Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 16, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Bulldogs, Aggies Both in Bids for Victory Tonighl Ky ALIJKKT IIAI.I. ' ! TJie New Mexico A^gii'.s and t h e Las Huntings w i l l both 1," out tonight to break i n t o tin' w i n column tui they play a duubl. er at Wllliam.s Gym. The Aggies will meet William Beaumont Hubjiltal, one of the lit-at military tennis in the noulliwest. They will meet thTMi in r e t u r n game here Saturday nlgiH. Prohahle Agj;ie utartlnj; lin- up will he: Sally lli-cik and Tony Go'nzak-s as forwards, I'.ub A l l e r bury ajid Joe Hwlenhnlzrr a« guards and Bud A t t c i b u r y nt Hie center position. The Bulldogs w i l l meet Mot Springs In t h e i r laM j;;inic t,e/nre the district l o u i n a n i e i i l . A l t h o u g h the Bulldogs mi. ruli'il lo win Coach Anlton 'Bull' D u r h a m Is nol predicting the oul.imic of the game. The Hot Spring l i v e i» very ndept 111 springing ,,11.411.4 a ing lo Purlmm, lilllldog lineup -.'.ill he: J i n n n l e Vlraniunle.'i nn,l Paul S t a r k as forward*, liuehen Miiynen and A l f r e d Apodsca at I h e K u a r d Jiosltions, nnd Paul Ilnach lo l a k e the pivot I llpot. A p r e l i m i n a r y g a n i e s t a r t i n g nt 7 p. m. will m a t r h the Junior hlgli Bullpujin with a Hoi .Springs ]'.lean). CAGING SCORES Ily AHMOrlATKII 1'IIKSS lllgli Krliotil: Albuquerque :;:!, Konvveil :.'K. Melrosc lir,, Kiel,! ;i i c q j , Taos 21. St. Michael',, an. College and Si rvlee: A l a b n n i i t 0(1, C e n r g i a r,!i i l u - u o v e r t i m e period.-i i , W I c h i t H Oe.sMms , r »r, J l i i l r l i i i i M i n NAB ;H. C l n r i m i t i l i ·).',, M i a m i i i i h l m ,|l, I n d i a n a .Stale ·!!,, M n r r a v i K \ i teacher* -12. O l t l i l h o n i a A A - M ·!!. . V u n i n n (Okla. N A T T C L'll C'tiloriido C, -III, l i e n v e r Anihro.'.e 40. Mlirch field C,l. C;ei|;er lii'lil M j Lumberman's Home Is Damaged by Fire A l . A M D i I O K I i i i , 1'eb i n I.TI The home of J.oui:; Carr. |.,v.i,lenl Of the tt'mthwcM L u m b e r Cn w;.:, dftmaglyl liy f l u - l a l e ye.sleHlny, Tlie k l l e h e n a n i l l o u r I n - i l l 110111.4 were i l e n l n i y e i l . T h e i l w e l l m ) : w n s a r a l l r n n d h o n p i l , , ] in e,,,|y ,I,IVK, TRIPLE-TALENT MIDSHIPMAN Friday Afternoon February 16, 1945 the nly thm.'-k'tl.T mi ij)oJi.s dfi.fH (if HM7, im I»ir} ( f i u d m l.s m iJiln.Hlfiy.s ti( t n c N'.'ii/y i l ] t f f i n i ii H w t ' l l iiji a j' in-h\n K f n l li f i d d c c r w i t i l * - Dndcn f i i n "I t i n ' MM in li,olball anil baseball. The is elected eap- te l i t , v.-ry ri:;;; !!ireat | o A i n t v ' . s I v son siring. The annual service enurt ci aHs j c is to he played at Annapolis this year and this may have a serious hearing on the outcome of the contest. Before entering the Naval Academy, Midshipman Ducien was BII oulstandlng athlelc at Knglewood IN. J.) high school and Phillips Andover Academy, where he captained the hasehall and foolhnll learns. He stands six feel two and weighs IBS pounds, and handles himself with tile grace and speed of a n a t u r a l athlete. Mo la one of the imwt versatile performers tho .Midshipmen have boasted in Years. PORTS 'LANTS TODAY and Saturday 2 -- Aco Pictures -- 2 plus "Emply Holstors" wllh DICKTonAN Sunday and Monday BUCK'S NOVEL HIT NO. 2 nolhar thrilling a d v e n t u r e "TAHZAN'S DESEHT MYSTERY" Ola: lime ol shows Sunday DOORS OPEN 11:30 A.M. Shows 12:00, 3:55, 7:50 p.m. n.v i i i ' ; i i rru.KimiN, .in. N'KW V l i H K . Fel,, 10 fl' The \ e i 4 i i t i t e .limiiiy Coni-.elman of l o o t l m l l , baseball a m i oratorical I/line, ,.4 con.siderinj; an o f f e r lo i:n lo Miillyu-noil us a movie actor . . . "Ho you I h l n k . " Jliiuiiy Baku, "lhat I "'"Id (-el olf enoiiKh j w e i j - h t lo play young, athlelli: i p a r l a r " . . , The Cuh.4 may ooldo l l l i e iMilceis In b.-iseball'a hobby i s n x movmni-t thl.'i yeiu-. since j t h e y ' v e signed V u i Colombo, 15- i year-old sophomore O l l t l l e l l l e r from lli-ocldc.ii, Ma«,i,, high school. WKKIfS WOIINT IH'IWS W i l l , Iwn mlnule.s lo (·,, in the li A r l ii'org" A Ian SIKIHTS M/e an,! Bru I'lRht-yei o l h c l - n i g h t . C. i i h s l i l u t i ' i l I'.IK L e n n y K n n i p . Tut K : i m p l i u e k i l l ! " . Hlen proci'cilcd lo s i n k s h u t s a n d n l i a s l i e l , t y o r e t w i c e , n n d I I , , - g a m e o v e r t i m e . + A M I SI 11 :l,l.s colleKc's I n u i k i ' l l i a l l i ' t - H d u b l i e d Ihe "I hill,,pin); h e e i i l i H e o f t h e n s m a l l heeailse Coaeb H a l o i d , in n l i l o ' o i Captured Papers Reveal Nips'Plan To Defend Manila (Continued from page 1) and unbalance canned by our 1111- antii'lpHtwi advance and the attack from north and east." Until A me ri run (Jaiim H l a f i officers of the 14th army corps (-Rtimated that perhaps 10.000 Japanese originally manned the iiumlerfuliy-devlsed defenses nf Miuth Manila. Scvt-rnl thousand may be left in HIP thfrk'Wallcd Intramuros iintri('l, nlong the buy aliore just m m t l i nf t h e Pa.iig river month »nd in tliu mljiictHit Ermita and Muliitc districts. .lupuncao, confined to an uri'ii nbmit 5,000 yards by 1,500 yimif), opi-ncd up at ilawn yesterday wild iminlermi.f fire nnd limit- 1 i to n m u t t e r of vlpor m ld l l t i m i l i K » . K o n a l d K U M O W , n - c e n l l y s i l n p s The a r m y ".superio H t a n d i i r i l Is 114 . . . .N, w l l a l I.I I'nl A l Peteix d n a t i o n a l A. A. U \ v n l k n e \ t w e r k . he'll t h e l U K h c s l r n n l k n i : . i r i n y , u n , , T I'\TI to I ' l ' i n p e l c in it i i a t m i i i i l I n i i ' k m e e t , . A.s a . o h i t i o n "or hasel.iill'K m i i i i | « i \ v i r pnibleiiis, S|iutl.s l-Milor ( l e u , - S u l l u ' a n .'! t h e SI J,.M']i|l. . M o . N . - w a - l ' i e s s aslis v v h v not a h l i l K l e i'l|{lll-t'liih l,. n . K I I . - . w i n c h would r e q u i r e only ;nn p l : i \ r r . s nnd h a l t a.-, nine!) lr;i\'cr.' I'd A m o r i c a j 'iml.H faults did Tor Hospital Thl.s renewed Japanese ihmtisl the 37th I n f a n t r y division priuhcHil which hud pushed liruutfli thi' University of the 'liilippiin's campus toward the bay j Tin- :t?th \va.4 moving .slowly ln- |u-nr,i tin- Kcm'ni] hospital, n hiyh- ly-fort if ii'd I'licmy strong point, uslnK ^mit nii-i- ho as not tti en- iliuifjiT patii'iit.s whu mny lie in- Tn thi' .south, the l i i h airborne dlviMinn Ifkt'wtai' was slowed by l i r a v y "|pnnltloii In Us push from lapliin-d Nk-hnb fit-id northt' winM inward Korl William Mc- Kinlt-y. M a n y uf tho totul of .T16 Jnp- iimw arhlli-ry pitvca captured or lU-shoy.Hl in Hi,' luitilt- f»r Manila mi i-uimtcJ around Nichols Ukranian Army Turns Its Might Toward Berlin (Continued from j/age 1) north, cither had been by-passed or captured. Sovlrl Flank Secured With hi.s f l a n k now solidly secured by the sensational advances of the first Ukrainian army, Zhu- kov increased the attacks of his first White Russian army on Fueratenberg', the fortress in the southwestern corner of the Oder bend below Frankfurt. Fucrstenberg is 12 milea north of Gubon at the junction of the Neisse and Oder.' Presumably these attacks were preliminary to an aH-out asaault :o break past tht 1 Frankfurt- Kuestrin fortifications in a double- barrelled attack on Berlin from east nnd southeast. Broaden Assault in North At the same time the German ligh command disclosed that the Russians had broadened their assault front to the north by making an advance of more than 16 milea from Soldin toward Stettin, Berlin's Baltic port. The communique showed that Bahn, 22 miles south of Stettin, and the same distance southwest of the fortified rail center of Stargard, had been surrounded, , but declared contact had been reestablished with the garrison by a counter-attack. A similar counter-attack broke a ring around Arnswalde, 40 miles .southeast of Stettin, the communi- que said. Topple ttraiulcnhurg Area In a 30-mile breakthrough, Konev'.'i troopa yesterday toppled the Brandenburg province stronghold of Sommerfeld, 67 milea from the German capital. His rapid thrust from the depths of Silesia already has destrop'ed the effectiveness of the Oder defenses where the Germans checked direct march toward Berlin by Zhukov'fi first White Russian ar- iy- In sweeping to Sommerfeld, Mar shal Koncv invaded Brandenburg Berlin's home province, at a new point. His rapid advance--acrosi the Bober, Luebst and Qu«la rl vcrs--also overran Sorau, 13 mile southeast of Sommerfeld, am Gruenbeig, 25 miles southeast o Sommerfeld. Yank numbers lllast Way U. S. heavy bombers yesterdaj dropped some 1,500 tons of ex plnsivc.s on Cottbus, only 12 mile; ahead of a Konev spearhead tha Berlin reported at Forst. Dresden again was attacked from the air yesterday, this tim, by 200 American heavy bombers A Stockholm dispatch said Drca den was n "burning inferno." ttfiigr«N Perish in Cold Konev's army yesterday cnptur- 1 2,000 Germans and 120 parked planes. Moscow said. Capture of the planes was ,, f u r t h e r indication of Germany's isolinu shortage. Ahead of the Russians "several millions" refugees are swarming i n t o tho central reich, Berlin announced last night. The Gorniiin ^)NB ncw.s agency said nmny were iK'rishing in the \ v i n t r y winds. Canadians Aim For Industrial Ruhr in Germany (Continued from page i j lo within 1,000 yards of Moyiantl. Other troops closed 'slowly toward Goch from three directions and were within easy artiller; range. Goch and Calcar both are important military highway hubs Nazis Send In More Men The Germans committed ele- menUi of an eighth division to the critical northern front, the eighth parachute c\vision. Three otlver parachute, two infantry and two tank divisions have been identified. Prisoners totalled 5,700 for the The American third army carV- ed out half-mile gains in the Pru- ern sector, slowly reducing German fortifications. The seventh army in northern Alsace rested after a local line-straightening operation which overran Rimling, two miles south of the German Saarland, and two other villages. Poise for Attack as Itoer Itecedes With the Roer river receding rapidly at the edge of the Cologne plain, the Germans increased their artillery and V-weapon fire on the American ninth and first armies. The Germans said both these forces had been strengthened immensely for an imminent offensive toward the Rhine, 20 miles away. A merlcan first army patrols :rossed tho upper Roer in the night to test German defenses. They encountered machincgun fire after reaching the middle of the needing stream and found heavy barbiO wire entanglements and anti-personnel mines on the Ger- mnn side. Three such scouting parties were forced back. Planes were grounded on all except the Alsace-Saarland front until early afternoon. Miss Nii-Enamcl is here. Valley Appliance Co. Five Missing in Crash of B-29 NEW YORK, Feb. 16--W) -Maj. Billy Southwcrth, Jr., son of William H. Southworth, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, was identified today as one of five j crew members missing after the crash of a Superfortress in Flushing bay late yesterday. The air transport command at La uuardia neiu said Southworth, of Sunbury, Q., was the pilot of the B-29 which overshot the airport in attempting an emergency landing, crashed into the bay and exploded. He was about 25 years old and was a professional baseball player before his enlistment in the army air force in 1941. Also listed as missing were; First Lt. Car] D. Magee, co-pilot, Las Vegas, Nev.; First Lt. Martin L. Cursi, Hulberton, N. Y.; Second Lt. Ralph Lewis Stickle, Butler, N. J.; Staff Sgt. Joseph Yabrodi, New York City. Police and coastguard crews today grappled through the icy waters for their bodies. The B-29 was en route to Florida from Mitchell field, Long Is- .and, about 35 airline miles from La Guardia field. Navy Spokesman Challenges Japs WASHINGTON, Feb. 16--0"P) A. naval spokesman said today "now is the time" for the Japanese fleet to meet the challenge of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance's mighty furco hurling its airpower against the ene/ny's homeland. Voicing confidence that Spru- ince's forces are more than a match for anything the Japanese are capable of bringing out, the spokesman told reporters the navy has a "pretty good idea" where the entire Nipponese fleet "Presumably it was being held for defense of the homeland, and now is the time," he asserted. 'It is going to be interesting to see if the Japanese fleet will come out now or not," Speculation that the operations were preliminary to a landing of much-bombed Iwo Jjma in the volcanos brought only a terse comment that the navy is capable of effecting a landing anywhere. Miss Nu-Enamel is here. Valley Appliance Co. Asserts Freeze Cuts N.MJars ALBUQUERQUE;"'Feb. ie--UPI --Victor Salazar, state liquor control chief, said today that the state would have bad more than 1,200 liquor establishments If licenses had not been frozen in 1944 by Gov. Dempsey. Released here today, Salazar's report ' was accompanied by a statement from Gov. Dempsey declaring "there are sufficient liquor establishments, in New Mexico to supply public demand . . . More are neither desirable nor necessary." Salazar reported a net decline in the state of 56 liquor outlets during the year ended Feb. 1, of which he said 17 were brought about by Clovis' vote to discontinue sale of liquors. "We have rejected 500 applications since Feb. 1, 194V Salazar raid.'.' Miss Nti-Enamel is here. Volley Appliance Co. First try to get It in Cruce*. Doughboy Is Hanged For Rape, Murder SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force, Par- Feb. 16--#» -- An American soldier convicted by' an army court martial of murder and assault vith intent to rape was hanged yesterday at Plabcnnec, on the Brest peninsula, it was announc- '·d today. His name was not disclosed. Gen. Eisenhower had reviewed he case and confirmed the sen- ence. ! Try first to get it in Cnices! DR. JOHN L. KENNEDY Dentist announces the re-opening of his office in the Masonic Temple Building SATURDAY,.FEBRUARY 17th Phone 54 East Griggs Ave. Calf /.s Donated lo School Rand; ( V V X H S I I K T I i K A T A C I A I X \()lh'f I t (Of Still* F i U M R I'VI. t i l I.TI Am,Th-!\n ,, . 1,..., ,,,,,,., ,., ,,, ,,,, TV -."'..'::":!':" :·· ·· c -. M * c * ri -- ·" Mum »trooi Satur- ThU could bo YOUR story - SEE 1TI TODAY nnd Salurday 2 - Drund Now Him -- 2 Horn's M v a l o r v Fiction! Mct'arty'.i dally, a Ic-il two month old h | t«' c.\hjli,t,,| · lay afternoon between 2 mid ^ j o V I o , ] , ,,, r t tu . n-nt-fit of the Las I ' ' i n , , . a HiBh schonl bund u n i f o r m ! mid. j The .sale at a later dale will be il major f e a l u i e of Ihe fund cam: pnijjn lilouriun. ! The calf ;» from Ihe lnlry's |prl/i Holstein stock and rriilatrn- ii.m papers will be srcurvd and uan.ilcncd t,. (he buyer. Mr, Mc- I ' . n t y Mild imlny. The call's dam is I l i l d n Knrndylce Chiron, U'KIS- t i a t k m iiinnber l.Tlil.KiA. The sire i* the famous Mwn-O-Wur Uctt Itcatily recently sold to the I'ni- vciMly of Arkansas. leRislratior Ji:«t in case .,om,. band t-nlhln- last ahonld waul to buy the call and not want lo keep n, Mr, Mc- Cnity says he would buv It buck at $100 Woodson Rites Sel Tomorrow Funt'rnl services for Lei 1 C. Woodnon will be held In the church of St. Gt'npvievp nt 10 ii.m. Saturday, with Rev. Fr. O. W. CaflVry irriclntlng. Burial will be In the Catholic section of Masonic cemetery. Kosiiry services wilt be held to- liRht lit 8:15. ill the resilience nt B03 North Alameda, by Kr. Lawrence (jaynor. Born In Krnnkfort, Ky.. in 1S53. t!ie deceased came'to Las Oruees in ISSfi. Me was n charter nu-inlier of the locitl council of Knij;!iU of Columbus, nnd served ax the or- ganisation's financial secretary for lo years. Me is .survived by his wife; one idaue,hter. Mrs. Many Uraiiley; nnd three grandsons - Charles Hrndlcy. in the navy. Harry. Jr.. anil .linimie Bradley. Nelson Funeral Home is in eharpe of arrangements. A c t i v e pallbearers are Harry C. Wlllmins. .1. C. MeCarty. Thomas K. MaKUtre, Je.sus Gutierrez. Phi! , Ktiltoiibiu-li and , Preston, VINKS I'ACKS A H M V UKA1T 1'KNVKII. Fvli. 10 ifll . K|]». "·i,rth Vmm, Ihr fnnucr tolmls kini! ami now n K olf pr,, m th« Di-iivi-r c i n i n t i y .-uili Inm bnn or- «"''il liy l,l« ,|rn[l |,,,ur,| |,, n .PITI lor . |hyli-nl rxmnlnminii. I. hfrr. '»ll^y ' Honorary pallbearers are lir. U. K. Mcllnde. K. J. st ( .,n, c, T. Scale, 1), (!. Dyne. L. K. Fieiulen- thiil. (leorue Krcn|;cr. Frank Ilos- syns ami K. H. France, Assert British Fail In Rhine Landing Try LONDON, Krb. 18--l.Ti .. Tho :'lhn radio snid today the K i l l i attempted a hmdini; on the ,'therland island of Scboliwcn at the nionlli of tho Ilhine mmli of Ihe llevolnml islnn.l.-. on Wednesday liiBhl. Two Nazi Submarines Sunk During Attack LONIiO.N, Keb. Hi Ml 'Pivo terniRn submarines were destroy- l and three Nazi plunes nhot linvn recently during an nlti,^ ,,,, an ImjiorUiH Ajlled convoy to Kussln which wrt» fnuttrnlcd hy Mllihtned »lr mid wn action, tho admiralty announced today. KRAFT'S POWDERED WHOLE MILK . . pkg.27c HI-HO CRACKERS . . lge.pkg.23c LIBBY'S CATSUP 14oz.hll.18c DIAMOND M FLOUR . 24 Ibs. $1.20 BREAKFAST CEREAL RIPPLED WHEAT...pkg.9c GIANT SIZE WHEATIES nkg.l5c LIFEBUOY SOAP 3bars20c CAMAY SOAP 3 bars 20c OLD MANSE SYRUP pint 25c VAL VITA MACKEREL 15oz. can!7c HERSHEY COCOA ilh.canlOc V-8 COCKTAIL 46 oz. can 29c LETTUCE lb. 8c Rome Beauty. Delicious, Arkansas Black APPLES lb. 12c PEARS ORANGES lb 9c POTATOES, No. 1's . . . . . YELLOYAMS lb. 9c GRAPEFRUIT CABBAGE LONG GREEN CHILI SPINACH, local . . . . lb. 7c BEEF ROAST . . . . lb.25c VEAL ROAST . lb.26c PORK STEAKS lb.37c LEG LAMB, grade A . . . lb.36c ROAST, lamb shoulder . lb.32c WEINERS lb.34c LUNCH MEAT, Asst.... lb. 32c AERO PASTE WAX 11b.jar22c LIBBY'S GARDEN PEAS No.2canl6c SUPREME SALAD WAFERS 2 Ibs. 33c CITRUS MARMALADE 21b.jar29c RADIO RICE 21b.box21c PINTO BEANS 51b.bag41c 2 3-4 Ibs. 26c 235 N. MAIN P0T PHONE 4 3 5

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