Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 26, 1962 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 26, 1962
Page 28
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Funeral Without Injury In Weld Co. Over Holiday No cue was injured in five traf-!The station wagon was dama-ed''' 11 '" 1 " si t'x accidents which occurre.' iniabout S30U '""" ' the county ChrLstmas eve and! Car G«« | nto Borrow Pit Christmas day. the Highway Pa-1 The first of the Christmas day trol reported Wednesday. miishaps took place at 12-15 " dent : a n One of the Christmas eve acci-iTwsday three fourths of a mile ·MCI., ,ure iield! Merced. Calif. lor i! o! Wmton. Calif formerly ol G. cele; He was the on ol Mis Jennie E. Straight of Bouell I'ome in Greelev. and the brother oi Mrs. Clyle Golze and Mrs. Anhur Ba- jSeven-Leogue i Puerto Rico Out of Doldrums Former Grecley Man Dies in Phoenix « 4 sH!\rTnv A,, i its occurred at 9:40 p.m. Mon-:west of Fort Lupton on Colo 52 day when a car driven by Don-;A 1958 auto driven bv Ruben aid Blehm of Eaton was hit by.;Olivas of Fort Lupton 'went ofl a vehicle whose driver could not · the road into a borrow pit Hiish- H(K P' Ial "f «'mrr. be identified a half mile north of way Patrolman Will Kagohara' " e was Dor " Jan the International Airport lerini- And all over the airport, by nal at San Juan. Puerto Rico, j armful and the benchlul. j Harold K. Duke, 71. of 1010 E. from the I'nited States mainland. Turney St., Phoenix, Ariz., diedj the m ' l!l ' al t -' a -!'' u( ' rt o Kican babies - toddling. 'napping, crying, cooing. this scene in ttie ker. rxith of Greelev. Straight died this week in the Fresno Veterans Administration Businessmen hurry by w i t h , in 'briefcase... Tanued tourists in j December National Geographic floppy grass hats lug baskets oflMagazinc. staff member Bart Me- .souvenirs t o w a r d homeward-1Do»ell observes that "the story jPage 28 GRKKLEY TRIBUNE Wtd., Dec. M, 1MI Painter Well in Morgan County Tested Last Week many years. He moved to Fort' DENVER 'AP--The consolida-jfeet at 2 Helmie-Covt, u talend- Saturday at Phoenix alter a long illness. Dote had lived war Gill lor: Lucerne on U.S. 85. estimated Olivas' car was" dam- Highway Patrolman Don Girntjaged $300. said young Blchm was driving a pickup Turns Over 1958 auto south when his machine A short while later, at 1-35 a was hit by the .vehicle, which Icltim. another one-vehicle accident the scene. Blehm's car was dam-ioccurred .7 mile west of Greelev aged approximately $50. on I'. S. 34. It involved a 1'W) Vthiclt Skids Through D«ad-«nd,pickup truck driven by Max Mon- Thc other Christmas eve acci-jtoya of Greelev. dent occurred at 9th St. and 23rd 'Highway Patrolman Warner re- Avc. in Evans about W:15 p.m. ported the pickup skidded, went Monday. George Cheesman of | into a burrow pit and turned over. Grecley was driving a 1953 station wagon south on 23rd Ave. and skidded through a dead-end.! Allies K. ISSS. and It was damaged about $200. Collision South of Kersey hitting a fence, according to Highway Patrolman Loyal Warner. Officers Arrest 2 Eaton Boys in Probeof Breakins Two breakins at Eaton Tuesday evening were solved Wednesday morning when two Eaton boys, one 16 and one 15. were arrested, Sheriff's officers reported. The breakins were at Hie Potato Growers Co-operative Co. and at the 0. L. Cogburn Produce. i At 12:05 p.m. Tuesday, cars driven by Edwin Meyer of Gree- lev and Michael Bernhardt of Gill collided on a county road 10 miles ! south of Kersey. Meyer was mnk- jing a left turn when his machine I was hit by Bernhardt's, Highway I Patrolmen Wellington Ferrell and Clyde Bennetts reported. Meyer's 11962 auto was damaged $2 by Communist guerrillas Christmas Eve has told military author- tie; a brother. Kenneih II Straight of Winfield. Wash, and two other sisters, .Mrs Roy Gardner of Downey. Calif and Mrs Leslie Keeton ol Kent, Wash..jt'niled States and South Viet'Na'i and four grandchildren. Riirnlnrc w u l y l u ' 3 I nK LQD Greelev police officers were n^ , 0 tne Colorado State Col- About $3 in pennies were stolen]^,. Laboratory School shortly in the Cogburn burglary, which after 10 a.m. Christmas dav. apparently was in the loot taken whcre a burg]ary lvas discomed in both breakins. Cabinets and; LcRoy Kcrns dil . cctor 0 , Ulc both establishments; scnool] discovercd the burglary, [and called police. drawers at were ransacked. Follow Tracks in Snow They found that two persons moved to Greeley with bis lam- ily in 1906. He lived here until be enlisted in the Marines dur ing World War. I. He vas married in Omaha. Neb.. ;nd mined to California about seven years! ago with his wife where IK* erated an almond nut ranch Other survivors include I K - I wife. Znra: two daughters. Mrs i By PETER ARNETT Muriel Sprawkii of Ch.cago amlj SAIGON. Smith Viet .Nam AP bound plane*. Puerto Rican lam- of Puerto Rico is the story of r e e t relatives leluniinsipcople: 2.500.000 of them. They are --'Cio.vdv'd 727 to the square mile on their beautiful 110-mile-long is Reds Release American Gl ; Hin Viet Nam Collins in 1948 and several years · came to Greelev. nhere he ived until eight years ago, when Wednesday. he moved to Phoenix. Petroleum Information, an in- Kose: a son. Douglas of Phoenix; a daughter, Mrs. Philip 'Mary of the world's mostl MsU ' rs - i Selch of Fort Collins; three land. thickly settled spots." Industry Sparks Pruptrity Nellie Cook ol Greeley. Mrs. Sadie Sunderland |of Lamar and .Mrs. Cecilia liar- Nut so long ago. Puerto Rico!" 1 TM ° f Iiuuslon . Tex - lllld sbl 'grandchildren. Funeral services Kill be held Thursday at Phoenix. lion of two oil fields in Nebraska'sled Dakota confirmation, whkh Ked Willow County was reported j flowed 8 million cubic feet of gai " ~ a day on test of Frontier. The well 'is in Moffst County't Williams Fork field. I'tah -- Oil recovery averaged from 2 to 3 barrels an hour at Texaco's 1 Navajo Tribe-AH io southern San Juan County, Total depth is 5.715 feet. Production a from acidized Ismay perforationi He is survived by his wife.jduslry publication, said in a spe-; cial article on the new large field that a two-mile gap separating Silver Creek and South Silver Creek fields at the start of lhe : year had been closed by Rurch Drilling Co.'s 4-B Kilair." This well pumped 50 barrels ofij.474.jQ feet. The Paradox Basin Mrs. Betty Jean Powell of Sw.t-J-A U.S. Army sergeant'released^'TM P " was a place of perennial economii ·es and human misery. Then, 1942. its leaders conceived a development plan that has become f a m o u s as "0|eralion ities lie was forced to sign sev- The program involves every aspect of the Island's economic life. But the emphasis is on new in- *··· ".in*. iu .-.imi »cv- j . . eral documents damaging" to the *'""' as " le b( ' st meaBS ol mtwt I . . . T I . i ... . . . . V ... Ill,' t m twin nrnWnmc /,. nn..n..i.i Eight Escape East Germany In Old Bus By GEORGE BOULTWOOD 'during his captivity. i An Army spokesman s;tid Sgt. Hi(H|ue S Matag tig (lie twin problems 01 poverty and overpopulation in America's self-governing commonwealth Tampering Charge Gets Hoffa Blast oil a day from Lansing perforations at 3.289-99 feet. The consolidated pool now is four miles long and nearly two miles across at its widest point. Daily average pro- wildcat is 3' miles southwest of Gothic Mesa and about 4V milej northeast of Tohonadla field. New Mexico--Oil flowed it t rate of over 12 barrels an hour at duction from 09 wells in the field the Atlantic Refining Co.'s Gallup is close Io 2.000 barrels of oil. I discovery north of Horseshoe field The Silver Creek field lies just:i n San Juan County. southeast of Sleepy Hollow and was discovered two years ago. South Silver Creek field was discovered in April 1901. U-banon field, a l%2 discovery Montana--Sun Oil Co. recovered oil shows in a core at A-2 HebV gaard in Sheridan County. Core was from 6.438-88 feet. Sun U running a drillstem test at the well, which is an east extension to the 1'nion President James R. Hoffalcreek. with no drilling between BERLIN (API-Eight East Gcr- «'"" ln , k ' dul ' fs PTMr t' man refugees crashed through!" 1K uf tlio (| wuments, the Army| "TM three barriers into West Berlin! s P lk esman reported. | lc ' . - -··· before dawn Wed. while tile bul-l Tl "' s P"kesman quoted Matagu-i "" c " lhc PTMS«m was young. week, says Fomento, Uic Ecimoni- Development Administration. the buildings and followed them to a garage at the home of one of the boys, Deputy Sheriffs Irl Timken and Joe Elliott reported. Timken and Elliott said the two boys, after they were taken into custody, admitted breaking into the two business establishments shortly after dark Tuesday. A glass was broken out of a door to gain entrance at the Potato Growers Co-operative. At Cogburn'5. the burglars broke a pane of glass in a door, then reached in through the opening itTM' ra . . and unlocked the door. ? ow much ' lf an - v . m TMy been taken from the school. out of a door. The school office was entered by breaking the glass in the office door. A cabinet and safe were opened, two cash drawers opened and papers strewn on the floor. A desk in the office alsu was opened and searched. The burglars also entered the shop room and shop office, the library, and a classroom. The teachers in the various rooms entered by the burglars could not be immediately contacted by Ihe I police, and police did not know C«r Malt and Tir« Stolen The theft of the front and back car floor mats and the spare tire from his 1961 automnbile was re- u ported to the Sheriff's office at 5 bur g ] ai'y were Lt. Carrol H. Long, p.m. Tuesdav bv Bill Elam of! U ' Otto Oslcr . Det - l " Malcom, r . .. ' . _ . . 'Crt* n U n « 1 n _ A The burglars left the building by the southeast door. The officers investigating the Rt. 1, Kersey. Elam said the car was in the garage at his home when the articles were taken. Sgt. Charles Arvas and Officer Clifford Land. Car and Homes Damaged Monday night police received three reports of damage to homes or cars. Elsie Kent and Jessie Williams, 2539 16th Ave., reported that a storm window had been broken at their home. Mrs. Margaret Mitzel, 82, of' A M r - Lomas, 611 3rd St., told Margaret Mitzel Dies at Hospital 1215 15th Ave., died Wednesday morning at the Weld County General Hospital, where she had been a patient since Dec. 16. police the front door and lock at 205 6th Ave. had been broken. Jeff Cole of Evans told police a window in his car had been She was born April 20, 1880, at! dama ged by a BB pellet. Rohrbach. Russia. She was mar-j °" Christmas day police re- ried to Heinrich Mitzel April 3,|ceived three reports of stolen au- 1900 and they came to the U. S. in' lom °kile accessories. Robert Nel- 1901. They lived in Nebraska he-I s0 ". Havre, Mont., and William fore moving to Loveland in 1902. l^ Elam, Kersey, reported acces- The Mitzcls homesleaded south-i 50 TM 5 stolen from their cars. Lee east of Briggsdale in 1910. Mitzcl| Samanil -f40. 426 6th St., reported ets of border guards rattled off! :lieir armor-plated bus. , Eight bullets hit the bus but' only one man was injured, by flv- ng glass when the windshield smashed. Tlie escapees were the owner his driver, their wives and their four children. The children included three girls, 1. 3 and 13 years old 'and a boy of 1(1. Police said the bus, of pre-war German manufacture, belonged to one of the few private contractors the Communist regime still permitted to operate. The group drove 120 miles to Berlin from their homes at Neu- jjersdorf, near the Oder-N'eisse border between East Germany and Poland. They had fitted metal plates inside the bus to protect themselves from the bullets they were cer tain the border guards would fire at them. The bus swung around Berlin o come into the city on the auto iahn from the west. While the women and chiklrei ay on the floor, the contractoi and the driver drove audacious! 1 Jp to tile control point at Babels icrg where vehicles heading fo West Berlin are checked. It was 5:30 a.m. and still dark Ignoring signals to halt, thi driver drove the bus at top spe'ji oward the steel and concrete barricades which stretch he four-lane highway leaving only one lane for traffic. Border guards fired tomrnj ;uns at the bus as it sped by The h e a v y vehicle crnshee lay its saying: "My illness, scarce medical tenlion and cunstar assment culminated leave me alone. Luis Miinoz Marin. dynamic gov lt .|ernor of the island, declared; verbal har-i W c nwi more v ' lamias and signin" llie ;less af P irin " " ' Today. Puerto Ricans h a v e 42-day trial. He also had verbal fire for Ally. Gen. Robert F. Ken- nedv. His remarks came in a taped iP'cnty of both. Pharmaceuticnls Mataguliiy 30, said the ilocu- flow '" "'"'"dance from plants. menls bitterly attacked the pro- government of President Dinh ·an policy of supporting South 'iet .Nam's government. Mala- lualcy said he personally docs lot believe any of the statements le signed. The documents were the "usual Communist propaganda line," he aid, requiring only his signature, le later had to read them out o his Communist captors and be- ieved they were recorded. Matogulay said he refused to ·ign any further documents after ie had recovered from malaria. died Sept. 15, 1936. and Mrs. Mitzel moved to Grceley in 1939. She tliat the taillights had been taken from his car. through three metal barri There still was about P 3 mile: of highway to go to the West Her in city limits but the autobah curves at this pnint. giving cuv er from the guards' [ire. A few minutes later the bu on Army Guard Recruiting Drive Seen By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON' AP - The Army National Guard-wearing a "we'll show McNamara" chip on its shoulder--will open an iiggres sive recruiting drive in the new year. Informed sources, disclosing this today, said they are confident the Guard can reach its goal R' 400.000 men. U now is about 25,000 short. They indicated the. effort will | : spurred by a desire to disprove Secretary cif Defense Robert McNomara's skepticism that can be done. K.-irlier this year, McNamar; sought to trim Army Guard am Reserve strength by M.OOO mrn ' wns nni possibl was a member of St. Paul's Con-, gregational Church. Twn A r A Tnlfon Survivors include four sons and! ' W U " . " U K c R four daughters, Wilhelm of Soiilhj"|"Q H o S D i t a l A f t f i T Gate. Calif., Mrs. John (Emmai: . . . Edwards of Castro Valley, Calif..'AccidetltS John and Benjamin, both of, Keenesburg, Rudolph of Briggs- · Two persons were taken to Well dale. Mrs. William 'Hilda' ErnstiC'ounty General Hospital Christ of Loiigmor,! and Mrs C!5;:dc|mac day folloy.-ing separate lOiinda) Row and Mrs. Gcorgc;ci(ient9 on Greeley streets. (Margaret! Lawson. both of Gree-i Lyn Munz. 20. 2458 25th St. Rd.. ley; four sisters. Mrs. MUilda:was admitted Tuesday night with Sims of Cheyenne, Mrs. Lyriin .possible head injuries and re- Ackcrman and Mrs. Floiciicelicased Wednesday morning. The Stobcc both of Ixivcland. Mrs. accident occurred at 5:35 p.m. in Louise Stroh of Johnstown: a ; thc 2400 block of 2.'ith St Rd. Miss brother. Paul Unchman of Cbey.-M cniic: 19 grandchildren: and 20 wl swept triumphantly past the West- without lowering standards to re cm Allied checkpoint at Drci- emit ...|ii,u«h m.-n Io niainlain Ihi linden and into the sanctuary n[ (iu;,rd at 400 000 and Hie Reserv West Berlin. The refugees were taken Io a reception center to be interviewed by officials. with a variety of other product) including electronic equipment, petrochemicals, and cigars Htlicopttri Plant Poltt To supply power to factories- and rural homes using more and mure electrical conveniences transmission lines are being planted across Puerto Rico. Helicopter teams drop the transmission poles into prepared boles. With scores of thousands of new jobs made available. Puerto Ricans have become relatively rich. Pcr-capila income has more than loublcd since 1950, from less than 100 to $700. New stucco and concrete build- ngs, many of them luxury apart- nents have sprung up in subi: an Santiirce, beyond crowded ild San Juan. Tn preserve tlic ·apital's historic homes and i umonts. a 230-uere rosloralioi project is under way. Huge, ultra modern hotels rise beside the sea to cater to tourists, who are spending nearly S6G million a year. Shanties remain, however. ;he shadow of tall, gleaming buildings. Living standards arc often meager, despite the sprea of housing developments, super markets, and freeways. The spec tcr of overpopulation still hovers over Puerto Rico, whose death rale is lower and birth rate high er than of the United States, But another statistic hints at the way things are going. At Hit Puerto Ri-an Labor Department the Geographic's nrjn mentions the streams of migrants whi have, poured Puerto Rican miser; into New York Harlem. "Tlie migrant tide has turned." lie was told. "Last year about 1.800 more people moved into the island tliiin left it." Sen. Warren interview with television newsman Vcn Marshall of WW.J-TV, Detroit. The interview was taped Monday and broadcast that night ,nd again Tuesday. ' Hoffa was on trial on a charge if violating tile Tall-Hartley Act! iy accepting, with tile Kite Owen Ireiman, a Teamsters vice presi- lent, more than a million dollars rom a Michigan trucking firm, Commercial Carriers. Inc. The jury became deadlocked i iunday after 17 hours of deliberations. Asked for his views on Judge Miller's conduct of the trial, llof- dcii. Dry holes separate the well from both fields. Pure Oil Co ,1 A l i c f i n DlAr pumped 167 barrels of oil and 10 · » U 5 t l n L/IC3 leTat ,",£ r^S! B TM^. "· T^ ^^*^^^^£^^ 10.178-10,191 feet. Colorado - Patrick A. Dohuny swabbed 2 to 24 barrels of oil an haur from 4.8n-79 (out 1) sand IK'iforatioi.'s at 1 1'ainter in Morgan County. The wildcat is 2'j miles south of Korichak field. Texaco Inc.. drilled below 6,051 a replied: "My reaction is that we had i,t :i('0.(Kio. I'nder his proposal, th, Gniird would have taken a 33.000- man cut iuid Ihe Reserve a 2r,XKl- man reduction. Congress directed the Defense Department in make every effort Io muster the i,jj,|;i. r strength without .sacrificing quality. Since jlhi'i! I he Army lias boosted its '.standards for Guard and Reserve recruits, milking il even loughei Io reach Ilic. manpower objective. Knuwlcdi'-able olliciais siii the slate Democratic Parly a n d . G u a n l recruiting would be hclpi: tile C'.'iuiiido Conve.nlkm anil V i x . J i ! Jin;;! iigieemeui couid IK iiu will meet Friday !o|readied quickly between tlic. Pen .- possibility of Ihe Col,)-1'agon and state governors nn i " Meeting Slated To Discuss Demoi Convention Bid DENVER :Ai'j_oilidak o f , Police Search For Armored Car Robbery Clues DF.S PLAINKS. I I I . I A P ) Hampered by snow and cold al llii' ceni'. police pushed (heir se.'irdi lor clues |i»| ; iy j n ||| C Christmas Kve. hijacking of : Hrink's armored truck ronliiining upwards of ;m estimated $100.0(10. ready and was set to file an affidavit of prejudice, not only during the trial hut before the trial. Of prosecutor James Ncal. Hof-i 'a said: "He is one of the must vicinus prosecutors wlio ever handled a criminal case for the Justice Department. Half truths, innuendos .mil every sort of underhanded tricks were used liy him In this t r i a l He charged Ally. Gen. Kennedy was trying to move Ilofta's nest federal court appearance, scheduled for Miami Jan. 4. out of tin jurisdiction of the Tampa federal court. "Kennedy viciously stated some time ago that the case belonged in the Tampa court. Now he is trying to move it to Miami. Asked iilwut rumors of jury tampering. Hoffa said: "it is the oldest trick in the world that when you displace a juror you think understands the situation, you discredit that juror or someune close to him. "It is a disgrace, in my opinion, for anyone to make a Male- inent thn 1 . this jury was tamperec with because if tiny had Mich suspicion they should not bnvi. wailed a month alter their suspi. cion to remove this person, and not during the trial, but at the time they got their information.' At Nashville, the trial judge said: "No comment. The recori peaks [or ilsell." Judge Miller said "close labor union ns'ociate 5 " of Haifa were nvolved. Ex-Chicago ! Gangster Pardoned PALM RKACH. FI.1. John i Joke the Haiben Factor. a' -' olnmun ' s ' China as the »ggri-- one-time Chicagn underworld fig-l 501 ' ln Korea after the Reds earn* Uagiie of Nations altc War I, and became U.S. amb«»- sailor to the United Nations after World War II. died at his born* Tuesday. | Austin, a Republican, turned Internationalist in the 1930s whu he supported Franklin D. Roosevelt's foreign policy while opposing him on domestic issuei. He served in the Senate from 1'J.ll until he was appointed to the M'.N mission by former President i Harry S. Truman in 1946. He bo- | came bead of the mission until jlKl when he was succeeded by Henry Cabot Ixidgc. II was Austin who Ird the fight (API -- f" r » , I r N . lesolution naming turned philanthropist, has een granted a Christmas pardon by President Ki-nni-dy. This apparently wipes Ihe slale drim for F.iitor. 70. »h turned rom n bartering career to tlic more exciting world peopled by M Capone and Roger Touhy. The pardon, first applied for il 195H. clears away a I!H3 conviction for mail fraud and evidently will put an end to the government's attempt to hove Factor deported to his native England. "1 am very suipriscd and grate- ill." Factor said Tuesday at I'iilm Springs. Calif., "I hope I lave earned it. It is a wnndcrfu' Christmas present and I believe justice lias been done." Tbe pardon was signed Monday by Kennedy at his vacation headquarters. Factor was paroled from Ihe Federal Correctional Institution at Sandstone. Minn., in ]I4!I after six years of a 10-year sentence. Factor gained national attention in IMI when he charged he hud been kidnaped by Touhy. a pro- InbiMon beer baron. Touhy was sentenced Io US years on kidnap to the rescue of the North Koreans when ihey had been mauled by U.N. forces in I960. He accused Red China of trying "to shoot its way into the United Nation*, und dramatically pro- ductd a 1950 model Soviet m»- chine gun captured from the Korean Reds as proof. The Soviet delegate, Jacob A. Malik, left the Security Council room rather than examine Uw gun. Told of Austin's death, Trumii said in his Independence, Mo., liome; "I'm sorry as I can be to hear about his death. He »ai able mid distinguished senator and (lid a wonderful job whilt hi was in the public service." Austin was born in HighgaU, VL and after graduation from Uii I'niversity of Vermont, entered Ins father^ law office. He woi admitted to tlic bar in 1902. lie married Mildred Marie Lu. whom be hnd met at college, !il years ngo. She was with him when he died They hiid two sons, Warren Jr.. and Col. Edward Lucas Austin of the U.S. Army. ,ind charges, paroled after mysteriously slmlgiinned to deiilli on the sh'ps of his Chicago apart- mem building days later. More Swedes Driving STOCKHOLM - About 1.400.M! assfncer cars arc in use in Sweden. Tliis is about IK |KT 1,000 population compared with H7 ai Ihe en:l cil !!C5 and 3B in 1'TiO. Marriage Licenses Itohert .lack Hnmnc'r. Creelev. Reds Repeat Spy Charges Against U.S. Embassy MOSCOW (APi-Th? Soviet Pn- ion again Wed. accused the U.S. ·y. Embassy in Mosrmv nf espionage and Nancy Alice Moore. Denver and demanded it slop the nllegfd Gerald .Dean Craven. Kersc.y. s|,vinc;. r s Ambassador Foy 1) and Leora Mae Warne,. Grcclcy. Kohler promptly rejected lh« Dennis Itobeit Daist and Marie Jamison, bol'n Greeley Delbert K Wertz. I.a Sallc.'a Itosalic K. Hrork. (ilcelev. p.m., Friday from Macys Draw-'Winicman. Ml!' 25th SI. ing Room with interment at Linn which rcccivr-d S3.",n dam:.;;i Grove Cemetery Rd. the i%2 Democratic nali volition nal con-'Guard .stnicluic. A chief feature ol Ilic Army- Clarcnce Iliicknm. manager Hf/'* 1 ^ 1 TM'TM I'lan calls lor rccon- the way!) 1 ' 1 ' 1 " 'l llll ' ii( - r rtaclion capability Court w i t h her datighk Kent Oil?. 1 -, for five muntlr She was born July (i. ir;xi a' Bowling Green. Mo. She uorkirl as a legal sectclary in CoioiaiSo Spruits for 22 years bcf,,:c hi-i ;n;irriage She was maineil ',, .lessn Lester Lucas Dec. 2.". I'.UI He died in a car accidcni Oct 4. l'J39. She was a mcmlxr of the First Church of Cbri't Siifiit:-.! Hcsiile? Mrs Giles, nirvn City Traffic j 1 Accidents Girl Ran into Side of Car |tl A Tii'.iii-e rc,!o!t :l t i n - a n - i - j l . i . ien' S::il!lfi:iy :,] \vil,'-il A I o M . - l i u n Gi.i'iner. Zlno W 12!h St lid.. w,-,sj ', i n j i i i f ' l v.a. MI i-ri'ir Tin- originali'ib two others da«!hl^rs. Mrs. i report !'·;,.-! t!.,i she wit- M r i i c k j l l w . r Fied Ash of Ovid, and Mrs. Ifos-jby f o r Taylor of Klsinorc. Calil.; n'Saluid.iy at I2lh St. and :fib Ave. i m o n e ' I . The ;:irl ran lion. A commilicc representing the OKI sain as many as 11.000,governors has bee,, trying J 0 ,],.. Wfinhl be needed. ,.jd,, ,,,, w | lfn ,,, S( , ck a m( . p|i At '.lie party s I'.m convrnlion u,t|, McNiimara to discuss !l,e |" ·"· Angel-. IV ,, ; ,.e, ;11? area:,,, t .,,,| r ,,,rgani w t.i, ; n. Indications 'i.'i'i seats fur .|,VIO delegates on point I I I - main flu.,,am i ,-», aildrliooal.uaiy. .(·.its nwvpaper. radio The Army concept would riesig- M.-I..II iiiirc.s|,,,nden!s n.-.te six t; U arA divisions as high )rnvr Cfili"iun will h n l i l t p r m r j i y ,,,itf,( s . They woult V'KHI MMls ,,,, l|,e |,i: lin :|,,|,|| ,,, ;,,, p ,. r C( , ||t ',,[ (u || 'bill sireni'th rnccling i n early Jan- ' l rom inw..«,m a, 4 02 p.m.; B.I, sa,,| ,,,. feeN tbere a,,. !,,iter arms and equipment. Mir.. Bud of BflkersfLfhl, Calif. :jThi.- » 10 grandelnWron. and 15 grral into lb" s»)i. ,,( thi giaiidchildren. ·' l ' lcd l) " i: ! ' s ; ""l Funeral services will a! 10:3(1 was Uc.ilc.l ,-ii \V-I n.m . from Jlarys Drawing Rooiri^rai llopii,il and v.llii inlermrnl ill I.inil (Jrnve/lrivrr of the f u r v Cemetery. , INehng. 1456 lith S suf. ( onnty (ien- released. Tbc i fc Strpll-n F.. rv insurm.,,inti,i,lr I K I I other Guard divisions would be pegged ,i( 70 per cent l" bu -mess m'cicsl, of ,[ full v|ien i: ih. These are outfits g'l M.intl iliese pfi,|,!i-.".'a..siini-fl srcrct speciiil missions 1 I Ihink Hi-re's a ,,i,ml iiml-r liie wiir pliinv The icinain- !''! ' - " i'l'U 15 Giiiin, Infnntry divisions iw-inilfl In; held to Hi per cent (,! ·siiiilily we cei: ! U5E THE fR'BUNE WANT ADsistrenglh SAILOR'S DREAM-Lw (Juin. ffi. tkip|*r of Ihi 1 ketch. Neopbile, wants an nil-girl crew In sail with him io the Hawaiian IslnntU. Hen. he POTS with sir piosprctivc crew memhrl's as they prepara for a shakedown cruise in San hanci'co Hay fiotn S;ui.s,ii:io. Cnbl l/.|t ;,, l i c l i t : GiM'ilp M.-iviT. '^2. Susie Uirii. ?0; liniis Liiinlcr: Jiickir Millci. 24; Cimly Ah. 2J). anil Jeanne lirowne. XI (Jiiinn h;,.s not nnnnuniTil his final crew selrclions. 'AP Wircphotni promptly rejected th« cliaiije ;,s unfouuiicd Kohler in turn accused the Russians o( riirryiiii! on an nnli- Ameiiciin campiiign in the prpsj Tbe new liiissi,-,n complaint was ;tn .iut|;rowib of accusations in the Smi-i press earlier this 'month np-iiiM five f.S. Kmbawy officials. : Snviei newspaper:; linkwl the jl'ive willi Oleg I', 4S. l I Soviet scicnlilic official who is IK-- ;ini; held (or triiil on rh.-iigci of jspymi: for Hie I'nilcd Slutes. and Gri'villi- Wynne, n British busi- : Huih:iiry in November and now in ,;r.viiilii)i; trinl in Moscow, nlso for Ifspionacc. line «f tbc Atiicricans was rx- ·|«-ilcd. Aniilher was sent hoint j l ' v Hie F.mbiissy. Tbe other llure ' i c n i i i i n in Moscow The: Soviet l-'ureign Mmijtry called m an Aini-rican Io . ilrni.-iiiel an end ol the alleged s|iyini!. lln«c\er, il did not »sk tin- expulsion nf tlir Ihrec nc- '. usi-il Anirticanf-. Sunic Am-iimn ofdci.ilj took Ibis to mean that the Iliusinn* linel dciidiil :i;:.-!in--l dccliiiini; (he Ami i icariv peiMinii nmi grata and Ibiil tin. inciilent may be over. Stop Bad Breath S»«lm Hiite.siwtli j Tmt mtn r - , . Y., fw lifer*] fm V*#t.

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