feel like | a female gigolo. Last night I dropped him off I at 1:00 A.M. and drove myself I home. My dad was furious--said I Jake should have seen me to the j door and taken a bus home or | hired a taxi. Please give me your views, I Ann. - LADY DRIVER Dear Lady: It is the fellow's [ responsibility to provide trans-1 mc« Iwt tote of time* Eat* tlrm wl]* the Ins!*- with Uw xpong» *f*Jn until ill tiK di«- colorntioo comes off. Thin may aha IM rlwjwd with weurinff powder. Then jiut flush again until It's ipanklng eku. I crow my heart that if you let this Job done that bowl won't get »talned no quickly. Hfk'lw a · · DEAR HELOISE: If I run out of black thread when sewing buttons on dark clothes, I use while thread and then dab it with a black felt- tipped marker. Alex Factor DEAR HELOISE: I have a tip for all new mothers. I can take my two- month-old anyplace without hesitation because I know he will never cry. The trick is carrying a Jar of taby fruit with me. I dip the tip of his pacifier in the fruit then give it to him, and. he'lt stay content even paat bottle-time if necessary. It's not only good for him but it's great for my nervea. Becky Phillips * * * DEAR HELOISE: After putting your hair up for a home permanent, use a stretch hair band around your head in front of the rollers and tuck it behind your ears. You'd be amazed how much KohiUrm does NOT run down your face, as these stretch bands are very absorbent. Also, you can tuck cotton or tissues between stretch band and hairline to further cut down drips. Pat Leilch HOLLYWOOD (UP!) - Jim Brown was a football star the first day he took the field for the Cleveland Browns. It's to become a screen star. Aid TV Fan course, that are sold this way. HOLLVftTOD S -Now ^number of goods are sold veland Browns. to TMe^e has [Led tot on the home screen by fellows taken him tan'movies "f^' 6 b ^* ld * whose glowing tales usually !aU «ra.K?^^S' i v'*sai -r tlatinterest?0 - sKj^-rs «£--; ^^s^Tw^a-a,-- «-· ° to J^SiarSi that means he's arrived as a ^"""^ . l n . lending m video, are the symbol of this that those who lad Idnd of selling to many viewers, tell those who especially those of us above the title of his new pic ture, 'Ice Station Zebra," along star. Brown has neither the easy means grace of Bill'Cosby, the rest- mone l' must who tolerate them in order to see - -- -SEssr.ssss.'S a,fti= J r . nor the empassloned Intensity j r . at Sidney Poitier. But among «*"»*'If «J a »"^" the growing number of Negro ta **"'· Blen a .«««« listens to anoiiic: i^ctuaus sales It's too bad, by the way, that additional legislation hasn't been introduced to make it a film performers he may cut a "^f, ~^'~^rTfen crime punishable by hanging for ^ as £?w - tetos, he would used cai television salesmen to wider srath movie star. than I t C w \,a.l UV.BAV*"! "- j - i l Hen, .e^ties^black ff ff^SSft K^^*"* f hl !^ y f' f'I? 5 m ^ nTss butaTleast IT would their time on screen, as though Lssrt i ss s -«?*s *· *»«s* is ^ Md * US.TM?* fhe brUte * tm * k "" Anyone who watches tele* The truth-in-lending bill, if it Kta the MGM commls. *» «t «s "^ sl ' oul(1 toe a direct elfect on 5S Ke^cKnt Sffl- --'S^n be a de.inite step in the right lorm icr me new action arama, -umuiaiive mrmthlY pay^ -«r«.»inn _ a riirw.Hnn that Brown appeared at ease. uie cumulative inumuiy F»J "I like acting," he said. ments oiel1 "e^S "Like sports, it's a creative « tol P" 1 * wowcet for a art. As a fullback I was able f r -» ut wilh this pourt urn* to develop my own style. I hope h °* neve f "f de c , lear ' . 1 can do the same with acting. » s ** «»? automobiles, of "At the moment Tin not as confident about putting on makeup as I was a football helmet. "But then 1 used to tremble before ihi 1 start of every foof- ball game. I get fhe same feel- itg jusi before I have to walk in television advertisements, would :p in the right direction -- a direction that fhe should include more video air time in which there is practical, honest advice for viewers about complicated daily matters we all face, ,- front of those cameras. It's not fear. I guess you could call it excitement. "At least I knew what I could do on the football field. In pictures I just try to stay loose. I didn't have to worry about that in football." WANTED TRAINEES Men and women are urgently needed to train for IBM COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AND MACHINE TRAINING Penons selected will bt trained in a program whicK ne«d no! interUrt with p:««nl [ob. If you qualify, training can be financed. Write today AIM: Mr. Queen, pleait include hom» phon« numUr and age. All replto acknowledged and confidential. IBM MACHINE TRAINING No.39 TERRY'S HOME FURNISHINGS IN DOWNTOWN NAMPA BRING YOU MONEY SAVING PRICES 3:00 Wide World of Sports 4:30 Outdoor Sportsman (C) Afternoon News portion f or ' Ms ' fete _ bllSi taxi, dog sled, pogo stick or plain old shoe leather. From now on, keep your car In the garage and settle for whatever means of transportation Jake can come up with. It may 5:30 Flipper 6:00 " Troop 6:30 Lawrence Welle (C) 7:30 Piccadilly Palace (C) 8:30 Occasional V.'Ue (C) DiOO Saturday Nljtit Movie "Wild in the Country" 11:00 ABC News 11:15 Weekend News 11:85 Weather 11:30 Saturday Showtime "The Brigand" -Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrence SUNDAY, JULY 16 7:00 This ts The Life 7:30 Faith for Today 8:00 Linus the Llonhearled B:30 Peler Potamus (C) 9:00 BullwtnKle (C) 9:30 Discovery (C) 10:00 Porky Pig 10:30 Beany Cecil 11:00 Meet the Press (C) 11:30 Frontiers of Faith 12:00 Allernoon Showtime "Back Slreet" Charles Doyer, Margaret Sullivan and ' H a r l e m Globetrotters" Thomas Gomaz, Dorothy Dandridge 3:00 Sporlsmans Holiday 3:30 Golf - Sam Sneai! (C) 4:00 Frank McGee Report (C) 4:30 Smithsonian (C) 5:00 A n i m a l Secrets (C) 5:30 Wall Disney (C) fl 6:30 Let's Make a Deal (C) 7:00 Bonanza (C) 8:00 Sunday Night Movie (C) "Agent 8 3/4" 10:00 ABC News Weather 10:30 Showtime "Mr. Sott Touch" Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes not be so convenient but It will 1 make for a much healthier re-1 lattonship. Dear Ann Landers: Why is it I considered off limits for a male I to wear an article of woman's! clothing but women can wear] men's pants, sMrts, boots, mannish haircuts and even smoke I cigars, and no one says boo?| Why have women been able to I Invade the male world without sol much as a raised eyebrow, and! yet when a male wants to wear a| corset because he has back troubles he ts looked upon as "ambl- sextrlous" and labeled "one ofl those"? Pleaseexplaln.-BIGQ| Dear Q: Oiys with backtroub-f les could wear surgical garments and nobody would say *] thing. It's the bird who wears ( his wife's girdle that gets the I funny looks in the locker room. I Women began to wear men's I clothes back in the days when | they began to ride horses. Britches made more sense than skirts I for obvious reasons. Females I liked the looks of men's pants I and they have been wearingthem I ever since. As tor the haircuts and cigars, I think they are awful -- but to each his own. Educated^pAppliances EXCHANGE UNITS FROM NAMPA SCHOOLS Just once a year . . . and only at Terry's Home Furnishings in Nampa will you find such a sale as this! At the start of each school year we supply most of the Nampa schools with Brand New Appliances. At the close of the year, we pick up these "Educated Appliances", and offer them for sale at tremendous savings. They have all been cleaned up spic and span and look and operate like new ALL CARRY A NEW GUARANTEE. Marge Champion Tries New Role By VEHNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UFO - Remember Marge and Cower Champion, the great dance team of the 40s and 50s? They broke up their act seven years ago when Gower decided to fulfill his ambition lo become a director. He succeeded in high style with "By By Bird- l«s," "Carnival" and "Hello, Dolly!" -- three runaway thea- trlcil hits. But what of his'wtfe, Marge? The petite Mrs. Champion put mt h«r dancln? shoes forever Md devoted all her time to (Mi 1 scos, Gregg, now 10, and 5. '.j*Jr«oMjr, she hasn't regret- of her decision. But now Marge is back at work: As an actress, not a dancer. In "The Party." Last year she completed a small role with Burt Lancaster In "The Swimmer" which has yet to be released. Marge began her career back in the 30s when she modeled at Disney Studios as the live prototype for "Snow White." After so many years as a performer It Isn't easy for her to forget the excitement of greasepaint "I'm not thinking of becoming a dancer again," she s».Id between shots of the new movie, "It would take me a full year just to get back into condition." Marge's appearance doesn't bear out her thoughts. She con- Too many couples go from j matrimony to acrimony. Don't let your marriage flop before it gets started. Send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Marriage -What To Expect." Send your request to Ann Landers in care of your newspaper enclosing 50c In coin and a long, stamped, ] se'f-aoViressed envelope. tlnues to look youthful and trim. I "But 1 would like to do maybe one movie a year," she added. I "I'm not foolish enough to) think it will happen. But I Just enioy the relaxation of working, Gower's enormous success as a director precludes any notion of the couple reviving their dance | act. "We had the best of all pass-1 tble worlds while It lasted, and we were lucky," she sa "Now they don'I make the same kind of musicals that once were all lhe rage. There isn't any | place on television or In movies for a dance team," From List Price "LOW BANK TERMS" OPEN MON WED v FRL 9:00 Deluxe [ICE CUBE TRAYS ONLY ic Each TERRY'S-NAMPA 112 13th Ave. So, -- Phone 466-2417 HURRY - FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED ·TERMS ·DELIVERY ·SERVICE "From Qualified Authorised Factory Trained Technician*"

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