Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1975 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, February 19, 1975
Page 5
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Andrus land use package draws mass of supporters Today's weather HATIMM Vt« ;..;, Utiiiildmmcr - B O I S E .m, - The Joint Local Government ai ,d Ta-alicn rnminillee heard overwhelmine *VI?POrt at a public hearing r.uf?s(lii night for locally con- irnllcil hnil uso planning legislation. |;:\furly 100 persons signed up (o testify for and against a pack- »gi- of seven laud use planning hills proposed by Gov. Cecil D. Andrus The hearing was va.rried statewide on public lele- visioti Eight consecutive persons lold Itie commillee their organiza- lions supported either all cr part of Andrus 1 seven-bill package. Each of the measures can stand on its own merit, and can either be passed or Wiled separately. Marcia Pursle.\ of the Idaho Conservation League said land use measures will be the most important legislation before the legislature this year. This is the third year in a row lawmakers have considered land use planning. "When halt of all towns and cities don't have land use planning do you call that local control or anarchy?" Mrs. Pursley asked. She said it was essential the bills be considered openly, so public and press have act-ess to the decision making process. Robert Senwar?. vice president uf Boise Cascade, said land use plnnning was necessary to set up priorities. He said lack of land use guidelines is currently causing industry to postpone development because of "un- Utah joins rejecters of ERA amendment M.v luilpil Press Inlmialional -...Utah became the third state Ihi^ year lo reject the proposed Equal Rights Amendment Tuesday. So far. 34 slates have approved ERA. which means it ijeeds approval of four more .-Hates lo become part of the Cpnsiilulion. lieorgia rejected ihe righis amendment Monday, and Oklahiima rejecied it" earlier 'tytii'year. -Louisiana and Virginia have not formally rejecied the amendment, but instead buried it', in committee. ·The amendment would pro- Irtbil discrimination based on sK'.'.The law allows until 1970 for ifs'adoplion. and in states \vhere Hie legislature has defeated the proposal, it is possible for a new legislature at some future dale before 1976 lo pass it. The I'lah House overwhelmingly rejecied Ihe ERA Tuesday after the Mormon Church announced its official opposition. The house, which is 70 per ccnl Mormon, voted against it 54-21. On the eve of the vole, the official "Church News" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints editorialized against ratification. Georgia's Senaie defeated ERA 33-22 Monday. The Naiiunal Organization for Wumcn issued a concession .siaiemeoii saying Die s t a l e Court sides with unions WASHINGTON IUPD - The Supreme Court Tuesday stepped ing the growing conflict between minorities and their labor imitjns. coming down firmly in suijporl of unions and employers Justice Thurgood Marshall Agency to withhold S9 billion of S18 billion Congress appropriated over three years. President Ford has since released an additional $4 billion. The decision by Justice Byron K. While did nol discuss conflicts between congressional and ______ ...... _. said, blacks can be fired from presidential power, but was thfiif jobs if they picket an based on the history of the water pollution statute. .White said ernpjoyer independently of their union because they believe the uniijn is not handling discrimi- najipn grievances fast enough. ffie justices are likely lo be fac^d in (he coming months with ' a pluch tougher union-minority question : whether layoffs should be on the basis of strict seniority or cacial balance. Jiiesday's decision did nol deal with thai issue, but Marshall's opinion expressed a firm bcji'ef that federal law favors preserving Hie collective bargaining agreement. Ttie court handed down rulings in five cases Tuesday. including one that limits presidential power to impound S3 _ "billion in water treatment grants The minority labor case involved employes who picketed a San" J'rancisco department store because they thought their own union was not settling discrimination grievances properly. The employes were fired. THe U.S. Court of Appeals for the"Dislrict of Columbia ruled (has. the federal labor law and lhe 1W4 Civil Righis Act gave minorities a special status to c o ii I c s t e m p 1 o y in e n I discrimination. Marshall agreed that if unions do nol make a good faith effort to fight discrimination, minority members could lake independent action But Marshall fnuncl no evidence of this and said Ihc black union members musl attempt to solve their grievances as provided in c o l l e c t i v e b a r g a i n i n g agreements. Former President Richard M. NiSon's refusal to spend all the waidr treatment grants alloted by (,'ongress met with unani- niiSuii opposition hy Ihe Supreme Court. N'hon had ordered the Livestock prices " IHEASUREViLI-E* , LIVESTOCK AUCTION CHpWELL. Feb li ^ d U - CaTIIC uubM in. ihrtp n. "«9 «·· """' statute. Congress never intended in thai law to give the president discretion to spend less money than was allocated. Senate was irresponsible and predicting t h a i neighboring siaics will uliimaiely raiify il. Among 10 stales which have yet (o take action one way or the other. Nevada has brought the proposal out of a senate committee for a floor vole. The measure won approval by the slate assembly a week ago. 2713. but many senators predict il will nui pass in Hie Senate. The New York Senate is considering putting Ihe proposed 27lh amendment up for a public referendum before deciding whether to approve or reject il. The state's assembly already has approved Ihe KIM, hui ihe Sciiale has delayed a vote. The Texas Legislature approved the ERA in 1972. but a move is under way to gel lawmakers lo rescind their approval. Two slates counted among the 34 approving stales, Nebraska and Tennessee, have voted lo lake back approval, but whether Ihis move is legal is up for debate. Women protesting the ERA marched around Ihe Texas Capilol in Austin Tuesday with signs reading "Butt out Belly" in reference (o First Lady Belly Ford's support of the ERA, Others among the 35 protesters carried signs that said "Belly Don't Use Our Taxes lo Grind Your Axes." Inside Ihe Capilol, Stale Hep. Bill Milliard of Forl Worth introduced an amendment to rescind the legislature's 1S72 approval. answered land use questions." Schwaiv. said, however, bis corporation would be bringing proposed amendment!; to some of Ihe seven bills. "We believe the guidelines will improve stale planning with a minimal delay," he said. Billie Thompson, a realtor, said properly values are maintained by quality planning. The rights of the community should be protected through planning and enforcement of regulations, she said. She said the people of lhe Sun Valley area wanl lo be assured thai the "scenic and economic value of (he area will nol be changed by improper planning." Janet Ward of lhe American Association of University Women said Idaho is the eighth fasicsl growing slale, sn il lias lo maintain "its quality of life for future generations" through land use planning. She said the prime agricultural land should not be "squandered by subdivisions and recreational developments." adding that Ihe Treasure Valley around Boise is a good example of "urban sprawl" and a "waslo of land." The mandatory final plan deadline of Jan. 1, 1978, should be more flexible, she said, because several communities will have lo do a great deal of research lo implement comprehensive planning and zoning ordinances. The seven land use planning bills would: -- Rccodify old laws and make local governments implement land use planning ordinances. -- Make available lo local governments the legal and lech- nical assistance of Ihc slale government in forming land use planning regulations. -- Allow for public hearings on land use mailers of regional concern and impact. -- Allow the stale to designate areas of slalewidc concern. -- Change the definition of subdivision from five acres or larger lo any portion of land cut into Ihree or more sections. -- Make lhe Slale Division of Budget and Policy Planning Ihc coordinating agency on land use planning by federal, local and slale governments. -- Set up a timetable act that provides for a draft plan hy Jan. 1, 1977, and a final plan by Jan. 1. 1978. The Idahn Krcc 1'res.s i The News-Tribune, Wednesday. Kebruary 19.1975- 5 Handgun ban reintroduced SMUV is likely lirni|ihl nvrr pnrliiins n[ the niirlh am) Urn-kin uhllr xiinif rain fails almiR (lie mid I'arifir niaM. l-'air In |iivlly tlmicly skii's slmnlil |irrvail I'lM-wtii-vi'. New Orleans 41 i« New Yovk :n all I'liuemx 40 Gli Kan Francisco 47 59 Seattle :iii 49 SI. Louis 27 42 Washington 31 (1(1 S u g a r c r y s t a l s a r e (jio/oi'lcc'lric. mcaiiiiii! IluK vibrations set up in the siiuiir Ixnvl by dinner table CWVITSU- linn iiuilubly Hencrnle millions nf v.ills of low-amixM-a.ije - and t , ;il - m |is - i-luctricilv in llic SU( , ar . Ilitili Low Alia nla Hoslon Caldwell Chicago Dallas Denver IJululh HoIJSlOII Jacksonville Kansas Cily l.os Angeles .MiilNii Minneapolis N'ampa :s 25 ·M 25 M 23 13 38 411 29 ·H 66 15 42 G.I -!!) M 35 :4 47 27 57 77 ·)f G:( 8.i 29 31 WASIII.N'GTOXiUPli- Sen I'liilip A. Hart. U-Mich. and liep .loiulhan It. Hingham, D- N.Y.. joined by two former big cily police chiefs, today urged Congress lo outlaw handguns except for law enforcement uflicers and security guards. Ai .1 join! news conference. Hie I w o legislalms announced ivinlrbduuliun of legislation lo control handguns, endorsed by former New York City I'olice Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy and former Washington. D.C Police Chief .lerry V. Wilson, Murphy said uci police officers were killed in the line of duly last year.compared lo .(7 in lilGl. unil Hie ban would suppnrl local police. "As citizens, w e could lake no greater step in Ibis direction than tv working lo eliminate the proliferation of handguns and ibeir indiscriminate possession by persons wtio clearly have no need for them." Murphy said in a prepared statement. I'lidrr the bill, handguns no! owned by law enforcement or security people, with few exceptions, would be bought at fair value by the government and destroyed. The bill docs not alfocl shotguns and rifles. Citizens would have G months lo sell handguns lo the government, after which a 5-year prison lenn am! 55.000 fine would be possible lor conviction of unauthorized possession. Han said there have been "a few small gains" in public awareness lo the handgun situation. "We will never be relatively sale as long as there are 40 lo 5ti million handguns out th'ere waiting in country." Hart said. llmgliiim said Americans "are becoming angry thai Congress ha* nol moved !o do anything substantial aboul Ihc situation." The congressman died statistics thai Kngland and Wales combined had :iri gun murders in 1973, compared lo 13.072 for the t'niled Stales, in.340 bj handguns. ILAUCiHTER « r - II canneri itt culK" - O.jtrn ilrl 8 lilri I7-1J. good Bull! IS 1': KM hulls 13 K ,'. S T O C K E R S . FEEDERS FccVf Uteri Ili-IMO l»l. 1M»! '«*" «·(#»!) IX Ibl ll-ll." Icrtw H«" !M ; ISO IM 1411: pltin ««« !»·!'; "'"' llanu'in slcen ll-ll. IM'I' Hollllin sl«" 111*: ilrcr cal»« I" SOS Ibl M-Jt.Jl; H«nl»vM !»» ·«« !«· " " K: '"" "".' Cl.(l.'l4 It: l«d(f hlillerj «l-'r«e '«. »· ». (f«tr hclltrs S)» «« !" "-» ! P"'" hf.Kfi JMJ; hciltr CJl«(l «'·«' I 6 ' "' ». «W(f calvd 30H»«1 Ibl MH; Pl" n Hfltt Jlv« 10-Hi mckn to« I10-IIO: '«IIT.n«l lill.-liqMHOIllnrlhtlUri H ". hr^^Y Holllf'fl dei'«* J l- u ' SHEEP Fjl Umb! 11 u. "«" c ' m " ""· pw^.l II (41.11011. lap ! II: '"Hi '"' a: w * s )Ml(i.ltrifn ))-!'. *««'·'··""·"· l»rq# II II ly KCAd So you're thinking of using a liquid feed supplement? Forget it! Until you take a good look at this one. Then you won't have to give it another thought. Because you'll find the men at PMS not only take the time to explain trie advantages of using a quality product like PMS liquid feed supplement, but they will fully outline and define the claims made by their competition. 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