Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 10, 1976 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 21
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The Idaho Krce I'rcss The News-Tribune, Wednesday, March in. I97fi -- R-7 SAM WANDA'S Vacuum Sales and Service V't w $ Wanda McConnell tkp 'Mb Hut br« Prefects · Mm Kii| Sam McDonnell · FilttrfctMStnictlhrti · tiSorijrt *i ibn IK! hjil fcjiw 281 6 E. Linden 459-2562 VDUR GUIDE TO ERVICESREPAIRS PIPE ClIW»0 Complete line ^*i^"»«**t pip* ».,« ·coNCim «PVC MDS S J «["JJ-^ N ri D Uif Ywllill«*iKir(r»jsUif.hir| 4OO'O97 1 * CONCRETE PIPE IN ' Concrete Sir Call RAYOVERLIN 459-9295, Free Estimates nn / * ^*7n- STALLATIOH ucture X-w} A A ft/ ._, · Slorm Windows » DoofS -4V ^%*. ZU/0 OFF »CaipotlsS Awnings At~~~J '91 fcV/V VM , window 4 Door Accessories IH «^ 'ff 00-IT-VOUHSELF SAVE EVEN MORE! Ill JL ,1 Glass anrfSasonflepair IL* » »· DAVESU-SAVi WJp ;¥ 9M-t2lh Ava. S . Marhlid"" 467-1960 TT?tVr PEOPLE'S DENTURE LAB . . Serving you hf Ifl yean or (he wrre loco'ion ILL »MK CUIUUf 1 - KfUtt Will! t)» Will 9toSWe»kdys 306-12lh Ave. S. Sjlurdays t Eves, by Appl. Nam pa Call Al at 466-4205 STEWURT S WIHDOW AWNINfi |20°/c '0 » u.-i W.f-CQ,, A.HP.IM.J . STOH DOORS. PHI 10 COMES . CUKRK. SIDING "Oer20 Ye3;sEioe//efic»!" Fbss 466-339? l ^8 -Vampa-Cald. fliyd. Nampa 467'1961 JOAN'S INTERIORS NAMPA-ONTARIO · Furniture* Carpet · Draperies · Accessories CALL 466-3861 CAHI.OS. Di'^sniT JOAN. ()« HIT SAM and WANDA'S VACUUM SALES SERVICE fr/fer Queen : Rainbow * Royol - Ki'rby · Compact ' flcrfroiux * Sflr«r King * Hakyi · ApoHo Home Core P/odudi PARTS in Stock \ 2 6 1 6 E.lindpn 459-2562 PORT-A-MOBILE · MOBILE HOME REPAIRS SERVICE ~ · A/C SALES* SERVICE . CARPETS · ROOF RUMBLE · SIDING · PANELING · WINDOWS . CABINETS 4 WALLS 14 Years Experience 466-7239 Income Tax MILLER'S VACUUM REPAIR Hco»er Con-pod - Xuby tletr-olm Emeliu Su-beam Rohbo* and c"-e'* -PARTS IN STOCK four Authatiitd HOOVCK Dealer FI11ES QUEEN SERVICE i PARTS 315 So. Kimhall. Caldwell, 45°.6328 MOORE S INCOME T A X S E R V I C E . Phone 459-6V34 . H R BLOCK America's largest lax service. Na.ripa- 1237 2nd St So.. -166 6331 and 274 llth Ave. No.. 467 1301. Caioweli: 1020 Cleveland, 459 0539 and in Sears, Caldweri I N C O M E T A X S E R V I C t ELMER ROSDAHL ?!SHudson. Nampa 466-216.' Neva Chapman. Prompt, accurate service. By appointment only. Pnone J67 4358 Schools Instruction 8 SCUBA LESSONS Certified P.A.D.I. Instructions Gloria Morse, instructor Phone J 6: MaleS Female Help 12 Male female Help 12 Waitress wanted, evening shift, 3-11. V.usl be? over 19. Apply in nerson. 8 to noon, Idaho Stockman Cale, 12U Main, Nampa. New r e s t a u r a n t opening in Caldwell, t a k i n g interviews starling March 15th. Apply in person only, Victor's Restaurant, 211 21st Ave., Caldwell. L o o ' i T n g f o r ambitious FrT ' dividuals who are interested in iOD with good money 8. advancements. Phone 467-6189 Farm help wanted. Must have rov crop exp. Reference req. Send resume. Box 46. c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. ImmeB. full time opening for Adrnioisfrafive Secretary. Must nave good typing telephone skills, 'ji lingual req. Call lor appl. A G m f n . O f f i c e . Community Health Clinic, 467 4431. Resident a p t . manager in CaldweH, couple p r e f e r r e d . Lighl maintenance and cleaning required. Please send resume, including phone number, to Box ·", c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. WELCOME WAGON INTERNATIONAL DO YOU CARE about Caldwell's Newcomers? We must fill hostess/ host position in Caldwell. Do you want flexible hours? A good earning potential? A pleasant career? Write P.O. Box 1171, Nampa, Idaho83651,c/ o J . R . Rossman. Applicant must live in Caldwell. Equal Opportunity Employer. JOB SERVICE CURRENT JOB OPENINGS · ASSfWBLERS . · CHEMIST wiihrjpgice in enviiciimenlQl science · CLEP.r! gs.-EMl .1RU!X!,'tCH,V|.C . .DOE S230!-i. OOF Painting l e s s o n s . (Many paintings for sale, reasonable ) Ma/ (Viiesen. 303 Sunny Ltiro. Nampa. J66-7-117 Male Female Help 12 W a »tress needed 2~3 577s a week, day s h i f t . Apply in person. 9 a.m lo I p.m. Cow Palace Cafe, 1901 E. Cnkago, CaidweH JB's Big Boy now accepting applicaiions, a l l positions Apply in person, 1921 Nampa Caldwell Brvd. Combination S e c r e t a r y / Recep Nonist/ Bookkeeper Genera^ o M i c e w o r k . C o m p a n y p.iic' fringe bent j (ifs. Salary com mensurale w/ e x p e r i e n c e Reply fo P.O. Box IC69, Namoa, laaho. We arc an Equal Op portunily Employer. Broiler dinner cook, young, aepenoaoie, c a r e e r minded. Contact chet, Saratoga Hotel, Caldwell, Won. Sat after 3. Management Trainees Sales Representative positions nov/ open if accepted, excellent e a r n i n g o p p o r t u n i t y w h i l t 'earning v.-r-en qualified you ·Mil a t r ? n d m a n a g e m e n t fr ; rrmg school following graduation f. appl as oranch rrar-.mer. S^OO per week guaran reeu Draw available Want s t a b l e careor m:nded person iviihr.g 10 give lull commitment. Phone J75 3136 Get out of the rul. Dosomelhing difterenl one weekend a month in the IDAHO ARMY NATIONAL GUARD S 3 01 hr. minimum Jobs in armor, mechanics, c o m m u n i c a t i o n s , m e d i c a l . artillery and aviation support. Life insurance retirement plan plus education assistance program. I m m e d i a t e erriploymenl for school bus drivers. Nampa area Paid training, free babysitting oroviaed. Approx. Hrs., 7.30 to 1 a m . 3 to J 30 p.m Call J66 J18' t;et. 7 : 3 P a.m. A, 5 p.m nr Special school seniors. p , an , NAMPA 467-21 16 CALDWELL459-M91 EVENINGS W-2494 THE BON MA9CHE Haf wig sales opportunity. tuU time. Sales e x p e r i e n c e p r e f e r r e d . P o s ' t i o n r e a u i r y s working 2 Sundays per rr.onih. Applications accepiea ififs Fri day oetween 2 j p.m., ask tor Mrs. T y l e r . An Equal Op porlunily Employer Need exporiencec n for one day a Call 459 J3 Part lime secretary w/ ex pericnce in r/ping dictaphone Call Connie or ,V\ary at J59-63?! Experienced printer TO work in plriafic f a c t o r / . Call Connie or .Vary af 4596321 Couple To manage maintain 3pfs Soom plus commission Call-167 5066 aMer 5 p.m V / I L L DO H O U S E C L E A N i N G P A I N T I N G . Call J66 7912 after 3p.m. D erson TO help build livrsTock fences 'deal for man. Phone 585 ??79MiddleTon Year round tjonerai farm hand, rouse furn. Wrile Box 53. c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa ParT lime waiiress Apply in person, Pin.i Hut, 7io N 10m, Cald-veli belween 2 p m. Mo ohc'ie calls accepted, n^ust he atjIe ro o b l a i n b a - ' t e n d o r ' s Dermi" Need service elation attenddnl. Siari ai S500 with bcnefils. E x p e r i e n c e noT required, ^ i ^ f e ^ o n c e n e c e s s a r y J i m ' s T e x a c o , Joraan V a l l e y , Oregon. 0311501586 2?J4 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS RN'S LPN'S immediate Openings tor ex perienced RN'S 8. LPN'S in moderiie 16? tied hospilal. Excellent irinqe oenefits a'nd s a l a r y . Please apply personnel ollice Mercy Medical Center. 151! 12lh Ave. Rcl.. Nampn. Opporlunily Ernployr. CAFETERIA HOSTESS immcdiAte full lime opening for Cafeteria Hostess Hours: II a m to 7:30 p m Apply a I personnel office, Mercy Medical Center. 1S15 Ulh Ave. Rood. N.impa KIT RECREATIONAL VEHICLES NEEDS Production Workers We build trailers, campers and motor homes, year round employment. · Good wages · Insurance · Incenlive Bonus Program · Good Fringe Benefits APPLY at Kit Recreational Vehicles Evans Airport Road, Caldwell (Next to Caldwell Airport) PLANT ACCOUNTANT ARE YOU THE ONE TO TAKE- CHARGE? urreii'.i AI! p-cpare p'ani payol record all ss'es. casn rccepii i ,-,Ccne.-er!s close r-'Jm leeks jrciare a.:d-! sports: prsparc I I 'e pay.-oi: :a« repr,;."; irai y'e; 13 jnrj«; vcs invoices ano prepare acccums rcce vaKe eir r: . n'.Cu :^= M-!) ClliliC:; at!-' !,SAVE TIME! APPLY IN PERSON Bring your resume Jo "The ftsople Wfio Core" BROADMORE HOMES OF IDAHO, Inc. 2611 E. Comslock, Nampa (ftanqi* TflAVfL ^^rBAII FB Remember.. . There's no fee charged! IDAHO DEPT. OF EMPLOYMENT 323-121h Ave. 8,466-4606 KINNEY SHOES NOW INTERVIEWING WE OFFER: CcrercasSaiarya-iJBrjnslis SieacJyEmplay-em " ' i.'a^ager Trainng ^;o(]^'a^l flasid Advsncemeit L'n'.miled Future QUALIFICATIONS: H:iiSc"-oo!G'aduaie GocxJ Appea'an:e ^nd Pep scn,i:ily A^rilnJelrSaiss-na-iSr.ip Oe:e r m Tsi :-n lo Succeed EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY APPLY IN PERSON Al- KINNEY SHOES 0 /er 900 s'ores/Vonicoastrococnr An Eqjnl Cppofunily frrplcyoi KARCHERMALL Cad 466-9378 for appoinimenl. Ask (or theManage/. Situations Wanted 14 TRASH HAULING AND YARD WORK Pnone 459 6704 The Clothes Pin, now taking Spring 8. Summer clothing on consignment. Good quolily only! 51? N. Kimball, 4540201 Will mokespring 8. summer clothes or formals. Call .(59 9298 Baby Sitting Child Care 15 PCS/HOWS AVAILABLE We canno! huild enough! We need your tide. Bold women and men. Experience nol required, as we have a training program. We will be adding thirty more employees during March. Why nol apply Totfay? Excellent benefits include: Good hourly rale plus bonus program, paid holidays and vacation, paid lile aid medical insurance coverage. Call lor an appointment (459 6373) or apply in person al. ROAD RANGER PLANT NO. 3 Need babysitter lor 3 children, ages 2, t 6.1 day week, 2:30 lo 6 p.m. References. «/-41J8 Will do babysitting. Monday thru Sslurday, S3 day. Phone 9?J'4382 Inilinlor Kindergarten t, Nursery School. Register now lor 1,111. 466-5111 or 466-744? T oactier will give excellent clay care topre schoolers. 312 Holly. Phone 467-7623 Licensed babysitter, weekdays only, 2 lo 5 years old. reasonable rates. Call 454 1128 C A L D W E L L C H I L D R E N ' S C E N T E R taking registration, ages V.i up. Nursery school hot lunches. Call til 1BS4. KIDDIE KAMPUS K I N D E R G A R T E N . 4 5 y c a r olds Pre school. Phone 466 3650 DAYCARF.CFiNTRR Pro-scdoo! classes, tat lunch 6:30106, Won. Ihru Fri Call «7- 3657 or 466 5756 eves. FALLOONSWELDIHC Specialist* hi all types ol Welding I2l5-11lh Ave. North Extension jusl 1 Block Soulli ol Rosllino 467-2042 * HHt * STEEL * VALVES Prices Are DOWN! CROOKS INDUSTRIES 1731 Industrial Rd. 467-4445 TIME TO MOVE? · Mobile Homo Moiing · IPUC Aulhorily · Set ups« FreeEslimalns · Insured · Awnings* Skirting (Si 1351 lii|lii!iilS*niti HII M.CiUKrl STEAM CLEAN Your Own Carpets (Do il yourself prices) Rent a Rinse N Vaclrorn COAST TO COAST STORE 720 Main. Cald.-159-8791 120--13th Ave S Namoa dfifi-2511 CUSTOM MEAT PACKING · CUTTING AND WRAPPING · CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING « LOCKER BEEF NAMPA PACKING CO. KttL 466-005S LAND LEVELING CAT WORK Call Larry Paul 888-1897 or 467-4000 Male Female Help 12. M A T U R E H O U S E K E E P E R S and DESK C L E R K needed. Call Manager. 466 359-1 PUT t, CUSTOM TOUCH IN VOl'R HOME DECORATE WITH PURE CEDAR . Fencing · Hoo'ing «Sdmg · Deocrame Boards · Limber VALLEY CEDAR PRODUCTS HlwaySOEasl Nampa, Idaho Garage Safe CHAPPELL INSULATION · Reduce your FUEL BILL We specialize in insulating older homes, walls ceilings. For Free Estimates call 466-1853 or 466-115B CALDWELL Turn North off WHd« HlghNty il V1 Oil on Ro*d«l S4. - Cildwtll Money to Loan or Wanted 17 The spiril of giving is upon us and Uncle Sam is In the mood to r e c e i v e ! Money for laxes, spring fix up, consolidation or any good reason. Loans up lo $3?,500. Call the "People- People," T e r r y or Ron it N A T I O N W I D E F I N A N C I A L CORP., across Irom Karchcr Mall. Dial i66 ?*2 Moving Sale: Sat. 10 a.m 1906 Polk SI., Cald. Baby clothes, tools, drapes, w D, S50 ea hair dryer, Slo,- Call 454-1635. I'llOMK 4GC-7B01 or 45U-46G4 lo lihiuf your classified ad. It's fiisl, easy i 'economical. G A R A G E SALE Inside warm Ironl room, 91? Galveston si., Caldwell. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 11, 12 8. 13th Wall plates; salt 8. pepper sets; small barrel bar, S35 FIRM; cook books; m a g a z i n e s ; women's clothes; pictures; knick knacks 8. lots ol misc. Moving, Large Garage Sale: Couch 8. loveseat, 2 large chairs, c o f f e e table, C h e r r y - w o o d dining room sol w/ 6 chairs, relrig. window air conditioner, lamp, swamp cooler, foys, girls' clothes, syphon lubes, «'.y steel post, wagon wheels lots of misc. Slnrls Fri. unlil sold. 466 3077, Deer Flat Rd., E ol r;ih Ave. Rd.. watch for signs. Sale on porch! 316 9th Ave. No., Nampa. Thursday, F r i d a y , Saturday. Call 467-1358 G A R A G E SALE: Wednesday, Friday Saturday 9 a.m. 5 p.m. 2205 Lotusl, Caldwcll il 18 Misc. For Sale 19 Misc. For Sale 19 Misc. For Sale 37 Square yards used nylon rug. Very good condilion. Call 466-1J86 Camper window boot, $30. Trailer hilcli, 525. Baby crib, »0.9xl?rug,S15 Ski boots. Sch winn bicycle carrier seat, S12. All in qood condition. 466 7531 SUOEtt it.,11, sure nul' IK-il'l B'u! Uili; for clearing corpcn. Rent electee lhairpooer $2. Super IKrilr Orugi. 112 felly, Nanpi, Rebuilt Kirby Classic, like new! Reg. S259, now 5199.95. New Eureka canisters (2 only), reg. S52.95. now SJ4.95. 1 New Royal Ml, reg. $235, now $139.95. Mel's Repair. 466 25*1 Tuneups, carbs, done lor less. Electronic igniiion installed $30 ell. Mussell's, 4599541. Zenith dark walnut s t e r e o console. New S8CO, selling for 5350, or trade lor small m o t o r c y c l e ol equal value Call 459 13?2 N I G H T C R A W L E R S W A N T E D I will pay S14/ Thou, lor large mghicrawlers. Call -167-1904 CONSOLE COLOR TV, yearly exchange S m a l l p a y m e n t s a v a i l a b l e . C o n i a c l T a y l o r Music, J59-??63 Linda's Clothes Closet, used clothing taken on consignment. Del. Nampa/ Cald. 45J-97BB Sell your itemsot value "The Auction W a y " bring lo 120 )6ln Ave. No or we will pick up. 466 4237 or 466-0141 Save on Painl Supplies at f a c t o r y d i r e c t oullel High qua.ily - low prices. Compare before you buy at L.O. McGold rickPainl, 1731 Garrily, 467-1515 New lawn mowers, tillers"gT chain saws. We sell only best quality merchandise because we service what we sell -usually Iree of c h a r g e . Dykstra's Repair. 2i-9th A v e . No.. Nampa. Ph. 4667161 19 The P l a n t a l i o n Consignment D lani Gift Shop wishes !o announce a change in Iheir phone number. 4666631. Ao dress is still ihe same. l»7-uh Ave So , Nampa. B A T H R O O M V A N I T I E S 8, MARBLE TOPS, custom made J0"-60". Call J54-155S Awnings, patio covers, carports, mobile home skirting, sleps sheds. Phone 466-3681 H Y D R A U L I C J A C X S R E P A I R E D A B B O T T ' S A U T O S U P P L Y ' l 2 6 1 1 i h A v e n u e N o r t h NAMPA. 466 4631 . Binks airless spray painting equip, for rent or sale. Fast/ clean easy. L.D. McGoldrick. Paint. 1731 Garrity, 467-5515. Misc. ForSalD Zig zag sewing machine, f a n c y strelch slilches, blind hem. good working condition, por l.lble, S55 lirm. 459 6923. Three speed Raleigh boys bike. $60. E x c e l l e n l running condition. Call 454 0394 24 Foot aluminum Ex tension ladder, 540 Call467-6112before3p.n All types of fences, commer cial, residential and farm. Call A c t i o n Fence C o m p a n y , 20 y e a r s experience, Caldwell, J54-1737 Galvanijed wire cages. Several sizes lo accomodate your ham- slers up lo your rabbits. 50 Cenls 10 54. C d l l 467 4776 Need someone to talk lo? Call Information Relerral or HOTLINE. 466-3511 anylime Y.E.S. MEANS SAVE TfRRy'S HOME FURNISHINGS DOWNTOWN NAMPA 465-2417 Radio/ Phonograph console. Q8,Wused?3" TV,girl's bicycle. 2 Chicken feeders 1 waterer. Phone jt61B18 OPEN ARM sewing mouiine, may be purchased for balance owing. Caldwell Sewing Center, 416 Main, Caldwell. RUG LOOM 38" lloor model. S1CO Call J46 6811 MOVING! Gossip bench, S10. Set ol dishes, service for 8.57.50 Steam iron. $5. Lois ol misc Call -166 CO?? alter 5:30. Sfnger Touch N' Sew fully aulomalk. $69.50 lull price C A L D W E L L S E W I N G C E r j ' TER, Phone 454 95J3. NEW R I N S E N VAC sleam cleaner prolongs carpel life bv keeping Idem clesner longer! Renl at Western Auto. 810 Main' Caldwell. 45? 1002. Used lumber: 3 i" plywood i'x3', ? " x 4 " x 8 ' . I"x6" v a r i o u s lenglhs. Now Smilh culling torch wilh gauges, hose 8. extra tips. 459 9331 alter 6 p.m. MEW R NSE N-VAC wnn c'eo-t-.- pio'ongs cnipc' life by kcepmi] -Mt'ii- ae.J'iD. '.anger! few ,,; Hall Be"';, livirtj Cenic.. 2022 F Gen-ln-a Spinel piano by Lowrey Walnut v«orj in excellent condilion $595. Olll J59 8405 eves. Firewood, S3 pickup load. 2 Miles E o( Airport on Airport Road. Aguilar Pallets 8, Lumber C3II46M021 Viking sewing machine, used in scliool for 1 year. Excellent ccnrj., big sovings. one only, first come, firsl serve. Miller's Sewing Center. 315 So. Kimball. Caldwell. Dial 4596326 Lale ntorfel heavy duty sewing macliine. Makes buttonholes nutomalically, several built in f a n c y slrlches, blind hem, complele wilh a t l a c h m e n l s , book 8. c a r r y i n g case. Guaranleed. !IOO. Miller's Sewing Center, 315 So. Kimball, C.lldwcll. Dial «5? 637B Vertical chrome shelving for slercocomponents,plants etc. S35or best oiler. Phone 454 8454 after 6 p.m. fLUE Lutlr* not only ridl foipels ol lo.L bvl leovei pile lofi and lofty Rcnr dec Iric tho-npooer O^yhce I'.atdvinrt A Applionca. 1020-lllSt. So.. Nampo. Wallons electric exercise bike, variable speed, S350 or best oiler. Fender Telecaster wilh case, S200, phase shifter, S80; Fujztone, S40; 2 Chcv van seals, S70. Phone 5S5 665? Sligmiy used 2 Early American antique bedroom sets; 1 regular m a t t r e s s e s , box springs 8. headboards; set cf wood uunk beds; 2 maple beds S, mat tri-sses; 1 Spanish decor chest S. night stands; 1 e x e c u t i v e walnut. ! drawer desk high back chair; 3 liiing cabinets- 1 small 4 drawer desk; 1 couch 8, love seal; coffee end tables, 2 reel tables; 1 dinelte set, bul- chcr block w/ 4 chairs; 1 book c a s e clock; unfinished oathroom cxbinel; marble tops. 6 assorted lamps; iwo 4' speaker cabinets; wall plaques, slajues. misc. Call 454-1558 ALUMINUM S I D I N G We build sheds Kool Metal Awning '66-3681 C A R P O R T S P A T I O C O V E R S K o o l M e t a l Awning 4663631 O A C K Y A R D G R E E N H O U S E Comptetely equipped 5. installed, lor as little as S949.95. Kool Metal Awning 464 36S1 K E N ' S L O A N J E W E L R Y Tools, cutlery, radios. TV's chain saws, musical instruments, jewelry, watches 8, more al great savings! We also have the Bicentennial 22 Ruycr revolver - perfect for the collector. Come in today! 1226- 1st SI. SO. 466 9647 Want lo buy: Newspapers, 1 cent a pound; IBM lab cards, 4 cenls per pound; IBM prinl-out, 2 cenls per pound; aluminum cans, 15 cents a pound. 22i Broadway, Boise. Ph. 343-9036 Remodeling apl. 150 yards of rose beige carpet 4 pad. E x c cond S4 per yd., all or any part Call 466 2/91. Ploasanl Valley v/ood Company Poles, posts and wood Phone 459-4597 FENCING, poles 20' 73', cor- rail, landscaping. Maytag portable dishwasher, WP 600. W A N T E D : Shopsmilh. also parts 8. accessories. 4591501, 454 0854, 736 7431 or 266-7470. WILL BUILD YOU A garage, burn or shed! CalU59 C.349 7 Choice Kohlerlawn cemetery Ids, side by side, SI50 ca , or make offer. Sp. 1 8,2, Lots, Sec ·H'. Wrile Mr. Fred Lyons, 419 E. William St., San Jose California 95112 NAMPA \fflti GARDEN CENTER f'l't SEASON SPECIA'. 1 0% DISCOUNT fS labor or, rre.^l f/ecx? ' · BLACi SHARKH'SG Be on Eor/ybircf SAVE! Ctej»Mci..fri S ' o 6 So'^dcs:iii Near. 1732 GflRRITY BLVD. Nampa 466-4381 STEAM CLEAN youn own carpets RENT OUR RINSENVAC - the new ccmpacl cafpet cleaning machine (hat lids dirt, gfime aid residues oul ol carpets . . . and does the job professional cleaners charge up to a hundred dollars lor. ) ger.enc f - '· '.e~- ccaimon'y ^ cu , ~^/. is asscnie : h e noi V--r^ '' a:e ' e ' IIJCli0 ' 1 3io iNJ cess cf carpel cean V - ^ WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 810 Main, Caldwell 459-1002 Save energy, save money, provide for more comfortable living. VIKING WINDOWS FEATURING 5/8" INSULATING GLASS WIDE/HIGH WIDE/HIGH 20x20 . . . . *20,24 40x30 . . . . $33.04 30x20 . . . . '23.95 60x30 . . . . M4 30 30x30 ..... '28.72 8 0 x 4 0 . . . . 580.18 Tne 6 It. Viking Patio Door wilh 5/8" Insulated Glass. !T...'134 2 °5 olfier standard available ai similar savings. All es include screens 5 Ft. Patio Door ....... $ 1 22,37 8 Ft. Patio Door ....... $ 171.32 Viking Insufcrlmg Gloss can reduce heal loss through dovv CANYON BUILDING SUPPLY 454-8136

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