Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Free Press 4 The Newt-Tribunt, Wednesday, February 19,1SI75-6 MON. - FRI. DAYTIME TV Ann Landers _ia ·:» IftN 1330 4:N 1 Ch.2 KfCI(CIS) CM Mm!,, Nm V«M| 1 Tta Kntkii U»r* Mr TMwrn «l IX W«M Turn Mfl el NifM Ntw.Prk* \\ »i«lit kUit DMIUl llww' " ' . ' **"*"" Kltl Mwi Ch.4 K AID (PBS) LIIHI. YH« * YW hUlftf llFMl tWciric CimpMr Vill* Al«frt * ""*" Carttr E*rtin«A Stttnw itrwt Mr. RBfrri ViK» Atefri Ch.6 KIVI(AIC) Th« LMCV V-tw SHit^l- All My cil*M III.OM )vrinll 7» l i , ]IH«IM» Otmrll Htlpitll Tta Mwif MJU TfHHttM Tuil^o Nlw ZM XtYM Link SHr Ten Ate tv.Blrj Ni«t in Km lH(ilf Ch.7 KTVI(NIC) .-!-««. ^i|M tolliri Wh*flt Of FHlUM Arufhrr Worltf Somtrttl Th( Fll GrMn Aim ' Andy GriHirh NIC Nt|Mlv Ntwi ALLTV-ITIMO GE-APfUANCES-AU IEFRIGERATION 4S9-W4 SLACKER'S WEDNESDAY'S TV »:]' 7:30 1 1:30 9 9;30 10 10:30 1 1 . 1 1 : 3 0 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Di Stuii Really Hovt DDMI Dir T o d a y M^i-hunru Cinrwn Ercwilneti Nt^i C B S Ldli W j * , r Munioq Hi nil irrs Ch.4 RAID (PBS) E1«Mnc Company iljlerwu» Rceorl Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) K.qh Crupiiul Ardneiaay Hugh! Movie Combar Ch.7 KTVB (-NBC) The Price v Right lilllc Hauie on Prairie lutat Tinnfr PL-IJCCl-Hi HtHibctt r The TaiigM Shaw Tomono* THURSDAY'S TV 1 Ch.2 KKI(CH) t 4:30 7 7:30 1 1:30 4 9 JO 10 10: JO 11 11:30 11 11:30 1 Pwple'i Preii Conlerentf Tne w*llool Tfw FBI Stcr M .. Mornmq HclC'inci Ch.4 KAID (ft!) SIllthOUK RtpOif rd»ha Wild Me Coniymff Survival Kil 6ill Moyrn Report The Jjpjnete F-tm Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) High Chipirrjt Birn*y Mii'n Kiren SlrefU 01 S F Hirry 0. Combat Good Nfwv Ch.7 KTVI(NBC) To Tell Ihe Trulh Hollywood Squiret The Mat DiM Show Archer ironndf Ncwjbeil I The TonigM Show Tomorrow Program Highlights 7:00 (4) IDAHO WILDLIFE This series is produced in cooperation with the Idaho Fish and Game Department. 7:30 (4) CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT - "Fat Chance: A Look at Weight Control" Americans are spending over $1,000,000 per hour lo gel skinny. Sandee Harden reports on the pros and cons of health spas; Bob Smith explores dieting; host Larry Lew m a n i n t r o d u c e s behavior modificalion; Fran Johnson explains this week's Survival Kit. 8:CO :;; BILL MOVERS; J O U R N A L : I N - TERNATIONAL REPORT -- Emmy Award-winning journalist Bill Mayers hosts this new international affairs series which features interviews with world leaders, discussions with foreign journalists of world events, and film reports on global issues. 8:00 (7) ARCHER-While investigating a claim that a building fire was actually arson, Lew Archer is drawn into a homicide in which he becomes the prime suspect in "Shades of Blue." 8:00 (2) THE F.B.t. STORY"The F.B.I Versus the Ku Klux Klan" Part 1. Wayne Rogers, Dabney Coleman, Ed Flanders, and Andrew Duggan In a two-part presentation. The f a c t u a l dramatization of Ihe story of civil rights workers murdered in n.' -'outh. «:00 (6) i "" " r *·'" FRANC,-.. .... THURSDAY After two mysterious deaths in a mental institution, Inspector Steve Keller has himself committed lo the asylum. He uncovers some disturbing facts, but then has a narrow scrape wilh death while under the influence of drugs administered to him without his knowledge. 3:00 (41 THE JAPANESE FILM - "Night Drum" The conflict between love and a harsh code of honor is the subject of Tadashi Imai's 1958 film of 17th century Japan, when adultery was punishable by death. Si.Gd './; inUNSIDE-"The Quincunx" A folk-singing trio into drugs leads Ironside to a search for a missing girt and a murderer. Like father, like son they say Dear Ann Landers: This may sound like a Irashy novel to you but it's new to me. I have fallen deeply in lore wilh Ihe husband of a close friend. We've been meeting secretly at a motel ten miles out of (own. We both live for Ihe few hours we can share together. Marriage is out of Ihe question-too mnny children and sensitive spouses Involved. Last night after my lover Berry's World "Have you been leathering your nest in Washington?" checked inlo the motel we drove around to mir room in the rear. Just as we were unlocking Ihe door we bumped right inlo his eldest son who wa.s coming out of the adjoining room with his girl friend. II was a terrific shock In all nf us. Nobody spoke, but his son's gasp could have been heard a half block away. That boy never tilted me and I'm sure he'd love to tell his mother, except of course, he'd have to explain what UK was doing there. Shall 1 lade the chance and keep my mnulh shut? Or should I tell her myself and promise never to go nut with her husband again, although I doubt that I am strong enough to keep the promise?--Trapped DearT: Say nothing. But DO make the promise-to yourself--and try your darnedest to keep it. You are on a collision course, my friend, and sooner or later there's going tn he a smash-up unless you lake a quick detour. Dear Ann Landers: How can a female employe tactfully refuse to have lunch with her buss? I nm not a prude but I have no interest in getting involved with him TliL'lasI thing in Ihe world I want tn io is offend Ihe man, damage his ego or jeopardize my job. Can you suggest a smooth but firm megalive response that meets all the requirements? Thanks, Ann.-Tongue-Tied in Toledo Dear Toledo: Untie your tongue and tell your boss that for a long lime you've had a standing lunch date with Ihe girls and you don't want to hurl their feelings. It's a logical reason and disposes of the problem neatly. + + -f Dear Ann Landers: My mother-in-law and father-in-law recently separated. Mamie is 44 years old and lives 30 miles away. Last week my wife told her the house next door to ours wenl on the market, she said, "Wonderful, I think I'll buy it!" My wife and I are in our mid- twenties. 1 have always been very fond of Mamie but I really don't want her living next door In us. She is not overbearing or nosy, but my wife and I both feel that there are bound to be problems --such as loo much "logelhc-rness" and including her in our social activities. Is there any tactful way to tell a mother-in-law that you love her dearly but you wish she wouldn't buy Ihe house next door?-Confused Dear Con. You're going to have problems no mailer which! way you go. My advice is-- level} with her. If Mamie buys the! house anyway, you and yourj wife should sit down with her) and outline the ground rules.f Then make sure everybody sticks to them. CONFIDENTIAL lo Should I or Shouldn't!?: Iflwereinyour place I'd do it. Remember, the only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. Good luck, dear, and keep me posted. "DOCTOR OF LOVE" wus "DELUXE LENGTH" Deere *jMn at 5:30 TOP CINEMA ·ATB xxx Undtr ft Hot AAmtM 454-1731 Df or Polron: If you would be offended by a litm ol a itxuat nature, youi patronage it not solicited. Program Highlights WEDNESDAY 9:00 (6) HARRY 0-"Lester" A college student is accused of two sexually oriented murders. 10:30' (7) THE TONIGHT SHOW-Johnny will be visiting with Lily Tomlin and others. 10:35 (2) CBS LATE MOVIE- "Bcg Borrow or Steal" wilh Mike Connors. Michael Cole. 6:00 (2) DR. SEUSS-"lloober Bloob lliway" New animated special written especially for television by Theodor (Dr. Seuss) Geisel. The Hoobcr-Bloob is the route all creatures follow when they are first "dispatched" lo earth. 7:00 (7) LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAlRlE-Juiia Cobb guest-stars as a mother-to-be who. with Pa, faces mob action by angry farmers when they think her husband has absconded with their seed money. 7:00 (2) DORIS DAY TODAY- Music-and-comedy special highlighting the "now" world, starring Doris Day andgucst stars Tim Conway. Rich Little, The Lockers am. special guest star John Denver. 6:30 12) REALLY ROSIE- With Maurine Sendak's Nutshell Kids. The animated special revolves around an i.maginative little dynamo named Rosie, dressed as a movie star, who enchants her young friends into making musical-film screen tests, and the antics bring to life all Ihe favorite characters from Maruice Sendak's popular "Nutshell Library." 7:30 (6) WEDNESDAY MOVW OF THE WEEK-'The Family Nobody Wanted" starring Shirley Jones and James Olson. The heartwarming story of a minister and his wife who face many' complications when they adopt 12 racially-mixed children. 8:00 12) M A N H U N T E R "Death Watch" Dave Barrett seeks the killer who set off an explosion in which his friend was critically hurt. 9:00 (2) CANNON--"Missing at FL307" An ex-convict, bound for a reunion with his daughter after 10 years in prison, steps on an airliner in Atlanta but is missing when the plane lands in Los Angeles. «:00 M) THKATIIE IN AMKItICA - "Urollicr to Dragons" Kobcrt Penn Warren's poetic rtramu of man's confrontation with the dark side of his nature centered around A bizarre yet little known incident in American history -- will receive its television premiere. The Trinity Square Repertory Company of Providence performs this adaptation of its own production, taped at historic locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 10:35 (2) CBS LATE MOVIE- "Hcc Ramsey: The Mystery of the Yellow Hose" with Richard Boone, Diana Muldaur. While pursuing a fugitive, Hec Ramsey runs into a woman he loved years ago and learns that she is accused of murder. When the jury finds her guilty and she is sentenced lo hang. K;imsey comes to her aid. STARTS TONIGHT AT 2 THEATRES! ALL DISNEY ALL FAMILY AH the thrills.. All the laughter... All the excitement of the greatest adventure of them all! T DISNEY'S ffi TECHNICOLOR''PANAVISION-'SEbTM 1 :" 0 " 0 "* Pix Times, WeeknighU "JOURNEY" 7:15 10:50 "SWISS FAMILY" 8:30 THIACI... SATES OPEN 6:45. Show ol 7:15 SEE MOVIl IATIN6 GUIDE fir Pittils tii TMIJ ht^t otfttt-rt C' lilt Htrltjt 1 f n -ftm-n (O'til! XX}* t Ih* tvt PG ftCJlTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED KESTfllCTE 1 J r f i J v « l Kt t t l or Adu'l Ou ^ NOMIUNMH 17 A STARTS TONIGHT ".IK funny V I I I I V V M atlirlM*i! M -VmcemCanby r.ewYor* Times .«1*1*. *·« 0' I FREE ELECTRIC fl-CM HEATERS Garbra Streisand Sake**^ -- plus -- *« i*«»*v«»»auei liuinSti£ui Gwge Segal Pmycat "UTESlrt 6:45, SHOW »T7:15 A Great Wilderness Adventure! EKis was the god, James Dun the martyred Kero HA fMfle still spoke of Sudra D«.... THE MOST EXCITING ADVENTURE EVER FILMED RETURNS IN ALL ITS SPECTACULAR GRANDEUR WINNER OF6 ACADEMY AWARDS! Times, 3:52-7:18-10:44 PLUSCO.HIT »,«,, DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF 80RIS PASTERNWS DOCTOR /IH\ \(,( 1E CHAPUN · TheGftrWUlIXflD HOTTUOfl QUKrUlLVtfl ROBERT BOLT'DAVID LEAN MGM Times, 2:00 - 5;26 - 8:52 Tim**, 1:30-5-Ao. J.

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