Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 1, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 1, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE LAS CHUCKS (N. M.) StTN-NEWS Sunday MwnUij; -' 1; 1M1 Bafflii 'News . I n 1881; publishes daily, except Saturday-- weekday after/."d Sunday morning's-- by the Sunshine Prc.«, Inc., »t 241 N. gt LnJ] CrU ces, N | M E n t erei ] at La , Cruces poatofflce as class matter. , Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvillc E. PricBtlcy, Editor and Publisher TMlen'"lonal Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Reprcsenta- D ,m-s, Inc., Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Kansas O.ty, Omaha, At- IX,, liMft.,Member of the Aasoplated Press. The Associated Press Is en- (liiitl'l.'d exclusively to the USD for renublicallon of all local news prlnt- !'*;?·' I n . t h i s newspaper, as will na all AP news dispatches. K: 1 , TELEPHONE 311 "*i:!i newspaper Is n membar of the A u J I t Bureau at Clreul- Ihf^T'""- Aslt for ° M Py of °V latest A. a. C. Report giving lm l vj .i.illcd facts and figures qbo:it our circulation, t h e afi.C. -- Audi! Bureau; of Circulations the KIT.-.TS 19 a measure of Advertising Value why tho · u few 0 ' CRItTJON KATES: By motor delivi-ry In Dunn An.'i County, hundred 1 '""" . v -' jr ' 5B -"° six months. $::..'iO three months, $1.00 per month: JMrentlySil In Kcw Mexico, Sig.OO pi.-r year. $6.00 six months, ?1.00 per /liei 1 of h; hy City currier. 2,-ic pur weelv, .TI.llO per m o n t h . SHI.OO pi-r year Why vance; oUtslde SUH_c, JJ.OO p. I month. S12.dll per year. .Mall sun- Ibcy K" lions are strlct]y"pavabtc in adv.-mcc. . "We ,.' ' ' ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 , w ' I .ycarsaihis Of Citizens haps W J · I i .«vr» With all the concern* which is being voiced regarding our thai Jure lo provide law observance and law enforcement there never!. 1 'a good many law enforcement officers who are concern- vou about our f.-iilure to'prolcct the rights in some of ihcsc " f dials along wlth'Wc defendants. pan' - Tnese arc i noso Officers, of coursi.', who have f o u g h t and 'vest.' 10 cl ° endeavor -lo perform t h e i r duties. They are the t,'iessc' CL '.' s wn " S1 -' f '' ! l o.'«'i't crime by seeking out those guilty, At Bging them lo justicb and seeing they are given a f a i r iivcij'Ull and just punislimei'H. liulll ;./\ s W( _, have, pointed out m a n y times before it grows "'TI\|I'"° discouruging for honest, sincere and conscientious ",Vicers to work long hours and days seeking evidence, ob' * ining testimony and B r i n g i n g those lhi-y believe g u i l t y OIL T R O U B L E Calendar Files Make ft Easy To Keep Dates A calendar file, which may b£ made at, hornc, liclpg tlic Iiomc- maltcr keep tracl; of her dales: Bills due, dental and medical appointments, parties, trips, birthday.*, concert!), meetings. It m a y i cut from the liardboard panel be hung In any convenient location, five 2" strips, each 25y" long. The calendar file has individual | These will face the lower "portions pockuts for cuch day of the month. | of the compartment and prevent j plus four blanks for miscellaneous hills and cards from falling out. 6AS LEAK REPAIRED A' large ga:i leak at the corner of Hartley and Alameda was reported to city police yesterday bj a Las Cruces citizen. The report was forwarded to Henry Gaince head of the Las.Cruces gas sys- U-m. Gaines investigated the leak ami repaired it before any great waste or damage ocurred. CIO OPENS ANTI-INFLATION DRIVE THE CIO PfldGRAM screws and curved washers foi mounting. IH«K and extra !! by 5 curds. The homemaker will make m emus on csirds and slip them inU» the Then rip the lumber strips to one- half inch by three-eighths inch and cut them to size: eight 32" long. calendar pocket of the proper dale, for the vcrticle dividers; lu-o 25i/ 2 " Bills arc filed under the date they' long, for the lop and botlom: and morning; 2 vhich are .'114" long, the balance liould be mailed. Eacli [he efficient liomeniakcr after I opening her mail will go through the file porltet of t h a t date and transact whatever business is le- of the horizontal dividers. The remaining hardboard panel, with the five strips removed, now should measure 32" long and 25i/ 2 " quired. She will keep some memo j wide. Mail the vertical and hori- Cfmls at the telephone and i i n m c - j zontiil strips with the 3/8" face iliately file thorn after making an appointment. Materials arc ffivv and canstrtic- tion i.s simple. Gel a piece of Mai-unite 1/8" tcmepcrcd presswnnd, 42" by 25 1 /."; 17'/;," of wood parting ship, one-half inch by three- Fores! Fire (Continued from page one) j r i t i r l f . ' V Deplores PI tins For A r m i s t i c e SANTA KB, June BO /PI -- G e n Patrick II. Hurley declared today | quarters Inch, to be ripped for t'iyhl vertical and six borizonlal dividers: half-inch brails, numerals, priming paint and enamel. ;i hou I .'100 men in t h e ;u-fa know I h e h l f i x e was about I'j lirr-nk its j Unit the United Nations "never bonds and mnvod UK; crew and i should have told the CnmmttnistH fqiiipmcnt back hftfdrn the fhire- we'd .settle fur the ,'i8lh pantile! up to form pockets 3'/i" wide and 0" high. The 2 11 strips of hardboard aru then nailed acrpss each of the five horizontal rows of pockets. To simplify painting, the hardboard back uiul strips should be primed and enameled before assembly. More t h a n 100 varieties of dates grow near Medina in Saudi Arabia. "THE WAGE EARNERS ofrAmerica cannot be expected'to accept wage stabilization while prices soar." CIO Presitlent Philip Murray tells a meeting- of regional and state CIO leaders in Washington-as: launching* of the ClO's drive for tighter anti-inflation controls. (International} D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D WHERE FIVE DIED IN PLANE CRASH 11 trial only lo have them I'l.or to see l i g h t K u n l c n c e s whc'ii u w i v i c t - in K o r e a . - - at least until we'd started talking with them. 1 ' f r o n t with nuts i Hurley, who arrived night horns. In .Silver City,; '" Si""" I-'" after completing test- up. The fire burst over the barriers , :· . , - · t " ,- · : · - · , · · · · , · / ' · · ; ----- , " i f i i r v e t e orns. n ver v, · '. n l lo -' lClt ' more c m i s i d c r a l i c i M fiiven lo iho (IcIend.-iiH t h a n ',,,., n i i ] ( l f . W( . Kl Ul( . ( . j ( J l | ( I 1 ( ) l l k ( ;j imony before the Senate committee VlV(.'M to t i n - f l ^ f e m l a n t has committed ! Iila , ., trememluiiK i l i u i K l o i h e : H l . p » v o K l l B a U i i K llic MacArlhur rniHl- fi died parachutes, sent back to a re sele.Crime. . ..]-,,.. i,, t) ] uiu t ,, n i i j i K b n r n Tlii" These officers f r a n k l y point out t h a t the public has rights 'was driven from his lw - ? t h a t Ilii'si'-rights should be protected. They p o i n t ' o u t l A ami:; i (.,,. ( | J I , |,f| |1M fnr (|, e ^,,,,,1 ( J r |., w (.n.|nrcemenl, juries! bun .'"_.''!"· i-otirls lean over backwards prolecling the rights of t h e "" l ""' and i i j n o r l n g ' t i i e rights of the citi/ens. ·tr 'Diiise who have t'iimiii; !ed murder, of course, should 122 W 1 "' l ) ( ' n n i l l '' l i 1() '. "in loose "t society but far loo often are permitted ,lo do so. Afyl far ioo often juries and A ii's are influenced by attorneys or by certain facts or "ice whii'h per/haps, should never been a d m i t t e d into e. . · · "hern anpunfs to be l i t t l e (ilicstion bill thai w h a t we are --.iiij; to have to do a better job than we have been doing ·"·· citizens serving ou our juries. Those 12 people who sit in the jury box can do more to ig about proper and f i l l i n g punishment fur those coned of crime and in this way im| ruve law observance law e n f o r c e m e n t - t h a n any oilier one group of people in ...;; nation. · ' And it becomes j more and more apparent every day if \vc expect lo have law observance and enforcement we are going to have lo porfnrrii these d u t i e s which are an obligation of our citizenship. that whenever we win a n y t h i n g , we stint lo compromise." Hurley, former iimhassndor to China, said he lias closed his law office a m i plans an extended stay f i t his l.rime here. I ' l Oil Keinande/. Returns . . Jim The Church-Was Fi^st : , When the pilgrim fathers of this nation landed on the shores of whapye.knowtoday us America they bowed down ;;and gave t h a n k s for Ujcir safe arrival. ,;''.. One of the first buildings they erected was a place ''of worship. When tile pioneers of t h i n nation went forth lo develop the great. .'United .Stales we know today one of the first places they ol'octed was t h e i r churches. And su it lias been' t h r o u g h the years. Koine of Ihe fjnost buildings find j n s t i t u l i o n s we have arc 1 those erected 1 as places of worship'. Sometimes these have been b u i l t at great effort nnd - g r e a t sacrifice. Sometimes it has appeared t h a t the needed funds would hever be provided for Ihe construction of the church But because of the f a i t h and Hie confidence of the . church members imd.the church workers Ihe task was carried '.'(nit. '"' i · But for years far Uio ! m.'iny of us who reside in c o m m u n i ties where churches hrii doing t h e i r work and t h e i r jobs and where religious services ,v. e available, have forgotten the church and w h a t . i t mean::. We have ildt' only failed lo help and assist the church bill we have also refused to t a k e advantage of the o p p o r t u n i t y afforded us to a'tcrnl the; chur. h services. Our a t t i t u d e hiis been lhal the churches are for others and t h a t they do nofVieed us. We have assumed the a t t i t u d e t h a t others will' m a i n t a i n the churches, support the church program and carry O n ' I he work of the church and it is not our responsibility. ^ Today o v o r u i e nation half of our people have not . '--nvn their anprecialjyn for the-, church even though we may rcai.' " Its importnnce and although we will n d m i t t h a t we wouldn't remain long in u, community which did not have churches, I3ut tile church depends on its members and the people of a community../or the success of its program. It depends on these people, foi 1 funds on. which to operate. It depends on them for thti.'nnne,y w i t h which to erect more buildings to carry on the-church program. It dencnds on the gifts of the individuals in order to expand ils program;', lo carry on its outside programs, and its activities; and for everything lhal it does. Its' by what we do either as church members or as members of the community in which Hit church has beeii established. We have never-seen i a church vliicli did not need more funds for some purpose or other. They need funds for the construction of a d d i t i o n a l Sunday school class rooms: for repairs; for enlarging the church; for an educational building; to enmloy a young rjeoplcs' worker; to extend their program for young n(ioulo or- for a score of other tilings. Most church members give what they can to their church work because they wantj to make these g i f t s and contributions. There arc many non-church members who are generous in their gifls. to ,{he' churches of their community. Hut if all in the community who benefit and profit from the church and \vii»iiare just as anxious lo see the^churches there even though*they do not attend the churcnes, there would be 'plenty,of lunds for n i l of the programs. Churcnes do .1 d e f i n i t e job in our communities. They mny not do all lhal they-would like to do; they may not do Vl}.,.ll)Rt some feel they should do; they may not be able to expand their nrviRrnms as fast as they should be expanded biuVnost of us would not slay long in n community w i t h o u t ll'c Influence the church 1 has in that community. A\ul we can -help increase that influence and make it grentcf^f wo wQilld do 'ouv port anil would become active incmbcrgsof the thurcli mid participate in its program. "' Wnj{ this we Insure that the church will be there to servo us whiji'i we'llccd it and there always comes a time to all of us whWrl \Vc"hecjl Ihe church nnd its representative. .Mart;iiri!t Ko There w;u; a smaller outbreak I on the southeast from i t l ( J r a n i t e l Peak. Leaders thi'le ;:ent out an omerKcney call fur 150 more men to .Mipjiuit the W already there. Tucker said there u'.'is a possibility the lii K liivay fni.u Silver "" l . vt Cilv lo Tnilh or Consequences would have to be closed. Me Inill- eMod be mishl have lo use thti as p a r t .if a r i l e break. An Air li'nrce carjjn plane, meanwhile, .hroilj;iil '.'.0 Ions of ralions. tool.- and machinery to K i r l l a n d HAH I.;XA.M ii,;! Susn, Jr., win f Mrc. .'(2(i X. Sun Pt'ilrn. ict.'OiUly IIUSFI'-I his slati 1 biir t'X- miiimilioilK. A H-rtnt University of NVw Mtxicn cnulliuU-. In- lisrii' l w h c i u to opun I l l s ' Ainoriran ciiw:i proilntvil 12(1.000000 pounds of n n l k lust -year. : t near rerord The hi-iil yi-in- was 1 Hl-in \vhen 121,000.000 were pro-.! diieed. : nuire t h a n 11.001) tlif- H of baclevia in the Ko:'e«t Service supply depots in Tm Mirsoula. Mont., and Kpnltanc, fc'i'i't W.'.sh.. for use on the fires. - worlil. O f f i c i a l s said a.'l Ions were par- a.-hnled yt'sli'iday In the more Crook N a t i o n a l Forest about f i v e ! l h a n 2,000 men f l K b t i i i K Ihe Gila ; miles from Globe ami M i a m i , I .Hid A p a c h e fires and the one in ! Ariz. i hiCf'i 11. A ship's ACHOSS 2. Devoured · 1. Pokes :i. Obstacle a. A large bird ·!. Senior. U. A Siberian Monpoloid 10. Custom 12. Measure (Heb.) 13. A fine, cotton fabric ». Jewish month 35. Denary 1G. Feminine pronoun 17. A disgruntled person (Colloq.l 21. A three- legged stand 22. Crate 2(j. I.amprey fisherman '21. A flute player 28. Remove (print.) 29. Salty :10. I m i t a t e 32. Oh's and If. Fencing swords 20.. A boring Ubbr.l tool 5. p' 23. Samoan country capital G. M:il-.' theep 2-1. A guard 7. .'·-....-.'v. 5 2. r . Dressed, a.-, (·'·IP) feathers fc. In Ihe ;om- 27. JIan's pany of name 9. Urou-ni.-;. 20. A mixture of fofi and rope 31. Sacred 3-J. ( Feat pictures ' 25. Oral of "war (Russ. Ch.l (Korsel 32. Man's name 18. Little 33. Hawaiian .'.treain dance .I-I.'A small cut 38. Hivcr ' 'I Scot.) 39. Drinking vessel JO. Openings lanat.l 42. Behold! THE WRECKAGE ol a Navy Privateer Is scattered in the shallow water liay, Seattle, Wash., alter it crashed and exploded, killing five, and i n j u r i u c tv.'o others. A helicopter (foreground) was used to remove the injured lo Whidbcy Naval Air Slalion. (/nfcraotioMl Soaaclphoto) 35. Pass between mountains 30. At home .'IV. A parhelioi 39. Shell for ice cream 41. Foreign 42. Enticed 1 43. Simians 44. Precious . slone 1)0\VX 1. Boy Scout gathering 1 to a Beauty 1 l o\v do you fmy ;t new cur? Arc you one of those people who 'buy on love ut first sight? .'Or do you check'car;: fenltirc for .fendin.-, price for price--then pick ihe one thiit jjivus you the most for your money? i Whichever you tire, \ve\l like to surest that you come in nml see our 1951 Kiiicks. It's u sure hot tiuil -you'll ;'o for (lie s w i f t , sinnrl look of a Si'iiCiAt., Sl'iM'K or KoAD.MASTint--you'll full- seriously in love w i t h the (nice uiul power of ils liomicl-filiinj.! engine. Note Ihnt the silken cnsc you enjoy And it's a cinch you'll ;o for the ' w i t i Uy:«iflow* goes hand in hand room and richness ol those Huick interiors -- tho serene smoothness of D y n u f l o w Drive" a n d all-coi! with real money savings in maintenance costs. · Hiit don't let your emotion lie the o n l y judge -- l i b suru to got the pruclicnl picture loo. Note Ih-U t h e power Ihiit, gives yon such 11 big kick here comes from H u i c k ' s f u m e d v i i l v o - i o - h e t u l Fireball linginc--which menus yon get ;i lo! of miles from each Dillon of gus you buy. Above nil, note whut a Btiick's price I n g i n c l u d e s -- h o w niuch more sheer nutomobile yon get in u Btiick llum the same money would buy elsewhere. How iibout making (rncks to our showroom r i g h t soon-checking thoroughly into the nmtlcr-nnd sec if you don't f u l l in love with u Kiiuirl-lniv Hnick? NO OTHER CAB PROVIDES ALL THItl DtNAfLOW DflVf* · f/8EBAIi ENGINE . 4-VVHE£t COIL SWINGING · DIMl VENTuXriON fUSH-BAR fOSEffiONr · TOH3UE-ruB5 DfilVE '. IVHlTE-GtOW /NSrfJJMENTS · DKEAMINE SmiNS ' ' BODV B ' VVMfN EfTTfB AUrOMOB.'IfS AIE fiU.TT BUCK WIU VJtlD T»Ut 315 S. MAIN C B L L O M B B I C K CO., INC. PHONE 1016

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