Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1970 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, June 1, 1970
Page 15
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Farm Roundup By DON KENDALL AP Firm Writ»r WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of Agriculture Clifford M. Hardin is the keeper of a bit of nautical memorabilia that lends credibility to one of his honorary titles as an admiral in the Nebraska navy. Hardin was presented last week with a plaque bearing the narheplate of the S.S. Jeremiah Rusk, a World War II Liberty ship recently sold for scrap. Someone in the Department of Commerce's Maritime Administration thought it fitting for the Agriculture Department to have the ship's nameplate, since the vessel was named in honor ol Jeremiah McLain Rusk, the first full-term secretary of agriculture. Hardin, who was born in Indi ana and was chancellor of the iluses overflowed existing land storage facilities. Then she served as a floating warehouse or surplus wheat. "I the secretary of agriculture for whom the ship was named would have been proud o be memorialized by a ship which, like her namesake, served her country so well," Gibson said. "Farmers and sailors have a ot in common, though one plows the land and the other the sea. The work of both is a basic and continuing part of our history and our economy." The old Liberty ship, since its jranary days ended in 1963, was aid up in the Hudson River Reserve Fleet waiting another chance for service. However, .he Vietnam conflict passed her )y and last January the S.S. Jeremiah Rusk--which cost $1.7 joining the Nixon cabinet, has a number of honorary titles, one of them the Nebraska navy ad- miralship and another as "Sagamore of the Wabash" in Indiana. .The Jeremiah Rusk nameplate, an 18-by-23-inch plaque, will be displayed in Hardin's office. Jeremiah Rusk, the ship s namesake, technically was the second secretary of agriculture after the agency gained Cabinet status in 1889. The first secretary, Norman J. Colman--who had headed the agency when i was a lesser bureau--served only three weeks. Rusk, a former governor o! Wisconsin, then served a four year term. He helped organize the department's personnel poll cies and was a pioneer in get ting government information to farmers. According to one report. Rusk also developed a novel idea o War Casualty General Bond Highly-Regarded in Pentagon University of Nebraska before million to build--was 'sold for · · · · $84,600 to a Canadian firm that jought her as scrap. Women See Backer Asks airo Asylum letting 'farmers weather reports. know about .., The proposal --never developed Fully--involved using blasts of steam whistles to inform citizens whether to expect rain or sunshine. Half a century later, on Sept 15. 1943, the 10,0000-ton S.S. Jeremiah Rusk entered wartime service at Richmond, Calif., and served in the Pacific before being retired fleet in 1946 to the mothball At a ceremony last week, A. E. Gibson, head of the Maritime Administration, presented the nameplate to Hardin and notec that the ship was brought into active service again during the Korean War, lugging grain to Europe. The'Rusk was retired again, briefly, until crop sur- Mis-Snake In Identity Gets Boy MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) An altar boy on the way to church Sunday picked up a deadly coral snake that didn't bite until the boy finished his chores at early mass. Bruce Yeagcr Jr., a 12-year- old reptile fancier, dropped off his bike to stuff the red, black and yellow striped snake in his pocket and then continued on to church, his mother said. "He thought it was a harmless king snake," Mrs. Yeager said. "He's always bringing snakes home. He's got a boa constrictnr here now for a pet." At church the boy changed nto robes and helped with mass. "When he finished, and was changing clothes, he reached nto his pocket for the snake and t bit him," his mother said. A chum, 12-year-old Richard Glavish, checked the 32-inch snake in a book after the Yea- ;er boy cycled home and found it was the coral whose venom attacks the central nervous system. WASHINGTON (AP) - In a ! jlack-bordered brochure at his 'uneral, Brig. Gen. William Itoss Bond was described as having been "high in that minis- culc group destined to lead the United Slates Army." In plain language, he was known around the Pentagon as a comer. i The 51-year-old general, who battled back from a massive heart attack in 1965 to win his star and a field command, was killed by a sniper April 1 some 70 miles northeast of Saigcn. Rare Event lie was the only American general to die in ground combat in the long war. Five others have been killed in plane or helicopter crashes. At the time of his death, Bond was directing elements of his 199th Light Infantry Brigade in a fight against two North Vietnamese companies. Reared in Maryland and Virginia, Bond graduated from the University of Maryland and spent a year at its law school before enlisting in the Army early in World War II. A lieutenant by 1942, Bond fought in North Africa and Sici- y. He volunteered for the amed "Darby's Rangers" and oarticipated in some of the bit- crest fighting of the Italian campaign. He was with the Rangers the night of Jan. 30, 1944 when--at lislcrna Di Littoria near Anzio when he took over command of a 101st Airborne Brigade in 1904. But in January 1965 lie suffered a massive heart attack, and was ruled unfit for retention on active duly. "For the ordinary officers this would have been the end of career and aspirations," said the brochure given out at his funeral. "But Bond was cast in a special mold." By a complex scries of persuasive appeals and waivers he secured probationary assignment to Thailand in 1966. There, though he sometimes complained bitterly in private that "the fates are against me," he began to rebuild career and health. He had returned to Vietnam just last November. Bond was married in 1960 to the former Theodora Sedgwick They had no children. STOCKHOLM young women Husbands 1 Death Plunge (AP) watched Two lusbands plunge to their deaths' Sunday when the men ejected from u burning jet fighter and icir parachutes failed to open. The men were the pilot and ;he navigator of the lead plane in a group of four Swedish air force Lansen jets performing aerobatics at an air circus. Their wives were among the spectators. The aircraft had just taken off from Torsby air base when it caught fire. The pilot took the plane to about 400 feet and the men ejected, but air force officials said there was not enough height for the parachutes to open. CAIRO (AP) - A 23-year-old Italian law student who hijacked an Al Italia DC9 airliner from Italy to Cairo has asked for political asylum, the Egyptian press reported Sunday. He had been armed with a toy pis- Mon.. June 1, 1970 (JREELEY TRIBUNE! Page Miniskirted Ex-Model Uses Bicycle in Senate Campaign tol Gianluca taken into Stellino, custody who was when the U. S. national forests contain 100 million acres of forest land. Canada Announces Its Dollar Be Allowed Free Float plane landed in Cairo Saturday, was quoted as telling authorities that he had always wanted to visit Cairo but "did not have the fare for the trip." He portrayed himself as a sympathizer with the Egyptians and a wholehearted supporter of the Arab cause. Stellino told authorities he sought the toy pistol the rnorn- ng before he boarded the plane n Genoa. The toy was used to .hreaten the pilot of the twin-engine jet, Capt. (Jino Baldrati. It was found later in Cairo International Airport's cafeteria. --the 900-man force duced to less Young Yeagcr was rushed to a local hospital and anti-venom serum was flown in by a je' fighter plane of the Florida Air National Guard, from the State Health Department in Jackson villc. "Now lie's just fine," his mother said late Sunday. was half re- ils strength. Pounded by tanks and artillery, the Rangers fought for ive hours, surrendering when heir ammunition was gone. Bond, who won the first of two Silver Stars for heroism, spent he next 11 months in prisoner of war camps in Italy, Germany and Poland before escaping. Over the years after World War II, Bond's assignments fol- owed a pattern that the Pentagon called "reasonably typical if the mid-career pattern of an o u t s I a nd i ng officer being 'roomed for liip.h responsibility." Formed Berets This included staff jobs, spe- OTTAWA (AP) -- Canada announced Sunday jts dollar would e allowed to float freely in re- atinn to other currencies, effec- ive immediately. The move is expected to increase (he worth of the Canadian dollar, which las been valued since May 1962 at 92.5 cents U.S. In effect, the action means Janadian exports will tend to he more expensive, imports into Canada cheaper and travel by Canadians abroad less expensive. Finance Minister E.,1. Benson, announcing the decision at a special Canada news was conference, said abandoning at dal courses, peacetime fielc commands and ?. major role in fashicning the Green Berets as they are known today. In 1959 and I960 he was among the initial small band of American advisers in Vietnam where he was praised for "precise and penetrating" combat reports. Bend's career seemed assured empts to keep the exchange ·ate below the previous upper imits of 93.43 U.S. cents. Benson paid the International Monetary Fund in Washington, administrate; -f international agreements 01, currency ex change, was informed in ad' vance of Canada's action. Canada will resume its obliga (ions to keep its dollar pegged within a narrow range "as soon WANTED i 50 OLD DEAD °E ALIVE WE'BE BEADY TO OFFER A TREMENDOUS TBADB-IN ON ANY OLD WASHER TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF ANY NEW MODELS OF FAMOUS, DEPENDABLE * AUTOMATIC WASHERS, DRYERS and WRINGER WASHERS ;aid. circumstances permit," h In Genoa, Slellino's physician, Dr. Umberto Bonifaccio, said he youth had been suffering from menial anxiety and confusion. Stellino had been under observation, Bonifaccio said, for a nervous condition that apparently stemmed from two heart operations, the first performed 11 years ago and another last year Italy's state-run radio said investigations by police and others into Stellino's backgrounc LOS ANGELES (AP) - For 2Vz months a 32-year-old housewife has been campaigning for he U.S. Senate, mostly on her bicycle. In that time Eileen An-: derson has slowly acquired po- itical knowledge the hard way. Mrs. Anderson, a former model, filed for the Democratic nomination March 11 with $850 she got for selling her car. With the car gone, she lias had to ride the bike. At City Hall, for aboul four hours every day, she waves placards and appeals tp passersby for votes. Mrs. Anderson, sixth among 14 candidates in last year's mayoral race, has learned the overwhelming obstacles facing an unknown candidate. She has crashed more meetings than she has been invited to. Uninvited, alfired in her usual miniskirt she went lo one meeting of businessmen, strode to the platform where the leading Democratic candii U.S. Reps. John Tunney and refrain, "...put a woman in the ienate like me." Why is she running? "I want to do some good for the ordi-' nary person like myself who is overtaxed and overburdened. with the high cost of living. We need some honest politicians and I want to show it can be done. King Sets IOS Loan Limit At $8 Million DENVER, Colo. (AP) -- John M. King, hoard chairman of the King Resources Co. of Denver, · has decided to limit the firm's me u.auuim wuu.i: ,,,.: i»., financial help to Investorsi Over- lending Democratic candidates-j^ 35 Services, Ltd., to an $8-nul- George Brown-were seated, and knocked on the table. "Please, teacher," she said, 'how about me? I am also a candidate." The audience applauded. Some yelled: "Let's hear her." And they did. tended to rule out any political she sang what she calls her motivation for the hijacking. |"song of peace" a short song Baldrati and his crew flew theithat comprises most of her cam- iTM KO^I, (« n nma -,,, a roo,,. ian unit within one percentage joint on either side of a parity f 92.5 cents in U.S. funds. That allowed the value of the Canadian dollar in foreign ransactions to fluctuate as low is 91.57 cents U.S. money -ise as high as 93.43 cents. Because of a record trade sur- lus and international developments, the Canadian currency has been pressing against its upper limit for weeks, putting a icavy strain on the Bank ol Canada, which puts up funds to satisfy demands when the dol- ar's value is high. ju nours earner. Among inemip;: . In a seven-week period ex-|was one American, identified inllines at a cost of S37 million. ending to early May, the feder-IRome as Miss Joyce Capece, 50,1 Five new exchanges will be al bank balance plummeted toja TWA employe in New York established, including one this plane back to Rome as a regular Alitalia flight shortly before noon with 55 passengers aboard. There were 30 passengers aboard the hijacked plane upon ora(orVi eno :jng with the Singapore Phones SINGAPORE - In the next its arrival. They were flown four y e a r s Singapore's back on another Alitalia plane! telephone system will be ex- 10 hours earlier. Among thcmjpanderi from 108,000 to 200,000 iion loan. Earlier IOS said an agreement had been reached under which King would lead his company and other U.S. financial institutions in advancing $40 mil- jon credit to the Geneva-based mutual fund firm. Terms of the agreement would have given King control of the company, formerly headed by Bernard Cornfeld. The federal Securities and Exchange Commission has barred IOS companies from operating in this country. King so far has been unsuccessful in asking the SEC to suspend this order. usl over $41)0 million from more ( City. .han $1 billion. year with 10,000 lines. King said in a statement Fri- the $8-million loan, which lie termed "fully day cured," will mature by May 31, 1971 at the latest. Partly under the impetus of! booming trade, upward prcs- 1 sure on the Canadian dollar continued, and the hank had to intervene throughout last week to drive down the value on foreign exchanges. In Washington a U.S. Treasury spokesman said in response to queries that the intent of the Ca- ladian action "is to permit the exchange rate to move over a broader range above the existing parity, with the aim of dampening a sharp increase in reserves and internal liquidity which has been aggravated by short term capital inflow. "The U.S. government, while ,-ecognizing the circumstances ,hat motivated this action, welcomes the intention of Canada o remain in close consultation vilh the International Monetary ?und, with a view to a return to lormal practices at the earliest possible date. The U.S. dollar is not affected." Simultaneous with the action on the dollar, the Bank of Canada announced a reduction in the bank rale from 7'.i per cent to 7 :er cent--the second drop in :our weeks. Downward pressure on the Canadian dollar forced abandonment of Canada's floating exchange rale in 19C2. Since then, the government his adhered to an agreement with the IMF to keep the Cana- A 47-year-old Viennese suffocated in a wheat silo when he tried to clear a plugged-up connecting pipe and fell into the ', feTE E I_C A© E DESKS CHAIRS AND FILES For every office need. COMPLETE OFFICE PLANNING "Everything fur the Office" 1303 Eighth Avenue WE'LL. TRADE, WE'LL ,-All Models Features Colors * All With MAYTAG Dependability-, M^Hp^OpIMb, Jj%TTI^^ ^ receives ows onanyMaytag,0ffrraH:Wce:. Register for a ?250 Credit towards purchase of a new washer. "NOBODY, BUT NOBODY, UNDERSELLS THE MAYTAG BOYS" Howard Kahler Bill Kahlcr GREELEY MAYTAG APPLIANCE CO. 6238thAve. 352-4643 $ ;^^^^ffi^^^^^^^ ^ TUES., JUNE 2, 1970 - 5:00 p.m. Mr. Mrs. Kirhy Hart, Owners -- No. 2 Dos Rios, ifireetey. Colo. Directions: S. on :ioth Ave. to KFKA |Radio Towers, ',', mi. W., (hen Southwesterly, approx. V/i mi. on the old river road. West upright, frost free freezer; Philco auto, washer and dryer comb.; Philco TV; Kenmore auto, washer dryer; 'Leonard dbl. door refrig.; breakfast set with 4 chairs; VM I record player with stereo speakers: Prov living rm. tables; 4 poster bed with canopy; Hollywood beds: corner beds. 4 nc sec. sofa; 3 hardwocd tables: 2 swivel rockers; wood chairs; chest of drawers; large Oak dining table with 6 ornate wood chairs; several lamps; peg jed pine table and chairs; several small appliances: cookwnre; dishes, some silver: Corning Ware Oak round coffee table; game room furniture; books and encyclopedias. COLLECTORS ITEMS: Cedar chest with copper hardware; I marble top chest with matching diamond back mirror; jewelry I box' piano bench; hutch: Oriental rug; bedside tables lamps; i ice cream chairs; copper foot tub: numerous other items. ' SPORTING GOODS: Skis; ski-boots; assorted ski ware; ·sleeping bags; back packs: large Coleman tent: camp stoves: camping utensils; deluxe ping-pong table; bicycles: barbecue cookers; several games: Winchester 30-30, lever action rifle, 22 Caliber, bolt action rifle; gun rack. ! HOBBY EQUIPMENT: Complete rock hound equip.; dia ' m o n d saw; 3 cyl. rock tumbler; ham radio equip.; gold stamping jequip. G A R D E N SHOP: Hanging Redwood baskets: live orange tree- several planters; water fountain with motor; lawn mower; fert spreader; seeder; several elec. hand tools; metal shelves; misc. items too numerous to mention (something foi- everyone). NOTE: Inspection afternoon of the auction day only! TERMS: CASH AUCTION DATE. AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS - REALTORS E. R. "Kill" Austin 1203 Olh Street, Grceley. Colorado Ph. 303-353-0790 Daily Radio Program, KFKA 7:30 a.m. Father's Day is June 21 The lean, rugged Levi's look in o dress-up homespun fabric in the latest colors. Never need ironing, never lose their crease -- they're Sta-Prest! "Cli'ii-f/c" Dml's Lt.ri'x! Cift Wrapiinu in the FiiMiiiis Hibbx Tnnlitiini /'. a Ctmrtcsii' The Comfortable Store, 814-816 Ninth Street

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