Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 26, 1962 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1962
Page 25
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Woman's Fine Hand Stirs the Year 7962 ·y JOT MILLER WM clucked over tnd avidly fol- AP WWIIM'S t«tor lowed by almost everybody, from Women worried about the same housewife to cib driver. The act{old things in 18W: cost of living, OH' respective spouses reaped the jdifting, getting a man--or if they I sympathy, had one. keeping him-their chil-i Mr.. KwnWy T«fi dren'j futures. ; For consistently popular inter. They added tomt new tensions est though, Mrs. John f, Kennedy At the supermarket they collected trading stamp! with philatelist- c fervor. At the beauty shop they insisted on a bouffant hairdo. Men succumbed to the practical surfboard or appeared with a Dew HIROINI Of THI YIA* . . . Dr. Frances Oldham Kelwy who prevented s*i« of thalidomide in thU country, with her (am- Uy. UCl to right, Dr. Keltey, her husband, Dr. Ellis Kelsey, U.S. Public Health employe: and daughttri Christine 1J. Susan won hands down. Her trips to In dia and Italy were given as devoted reportage as if they wen summit meetings. When the rode to to* hounds, took a turn on a landishments of a wig. Often as not they settled for ·abbit by another name, or per- ups mink, but in their dramatic little hearts they longed for a leapard skin coat like Queen tilt- ·beth or Elizabeth Taylor or Jackie Kennedy were photographed in. For thtt matter, a good many coiffure, everybody discussed it She became a television person ality to reckon with afUr iht conducted a televised tour of the White House she had refurbished No trivia escaped attention. When Leonard Bernstein, the New Yor Philharmonic conductor, gave he a chaste peck on the cheek it the longed for just about anything the opening of Philharmonic Hall the First Lady wore -- from Capri question of the social kiss became pants to wraparound sunglasses to rajah coats. C«U MiNc The serious-minded sorneiimes scorned fashion and found their a topic of the day. Occasionally other Kennedy got attention. Sister-in-law Ethe won many a heart in her globa trip with husband. Bob. Lovel; .outlet in picketing for peace. Oth- ^ oan Kennedy gained the spot 7* i Jen argued ·arntstly at Congres-|''8 n ' wnen Ted won the senatoria i ional hearings that women should j eleclion in November. be xnt into space. | Squtlchti Rtvtlt NIWSMAKER Of THE YEAR . . . Mn. John F. Kennedy chats with the Maharaja of I'atlala at reception in residence of Prime Minlstw Jawaharal Nehru during her viiil to India. Wtd, Dtc. 26, 1962 CREELEY TRIBUNE Page 23 Skybolt Scrapping Could '. Mean Minuteman Increase ; ly «ED S. HOFFMAN .iues reason that money which WASHINGTON AP-Some key | might have gone to the'bomber- lid Force officers indicated MOD-ilaunched Skybolt missile might be lay they are waiting for the other;applied to more Minutemen shoe to drop in the Anglo-Ameri- 1 The A ir Force's Skybo!' i s on agreement to arm Britain;ji s Bay cuti dtpiie it's first test with Polaris missde-iiruigsubma-: SU cces!s Saturday. The British. mines - I who were to have mounted the They told a reporter they ex-|l.000-mile-range Skybolt on their »ct that agreement, reached byjvulcan bombers, have agreed to 'resident Kennedy and British I accept Polaris missiles instead Prime Minister Harold Macmil-.and to build subs to launch them, uan, to have some impact on the;The French have been offered Po- Air Force's Minuteman intercon-jlarises, too. tinental ballistic missile program,] The Air Force estimates the [xmibly in next year's military iMinuteman costs about $4.5 rrril- uo '8*'- |lion apiece, counting the expense The budget now i in dose toiof building the complex under- final shape, but could be changed before it Is printed and sent to Congress next month. There is general agreement that ground launch bases Under the current program, the Air Force is building toward ·» force of 80 Minutemen in widely the budget, as it now stands, pro- 5 P ac ed below-ground launch tubes vides for another wing of thej in Montana. South Dakota. North · ·'Dakota. Missouri and Wyoming. 6,300-mile Minutemen. Informed sources said it may be a 100-mis- Isile wing, rather'than the 150- sol 'l fucl rockets combat-ready«n JIREN OF THE YEAR . . . Actress Elizabeth Taylor looks seductive at a party. Her didoes with actor Richard Burton during filming of "Cleopatra" made many a headline. Mothers were besieged from all ides. An eminent pediatrician in- isted tests showed babies thrived an unhetUd milk just out of the efrigerator, · new fugled theory many i mother vowed to have nothing to do with. Having weathtred many anolh ir fad, mothers of teen-agers faced the mwMt cheap kick; glue niffing. And the Twiit, in spite of detractors, was still popular at year's end. If there was unanimity on any- nmg, it wu that Dr. Frances Kelity was the heroine of the re«r. Sh« WM the U.S. Food and )rug Administration medical of- icer who stubbornly held out for 14 months against impossible odds o bar thalidomide from the Amer ican market. The sleeping pill later was buuned for the deformity of thousands of babies in Europe. On the international scene, Mr:. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, p r i m e minister of Ceylon, put down a palace revolution staged by mere wn. And the United States got another lady ambassador: Mrs. Eu- ;ene Anderson, to Bulgaria. Am- assador Frances Willis was appointed in 1961 to Ceylon, where ihe copes with the formidable Mrs. Bandaranaike. In the world of women there was tragedy, too. The world lost iu First Lady when Eleanor Roosevelt died at .he age of 78. The Dutch lost Princess Wilhelmina, 82, their queen for 58 years. Marilyn Monroe died at 36 from an overdose of sleeping pills and the movies' lost its sex symbol. Other vital statistics include: DIVORCES Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller, after year's heroine, but actress Elizabeth Taylor was unrivaled in the role of liren. Her carryings-on with her leading man Richart Burton during the Interminable 'filming of "Cleopatra" in Rome ·), and Princess Sophie of Greece, 23. honeymooned in this country. Zsa Zsa Gabor took her fourth lusband, Herbert Loeb Hutner, a Manhatan investor she met at a charity ball. Two autumn alliances: The Sparrow, French chanteuse Edith 3 iaf, 47, and Tbeo Sarapo, a ireek exhairdresser, 23: Lotte venya, 64, widow of composer Kurt Weill, and Russell Dctwiler, Dr, Kelsey was the undisputed 32 years of marriage to the New York governor; and some movie colony ruptures -- Lana Turner, Rosemary Clooney. Janet Leigh, Dinah Shore. MARRIAGES Prince Juan Carlus of Spain missile wing previously reported. Some officers said there has een discussion of a possible aoost to two more wings--as many as 300--of the advanced, quick-firing Minutemen ICBMs in the new budget. Others, speaking with a pessimism stemming from a series of Anne Porter for her' tint novel setbacks to the Air Force, sug- 37-year-old American impressionist painter. OUTSTANDING ARTISTS The year's outstanding woman authors were probably Katherine 4 Cities Found SUEX, Egypt -- Excavations at Tel-Kaltam, near Suez, have revealed four ancient cities, one atop another. The first level dates from the great 20th Dynasty kings: the second, from the Ptolemaic era; the third, from the Byzantine period: the fourth, from the Coptic and Arab eras. A large fort found on the first layer is believed to have been used to defend the eastern boundaries of Egypt. For distinct!.· jiflt visit East- ·»t« Gifts, 107 HHi Sl.-Aiv. 'Ship of Fools," and Rachel Carson for her controversial "Silent Spring," an attack on irresponsi- le use of pesticides. Playwright Lillian HeUman and painter Georgia O'Keeffe w e r e elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters --making now 6 women campared with 12 men. In the theater Margaret Leighton won the chief actress awards, and on television Lucille Ball was undmibtly the outstanding woman agreement might jeopardize the will make a two-year tour of the era of Ramses 1111, one of the -both (or her comeback in a half- hour comedy series, and for b« coming president of DesUu production:. 6 Councils in Rome VATICAN CITY-Only six of th« Roman Catholic Church's W worldwide councils have been held in Rome. The others were in Turkey, France, Switzerland aw Germany. It declared the first 30 o! the Dec. 11. Another 130 Minutensen around Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana are due to-be-'' come operational by summer. At the outset of the minute-man program several years ago, th» Air Force fixed on a target of. ! about 2.000 Minutemen. i '-· ' ;ested the Kennedy-Macmillan Winers of the 1W2 Annual News, paper National Snapshot Awards one added Minuteman wing already ticketed for the new budget. The Minuteman and Polaris oth are included in the military judget's "strategic package' and bus in a sense compete for funds. Some Air Force officers be- ieve that if the administration moves to earmark some of next year's money for a start on the British Polaris program, at least part of that money might be taken from the Minuteman segment. More hopeful Air Force author- L'nited States and countries, abroad. Aluminum STORM DOORS WINDOWS CLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE 352 6006 Brake Relining Official 1 Brake and Light Inipcctlon ttatlon Clyde's Thrifty Service 7th Ave. at 8th St, SEMI-ANNUAL WOMEN'S Mtdium and High REDUCED 'A, /3, '/2-AND MORE! SAVE, SAVE, SAVE on over 2,500 pair of nom« brand footwear for the entire family. MEN'S -- Freemonj Roblee, Pedwin, Hush Puppies. WOMEN'S -- Johansen, Town and Country, Air Step, Life Stride, Smortgiris Galaxies, Glamour Deb, Red Cross. ENTIRE STOCK "LIFE STRIDE" LIZARD PUMPS TO 78 MATCHING BAGS -- 9.80 Special Group CHILDREN'S SHOES -V 2 .,«* Regularly to 8.99 Special Group BOY'S OXFORDS end LOAFERS 490 Regularly to 8.99 Sale Starts Thursday at 9:00 A.M. Ttandalfa 80R 8th Street OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS TILL 8:30

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